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The Episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya’s stuff out of room. Pragya stops him and asks what he is doing? Abhi says I want to remove your memories, and says it gives me pain. He says time has come to do reality check and to take a right decision, and I have decided to remove you from all the places where I have kept you, even if it is my heart or home. Hamari Adhuri plays………….pragya looks on sad and thinks why he is doing these kind of talks. He picks the fuggi toy and recalls the happenings. Abhi asks her not to keep her stuff in the room, else he will leave the room. Pragya gets teary eyes.

Dadi and Dasi see Tanu walking in the house. Dasi says she is tensed and is about to cry. We shall ask her. Dadi asks her to leave her. Dasi says Tanu is going to be your bahu and will give

you heir. Dadi says I do worry for her, but I don’t want to trouble her by asking anything. Dasi asks her to come. They go to Tanu. Dasi asks what she is doing? Why she is looking tensed? Tanu says no, and says I am very happy. Dadi says I told naa. Dasi says you couldn’t see her tension and says her face has blacken. Dadi says you couldn’t see properly, and says Tanu is whitish white in color. Dasi says she is worried about her marriage. She says if baby is born before marriage, then you will see Abhi holding baby. Dadi says she will talk to Abhi about marriage. Tanu calls Nikhil and says I want to meet you today. Ronnie hears her and thinks to inform Pragya……Pragya looks at Abhi’s photo and cries…..Paas Aaye Hamari Adhuri plays…………She recalls his words and their romantic moments.

Ronnie calls Pragya and informs her that Tanu have spoken to someone and fixed a meeting. Pragya says she will check her in the room. Tanu sends message to Nikhil asking him to send the address. Pragya comes to Tanu’s room and spy’s on her phone. Tanu sees her going out of room and asks what she is doing in her room. Pragya says she came insearch of Abhi and says he is not picking the call. Tanu says one day he will not come in your talks. Pragya says I have to take him for a meeting and you couldn’t stop him from going with me. Tanu thinks she has to go else she would have stopped Abhi.

Abhi is in the restaurant and gets angry at the manager. Purab comes and asks why he is not in good mood. Abhi says he wants to go far from Pragya and want to forget her, want to go away from her eye sight. He says I have decided to end my feelings for Pragya and asks him to help him, and says he did a commitment with Tanu. He says Pragya have snatched his everything and controlling everything as if he is not him. Purab says atleast your love is infront of you, but my love is gone. I am still living for my love, and you also have to live for your love. Abhi says yes, you are saying right, I have to forget everything and will have to live for my love. He goes to washroom. Pragya is in the car and thinks to message Dadi. She calls Purab and tells that she is following Tanu. She says she haven’t told anything to Dadi. Purab says Pragya is already tensed and he shall not talk to her about Abhi.

Pragya says Dadi will get angry knowing she went alone, and asks about Abhi’s mood. Purab says he didn’t tell me anything and asks her to take care. Tanu stops her car somewhere and Pragya follows her asking taxi driver to wait for her 5 mins. Tanu comes to an isolated place and says I am here. Nikhil comes and says I have selected this place to hug you. He hugs her. Pragya prays to God to help her see the person and says she couldn’t hear or see him. Nikhil asks why did she call him? Tanu says Aaliya is caught and is in jail. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu hears some sound and asks who is there? She says we shall meet somewhere else and goes. Pragya thinks to find out about the person.

Tanu and Nikhil are in the car. Tanu tells Nikhil that she is scared of Pragya and thinks she will know about him being the father of her baby. Pragya is hidden in her car and hears everything. Purab tells Abhi that Pragya is in some problem and says she went on to find the Bulbul’s killer. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys wat s d role of Akkash nd Rachna in pragya’s mission i think its waste 2 involve them…2days was quite gud i think tanu’s plan ll b heard by pragya thn she ll take Abhi along with her to c tanu…dnt know wats gonna happen but pls cvs complete it soon nd start abhigya chapter waiting for tat for many months…pls make tis 1 little more interesting

    1. What I see these days in this show is we always have more or less same no. of characters around. Bulbul is supposed to b dead, Payal is missing. So Akash n Rachna were filling for those 2 chars. Aaliya is not seen, so Nikhil is back. Just observe n u will see whenever some char is shown someone else is missing.

