Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with auto driver telling Abhi that he is 100 percent sure that Pragya loves him a lot. He tells that his wife betrayed and divorced him. Abhi thinks Pragya is not betraying me, but I have betrayed her. Pragya counts the stars and tells Abhi that if she counts all the stars then the stars will break and one star will fall for her. Abhi thinks am I doing wrong? He thinks Pragya wants to stay with me, but I divorced her by cheat. Pragya counts the stars again. Abhi says who is good lifepartner, beautiful face girl or good hearted guy. What needs for good living, money or love. He says I will ask myself why did I cheat her? He says she have snatched my everything, but fulfilled all my wishes. He thinks after their divorce, may be he couldn’t see her. Pragya sees him crying and gets

emotional. She asks him not to cry, and holds his tear. She says I asked for star and you gave me pearl. She asks him not to cry, and says she can count the stars, but can’t count his tears. She says I will make your wishes come true, asks him not to cry, else she will cry also. Abhi gets emotional and hugs her……Sanam Re plays……..He recalls the happy moments with her while the song plays……………

Pragya sleeps in his embrace…Abhi kisses on her forehead. Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya’s pic and says what you are doing with Abhi in the pic. She says mangalsutra have binded you both, but a signature have separated you both. Abhi takes Pragya to room. Tanu says she will gift this photo to her. Abhi asks what are you hiding? She hides seeing him and says nothing. Abhi makes Pragya sleep on bed, and asks Tanu to show. He gets the cut photo from her hand, and asks how dare you do this? Tanu says I thought you both are divorce. Abhi says you hate her this much, and announces that he loves Pragya a lot. He asks how can you end my feelings for Pragya and remove the memories from my heart. He asks her to burn him and says everything will be ruined. Tanu cries. Abhi feels guilty for cheating Pragya and says I was wrong to cheat her and break her trust. HE says Pragya used to respect me, and support me. She got more happy than me when I got an international assignment. He says you didn’t even congratulate me.

Tanu says I was happy about the divorce. Abhi says you couldn’t become wife like Pragya, but I will marry you as you are going to be my baby’s mum. He hopes Pragya would have get pregnant with his baby. He curses his destiny and says Pragya might go far from him, but her love will never go from his heart. He says Pragya is my love and will always be. Tu Meri Pehchaan hai song plays…………Abhi sleeps beside her.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that Abhi don’t respect her. She tells that Abhi walks in the room holding Pragya in his arms and saw her cutting photo. She says Abhi scolded me and insulted me badly. Aaliya asks why did you cut the photo and asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu refuses. Aaliya asks her not to show ego. Tanu says what do you want. Shall I see Abhi insulting me. Aaliya says Abhi will never love you the way he loves Pragya, and you also don’t love him more than his money. She asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu thinks she should apologize.

Dadi sees Abhi sleeping in her room, and asks what happened? Did anything happened with Pragya? Abhi says Pragya didn’t do anything and I am tensed because of myself. He says the goodness in me is because of you. You always tell me that I shall never leave my goodness, but I have failed in my test and have fallen in my eyes. He says I have left my goodness and don’t want to fall in your eyes. Dadi says you are my son and will never fall in my eyes. Abhi asks what about Pragya?

Precap: Aaliya and Tanu go to meet Lawyer and ask them to get divorce done soon. He agrees. Aaliya and Tanu congratulate each other. Aaliya congratulates Tanu for her soon to happen marriage. Tanu smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. karthu

    Emotional episode…
    But aaj abhi ki dialogue bhahuth ache laga
    ..so much of dragging in kkb is happend. But today’s episode is awesome …

  2. aarushi

    Very fed up of this episode…not at all interested to watch more….started to hate kum kum bhagya…..i don’t know what writers are thinking about the fans…they are going to lose all the fans if the episode goes like this

  3. shruthi

    After a long time i have a seen good episode in kkb
    And abhi supported pragya was very gud i lve the episode

  4. di

    after a long i like abhi very much…..& abhi want slap tanu,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then really enjoy it……..

  5. Jayakumarisuresh

    Oops precap shows aliya tanus meeting lawyer…..
    if they come to know about their divorce earlier it will be very difficult for pragya… so eager to know further story….

  6. sana

    Really yaar….today episode is so nice….pls unite abhigya in 1or 2episodes….really u will get heartful best comments…we r waiting eagerly for abhigyas union…pls do that…

  7. Sahithi

    Everything else till today is on one side n Abhi’s response on seeing the torn picture is on an entirely different level. If only he could always be to the point n spoke to ppl like Tanu n Aaliya like how he did today, the way they deserve.

    But I felt very bad for Abhi, he went through same emotions on the day when he proposed to Pragya n finally she made him promise to marry Tanu. Again samething repeated, both these ladies r giving him so much pain and Daadi still doesn’t open mouth after seeing that he didn’t sleep all night. I mean where in this world will we see a Daadi like this at this age hiding such a big truth.

    Whether Pragya said something or not, Abhi came to the conclusion that Pragya couldn’t do anything wrong to him or can never b on wrong side of things. If he can think a little more deeply n not emotionally, he will find the answers himself.

