Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya aims gun at Abhi to get bomb guitar

Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Preeta telling Shristi that Abhi banned their entry in the concert. Shristi says we will go anyhow. Purab asks Abhi to complete his show. Abhi says I am finished, I can’t sing now. Purab asks him to understand and says everything will be fine. Abhi says when my love is not with me then how to sing song, and says I feel like she is asking me to sing, but how to sing with broken heart. Someone comes and says public is getting angry. Purab asks him to make some celebrity sing now. Simonika comes to Abhi and says you have to sing for the fans. She says you have to follow your fans wish as you became the rockstar because of them. Abhi refuses and is about to throw the guitar. Simonika takes the guitar in her life and asks him to perform. Purab asks her to go and says he will

see what to do. Simonika thinks you have to play this guitar and every chapter of your life shall end today. Shristi comes to the venue door wearing baby bump and pretends to search for tickets. She then tells that she is having labor pains and then gets normal after having water. Pragya and Preeto go inside silently. Shristi also go inside.

Pragya tells Preeta that Abhi must be having the guitar which has bomb in it. Simonika thinks she can’t let her ruin her plan. Security guards see Pragya’s pic and tells that she is inside. Pragya asks Disha where is Abhi. Disha asks why did you come? Pragya goes inside. Shristi is about to tell her, but Preeta stops her. She asks why you was telling her. Preeta scolds her and says people will panic knowing this and the bomb can blast and the attacker can activate it. Abhi thinks he shall do the concert and fulfill his fuggi’s wish. Pragya searches for Abhi. Someone informs her that Abhi went to stage for performance. Pragya runs towards stage. Simonika smirks. Abhi asks what is the most beautiful feeling? The fans says love. Abhi says his soni is his Pragya and says he is dedicating his song to his love Pragya and for everyone. Aaliya says Abhi don’t leave any chances to act devdas. Tanu says Pragya my God. Aaliya asks her not to take her name. Simonika goes to stage and gives the guitar.

Abhi pulls the strings and is about to sing. Pragya thinks how to stop him, if I shout then people can panic and run. Shristi calls Abhi. Simonika thinks Munni came here and brought them here. She asks Security to throw them out. Preeta tells guard that Abhi is her jija ji and asks him to let them go. They are taken out. Simonika thinks she has to see where is Munni? She shows Pragya to security guard. Pragya fools him and runs back to Abhi. She is about to go to stage, but guard stops her and says he banned you from stage. He asks if she wants to ruin the show. Pragya says I have no time to talk and takes the gun from his pocket. She goes to stage holding gun. She tries to take the guitar and says I have to come. Abhi asks if someone forced you. Disha tells Purab that there is a big problem. Pragya asks Abhi to give him guitar. Abhi thinks if it has drugs and diamonds. Pragya says there is no such thing inside. Abhi asks her to go. Pragya asks him to give.

Abhi says this is not the right way to take revenge and says he will resume the concert. Pragya aims gun at him. She says I will shoot if you don’t give guitar and asks him to give. Abhi says your truth came out infront of everyone and says I will not give guitar. Pragya says she is Munni and will shoot. Dadi and Dasi get worried. Disha says why Pragya is doing this. Shristi and Preeto come there and ask Abhi to give guitar. Abhi says she is an imposter. Simonika tries to stop Pragya and asks how can you do this with sir. Pragya says he has to give guitar. Simonika twists Shristi’s hand. Preeta scolds her. Abhi says I will give guitar after the concert and asks her to wait. Abhi asks are you guys ready and shoots the gun. Abhi falls down. Pragya is shocked.

Pragya runs holding guitar. Simonika comes following her and pushes her from the cliff just as she throws the guitar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am completely pissed off guys?????
    Now abhi will completely think original pragya as munni because she holded gun against him and after seeing tomorrow preview i am completely upset?????
    There is no use of celebrating 1000 episodes when they can’t even show atleast 10 episodes of abhigya happiness
    Don’t know what rubbish we have to see in the upcoming episodes just for our abhigya
    Kkb you guys are seriously testing our patience

    1. Haris Mehboob

      i am also completely pissed off…. Why Pragya not telling abhi about bomb on guiter.

  2. I am completely pissed off guys?????
    Now abhi will completely think original pragya as munni because she holded gun against him and after seeing tomorrow preview i am completely upset?????
    There is no use of celebrating 1000 episodes when they can’t even show atleast 10 episodes of abhigya happiness
    Don’t know what rubbish we have to see in the upcoming episodes just for our abhigya
    Kkb you guys are seriously testing our patience
    You guys testing our patience level a lot using our abhigya

  3. when will this couple ( pragya and abi) have a relaxed life

  4. Every episode Pragya proves herself to be useless stupid idiot. Still I am wondering why she is not admitting her identity?

