Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya taking Sarla to hospital. Pragya cries. Abhi gives her strength and asks her not to lose hope. He says he can feel what she is feeling now. He asks her not to be quiet else his troubles will increase. Pragya forwards her hand. Sanam Re plays…………..Pragya hugs him and says why this is happening with her, first Bulbul left her and now Sarla is in danger. She breaks the hug and apologizes. Tanu and Rachna come to the hospital. Rachna enquires with the receptionist. Ronnie thinks Abhi asked him not to let Dadi meet Sarla as he fears for Dadi’s health. Ronnie asks Dadi to sit in the waiting area. Dadi refuses and insists to see Sarla. Her health worsens. Ronnie says you don’t know the situation there and says Abhi and Pragya are finding hard to cope

up with the situation. He asks Dadi to take care and goes to get the medicine.

Tanu meets Nikhil in the hospital and asks him to go else people might suspect him. She comes to Pragya and says she felt bad hearing about her mum. She tries to scratch her wounds with her words. Pragya gets angry. Tanu turns to Abhi and asks how did it happen? Abhi tells her everything. Doctor comes out and informs that they did operation, but she is still unconscious. He says he can tell if she is fine once she gains consciousness. Abhi tells Doctor that he wants to shift Sarla to home. Doctor says okay and asks them to take hospital equipments with her. Pragya insists to see Sarla once. Doctor refuses and says she is in OT. Pragya hugs Abhi and cries again. Tanu looks for Abhi and thinks she should ask Ronnie. She then thinks not to ask Ronnie. Ronnie turns to her and bores her with his words. Tanu gets angry and says if she gets angry then he will have to get himself admitted in the hospital. Ronnie asks Nurse if any room is free. Tanu gets more angry when the nurse suggests her to get her eyes check. Ronnie says he will never tell her where is Abhi.

Raj comes home to get his file. Mitali hugs him and says she knew that he would come home as he can’t live without her. Raj asks her not to touch him and says he hates her very much as his life have ruined because of her. Mitali asks her to forgive her. Raj says he couldn’t forgive himself as an innocent person died because of his mistake. He asks her not to come near him again. Abhi recalls Sarla giving Pragya’s hand in his hand and thinks why she did this. Pragya thinks Abhi loves Sarla as his mum and thinks she can feel his pain as well. She thinks to control on her emotions and also decides not to increase his confusion. She tells him that she knows what he is thinking and asks him not to get tensed. Abhi asks what I am thinking? Pragya says I have an answer, but whenever we are weak, this happens. Abhi says I am not thinking this. Pragya tells he is thinking about his marriage with Tanu. Abhi tells you are wrong and says Sarla gave your hand in my hand before fainting. She says Sarla wanted to convey something, and says may be she knew something which I don’t know or may be you all are hiding something from me. He says he will find out from Sarla once she gets fine.

Purab tells Dadi that the accident’s impact was high. They feel bad for the accident. Purab goes to talk to Doctor.Pragya comes to Dadi and hugs her cryingly. Dadi asks her to take care of herself. Rachna asks them to sit and talk. Pragya cries and talks to Dadi. Dadi says Sarla betrayed death and came back.

Nikhil asks Tanu if she has gone mad to think of leaving him. Tanu says she can’t wait for Sarla to get well and expose them. She don’t want to be in tension.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks h hasan for the superfast update…….eposode was nice waiting for sarla to recover

    1. Totally share Sreya ‘s sentiment. Thank you Hasan for uploading the update so fast. The next few episodes might be thrilling or just become boring with more twists and turns. Is a wait and watch game now.

  2. The nice thing about today’s episode is that abhi got doubt in his mind that something is there about which everyone knows but he is unaware of it or they are hiding something…..now abhi should turn on his detective mode & find the reality on its own
    But the bad thing is that sarla hasn’t got consciousness and if they will take her to mehra mad House then its very risky for her health but it shows that how dumb is pragyas team that they are not able to find that all the hints shows the only direction of the kidnapper which is tanu

  3. Dadi and pragya emotional hug..my god i was n tears….waiting the day whn abigya reunion moments with same emotional hug..

