Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi asking police to take Purvi from there. Tanu and Aaliya relax thinking they are not caught. Purab on the other side shouts at nurse how can she leave Bulbul alone. Janaki comes and says she had gone out to bathroom with her permission and asks Purab to relax.

Purvi pleads Pragya that she did not do anything. Pragya asks how did Neil now everything then and says she loved her more than Bulbul and always fought with Sarla for her. She says if she needed money, she would have asked her or Sarla. Purvi says if they all accepted that she is culprit, then she is. She did it for money and has many boyfriends who give her money. She says she is jealous of Bulbul and wanted money, but Sarla always gave her only love and not money. She always made her believe that

she loves he more than her own children and asks why will she love servant’s daughter. She further says Sarla wanted her to work whole life without money with her emotional blackmail. Pragya asks her not to badmouth about mom. Purvi says she always asks to tell truth, but what will she do with truth without money. She says Sarla kicked Bulbul out when she heard that Bulbul loves Purab, but then forgave her, even she should forgive her. She says Sarla is not she looks like. Pragya slaps her and asks her dare not to talk about Sarla. Purvi says she will come back one day with proof and show her Sarla’s true colors and leaves. Pragya starts crying and says why did Purvi tell all this, he one sister is in hospital and another sister will be in jail.

Aaliya goes back to her room with Tanu. Tanu asks why did Neil tell lie and trapped Purvi instead and asks if she knew all this. Aaliya says Neil said what she asked him to do. Tanu asks when did she do all this. She says she Neil is emotional fool and she used his weakness in her favor and says she went to police station yesterday. She goes into flashback where she provokes Neil that Bulbul instead of getting mehandi wanted him to get arrested and rammed his car until he is caught. She further says after Bulbul is out of hospital, she will happily marry Purab and he will go to jail. Neil says if he does not get Bulbul, he will kill her and asks her to kill Bulbul and he will do whatever she says in return. She says he should tell that Purvi helped him instead of Tanu, she, and Mitali. Tanu says she trapped Neil well and what if she will not fullfill Neil’s wish. She says he is caught in many criminal cases and by the time he comes out, she will be happily married to Purab. Mitali silently hears their conversation.

Tanu asks Aaliya to call Purab and show fake concern by giving her shoulder to weep. She calls and asks him to come out of hospital and relax. He says he cannot come leaving Bulbul in this condition. She says Bulbul would not like seeing him like this. He says he wants to be happy for bulbul. she asks him to make himself, bulbul, abhi and her happy. He says he knows what to do and asks her not to bother him and cuts call. He reminisces Aaliya’s words and thinks Bulbul will be happy if he unites Pragya and Abhi and tells her that they proposed each other.

Pragya cries reminisces Purvi and then her recent confession. Abhi comes, sees her crying and thinks why he cannot see her crying and is feeling pain.

Precap: Abhi tries to divert Pragya’s attention with his jokergiri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m waiting for purvi revenge.. at least pragya should have believed her.. hate everyone.. abhi is totally waste.. serial need a big twist..

    1. Remember that Mitali’s husband is still in Jail and everyone has all but forgotten about him!!!

    2. I’m waiting for Purvi’s revenge too!!!
      It’s so sad what happened to her.

  2. Iss aaliya aur tanu ko goli marna chahiye

  3. Nice precap

  4. Dai writers thirutave matengala…… thiribavum antha purvi ya mativitutingala……..antha neli oru magamadayan…..intha tanu Aliya.saniyan..mitali loosukelam oru mudivelilaya……. manamketajenmanga….. karnakevalama iruku..inu yelo nal antha aliya avalaye oru villya nenachukitu kevalama plans potu atha nalairukunu nenachu atha excute vera panra…arivuketava……..

    1. Anjali nan sirichuten ponga….neil oru mangamadaiyan ….soooprrrrr unmai tan ….

  5. Pragya reaches the set in a beautiful gown and gets ready for the shoot, where Abhi can’t bear to see her rehearsing with her co-actor. He keeps trying to come in between and stop the shoot, to have a moment to talk to Pragya. Pragya gets shy to act in Abhi’s presence, as the scene is romantic and she has to act well with the other guy. Abhi gets strong to express his love for Pragya for the first time and confesses feelings to her infront of everyone on the shooting set. He tells her I love you and the director claps saying it was best shot.

    Though Abhi was giving moral support to Pragya and talking to her in the scene, Pragya feels it was from his heart. The music video shoot had another guy, who was paired opposite Pragya. She is unable to emote and Abhi helps her. Abhi get angry and scolds the actor and director, defending Pragya and comes in the frame to act. He says this is not the way to act and rehearses with Pragya. He flows in the lines and starts speaking his heart out, which Pragya realizes. The scene turns romantic for the couple, which will be worth watching for KB fans. Keep reading.

