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The Episode starts with Purab coming to Sarla’s house and says he went for jogging and saw fresh vegetables. He thought to buy for her as she likes it. Sarla says I understand fully and calls Bulbul. Bulbul comes, greets him and asks what did you buy for me. She asks do you remember what is today? Purab says happy birthday, and asks what is the day today. Bulbul says her birthday is on Feb, and says today is our love anniversary. We have proposed each other on this day. Purab pretends to remember and says I was just testing you. Bulbul asks him to go to hell. Abhi tries taking jeys from Pragya’s nightie pocket. Pragya wakes up and asks what you was doing? Abhi says nothing. Pragya asks if you was trying to take my advantage. Abhi says I want my key and asks her to sleep after giving keys. Pragya

sees Purab’s 10 misscalls and thinks he might want to talk to her about something important.

Sarla is happy seeing the fresh veggies and asks Purab what happened? Purab says your daughter is impossible. Jhanki asks him to marry Bulbul soon. Bulbul is still angry. Sarla asks her to bring her clothes from tailor. Jhanki says she can’t go to two places and asks her to send Bulbul instead. Purab asks Sarla to go and collect the clothes, and says he will be with Bulbul. He asks her to open the door and wonders why Pragya didn’t come till now. He calls Pragya and asks her to come fast. Purab asks Bulbul to open the door and says Pragya is here. Bulbul asks him not to lie. Pragya asks her to open the door. Bulbul and Purab argue. Pragya asks her to forgive Purab. Just then Sarla comes and asks to open the door. Purab opens the door. Sarla says I forgot to take the money. Pragya hides. Bulbul tells Sarla that she has given money to Purab as he needed it. Purab gives her money. Bulbul says she is hungry and want food after she comes back. Sarla says I will make it now. Purab and Bulbul send her to tailor’s shop. Pragya says she will leave and asks them not to fight.

Tanu asks Abhi, if he got Pragya’s signatures on the papers. Abhi says papers are there. Tanu gets happy and tries to open the almari. Abhi says it is saved in the locker and asks her to hold on her breathe, as he is not having drawer keys. He says pragya is having keys. Abhi says what could I do? Tanu says I can’t take the risk and says she will break the locker. Abhi says I will bring something to break the drawer’s lock. Tanu thinks Pragya’s story will end if she manages to open the drawer. Ronnie comes calling Pragya and enters her room. He asks Tanu if she is stealing something. Tanu says she is trying to take out something which belongs to Abhi. Abhi comes. Ronnie shares his doubt with Abhi and suggest him to wait till Pragya comes back.

Pragya comes home. Abhi asks her about keys. Pragya says I don’t know. I might have kept it somewhere and says it is not a jewellery. Abhi says it is more precious than your jewellery. He asks her to tell. Pragya says she don’t remember.

Purab takes Bulbul to a restaurant. Bulbul asks him to remember the important dates of their love life. She asks him to love her and says she will fight with him. Purab says lets start with a kiss. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Tanu says lets spoil their date. Aaliya says my mood will be off. Tanu says didn’t you make food at home. Bulbul says there is no love life for you both and says she can understand their frustation. She says she is celebrating love anniversary, and tells that you both know anything about it. She gets Pragya’s call and goes to attend it.

Abhi tries searching for keys and thinks he has to sleep before lady hunter comes. He thinks Pragya can get keys while cleaning the room. Pragya comes. Abhi pretends to be sleeping. Pragya thinks he is sleeping after messing the room. She cleans the room. Abhi says it is good that she is cleaning the room, and thinks to sleep. Pragya also rests on her bed.