  4. Sarla will either die or suffer memory loss or loss of speech, then this story will continue for another few more months

  5. Tanu has become an expert in emotional blackmail, keep it up, now it’s turn of Nikhil. Abhi got a break from her torture because of divorce dilemma n Sarla escaping n accident.

    Though the epi is abt Pragya n her mom her pain, for me somehow Abhi(Shabir) stole the show today. Contrast to the emotional or taunting Abhi he seemed to b the more composed n mature guy we always wanted to see him as.
    And instead of other useless things, he was back to thinking the more imp thing on why Sarla wanted them to be together.

    After seeing Aaliya back on IG I was skeptical n bored abt watching today epi, but Shabir n Sriti got me engaged again. May b that’s the main reason why how much ever we crib we can’t leave this show. At least am not able to.

    1. I just have imagination that if Aaliya is returning to MM by Pragya she may not be Aaliya. I think the girl looks like Aaliya is their next plan. Because Tanu will say anything to Aaliya alone. May this is their next move. That girl like Aaliya will help Pragya. Maybe this will happen:-P

      1. Megha, thats creative thought, but how will Pragya justify to Abhi on why she is bringing back Aaliya to MM. He was the one most hurt when she transferred property on her name and humiliated him in front of the family. Pragya has to bear more n more hatred from Abhi if she is bringing back Aaliya. He may even think of leaving MM in his anger.

    2. Yes Sahithi you are correct. Then we need to wait and see who’s taking Aaliya from jail. But they are diverting the story from Tanu’s exposure to Aaliya’s bail.

  6. Guys aliya is back for shoot… where are we heading.. omg

  7. So now takhil’s attempts to harm sarla maa will get start. And shikha aka aaliya’s come back, I think becoz of pragya and team plans to expose and defeat tanu or may b nikhil brings her out to help for tanu and him. These two possibilities could happen. But I don’t think so takhil will take risk to bail out aaliya when the sword is hanging on their heads and if they bail out aaliya then also will abhi allow her to live in mehra mansion when he himself has been broke all ties with her. In present time, only pragya can bring her out and let her live in the house. That’s why I feels it mostly pragya and her team plans. I think they r planning to use aaliya against tanu somehow. Well let’s see. But ya aaliya’s come back will definetly brings so many twists or I can say a big twist in the show.

    1. I agree with u pratiksha…
      hope they finish tanu’s track soon…

    2. But pratiksha if pragya team is releasing aliya means they itself spoiled their life by releasing her because if she is released means problems will definitely occur and I think pragya will convince aliya by giving money to her because for money aliya will do anything! !! Wat do u think about this pratiksha ???

      1. No reji…her main intension is purab…for her love she went to the extent…killing bulbul..so i don’t thing if they give the share she will change…

    3. Will Mithali try to bail out Aaliya after what Raaj said to her in yday epi? Mithali or Nikhil are 2 possibilities I see.

      1. Sahithi I don’t think so mitaki could bail her out becoz it’s not that easy for mitali to bring her out and back in mehra mansion becoz firstly she should have that much money and power to give bail of aaliya and second is, she knows that raaj is not forgiving her for all those crimes which he has done with aaliya becoz of misunderstandings. So if she will bring aaliya back after giving her bail then raaj will get more angry with her and with him abhi and whole family will stand against her becoz of which she may b kick out from the house like aaliya. So I don’t think so mitali could bring her back. Takhil could bring her back but then also I don’t think so they will take they r trapped, and if they will bring aaliya back then they will come in direct suspicion of everyone and abhi’s hatred and I don’t think so that tanu could afford it for now. But ya only oragya has that much power by which she could bail out aaliya and bring her back to mehra mansion. For this, she could give reason to abhi that she have a doubt that sarla maa’s kidnapping related to this house’s people as she have no enemy outside so aaliya could help them to know about this and sahithi if she will not give any reason then also it’s not a big deal for her to face abhi’s anger and hatred when she is facing it since long many times. So if she have decided that she will definetly expose tanu this time by hook or by crook then she will definetly do this, like she did with aaliya after Bulbul’s death. Well I shared what I think but if CVS will give us another illogical surprise then it will b other thing and if aaliya’s come back will b against of pragya then it means it will b part if more dragging becoz as we knows that if aaliya will come as enemy of abhigya then definetly tanu’s exposure will get stretched becoz of her evil deeds. So let’s see, what happens next but I personally felt gud from aaliya’s come back becoz as a villain she is very gud but tanu is intolerable and irritating. I was missing her. If she comes after tanu’s exposure and bulbul’s re entry then it happens more gud but anyways hope we will see very interesting twists and turns in the story.