      1. Ya sahithi u r right

  2. U r right sahithi ..i agree with u… pragya should bear abhi s hatred behaviour bcoz she is the one and only person responsible for all that … She only convinced abhi … Dadi …anh each member of the family … So she should suffer … I feel pity for abhi

  3. She convinced n sacrifised cuz abhi went even on their first night to tanus place and always been open in relationship wit tanu in front of pragya n alwz said he loves her than n he behaved so .. So wat she will do she wil jus sacrifice fa the sake of the child .. Jus think off in bulbuls death he taunted her n made her cry more bt afta aaliyah exposed Pragya went to console him bt this man jus again hurt her .. His main problem is he loves her bt she ditched him ntng els happens around him like no bulbul death no pragyas life being in danger nothing he cares for himself alone .. He always seems to b puppet of aaliyah tanu n dadi .. Y can’t he think as well ? Y does CVS make.him so dumb .. It’s al tat abhi deserves for wt al he did wit tanu n he suffers n gets punished for wt he has done in the past he deserves it

    1. I don’t think so pragya ll c Nikil. Less chance is thr. This CVS can do anything sumtimes they ll make us dumb too.. Pragya did mistake by hiding Tanu’s truth but y this abhi not realized. Sumthing wrong was going on.. after aliyah’s exposure also he didn’t thinking about tat.. So sad.. How much harsh words he was using to hurt pragya poor pragya.. Now pragya following tanu if once they saw her Wat they ll do..

  4. I think on the marriage pragya will expose tanu as Abi did and I think that time only bulbul will come
    i’m eagerly waiting for abhigya reunite

  5. Pragya was clear with her emotions from beginning but abhi wasn’t but from apart from all this abhi married pragya only on dadi’s liking and aaliya’s pressure. …….and I do agree pragya did the same but other than that he is the one who continued his relationship with tanu after marriage and when tanu became pregnant pragya as usual thought she came between the love of tanu and abhi……which was actually right and after knowing about tanu’s pregnancy abhi confessing his feelings for pragya and pragya insisting to marry tanu yes that was something right to do afterall she was trying to rectify the mistake abhi did otherwise pragya and abhi would have been guilty about it for the rest of his life. …..yes after knowing the truth if she had actually gone and told abhi the truth with aaliya and raj having fake dna reports abhi would have thought she is being selfish and firstly he is abhi not purab he doesn’t trust pragya that much like he trusted his sister or anyone with aaliya around tanu pragya won’t be able to prove tanu wrong…… bulbul just told once about pragya and purab believed it he never did ask for proofs…..this trust is not with abhi….if abhi trusted pragya he would have at least started believing pragya after aaliya exposure. ….but instead again manipulated by tanu…..

    1. That is exactly the point, Purab n Abhi r poles apart. Daadi wanted a girl like Pragya for Abhi to show him the real life n keep him away from fake ppl like Tanu. Abhi was a different person when he married Pragya, but he slowly changed n not because someone asked him to, but because of the relationship he shared with Pragya. Because of her innocence, her attitude towards life, her love for ppl around her, he slowly changed. Even recently while flirting with Pragya, Abhi confronted n told her that he didnt have the thinking to understand ppl’s actual nature n that was the reason why Daadi got him Pragya.

      If he was same Abhi that we saw during first few epis, he only cared for Daadi, Purab n Aaliya. In fact he didnt even love Tanu, for him Tanu was gf who just tagged along.
      If he is still same he wouldn’t have cared for Bulbul, Sarla even after Pragya supposedly cheated him. Or he wouldn’t have waited for so long crying n begging Mogambo to be back as Fuggy.

      Pragya should have listened to what Abhi wanted to say when he came to her the first time to express his feelings, instead she assumed she had to do justice to the unborn baby. A person who never believed in God, why would he goto pray for Pragya when she was in hospital; he was not even sure if Pragya was hurt or not.

      If she told everything to him on that day in hospital along with Daadi, he would have believed her. Instead she took Daadi’s advice n came back with this property n boss idea.

