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The Episode starts with Abhi coming to room and angrily takes out Pragya’s photo frame from wall. He asks why did you do this fuggi? He says when I saw love in your eyes for me, you have broken my dreams and this day I can’t forget, never. Pragya cries and is shattered. Manzilein..hamari adhuri plays……Abhi also cries and recalls their dance in the party. Sarla is in the kitchen. Janki asks what are you doing here. Sarla says Pragya came in her dream and was upset with me. She says I am making besan ke laddoo for her. Sarla says I will go and give to guard. Janki says I will call her and asks her to send servants to take laddoo. Sarla asks her not to call. Janki says I will tell Pragya that you are working. Sarla says okay, and asks her to give laddoos boxes to Pragya.

Nikhil and Tanu

are in a room at Mehra’s house. Tanu says she can’t believe as it is beyond their expectation. Nikhil says she has changed our destiny. Tanu says she has accepted her affair. Nikhil says strange, pragya has admitted to her affair on her own. Tanu says she is an emotional fool and says tyaag ki devi. Nikhil says she has ruined her room and can’t repair it. He says human can bear money loss, but not betrayal in love. Mitali asks Champak to drink juice. Champak refuses. Tai ji calls Mitali. Mitali says I will bring something for you and says she will bring snacks or food for him. Champak says I am not hungry. Tai ji calls her. Mitali asks what is your problem? Tai ji says she is worried about their reputation. She asks Mitali not to make him sit on her head. Mitali says he has become God now, as he has love relation with Pragya. She says Pragya has even accepted her affair, and says Champak will rule now. She says if we learn pure hindi then our future is secure. Tai ji goes and serves snacks to Champak happily. Mitali thinks Tai ji is a idea stealer.

Akash tells Pragya and Dadi that Champak is Nikhil and Tanu’s set up. Rachna says nobody will believe us and Champak will not agree that he lied. Akash says how can Tanu do this? Rachna says she don’t think about her own respect. Dadi asks Pragya, why did you say that you have relation with that man. She says everyone know that it was a lie, and asks why did you take that blame on yourself. She says a big misunderstanding is developed and says Tanu can take its advantage. She asks why did you do this? Pragya says for Abhi. Akash says your confession is against him.Pragya says what I would have done then. She says I was very happy when I came to know that Abhi is going to propose me. I thought he has understood my truth and realized his fuggi behind mogambo. She says he felt my love even though I didn’t express it. Dadi cries. Pragya says he was ready to accept me, and says if he would have proposed me then my birthday will be like my new birth. She says her happiness is weak and anyone can keep bad eye on it. She asks how can Abhi doubt on me when Tanu insulted and called me characterless. She says Abhi also said that yes, I have an affair with that man. She cries and asks if this is love which is broken with a doubt. She says why am I fighting? My husband doesn’t believe on me, and asks then why I am fighting for him. She says I have bear so much for him and even changed myself. I will not get anything. Dadi hugs her and cries. She asks Pragya to stop crying and says I am worried about Abhi’s fear. She says don’t know what to do. Akash says just Tanu and Nikhil are in my mind, they might be celebrating their win.

Nikhil gives money to Champak. Champak says it is easy money for him and he has done nothing, just answered for Tanu’s questions. Nikhil says you are important part for the game. Champak asks why Tanu said that she is Abhi’s girl friend, when she is actually your girl friend and asks him to explain. Nikhil asks him to go home, and forget about their relation. Champak says I will go and enjoy with my wife and asks him to enjoy with his girl friend. Mitali hears them and says Champak is just Nikhil and Tanu’s mohra../trumpcard. Dadi asks Pragya to go to her room and take rest. Pragya says I will not go and sleep there. Dadi says you are scared naa. Pragya says I don’t want to go and face him, how can he doubt on me. Dadi says it is Tanu’s conspiracy and says she had already manipulated him. She says it was all Tanu’s conspiracy against you. She asks her to remember that she took care of everything when she came back after makeover, and asks her to go and face Abhi. She says Tanu is waiting for the day when you both get separated. Pragya says you are my support Dadi. Dadi asks her not to leave her grand son even for a day else Tanu will take his advantage. She asks Pragya to convince Dadi.

Abhi says I have bear everything with the hope that you will change some day, and says today you have snatched my fuggi from me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. christine phillip

    when will this thing stop dragging on

    1. You all please stop commenting then the show rating decrease and then the writter change the story

  2. Oh this dadi is always thinking about her grandson not pragya how selfish

  3. Same old shit. ..bored of reading also now.
    I still don’t get your free through trp soo strong for this.
    Again dadi is telling pragya to talk 2 tanu.. .again she will repeat old dialogue. Main jal se jal tumhari Sach.. ..black bla
    How many times will they show this.
    Again tanu will b happy n then also pragya wont record. Same shit daily
    Rnt thy bored doing the same thing again n again.

  4. The name of this serial should be changed to Kaka Bewakoof. Darla knows th truth and Mitali another stupid character.

  5. Anesa Paladee

    Needs to come to an end quickly. How can abhi even believe a word tanu says after everything. Is he that blind or is it that he just sees what he wants too. This show is prolonging and does not make any sense whatsoever. Since when does evil continuously prevail over good? Please end this story!!!!

