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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking about Abhi’s words and smiles….Abhi comes and tells Saira that he is going on a meeting, and wants an assistant to accompany with him. Saira asks can I come? Abhi says you are a manager and it doesn’t look nice if you come as assistant. He asks her to send someone efficient, sensible and who is free. Saira asks Pragya to go with Abhi. Abhi thinks it will be fun now. Saira tells Abhi that Pragya is ready. Abhi says I told sensible person, and then hesitantly agrees to take Pragya on a condition that she shall not spoil his mood. Saira asks Pragya to do as he says. Pragya nods…..They come out. Abhi asks Pragya why you are standing near car and asks her to take a taxi, and reach mall. Pragya asks shall I come in auto? Abhi says who I am? Rockstar…and

says Khadoos and asks her to reach before him. He parks his car far and thinks it will be good. He thinks Pragya’s attitude will go because of heat. Pragya is waiting for auto. Goons come near her and ask if the notes bundle belongs to her. Pragya says it is not mine….Abhi sees goons teasing Pragya. They ask her to come with her. Pragya asks him to keep the money and says I will click your pics and show to police. Goons run away. Abhi goes in his car seeing Pragya handling the situation. Pragya takes auto.

Aaliya comes to office and thinks it was good that Abhi went out and Pragya is also not here. She tells Saira that she has some work with her, and asks what is your salary. Saira says 50000. Aaliya says how you manage? Saira says someone I manage. Aaliya asks her to make easy money by doing short cut, and says I need your help to teach someone a lesson. Saira says I am ready and will do as you says. Aaliya shares her plan with Saira. Saira says she knows someone who can help them and do the work. Aaliya says superb and says you have met with my expectations. She hugs Saira and says we are team mates now. Saira looks on.

Pragya thinks Abhi didn’t reach till now, even though I have reached by auto. Abhi thinks she must have realized what I do, whoever shows me attitude. He comes to her. Pragya asks are you fine? Abhi asks you might be waiting for me since two hours and says you were doing right and left. She asks if she felt bad. Pragya thinks he has done this to tease me, and says she is feeling good and important. She says you was watching me since two hours and giving me attention, making me feel special. She says my working hours is over now, and asks him to make a bigger plan to torture her. Abhi thinks she is don no. 1, and thinks her eye sights and mind are very sharp. Pragya thinks I can bear any torture for the happiness which you have given me.

Sarla, Janki, Beeji are with Purab in his car. Sarla says Purab agreed to take us on shopping. Beeji asks him not to run away. Purab says why I will go, I offered you all to come with me. Janki says they have to buy glass. Beeji argues with her and Sarla.

Aaliya and Purab are in car. Tanu insists to meet Abhi. Aaliya says I am trying to find a permanent solution so that you can get in his life. Tanu asks what is your advantage, and thinks what is her problem. Aaliya asks what did you say? Dadi tells Purab that she wants to check the new version of game at a mobile shop. Sarla gets fed up. Purab takes her to mobile shop.

Varun Sethi comes to meet Aaliya and says I am always ready to help beautiful girls. Aaliya says I need your help, but different way. She says whoever we accuse, the world should question her. Varun asks what you can do for me. Aaliya scolds him and says she can get Abhi’s contract to him, and asks him not to misbehave with her. Varun says bye. Aaliya thinks everyone will accept now that Pragya is characterless.

Sarla scolds Tanu for calling them greedy and tells that she will slap her repeatedly so that her beautiful face gets swollen. Tanu looks on angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. oh my god wer thi story is moving

    1. i think alia vl fail in this plan 2 b coz abhi already saw hw she handle that goons. dnt expect saira being a part of such stupid games. if abhi believe aliya i must say kkb 2 yrs journey is waste ,bcoz according to medical sciennce a retrograte amneshia patient vl forget his past event … memmory and emotion are controlled by 2 different areas of brain. so abhi must earn a better personality being vth pragya ..dont be a living puppet

  2. Fresh ideas CVS????..you guys are using the same tactics as before when it comes to Aliya and Tanu….really make pragya look like a characterless woman again did you all forget you did that with suresh???? I’m bored the abhiya scenes are not even interesting for me anymore especially when Tanu and Aliya getting more air time than the leads…..luv sriti and shabir but loosing patients with this nonsense

    1. Right but now abhi will not trust aaliya when she blame pragya as he saw how pragya betrayed that guys. Cvs are very sharp na. Aaliya is going to fail once again. What say guys?