      1. You are right sahithi.im agree with ur point…since she knows abt Abhi character very well.. she should not hide d truth…even he askd so many times regarding her change. ..atleast sge wiuld have told tat time…. niw I think its not Abhi fault to musunderstanding Pragya…she herself made the path difficulty…

  6. I dont think that they will expose tanu nw.
    They will take atleast another 100 episodes to do that

  7. Guys this is my guess since it is mahasangham and it is kumkum bhagya pragya won’t see nikhil’s face and nikhil would bail out aaliya through this she will confirm nikhil is the third person. ………but not tanu’s child’s father’s ……..as leena said something big is about to happen and I don’t think it is tanu’s exposure cuz it will definitely take atleast 7months so please don’t keep high expectations. ….the same happened when pragya fixed aaliya marriage with him…

  8. I feels like I shudn expect bt wt to do I’m expecting fa tanus exposure .. Vl it happen ?

    1. Ya u r rit.. V cant control our expectations… This CVS team can do anything. Sumtimes they ll make fool of us.. I don’t think so they won’t expose Tanu’s truth soon…

      1. U think they ll expose or they vl nt ?

    2. They won’t reveal it razia.. Tat too this much soon not possible suerly they ll dragg.. Now only aliyah got exposed so surely they won’t give us double happiness

  9. Atleast Purab should giv sum hint to abhi tat wats going on around him n how his family members r cheating him…becos of purab involvement only abhi realised his love n feelings fr Pragya….. so purab should try d same thing to abhi now. …
    wat u guys are thinking abt this? ?????

  10. Using this purab can also give some hint on Pragya doings to find out d truth infront of Abhi

  11. Goood epi
    Abhi so sad of u
    Pragya too my dr

  12. Guys Leena(Tanu) posted a pic on her IG with Sriti, Sriti is in a white costume similar to the red one Tanu was wearing in Saturday episode. Looks like on location pic, so will Pragya change into similar dress to keep an eye on Tanu n to avoid being seen by her n Nikhil.

  13. Bt in that PIC tanus hair style changed .. N guys doubt .. Pratiksha wid u .. Hope yu knoe abt the performance of sriti shabbir in Guyana last month .. I got to see those photos .. Bt won’t v get the video link .. It’s not posted anywhere huh or .. I jus want to c .. If u knoe abt it do share the link

  14. Guys there will b a special episode of kkb to promoting kya kool hain hum-3 with aftab and tushar. Sriti’s and leena’s that latest pic is from that shooting. We have shabbir aka abhi’s performance to with aftab and tushar. I just saw more pics from this episode’s shooting on instagram.

  15. N guys .. Saw some pics .. #kkkhh cast came to promote their movie in #kkb .. Dunno wen is tat episode .. And sriti wire tat white gown s fa tat n tas the photo which was sahithi talkn abt.. Again they ve started dragging it seems .. They started promoting n vl start celebrating festivals :@

    1. Let us hope that along with promoting their movie there will some twist also. As with PRDP and Dilwale promotions, we saw the movie actors will be there for only one episode max n that too the writers make them tell something to Abhi n Pragya. So I am hoping this movie promotion shudnt take away more than one epi time.

  16. seen this in FB… dono whether it is true or not…

    Pragya expose tanu,Abhi throws tanu away
    Pragya expose tanu infront of entire family.pragya gets the evidence n discloses to entire family.abhi gets really shocked n throw her out of the house.Abhi apologise pragya n both will be having quality time agan

    1. Sheetha it’s just spoiler. Surely it will happen but after some more times becoz only one chasing of takhil is not enough for pragya. She have to do more efforts in collecting strong proofs against takhil. Then we definetly see this but when it will time tell only.

      1. s u r right pratiksha

  17. Any updates? Pratiksha

  18. Guys we have new segments today regarding kya kool hai him promotion episode in kkb. Abhi tries to take pragya for dance forcedly, pragya protests, tushar and aftab comes to rescue her. They turns abhi for punching him, pragya shouts in shock but suddenly they identifies him as rockstar. They hugs him and shakes hands with him nicely. Rest update we will get after the telecast of segment.

  19. Jus saw it Nikki .. Vl b waitn fa 2:30 😉

  20. But if both tanu n aaliya will b exposed , watelse wud b the story???? Again it wud be boring so I guess the villains will not be revealed in any time soon

    1. But in today’s segments they were saying Tanu’s truth will be out this week. Let us see, I think they can’t keep Tanu with a flat tummy for more time. So truth has to be revealed.

      Bulbul’s re entry is also there so even if Tanu is exposed there will b more drama.

  21. Think , How would you feel?

    Episode 279: Once the man with Rockstar pride challenged his wife because she denied that she has feelings for him and his proximity makes any difference to her..

