Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya lying to Bulbul that she brought Tanu home as her house is burnt etc. Bulbul asks Tanu to tell the truth. Pragya gets an idea and tells that Tanu has a boyfriend. She wants to move on with him and she asked me to talk to him. Bulbul asks is Pragya saying the truth? Tanu says yes, no and then yes. Bulbul says it doesn’t affect me, if you have one or many boyfriends. It is good that you took Abhi out of your mind and blesses her. She goes to meet Abhi.

Tanu tells Pragya, why did you lied to Bulbul. Pragya says she couldn’t tell as Abhi didn’t know the truth. Tanu asks Pragya to restrict Bulbul from informing others about her boyfriend. Bulbul comes to Abhi. Abhi says you should have told me to go out of room. Bulbul says she twisted her finger to know the

truth. Abhi says you should be punished. Bulbul says I know about the secret. I know about your promise made to Tanu. Abhi asks how did you know? Bulbul says I spy on her. Abhi says so you know everything and has no problem. Bulbul says Tanu has a boyfriend now and she will not come between you and Pragya now. She says there is no danger now. She asks him to select that guy for Tanu. Abhi thinks Tanu has a boyfriend and I didn’t know. Bulbul asks him not to inform Tanu and Pragya. Abhi gets angry as they have hidden about Tanu’s boyfriend.

Beeji gets ready. Sarla tells Pragya must be ready, we shall leave now. Beeji says we are going like far relatives, you had already blessed her. Sarla says we will talk later. Beeji talks about old news and fresh news. She gives example. Sarla tells it seems Beeji has grown old. Beeji says she will not tell them any fresh news in future. Sarla says she will get auto.

Abhi comes to room and stares Pragya and Tanu. He tells you both have hid a big fact from me. Abhi says you hide your boyfriend? Pragya says I don’t have any boyfriend. Abhi says he is talking about Tanu’s boyfriend. Tanu says I don’t have any boyfriend and shouts. Pragya tells Abhi that she told Bulbul about Tanu’s boyfriend, and lied to her. Tanu asks Abhi, will he believe on any nonsense from anyone. Abhi says she is Pragya’s sister. Tanu says she is not your sister. Abhi jokes with her, and says don’t dare to have any boyfriend, even a half and laughs.

Sarla, Beeji and Jhanki come to meet Pragya. Beeji is happy over Pragya’s pregnancy. Jhanki says she reminiscence her childhood and tells that she took care of her and Purvi. Beeji says Jhanki knows everything. Sarla says Jhanki will teach you all. Beeji says your dadi will explain to him about child’s upbringing. You gave good news to your mum first. Pragya apologizes. Beeji asks her to inform first when baby is born.

Aaliya calls Purab. Purab tells her that he is busy and going to meet Abhi. She thinks she lost the chance to meet Purab and thinks why Abhi called him now. Dadi tells we shall get Bulbul married soon. Abhi says get her married later, but send her now. Bulbul comes and asks are they talking about her. She asks what Purab means to you. Abhi says he is like my brother. Bulbul asks what you can do for him, and asks can you gift this house to him. Abhi says he can give even his life to him, house is a small thing. Bulbul says I agree to marry Purab, as I will stay with my sweet didi and sweet jiju after marriage. Pragya gets tensed.

Nikhil comes to meet Tanu at Abhi’s house. Tanu gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Xcited fr the upcumng episodes. Hpe dey close dis tanu matter soon. N dnt drag it fr anthr 1 mnth.

  2. omgggggggggg.Cannot wait 4 2mrow epi tanu is busted

  3. cant wait 4 tmrs epi. I want Abhi and Pragya together

    1. me too

  4. Nice episode. But nikhil matter veliya vara at least one mnth agum… Kadupetharar my lord

  5. Hello friends. Sorry yesterday I slept so only din come. But u shared one link na. That starting few minutes is not kumkum bhagya it is meri ashique tum se hi. I have seen that video yesterday in aaj tak channel. Thats why so it is not kumkum bhagya first few minute video.Kb is nly mehendi ceremony in ashique only haldi ceremony.

    1. Acho Apo bulbul marriage um ilaya

      1. mehandi function marriage munnadi thena pa vepanga priya?

      2. Ya mehendi function before marriage only

      3. they said mehendi function only know priya?

      4. Ya but in that link u all were talking about bulbul marriage that mandap and ava kund that was ashiqui set not kb.

      5. priya i send one location episode link there they talk about mehendi function

    2. priya meri ashiqi la will they reunite??

  6. Good episode…but sekram abhi pragya va sethuveyga pa..??

    1. ama gayathri itha thaan naanum nooru thadava type panitaen aanalum intha episodes ah drag panrathey oru periya velaiya vachikitu irrukaanga intha writers …:(

      1. any new updates divya

      2. Divya youtube la full episodes upload panna maaturaga…nxt week naa college poita ennala paaka mudiathu…wat to do?? ..full video enga upload pannuvaga

      3. gayathri watch in zeetv.com they uploads full video after the show ends

      4. Ohh..tnk u yaar..I was really sad..

      5. y sad gayathri?

      6. College poita kumkum bhagya paaka mudiathu dats y…nw im happy. .?

      7. Onnum kavala pada vendaam gayathri zeetv.com la thaan irrukae then y kavalai . Kavin innum yentha updates um ennalu kidaikala kidaicha kandippa share panuvaen… 🙂

  7. cool pa

  8. Suppose intha Nikhil pragya vuku help pana mataenu sollita enna panrathu???….

    1. Apadi nikhil support panlanaa pregnancy concept vechu inum one month drag pannuvaga pa….?

  9. One doubt for me. If pragya knows truth she will apologize to abhi then thy will unite. Thn to whom they are gng to reveal truth? Because pragys only got tanu inside she can throw out na? And one more thing all have trust on pragya and they all are thinking she is pregnant then what is the big news? Abhi itself will throw tanu out of the house if he knows truth.

    1. Yeah..i’m also wondering about the same thing..will abhi nd pragya reveal to everyone that tanu is pregnant by nikhil ?? Then what about pragya’s pregnancy news..how will they reveal the truth now especially when dadi’s health is not good ?? Or maybe they will tell the whole thing after all..that tanu lied about being pregnant by abhi and abhi sent those reports to prevent pragya from leaving (i.e if abhi is the one who sent it)..in order to bring the truth out or something..anyway they will have to say the truth about pragya’s pregnancy soon once tanu’s truth comes out..

  10. Again hav to wait for couple of episodes.. Plz dont drag this storyline henceforth.
    abhi ur awesome….. ??

  11. waiting for nikhs entry

  12. Thanks shruthika for the news! ?

  13. hey…..kavin TM entrance yelidiniya??or vera entrance ah??

  14. Itna backvaas serial kyun pehle acha tha abhi kya hone valahai last mein .Will Pragya and abhi be together ignoring tanu

  15. Helloo

  16. Aisha hw r u?

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