Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu waiting for Pragya’s call. She thinks she shall meet Abhi and asks him to announce after sometime. She hears someone saying that a thief have entered vanity. She gets tensed and thinks what will happen. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to rest for a while. Abhi says if I sing more songs then you will earn more money. He says I will do many concert, but may be you might not organize the concert. Pragya asks what do you mean? She says I will send cold drink for you. Abhi asks he will not drink and says he will not let her ruin his voice. He says Tanu is the reason for doing the concert, and says he will announce his marriage plan with Tanu. He says his fans are everything for him and says he will tell them how she has been troubling her. He says I told you to divorce

me and also warned you, but you have refused. Pragya folds her hands and requests him not to make announcement. Abhi agrees and asks him to give divorce right now. Pragya says your fans might think you wrong knowing that you are getting married to a pregnant lady. Abhi says he got love from his fans and they will support him. He says he will accept his mistake and his fans will get more happy knowing his honesty. He says nobody can stop him from doing justice to Tanu and his baby. A song plays……………

Abhi says you have forced me to do an announcement. Security asks Nikhil to open the door. Nikhil thinks to call Tanu, but have no network. Purab asks him to break the door. Tanu gets tensed and says you can do anything. She tells Purab that her friend is inside, and she sent her to vanity to use washroom. Purab asks Tanu to call her. Tanu calls Ruksana and asks him to come out. Nikhil opens the door and comes out. Tanu says I told that she is my friend. They can’t see his face. Purab asks about her. Ronnie asks her to show the face. Tanu says her family is conservative and might see her on camera. Purab tells Ronnie that let it be. Tanu says only Abhi can see her face. Purab asks security to make her sit in the VIP section. Nikhil thanks Tanu for handling so well and says he was so scared. He says camera is fitted in vanity and asks her to call blackmailer there. Tanu asks are you mad? Nikhil says okay, and asks her to call blackmailer in the parking.

Purab and Ronnie tell Pragya that Tanu have saved that man. Pragya says she is very clever, you can’t lift that man’s veil infront of everyone. Pragya sees Tanu coming and tells that she will message them about the new plan. Tanu comes to Pragya. Pragya asks Tanu why she took her friend to vanity and says blackmailer called her and asked. Tanu apologizes. Pragya says I don’t want to deal with blackmailer and will cancel it. Tanu says no, and asks her to call blackmailer to the parking lot. Pragya says okay. Tanu asks her to call blackmailer after sometime as she has to meet Abhi before. Pragya says what is more important to you, meeting Abhi or blackmailer. Tanu agrees to meet blackmailer first. Pragya asks Tanu to be there and says she will call blackmailer. Pragya shares her idea with Purab and says I saw his face and thought he is Nikhil. Purab says okay, I will go on stage. Pragya says it will be clear now it he is Nikhil or not.

Purab comes on stage and introduces himself. He thanks Abhi’s fans and asks them to enjoy the show. He says I want to make an important announcement and says he would like to thank a special organizer who have done much for the event. He calls Nikhil and requests him to come on stage right now. Pragya thinks now I will seen how you will run away from here.

Abhi asks Tanu not to go from there and asks her to come on stage just as he takes her name. Tanu says okay. Pragya hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hasan mam pls tell me the secret I mean how do you update 2shows at same slot? Pls tell me IKRS and sarojini and Saturday jamai raja and naagin pls tell me then my head will burst pls answer mam

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Backwas precap pls pls I think pls change the female lead name from sriti to …………
    Full the name as tanu real name. Pls backwas writers are making me cry now a days…

  3. sana

    so stupid yaar..i don’t like it any more…i won’t think this will be relealed this much early…so much dragging and dragging…

  4. jiaaaaa

    what is happppppeeeennniinnning yar?????????????? tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much draaggggggging,,,,,,,,

  5. jiaaaaa

    what is happppppeeeennniinnning yar?????????????? tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much draaggggggging,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. angel

    Boring episode…..abhi please open ur eyes and see the truth Aur yeh tanu wala drama kb khtm hoga….othiri deshyam varuva…please bring the truth of tanu fast because wanna see abhigya together.