  8. susi

    Wow nice episode. Wt an acting by abhi & pragya, chanceless. Always romantic couples. Nice to see them together after a long back. Abhi should slapped tanu since she deserves

  9. So nothing out from pragya’s mouth which is important for further story. I was thinking that she has confessed something that’s why abhi was feeling guilty but it was an auto driver!! who made him realize pragya’s true love for him and his guilt. Auto driver was like angle of god or I can say cupid for abhigya who send by god to make abhi realize pragya’s true love. It doesn’t matter that who made him realize but it is important that he realized pragya’s true love, sacrifice and dedication and difference between tanu and pragya even after remaining unknown from the truth. Today’s scene of abhigya was so emotional. I was almost cryingaeeing them like this. It is becoming very hard to see them like this. When tanu cuts their wedding phito , I felt I cut her cheap and dirty tongue. But thanks to CVS who made this possible through abhi. Abhi stole the show today. Yesterday I was disappointed and angry with his step but today when the way he realized his mistake and showered his love and care on pragya and the way he took tanu’s class and gave her a tight slap on her face through his words, he removed our half complains and half will b remove when he will give tanu her life’s wirst punishmemt for her evil deeds. When he got this much angry after watching just a torn photo of his and pragya’s wedding, then how much he will get mad on tanu when he will get to know the truth. Now it is becoming very difficult to wait more to see that most awaited sequence. Abhi is making from dadi her point of view about pragya. Hope at least this time she do not misguide him by showing fake anger for pragya. In precap, taaliya is giving divorce papers to the lawyer for it’s submition in the court. So does it means abhi also signed papers? If they will submit it in the court so will they got to know that abhigya r really divorced? Will abhi get to know about it as it is taaliya who r handling this. So will they tell about it to abhi and will he come in action ever as for now it’s possibity is seen nowhere. What pragyawill do next and his tanu will be exposed? Lots of questions r raising in mind. Waiting for new updates and segments for it’s answers.

    • Maggie

      I have feeling, Pragya was faking that she is drunk, n she has exchange divorce papers because when she sign it was Pragya Arora n when Nikhil saw papers it was Pragya mehera
      Cvs didn’t show Abhi signing papers, then how taaliya summit them
      I’m really confused

  10. shobana

    Sahithi, today u were sharing us abt difference in signature. While Pragya in paper it was Pragya Arora and when Nikhil got papers from Tanu it was Pragya Mehra .
    What going on in my mind is Pragya might have signed in 2 papers in one she has signed as Pragya Arora and in other as Pragya Mehra. I feel that paper which she signed Pragya Mehra is divorce paper and the paper which she signed as Pragya Arora is property paper.
    One thing has to be notice that we didn’t see the content while Pragya is
    signing as Pragya Arora but we saw the content( divorce ) for Pragya Mehra signature .
    I think the writers didn’t show some part while she was signing which they may show us while Tanu ask Pragya to go out of MM.
    Since Pragya signed in property papers Tanu might have asked Pragya to get out of MM. Maybe because of that only alia is so curious to get Pragya’s signature. And alia might
    have shared this with mithali
    What u all guys say about this????

    • shobana

      And about today episode
      I really have no words to say. I enjoyed the first part of the show very much.
      I was dazzled by abhi’s reaction. After so many days I am seeing in him this much of love for Pragya.
      In precap alia and Tanu was telling to lawyer to get divorce soon. So has abhi signed in divorce paper???
      He said today that he will marry Tanu for his baby sake. Which means he is ready to put signature.
      But abhi was so hurt for getting signature from Pragya in her helplessness time. He feel he has betrayed her. He started to realize Pragya that’s why he told Tanu that Pragya respects him supports him and she was more happy when he got international project. Abhi has started to take Pragya’s side aft a long time. This is really a positive sign.

    • HI guys I am vidya new to this commenting area but regular silent reader. Did anyone notice the contant when nikil was holding the paper it dated 20th nov 2014 so It means its not valid to submit the document & abi also not yet signed. what do u think about it.

      • shobana

        Welcome to comment section Vidhya
        I too noticed it .
        This divorce paper is totally confusing. There is a big blunder in it . Only the CVs has to answer al this while exposing Tanu. Lets wait and watch

      • Hi vidhya! Nice assumption. It’s the same date of MMS track and the papers were those same divorce papers on which pragya signed but abhi didn’t registered it in court and later burnt it in fire of Havana kund during suresh and pragya’s wedding. Now I get it why they showed two types signature’s on divorce papers, first as pragya arora and second when tanu show it to nikhil it was signed as pragya mehra. How can CVS do such a big mistake in execution of scenes. It could b two reasons of it. May b CVS r using it as a trick for further story by making divorce papers matter suspicious or may b it’s their mistake in scenes execution by using different signed papers in both different- different scene.

      • Sahithi

        Yes Pratiksha I was trying to post same thing, about the date on the papers, but my previous comment was not published. Anyways I saw the date on the papers in the previous episode when Abhi takes out the papers in the temple when Pragya goes to do parikram. I assumed they r using the papers they made during MMS track n may be it is a mistake from production team.

        Now in next episode, the sign from Pragya was also shown diff in 2 scenes. Either its a mistake from production team in maintaining the docs or some twist, we have to wait n see.

        Same way, Abhi may sign in next episode before Tanu goes to the lawyer, or Abhi sign wont be shown in the show, we have to assume he signed or may be lawyer will tell Tanu n Aaliya in later episodes that Abhi sign is missing.

        Writers r cleverly trying to sustain audience interest now, as everyone is keen to know what will happen with the divorce papers. Will the truth that divorce already happened will come out, then that means truth of property papers will also come out. But who will know it, like last time Tanu n Aaliya alone or will Abhi also know it.

        We also have to see if it is not Pragya’s plan then how will she react seeing her sign on the papers. What will be her counter plan for Tanu and will she realize Abhi got sign by cheating. Though Abhi is very guilty about it, if Pragya was not acting all through then how would she react knowing Abhi cheated her for taking sign.

        If it is all Pragya’s plan, then what was her intention in signing the papers, how will that expose Tanu.