      1. @Nisha We can only hope….I just wish CVS show something different and allow abhi memory to come back slowly but surely especially when it comes to tanu

      2. Nisha, you absolutely right. good thinking.. that is the reason they showed that Goon scene before hand in front of Abhi; so if pragya get blamed Abhi will never believe as he saw how pragya handled those goon brilliantly. I think even Saira will later open her open against aliya once she came to know that Pragya as slaughtered goat

  3. Already the face got swollen of that b*t*h tanu.why the cvs allow her to round in the streets.she should be in jail or in a mental hospital atleast.abhi only forgot the things. Everybody know about their criminal y couldn’t they take action. Illogical of kkb good one got suffered without reasons but evils enjoy life and torturing good even they’re having so many reasons to get caught. What a shame script kkb. Infinite times told but now too we all bear this torture for our cute abhigya scenes. But now abhi turns to rude and against pragya.

  4. Ame drama keeps repeating and bad wins over good as always..dono ht CV wants to show us..tht a girl will make other girl.character less reallyits more idiotic .can’t take it…hero doesnot think and fact himself always listens o others..heroine just be silent and hear all taunts and torture…for true love we can do anything doesnot mean u need to sacrifice ur self respect and other…

  5. They are trying to show Pragya and Abhi’s Chemistry!!
    There is no other storyline. They need to run Purab’ s story.
    Make him meet someone who reminds him of Bulbul.
    And she ends up bring Bulbul.

  6. God peoples can do anything for money. I didn’t expected that saira will help aliya in her evil plan. But from saira’s expressions, I think she doesn’t know that aliya is making this plan against pragya and aliya convinced her by saying it to her that she wants to teach lesson to someone. By saira’s expressions, it seems that she doesn’t know that it is against pragya and she feels it weird. But when aliya will get successful in executing her plan and saira will get to know that it was against pragya, then also she can’t help pragya becoz aliya will not let her help pragya as aliya could b exposed. Anyways let’s talk about this disgusting plan. So abhi have enough reasons to believe on pragya’s innocence. Although he knows pragya since just few days but whatever he observed in pragya and her family, it is enough to believe that they r not that type of peoples and they can’t do such cheap and disgusting things for their benefit and money. And today he got example of it, when pragya scolds that goons and face them bravely by threatening them by calling police. Abhi clearly saw it that they were giving lots of money to pragya but pragya taught them a gud lesson. If i will b on abhi’s place, i supports pragya amd believes on her. Abhi has lots of reason to believe on pragya. From the first day of their meeting, pragya never tried to impress abhi or tried to close with him, even after her gud impression on abhi. She can use abhi as abhi is ready for helping her and her family anytime and ready to do favour for them but pragya never took it’s advantage in their any meeting. Pragya treats abhi as we treats our peoples and she never treated abhi like he is a big rockstar so she should give him importance and should try to impress him. Abhi too noticed it. That’s why he is taking it on his ego that pragya is not treating him, like a celebrity should b treated. That’s why he was trying to make her realize his importance and speciality that how much he is VIP. these r some very strong reasons and facts becoz of which abhi can believe on pragya’s innocence. So according to me and logically , abhi should believe on pragya. But this is also true that abhi’s past record of believing on pragya is very bad and story depends mostly on CVS wish so let’s see what happens? Saw again tanu, frankly speaking that how much i feels suffocated and irritated by tanu’s presence, I never feels this much by aliya’s presence. Although aliya is annoying us in this new season but not that much like tanu. In present time also, she is irritating us along with aliya by saying it when she will meet with abhi next? When she will get married with abhi? etc..etc. Her these some of irritating dialogues didn’t changed yet and god knows until when she will irritate us with these dialogues with her irritating presence? In precap, how that vamp found sarla maa and family? Sarla maa only feeling to slap her, infact she should make map on her face by slaps by not wasting a minute. I hope that witch couldn’t find out about abhigya’s meetings and increasing closeness until abhigya doesn’t get most close to each other. It’s best to keep that witch away from abhigya as much as possible. Today purab’s scene with sarla maa got so much unecessary sceen space in the episode. They wasted a lot time in just normal arguements and talks, like their scenes was executed only for time pass. I think purab’s and aliya’s face off will also happen at same location, where they showed today’s scene, in market area, when mrunal comes to meet with them. But why aliya is roaming with tanu unnecessarily? I felt that to give tanu a scene, cvs r using unecessary reasons as they didn’t gave tanu’s character that much role to play in this new season’s starting yet. It is big relief for us but lets see until when?

