Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to meet Tanu. Tanu is shocked and asks you??? Nikhil says are you dreaming about Abhi? Tanu asks him not to take her advantage, and says she will land up in problem if anyone see them together. She gives their child’s promise. Just then she sees Pragya standing and pushes Nikhil. Nikhil hides behind the curtain. Pragya asks why she is sweating till now. Tanu says you were torturing me. Pragya says may be Abhi wants to torture you. Tanu says you are lying. Pragya says Abhi sleeps on left side of bed, and says why did he call you on right side. Tanu gets doubtful and thinks to ask Abhi. She pulls the curtain and sees Mitali standing. Mitali tells that the person standing here went missing. Tanu goes. Mitali thinks there is a ghost there and runs. Tanu calls

Nikhil and asks where is he? He says he is outside of house. He thinks Tanu might have divorced Abhi till now, but she didn’t marry him till now.

Dadi reaches restaurant to talk to Pragya, Purab and Bulbul. Pragya tells them that Tanu got angry and held her neck when she provoked her. Dadi says Tanu is thinking you want to create misunderstanding between them. Bulbul gets an idea and says they will make Abhi scold Tanu when he sees her not taking care of baby. She says Tanu will dance in Dussera and then Jiju will scold her. Pragya doesn’t like the idea and says she can’t play with baby’s life. Dadi says I am with her. Purab says I don’t think so and asks her to think about other idea. He goes to bring chocolate for her. Bulbul thinks she is stuck between them.

Tanu tells Abhi that you called me at right side of bed and tells what Pragya has told. Tanu says you don’t love me and I know. Abhi says you are at my left side of heart, so I called you at right side. Tanu says I will leave the house with baby. Abhi asks her not to cry. Pragya hears them. Abhi asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks Abhi is angry and she shall not go near him.

Sarla gets ready. Bulbul gives her compliment and leaves with her. Pragya asks Ronnie to check arrangements. She asks everyone to rehearse for Ram Leela. Sarla comes and greets Dadi. She looks at Pragya and looks on. Pragya asks Dadi to rehearse her part. Dadi welcomes the guests and says she wants to call Ajay Mehra who is playing Dasharath’s role. Dasi comes and enacts her role. Aaliya comes and says she will play Sita’s role and rehearse the lines. Pragya says you can’t do acting and asks her to leave it. Aaliya says who are you to judge me. I am not interested, but you have forced me. Ronnie says you can’t do it. Pragya asks him to keep quiet.

Dadi calls upon Sarla to rehearse her lines. Sarla enacts as Mata Ansuyya. Sarla tells about woman duties towards her husband. She says a woman who gives more preference to other things, can’t be happy. Even if she stays in Palace without obeying her husband then she can’t be happy. Pragya gets teary eyes and hides her face.

Bulbul asks Abhi to do partnership with Pragya to make double money. Dadi says we have to find Aaliya’s weakness. Pragya says there are two things, one is money and other is marriage, which has broken with Purab. Dadi selects marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How long yaar… When that gonna reveal tanu aliya and raj .

  2. This show should get an Oscar countless episodes go by and nothing happens characters wear nice clothes walk around doing nothing for twenty mins
    The problems same carry on and on and on
    Now its no longer boring its become a joke

  3. Stop dragging the show n why is tanu tummy still flat

    Abhi and pragya argue all over their love and money. Abhi knows he can earn money by singing. He talks to pragya about profit sharing. Raj has got a sharp shooter to kill pragya. It is again murder planning for pragya, but pragya will be saved once again. Pragya says I troubled everyone a lot. It will have to be seen how shooter fails in his plan. The killer falls in love with pragya and then changes his mind to kill her. He starts wooing her by his liners and flirts with her. He tries impressing pragya and gets scolded by pragya. The killer will turn his love into a craze. All this will happen during RamLeela. OMG I honestly hate this upcoming track because it’s the same track like it was for Neil and bulbul like Neil loved bulbul but then his love turned into craze and OMG nooooooo and also ekta kapoor like she always makes the story go around in circles and then when trps are low it’s just like she changes the story or the show ends they’re ruining such a good show!!! They already ruined meri aashiqui tumse hi by making a double role of ranveer and then they ruined yeh hai mohabattein too and now kumkum Bhagya!!! Omg she needs to get her stories right!!!! I just hate this upcoming track ughh!!!

    1. ya u r cent percent right.spoiled matsh nd yhb already nd nw ths.disgusting i thnk thy thought tht v vl watch these shows even wn thy show whatever thy want.marriages r shown as a comedy in ths shows,so many marriages nd tht toooo nt hpng wid d right pair.always a twist in aaaaallllllll marriages in aaaaaalllll shows cnt believe.i thnk its better to end those shows.

  5. this drsma has gone out of line.it is too obviousthat the producer is draggginggg. tht more ut drag the more the role of each people doesn’t maje sense. gosh crappinh

  6. NieLoveLyBeibZ

    I love to watch this show… but this is too much already… where is rachna and akash.. where is raj and mitali baby… they just dragging too much.. at least make something gud reason for the fans off kkb to keep on watching the serial.. I know hindi movie are always dragging but u know just use some reality…