  6. thank god champak ka jaldi hi pack up hogaya

  7. CV has no other track so using same old tactics characterless kipnap all..fed up…when there is no trust thn there is no love… Abhi don’t deserve pragya.bkws epi

  8. What I understood is Abhi doubted pragya but he is not sure about to believe r not he is very angry because that she itself accepted it I think he felt very bad fr it
    By today epi we can get y abhi is so upset

    1. Added to that, I always had this question which the writers never bothered to answer through Abhi. When he feels responsible for Tanu’s baby and even ready to marry her only for baby’s sake, why does he need to know Pragya’s feelings. Whether she is still fuggy, or Mogambo, loves him or moved on in life with someone else. What is the logic behind trying to propose to her? What if she says she accepts his proposal, what is he gonna do with that baby?

      Will he say yes we love each other, but that baby is my responsibility so I will marry Tanu? Or will he be able to bid goodbye to that baby and Tanu and live with Pragya? Everyone other than Abhi know its not his baby, but I didnt get his dilemma of trying to know Pragya’s feelings. He again trying to make her feel jealousin upcoming episodes, but ultimately how he plans to break this deadlock. He always says Fuggy asked me to get married to Tanu, so if Pragya comes back as Fuggy, and asks him to forget Tanu, what will he do.

      1. Ya sahithi I too had this doubt when abhi started to find feelings in pragya thats what I said his character is confusing in my comment ysterday
        But I am thinking another also that may abhi is taking revenge on pragya by using tanu that what she did to him she accepted that she had affair

      2. Exactly sahithi I too thought about it many times but later I stopped searching logic in this show.
        Y they are showing abhi have wants to know about pragya’s feeling is because then only the viewers will stick to show . Only for this the CVs are doing like this. If they show something like this only all will watch. Im really expecting a huge fall in trp this week. Lets see

      3. One more which I was eager to watch is dadi abhi conservation sahithi now what she will tell to him is she help abhi from his misunderstand r she will tell him simply all will be alright

  9. This stupid mitali won’t tell the truth this serial s a pack of dumb fools commanded by a crazy idea less director

  10. A tho kumkum bhagya nahi kumkum bhagayaaaa…

  11. Dadi dadi dadi! One of the worst character in the MM.
    Now mithali comes to know that all this is tanu and Nikhil’s drama. Will she blurt the truth ??? I think no because mithali is the who doesn’t care about anyone and thinks only about her. Such a selfish character.
    Oh my god champak is married. How can a married man can spoil others marriage life like this?? What the CVs are showing?? for money any one will do anything this is the one the showing us for a long time.
    Now what will be pragya’s next move. Whether she is going to cry like this or going to act against the tanu and Nikhil’s false allegations ???

    1. I am sometimes surprised, frankly, when audience are surprised by the amount of evilness shown in the show. Because I have seen people much worse than what is shown here, only difference I see in outside world, planning someone’s elimination/murder is not done the way its shown here. As it is show, u kill someone and get away, but in reality u will be caught sooner or later. So ppl are careful on that front and dont commit crime as easily as it is shown.

      But the other shades of selfishness, jealousy, lack of values, ease of weaving stories and faking for everything, that doesnt shock me. Have met all such sorts of ppl.

      As for Daadi she is also turning to be a selfish and complicated character but still somewhere I like her 1% for what she did initially to keep the leads together. Mithali we know she doesnt have any stand, but what about Raj, I was so irritated to see him mum in the party. He knows facts much earlier than most others there. If not Akash or Rachna, Raj being elder to Abhi can well take him aside and try to reveal facts. If not believe Raj instantly, Abhi will start thinking, if Raj can tell how he doesnt want him to suffer or spoil his life because of misunderstandings.

      1. Actually sahithi, im homestick. I rarely used to step out of home that too either my mom or dad used to accompany me. So in my life I have not met such people maybe because of that I’m shocked.
        Coming to raj, he too turned selfish. In the beginning he said that he will be a saviour for abhi but later he said that he will neither help abhi nor tanu. He just wanted to live his life peacefully.
        If everyone in MM is selfish. No one is ready to open their mouth. Don’t know atlast who will expose tanu and how will. Actually we should not think about it now since there is a long way to reach that point

      2. Hey Shobana, I hope u didnt take my comment otherwise. I hope I didnt offend u. May be when we watch this show, me and family members often refer to ppl we already knew as some characters like Tanu n Mithali. I guess I wrote out of that habit. Also since I have been in the corporate world, I see a lot of office politics n manipulations. Just they r bit dramatized in the show with screeching n slapping 🙂

      3. No sahithi, u didn’t offend me. I clearly understood what you said.
        I was just telling about me to you, that I completely don’t know about outside world. So I was shocked to see those characters.