    1. prathiksha i m a silent reader of u r comments .. i hope i can share my ideas ..
      kkb page of facebook had witten that abhi vl give a tight slap to aliya for blaming pragya characterless , i think it vk happend b coz todays seen of pragya vth goons is large enough for abhi to be vth pragya .. i hope it vl happn

    2. pratiksha u said mrunal is going to meet them that means she is going to be back in the show? any spoilers or updates for that? if yes please give the link na yaar

      1. No Alakananda, mrunal is not coming back as bulbul. She just came to meet with them during the shoot, just like that.

    3. Yesterday I didn’t watch the show?? I watching one Tamil movie but, unfortunately I didn’t see that movie too fully due to, heavy rain lightening and thunder, power supply went off. ?????.
      And today I going out with my parents, since today my dad’s shop is holiday due to strike. So I can’t comment. Sorry to all guys.. okay bye, catch you later??

      1. No problem shobhna, watch it online later, rest of the updates, u will get here. So don’t worry. Go and enjoy ur outing with ur parents as they r most important na.

      2. Shobana u should definitely try to catch up a re-run on TV sometime today or on OZEE. Abhigya scenes were awesome, the way Pragya gives back to Abhi and how he wonders why he cant think as fast as she thinks. That scene was too good.

      3. ohk thank you pratiksha 🙂

    4. In my opinion, if there is some drama happening in company where Pragya works, why should Aaliya interfere in first place. Her brother has a contract there doesn’t mean she will get into that company’s affairs even if the receptionist working there romances someone in the office. It is definitely none of Aaliya’s business. Similarly with Abhi, I didnt quite like the idea of either of them Aaliya or Abhi validating or speaking about what happens with Pragya. It ideally is not something they should be bothered about. Either speak for or against her.

      And this thought that Abhi should believe on Pragya or her character, I feel is a wrong thing. When he is related to her in the past, then its a different thing. Though even then I wouldnt support the notion of women having to prove themselves to the men in their life. But in current scenario, whatever opinion Abhi forms about Pragya is his problem. If he is sensible enough and if writers try to show that maturity from him, let us see how they will show the actual sequence.

      1. Sahithi for me, this whole matter is disgusting and unnecessary. They shouldn’t use such disgusting things and rare matters in their show again and again. Ekta is herself a woman, she should understand the sensitivity of these types of stuffs. It shouldn’t use just for making storyline twisty, spicy or interested. Today is the time of women impowerment but what ekta is showing through her shows? These types of stuffs looks better only then, when it gives a positive social message to the society, not for just gaining audience. I wholeheartedly criticizes it.

      2. Pratiksha, everyone would hate and detest to see such scenes. What I meant was this time, its not really Aaliya or Abhi’s business to come into this. But we know without all such drama and added spice they dont get ratings so they will show Aaliya mocking Pragya.

        And never expect EK shows to have women empowerment or some positive message, they are regressive, just the level of disgusting stuff varies. Disrespectful to women.
        I am always glad this show has the least of such stuff when compared to her other shows, which makes it watchable to some extent. And look at other shows which top the charts, they have more irritating stuff. But looking at the ratings and success, producers and channels also seem to opt for them.

      3. Ya sahithi agree with u. U have a point but let’s see how the whole sequence will b showed in the actual episode? Aliya will interfere in this matter as it will b her plan so she will try her best to get that result from it which she wants and if abhi interrupts so it will b more than for humanity and he has been developed a gus bond with pragya and her family so it could also b the reason of his interruption in this matter so pragya couldn’t face injustice and becoz of it her family couldn’t face trouble. So that could b reasons of abhi and aliya’s interence in this matter. And moreover i think, this sequence is executing for making abhigya’s meetings possible, even after finishing abhi’s contract with love life company. I think this will open another way of abhigya’s more and more meetings further so their closeness could increase more. Well let’s see.