        In between Abhi went to Daadi to confess all this, so will Daadi inform Pragya about the sign. Let us see what all will be shown in next week

  11. Aishwarya

    Todays episode was mindblowing to compare all other epi becoz we have only saw that how much abhi loves pragya inside his heart but today he opened how he feel for pragya not infront pragya or fuggy but he opened it infront of tanu who wants to seperate them especially his questions towards tanu that u can seperate us n our name but how can u remove the love towards pragya from his heart n finally he says that she cant be a wife like pragya n says that he will always love her only in his whole life n the way infront of tanu he cares for pragya n scolding her for disturbing pragya sleep but one thing i dont like that in the starts of d epi pragya opened her mouth to say that she loves but d auto came inbetween them but after dropping he tells abhi that pragya will never leave him n about tells him about love n trust but the emotions of abhi towards pragya n scolding tanu n while attaching the photo sleeps beside her n talking to dadi n especially he asks questions to himself all was such awesome from today onwards my love towards abhi n his acting was increased more n more love u abhi♥♥♥♥

    • Aishwarya

      And one thing especially in precap that two evils where behaving like stupids even the lawyer brcoz in those divorce papers pragya only signed n abhi didnt signed n after watching today epi i m sure that abhi will refuse sign in those divorce papers

  12. gowtham

    juz mind blowing….. juz awesome.. not even a single flaw frm abhigyas side….. and now knw y kkb is still in top…. in future i really wanna a have beautiful pair like this…. m juz strucked… juz amazing…. m very emotional to d core….

  13. Guiny

    Eagerly waitin for tabhi’s wedding! The truth will be out only in that! Let the wedding preparation begin!

  14. ishveer

    Lots of dragging in the serial .but I like Abhi and pragya’s noke jokes, love feeling and romantic as well as eye lock scenes are awesome…….. But end this track soon …

  15. today abhigya scenes i love it ……..the way abhi supported pragya infront of tanu was super……i think some thing is making abhi to realize that she is his fuggy…..and while pragya counting the stars abhi is completely mesmerized…….and the dialogue pragya said to abhi when u cry i also will cry then abhi become emotional and hug her….was great i love that scene……..and today’s episode is giving a clear hint that abhi is thing that pragya is his fuggy ……so more chances r there that abhi will support pragya ………and guys taaliya went to lawyer’s office y??if abhigya r signed means they r divorced na ??……..y tanu is going to court divorce done soon …………..??……i am having a big doubt guys…….now taaliya r there to register that abhigya r divorced……actually abhigya r already divorced and it is registered ……so if the lawyer said to taaliya that abhigya r already divorced wat will taaliya do ??……..becoz i don’t know more abt divorce that will they register in court or not ???……pls tell me guys…

    • Brintha

      may blackmailing abhi tanu wud hv got sign from abhi also… when talia come to know about abhigya divorced already… it will be cleared that she has not got sign on abhi property papers… they will nake it as big issue… threr is were twist is going to happen… abhi will start investigation along with tabhi marriage…. abhi may ask pragya to stay n mm till the marriage… because he can’t send pragya knowing some secret behind her…

  16. stepphyrao

    Pragya is absolutely hilarious in a drunken stupor. Even my 73 yr old has a gd laugh whenever shes drunk. Kudos to Sriti Jha.

  17. razia

    Loved today’s episode .. The day I truly loved abhi from my heart .. Only today he behaved n proved to b a husband .. Loved it .. The moment TU meri jaan hai wen pragya hold his hands .. N wen abhi rushed to assure pragya ntng wrong n SLP tat was so beautiful .. After a very long zindagi yeh Safar :*:*:*
    Btw tanu u becoming irritated wid abhis harsh words? U deserve tat only na .. Enamo unmayavae abhi a love pana madhri .. Chee

  18. Wow I enjyd tis episode guys abigya romance its awesome same m happy tat abi scolded badly tanuu I feel very happy fr cutting fotoo he was tis much angr ten think if he gt to kno the truth tats all abi vil kil tanuu……..a tight slap she shuld gt nd tat aliaaa really she s b*t*h hw selfish she s wen I usd to c talia my bp raised… guys v can hope som postiv in upcoming episodes. … ya gowtham u askd ys m a teacher one yr over. ….

  19. :)

    Finally Mr. MEHRA IS using his brain! Congratulations, keep on using them if you want to be happy in life. Hehehne

  20. Fowziya

    Well in today’s episode Abhigya’s scene was heart melting ?? nothing to say about that.. i feel sad for Abhi i donno whether to say that he is dumb or pitiful, even today he went to dadi n told her about his problms, she could very well tell him the whole truth n mak him understand the situation but she didnt.. ? Its okay coz the track is progressing bit by bit so lets see! N as usual Tanu is irritating with her emotional drama, i wanna slap her when she do that, but anyway Abhi’s each n every words that he told to Tanu was awesome, i hope she hav understood wht he feels really..

  21. shabana.

    awesome episode i cant believe its abhi he support his hatable mocambo soon KKB is going to rock…..and abhigya will be back soon…..gud news is waiting for KKB fans…..

  22. Naveen

    This time only abhi and tanu marriage completed and Pragya get der voice see this time also evils only win

  23. Shangni

    Today’s episode was awesome… Mind blowing after long time CVS shows us what we wanted..now I must say Abhi reach the clue partialy but not exactly the point, he start thinking what is behind Pragya…am so happy seeng today’s episode…. Now I can sleep well. Good night Abhigya’s (kkb) Fan.

  24. kavi

    Pragya had said that they were already divorce so now it will just come out!to me I think so!??this show is confusing at times

  25. Zari

    Awesome episode…..loved the way abhi insulted tanu she deserves this….. Awesome abhi’s love and concern for pyagya
    But plzzz someone tell me it’s abhigya’s divorce so can taaliya submit the divorce papers
    In court or it’s necessary that abhi or pragya have to submit???? Bcoz I don’t know about divorce processures…..

