Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu waiting for Pragya’s call. She thinks she shall meet Abhi and asks him to announce after sometime. She hears someone saying that a thief have entered vanity. She gets tensed and thinks what will happen. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to rest for a while. Abhi says if I sing more songs then you will earn more money. He says I will do many concert, but may be you might not organize the concert. Pragya asks what do you mean? She says I will send cold drink for you. Abhi asks he will not drink and says he will not let her ruin his voice. He says Tanu is the reason for doing the concert, and says he will announce his marriage plan with Tanu. He says his fans are everything for him and says he will tell them how she has been troubling her. He says I told you to divorce

me and also warned you, but you have refused. Pragya folds her hands and requests him not to make announcement. Abhi agrees and asks him to give divorce right now. Pragya says your fans might think you wrong knowing that you are getting married to a pregnant lady. Abhi says he got love from his fans and they will support him. He says he will accept his mistake and his fans will get more happy knowing his honesty. He says nobody can stop him from doing justice to Tanu and his baby. A song plays……………

Abhi says you have forced me to do an announcement. Security asks Nikhil to open the door. Nikhil thinks to call Tanu, but have no network. Purab asks him to break the door. Tanu gets tensed and says you can do anything. She tells Purab that her friend is inside, and she sent her to vanity to use washroom. Purab asks Tanu to call her. Tanu calls Ruksana and asks him to come out. Nikhil opens the door and comes out. Tanu says I told that she is my friend. They can’t see his face. Purab asks about her. Ronnie asks her to show the face. Tanu says her family is conservative and might see her on camera. Purab tells Ronnie that let it be. Tanu says only Abhi can see her face. Purab asks security to make her sit in the VIP section. Nikhil thanks Tanu for handling so well and says he was so scared. He says camera is fitted in vanity and asks her to call blackmailer there. Tanu asks are you mad? Nikhil says okay, and asks her to call blackmailer in the parking.

Purab and Ronnie tell Pragya that Tanu have saved that man. Pragya says she is very clever, you can’t lift that man’s veil infront of everyone. Pragya sees Tanu coming and tells that she will message them about the new plan. Tanu comes to Pragya. Pragya asks Tanu why she took her friend to vanity and says blackmailer called her and asked. Tanu apologizes. Pragya says I don’t want to deal with blackmailer and will cancel it. Tanu says no, and asks her to call blackmailer to the parking lot. Pragya says okay. Tanu asks her to call blackmailer after sometime as she has to meet Abhi before. Pragya says what is more important to you, meeting Abhi or blackmailer. Tanu agrees to meet blackmailer first. Pragya asks Tanu to be there and says she will call blackmailer. Pragya shares her idea with Purab and says I saw his face and thought he is Nikhil. Purab says okay, I will go on stage. Pragya says it will be clear now it he is Nikhil or not.

Purab comes on stage and introduces himself. He thanks Abhi’s fans and asks them to enjoy the show. He says I want to make an important announcement and says he would like to thank a special organizer who have done much for the event. He calls Nikhil and requests him to come on stage right now. Pragya thinks now I will seen how you will run away from here.

Abhi asks Tanu not to go from there and asks her to come on stage just as he takes her name. Tanu says okay. Pragya hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. can some one tell me whether bulbul really died…pls get her back in kkb she was awesome

  2. blo*dy serial.for make a pair happy kill all people dadi,dasi,aakash,Ronnie,rachna etc.the pair of abhigya will happy at last.bcoz nobody there na

  3. right kalai.

  4. Anyways now finally its confirmed to Pragya and team on Nikhil as baby father, as per the new segment. I am very happy about that.

    If this segment didnt come or Ronnie didnt know by end of concert, there would have been no hope left at all to watch further.

    Since Nikhil n Tanu believe they got rid of Ronnie now Ronnie cant come in front of them and has to be in hiding. Purab will plan next move, but how will they stop Abhi now. After the mistaken proposal, he will behave worse towards Pragya, worse than how he was when they got married.

    The way Mithali is going to open Aaliya’s veil today, wish someone did with Nikhil also.

  5. The Biggest fool of the KB is Mr. Rock Star .. and watching him we are also Bigger than the Biggest…

  6. There’s q a height to fragging a serial. Writers shouls b in Guinness book of world record for dragging the storyline so much m for making ladies pregnant for decade fed up onlt saving grace is abhi pragya chemistry ehich is also being Ruined cos ofstupid melodrama Controversy over nikhil

  7. Only ABHIGYA is the good aspect of this serial theres not a single good aspect 2 dis serial other than abhigya abhigya is heart of the srial reading updates is enuf no need to waste time in watching

  8. If Pragya thinks it’s Nikhil why didn’t she just say his name to Sarla and Sarla would indicate yes it is him. Please make Pragya smart she is wayyyyy to stupid

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