Bulbul comes back and asks Purab to leave her alone for sometime. Purab asks what happened? Bulbul says she is getting strange feeling that something wrong is going to happen, and says she is feeling insecured. She says we shall marry and then no problem will come. Purab says we will come once our motive is successful, and Abhi and Pragya unites. Bulbul says we shall do court marriage and we will not let anyone know. She says she will have surity that he will be his. She says I feel like someone is snatching you from me. Purab says no one can come between us, just then someone hits on his head. Bulbul looks at the reflection of the person who hit on Purab’s head.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she loves Purab very much even now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. F**k senseless bullshit…without solving one prob bringing anthr one…. Cheeeee

  2. See I told u na guys that abhi will definetly tell about signed property papers to tanu. Look, he has done it. He is thinking that he is doing very smart and intelligent thing but he does not know that he has done very big mistake by doing this and now if he or taaliya will get that papers then his dreams of spending his life with his fuggy will remain dreams only. Whenever I sees tanu with abhi, my blood starts boil.? Don’t know how pragya can tolerate her with abhi. Needs so much patience for it which I can’t. Thank god Ronnie has seen them when tanu and abhi was trying to open that locker but he has again did work of foolishness. Now I wish and hope he tell about it to pragya also. So now purbul’s marriage r going to happen in the upcoming episodes and now we will see aaliya’s madness and dangerous games against peagya and bulbul.

    1. According to promo, dilwale’s starcast will come tomorrow in the show. But after watching today’s episode, it was not looking like they can show them tomorrow. It is possible only then if episode will b telecast more of half hour. In the promo they r showing that dilwale cast will come in ye vada raha,tashan-e-ishq, Jamaica raja and kumkumbhagya and it’s time is 8to 10:30 pm. Means we have to see from 8pm, if we want to catch up the show on time or does not want to miss anything!! Becoz may b they will show all of 4 shows with mixing with each other? That’s why they have increased it’s time till 10:30 for tomorrow. So I think we should watch it tomorrow from 8 pm.

      1. nikki hav a vrey big doubt
        after marriage y purab nd bulbul coming to MM?????
        either thy shld go sarla ma home or purab home na
        then 4 wat they came to MM?
        omg no couples in tis serial hav gd marriage lyf i suppose
        abhigya yet din unite
        nw purab nd bulbul also in d list nw
        fantastic, fabulous nd great thought by CVS
        pragya nd team knws wel tat aliya s a criminal then 4 wat she bring tat newly married couple nd arrange their suga raath in MM?????
        wat they actually wanna prove??????

      2. Nivi if they leaves them alone at somewhere then how does they mix drama in this. I mean anything cannot happen in kkb without drama and so easily, specially when it comes on lovers. When abhigya couldn’t enjoy their marriage and love life yet even after crossing more than 400 episodes, then how purbul can enjoy their love life and marriage so easily when purab have an obsessive mad lover behind him. Their marriage has happened finally, this much is enough and a big thing for purbul’s fans and audience. So for now b satisfied only from it nivi.☺

      3. ya nikki agreed wit u

      4. It is definitely risking Purab and Bulbul’s life but may be Pragya wants to expose to Aaliya’s family that Aaliya is still obsessed about Purab as Abhi thinks Aaliya has changed now or wants Aaliya to take some wrong step in her madness.

        We will understand in next 1-2 episodes Pragya’s intentions behind the sudden marriage, how it is justified.

    2. nikki-1 why can’t abhi do his jassoosi to find the truth about pragya like he did before when she insulted dadi
      I hate abhi character now a days cuz now he not even trying to find out pragya’s truth and act it like he never really knew the truth about her and worst part is that he blindly believes tanus lies without finding out about her baby
      AAAAAAAAGGGGHHH I feel like killing tanu and abhi right now

      1. Rahul it is just CVS trick to drag the story. that’s it.

    3. nikki..wat is ua point of view in further segments..??? Do yu think tat there would be any twist or new segment

      1. Well I think we will see pragya vs aaliya, plannings and plottings from both the sides and life threatening games in upcoming episodes and segments.