  26. Wow wt an episode?????????
    Loved it❤
    Abhigya rocks✌
    Abhi did a great job.. He is not at all dumd?
    Tanu deserves it?
    Its time for dadi to tell all the truth to Abhi.. As v knw she won’t???
    So CVS& writer’s of this show listen!
    Reunite our Abhigya soon!!
    We r disperitely waiting for their win&Reunion!!!

    • shobana

      Ya kutty u knw yesterday my mom to this episode she was completely shocked to see abhi in that condition. And she so interestingly watched while abhi scolded Tanu.
      The main thing in this is she doesn’t know Hindi bt still she can understand the situation by their acting. Later I translate everything to her.
      Fabulous job done by Shabbir. He is
      really a great actor.

      • Kutty(Manu)

        Haha how sweet.. Yeah I to don’t knw Hindi well, but I can understand…
        Yeah shabir is a great actor.. I am a big fan of him???

  27. Silent reader

    Feeling sad for tanu… Everyone is cursing her!! Lol shes just an actress perfect for irritating role but not for villan role coz aalia has that role with her!

  28. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Today epi is good.. Abhigya scene are superb.. Pls unite abhigya soon writers..

  29. leave it abhi..somethings r not destined with us…These things happens according to ektas wish…leave pragya…:P
    now feed feed feed=feed up with dragging ..have a little. shame

  30. Srisha

    Abhi not only loves his fuggy he also loves chashmish fuggy and mogambo eventhough mogambo snatched his property he can’t hate her because he altogether loves his pragya very much. Wow what a love i love u abhigya for u only im sticking to this irritating track. Cvs pls make abhi relieve through know the truth that he is not that evil tanu baby father. How much they can suffer for the mistakes which they did nt do pls make our abhigya happy soon

  31. Abhigya

    So pragya didn’t said anything she is very clever in drunken state to…anyways today’s episode was superb I really liked abhigya’s part n the way abhi slapped tanu by his words….I wish that he should use more mind nd find out the truth…but 1 thing is confusing that abhi didn’t signed the papers then how come aliya n tanu can go to the lawyer…this is confusing…nd I really felt bad for abhi…seeing her grandson like this still dadi is not ready to say anything I have never seen a dado the like this…but now as pragya didn’t told the truth so only sarla ma is left…let’s what CVC have planned…

  32. gowtham

    fathima u r a teacher…. nice to c u… hope one day my aim ll be true too…. and shobana seems to ba happy ☺☺ nice statement shobana…

      • shobana

        And u got good aim
        Teaching is a great profession. But nowadays mostly al r going to IT field and be fixed in your aim so that u will definitely get it

      • gowtham

        that is the wrst thing shobana…. i alredy placed in HCL .. bt i hate IT side… teaching na romba pidikum…. vetla keka maatranga… dnt knw ena nadakum nu…. i thnk max naanum same irritating field kula than povenu nenkren…. vetla they ll insist…

  33. Brintha

    For cutting the pic itself tanu got this much means…. once abhi comes to takhlia game i dont know jesus allah jai hanuman also can’t save takhlia…

  34. Reji

    Hello guys and tamil guys….I am watching natchathira cricket in sun tv…superb yaar match is going to start…watch it guys …it’s gonna be very fun….all tamil stars are going to play…I am very excited do u guys??

  35. Queen1234

    Hello guys yar ye tanu bhot pagal hai aur pragya bhi
    Agar pragya ye sab pahile hi bataya hota to ye din ni dekna padta

  36. shabana.

    abhi u deserved to be a hero and a rockstar abhi is awesome thats only he is love of my life….i just dont have words to say about abhigya . abhi is right pragya have all the rights to be mom of abhis child good going KKB. and a good news for abhigya fans is TRP is high..they beat saath nibana sathiya…awesome KKB…..

  37. dissappointed with KKB

    The more makers r dragging the episode the more ppl have started hating it… fed up of KKB now .. i used to love this show bt now i feel makers shld realise that they r over it too much rather they themselves r loosing their viewers with this bad story line

  38. Samrat

    H Hasan.. thanks for d update but its not tu meri pehechaan hai.. I think its tu meri jaan hai
    About todays epi all I can say is writers r making us fool and dragging the show..

  39. kkb ke fan

    guys,i saw a new update in a website which discloses that nikhil will demand a post in the company from pragya in order to reveal tanu’s truth in front of abhi.but i didnot think this time he will stand on his word and help pragya. i am not sure but he may palat his word after getting what he want.


    Really very good episode… after long time i add this episode to my fav list…

    I feel happy for abhi.

    Finalla abhi full feel of love va kamshasu i am really happy for that . Na romba naala enna feel pannanen after that makeover abhikitta namma pragya va yematitom gira feel le illa nu but ella feelaiyum one epi kamdhutaga abldhuvu tanu munnadiye. .

    Enakku eppavu aliya mela romba dout ta erukku???

  41. New segment update of sbs-
    Abhi sits on the sofa in main hall of his house in depressed mood. He is in last night costume. Tanu comes and brings halwa made by herself for abhi to talk with him about fixing marriage date. She insists from abhi to eat it and feed it by a spoon from her hands. Abhi eats it and starts making faces becoz halwa was bitter instead of sweet. He spits it out from his mouth on tanu’s hands but tanu takes back her hand and abhi spits in a side. Reporter says tanu is trying to convince abhi for fixing marriage date by feeding halwa to abhi. But when she sees that halwa is not gud and abhi didn’t like it so then she thinks that becoz of eating bad taste halwa if abhi’s mood also got bad then how much efforts she did to throw pragya out from abhi’s life then it’s all could b waste as may b he will ruined marriage talk becoz of his bad mood and taste. So she let it go for now. Guys this segment is not so important except it that now tanu is moving with for her last and final step which is her wedding with abhi. For which, she have started her efforts. That’s it.