  7. Ashly

    Person who is sitting in VIP seat is not Nikhil,if he comes to stage Sarla can give signal,but what writers are trying to do? Feeling pity on both Abhi n Pragya…

  8. So stupid…okay pragya first of all u keep claiming “I don’t want to lose abhi” all the time but u urself is making it hard on u if u keep doing things in riddles and don’t come straight to point then abhi will defiantly mace away from u and second why the heck is pragya being a kabab mein hadi seriously let abhi live his life and u do the work ur here for if u keep stopping abhi he will keep thinking u wrong and focus on what ur here for u will get abhi at the end and u might have to face separation before that but stop sticking ur nose in every matter if u want to expose tanu go ahead but at least don’t humiliate him in front of others if u focused more on tanu then thinking if u will lose abhi u would’ve accomplished ur mission also if ur so damn scared for losing abhi then GO TELL HIM don’t sit like a idiot thinking once u expose tanu everything will be fine even if u do expose here then there is a 50-50 chance abhi will forgive u because u have hurt him a LOT I know abhi has too but comparing you and abhi I personally think your a bigger culprit and all of u who think I’m wrong because abhi had a relationship with tanu even after he married pragya well pragya was at fault too she’s the one who told abhi she married him for her families happiness and she is telling him that he can be with tanu it’s her fault with all of this and it’s her heart’s fault that she fell in love with abhi and all of u who might be mad at me well I’m sorry guys because what I’m saying is true and pragya is a bigger culprit because she confessed her love to abhi and when abhi started to feel for pragya she called it a “joke” I mean what was the need to confess if u were gonna play with his emotions and all this hatred and all started after pragya called her confession a joke that was very bad of pragya and she is at bigger fault and IF U DONT WANNA LOSE ABHI THEN TELL HIM THE TRUTH OR YOU’LL LOSE UR ABHI AND UR LOVE!!!

    • Sahithi

      Aww someone finally commenting aptly n thinking from Abhi’s point of view also.
      Even today before announcement he told to Pragya but Pragya always keeps secrets to herself. That transparency is missing from her.

      And very well said Abhi would b angry because Pragya is poking in all his matters. Rather shud try concentrate her task of exposing Tanu n Nikhil.

      I don’t understand how come most viewers keep siding with Pragya, she was mostly at wrong in the whole makeover track. Daadi may b the reason but we do expect her to use her reasoning. Even I won’t be surprised if after knowing the truth Abhi is upset with her. She had been fooling him for so long. She better tell him truth.

    • Well said sana…
      I totally agree with you…
      Abhi dont know the truth that’s why he thinks that the unborn child belongs to him & he wants to marry Tanu for the sake of child but not for Tanu…

      • Haha I know manu and that’s why in yesterday’s episode he called tanu stupid woman when she took forever to come on stage it was funny haha

    • Anu

      Totally agreeing. Pragya is acting so dumb. Its now too much. However good actor Sriti might be her character is bakwaas

      • Actually it’s not Shriti fault because she is just acting all this décision was taken by writter so That person is written the bakwas episode

  9. gowtham

    totally frustrated.. abhi i am waiting plz sikram announce the marriage with tanu…tanu is very apt person fr u…. superb jodi….

  10. razia

    If this is the precap then m sure nikhil might ve stepped in to the stage very normally since the person sitting in VIP section in burqa wud b aaliya .. Tat wud be the twist the reporters saying in segment .. Do the CVS stil think tat v need twists? V only wan abhigya unite not these so cald suspense n twists .. It’s ridiculous ..

    • razia

      Another two more months another two montgs nu evlo naal Dan wait panradhu .. I jus can’t how I’m disappointed .. Y do they do dis to us

  11. razia

    On seeing the precap .. Pragya looks very tensed .. I really can’t c her lyk dis .. Y she has to bear al dis y can’t she not listen to dadis words n take decision her own .. She’s suffering alot .. Pavum

  12. sana

    Tanu truth will out,when abhi second child go to LKG and tanu deliver child at Abhi second child go to 5th STD.guys it’s really will happen.

  13. kavs

    Pragya what a genuines…..she knows that her mother know who os that person…n.now she has seen nikhil face she can directly go.to her mother and show his photo n ask her…..but she will not do that…as they made a very big plan they have to follow it…..what a director what a serial…..