  3. I think dadi is behind idea of Pragya getting drunk n sign property papers as when Abhi purpos of property papers is done then he will not play with Pragya emotions anymore
    N may b keys r with her only
    One more thing I don’t think if Abhi wants his property first n then change Pragya to fuggi as he thinks she has changed because of money
    So when she will not have power she will understand him n his love like before

  4. omg..soo much twists aliya had hit on purab’s head uh..i am sure that bulbul wont identify aliya..coz the writers make us dumb again..pongaya..enamo nadakudhu…as niki said abi idot has said the truth to tanu?and now evil tanu will do something to get the keys for sure..Hope so praghya had made a fake signature..in btwn thy r having an meetin shajol team..ohhhmg..first end tanu r aliya track and go for eve maha maha maha mahaaaaa episodes..we would watch joyfully..am sure they wont end the tanu nd aliya’s track for sure…in tamil thy are gonna end up with abighya’s kidnapping track..may b by 2 r 3 weeks thy might end the kidnapping track for sure…and in hindi thy will nva end taliyaa’s track..pongada dei..nala vechi seiriinga

    1. abhinaya, don’t worry this will be pragya’s dream after which she will unite Purab and bulbul with marriage.
      And I can’t say anything about Tanu Abhi and Pragya they are just dragging it .

  5. Guys don t mistake me bt thz s real.in tamil serial they ll expose 3 days or 1 week 1nly and they ll go to other segment.in thz s serial they din expose anything thz year gng 2 end.in aliya team they did 3 matters.1st they kidnap matter,2nd tanu baby,3rd vijay matter atleast 1 matter kkb ll expose means am happy bt they r dragging the story .nowdays i hate kkb.

    1. matter-a, what stupidity…
      if tamil is nice watch that..Enna mayirukku inga varanum…

  6. This is one of the worst serial I have ever watched with no logic! I skipped watching it for 2 months now and still the story is the same crap! director wake up or stop this serial and go sleep! Dumbo serial waste of time

  7. devishivakumar

    Yentha website la serial partha netpack mb kuraiva pogum?

  8. Other than 2,3 dialogues of Abhi, today’s episode felt boring, as I felt too many scenes were stitched together.

    Poor Abhi caught between Gharwali n Baaharwali, both are playing with him.

    I think it was pragya’s plan or may be Daadi’s inputs also to get drunk after hearing Abhi – Tanu conversation about property papers. She can always get away saying she doesn’t remember what happened.

    Interesting twist would be if the papers are not in locker even after, say, it is broken by Tanu/Abhi. If Daadi or Pragya have already torn them or changed place by now.

    Abhi will be back to square one 🙂

  9. Oh no.. dragging. . But y new stories as already no solutions for old track.. pls writers listen most of d fans are watching this serial for abhigya and purbul.. dont separate those two jodi’s often.. its very frustrating that evil things are winning again and again.. y can’t this abhi find d true love hidden in pragya . As a hero he should find the truth na like as he did in pragya and suresh fake mms.. thats wat d fans really want from a hero.. duno how much they will drag.. soon it

    1. ey..rishi well said yaar..abi was so clever in finding the mms truth..old scenes are just flashing right now in my mind..I hope so if abi gets to knoe the truth o else if he finds the truth by himself..it would be much more interesting..He would be back to Real Rockstar?Wteva But his fans still luv Him..

    2. Even in case of mms he wasn’t trusting pragya, but after watching that video from bunty’s car accidentally only he believed pragya…. So, don’t expect abhi to act smartly bcoz cvs has created his character as dumb from the starting of the serial & now also its same…. If not for these fine star cast then no one was watching these serial after this epic dragging and still going on…..

  10. I read somewhere that aliya wil hit purab head n try to kill bulbul will B a dream by pragya. After dat dream bulbl nd purab wil B maried under pragya. And again abhi wil get angry over pragya nd goes blah blah…

  11. Totally writers are making us fools everyday…atleast there is no one twist at all..what ever they will show the twist..again it will flap..those devils are always having upper hand..and this abhi..I hate u yaar..because u dont have any brain at all..bullshit..what nonsense is this..whenever he is in pblm always pragya saves him.still he can’t understand what is love..and iam sure he dont know the meaning of love..thats y always thinking about money and blo*dy idiotic characters in the house except dadi..what the others are doing..simply eating and blaming on others..I never saw such type of family persons..really fed up with this..please change the track of this serial..or else no kkb fans are going to watch this serial..

