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The Episode starts with Purab bringing flowers and chocolates for Bulbul. Bulbul complains to him saying he brought same flowers and same chocolates. She asks him to bring something new. Purab agrees and hugs her. He talks emotionally. Bulbul says life will bring us together when you brought new gifts. Pragya comes and sees them. Bulbul tells that Aaliya has specially treated her and thanks her for her condition. Abhi looks on shamefully. Pragya diverts the topic. Abhi leaves from there. Pragya tells Bulbul that Aaliya got punishment for her doings. She says Abhi decided to throw Aaliya out of house, and has broken his relation with her. Purab says he can’t see Abhi like this and goes to talk to him. Abhi asks him to hug him being his friend. Sarla sees them and thinks Aaliya’s doings have not

affected their friendship. Aaliya wakes up with a heavy head and thinks who brought her here. Robin comes and keeps food on the table. Aaliya asks who brought me here? Robin takes Nikhil’s name. Aaliya thinks she has to think who can support her. She calls Tanu, who bombards her with many questions. Aaliya asks her to shut up and tells everything. Tanu is shocked to know about Aaliya’s planning. She asks her to come there. Tanu says she can’t come and apologizes. Aaliya gets angry on her.

Pragya gets worried about Bulbul. Purab says he will come and meet Bulbul. The media comes there and asks Abhi about Aaliya stopping Purab and Bulbul’s marriage as she wants to marry Purab. Abhi is shocked and don’t know what to say. The media tells you are fake rockstar and don’t deserve to be idol of your fans. Pragya gets angry and says they don’t care if others will regard them as their idol. She says Abhi is her idol and lies that Bulbul couldn’t marry Purab because of an accident. She asks them not to sensationalize the incident asking them to leave. Abhi looks on.

Dadi tells that Aaliya betrayed them and says Pragya’s family being good didn’t say anything to them. Mitali says she had a doubt on Aaliya. Akash tells everyone that Abhi’s birthday is coming up, and they shall plan surprise party for him. Rachna says they shall keep it surprise for Pragya as well. Dasi says Rachna is right. Dadi says we will inform our guests that little rockstar is coming. Dadi decides to throw the party.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi praises Pragya for shutting reporters mouth with her powerful words. He says you said two things wrong. Pragya says you are my idol. They argue about God and etc. Pragya tells Abhi that they are roaming in the same place. Abhi says he don’t want to go home. Pragya understands that he is tensed about Aaliya. Abhi asks her not to make him remember about Aaliya. Pragya apologizes and says you looks cute in anger. Abhi asks are you flirting with me. Pragya says I am your wife and has the right. Saiyyara Re plays………….. while they look at each other.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and sits in her car. Tanu asks what happened? Aaliya says she has broken her relation with Abhi and he is not her brother anymore. Tanu says she is not fool to break her relation with Abhi and says you are wrong. She asks why you didn’t tell me when I asked you to do something to stop Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. She asks what do you want? Aaliya says she wants to take revenge from everyone and Abhi is on her list too. She says she want to ruin Abhi first.

Tanu asks Abhi to do something else she has to call her parents. Pragya thinks she has to do this for Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I will just stop watching this drama if Pragya says that she got her abortion they r dragging this just like with the kidnapping drama. This is just bullshit and I doubt anyone is liking all this dragging. These days I don’t even comment. ?????

    1. nice name tamanna

  2. Wen pragya shouts the reporter abhi looks on cutely..and im really xpecting these scenes(car scenes) r shown…im happy…

    1. hi kowsi….do u still see matsh??? u comment there rarely these days…

      1. Im always watching matsh…but im rarely comment in matsh…sss of course yaar…no doubt…we r frnds

      2. thanks for that 🙂

    2. thanx for that ghost wala update on matsh page…. i also like kkb…..i find bulbul and abhi really nice….can we be friends??

  3. expecting more on abhi’s b’dayy frndzzz

  4. Ayyo na eppala nanave illa… iam always thinking about kkb and abhigya….. na konja naal la mentel agaporen… plz adhukkula tanu pregnancy ku oru end card poduga…

    1. Me to Tina

  5. Devil tanu is back,OMG

  6. After abortion scene only I ll c kkb pa till tat only updates.

  7. why always they bring tanu’s track to take the fun out of the show?? i dont like her but mostly i dont like alia…..plz give break to purab-bulbul part—they always suffer….. they r dragging it too much with this pregnancy drama……..i like to see abhigya scenes……whatever they do, i just want the lead couple to have some quality time together soon!!!