  14. Neha

    Pragya alredy nikhil ka face dekhchukhina ek baar sarala ma se puchke apna doubt clear karsakthina phir kyun bewajah track dragging karrai plz end this track soon we want to se abhigya reunite

  15. But I can’t understand one thing… In precap Abhi looking towards Pragya again and again while talking with tanu…
    He wantedly doing all this???
    Any guesses guys???

  16. MM

    it has been one year that we are waiting for abhigya unition. las year during March kidnapping scene was going on and since then we are just waiting. there was a time when I used to wait desperately to watch this serial. and now whenever I see this serial I just change the channel. I was crazy for abhigya and now I find there faces irritating. Ekta ma’am if you really respect your viewers then please end this boring track. otherwise this serial will have the same track as MATSH. I pity the audience who waited for ishveer unition. they were badly fooled. because of such boring story track of yours, I am not watching kasam even though sharad malhotra is my favourite.

  17. Asha

    So boring episodes, if pragya is so smart she should grab tannu phone by hook or crook she would come to know

  18. sharmi

    This is the longest BS prolonged Tanu/Nikil idiotic combination, wast of show time space ever. I can say so much more but it will be blocked upon review…What I can’t understand is why its still showing. I tape it but fast forward the majority of the scenes, even the ones with Abhi and Pragya…I feel like sleeping when I watch it…Bulbul is the smart one to have ditch this show!!!

  19. Neha

    Pragya Came between Abhi and Tanu…. whatever may be the reason… because of Pragya all sweet sweet talks Abhi has melted… I tooo feel.. Tanu should realise and they should get married… I dnt like pragya anymore… she is very selfish just because of her happenuess she has scarifies he sister bulbul life and now her mother…. so selfish… even after she know someone is trying to kill her mom… still she is behind to reveal truth of Tanu…. realy stop all nonsense… whovever the director can you edit the script… and make some proper script… I like this serail because of Abhi…. but now… I feel very pitty n Abhi… he realy dnt knw anything simply his feeling are getting gragged and now when i tried so hard to forget Pragya she is reavling truth of Tanu… ohhhh god… she would hv told truth and should hv done DNA testing… or Pragya should have shown her MOm nikhil pic if she feels Nikhil is the one and her mom would have blinked her eyes… so stupid serial…Very unhappy with writer… I was watching this serial before evryday… now i just read the update… i dnt like to spend my time… I watch other serails now..

  20. Boring evry tym i watch dis serial kkb am seeing da same story pragya trying exposing tanus n it neva eva happen i thing no story ahead dats why the writter is stuck

  21. Shraddha Sharma

    This is tooo much… public ko itne months se pta hai ki tanu ke baby ka father nikil hai, or serial ke drame hai ki katam hi nhi ho rehe hai, unko abhi bhi confirm krna hai … upper se dumb idea by pragya, nikil ko awaj do or vo aa jayega ya bhagega nhi (jaise ki chor kud kehega ki main yahan hun)… i don’t get writers story likhte likhte itne confused kyu ho jaate hai ki unko samjg hi nhi aata hai ki kya likhe… or to or yeh serial to aise tortoise se bhi slow chal raha hai…. agr tortoise and kumkum bhagya ki race ho na to tortoise first aayega….

  22. Madhu

    Come onnnnn yaaar…such a boring track it is…truely fed up..why writers are ruining such a nice story…giving a twist is good but if that twist remains as a twist – is worst..From the beginning of the show they have many twists but interesting..but creating more twists to maintain the twist is bothering..

    Initially Abhi married Pragya with a misunderstanding of She loves Purab, but He come to know purab loves bulbul..nice twist..?

    Then Pragya caught in a stupid MMS made by Alia results Abhi hates Pragya, but he only revealed the truth..excellent twist..?

    Then Abhi realized his love on Pragya, at the same time Pragya came to know that Tanu became pregnant..interesting twist..?

    Then Pragya wants Abhi to Marry Tanu, but it’s shown that Tanu became pregnant by Nikhil not by Abhi..greatest twist..?

    Alia acted as she left Purab to bulbul but she was hiding and tried to Marry Purab by harming Bulbul but Abhi exposed her..exciting twist..?

    Pragya left Abhi to Tanu but she come to know Tanu’s truth n Alia’s truth but met with accident before she tells Abhi..superb twist..?