  12. Story was nice upto the episode where abhi s concert was going on.story s boring when pragya changed herself to save abhi frim his sister n tanu. Nowdays story is not at all interesting . We r not underdtanding onething dat what the director want 2 do..how far he will drag the serial. The aim for what pragya hs changer was entirely missing now a days. Please make the serial end by taking out the reality of tanu n aliya.

  13. ha***I dimag kharab kar diya .atta magi satakli

  14. blo*dy abhi is he stupid or something ? Can he not see his real fight ? I’m hating this serial more now it will nearly a year since tannu’s pregnancy but nothing is happening. blo*dy writers are making abhis characters really bad making viewers not liking him. There’s more twist and turning than anything but nothing is getting resolved. More problem coming in pragys way but nothing is getting done . There’s no punishment for the crime being done it’s always the innocent getting in problem. I wish tanu, alliya and raj goes to hell. Why the hell are writers dragging this serial so much it’s getting on my nerves.

  15. Even I hate watching this serial. I m happy that this serial is more the best serial. The credit goes to the story writers. Who are not only deff or blind but dumb. Can’t understand what they are writing. Lot if people have stopped watching this episode. Nagin is doing very well guys. Watch that u will enjoy.

  16. I think aaliya dod it n it was ment for bulbul n abhi did a very big mistake

  17. That can only happen in India

  18. The last part with bulbul n purab n purab being hit, i believe it’s the dream which pragya will get n then dhe will decide to get them married without anyone knowing.

  19. Looks like everyone is always taken for a ride by cvs. Always the story comes wth a stupid silly ending. The evil wins over the good. The b*t*hy Tanu n Alliya asses. An that abi who has no brains and who we say is a hero with his stupid childish behaviour makes feel like taking a plank n hitting his shit head off. Is he blind can’t he see who is greedy for money. The b*t*h Tanu speaks of nothing but only money n wth her stupid dream. Hw silly cn the hero be in a drama. Kkb truly has a stupid brainless hero. A heroine who thinks she is smart. But the villains are the smartest. Like Raj, Tanu n Alliya.

  20. Pls guys bring the kkb serial to an end soon. Even the Jamai raja is going to end soon. N the kkb is still running. Nikhil another dummy. He is threatening Tanu n always says that baby is his bt doesn’t do anything abt it. He is willing to see Tanu marry abi n then she will divorce him and marry nikhil. Wht a joker tht nikhil mst be. Well cvs thinks Indian drama watchers hv no morality. We can accept a woman sleeping than carry another man’s child but marry someone else n claim tht child as his. N abi a fool don’t even no he had s*x or not. Like Tanu raped him.

  21. i think abhi is the most dumb hero of all daily soaps he dosent doubt on pragyas behaviour he thinks he’ll be with pragya after getting papers bt he is doing this bze of tannu he knows he shd marry tannu still thinks to be with pragya i think the best joker of all daily soaps is abhi he just keep jokeing through the epi How can a hero of any daily soap be soooo dumb??????

  22. Hello,sesha matter means mistake nega yean vera mathri think pandriga

  23. Atlast abhi told to tanu abt papers… Super… Stupidity y they r showing this much dumb abhi.. Ohhhnooo… Nikki I have a doubt in yesterday SBS whether aliyah said pragya bhabhi like tat…To threaten pragya if so she came to know abt pragya’s new avatar r she got some clues after Purabul marriage?!? Wat u think???

    1. bcoz pragya ly made them tobe marry na so tat aliya got angry to d core priya
      tats y she said lyk tat i suppose

  24. Oh no .. Too much of twists .. N the ppl lyk abhi Ronnie hu wer actually gud seems to b the dumbest characters

  25. The most dumb characters of this show are Abhi and Ronnie. They can do anything. Ronnie doubted on Tauji just because he said he went out on night. Idiot Ronnie if Tauji would be a culprit why would he admit that he went out and Abhi is too much he can’t see his fugg’s reactions when he come close to her. The makers of this show are dumb and think the same for their viewers. Anyway , I’m happy that after this whole episode now Purab and bulbul will be married.
    Watching this show from day 1 just for rabul.

