Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya and Dadi are shocked as someone heard their conversation. The woman turns out to be Bulbul. She applauds for Pragya’s sacrifice and love. Dadi says you did a mistake and didn’t close the door after coming in. Bulbul is happy. Dadi says this world is of show off….Aaliya is happy thinking Pragya still loves Abhi. Raj asks what happened? Aaliya says it shows that Pragya has feelings for Abhi, and we have to take her advantage and set a game plan accordingly. She says Abhi will help them unknowingly. Raj says okay and leaves. Abhi thinks why did Pragya saved him? If she really cares for me, or have feelings. He thinks I have to find out about the real reason and get in her mind. He thinks where is she? Pragya tells Abhi told that I freed him because of money. Dadi

says everyone is not blind, and knows the truth. Pragya says she will proof that she freed him because of money. Bulbul says I came here to tell why Jiju took the money. Pragya asks why? Bulbul says they had to return the money to the customer who booked Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall, and Abhi helped them with the money. Dadi says I knew that my grand son didn’t leave his goodness. Dadi asks her to make her heartless, just like she trained her to be modern.

A flashback is shown, Bulbul is seen training Pragya and grooming her to be modern and arrogant. Bulbul taught her arrogance and attitude. Pragya asks her not to be tough with her husband. Dadi says you have to teach her again, holding the stick. Bulbul says I will leave now else Maa will be on the door with stick. Sarla tells Jhanki that Bulbul called Abhi and he helped them. Jhanki says Abhi helped them without having any relation, and saw their helplessness. Sarla says Pragya’s call have not connected when we were in need. Bulbul comes home and says she went with Purab to drink coffee. Sarla asks why you are lying? Purab said that he dropped you one hour again. Bulbul tells she went to Abhi’s house to thank him. Sarla says you did right. Did you meet Pragya? Bulbul says she was there, but ignored her. Sarla gets hurt. Bulbul cheers her up and apologizes for lying.

Pragya comes to room and looks for files. Abhi takes her pic and says you are thief. He says I captured your video, stealing the stuff and will get you arrested. He says the title of this video will be robbery in Rockstar’s house. Pragya asks him to get the video shot by a professional and says she needs money. Abhi is surprised. Pragya says she will also put his video on social networking site and earn money with many likes. Abhi says he wants to prove her wrong. Pragya says you had stolen money. Abhi says I took that money and I don’t want to ask you. He asks why did you save me? Pragya says you said infront of all, and asks him to sleep as he have to work on the song. She asks where is my file? They try to take the file and fall on the bed together. They have an eye lock while the song Allah Wariyan Song plays……………………………………………..Pragya takes the file and leaves thanking him.

Next morning Abbi wakes up and plays loud music to disturb her sleep. He says he has to compose a song and needs peace. He starts exercising. While he is exercising, Pragya comes and stamp her feet on the table, shocking Abhi (just like Bulbul taught her).

Abhi shares his plan with Purab and says he will fight with Pragya once the song becomes a hit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tuti

    Oooo…..no wonder Bulbul is not that affected during Pragya’s return that day….but Aaliyah is really something. Bad to the core. Hmm…..always in good luck.

  2. Kanchi

    Hey Bulbul also with Dadi from the start…


    New Promo is out for Ganesh Chathurthi Special!!!!

    Pragya is going to get Kidnapped…

    They put Pragya in a truck and Abhi will try to save her.. but he can’t..

    • Jackie

      Oh NO …Not “another” Kidnapping scene. For heaven’s sake NO. No. No. no. They are trying to bore the viewers to death,

  3. chithu

    Guys..it seems new promo is out… Pragya is getting kidnapped on the day of vinayagar chaturthi… Abhi is shocked to see he being kidnapped…

  4. Omg! Bulbul was involved with pragya and dadi from the day one! Somewhere we knew it and me and some of u guys had guessed it too but becoz of CVS and bulbul’s gud acting, we just dropped that idea that bulbul is involved with pragya. But anyays it’s gud that pragya is not at all alone, dafi and bubul is there for helping her and god knows in future, someone else too gets involved with her. And Abhi! he is still confused and through his acts, he is making us confused too about his behavior. Imagine guys even aaliya assumed it that pragya still loves abhi even after convincing by abhi that pragya saved him for money and abhi, he claims having so much love for pragya but he is totally unable to assumed pragya’s feelings and real intentions. I was right that abhi himself will become the biggest hurdle in pragya’s way and my fear proved correct that Aaliya and raaj

    • sana

      Its getting funny day by day guys…every week they are showing one or the other with pragya…goin fwd in the next two weeks we might see the complete household except the vamps and villain in Pragya’s team except ABHI 😀 😀

  5. Rads

    They r jus dragging it like a chewing gum..its gettng boring day by day..no.spice at all..get tht blo*dy b*t*h tannu..whr d gell is nikhil..is he sleeping ?

  6. sruthika

    On sun 4:30 to 8pm there is special in zee tv
    And they also show tht pragya was kidnapped in a van and abhi ran behind…

  7. srija

    I’m 90 percent sure dat abhi knows abt pragyas plan n want 2 reveal aalia n Tanu by himself…. If dis happens …. It wud b amazng ….

  8. srija

    I’m 90percent sure dat abhi knws abt pragya’s plan n wants to reveal Tanu n aaliya by himself…… Nn if dis happens , it wud b amazing…. Wat do u guys say ???