    Then Pragya came back with full of make up, stylish look, snatched property, bold, rude..etc by Dadi’s Order..what a twist..?

    Here it goes…Twist remains as a Twist like a fevi qwick..?????????
    When ever Pragya tries to reveal the truth, violins are escaping with another twist..?

    Now also..Nikhil will definitely come on to the stage with a smile by waving his hand..it’s one more twist..?

    We should be excited to watch the twists in the show.. instead, we are bored actually..biggest Twist..??

  23. LS

    It is interesting that Nikhil managed to get the DNA report without having Tanu there – how?? Well it is serial anything is possible – if he could get it – then why does Pragya and all of them not do the same – ask Tanu to do a DNA test of the baby and that way prove to Abhi that he is not the father – this stupid saga has been going on for so long and Ekta Kapoor and group have managed to make a really good show to a boring nonsense now

  24. LJ

    I have never seen such nonsense.
    This track is being squeezed to take any drop that might remain for what has become a horribly boring neverending track. Ever see a lemon that has been squeezed dry… This is KKB
    This show was so good… I am still waiting for Tanu and Nakhil to be exposed. Can someone tell me why the burqa couldn’t be lifted from Nikhil?


    • sham

      Now they are celebrating holi since last year there was kidnap drama and Tanu was pregnant by that time if we count and they celebrate holi it will be Tanu’s 13 month pregnancy

  26. shobana

    I think the person sitting in vip plan was alia and Nikhil will come to stage
    Then sarla ma will see in camera

    I seriously can’t understand what might be the twist and turns. Is abhi mistakenly proposing pragya instead of tanu is the twist???

      • Shobana

        because her mother is paralysis
        when sarla ma came to know about the truth nikhil made her accident as a result she is paralysis

  27. Anu

    I guess now I should also stop reading the whole update and go for only precaps. Waiting badly for Abhhigya moments 🙂

  28. shobana

    Iss pyar kya naam doon fame “barun sobit ” is back to television series
    His next is “Satya Ka Kiran ” in Zee TV
    Sources are tellin that the show may be aired in April

  29. Ruchi

    Ekta madam pls for heavens sake stop boring us with this tanu n nikhil s track.. Viewer’s are losing interest now… How long will u drag yaar? Pls tanu cant be pregnant for 1 year now… Pls unite them..abhigya..

  30. Marees

    “Ennama neenga ippadi pantrengalema”The last year pragya come to know Tanu’s and Aliya’s truth but she met with accident….

    After accident pragya you should tell whole truth to abi..but instead nee expose pantren solli bulbula close pannita next unga amma close panna pora..why this Cid job..its all confusion because of dadi…

  31. hey frnds so many days i was just a silent reader …but now i have a good news for all of u…tanu s truth will be revieled by this week

  32. Reji

    Guys now holi is going to come ….. so guys last holi abhigya were kidnapped …..but they played very playful holi…. this time holi we can’t expect like that I think wat do I think guys this holi will abhigya be United. …

  33. I think the writer, director and character of that show are tooooo bewakuf, as well as the role playing character who are Fantus being like parrot as direction of director without logic just playing and playing do you feel that how many episode u entertain to us may be only 4-8 part of till now, is it the way to direction to serial. We all are seeing/watching that where is not possible to revel the secret only there these fantus character goes to find something, on the other side Pragnya says she loves to abhi but each time she hurt, but never tried to hurt by telling the real story.

  34. I think the writer, director and character of that show are tooooo bewakuf, as well as the role playing character who are Fantus being like parrot as direction of director without logic just playing and playing do you feel that how many episode u entertain to us may be only 4-8 part of till now, is it the way to direction to serial. We all are seeing/watching that where is not possible to revel the secret only there these fantus character goes to find something, on the other side Pragnya says she loves to abhi but each time she hurt, but never tried to hurt by telling the real story.

  35. I left to watch that serial since long time ago but now days i listened that they twist to serial as making reveal the all culprit of vilian’s role, good character are getting relief but i found same as like old episode, just pragnya, purab, dadi’s plan fail, Aaliya, Tanu, Nikhil are getting success in their moto, so it’s a damn serial, they just waste the time of Zee t.v. channel.