  26. Sahithi, Maggie and guys I wish what u guys r thinking comes true. It will b gud if it is pragya and dadi’s plan to signing on property papers and then faking. And I know at some points urs assumption is also correct like after talking scene of pragya and dadi, they didn’t show that what solution dadi has given to pragya and other side, pragya’s drama of drinking and try to make abhi drunk even after knowing his plan that he wants to tale her signatures on property papers after making her drunk and then just in a one sip, she loses her consciousness and gets start her nautanki, then easily signed on papers in fact before it when abhi made her drunk heavily by mixing alchohal in her juice and he was trying to know her truth then she didn’t tell him the truth even after so much drinking so how she easily signed the papers after taking just one sip? And then she took the papers from abhi and locked it in the locker and didn’t give the keys to abhi even after in the morning and after asking by abhi for the key, she have totally refused from giving it and saying that she don’t remember. If she actually do not remember anything about last night or about the keys then she easily gives key to abhi by thinking as abhi needs keys for taking his thing or she could doubt on him that why he is asking for keys again and again but she is not giving it attention. All these things r proving that this was pragya and dadi’s plan to get rid from abhi’s fake love drama for property. But in some points it says other thing too like how she was giving respnses from ladt night to this property papers matter and the expressions she was giving us, it was not looking like that it could b her and dadi’s plan, it was looking like that she is unaware from signed property papers matter. If we think that may b she is misguiding abhi by making him sure that she do not remember anything about last night so why she is misguiding us too becoz we have never seen pragya making us confused like abhi through her behavior. She and her agendas r always remain clear in front of audience. These two types of situations r creating doubt regarding this matter in my mind so I will go through more episodes then I can say anything surely regarding it. And PRIYA aaliya said pragya as pragya bhabhi, it’s not mean that aaliya got to know pragya’s truth becoz she said her pragya as her x- bhabhi many times and abhi also said pragya in previous episode as gharwali and fuggy even after without knowing her truth soi don’t think so that aaliya knows anything about pragya except this that someone from the house is helping her which killer told her. That’s it.

    1. nikki bt wat it is, v cant assume anything favor regarding tis serial bcoz of this CVS
      me too started to stop expect anythin bt abhi’s character becumin mad
      y so????? wat prob actually he has?????

    2. bt wat happened to abhi’s character, becumin mental????? y so????

  27. Hi guys after long time I am commenting. This is getting boring. Abhi wants 1st properties then fuggy. What about thanu & baby. Is he forget that he is father of that baby.
    So confusing..

    1. Ya ishani.Nikhil comes to house & no one see him with tanu
      And before pragya’s came with new avatar Nikhil gave only 24 hrs to tanu to tell the truth to all but months have passed and no one remembered that.
      This is the condition of kumkum bhagya’s director

  28. guys I think today at 9:30pm dilwale cast ll visit kumkumbhagya

  29. Waiting badly fa wats next

  30. Okay so I see a lot of Abhi bashing comments around, but my take is, his character looks confused as what he speaks, what he thinks to himself, what he feels and ultimately what he does are not clearly shown, unlike the other characters in this show. As much as Pragya is an ideal bahu and a person who is perfect with her relationships or values, I feel Abhi is a more real character with his share of flaws. He is great with his Dadi, Purab, extended family and even with Pragya’s family also. Imagine if he is someone like Nikhil, he wouldnt even see Tanu’s face again the day she announced her pregnancy.

    Since the evil folks are more smart and have the final win, the good ones end up looking dumb. So you are not cunning, then u r at receiving side of pain, thats how this show is. But if looked at different way, as Bulbul was saying Aaliya and Tanu dont have love in their life, in middle of so much drama also, the 2 lead pairs are together some way or the other, and these 2 ladies are always plotting and escaping.