  7. Wat again characterless story? Don’t they have anything new?

  8. Wat now n Wat the hell tanu wants n aaliya will fail again

  9. My goshhhhhhhhhh……….. didnt expect this from Saira.. again and again same storyline, very boring………..

  10. guys can you tell who’s saira I haven’t watched this serial since a long time?

  11. If Aalyia’s to get slapped by Abhi for trying to defame Pragya, the only reason for him to know it’s her doing is if Saira tells and comes to Pragya’s defense. When she made the deal with Aalyias she didn’t know it would be against Pragya.
    Pragya had helped her out with Abhis behaviour over the last couple days so I don’t think she will stay quiet after finding out that was Aalyias plan for Pragya. That would be the only way Abhi will slap Aalyias if that part is true. I hope and pray that would really happen. She deserve more than a slap.
    Only this slap will lead to more torture is in store for Pragya. Pray please let Abhi get more flashes of his past and regain his memory before it gets worst for Pragya.
    I don’t know why, but I feel Aalyias is giving memory suppression pills to Abhi that is why his memory is so slow in coming.
    C’mon CVS it time to leave the memory track behind now. Don’t drag like pregnancy track. Time for Pragya, Abhi and Purab to really team up and play Tanu and Aalyias at their games. Time to take the story out of this spin cycle you have going.
    Let’s see how long before they tumble out of this track…shall we?

  12. I think abhi will not believe aliya as he saw how she behaves with that goons even they showed pragya money n abhi also know that she is not greedy my doubt was again started coz if abhi really lost his memory y he didnt yet talk about purab aliya marriage n when he saw pragya with purab in d car he asked him casually if she is his girlfriend he didnt reacted that much if he is really lost his memory he would definetly got angry this all confusing me n in everything n everytime he is trying to spend time with pragya n he didnt asks abt tanu now a days after that shoot he didnt talk abt her i wish my doubt should be true i think from s starting abhi is pretending or after saw d pic he remembered everything i think so prathiksha reji sahithi shobana gowtham anna hency vinodhini rachana all others plzzz clear my doubt n share ur thoughts

    1. No aishwarya I don’t think so that he have remember anything yet. His attraction towards pragya is just becoz of his heart and his actions for pragya r just coincidental for now. Sometimes he behaves like past but it also gets happen just like that becoz he lost his memory but his heart and it’s feelings still r same. So he reacts by command on his heart, specially in pragya related matters.

    2. At present, abhi is not faking aishu…the thing is that pragya is treating him as a common man and not a rock star…that’s why he is trying to teach her a lesson.. also, now he had seen how pragya handled that goons.. so for sure, he will not believe aaliya’s words.. May be if saira blurt out the truth that aaliya hired that person, then there is a possibility that abhi will slap her..abhi is just attracted towards pragya who is simple… and the word kadoos made him to do like that…I also don’t know why he forgot to ask about tanu.. May be, before meeting tanu, abhi will know everything about pragya..I mean, her character, attitude,etc… it will be useful for him to differentiate between his fuggi and that tanu(witch)…

  13. Guys I was just reading an article, published by Bollywood life. They listed few main reasons for tell about that why kkb is on top since so many weeks.
    Main reasons of kkb being on top most-
    Zero competition-
    Kumkum Bhagya airs on nine pm. The other shows at that time are Diya Aur Baati Hum (Star Plus) and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (Colors). Now, Naamkarann has replaced DABH. Ashoka was a loved show but not exactly popular with ladies, who make the maximum viewer segment. And Diya Aur Baati Hum was also on the wane since two years. This made it relatively clutter free for Kumkum Bhagya.

    The brilliant chemistry between Shabbir and Sriti is a huge plus point. Their romance has a comical touch on most occasion, and that keeps the mood light. They are talented actors and can build the mood if need be.

    Lead protagonist-
    Sriti has done full justice to the role of Pragya. It is a given that viewers love a girl, who is a complete underdog and *****s people who are stronger all for love. Sriti manages to make Pragya look credible 99 per cent of the time and that matters.