    4. Why shud they bring back Aaliya, why don’t they check the video footage. They know she went missing after going in that studio route. They r dragging intentionally. Or let us see how Aaliya entry is justified.
      Did we think Mithali will arrange for court marriage but she did. Writers can show anything as thy wish

      1. That’s why I said that it’s my thoughts but if CVS will bring any illogical twist then it will b other thing as u said and we knows that they can show anything.

      2. Pratiksha, there is no new promo right whether Tanu’s truth will be out. After Raaj I thought atleast after 2-3 weeks there will be some progress, but this is going no where.

        Only good thing is now Tanu is after Nikhil n doing all the torture on him. Hope she will give a break to Abhi n eat Nikhil’s head. Atleast then if he will get over his love for Tanu, the kind of love he was explaining to Sarla.

    5. Pratiksha I guess raj is going to bring aaliya back I think he has not changed so he will bring aaliya back to use as a weapon and play from behind

    6. Pratiksha I guess raj is going to bring aaliya back I think he has not changed so he will bring aaliya back to use as a weapon and play from behind
      Or purab would release aaliya telling that if u would expose tanu the price would be him……for wat she wanted for a long time. ………this would be better as through this junction they could bring bulbul back to the show

      1. Nice guess billu. It may also happens because now there is no bulbul for Purab to betray Aaliya again.

  8. Hmmm……at least now CVS gave abhi little bit of his brain and again hate u tanu pls go away from abhigya get lost somewhere

  9. I saw in instagram that alia will come back from jail soon

  10. What a boring story yar……. Precap is also so boring….. Tommrrow is also tanu nd nikhle story totally bakwas hai.

  11. Don’t draggy….Please join them spoon….waiting for a long time

  12. Today episode is some boring I just tell the truth of abhi and its dragging too much how many episode will go when the tanu truth revealed

  13. Pls move the tanu track very boring.i need abigya reunion.

  14. We can’t expect more from writers they will show what we unexpected. fingers crossed

  15. This KKB is boring and cannot believe that Tanu is so cunning

  16. Really i dnt believe Tanu will say that in the precap

  17. Guys if u hv noted abhi says sarla wantd to convey sumthng b u all r hiding now abhi wil strt doing investigation.thrz a chance things may change..i wnt abhi to cum to know about tanuz truth by himself..

  18. Please writers at least now give abhis brain back.now a days he is roaming without brain.I am eagerly waiting to see rock star abhi back.dragging to some extent is ok.but making hero dumb for dragging is heights of nonsense n not tolerable at all.

  19. They are just making serial long that’s it. I don’t even watch anymore till they find out about tanu ?

  20. I just hope someone sees tanu with nikhiln. Figure something out between the two of them

  21. I feel like Nikhil is going to alter with the equipment like turn off Sarla maa’s oxygen mask or something. I read a spoiler that said that Sarla maa was going to die but she was going to expose Tanu and Nikhil before she died. Then, Abhi will accept Pragya again. I hope the rumors are false because Sarla maa has had a pivotal role in this show from the beginning. This episode was good because Abhigya got closer and bonded on the fact that they might lose their mother.

  22. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Bakwaas! Repetitive dialouges! Slways atating the obvious clichés!!! Seriously whos profittibg frm all these repea series??? In each series same story lines?

  23. I love to watch this drama but…. Now I hate this serial Pata nahi q itna waste kar rehy hai time ek sach batny k liye I think is serial ko khatam kar deyna chiye dekh kar Gussaaaa ata

  24. I tink they should kill out everyone from this series and leave pragya and abhor alone…..hahah…this series used to b my fav …now it makes no sence at all…first purvi got eliminate for somthing she didn’t do…they forgot abt that ….tanu is pregnant since last year Feb I tink..her belly ent showing..
    Lol..wat nonsense. ..now bulbul dies and sarla too..just for a little pregnancy. .gosh it’s not a big murder case…abhi believesin his grandmother…y can’t she just tell him d truth rather dan all these stupid flaws…show is getting somewhat lame…honestly…please bring some sugar back into this show…pleaseeeeeee

  25. i think in the next episode sarla’s memory fail(yadas).

