Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking about Pragya and scolds Nurse for bandaging his hand wrongly, and asks her to send senior nurse. Nurse goes out crying and tells Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says he took out frustration on her. They see Dadi, Sarla, Beeji and Dasi are coming to hospital and laughing. Beeji tells Dadi that she didn’t know that she would act so convincing. Aaliya asks them why they are laughing and tells that Abhi is here in the hospital. Dadi says we were laughing as Abhi got free nurse for lifetime. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Pragya takes care of Abhi and makes him wear his tshirt. She apologizes to him for going away from him. Abhi asks her to become cock. Pragya says I will act like hen. Abhi asks her what she was before becoming his secretary. Aaliya and Tanu hears her.

Pragya thinks she wants to make him remember everything, but by himself. Aaliya says if she makes him remember everything, then we will be past. Pragya asks him to sleep and makes him lie on bed. They have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan……plays………..

Abhi comes home. Purab makes him sit on his bed. Tanu sits at his side. Purab makes her stand up. Purab and Pragya makes him lie down on the bed. Pragya brings soup and makes him drink. Abhi makes faces as if it is hot. Pragya checks and says it is not hot. Abhi says it was spicy before, but now after you tasted, it became sweet. Tanu hears him and is irked. Pragya takes care of him and stays in Abhi’s room while he is sleeping at night.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room with bouquet in the morning, and sees Pragya giving sponge bath to Abhi. She gets annoyed with them. Abhi and Pragya enjoy each other’s company. Tanu asks Pragya to be in limit and says I am his to be wife. Pragya says I am already in my limits, he is my husband. Tanu is irked. Days passes by. Abhi is having difficulty to move or lift his hand due to bullet injury. Pragya helps him and makes him do exercises. Tanu is jealous. Doctor checks Abhi and says he is recovering.

2 weeks later….

Tanu takes tray from Pragya’s hand and says she will make Abhi drink soup. Pragya says you didn’t care about him since 2 weeks. She says this soup is bitter, you can go and make him drink soup and get scolded. Tanu asks her to make him drink soup and gives tray back. Pragya says you couldn’t see love hidden behind scolding. Purab collides with Aaliya and tells that he is happy as Abhi and Pragya are getting closer. He says Abhi will not marry Tanu. Aaliya says if Abhi gets fine, then marriage will happen. Purab says once Abhi gets his memory, Abhi will marry Pragya again and you and Tanu will be out of house. He asks her to keep dreaming.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Purab was saying that Abhi will marry Pragya. Tanu says Pragya said that marriage is not my cup of tea. Aaliya says they are upto some conspiracy. She says Pragya made space for herself in the house and in Abhi’s life. She is fulfilling all duties of a wife and Abhi is getting wife like feeling with her. She says you don’t deserve Abhi, as you couldn’t make him have food or bandage his wounds. You just knows how to do make up well. Tanu says I will go and says I am serious. Aaliya says I know you have no option and asks her to end her drama and do what she is best at. Aaliya asks her to take advantage of her talent, and asks her to spend night with Abhi. Tanu asks what you are saying? Aaliya says when you can spend night with Nikhil, why can’t with Abhi. She says it is just our another step to force him for marriage. He will feel guilty and will marry you. Tanu likes the idea now and thanks her. Aaliya thinks Tanu will become his wife, which you couldn’t become even after being his wife.

Tanu comes to Pragya and asks her to take care of Abhi. She says when I will start taking care of him, he will not talk to you. Pragya asks what? Tanu says I will show you, and says she needs to say good night with Abhi. Pragya is tensed.

Aaliya talks to a client and tells that Abhi will do album with his fiance Tanushree in Lonavala. Client agree. Aaliya asks Mr. Khatri to book a suite for Abhi and Tanu for night and asks him to wrap up the work by evening and make him free after that. Mr. Khatri asks what is the work? Aaliya says he will spend time with someone with whom he is going to spend his life with. Mr. Khatri says I didn’t understand. Aaliya asks him to do as she said. She thinks Tanu should do the work properly now.

Tanu mixes drink in Dadi’s milk and thinks Dadi will sleep tonight peacefully and will wake up in the morning. Dadi comes and asks what she is doing? Tanu says I brought milk for you. Dadi asks her to do cat walk and go. Tanu goes out of room. Dadi drinks milk. Tanu thinks half work is done and full work will be done too.

Aaliya tells Pragya that her notice period will end tomorrow. Pragya says her notice period ended when Tanu and her (Aaliya’s) notice period started to leave home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Trashy Show

      Writers are going in the same circles. Tanu just tried to sleep with Abhi- not too long ago. Here they go again. Do they have any other ideas? This show needs to either go off or it needs NEW writers.

    • Trashy Show

      Writers are going around in the same circles. Tanu just tried to sleep with Abhi- not too long ago. Yet here they go again. Do they have any new thoughts or ideas? This show needs to either go off or it needs NEW writers.