  36. kp

    why are they dragging it so much?… the writers are boring and frustrating the viewers that’s it! they are adding more and more stupid and trashy twists to keep the show going on… its high time they take it off air..

  37. gowtham

    sahithi, sana neenga solrathu i agree…. tat abhi has to feel like this since he thnks he s d father of d baby.. tats y he gets angry on pragya whn she is not ready to give divorce… and i too agree pragya is dumb yo d core.. she is the one who makes everything complicated and also dadi….

    but not to forget… abhi also truly loves pragya… if pragya acts na he has to find it very easily…. fr eg while proposing track pragya didnt accept and said she was joking at that time he knew that she was lying… and able to feel d love… aftr knowing about the tanus pregnancy also he didnt give up his love….bt nw it is portrayed as he is not even trust pragya…. i knw there is a difference… apo it was fuggi ipo mogambo… bt ena itunthalum love epadi maarum… though pragya acting weirdly he shuld be able to find the truth..so pragya matum reasn ila… abhi also not maintaining his level of thinking…. rendu per melaum mistakes iruku

  38. sham

    Again her mother knows Nikhil and she saw his face then why she did not ask her mother instead of sharing stupid thought with Purab

  39. Nandu

    Dumbest shw I hav evr senn..ufff dragggggggg draaaggg.hw cme a day in serial runs fr 3 episodes..uff…may B cvs r out of story..chi……

  40. suresh

    paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg

  41. Rose

    guys we r having sbs segment today… they posted some pic.. in that pragya s searching someone .. nd they telling tanu has crossed all the limits now wt pragya do yo exposed him

    • razia

      Ronnie is injured .. In unconscious state pragya n purab found him worried .. Nikhil n tanu looks from far it seems .. May b knowing Ronnie as blackmailer they might ve harmed him .. The question is wit this did takhil came to knoe pragya n purab knoes their truth ? If tat happens then its an absolute crap .. Onnum theriyamayae sema clever ah takhil playing .. Idhula pragya knows everything nu therinja sutham finishes

  42. razia

    Generally I use to wait fa the segment widout fail .. I’ll nt even SLP in the aftnun .. By today I knoe there is a segment n Im nt gonna watch it even it seems like thr s a twist I don need twist .. N m gonna SLP not worried n waitn to c the segment

  43. Shaz

    By watching this serial we are going to be mad as pragya, dadi, and Abhiiiiiiii.I can’t watch a foolish serial with foolish characters. Always failure. I think they will continue this track until 1000 episodes.

  44. JoJo

    It has become pathetic serial…i used to love once but now i reallly hate this serial…..There is limit to drag….limit to patience of poor viewers….All limits are crossed.i feel this serial should go off air now. let them sit and understand how they want to expose

  45. Tisha

    I watched the video I literally cried to see Ronnie in that stage y CVS r creating such stupid twists Now some question is twirling in my mind that Is Abhi is worth of this much sacrifices..First Pragya assassinated her character then Bulbul’s life then Sarla maa’s present condition now Ronnie can’t bear this much of carp..Really it’s all coz of Dadi..y they r twirling jilabi in Kkb story

    • Jaydeep

      Ronnie knows about takhil so they try to kill him by stabbing him and make him fall from cliff but he survive and tells about them to pragya and purab…so purab thinks about plan to expose tanu

  46. Ashly

    Instead of Ronnie if its dadi it ll be apt… Height of stupidity… Its all because of her… Now Ronnie might be known about Takhil… Next Ronnie ll be Paralysed… Next target ll be Purab or Dadi…

  47. honey

    guys did u see the ad of new serial vishkanya it going to start from 22 nd so i think that kkb will get completed by then becoz they dint announce any time slot i think on that holi episode in which tie ,msm ,kb are celebrating together maybe in that we can see abhigyas reunioun

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ohhh noo kkb ends then we will start watching zee becoz they did not show abhigya romance? There is no good epi till now!

    • Sahithi

      Nope Vishkanya is mostly going to air at 10:30 PM slot. KB is not going to end anytime soon.

      • honey

        oh thanks for clearing my doubt and yes ranaji theres no good episode till now i hope there will be in future … hope it will not go off air.