  26. So why didn’t Starla tell abhi and pragya on her first phone call for help that it was tank and nikhil who was behind the kidnapping. And why can’t they trace the car that Nikolai used to ran over Starla when both of them was mere feet away from her when it happen. My gosh some of the stories are so lame like kids are watching it and not intelligent adults. Get real ok time enough.

  27. How many kidnapped in dis show .last feb pragya was kidnapp because of aliya bt no one finding the truth after that she again kidnap again because of aliya then bulbul mystry because of aliya tthen this feb again kidnapp of sarla aunty and again she will remain unconsciousness. and whole not able to find tha truth right now plsssssssssssss do fast the serial become too boring when this whole drama end and when abhii know the truth

  28. i dono wht to comment bcause i read all the comments wht thy r saying is right so dragging y lah let sarla maa tel once n fore all to abhi atleast make pragya pregnant n i just want to c hw abhi wil take care of his sweetheart bcause his a gentlemen n romantic guy n i want abhi to cal pragya sweetheart once he knows the truth plsssssssssss naa.

  29. Highlights of today’s episode-
    Tanu says to abhi that her mother is not well so she have to go to see her but she is confused where should she stay there or here as sarla aunty is not well and u r disturbed. Abhi says her to go.
    Tanu says to nikhil to kill sarla aunty before she gains consciousness.
    Janki amma comes mehra mansion and cries and says to sarla to open her eyes. Pragya consoles her.
    Abhi instruct Ronnie to not let come any outsider in the house until sarla aunty is here.
    Nikhil calls abhi amd asks about sarla aunty? Abhi tells him everything. He asks from abhi that if sarla aunty took any one’s name. Abhi says no. Nikhil gets relaxed.
    Abhi and pragya talks with each other and thinks why someone kidnapped sarla aunty?
    Pragya thinks about tanu’d involvement but then she thinks that tanu is not looking worried so may b she is not but them also she should keep her eyes on her.
    Pragya asks abhi to arrange security by commisioner. Abhi says he has already done it. Pragya says thanks to him.
    Nikhil comes to mehra house and thinks how to kill sarla aunty before she gets consciousness. Then he sees a compounder. He hits him and dressed up like him. He goes in the house and clashes with Ronnie. Ronnie asks about him but just then nurse comes and says to come soon with medicine. Ronnie gets assure.
    Nikhil comes in sarla maa’s room and removes her oxygen mask as nurse goes out to take water. But just then ronnie about to comes and after listening his footsteps voice, nikhil again put mask on sarla maa.
    Ronnie comes and sits and starts talking with sarla maa and cracks jokes. Nikhil thinks how he stuck.
    Tanu thinks that she should do anything soon as she can’t loose at this stage when she gave up her career and she she can’t afford working in jail. She thinks to do something before sarla maa gains consciousness and thinks to go to mehra mansion. Abhi comes with pragya in sarla maa’s room and asks ronnie what he is doing inside when he said him to keep his eyes at outside.
    Ronnie says police is doing security outside that’s why he tthought tp give company to sarla aunty. Abhi sees nikhil in compounder look and asks from ronnie who is he? Episode ends here.

    1. This scene is similar to the one when Aliya tried to kill BB in the hospital. That time Aliya was disguised at Nurse and now NIkhil as compounder.

      It is obvious that now Abhigya in room, Nikhil won’t be able to do much, same that happened to Aliya when Purab came in the room.

      That time Purab didn’t realize and this time Abhigya won’t realize.

      Writers have become experts in recycling scenes.

