Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya convinces Abhi to do world album

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The Episode starts with Pragya calling Abhi and thinking what to tell him and how to make him understand that he shall do the album. She thinks I wouldn’t have been going there, but I have to go to save his career. Tanu tells Aaliya that you called me mad, psycho, etc. Aaliya says if Bhai walked out then he will have to give 200 crores. Tanu reminds her of their deal. Aaliya says you can’t have party if Bhai doesn’t do the deal. Tanu refuses to agree to her and says she is future Mrs. Universe. Aaliya says you can’t become anything because of your attitude and says she fears for Abhi. Dasi comes and asks them to come. Tanu and Aaliya continue to argue outside. Aaliya asks her to control her arrogance. Tanu says I don’t want to go to marriage, it will be boring. Aaliya asks her not to come.

Tanu says now I have valid reason and says good bye. Mitali tells Tai ji when will their dramas end? Aaliya says she heard. Dasi asks Tanu where is she going? Tanu says I will not go wherever Aaliya is going. Dasi asks her to come. Tanu says you don’t me who I am, then agrees to come. They sit in car and leave. Pragya comes there in her car and recalls Abhi’s words. She recalls her grah pravesh and steps inside the house. She sees his guitar and kisses on it recalling their moments. She thinks his room must be on upstairs. She thinks of their moments and a fb is shown.

Abhi recalls their moments and calls Pragya. Just then she opens the door and gets inside. Abhi looks at her surprisingly…..Saiyyara main Saiyyara…..plays…..Pragya looks at his room. He says I hope life was like a dream. I would have called you and you would have come infront of me. He touches her and finds her presence. He says you and hides her pic. He asks what are you doing here? Pragya says you have backed out of the album. Abhi says if you had come to plead infront of him so that your husband’s career don’t get ruined, then also I will not agree to do the album. Pragya says she came to thank him for backing out and tells Mr. King is very happy now to do the album Solo. She says Mr. Wick has doubled his pay thinking he will also back out and shows the fresh press release with King in it. She says this is so nice for us, I don’t know why you have back out from the album, but thank you. She says your fans must be thinking that you are not confident and if you had sang with Mr. King then you would have known that he is better than you. She says your fans will become King fans now, you gave us immense happiness and that’s why I came to thank you personally. Abhi says you gave me immense pain and asks why she is giving him more pain. He says I thought you will ask me to do the album, but you are counting your happiness and my helplessness. He asks why is she acting when she knows that he will lose so much if he doesn’t do the album. He says you must not have love for me, but atleast care..even it is not there. He says it was your dream to see me as an international singer and now you are seeing that dream for someone else.

Pragya thinks she has to make him understand that she is not affected by him. She says you are saying as if you left album for me and says you are doing this as you are scared and thinks Mr. King is better than you. Abhi says I called him joker, but you are cracking the joke. Abhi says I am best and will always be. Pragya says my husband is always best. Abhi asks her to tell looking in his eyes. Pragya looks at his pic and says my husband is best. Abhi holds her hand and and asks how could you do this with me. She asks your husband is better than your ex husband is your misunderstanding and says I will clear it. He says I will make put your husband down and show him reality. He says I am the best. Pragya says you can just say that you are the best. Abhi says I will do this album to prove my words.

He asks her to go and tell King that he never break his promises and tells that you will yearn to praise your husband, but you can’t infront of me and the world. He says you will tell only one thing that I am the best and will always be best. Pragya walks out smilingly and relieved.

Dadi catches Pragya in the house and asks her if she came to meet Abhi secretly. She asks her not to hide and says you have right on this house and on Abhi. She says it is your responsibility to kick the unconcerned people. Pragya gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow pragz, i just luv her alot

  2. Does pragya even know that abhi married tanu of all people? I know she found out that he is married, but did she wonder as to who it was exactly :/

  3. I doubt she knows or she knows she just ignoring it . What ever happened to Raj’s brother I am forgetting his name. The cast of this serial disappear in thin air with no trace or follow up story. I love Pragya ?

    1. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know. And as she’s still thinking of Abhi’s good, I’m sure that the sting… suffering she gets when she finds out will giv Tanu and Aliyah another chance to gloat. Also you are thinking of Akash and Rachna. They took their child and left because Aliyah was dangerous and Abhi didn’t remember that Akash was married with a child. They were good people so they had to leave the script.

  4. The worthy people will leave the show really miss sarla mam Dadi and Meri abhi who was so sweet when he was in 2014 really miss tudha offscreem everything but what to do some dhamelss charcter are in this esrtial again eventhough irritating they are eoccupyinh the most ss with equal t the leads

    1. The chemistry between Abhi and Pragya is gone. The comedy in the first year was part of the charm. When Aliyah and Tanu took over the show and the airtime, Abhi and Pragya became useful idiots for the benefit of the actresses who play the evil roles. Where can there be time for play when there is so much senseless hate?

  5. Actually many of the actors who added joy or laughter like BulBul, or those who were positive like Rachna and Akash have been removed. Dasi who was intelligent and
    delightful is longer allowed to be herself because of Tanu. This show has become like a House of Horrors.

  6. You nailed it akituster… Yes it become a house of horror… Aliya terrible makeover and tanu looking horrifying… Actually it’s no longer about kumkum bhagya… The serial has lost the track long ago.. Thought that after the leap good will prevail but no it’s still evil all the way. Aliya is a psycho can’t abhi recognize it… But then abhi was a fool all along. Trusted Aliya and tanu and kicked pragya out. So guess the entire gang in mehra mansio deserve each other.. Pragya should remain with king and if they want to show abhiya milan then they should show more positive things and aliya and tanu being punished. Want king to know the truth and he should punish Aliya and tanu.. Let him Remain a positive character. But honestly speaking abhi has lost his charm..

  7. Hi Alka and thanks. Abhi lost his charm about the same time that there were rumours flying around about him and his three leading ladies. A couple of scenes especially with Tanu showed that the actress…not the the character… was having difficulty hiding her, aaah , desire for more… Same was true about the actress who plays Aliyah. It was obvious through the scenes. This is when Pragya and Abhi the actors themselves..not the characters… seemed to separate. There were even a few reports how Abhi…the actor not the character was having trouble at home. Then there were a series of reports about how the actor (Abhi) has such a happy marriage. His eyes said something very different. It was at this time that Aliyah ..the actress likely began to play with Ekta looking for a greater role. My suspicion is that the actress who plays Aliya is just as manipulative as Ekta. Ekta has more power of course, but Ekta seems to need constant attention in order to feel ‘whole’…or at best in running other peoples lives. You have to truly admire Sriti Jha who appeared to be the only one who remained a consummate professional. Even in the current scenes, Abhi doesn’t always appear very convincing. Pragya does. Even as it is reported that Sriti Jha has health problems she still delivers a beautiful performance. There were only a few scenes where you could tell she was physically stressed and having to make a greater effort. Tanu should be returned to whichever toy store she was originally purchased from (faulty manufacturing) and well Aliyah? Isn’t there some series with vampires and monsters where she would blend in without even trying. She’s got the look, the voice and the movements.

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