    • gowtham

      this will take place aftr she challenges prgya?? or b4 itself it happens??? coz till nw 12 hrs challenge scene didnt take place….

      • Don’t know gowtham. News peoples usually supports shows to keep their suspence and surprise hidden so their trps couldn’t affect and in same time they provides us info about upcoming and leaves rest in us to guess by showing segments with puzzled scenes. On this condition show makers gives them permission to catch up updates from their sets but those ones who could make their popularity and trps high, not those ones, by which people get to know in advance that what is next in the line of story becoz if which their trps gets affect. So I decided that just get what they provides and b satisfied with it. Becoz at least we could get at least some hints through it. It’s enjoyable in keep guessings and discussion which keeps us connect with each other too.

      • Tks for welcoming me shobana & paratiksha I think they wont show the challenge scene in the serial. Its just a promo shoot. any one agree with this ?

      • gowtham

        there is a chance vidya…. by seeing the next segment… this challenge scene seems unnecessary… but to tel the viewrs that marriage function is going to happen they may put the challenge scene so that.. in next 12 hrs that marriage function will be arranged…. so unless seeing the episode, we cant guess anythng… chances are equal…

    • Naina


      Abhi tells dadi that he divorced Pragya and dadi slaps him in anger. Pragya is in her room seeing her wedding photographs and suddenly she has tears in her eyes. Abhi enters the room and Pragya wears her spectacles to hide her tears. Pragya goes to her mom Sarla and tells her everything but she cannot respond.

  42. Sahithi

    New segment update:

    Tanu is in same dress as we saw she was in precap and in segment with Pragya. So this is like next day, Abhi is still very upset , sitting on sofa in drawing hall. Tanu tries to cheer him up, Aaliya’s advise I guess. Tanu makes halwa and brings n tries to feed it herself to Abhi. But as we know Tanu’s cooking talent the halwa turned out to be pathetic.

    It’s a funny scene, Abhi eats one spoon makes horrible faces, tries to vomit in Tanu’s hand itself, then vomits on the other side. Instead of cheering Abhi the halwa made him run away from Tanu’s cooking 🙂

  43. Abhigya

    Tanu has again started her drama she is so disgusting how suggested her to cook when she never went in the kitchen…anyways she want to fix marriage date but she is unaware that her marriage date will become her exposure date…….

  44. Anjhana

    Hi tail guys I’m watching sun TV now
    I supported madurai kalais..
    Because my native I’d madurai
    But they r out now…

  45. Abhigya

    Guys just read this news:
    Nikhil reveals Tanu’s truth for business shares.

    Tanu (Leena Jumani) ditches Nikhil after
    Abhi-Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) divorce, Nikhil reveals truth
    The upcoming episode will show that Pragya signs her and
    Abhi’s divorce papers in drunk state.
    Abhi feels guilty to cheat Pragya and realizes that Pragya
    still loves him.
    Abhi doubt’s that Pragya is hiding something from him and
    tries to find it.
    There Nikhil is angry at Tanu for trying to ditch him as Tanu
    shows attitude to Nikhil after getting Pragya-Abhi’s divorce
    Nikhil decides to teach a lesson to Tanu and plans to
    exchange Tanu’s truth with Pragya.
    Nikhil-Pragya’s deal
    Pragya realizes her mistake of signing divorce papers in
    drunk condition.
    Abhi is also not happy with this divorce, Pragya gets Nikhil’s
    call and agrees to reveal Tanu’s truth.
    Nikhil asks for business shares in return of Tanu’s truth,
    Pragya agrees for the deal.

  46. Guys I just saw a pic on leena’s instagram account. She is in bridal wear? and she is looking stunning in it. It is clear that her this pic and getup is for shoot. But for promo or episode, don’t know. But it is clear guys that we r going to see tabhi’s marriage sequence soon in the show. Guys she gives a comment on her this pic which is according to me indicating on tanu’s exposure sequence. Her comment was- There’s something about a women with a loud mind that sits in silence. Smiling knowing she can crush u by the truth. Leena commented this with her latest bridal wear pic from kkkb’s shoot. So guys can anyone of u guess her comment what it’s mean? Is it related with the show and indicating something about the further story? Keep guessing guys and get ready for tabhi’s marriage sequence.

    • Sahithi

      I feel it is for new promo may be. The scenes r shot max 4-5 days in advance. So by end of this week will we see Tanu as bride? Will that be so quick I doubt. What about divorce coming thru or truth of divorce or property. Won’t Abhi – Pragya have discussion of all that happened when she was drunk.

    • May b guys it’s for promo as everybody feels that it is too early to shoot wedding sequence just after divorce and the divorce which is still suspicious and in it’s way of processure but CVS could do anything so let’s see. But Leena indirectly gave hint through her comment that tanu is going to b exposed by pragya. I think she is reffering pragya in her last line that she can crush u with truth. Well let’s see but I m eagerly waiting for this and after watching leena’s this pic, I think I m right that track will get finish most probably before the end of april and we will get rid from this tabhi’s marriage suspense and tanu’s truth after getting final conclusion of this track.