  8. Guys..anyone watching Saath Nibhaana Saathiya?? how come it manages to be on top of the TRP chart for more than 4 weeks yaar? All the other shows in the chart keep on changing…

    1. always there is only one villain but in sns there are many—kinjal, meera, rashi, sometimes paridhi…kokila is way too good….unlike other shows, the males also play a part there….. plus all are attracted by gopi’s way….thats why…..its not ekta’s show i guess but they really manage twists nicely and logically…

    2. Same doubt chittu…congratz to sns team..starting from may month i think still sns top…manitaing the trp chart …bcoz b4 the week kkb got first place..tat time abhi gng to proposing pragya so tats y..

    3. Because KKB just drags along and fans want to see some results ….not be jerked around from week to week.

  9. Guys!! but one thing!! i am watching both SNS and KKB.. KKB guys are rocking in acting!! Shabir and Sriti are doing AWESOME jobs in their acting skills..their expressions means a lot!!… but in SNS that is lagging.. what say?

    1. Shabir and Sriti – King and Queen of Expressions!!!!!!!!!

    2. Yàa I agree with you on this abhigya acting is better.

    3. the expressions do matter but sometime the bad plot can ruin even good performances of the actor…. so one sud stick with the story too… i agree abhi is doing nice job….but i guess kkb is destroyed due to other reasons….there r other shows too where the actors give gud expressions but not included in trp chart or maybe at the back…

      1. That’s true.. I agree with you Sukanya..

  10. All are twisted. Nice serial.

  11. C soon trp ll go down.. Surely they ll dragg. 🙁

  12. Guys think one full episode abhi and pragya alone no one else aliyah tanu Nikil no one. It ll superb la. But writers won’t do it. If so surely trp ll go top.

  13. Gud mrng frndzz

    1. Gud mrng….yuvi

  14. ama priya ka suprba irukum kaa….,,,??????????????

    1. But nadakathae pa 🙁

  15. I think pragyaa will not go from abhi’s house this time also. Something will definetluly happen which will affect another one. May b it will abhi, may b it will tanu or may b abhi and pragya both but I m feeling that pragya will not leave becoz after her marriage with abhi, from the day one, lots of attempt happened to out pragya from the house but all were in vain. Every time something happens which stop her from leaving and her place becomes more strong in abhi’s life and house. This time will also like this happen. From the beginning of the serial cvs r shoeing us and sriti herself told us again and again that abhigya r destined to b together and abhi’s name’s kumkum is only in the destiny of condition And guys we r seeing from day one that in a worst to worst condition pragya never out from abhi’s life and house and this time i think same will happen.

    1. yes Nikki..i think Abhi will come in support of Pragya..he may tell that both of them decided together for this abortion with some valid reason..i think after that Tanu in angryness..will seek help from Aaliya who is also in revenge mood now by telling she is pregnant now (Tanu may not tell the truth that it is Nikhil’s child)…then Aaliya will open it up to Dadi with the full story of Abhi-Pragya’s marriage i think…

      1. I think same like u that may b abhi will tell that pragya had some complications in her pregnancy so becoz of it pragya’s life could b in danger if she will conceive this baby so we decided to abort this baby. Only by this pragya can save and after that if pragya will question him why he did this then he will give her excuse of their friendship and if tanu will question him, then he will tell that pragya’s family was too there and they r already disturbed for bulbul so pragya’s abortion news could b another shock for them which they will not handle. Another thing is, if this promo proves as another dream like before then also something big will definetly happen in the party.