  48. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Kkb won’t end and I think it will take 10.30 slot or it will take weekend slot

  49. Kalai

    *Episode starts with Purab requesting Nikhil to come on stage. Abhi thinks so Nikhil helped Mogambo with the sponsorship.. I’ll see to him once the concert is finished. Pragya is looking at the gurka person and think i knw ur Nikhil n u have to go to the stage. Purab again announces Nikhil to come on stage.

    * Daadi n Maa in monitor room. Daadi says y is Purab calling Nikhil on stage. Daadi says to Maa that dnt worry Pragya will be successful. and tells Maa that she’ll go to the washroom. Purab announces tht sorry guys i think Nikhil is hooked up in some other work. And he thinks that so is Di’s doubt right abt Nikhil? thats y hez not comming on stage.

    *Pragya goes near the burka person and just as shez abt to lift the veil Nikhil shouts hey Purab Pragya and Purab get shocked. Nikhil walks on to the stage and Pragya looks at the burka person. Pragya thinks how can this happen. Tanu thiks Nikhil is in burka.. then how did he go on stage..

    *Sarla tries to signal … Daadi comes there and leaves again saying i forgot my mobile. Nikhil thanks Purab for the respect… Purab keeps looking at Pragya . Nikhil addresses the crowd. Sarla is raging with anger and crying and suddenly falls unconscious.

    *Pragya looks at the Burka persons feet and sees ladies sandles and thinks how can this happen. Its shown to the viewers that Aliya is in burka and is tensed seeing Pragya there.. she gets up and leaves. Pragya thinks if its not Nikhil in the Burka then who did i see.

    *Tanu comes to Nikhil.. Tanu says i ws soo tensed n dnt knw why Purab called ur name.. Nikhil says he got some sponsors for this show.. he didnt think Purab would call him on stage to thank for this. Nikhil says that wen guards took him to the Vip area he saw some lady in burka and he took advantage of that. Tanu says wat ever happened its good. we have our luck with us. and w finish the BM matter today itself. Nikhil says dnt worry.. it will happen.

    *Abhi calls Tanu and she starts saying sorry. Abhi says do u want me to loose infront of Pragya and M fighting with her and for that i need to make this announcement. but u dnt want me to make that announcement and take divorce from her. Tanu sorry and shez always wit him.. Abhi says u were bt m alone now.. Go hell with the divorce and ur shaadi coz without announcement Pragya will not give divorce. Tanu says tell me wer are u and m comming rite now. Abhi asks her to come near the stage within 5 min or he’ll not marry her and cuts the call. Nikhil asks wat happened and Tanu tells him thet if i dnt go to Abhi in 5 min he wont marry me.

    *Pragya Purab Ronnie… Purab ask Pragya y u felt that the Burka person is Nikhil.. As Pragya starts explaining Daadi comes there.. Pragya asks wat are u doing here and Maa.. Daadi says I have kept a guy near Maa dnt worry. then Pragya tells them how she saw Nikhil’s face wen the veil lifted. Pragya says i dnt understand wat the truth is. Daadi says may be u didnt see the person clearly. and Daadi says how can the person be Nikhil and assk wat do we do now? Change the plan?. Purab says no. Pragya tells purab abt her talk with Tanu. Purab says hez gng to go 2 the parking area and see a suitable place.

    *Daadi Pragya and Ronnie come to the monitor room and see Sarla unconscious.. Pragya tries to wake her up .. Pragya sprinkles some water and Maa opens her eyes. Pragya asks to call the ambulance. and says this stress is not good for Maa and we have to send her home.

    *Aliya in Burka comes to the music room and thinks of spoiling the system.. Aliya throws some thing and acts weak and the Guy at the music system comes to her n asks her to sit while he’ll go n get some water for her. Aliya pulls off some plugs and switches off some buttons. and thinks to herself that now Bhai’s halat will be like this music system. this would be ur last performance and it would be sooo bad that it’ll be the last performance of ur life. and says from here ur downfall starts MR APM

    *Akash comes into the music room and see’s the Burka person and questions who she is and wat is she doing with the system. Aliya dosent answer. Akash again asks in a loud voice. just then Mithali comes and asks wat happened. Akash says i cant see her face but u can.. so lift her veil and see her face. Mithali taks to her in some urdu and asks Aliya to show her face. Mithali lifts Aliya’s veil and shouts seeing her. Akash asks her wat happened. who is she? Mithali says ALiya..