  47. shobana

    Leena is looking great.
    I think this is going to happen in shooting. Because do u remember 2 to 3 episode before Tanu calls abhi and said this is my bridal duppatta see how it has torn and Pragya must have torn it. That duppatta and this duppatta looks similar.
    If marriage takes place then sarla ma is the only hope. Only she can expose Tanu

  48. Dude I don’t even want to guess anything probably it can even be pragya’s or dadi’s dream ……after dadi coming to know about the divorce so no high expectations

  49. Srisha

    I dont want to see tabhi marriage in dream also i hate it o god this shouldn’t happen i cant bear tanu dont deserve to sit besides abhi for wedding

  50. gowtham

    not to forget something….. in kkb tanu is the only one who always looks beautiful and stunning in dressing…. even if it s a small scene, dress she uses is d best…. m sharing onethng to tamil guys… if u guys seen Friday episode of iniya irumalargal… in the bday function, her dressing is awesome and also whn dasi giving laddus to tanu to stop her talking to abhi… at that time blue wd white color she wore which is juz awesome…. my mom is a big fan of her dressing sense…. juz wanted to tel this…. this is not new.. from starting itself she is the only one who has best dressing sense…. its a fact.. hope u all agree…… so obviously her bridal dress will be good since its special occasion….

    • Ya gowtham her dress sense is different and it should b becoz her character introduced as super model so obviously her dress sense will b on that level’s. And now she is going to marry with a rockstar so it should b more improve. But if we talks about dressing sense so everybody has their sense of dressing according to their roles and they all r fit in their dressing sense. And what I personally feels that a girl who looks best and beautiful in any outfit in the show, then it is sriti aka pragya. She is such a natural beauty. Freshness and innocency of her face makes her more pretty and beautiful. She dresses up according to the demand of story but I personally feels whatever dress she will b wear, she will look beautiful in all, specially in Indian wears except her old different colours same pattern chatris means frockstyle suits which she wore after marriage. She looked pretty in those suits also but the diffrence is that same pattern suits were making it boring. But it was cvs mistakes who was provided that boring suits for her Otherwise I likes everybody’s dresses according to their roles.

    • Aishwarya

      Gowtham irumalargal thogupu konjam scenes cut pannidan potan avan ipdi panraduku avan advertisement podama full episode potrukalam n coming to kkb nanum tanu va bridal dress la pathen she is gorgeous in that but fb la oru news vandudu abhi divorce paper la sign poda matan but epdi marrriage sequence varudu n another thing sbs segment la pragya wierd ah siricha but ava epdi kalyanam varaikum varavitta nu theriyala anyways there only two hopes sara maa n abhi may be she recover at the last minute but it happens it will look normal i want that tanu to be exposed by abhi with his style if it seems old trick also it will be awesone n in yesterday epi when abhi taunts tanu for torn the pic i was just imagined that what he would do when he comes to know her real face verum phota la avangal pirichaduke avanuku ivlo kovam carudu appa ivlo naal avanoda fuggy ya avankitta irundu pirichadu ivadanu therinja avan enna pannuvano just cant wait to see that n in last epi that abhi dialogues n his emotions were awesome love u abhi♥♥♥♥

    • Sahithi

      Speaking of dressing sense n styling, I love Abhi’s costumes, not sure if Shabir also has a stylist or it is his own choice of tees. Because the ladies Sriti n Mrunal costumes picked by their stylist for the show Tripti Arora. Whom Sriti keeps mentioning about always. I think after makeover track, Sriti is wearing Saris from Ekta Kapoor Label EK. The kurtas recently worn by Leena r also from EK label only.

      But with Shabir I saw him wearing some of the tees from the show outside also. And during award function rehearsals n shows abroad. So I was very curious to know who picks his costumes or if some of them are from his personal collection. Because he seriously ROCKS all sorts of tees, especially, the wacky ones. Some have such prints n patterns which I can bet very few men can carry. Say someone like Ranveer Singh who has a very peculiar sense of fashion. Yeah Abhi is a rockstar so his styling needs to stand out, still whoever is behind it, need applause.

      I always wanted to post this to Shabir on twitter, I know he responds pretty well to his fans, but was skeptical 🙂 🙂

      If someone here knows, do post your reply.

  51. Guys let’s discuss here if tanu will get exposed or not on her wedding day or if yes then by whom? Abhi? Pragya or sarla maa? Latest comment of Leena is giving indication for tanu’s truth revelation and present circumstances r giving hope that tanu’s truth will reveal by sarla maa or may b exposed by abhi as there r less posibilties of pragya to expose tanu. But after watching last episodes and segments, I have feeling that it will b only pragya who will reveal tanu’s truth and exposed her on wedding day. CVS r repeating so many things. The way they showed abhi in MMS track, they r showing pragya almost same like him. There also when pragya had been lost all her hopes then it was abhi who saved her miraculously in last minute. That time abhi was saviour of pragya and he saved not only her character and life from ruining infact he saved her from that guilt which she never did. So here is now pragya’s turn to save not only his image, character and life from ruining in fact she have to prove abhi’s innocence. Here also abhi is going to sit in mandap with other wicked woman tanu like pragya was with suresh but only difference is suresh was so gud in comparison of nasty tanu. In MMS track, abhi was forced to let the marriage rituals happen becoz he was not sure that who was responsible for trapping pragya in this MMS plan and here in this pregnancy track also, pragya too forced to let marriage rituals happen as she has no strong proof against tanu. So I think it will b only oragya who will expose tanu. Otherwise her makeover and efforts will totally get waste. So according to me, it should b only pragya if tanu gets exposed. And Leena also gave indirect hint if it through her latest comment with her latest pic so for me it should b pragya by whom tanu will exposed. What u think guys?

