Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with auto driver telling Abhi that he is 100 percent sure that Pragya loves him a lot. He tells that his wife betrayed and divorced him. Abhi thinks Pragya is not betraying me, but I have betrayed her. Pragya counts the stars and tells Abhi that if she counts all the stars then the stars will break and one star will fall for her. Abhi thinks am I doing wrong? He thinks Pragya wants to stay with me, but I divorced her by cheat. Pragya counts the stars again. Abhi says who is good lifepartner, beautiful face girl or good hearted guy. What needs for good living, money or love. He says I will ask myself why did I cheat her? He says she have snatched my everything, but fulfilled all my wishes. He thinks after their divorce, may be he couldn’t see her. Pragya sees him crying and gets

emotional. She asks him not to cry, and holds his tear. She says I asked for star and you gave me pearl. She asks him not to cry, and says she can count the stars, but can’t count his tears. She says I will make your wishes come true, asks him not to cry, else she will cry also. Abhi gets emotional and hugs her……Sanam Re plays……..He recalls the happy moments with her while the song plays……………

Pragya sleeps in his embrace…Abhi kisses on her forehead. Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya’s pic and says what you are doing with Abhi in the pic. She says mangalsutra have binded you both, but a signature have separated you both. Abhi takes Pragya to room. Tanu says she will gift this photo to her. Abhi asks what are you hiding? She hides seeing him and says nothing. Abhi makes Pragya sleep on bed, and asks Tanu to show. He gets the cut photo from her hand, and asks how dare you do this? Tanu says I thought you both are divorce. Abhi says you hate her this much, and announces that he loves Pragya a lot. He asks how can you end my feelings for Pragya and remove the memories from my heart. He asks her to burn him and says everything will be ruined. Tanu cries. Abhi feels guilty for cheating Pragya and says I was wrong to cheat her and break her trust. HE says Pragya used to respect me, and support me. She got more happy than me when I got an international assignment. He says you didn’t even congratulate me.

Tanu says I was happy about the divorce. Abhi says you couldn’t become wife like Pragya, but I will marry you as you are going to be my baby’s mum. He hopes Pragya would have get pregnant with his baby. He curses his destiny and says Pragya might go far from him, but her love will never go from his heart. He says Pragya is my love and will always be. Tu Meri Pehchaan hai song plays…………Abhi sleeps beside her.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that Abhi don’t respect her. She tells that Abhi walks in the room holding Pragya in his arms and saw her cutting photo. She says Abhi scolded me and insulted me badly. Aaliya asks why did you cut the photo and asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu refuses. Aaliya asks her not to show ego. Tanu says what do you want. Shall I see Abhi insulting me. Aaliya says Abhi will never love you the way he loves Pragya, and you also don’t love him more than his money. She asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu thinks she should apologize.

Dadi sees Abhi sleeping in her room, and asks what happened? Did anything happened with Pragya? Abhi says Pragya didn’t do anything and I am tensed because of myself. He says the goodness in me is because of you. You always tell me that I shall never leave my goodness, but I have failed in my test and have fallen in my eyes. He says I have left my goodness and don’t want to fall in your eyes. Dadi says you are my son and will never fall in my eyes. Abhi asks what about Pragya?

Precap: Aaliya and Tanu go to meet Lawyer and ask them to get divorce done soon. He agrees. Aaliya and Tanu congratulate each other. Aaliya congratulates Tanu for her soon to happen marriage. Tanu smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jayakumarisuresh

    Pls see in this link


    Abi & Tanu wdding photos

  2. Dude ekta’s policy is women empowerment then it can be prags or tanu both are woman anyways. …..seriously guys I am not even bothered if abhi fills tanu’s maang the moment abhi fills tanu’s maang in real I swear the remote of my tv to kumkum bhagya will turn off for hamesha hamesha keliye….. then atleast prags can live peacefully. ………

  3. Go to serial gossip.com and see the upcoming twist of KB..where Abhi fills sindoor in Tanu’s mang?

  4. ya guys i got that picture’s link ..so now defintely it’s for promo only… i can’t guess anythng crctly with that pictures……pratiksha sahithi shobana gowtham raziya vidya fowziya pls tell me abt ur guesses

    here is the link:


    1. i saw one picture reji… abhi put kumkum on tanus forehead…. i am juz totally irritated…. sema kadupa iruku… but ithalam tolerate pana than ava expose aaguratha paka mudium… so m controling….

  5. kitna kheechonge isko yaas… ab to had ho gayi……….

  6. After watching today’s segment, one thing is clear, which I felt before also – whether it is a positive thing or negative thing, Abhi always tells Pragya the truth n facts. He confessed about cheating her n getting the sign on divorce papers, atleast that consistency is shown by writers for Abhi’s character. In that way, Pragya hiding the truth from Abhi even today, is a wrong thing from the writers for Pragya’s character.

    Also, after Raj’s exposure, the writers very cleverly showed sudden change in Abhi’s character and that he was bent on marrying Tanu n wanted to hate Pragya to remove her from his life n heart. So that was kind of start of evil plans of Tanu n Nikhil.