    * Akash lifts the veil and questions ALiya wat shez doing here.. Aliya says that there is some problem with the noise and audience are complaining and she came here and saw some wires pulled out.. Aliya sasy i think some1 wants to spoil Bhai’s concert Akash. Mithali says to Aliya.. to make it right? and laughs n says i always saw u spoil thing but never make things right. Akash says ur right Bhabhi. and tells Aliya that there are soo many ppl here n hw come only u knw these problems. Akash says i’ll check and the guy comes and checks n says yes sir some wires are pulled out. Akash shouts at that guy and ALiya says see i told u before. Akash says leave that.. Y r u in Burkha? Aliya says she wants to attend the concert n dnt want the family members to knw after wat ever happened.

    *Aliya shreds some fake ttears n sasy if no one is solving the problem atleast i have to.. afterall its my Bhai’s concert. she apologises to akash and sasy she wants Bhai’s concert to be successful. and asks him not to tell any1 that she came here. and leaves.

    *Tanu comes to Abhi and starts saying sorry and says she wont leave till he makes the announcement. Pragay watches all this from a distance. PRECAP SCENE. Abhi goes to the stage. Prgay says to herself.. hez going to the stage.. wat do i do now?. Pragya prays n asks god to do something as nothing is in her hands now..

    *Ronnie comes to Pragya and says god cant come so he sent me and says hez got a plan. Ronnie says we cant stop Abhi sir but we can stop Tanu. Pragya says how will we stop her ronnie shez just standing there.. Ronnie says there is some1 who Tanu cant ignore. and Ronnie whispers something in Pragya’s ear. Pragya asks him to do it fast.

    *Ronnie calls Tanu as the BM .. Tanu assk who it is.. Ronnie says wats in the name.. Pragya game me ur number and said that u’ll give me the money for the proof against Tanu. Tanu sasy yes.. i got the money. Ronnie says ok. come to the parking lot rite now. Tanu sasy now shez in some imp work and she’ll come in some time. Ronnie says if u have some imp work then did i come here to sell sim cards? and tells Tanu to tell Pragya that hez going to make this deal with some1 else. Tanu asks him to give her 5 min. Ronnie sasy in 5 min the rate will be doubled. Tanu says ok m comming now.

    *Pragya asks Ronnie will u be able to handle Tanu.. Ronnie sasy handling Tanu is not a problem.. Abhi Abhi sir… if he comes to knw Tanu is not here then he’ll get more angry. and tells Pragya that only she can do this work and assk her to go. Pragya comes to wer Tanu is and Tanu tells her abt the call. Pragya says go then. Tanu sasy how will i.. Dnt knw weather i should go to the blackmailer or to Abhi. and tels Pragya tat Abhi warned her tat hez not gng to marry her if she dosent go on stage. Pragya tells Tanu do wat is more IMP Tanu says important tho blackmailer hai. bt wa abt Abhi.. hez soo angry frm b4 itself Pragya says now i’ll manage .. later u do it indicating to Abhi.. Tanu says ok i’ll manage the BM and u manage Abhi.. i’ll come fast.. Pragya nods

    Episode Ends..

  50. Today’s segment-

    Tanu and Nikhil push Ronnie off a bridge so that he doesn’t tell their secret to anyone. Ronnie falls on soft ground. Purab and Pragya see this and rush to Ronnie. Ronnie SURVIVES and takes out a knife from his side and tells Pragya Purab everything. Purab will now plan how to expose Tanu.

    No off-screen interview.

    • Shangni

      Thank god ronnie will survive….now purab’s new plan will expose tanu’s truth that’s interesting….but one thing I have doubt after knowing baby’s father was nikhil this purab Pragya n Ronnie why cant tell to Abhi….atleast Abhi he can listen to purab nah.

    • Anjhana

      Hi prathiksha
      Have they forgot the role of vijay???
      Remember when vijay told that he knows a person who is helping pragya
      Did the writers forget that.?

  51. Kalai

    I think Tanu’s truth will be revealed only after she deliver the baby.. i have decided not to watch this serial until tanu’s truth is out..