    1. When this will happen?? Is this true or Ur expectation??

    2. Ya i also read its true

  6. Sooperb wat u’ve commented is the absolute fact

  7. Abhi is an idiot, he should think to himself who would want to get rid of Bulbul and would then realize it’s Aliyah. Writers red to wrap this story up already. So sorry for Purvi as she should never forgive them when the truth comes out.

  8. Want abhi to express his feelings nd plssss expose those three idiots…can’t bear them.. Nd I think after exposing tanu abhi wil propose pragya without any guilt…nd y taking purvi to another line… Wat is she gonna prove.. Maybe nxt storyline I guess….

  9. Well said anjali. Nd i’m waiting 4 d pragya’s new look which made abhi jealous.

  10. End this half hours of torture..

  11. anjali…ungga comment paarthu siricchutta…neenga sonnathu unmaithan…
    aliya tanu mitali neil i hate them….. but im waiting for pragya’s new avatar….anyways im new to this page….i want to talk to u all….

  12. Priya shankar

    Wah! Ena episode ulagamaga twist da saami! I think tat soon purvi wil hav chance 2 show her! I wish tat sundari/mundari also to be caught and put into the andhaman jail! So they can’t cme out easily!

  13. anjali neega sonnathu crct .BT i am waiting for abhi’s reply to pragya

  14. Hi everyone am najat I have joined recently so Hw is this episode is it true or false

  15. Adamu Alhaji Adamu

    The evils always succeed in most of the Indian series I don’t want watch anymore of this rubbish

  16. Suid afrika is a baie ongelukkig plek


  18. Aliya dirty truth should come out . anyhow

  19. Hi kb viewers i have a good news soon abhi is going to propise pragya

  20. Pragya will be asked for modelling (she looks damn pretty ) but she won’t be able to act at the abhi will come shoutat the director and says acting must be loke this amd starts telling the dialogue and they both Will go into eachother and abhi wil propose pragya and as it complete everyone clap hands purab will also be there and will be happy to here after abhigya comes to conscious and shy away in difderent directions

  21. anjali super ah soninga…en mind ah neenga read panamathri….irritating scenes….i am so happy today because my fav most fav serial RANGARASIYA telecast in tamil…i am so excited to watch that in my language…My rudra way of expression n words are in tamil…so excited..thanks to Raj Tv.

  22. I feel so bad for Purvi. They need to expose Aliya otherwise it gives people the idea to do bad & there’ll be no consequences.
    I thought Pragya would believe Purvi’s innocence but she again plays the fool.
    She did this when her cousin was being accused of peeping on Tanu.
    Sarla is an idiot.
    Abhi is so damn cute (he is reallllly good looking) but needs to open his eyes.
    Aliya has been manipulating people since the beginning & managed to play everyone…they all stupidly fall for it.
    As for Purab, be a man.

  23. If i was Purvi i would take revenge left, right and center i can’t wait until Purvi take her revenge…one big bunch of fools that’s why i can’t stop loving Sid character from jamai raja the writers make his character so smart and intelligent, but Pragya who is a professor is so dumb it’s not even funny but i guess she’s only book smart and not street smart so she takes anything anyone throws at her… But i like the way Purvi respond to them. Aaliya and Tanu character is very annoying it’s time something be done about those two

  24. Why should tamilan watch this you’ll don’t know hindi then want to watch
    pagal log

    1. Why tamilan can’t watch Hindi serial? Hamara okay hum janthey hai op humayae sikayae math. Humae kya Karna hae or kya nai..

      1. Hamare okay? Hahahahah nahi ati to bhat mat karna.ap loga ka okath achi se patha hei aisa road pei nachna pagal ki tara.chi!!!!!

    2. Why tamilan can’t watch Hindi serial? Hamara okath hum janthey hai op humayae sikayae math. Humae kya Karna hae or kya nai..

      1. Aur humae humae kya mathlab hai mei jo jantihu vo to humai hai >:)

  25. Aur koy serial ki dekhne se pehle na apne okat dekh le

  26. i m with purvi….she give good answer to pragya

  27. EE to hona hi taa….Once upon a time pragya was in the same situation,then no one believed her ,,,,,then whose is this bechari purvi .?

    one more thing…. all pragya’s family know about purvi from birth…..at least ek member to beliv kar sakte te na…….i din accept this from pragya at least ……very bad…..akir kab tak apne aap ko beguna sabit korogi bechari purvi..? she did well….go ahead purvi…

  28. In this darama Bad people always have luck and win. but the good one are ended in jail I mean purvi and mitali’s husband.Bad epidode

  29. Anjali semai sona pa ena oru comment en Tamil people Hindi pakudatha ena enagaluku puriyuthu nananga pakurom ungaluku ena angy …….serial sariyana twist vachutangalama ……. Ada pongada pokathavangala …….

    1. Mei samjhe nehi lekin mera nam mention hai ap hindi pe likaye nehi to english pe likaye

  30. abhi u r waste in this serial . then wat is sarala true identity……!!!!!!

  31. i feel sad for purv bt i know she will prove herself and OMG longing and waiting 2 finally abhi proposing pragya. i really cant mc this serials

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