    Return of romance-
    The memory loss has brought back romance in AbhiGya’s life. It has sidelined the machinations of Tanu/Aaliya by focusing how Abhi and Pragya spend time together. Coffee dates, recording room romance, secret dates, bring it on!

    Supporting actors-
    We have the ensemble actors who add so much life to Kumkum Bhagya. Whether it is Shikha Singh as Aaliya or Arjit Taneja as Purab. And of course, Supriya Shukla as Sarla, Pragya’s mother
    These r some main reason about kkb to being on top most. I almost agree with them but they didn’t mention about shabbir. Shabbir too r not less from sriti. He is also a great actor. They both r equally did justice with their work, what makers gave to them to do. I m happy that they didn’t mention about leena aka tanu. Becoz from the day one, audience never liked her but only tolerated her for abhigya’s sake. Leena as tanu is nothing in the show, infact she only got profit becoz of abhigya. That’s it. If somebody will ask me, then i will say that tanu is most waste character of kkb. In starting of the show, her existence was justified but only before abhigya’s marriage but after that she got unecessary screen space in the show, specially since last year. She is the biggest reason of ruined story of kkb before this new season. And she is another reason too of kkb being on top in present time becoz she is not getting much screen soace and importance of this new season’s start. But biggest reason of kkb’s success r abhigya and before mrunal’s quit, purbul also. What r ur views about this article guys?

    1. This site had been publishing some junk articles keeping Sriti and Divyanka as focus. No wonder they didnt look beyond Sriti as lead protagonist. Sad..

      1. Hmmm….okkk….

  14. kumkum bhagya

    iss serial mein na wahi drama repeat hora pragya charecterles drama kitni baar repeat hoga director na iss ke alava naya inke dimaak nahi aara kuch naya think karona isse 3rd time pragya charecterless drama repeat hona

  15. Dint watch the epi yet ?

  16. same story boring

  17. Another thing, putting the slap aside, if Abhi will actually slap Aalyia is beside the point.
    Abhi will not believe Aaylia, first, what would be her concern in the office affair anyway? It’s not her place. Second, Pragya doesn’t even know the man especially that he is Mr. Sethi’s son. According to Saira he hardly ever come to the office, and if Pragya never met him why would she want to be with him for promotion sake? Three, Abhi will probe because the first incident of accusing Pragya is still fresh and he will not forget that argument soon. Fourth, after finding out the truth I believe Pragya will no longer want to work there due to the embarrassment, which is what Aalyia is after, but her joy will be short lived because Abhi will do something surprising both himself, Aalyias and Pragya.
    He knows that will be his last day at the studio, that after he will not be able to see Pragya after, so this situation presents itself, thanks to Aalyia. Abhi will use this to his advantage. His sister will cause Pragya her job, and he’s in a pisitiin now to give her back one as his assistant for real this time and not just for his ego. With her as his assistant he will get to continue to see her. Two bird one stone. Thanks Aalyia because of your evil plan Pragya will once again get to be in the Mehra house and more around Abhi as his personnal assistant. Wow. The more you scheme to keep them apart, the closer they become.
    Cvs has now found a way to get Pragya back into the Mehra house. To keep her there is yet to see how. Lets see how they will do it. Only this will come at a price for us viewers, its going to mean more air time for Tanu…geeesh!

  18. New segment update-
    Sushaant singh rajpoot visits on kkb’s set to promote his upcoming movie “M.S.DHONI”.
    Full update-
    Sushaant Singh Rajpoot visits on love life company’s office to promote his upcoming movie “M.S.DHONI”. MR.SETHI, the owner of company introduces sushaant to abhi. Abhi greets sushaant. They talks with each other. Sushaant plays cricket in the company’s office too and they have some off screen moments and talks too. No offscreen or audio voice in the segment except reporter’s. Reporter says that sushaant comes to promote his upcoming movie “M.S.DHONI”. Sushaant meeys with abhi and appreciates his and songs as a rockstar. Sushaant revives his old memories too on kkb’s set becoz kkb’s set is the same et, where his old show pavitra rishta had shot in past.

  19. How r u aishwarya?

    1. Hiiiii rachna i m fine how r u????plzzz intro abt yourself

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