  52. Sahithi

    Just saw some spoiler pics for today, didnt read the updates though

    Nikhil comes to stage as expected
    Person in burqa in VIP area is Aaliya
    Sarla gets unwell/lose consciousness seeing Nikhil on stage
    Mithali, Akash see that the person in burqa is Aaliya. Think Aaliya enters the audio control room and will be seen by Mithali n Akash
    Pragya n Purab see Sarla unwell
    Precap scene where Abhi asks Tanu to come once he announces her name
    But Pragya and Ronnie try some plan to stop Tanu using the blackmailer excuse

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar really that blo*dy shit tanu is going to expose I am crying for many months but there is no progress but now only they exposed alliya

  53. karthika

    honey u just made me to cry.kkb will not end but anyways doubt cleared .vishkanya is going to air on 10.30pm

  54. shavi

    really day by day hating to see this nonsense track.. even though i skipped many episodes nowadays i read all daily updates.. bt no progression till now.. they are complicating d story everyday.. daily comments by prathiksha ,sahithi, reji and many other friends are drasticaly decreased.. wat a hell d writers thinking itself is not understood.. in early episodes they would sort out d problem within 2weeks to 1 month.. bt y this tanu’s pregnancy track this much stretching almost a year gone.. abhigya pair was really awesome to watch bt by this idiotic track i m missing their knok jok and chemistry.. atleast before new year they both were lokking perfect in their chemistry even though they separated … bt after that i feel that their chemistry tone was very much decreased.. every fan of kkb shared their feelings to reunite abhigya.. track is going out of way as named kumkum bhagya pragya ka kumkum is not having bhagya with abhi from d first day of their marriage.. a woman need to struggle this much even losing her own family for her kumkum is near idiotic.. though it is a drama not a real thing also many fans investing their time for entertainment from their beloved actors.. for fans sake i request d writers and directors to bring positive thing with abhigya…

  55. gowtham

    sorry to say this…. i juz cant bear it anymore….. usually i dnt watch serials… bt since i love abhigya and irumalargal starting i liked… so hindi version i thut of seeing that…. bt this much dragging i never expect…. juz tell… do all the hindi serials will be lik ds??? or only kkb?? i am seriously fed up… lik someone said tanus truth ll be revealed only aftr the delivery…. enough… i juz cant take it anymore…. its enough to read the precap scenes….. frm tat itself v cn find wat happened …. bt mostly onum nadakathu…. chiiii eruchala iruku….

  56. dishu

    Seriously yar this is tooooo much….
    Why cvs dont want to xpose tanu… m fed up with this track. If cvs r planning to continue the story line like this only then kkb only should b aired off.. i think tanu might b blackmailing cvs so that she can stay back in this show..

    Plzplzplz cvs xpose tanu n nikhil soon orelse u will loose ur audience..

  57. sana

    blo*dy serial.for make a pair happy kill all people dadi,dasi,aakash,Ronnie,rachna etc.the pair of abhigya will happy at last.bcoz nobody there na

  58. Sahithi

    Anyways now finally its confirmed to Pragya and team on Nikhil as baby father, as per the new segment. I am very happy about that.

    If this segment didnt come or Ronnie didnt know by end of concert, there would have been no hope left at all to watch further.

    Since Nikhil n Tanu believe they got rid of Ronnie now Ronnie cant come in front of them and has to be in hiding. Purab will plan next move, but how will they stop Abhi now. After the mistaken proposal, he will behave worse towards Pragya, worse than how he was when they got married.

    The way Mithali is going to open Aaliya’s veil today, wish someone did with Nikhil also.

  59. SuryaSandy

    The Biggest fool of the KB is Mr. Rock Star .. and watching him we are also Bigger than the Biggest…

  60. katangel

    There’s q a height to fragging a serial. Writers shouls b in Guinness book of world record for dragging the storyline so much m for making ladies pregnant for decade fed up onlt saving grace is abhi pragya chemistry ehich is also being Ruined cos ofstupid melodrama Controversy over nikhil

  61. Only ABHIGYA is the good aspect of this serial theres not a single good aspect 2 dis serial other than abhigya abhigya is heart of the srial reading updates is enuf no need to waste time in watching

  62. Fan

    If Pragya thinks it’s Nikhil why didn’t she just say his name to Sarla and Sarla would indicate yes it is him. Please make Pragya smart she is wayyyyy to stupid

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.