    • Nancy

      Its very clear that this show is not going anywhere, so the best for all of is to forget about KKB. I don’t any point in wasting my precious time on this, got better things to do. Leave it to the writers to watch their own show. Such a stupid show!

      • Nancy

        I really don’t care anymore even if Tanu gets pregnant cos all what Abhi & Pragya have been doing for the past two years is look at each other, so let Tanu have a baby and pragya commit suicide. It will be better that way.

  1. pratibha

    how cheap tanu and aliya are most discusting serial of ever. can any on ans me that why tanu mix drink in milk

  2. Diva

    Oh god one more pregnancy drama s about to start😈. Oh u writers can’t ur brains think anything different from dis.?? For heaven sake yaar end this serial.. its getting more irritable day after day.

  3. abhya

    Bas ab ek hi rasta hai ki abhi ki memory wapas aa jaye…. ab aur kuchh nahin ho sakta, akhir dono witches ( tanu n aliya ) aa gayeen apni aukat pe….. I m afraid.

  4. meghala

    Today’s episode in the stating it was nice pragya helping abhi not letting tanu near abhi purab is very happy.. aliyas nose cut by purab. Aliya’s master plan same old plan the way she spoke to tanu was very bad.. but whatever she told is true.. aliya is not abhi sister (KD) idiot useless plan she is making for her own brother. Tanu mixed sleeping tablet in dadi’s milk y dadi drinked that milk.
    Precap is nice as yesterday. I am waiting for tmrw episode becos there is no hint in the latest updates so we all viewer’s have to wait & watch the episode. I pray to God that aliya-tanu plan should flop as last time..

  5. janu

    always aliya making the rubbish plans with continuously can’t they leave abhigya alone to enjoy their life happily…
    this is only serial that the villains are always around the leads,intelligent than leads,make more space onscreen than leads,always planning ahead of leads.
    this serial is showing always evil only win concept…
    abhi forgot the thing that he get the fb of his marriage with pragya even he didn’t think one more time….
    tanu and aliya making discausting plans….
    what will happen tomorrow don’t know…
    always repeating same plot….

  6. meghala

    Hi diva I agree with u same pregnancy drama but let us hope that before tanu starting the drama abhi should regain his memory loss..☺

  7. SHERI

    Hate this show more n more everyday ..you writers are not writers same shit over n over …you writers keep writing d same nonsense …writers stop drinking alcohol .

  8. abhigya

    Hi pratibha, shayad isliye ki dadi ki health kharab ho jaye aur pragya ko dadi ke sath rukna pade ( by abhi )…..

  9. Mittenzz

    I hope they get caught in their act this time. Tired of their plans working or almost work.
    Dadi is so stupid, drinking from Tanu’s hand. Should have known better by now.
    If Tanu is trying another pregnancy trap… These writers forgot that they declare her unable to get pregnant ever again.
    Stop repeating…women behaving so callous and a sister hurting her brother like that…smh. disgusting.!!
    I can’t understand why they write the leads to be so simple. I understand when one have a good heart and want to always see good in others but constantly being played, tricked, lied on?… that’s taking naivete to another level. Always letting down their guards and getting caught h their trap. They get one win over the witches and become complacent. Idiots.
    I hope their plan trap them instead and they get caught this time. Tired of these writers writing these women’s action in degrading women. Please stop this.

  10. Esther

    Today too what at all can we learn from today’s episode ? to cover the bad things we are doing with airs? only this series that tells us how to lair and.do things to hurt good people. Please it’s enough stop it because it will spoil our children and the youths

  11. lj

    very disappointed in today’s show… nothing to look forward to here Monday… utter garbage coming from writers…
    thought it would go in better direction !
    the creators of this show really have no storyline for Abhi and Pragya as couple
    too busy with the trash… been watching but Tanu’s drama is just beyond sickening


    Holly crap and getting bored with this repetition
    Tanu need to loose a lot of body weight if she is a supper model

  13. janu

    guys i saw the new promo which is showing abhi and tanu r together moreover like getting intimacy
    can’t able to tolerate…

  14. Aishwarya

    Hey guys dont worry nothing will happen same old crap will happen but one thing that we should not forget that tanu cant become a mother forever guys last time when losted her baby doc clearly told that she cannot become a mother forever n unknowingly they r doing a favour to pragya in lonavala house abhi is having lot of beautiful memories n he was there before accident so there is chance to d regain of his memory lets hope for d best but these taaliya should get d best shameless women award both r shameless

  15. Telly

    Can’t believe that the writer is so dumb, I don’t get it must your shows be this long, over two years yet the same story lines. Zee world will soon meet up with your ass

  16. Aishwarya

    voice over says that there is going to be a second eclipse/shadow on pragya’s kumkum tanu is shown mix something in drink which abhi had abhi has lost his sense that tanu is taking advantage by getting close and opening his shirt button.pragya asks how low you will go aliya that u making your brother like this??aliya responds with a smile that no mistake will happen this time as tanu’s baby’s daddy will be bhai voiceover says that with remaining time pragya will be able to stop d things happening like past?then pragya is showing running towards a door and tanu is shutting the door.