  12. Dadi dadi dadi! One of the worst character in the MM.
    Now mithali comes to know that all this is tanu and Nikhil’s drama. Will she blurt the truth ??? I think no because mithali is the who doesn’t care about anyone and thinks only about her. Such a selfish character.
    Oh my god champak is married. How can a married man can spoil others marriage life like this?? What the CVs are showing?? for money any one will do anything this is the one the showing us for a long time.
    Now what will be pragya’s next move. Whether she is going to cry like this or going to act against the tanu and Nikhil’s false allegations ???
    Or will abhi able to find out the truth as he done in MMS track???
    Literally speaking both the leads have lost their brain.

    1. Ya shobna u r right I agree with u
      Let’s see fr how many days they r going to extend this champak drama but onething I can say surely abhi will not find anything about champak instead of that he may show more hatred towards pragya and their differences also increase more and more

      1. Asmitha, I think this champak track will not end soon since no one still didn’t think who this champak is, from where he came suddenly. They only know that this Nikhil and tanu has hired champak to create a rift between abhigya. Whenever I see this champak I can’t control laughing ?

  13. f**k off a*sh*les

  14. Sahithi, I feel that the CVs itself might have known that if they telecast a promo like tanu spoiling the bday with champak’s entry, the viewers will get irritated by seeing tanu’s victory. So they might not aired promo.
    The show has lost his charm already. So if they aired promos like this surely the viewers will get annoyed. And already most of the viewers has stopped watching the program. At this time if they aired a promo like tanu winning once again then remaining viewers will also quit the show.

  15. Waste if time

  16. Y can’t Pragya do DNA test to know Tanu’s boy frd and show that to proof to abhi…anyway fed up of this dragging

  17. As expected one more drana by tanu..writers are too muxh dependant on tanu and nikhil character..height of negativity..better stop seei g

  18. shriti (real name shivani)

    what can they both (abhigya) will do that director are forcing them Bechare abhigya
    guys Bechare means innocent abhigya

  19. how many days this will going on plz change the story, and when abhi knows the truth

  20. Tanu is still shown pregnant for more than an year……. Medical science is changing……
    I think she is still not in a mood to deliver the baby……

  21. I hate this serial toooooooooo much.i had one doubt.i dont know why writer has supporting tanu every time ithink the writer is also like tanu type only .every time favours go to tanu only.i cant understand one thing tanu nikil showed fake piçs of pragya.in the same way why pragya cant show fake pics of tanu nikil.although it is not fake it is real.why tanu story lagging so much i cant understand.dadi purab akash rachana sarala knows truth about tanu why cant they say for abi.please dont lag the serial please tell truth for abhi.please please please.please change the serial concept otherwise trp rating will be go 20 th place .already it came to 4th place.

  22. CVs may spring a surprise !!! Tanu is pregnant for so long !!!! u know why ? She aborted once may be become pregnant again and only Nikhil knows. This is what would be the next twist. During Champak’s drama Tanu accused Pragya doing the same. We all know that it is not true. May be It is a hint given by herself, This line might be bit absurd. But the way they (KKB Team) are handling the lead charectors leading us think differently. Any way KKB is slowly losing its charm. Abigya romance is also becoming monotonus

  23. what is this guys abhi should not do this like he must believe pragya

  24. The worst story how long it’s going on its looking very very bore

  25. Its actually a year n couple months n tanu baby not born as yet. Then thereis no trust between pragya n abhi. When u love someone truly, u trust them blindly. What’s the point in proposing to her to be ur life partner when u don’t trust her. These directors keep dragging this serial. Especially tanu n n nikhil’s part. Majority of the time the directors make pragya n abhi look foolish while tanu n her boyfriend looks like the wisest. Tired of this serial.

  26. Guys did anyone saw sriti’s new pic she is looking stunning I think it was from her room with a cute frock I saw it on her instagram

  27. KKB kalai Kira Borom

    Kodurama mogga than kkb.tanu track intha jenmathla mududiyadu kasam mathri marujenmam mathiri thodarum.,.

  28. This show is so ridiculous it’s not even funny it boring the same track for the past 8 mths with tanu as I said it’s stupid can’t stand this show

  29. Stupid story line stopped watchin this as this rubbish is draggin on

  30. Tanu ke chori ( 1 crore) ka such bhi samne nahin aana chahiye tha… Agar tanu ka ye such ( pragya-champak) samne aa bhi gaya toh tanu ki ek line ( maine ye sab hamare bachche ke liye kiya…abhi ) abhi use maaf kar dega. Kyunki bachch ka such , samne kabhi nahin aane wala…. Isse achha abhi-tanu ki shadi kara deni chahiye. At least bechari ki delivery toh ho jaye, nahin toh zindagi bhar yehi kahti rahegi ” main abhi ke bachche ki maa banne wali hoon…..” I hate tanu.

  31. How about this idea? Pragya decides to go to the roots of champak and finds out about his wife, then tells all this to her wife and then she tells the people in mehra house that she is champaks wife. Champak will have to tell the truth under his wife and tell about Tanu and Nikhil and maybe also tell that Tanu is Nikhils girlfriend.

  32. I think dadi is very selfish always she tells don’t leave grandson and don’t let anything to happen my grand son she not thing about pragya because of dadi dicision pragya lost bulbul and now her mom sick. Even dadi can say directly abhi tanu baby father not you its nikhil because abhi always belive dadi words.

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