      1. From the romantic drama this serial has been turned into the thriller…. thought of sarla getting killed itself makes me scared …..till when ekta is going to test our patience yr….its getting to my nerves making me frustrated

    2. Pratiksha ,I think alaiya will reveal the truth about Tanu to abhi as yo gain trust back.Remember she said in the segment while her exposure was taking place that she will come back with something so that she will earn there trust back so I guess this might be the plan of Cvs

    3. Nikhil turning worse than Vijay. Atleast Vijay worked for a contract; to cover up one mistake Tanu n Nikhil are doing more n more n this list is not ending. As usual Nikhil will escape in tomorrow epi, by giving some excuse. Now added to that Aaliya will also give entry 🙁 🙁

      Ronnie missed so many things in past n still Abhi n Pragya r stupid enough to give imp responsibility to him again. They have Purab, Janaki, Rachna if they both cant still n see over.

    4. Pratiksha now it sarla maa good luck only to escape from nikhil but the ending part of the episode I think nikhil will be escaped now aliya’s come back do I have any guess that abhi will bail out aliya because if he had doubt means he will just do it so I asking??

  30. Today’s episode plz

  31. Guys…m not sure if uv ppl noticed it or not but raj’s behaviour today was suspicious..the way he entered the room and the way he was checking the files before mithali popped in…

    1. But he realized his mistake telling he killed the person who is innocent..I don’t think so…

  32. Thanks pratiksha.

  33. Yes as one of our fans written the comment nikhil is trying to kill ner by removing her oxygen mask…nikhil may also hv mask…only compounder will have mask ?..hw come family members doesn’t use mask ?..is compounder going to do operation ?…and to use mask sarla has not got spreading decease..she just met wit an accident…and she is unconscious…these patients wud ne attended by without mask…that whn personal care at home….

  34. same repitation as aaliya tried to kill bulbul in a hospital…duno y d writers are turning in a circle again and again.. atleast aaliya’s comeback may reveal tanu’s truth.. fed up with this pregnancy track for such a long time.. i m losing interest to watch this show nowadays.. many good tracks are there to show bt they are draggging muccch.. writers wake up orelse you will lose kkb’s fans as like matsh serial…. many are watching only for abhigya and for their reunion… bt y this bitter delay is not understandable..

  35. Read some reports which said Aaliya will be back for revenge, esp from her Bhai as he got her arrested. She wont do plotting behind them, but this time it will be face to face.

    So all those who were waiting for Abhi Pragya reunion, for now that looks like possibility only on the last episode, when ‘The End’ rolls.

  36. New article
    The show Kumkum Bhagya’ introduced a major twist when Alia (Shikha Singh) was sentenced to jail and the root cause of it was Abhishek aka Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia).
    What seemed solace and happiness for Pragya (Sriti Jha) and Abhi is now going to be shortlived.

    Because, Alia is BACK from the jail and is set to create a massive turmoil in the lives of Abhi and Pragya.

    We contacted Shikha who confirmed the same, “Yes, Alia is back from jail on the show. And she has nothing else but revenge on her mind now. She feels that she was jailed due to Bhai aka Abhi and will now create havoc in his and Pragya’s life. Now, everything will happen face-to-face. Till now, things were either behind the back or it was a two-faced thing. Now, everything is crystal clear and Alia will be rooting for vengeance.”
    On the way her return is shaped, she tells, “The writers have done a brilliant job in shaping up the character and its return. Usually, such a track can get unnecessarily lengthy and monotonous, but this seems a perfect time for another twist and is nicely tailored. I have started shooting once again and it keeps getting exciting.”
    The fans too must be feeling bittersweet about it where the character maybe hated but they would need this unanticipated twist!

  37. Kill sarala ma 1st,nextdadi,kill all.go to hell

  38. Ab tho haadh ho gaya yaar first finish one track and then start another but here taakil track itself is not over and they want to create another anticipated twist…….guys everything has a limit wat now is aaliya planning to do a makeover only that is not repeated…….crap end tanu’s track then start aaliya track please cause aaliya is bearable but tanu she is a manupulative bi**h …..

  39. It is so ridiculous on how nikhil could be in the same room with Starla with a mask on when it is not required and abhi would not question that. Knowing fully well that there ‘s so much unchanged security in and around the house. Crazy man, total rubbish. So non of the security ask for an id when he was entering the house, just assuming he took the id of the original person. Wouldn’t they have known that he’s an imposter. And knowing that nikhil frequent s the house no one recognizes him. You know there are some smart lntelligent people who sometimes may watch the show. You all need to put some logic in your storyline.

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