  9. Aaliya and raaj could use abhi for defeating pragya so now they r going to make it happen. And purab is also going to help abhi against pragya. Poor pragya? for those two peoples, she is doing all this, they themselves r going to become her biggest hurdles and rivals of her. They will feel so much guilt for doing this, when truth will reveal in front of them. What if purbul’s relationship too will affected becoz of it becoz bulbul is helping pragya and purab is abhi’s side.

    • chithu

      Nikki..i don;t think so Abhi will go against Pragya..he has doubt on his mind why Pragya is doing all these..now after this arrest incident, he got to know that Pragya is ok if Tanu is getting arrested..but she is protecting him..though she accepted it as to protect his reputation so that her money..he doesn’t seem to believe much on that..so even if he joins with Purabh on this, it will be only to reveal Pragya’s true face it think..it will not be to revenge Pragya…also, if Purabh joins, then Bulbul will definitely come to know..so she will alert Pragya..

      also , i doubt the kidnap on promo..might be Abhi’s plan to expose Pragya or Pragya herself to prove money is important to her as she told Dadi that she will prove Aaliya that Abhi is not important only money is important for her….

      • Ya chithu even I was thinking same when I read ur promo news. I was thinking that who could kidnapped pragya? Then after thinking so much, I reached on this conclusion that there r only two peoples who could kidnapped her, first abhi himself to know pragya’s truth or second could b raaj to get abhi’s property from pragya. Raaj have money to do this and abhi has stardum but taaliya has nothing with them so they can’t kidnapped pragya through goons. But pragya herself kidnapped! I don’t think so.

  10. neha

    Oh its bulbul….thank god that it wasn’t tanu n aaliya otherwise it’ll create big problem for pragya… But anyways!!!!!!!
    Wooow I like abhi n pragya cozy moment…. Luv their onscreen chemistry very much…but they’re dragging show…..plz cvs tanu, aaliya n Raj true face revealed soon in front of abhi, then only abhi realised pragya makeovers and realise that she’s his old fuggi.

  11. Minna

    Serial is the biggest bore now dragging story just to lengthen show what serial makers and promoters / advertizers don’t realize people stop watching …..it takes one min to read which way serial is going no need to waste time watching 9 o’clock is prime time plenty of other genuine stories to watch

  12. santya

    jeng..jeng…jeng….seems we still need to wait for all the truth to b reveal and its gonna b long way to go.so far two people are behind thia pragya’s plan..and the hero- like not even sure whether he knws the truth and still acting till now or seriously he dunno anything…and we should wait ppatiently for nikhil to come over to reveal tanu..and just hoping that aliya will die in this drama at the end as she’s not a person who gonna chnage her attitude and her evil mind set forever.
    lets wait and see hows the drama gonna be drag more or to b more specific,pulling like chewing gum…urghhh….kadavulleh…and i read bfre someone said this drama gonna end by Oct /Nov…hahahha…i dont think so

  13. Guys it might b Abhi’s plan to know tat pragya still loves him or not. tis ll reveled in kidnap nd they ll b together working against evil 1. LETS c wats happening in3.5 hrs episode i hope everything ll go right

  14. Priya $

    Again they started another kidnapping ohhhnooo. Like nikki said 2 ppl only can do it may b abhi r raaj. Whether this kidnapping sequence may bring end to aliyah ah. Surely aliyah r tanu someone ll truth ll b revealed I think so.

  15. Guys I have a news for all of u about the new kidnapping promo. Guys I just visit on India forum site where I read that this upcoming kidnapping sequence is just for making ganpati special episodes,special and dramatic. Pragya’s kidnapping is not related to present track of kkb.Zee peoples gave the description of upcoming ganpati special episode. They r saying that Pragya got a contract for abhi of ganpati sthapna. First abhi refuses but later gets ready forcibly becoz of pragya becoz abhi brand belongs to pragya now. In the event pragya gets to know that some goons wants to steal that ganpati festival’s charity money. Pragya gets into it’s bottom then she gets to know that goons r going to steal that truck which will b loaded with charity money. She herself will go to save that money alone from the goons but ends up being kidnapped by goons. Abhi gets to know that in the process of saving charity’s money from goons, pragya got kidnapped and her life is in danger, he will go to save pragya anyhow and he will succeed in saving pragya too and they will end up to come together in ganpati pandal on that time when jitendra ji will do the aarti of Ganesha. That’s it. So guys don’t worry and just enjoy our abhigya’s roller foster ride with so much drama, suspense, thrill, actions, fun and entertainment.

    • Priya $

      Really nikki super in this kidnapping sequence if abhi comes to know about pragya’s truth means it ll b gud. But don’t know wat the writers ll do.

      • PRIYA can’t say if pragya’s truth to b revealed to abhi through it or not but this kidnapping drama is just making ganpati festival event dramatic and full of entertainment. Becoz zee is celebrating ganpati festival in the show of kumkumbhagya where amany zee show’s people will b performing and gathering in this event along with kkb’s cast, where jitendra ji will b chief guest of this event who will perform aarti of Ganesha in this event. In today’s SBS and sbb’s segment they showed sid-roshni from zamai raja was performing in this event on kkb’s ganesh festival event’s location.

  16. farida uttan

    This drama will go on for another few months – won’t miss much even if you stop watching for a while. The writers cannot think of anything more practical to follow through the Pragya’s Plan to save ABHI. I think they need help somehow

  17. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Lol even if one does not watch for a few episodes stil wah ke wah sooooo wats new
    writers drink coffeeeee n wake up plssss

  18. Tuti

    I just realise something…..Pragya is cute and all…..but one thing’s for sure…..she is soo adorable….super adorable in that grey outfit….i kept on replaying that part just to look at her adorable expression…

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