    Now again from past few episodes, suddenly Abhi has started being nice to Pragya n showing his romantic side for her. So our assumption that Abhi will be angry with Pragya once truth is out will not happen, as he seems to be not bothering about what happened so far after Pragya came back as Mogambo. He is only bent on being with Pragya whether she is Fuggy or Mogambo.

  7. Today’s e24, SBS, SBB, SBSS segments update with video links-

    UPCOMING PROMO: Abhi putting garlands around Tanu’s neck and about to put kumkum on her forehead is part of promo shoot. The missing piece of this promo puzzle is PRAGYA. Pragya is shown putting kumkum on her forehead & seems to be in complete revengeful mood. Reporter mentions Pragya might explode a big bomb to stop Abhi and Tanu’s wedding.

    Abhi tells Dadi how he took signatures from Pragya on divorce papers and cheated her while she was drunk. Dadi SLAPS Abhi and feels disappointed. Dadi is shown to be very angry on Abhi.

    Abhi Pragya are in their room. Abhi will tell Pragya how he cheated her & took advantage of her drunken state by getting signatures on divorce deed. Pragya is shocked. Abhi Pragya are shown crying and hugging each other. Pragya is shown going through her wedding album and crying remembering all the good times.

    Abhi is sitting on the bed and Pragya on the ottoman. Pragya moves onto the bed by his side. She puts her arm around his shoulder and pats it. Abhi kisses Pragya on the cheek. Abhi is kissing Pragya when Rachna gatecrashes their room .

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Leena: Shabir shares how he is stuck between responsibility and love & a person has to choose responsibility eventually and cannot run away. He says one is near his heart and the other is nearing delivery . Asked about romance Shabir says it is happening & there is romance in their anger too & they leave no chance to romance. Shabir says he is not in the mood to get married today so he is wearing black . About Dadi’s slap he says Dadi strong Punjabi hands are a result of paratha’s . Leena talks about the wedding dress which has been designed by Tripti Arora. She says until now it seems like the wedding will happen but what actually happens is yet to be seen. Leena says she hopes the wedding goes through but lets see what happens.


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/0VHkoBe9JtI


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/I9FLtTj8Wns


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/FUvnQotbV5I

    U ME AUR TV – E24 Bollywood

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XeL-XiJh04k

    1. Guys after watching today’s segment now what I think that tanu will surely get exposed on wedding day according to the plan of pragya or may b by abhi and pragya both. I assumed it when they showed abhigya emotional and kissing scene, which abhi gives pragya. I have a doubt that pragya have told the truth to abhi and both have planned to expose tanu infront of everyone on wedding day. Becoz they both were looking normal, tension free and happy in that kissing scene. Wedding will not complete, this is fully confirmed for me. In promo shoot, in which abhi was about to put kumkum, he didn’t put actually in tanu’s maang. Promo is just like pragya and suresh wedding promo shoot of MMS track. In which suspence is there but climax is clear too. So guys get ready for most awaited and exiting episodes of kkb. Now I can’t wait for this.

      1. I think pragya will tell about tanu to abhi that’s why he is kissing her

      2. Pratiksha I hope even for Abhi also big twist knowing the truth at the time of marriage .pragya cont tell truth to Abhi unless she has proof.just my Guess

    2. Of course marriage is not going to happen…nd exposure is near but how?will pragya just go nd say the truth nd abhi will believe her?or she will take dadi purab rachna nd akash with her?i just can’t understand how pragya will stop the wedding..

    3. Pratiksha I think sarla maa is going to get recovered…and expose the truth …becoz now pragya has no other proof…or otherwise…when tanu comes to pragya to make her down..pragya will record tanu’s convo. …and ya abhi gives kiss to pragya …I don’t think that pragya said the truth to abhi …becoz already tanu manipulated him..and dadi also warned her..so if they 2 didn’t come to her way..pragya have said the truth before itself…and moreover..if pragya said the truth means y it is going to drag till marriage easily they throw tanu out… and i think something big is going to happen on the wedding day…but i am very sure that pragya didn’t say the truth to abhi..and if abhi’s kisses pragya…it might be abhi’s dream or pragya’s dream who knows let’s see…

      1. But reji how can sarla ma get recovered so soon? I also agree with pratiksha that pragya told truth to abhi or maybe She got proofs(very less chances)nd about sarla I don’t think that she will get recovered so soon…

  8. Even I have a feeling both abi & pragya going to join hands together to expose tanu. That is what I expected abi to reveal the truth fingers cross. Eagerly waiting for that & abi is promising pragya something what it will be ?

  9. last episode of IM was good fowziya….. prgya told dadi that she aborted the baby…. dadi was fainted… special mention to tanu… she was looking fabulous in that dress….

  10. & guys that headlines r coming in that they. wrote there
    Rockstar aur fuggie ki ‘kiss’ twist layega
    (rockstar & fuggie ‘kiss will bring twist in serial)

  11. So guys it means. . Abhi also signed in divorce papers

  12. And i dont think so pragya will tell d truth to abhi…

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