  5. OK. So…WOW.
    now real pragya dies while aaliya brings fake pragya home and abhi nurses her and this goes on forever. I wonder how is it that kkb writers alone get awesome story lines like this. Flawless loop holes. See, u guys cm back to the same point even after 100episodes and still get on smoothly with it. Hats off

  6. kum kum bhagya serial is comprised of a whole lot of nonsensical crap/shit this serial should not have reached a 1000th episodes because it makes no sense; you writers why continue the shit when it is going no where and this double munni and the two children needs to be taken out of the equation now because their roles are of no importance to the serial all these writers doing is buying time to continue to prolong the inevitable and that is to end the damn worthless serial imagine a lot of us viewers turning off our tvs now when it comes to watching kum kum bhagya; my gosh it is high time this serial come to a complete end man it is one stupid storyline after the next and nothing is being solved, tanu and abhis sister is just a waste of precious time all they doing is trying to get rid of pragya since the serial began and to no avail she dies and comes back everytime come on writers what century do you think we are in you all just wont accept that you do not have the ability to write good serials and another thing all of your serials carry one storyline all the time and nothing is ever solved now who the hell is simonika and why she is after abhi she is serving no purpose either i say all the characters that are being introduce just to keep this serial running needs to be killed off and end the serial once and for all we the viewers have had enough of this crap/shit. you want to tell me that abhi has been with pragya soooooooooo long and cannot recognize the real pragya and as for dadi she too knows pragya to a T yet she fail also to recognize her that is what is making this serial sooooooooo nonsensical my gosh come on enough is enough time to end it.

  7. This update is incomplete. There is more after Pragya shoots gun. Here is rest of the update-

    Pragya shoots gun. Gun’s bullet hit the instrument. Everybody gets shocked. Abhi scolds Pragya for firing the gun and asks from her that why she missed the shot instead of shooting him. He gets stand in front of her and says to shoot on him. Pragya gets nervous and says that it was warning. She warns him that she can shoot on him also if he doesn’t give guitar. Abhi stubbornly refuses then dadi comes on stage with dasi and says to abhi to give her guitar. Abhi refuses to give and says that it is his favorite guitar. Everybody requests from abhi to give guitar to her. At last, dadi gives him her swear ( kasam) then abhi gets ready to give guitar to Pragya. He leaves guitar and says to Pragya that he will take revenge from her for whatever she did with him today. He says Pragya to leave. Pragya worriedly and upset fully runs from there. Preeta and shrishti also runs after her and asks from her that where she is taking guitar away. Pragya says that she will throw it somewhere far at some lonely place. Preeta and shrishti requests to go with her but Pragya refuses to take them with her and says she can’t put their lives in danger. Preeta and shrishti says the same but Pragya doesn’t listen them and runs for outside. Simonika tries to go after Pragya to make her fall with guitar to kill her as she fails her plan to kill abhi. So she decides to kill her first so she can kill abhi easily after that. Preeta and shrishti tries to stop her. Aliya and tanu starts accusing Pragya for spoiling abhi’s concert and carrier and to shoot gun on him. But dadi says that she was only trying to scare abhi. Aliya and tanu doesn’t stops and they keep continue bad mouthing against Pragya. Preeta and shrishti loses their cool after listening bad things against Pragya and they tells Abhi and everybody at last that there is a bomb in guitar. Abhi asks who told her? Then tanu says off course their sister. Abhi stops tanu and says to Preeta that if that girl (Pragya) told u about this then he don’t belive on her. Then Preeta tell him that nobody tells me nothing. Even Pragya di also was unaware but khan chacha called Pragya di and told her that he plants bomb in guitar becoz someone blackmailed him. If abhi plays guitar on high base or if guitar hits from something then bomb gets blast and everybody gets dead. That’s why Pragya di was disturbed from that time. Then shrishti says that’s why Pragya di was forced to use gun only to take guitar from abhi. Preeta says Pragya di didn’t told directly becoz abhi jiju was angry with her and that’s why he doesn’t listen him and may b he tries to play guitar to prove her wrong and if it happens then everybody gets dead. Shrishti says that now that guitar in Pragya di’s hands and anything can happen with her now. Abhi runs outside with purab to rescue Pragya.

  8. i dont understand. 1000 episodes of trying to kill Abhi or Pragya, is it really worth celebrating? it is the same .repeat after repeat, either kidnap, shooting with gun, hit by car, drowning, electric shock, gas explosion, fire, memory loss or throwing of a cliff . Wow! if this couple was really human i feel sorry for them, they have suffered more than anyone deserves to!

  9. leisa s morris

    I really cant understand d writers of kumkum bhagya wen did everyone find out bout pragyas sister since she dissappeared right after findin out she has two other sisters and munni never knew bout them so neither tanu nor aliyah or any of d mehras for dat matter knew of them so how can kkb just mix dem in just so without an intro. Its just stupid since dey tried to blend kundali with kumkum without any back story on kumkum bhagya as to how dey came about. Ohh and there goes pragya one proof that she and abhi alone knows concernin her sis to show shes d real pragya since now everyone knows dem. Jus idiotic

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