    Coming to Abhi, he had this lack of clarity from start of Tanu pregnancy track. Right from the hospital when her pregnancy is confirmed, he was holding Tanu and Pragya hands at sametime. After that also he was always going around Pragya, when the whole story was in front of Dadi and Sarla ma also he went ahead with the proposal in concert or later that night.

    Even when he started this flirting track, he was reluctant to act initially and would speak to Fuggy doll only. He even tried to confirm from Pragya if she has someone in her life, but when Pragya hinted during drunk scenes or by bringing home a rockstar doll, somewhere he seems to have understood that Pragya’s changed behavior is superficial and only thing that changed is her constant mentioning of money. So he seems to have moved ahead in his plan. Even Pragya complaining to Daadi was indication that she was only acting which Abhi did notice.

    Now how Abhi will solve the issue at hand once he gets property, we may see in further episodes, if that is what is going to happen. May be he feels then Pragya doesn’t have any option but tell the truth, as he is sure she is hiding something.

    1. Agree wid u sahithi .. Yes the two leads wer together wateva the situation is .. N s abhi s so confused . .

  31. Guys new promo is out. It is same as I told u guys in yesterday’s segment update but little bit more things. Promo update- Voiceover says 19th December’s night will b witness of pragya and aaliya’s mahayudh. Then they shows bulbul in salwar suit comes near the stairs. She was dialing call someone. Aaliya comes behind and tries to push her. But suddenly pragya comes on the time and holds aaliya’s hands and pulls her aside. Pragya says to aaliya that u have crossed all the limits, now I will expose u in front of abhi. Aaliya says that this can also happen, before I get exposed, u may not even b alive, pragya bhabhi. Voiceover says A war between winning and losing is going to start from 19th December only on zee TV.

    1. See I said na that we will see pragya vs aaliya in upcoming episodes. So guys get ready for roller coaster ride becoz it is going to b very dangerous and pragya should have to win at any cost otherwise she will have to lose some big thing in this war and this time she have to become very serious becoz now aaliya is like a injured lioness and she has gone mad in anger. She can cross any limit becoz now she will not think and care about anything so taking her lightly means it will b the biggest mistake of pragya and her team.

  32. I think so Abi got clue from pragya team r tanu in tat clue he conforming to clear the doubts.if abi want property back means wen pragya drunk 1st time he can get sign from pragya he din do tat .guys u remain tat wen vijay escape from house in tat time tanu scold pragya too much and pragya told if tanu i say abt u? …pragya din say anything in tat time abi saw pragya. tanu always asking about property only with abi so abi can doubt tanu.after those scenes abi fully involved to get sign from pragya.if pragya sign is real in tat property paper den abi got something clue from pragya r abt tanu.thz s my imagine.let c wat gng 2 happen in coming episode

  33. lets wait to c anythin gud happen in tis serial

  34. nthng wil happen wat v expect here

  35. lets hope 4 d best
    dn knw wer ll b d end

  36. Guys purab hitted scene and the whole convo of rabul is dream sequence of pragya and bcoz of this dream she suddenly planned to finish rabul wedding

  37. Super yudh is abt to start .. Let’s wait fa the roller coaster ride

  38. Guys purbul’s reception’s function’s shoot has been started. Shikha Singh aka aaliya has posted a pic on instagram, in which she is in traditional attire means wedding function’s attire.

    1. wow nikki 1 they are going to do purbuls reception grand i am waiting for it

  39. Nikki 1 .. Have you saw today’s preview ??

  40. You guys should know by now that ABHI not only thinks like a dumb ass he acts like one too.
    He is too childish to be a ROCK STAR . No class of calibre. As for PRAGYA she is acting like a NITWIT beating around the bush like a lost puppy dog instead of solving this never ending story once and for all.

    1. Well said farida… Lol.. Now I don’t even read the written updates of kkb..

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