    Abhi dialogues to Pragya :” I know you are lying and do you know what I will do ? I will take you to such state that you will see me every place and will feel me every where and then I will leave you .. Think… how would you feel ?”

    Episode 467 : The same rockstar took a decision to leave the same girl and repeated the same dialogues.. but apparently luck has turned the tables

    Abhi-Purab Convo: I am feeling strangely restless and fearing that I will loose loved one.. I am trying to run away from her but end up seeing her every where .. where should I go and find a place to stay alone so that I can forget her.. you have to help me Purab to forget her ..

    Yes they say Karma is *****

    1. Haha ..

  22. New segment update- Pragya reaches at a mall for spying on takhil. Tushar and aftab were promoting their movie kya kool hain hum-3 there. Pragya bump on them. Pragya calls them bhai sahab and apolozises for bumping on them. They gets shocked hear bhai sahab word. They asks her what she is doing here? Pragya tells them her whole problem that how tanu is trapping her husband by cheating from saying her baby of her husband but it belongs to somether person. She says that she came here to know about that baby daddy becoz tanu has came here with her baby daddy. Tushar and aftab tries to help her in searching tanu and her baby daddy. Tanu watches dance from standing at a side and nikhil tries to hide ownself by a shawl. At a point they sees them and tushar and aftab says that they should catch them but pragya stops them. Tushar and aftab helps her and gives her suggestion to keep eye on tanu and her baby daddy in different look. They says we were trying to block the entry or exit by dancing so tanu and her baby daddy could not go from here until pragya will find them.Pragya goes and comes after changing her saree into white gown and with a different hair style and look. Tushar and aftab helps pragya in searching tanu and her baby daddy. They instructs her to keep her eye on tanu and her baby daddy by hiding between dancing peoples. Abhi too comes there and sees pragya. Abhi comes there by carrying a shawl. He too tries to hide ownself and sees pragya. Looks like he was following pragya and comes there to rescue her. He tries to take pragya with him for home by holding her hands forcebly. But pragya denies. She tries to free her hand from abhi. Abhi does not ready to listen her. Tushar and aftab comes and thinks abhi is the same person which was in shawl and who is baby daddy of tanu’s and now he is trying his force on pragya. They comes to rescue pragya But they ends up by identifying as a rock star abhi. They meets with abhi and talks with pragya also. Abhi asks them that how they knows her? Tushar and aftab tells abhi that how they met with her and how they r trying to help her in solving her problem becoz her story is so much painful. Pragya tries to stop them to telling full thing from abhi by indication.They takes abhi with them. Abhi takes pragya also with him by holding her hand. Abhi dances with tushar and aftab. Pragya searches for tanu and nikhil. But she doesn’t find them. Pragya again runs to follow takhil but Abhi again tries to stop pragya by blocking her way through dancing. SBS people r saying that in this sequence, nikhil will get revealed and pragya will expose tanu.

    1. pratiksha do u really think pragya will be able to catch nikkil this time??
      I really hope that they should not drag tanu’s track anymore…

      1. Rita before watching the segment, I was thinking that pragya will need more times to find out nikhil as baby daddy and collecting proofs against him and tanu. But sns peoples r saying that pragya will get to know about nikhil and becoz of since past few weeks, SBS’s news is proved right so let’s see. May b this time also they r saying right. But if pragya will get identify nikhil as tanu’s baby dady then also she should have some strong proofs to prove him as tanu’s baby daddy and for it she needs some more time then only she can expose tanu and nikhil.

      2. Sorry riya . I have mistakenly wrote rita.

    2. it’s k pratiksha…
      let’s hope that tanu will be revealed soon… waiting for abhigya to unite….

  23. I think Pragya ll not succeed bcoz Abhi comes thr n holds her hand so that she can’t go anywhere.but soon tanu ll b exposed

  24. hai pratiksha i am sweety from andhra i am a daily reader of your comments i like to read your comments bcz your info. is always right but abt tanu’s truth i am not sure that they will be exposed

  25. But how soon we have to wait and watch

  26. Frnds plz help me.
    Y now a days zee tv site not post full epissodes… if there is any prblm.. or they will post later

    1. It was working fine if opened from lappy. Is there any particular epi u r facing issue with?

    2. harini u can also http://www.dittotv/.com and in the search box u can type which serial and the episode that u want 2 watch

    3. Thanks a lot drs…
      Thank you soo much

  27. When they are going to update today’s episode can somebody pls tell me what happen today

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