  7. Getting bore of same storie line..dragging . Dragginggggggg…….

  8. I liked tayaji n aliyas acting n dialogue. So funny.nowadays no good scenes of abhigya.so sad.

  9. Ohhh.. I. Seee…it is purab’s suggestion, on which bases he will come with contract papers as I saw in segment. But what could b the purpose of this idea of purab giving to abhi? Anyways in this episode’s best part was tabhi scene. I want to abhi behave with tanu just like this and keep maintain distance like this. I know she deserves worst behavior but for now it’s enough before truth’s revelation. Tanu vanished part was like omg! What is this? Will we watch illogical magic also in the show from now! What things CVS r trying to show as comedy. Totally stupid ideas. And the idea of manipulation of tanu against abhi and abhi against tanu is right to do tanu panic and furious, but it will b work on tanu as she will b start doing mistakes in it and then obviously she will b catch and ya one more thing they can do. They could show everyone tanu as not doing Carr for child then only nikhil will come out openly in his anger, not then when tanu will start meeting with him becoz of insecurity from abhi’s side, like bulbul was saying. Becoz tanu is mostly insecure from nikhil nt from abhi. She will never start to meet nikhil from her side first. So making tanu panic and furious and showing everyone that she doesn’t have any care for baby is a very gud idea to bring out nikhil out infront of them openly. And pragya is doing right by filling tanu’s ears against abhi. Becoz there will b two best results of it. First- Tanu will get insecure and panic and abhi will start thinking that pragya loves him and can’t see him with tanu that’s why she is creating difference between him and tanu.

    1. One more thing, Darla maa’s indirect speech to pragya on wife duties r totally wrong in present sense. That time I felt, that due to this kind of lessons from her mother, pragya has suffered a lot and still suffering. Guys tell me how much this is right that a wife should take care of her husband’s happiness and should b satisfied in his happiness always, whether it will b right or wrong! Come on Darla maa wake up. We r living in 21st century where everyone have a right to live with happiness and everybody have a right to raise voice against wrong against any person whether it will b related to us or not. And a husband and wife both should take care of each other’s happiness, both should respect each other and both should b loyal with each other, equally. It is not only wife’s duty to full fill all this.

  10. seriously boring..i stopped watching the serial and at times i read the written updates.now i feel like no more reading the written updates too

  11. What pragya is saying right side left side I really can’t able to understand

  12. watz dis happeing serial is getng bore

  13. oru urupadiyana visayam kuda ila….. idhula indha utthami aliya ku marg oru korachal ah………….
    modhalla lead pairs join panni veinga apurama andha alagi aliya ku marg panradha pathi yosinga……….
    precap padikaradhuke tension agudhu……..

  14. In precap it was shown that Dadi talking abt Aliya’s marriage. Its nice idea to plan about Aliya’s marriage

  15. boring ? fed up from this show

  16. Nivi cool..

  17. Angel.. we too dont understand the track of kumkum bhaga,, so dont be confused

  18. I just wait 2 c abhi jealous of pragya n its mk tanu do much mr mistakes n get cought the truth of tanu…

  19. Every day episode starts with same kind of scenes…abhi teasing pragya and trying to make her jealous…nikhil always saying this baby is mine and tanu asking him to shut up and before anyone sees them nikhil escapes…pragya,bulbul,daadi and now purab meeting in restaurant and working out failure plans..sarla maa crying..in between ramleela rehearsals…my god fed up of this…totally dragging

  20. I Totally agree with you Nikki.Sarlaa ma is living in an old/past century.

  21. Oops…too much dragged epi..

  22. LOL , ar these ppl for real, what nonsense????????? Pls can they stop showing such crap, I cannot take this show, actually hav not been watching, its the first serial tat I feel is the most FLOPPED of all the serials?????? These woman Alliyah, Tanu, ar all such irritating ppln pls just END this!!!!!!!!!

  23. God plz come up with something substantial so that we will feel like watching this serial…..its not moving at all…slower than a tortoise pace….
    Saavadikadheenga da

  24. Guys kkb is on no.3 in trips ratings. Last time it was on no-2. Audience’s disappointment from the show is visible in this rating. I hope it drop more so CVS get a lesson but I think upcoming function’s episodes will help it to maintain.

    1. 4th place

    2. and nikki extremely sad of trp rating of kumkum bhagya and for your words i will hope that something will happen on the ram leela act because then only they can maintain trp and for this stupid aliya ivaluku role kuduthathey perusu ithula ivaluku sita role thevaiyaaaaa ????????????????????

  25. Frahia Mohamed

    Just sooooo tired of this kkb bcoz it’s being dragged…just expose this aliya n tanu…#BringAbhigyaTogether

  26. hii frds can I join your group….. ?

  27. Booooooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg ya

  28. dragging too much….i can’t tolerate…:(

  29. guys we have forget one person SURESH yes after some episodes suresh was not seen so i have little bit doubt on suresh suys please think and tell me

  30. Guys one bad news. I read about an artical which says that shikha Singh (Aaliya) is suffering from dengue. She has been hospitalized since 5 days and she is on complete bed rest. Artical says that shikha (Aaliya) was going to play a very important role in upcoming ramleela episode’s twist but now becoz of her illness, CVS r doing rework on ramleela track and her part.

  31. why kumkum bhagya written updates are posted so late nowadays compare to other written updates?

    It is posted around only 12 o clock

  32. Already these cvs wat to do nu theriyama were draaaaging the episodes lyk anytng . . Idhula aliyah’s absence vera . . Cnt even imagine wht crap these cvs gona do

  33. Hey guys plz do post it soon cnt wait.. Sleepy .. Afta readn the updates oly il sleeep . . Guys atleast temme abt the precap

  34. Pls precap enachunu solunga

  35. kkb is my fvrt show but now its becoming bore its too dragging … waiting for the realface of tanu…. ahhh uhhhh I jazz wanna c abhi n pragya together with love n fight as dat moon date…. I love dat moon seen Teris

  36. Kkb has become the worst show on zeetv ….tooooo much dragging… Nothing important what they are showing.. I think that this twist is gonna end in 2016 .. That’s why I didn’t watch it for some weeks but I see that it is stil the same…that’s why I love Jamai raja they aren’t dragging in that show…

  37. this serial is get boring day by day finish it off soon

  38. now kumkum bhagya is not yet interesting

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