      2. yeah Nikki .. only if the situation urges then only this Abhi/Pragya/Nikhil will do something… i think Aaliya and Tanu are going to provide that positive urge unknowingly… 🙂 🙂

    2. who knows after that Pragya herself may decide to throw Aaliya out as Aaliya decided to be against Abhi (which may make Pragya more angry) and does not deserve forgiveness 🙂 🙂
      All guess.. we will see

  16. Why background songs from the beginning”ALLAH WAHRIYA” & “O RABBAA KI KARA” not played these dayz…missing those music

  17. Hello friends
    What is this going on this serial
    Kill tanu,nikil and aaliya from thiams show

  18. Hi hello how are you

  19. Pls reunite abhigya . this plot s sooooooo dragging….if this exists for a long time…kkb will lose its viewers..

  20. ???????? stop this dragging please

  21. Ya kowsi nearly 3 months I think so over all they dragging. Hate it

  22. Pls writers don’t dragg stop this. Monday if they stop this tanu track it ll gud na.

  23. I’m sick of this pregnancy subject.bring the truth writer,plsssss.stop it plsssss.I like to see abhy and pragya together.unite them plssss

  24. Don’t drag tanu s drama.. Lt it get Closed atlst by next week

  25. V want more abHi pragya togetherness .. Enough with angry and sad

  26. Oh such a cheap character huh aliya is trying to spoil her own brother carrier. Che shame on u aliya. Juz fed up with kb.

  27. Neega abhi pragya va kuda ennum konja nall apparam unite pannu ga.. plz tanu pregnancy ku end card poduga… plz rachana pregnancy ku end card poduga…

    1. seriya soniga….

      1. Ama sheetha ennala endha pragnancy topic taga mudiyala….. they suffer pragya tooo much… and aldo abhi…
        My abhigya is paavam

  28. Abhi shouldn’t throw out Aliya but he should get her into mental facility by saying she should get psychiatric help or else he will complain against her for bulbul. this way she will be no danger to any one
    Or may be taken out all the facilities like bed ac clothes made her even work in home like Robin so that she can do and get the facility. This way she will have less time for planning

  29. According to promo pragya is going to announce her abortion in abhi’s birthday party. It will b a rock star abhi’s birthday party so media people will obviously come to capture it and there will b lots of guests from music industry too. So if anything drastic will happen during the party, it will surely affect badly on abhi’s reputation and carrier. So pragya will move ahead with her abortion news or not but it is 200% sure that aaliya will not loose this opportunity from his hand to desrltroy abhi’s carrier and reputation. If we do believe on spoilers then aaliya will definetly open up abhigya’s marriage secret in front of everyone which will not only destroy abhi’s carrier and reputation, also fall him down in everybody’s eyes specially dadi and sarla maa. This is only a neuclear bomb and trump card by which aaliya could make her plan successful. What I think that after declaring abortion news abhi will come up to rescue pragya by any excuse but aaliya could prove it abhi’s plan and could say it that he aborted pragya’s baby becoz he never want it becoz he never love pragya from day one. He did this marriage to take the revenge for helping me to getting purab back in her life. Then she could continue with other things from beginning till end. By this abhi will b totally destroy and she will b succeed in her plan. This is just assumption. What u say guys.

    1. I think Pragya ll end up in saving Abhi by telling Aaliya is lying instead of helping Tanu Nikki…Then Tanu ll join with Aaliya for sure 🙂

      1. Also Nikki… Don’t u feel if Aaliya is opening the truth during birthday party, then that is another very important thing to be shown in Promo… So ,I think it ll take later Nikki..after Abhi supporting Pragya for this abortion thing, Tanu ll tel Aaliya that she is pregnant with Abhi’s child… Then only they ll play something I feel

      2. May b they don’t want to reveal that what will happen with pragya after declaring her abortion. Becoz they knows, if they will show, what will b after this, then audience curiosity will b less becoz audience can easily guess about whole sequence. That’s why they end up promo on dadi and mitali’s shocking face.

      3. And tanu is not a fool like aaliya. Tanu now knows that aaliya wants to destroy abhi and aaliya will never leave anyone by which she can do it. And she also knows that if she will tell about her pregnancy from aaliya then she will also destroyed along with abhi. She will not accept by dadi as well as society becoz of being unmarried mother from a married man. Tanu knows very well if dafi will get to know about her pregnancy, she will never accept her and her baby like she was not ready to accept rachna and akaash’s relationship but akaash was not already married like abhi and also was equally in love with rachna that’s why she accepted them later but for tanu she will never get ready. Becoz her baby will b a sign of betrayal of abhi tfor pragya. So dafi will never accept her. Tanu is only filling fear in abhi-pragya’s mind and blackmailing them emotionally. That’s why she is forcing pragya again and again for being bad in dadi’s eyes so after this she can come forward and try to impress dadi by her fake concern and love for sometimes so she can easily marry with abhi without any restriction.

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