    • Aishwarya

      Really so cheap guys this is getting worst day by day i feel shame to watch this type of serial if d cvs r having some sense they will not show these type of crap they have losted all my hope had came to an end now i will only read d update n comment my frns i never gng to talk abt kkb anymore i will just give updates only guysss

  17. Ramakrishnan kunjuraman.

    Is tanu a girl or what. Whatever Aliya says she will do if she says her to die will she die. I hate tanu and Aliya stupidly idea every bad this plan should not work out please director should change the track even PRAGYA would not be thinking like this because PRAGYA is a good girl not like tanu if her plan is guaranteed and then I will stop watching kumkum-bhagya and I will kill tanu and Aliya.

  18. fan

    Abhi ke dil me nikita ke liye koi feelings nahin hai…woh bas usko as a servant use karta hai… kya zaroorat thi poorub ko aliya ke saamne yeh sab kahne ki…. ab dekho kya hoga…

  19. Janani

    Really such an cheap thought…. 😠Fed up with this yaar…. Reading update even is worse …. the WORST EVER serial made by anyone will be this…Abhi is really a rockstar?? he is such a dumb and writer’s such a third rate cheap track again in this drama😠😡

  20. Sia

    I stopped watching eons ago but I admit I still read the written updates, but it’s getting more and more painful to watch as the writers are frigging horseshites. Pragya and Abhi now are the embodiment of everything I hate in a man and woman. Abhi, he knows he’s into Pragya/Nikita and he knows how evil Tanu is (she’s been showing her true colours now hasn’t her??) and yet he keeps trying to tie Pragya/Nikita down, and STILL want to marry Tanu? PSH. And Pragya, she’s become stupid and seriously, I know he’s your husband but when he doesn’t show you he respects you and still lets that evil witch in his life, why would you be around? I know I’m ranting now but I really can’t stand gals who have zero respect for themselves. Should have stopped letting someone drag you around and have strength goddamnit. You keep roasting Tanu and warning her that karma will bite her in the arse and kindness/truth always wins but you are too weak and stupid to fight them. Just move the f on, woman. Gee.

  21. jiya

    bechari pragya kia thi use kia se kia bana diya hai starting se serial to man hi nhin karta chorne ka aur ab pata nahi kia ho gaya hai disgusting serial

  22. Honesty

    This sort of crap only happens in Kumkum too much BULLSHIT. You viewers are all wasting your time seriesly they ain’t going to change the storyline just for you…I used to think they are good actors but not now and all thanks to the Writers etc..even Abhi is disgusting with wanting to be married and have fling on the side (come on the amnesia thing is so f*cken BORING) also what is wrong with Pragyas brains ..(come on who in their right mind will put wth this sh*it!!)I reckon she gets turned on by being bullied..what a sick woman..really if they can’t afford to pay for new actors and get rid of Ahliya and Tanu then shut the fu*cken show down and put a more exciting entertaining show with a more positive outcome then this crap..it’s even a waste of time commenting be cos whoever run this show is the most stupid human on earth..I can understand now why all her shows ends up in the to*let hole..chow

  23. G-Norwood

    I understand the writer of KUMKUM is the writer for Slum dog Millionaire, if that is true what is this bullshit in kumkum, pleaseeeeeee he should make it look my realistic, it is so dumb and a lot of dumb acting

  24. Razia

    Atleast now tanu seducing abhi scene doesn’t end up with a worst track .. atlast purab stopped it some how sending cops for raid .. thank God .. bt even there abhi thot tanu to b Nikki 😉 n loved abhis antics

  25. Aishwarya

    NEW SEGMENT UPDATE:Tanu’s plan get flop as police interrupted
    As per tanu’s plan tabhi went to an romantic date but after getting drunk abhi sees his fuggi everywhere he dances with nikitha/sriti n sriti was so beautiful in modern dress she dressed slightly like tanu as tanu wears red dress she also wears red dress while shoots d dancing tisha is only performing(thats quite good to see that tabhi is dancing together for a moment)while finishing d dance tabhi shares an eyelock but in abhi’s eyes he saw only his fuggy just then police interrupts tanu is shouting at manager that how can u enter as this is her private space d inspecctor ask her to talk to him he asks them come tanu is seen shouting abhi says that she is his fuggy she gives him drink n asks fuggy/tanu that how can u make ur boss drunk n says boss is always right tanu gets irritated n cops take them from there
    Ofscreen Leena:leena says that this all purab’s plan to spoil her plan n send her to jail.she says she didnt know if this problem will get solved or not but she will never leave pragya
    MOUNI AND SRITI INTERVIEW:mouni says that its no other reason she had came to change as there is a break for her now so she visited see her friend sriti.she says that she looks so beautiful n she loves dance a lot si she came here to see that sriti feely shy n they crack some jokes

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