    • shobana

      Prathiksha there are chances for Pragya to expose Tanu as u said. What I feel is Pragya cant expose Tanu alone she definitely needs someone’s help like sarla ma . Because of that only they are showing sarla ma is recovering stage by stage. First sarla ma hand moved then her leg now she will open her mouth . And someone said that Nikhil will join hands with Pragya inorder to expose Tanu. And I don’t think that it will happen because Nikhil is already angry with Pragya and if he tells abhi the truth definitely he will kick nikhil out and he wont get any post in his office. Already 2times he has told lie to abhi by showing someone as his wife. And if he tells abhi now that Tanu is his girl friend will he believe its a question mark.
      This is just my thoughts.

      • shobana

        There are chances for abhi to expose if he knows the truth and if Pragya has blurt out something in drunken stage. Or if abhi has found something by the hints which Pragya gave him by using his brain he can expose Tanu

    • I have a doubt on pragya bcoz in the last segment tanu & pragya had a conversation but pragya smiled sarcastically it might be her plan like alliya’s got caught last time. But I want abi to do something in this matter he should not be so dumb but I accept with pratiksha abi saved pragya many times & its time for pragya & purab will be helping pragya like in alliyas case. and in ekta’s serial they show women empowerment that too in climax like in jodha Akbar. I have a doubt whether the serial is going to end or will they extent the story after exposure?

      • shobana

        The story won’t end aft exposure.
        Because bulbul re entry is there, aliya returned from jail to take revenge on abhi. Still we don’t know who has given bail to alia.
        And I think the writers will extend story by alia taking revenge on abhi.
        Who knws Tanu may also be re enter aft exposure
        But definitely the story wont end aft exposure

    • gowtham

      no pratiksha my opinion is different… i dnt thnk prgay ll find out the truth…. she ll accept her victory aftr coming to knw that she signed the papers…. she said earlier this ll be her last attempt.. if she loses this, wd her mom she ll leave mm house i thnk that is wat she is gonna do…. i thnk abhi is the one who ll find wd the help of sarla ma…. but according to the segment during the challenge prgya smirks… i dnt knw wats the meaning fr that… but i dnt thnk prgya ll do it…. coz aftr this she ll be in a static position… i still have confidence that prgya told something in drukn stage… so abhi wants to find out so he ia taking time till the marriage…… and at the last minute he ll marry prgya instead of tanu… sarla ma ll be a part in this…. thats y he is acting as he doesn’t knw anythng… but he might knw something…. chances to find its 40% fr prgya and 60% fr abhi…. according to me…. but juz onethng as pratiksha mentioned , leena mentioned one statement.. i thnk it either pointing prgya ot sarla ma…. maybe to confuse us, she may mention something lik that…. but i thnk it ll be done by abhi…

  52. :)

    I think the writers r hinting , end of tanu track will happen soon and there will be a babu abhigya in near future. I mean both pragya and abhi wants their own baby. I had stopped watching this show but I keep on coming back to the written updates with a hope that one day our abhigya will unite ☺

  53. razia

    Hey guys jus saw a pic abhi filling tanus maang wid kumkum .. Wats this guy’s .. Did u anyone see tat? Omg I wish it shud b a dream

    • Sahithi

      Okay that is for today’s segment pics. There r 2 pics with Pragya in same sari as she was when Tanu showed her divorce papers. In one pic, Pragya was crying holding a photo frame, in another she was crying n talking to Abhi.

      There r 2 more pics, one with Tanu in that bridal wear alone, which we saw on IG and in next one, Abhi n Tanu marrying in the temple where Pragya n Abhi went recently.

      So we have to wait for today’s segment.

      • razia

        Hope u saw sahithi.. N its jus a promo shoot n guys itseems pragya s convincing abhi to go ahead wit tanus drama .. N abhi saw pragya crying wearing fuggy specs n they hug so lovely n abhi kissed pragya jus lyk tat n rachu interrupted them .. N tat garland exchange.n kumkum scene is just a promo shoot .. So guys wait fa sooper Dooper abhigya scenes n awesome twists .. I’m getting happier day by day guys .. So good to c abhi like this really .. 🙂

      • Sahithi

        Yup as expected Razia, I was thinking how is Tanu in bridal wear so quickly, how could that be possible, climax of the track came so abruptly. It can possible only as a promo, last year around this time only we had similar promo when Pragya was getting Tanu into MM. We had a promo with Tanu in bridal getup.

        Poor Tanu an year went by, her dress changed, but dream to get married not yet fulfilled .. LOL..

    • shobana

      I think it will be Pragya’s dream. aft seeing her signature in divorce paper she may dream like this.
      If it happens then the meaning of the show name will go wrong.
      It can also be Tanu dream. She may dream that abhi will marry her like this.

      • Abhigya

        Omg ??this can’t happen it must be tanu’s or pragya’s dream this couldn’t happen….I am sure that it is a dream nd as we saw pragya crying holding abhis photo so this can be her imagination/dream..

    • gowtham

      apadya…. chiiii irritating writers … apdi oru scene vantha naan pakave maaten…. i cant able to imagine that….

      • Sahithi

        If Pragya is still holding their photo n crying instead of speaking to Abhi on the whole matter then, no surprise we may even see such a scene.

  54. Fowziya

    New Segment update: Abhi putting garlands around tanu, Abhi destroyed Pragya’s world. One pinch of KKB will change Tanu’s fate.. More details soon!

  55. reji

    hello guys…..sorry yesterday i am out of station…..so there net was weak ….i can’t properly read ur comments….and i checked leena’s instagram she is in bridal wear… wat is the connection in that guys……??pls some one tell me wat happened in kumkum bhagya??

  56. Dude ekta’s policy is women empowerment then it can be prags or tanu both are woman anyways. …..seriously guys I am not even bothered if abhi fills tanu’s maang the moment abhi fills tanu’s maang in real I swear the remote of my tv to kumkum bhagya will turn off for hamesha hamesha keliye….. then atleast prags can live peacefully. ………

  57. Sush

    Go to serial gossip.com and see the upcoming twist of KB..where Abhi fills sindoor in Tanu’s mang?

    • gowtham

      i saw one picture reji… abhi put kumkum on tanus forehead…. i am juz totally irritated…. sema kadupa iruku… but ithalam tolerate pana than ava expose aaguratha paka mudium… so m controling….

  58. Sahithi

    After watching today’s segment, one thing is clear, which I felt before also – whether it is a positive thing or negative thing, Abhi always tells Pragya the truth n facts. He confessed about cheating her n getting the sign on divorce papers, atleast that consistency is shown by writers for Abhi’s character. In that way, Pragya hiding the truth from Abhi even today, is a wrong thing from the writers for Pragya’s character.

    Also, after Raj’s exposure, the writers very cleverly showed sudden change in Abhi’s character and that he was bent on marrying Tanu n wanted to hate Pragya to remove her from his life n heart. So that was kind of start of evil plans of Tanu n Nikhil.

    Now again from past few episodes, suddenly Abhi has started being nice to Pragya n showing his romantic side for her. So our assumption that Abhi will be angry with Pragya once truth is out will not happen, as he seems to be not bothering about what happened so far after Pragya came back as Mogambo. He is only bent on being with Pragya whether she is Fuggy or Mogambo.

  59. Today’s e24, SBS, SBB, SBSS segments update with video links-

    UPCOMING PROMO: Abhi putting garlands around Tanu’s neck and about to put kumkum on her forehead is part of promo shoot. The missing piece of this promo puzzle is PRAGYA. Pragya is shown putting kumkum on her forehead & seems to be in complete revengeful mood. Reporter mentions Pragya might explode a big bomb to stop Abhi and Tanu’s wedding.

    Abhi tells Dadi how he took signatures from Pragya on divorce papers and cheated her while she was drunk. Dadi SLAPS Abhi and feels disappointed. Dadi is shown to be very angry on Abhi.

    Abhi Pragya are in their room. Abhi will tell Pragya how he cheated her & took advantage of her drunken state by getting signatures on divorce deed. Pragya is shocked. Abhi Pragya are shown crying and hugging each other. Pragya is shown going through her wedding album and crying remembering all the good times.

    Abhi is sitting on the bed and Pragya on the ottoman. Pragya moves onto the bed by his side. She puts her arm around his shoulder and pats it. Abhi kisses Pragya on the cheek. Abhi is kissing Pragya when Rachna gatecrashes their room .

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Leena: Shabir shares how he is stuck between responsibility and love & a person has to choose responsibility eventually and cannot run away. He says one is near his heart and the other is nearing delivery . Asked about romance Shabir says it is happening & there is romance in their anger too & they leave no chance to romance. Shabir says he is not in the mood to get married today so he is wearing black . About Dadi’s slap he says Dadi strong Punjabi hands are a result of paratha’s . Leena talks about the wedding dress which has been designed by Tripti Arora. She says until now it seems like the wedding will happen but what actually happens is yet to be seen. Leena says she hopes the wedding goes through but lets see what happens.


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/0VHkoBe9JtI


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/I9FLtTj8Wns


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/FUvnQotbV5I

    U ME AUR TV – E24 Bollywood

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XeL-XiJh04k

    • Guys after watching today’s segment now what I think that tanu will surely get exposed on wedding day according to the plan of pragya or may b by abhi and pragya both. I assumed it when they showed abhigya emotional and kissing scene, which abhi gives pragya. I have a doubt that pragya have told the truth to abhi and both have planned to expose tanu infront of everyone on wedding day. Becoz they both were looking normal, tension free and happy in that kissing scene. Wedding will not complete, this is fully confirmed for me. In promo shoot, in which abhi was about to put kumkum, he didn’t put actually in tanu’s maang. Promo is just like pragya and suresh wedding promo shoot of MMS track. In which suspence is there but climax is clear too. So guys get ready for most awaited and exiting episodes of kkb. Now I can’t wait for this.

      • Mahi

        Pratiksha I hope even for Abhi also big twist knowing the truth at the time of marriage .pragya cont tell truth to Abhi unless she has proof.just my Guess

    • Abhigya

      Of course marriage is not going to happen…nd exposure is near but how?will pragya just go nd say the truth nd abhi will believe her?or she will take dadi purab rachna nd akash with her?i just can’t understand how pragya will stop the wedding..

    • Reji

      Pratiksha I think sarla maa is going to get recovered…and expose the truth …becoz now pragya has no other proof…or otherwise…when tanu comes to pragya to make her down..pragya will record tanu’s convo. …and ya abhi gives kiss to pragya …I don’t think that pragya said the truth to abhi …becoz already tanu manipulated him..and dadi also warned her..so if they 2 didn’t come to her way..pragya have said the truth before itself…and moreover..if pragya said the truth means y it is going to drag till marriage easily they throw tanu out… and i think something big is going to happen on the wedding day…but i am very sure that pragya didn’t say the truth to abhi..and if abhi’s kisses pragya…it might be abhi’s dream or pragya’s dream who knows let’s see…

      • Abhigya

        But reji how can sarla ma get recovered so soon? I also agree with pratiksha that pragya told truth to abhi or maybe She got proofs(very less chances)nd about sarla I don’t think that she will get recovered so soon…

  60. Even I have a feeling both abi & pragya going to join hands together to expose tanu. That is what I expected abi to reveal the truth fingers cross. Eagerly waiting for that & abi is promising pragya something what it will be ?

  61. gowtham

    last episode of IM was good fowziya….. prgya told dadi that she aborted the baby…. dadi was fainted… special mention to tanu… she was looking fabulous in that dress….

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