Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Champak to tell that Pragya is his girl friend. Champak says there is a misunderstanding here. I don’t know her. Pragya says your lie came infront of everyone. Tanu asks her not to be happy and says he is a liar. She asks Champak what is he doing here and why did he dance with her. Dadi asks her not to make an issue. Tanu says you are lying and asks Champak who gave him invite to Party. She asks do you go to any party without invitation. Tanu says you don’t have an answer na, and says you are called here by your girl friend Pragya. She asks about his name. Champak says his name is Champak das trivedi. Tanu says Pragya must have been bowled by your name. She says this name was written on the bouquets chit. Pragya says Abhi brought it. Tanu says Abhi was confused

and reads all letters. He reads Champak Das name and was surprised knowing why did he send so many bouquets for Pragya. She brings letter and reads it. Pragya is shocked. Tanu reads many letters and smirks. Nikhil also smirks.

Abhi stands silently. Tanu asks Champak, if he has not written those letters, or she might have two boyfriends. Pragya asks her to stop it and says you are doing this to trap me. Tanu says I have lied once, but will not lie again and again. She asks her to stop her game. Pragya says Champak has danced with me forcibly and brought flowers, but it is not proved that I love him. Tanu says I have a proof that you have an extra marital affair with him and asks her to accept. Pragya asks her to show it. Tanu brings the proofs and says it is proved that Pragya is having affair with Champak and meets him secretly. She says I didn’t click these pics, and says she saw Pragya with Champak, and took Nikhil’s wife. They show fake pics of Pragya with Champak. Nikhil asks Tanu not to take his name, and says Champak should be ashamed to come to party and dances shamelessly with Pragya. He says I gave these pics to Tanu, when I couldn’t see Abhi’s life ruining. Tanu says it is about Mehra’s family reputation, and also sati savitri.

Dadi couldn’t see the fake pics. Akash takes Nikhil with him. Nikhil asks what nonsense. Akash asks him to tell that it is their conspiracy. Nikhil says it is a lie. Rachna says you was laughing when Tanu was accusing Pragya. Akash asks him to tell else he will…Nikhil asks them to go and hear about Pragya’s affairs. He asks him to ask Pragya, and says I will file defamation case against you. Akash is very much angry and tells that he will throw him out. Nikhil asks him not to fly high angrily and says if you stop me then I will tell that you know about Pragya’s affair. Akash feels helpless and says we can’t do anything. Rachna says we have to take care of Pragya. Pragya checks the pics and is shocked. Pragya tells Champak to tell that these pics are fake. Champak asks why you are saying this and shocking me. He says you said that we are life partners since births. Pragya is shocked. Champak says I came here even though you asked me not to come here. Pragya asks why you are lying? Champak says you used to talk to me romantically before, but now want our relation secretly.

Pragya says I don’t know about you, Tanu and Nikhil and says you all are lying. She asks Abhi to tell and says your silence is scaring me. She says I can’t do this. She says I can fight with the world if you are with me else I will lose. She asks him to tell that he trust her. Abhi says I did this decorations just to propose you, although you had tortured us a lot and took my money. I thought my love will change you, but….Tanu asks why you are sprinkle money on his wounds. She says Abhi trusts you, but you have betrayed him. She says I don’t accept you as Abhi’s wife and says you have hurt and betrayed him financially and emotionally. She asks her to leave the house, and asks her to get out.

Pragya asks Abhi to look in her eyes and tell that he believes that she is having an affair. Abhi says yes, you are having an affair. Pragya is shocked. Tanu smirks. Nikhil smiles and says arrow has hit the target. Abhi says you have betrayed me and my trust. Tanu says what else do you want to hear and says whatever he told is with his heart. She asks if we are liars and you are only true. Pragya says yes, I love him very much as he loves me and cares for me very much. Abhi gets angry and is about to slap Pragya. Dadi stops Abhi. Nikhil signs Champak. Champak smirks. Abhi goes from there. Pragya sits down shattered and cries badly.

Abhi sees Pragya’s pic. Dadi asks Pragya to go to her room and make Tanu understand that she is Abhi’s only wife and will be forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shubu

    Shame on u story writer. ….bakwas serial …thu …..ur spoiling zee TV. …u know what m getting b words to scold to all the kkb team

  2. Swathi

    Oh my god it’s never ending worst and waste direction after seeing this many comments still director is lagging the story . Worst serial ever seen . Its good to stop seeing this serial . Hero is dumb . But showing him as a rock star. If there is no any new thought for the director please finish the serial what’s use of rotating the serial

  3. Abc

    Abhi has no view of his own… why cant he trust anybody… he is so pathetic…and why pragya is still with him.. she should leave him

  4. Shubu

    U all kkb team jus go to he’ll n play ur shit over der ….it will be the suitable torture to the people over der …..after reading comments also ur not changing story….how shameless ur….chi ……what m feeling I jus can’t tell u…if God hand over me a gun n ask me to kill someone. …I’ll kill kkb whole team….worst waste dustbin serial …….chi…thu thu thu thu thu thu thu thu thu thu thu on all of u

  5. gopu

    transformer loaded torture …by go throughing the torture and crying heavily in all the episodes sriti jha was thin just like a wire…so pity..

  6. Sickofthisdramabs

    This drama makes Indians look so damn stupid it’s a shame. No wonder we get taken for a joke insulted and knocked down. The women look like dumb b*t*hes and the men like damn assholes. The drama should only be aired in India bc it makes us look foolish abroad. Waste of anyone’s damn money paying for it through cable.

  7. sushree smita

    Pagal ho gaya abhi kya chal raha hai yar kkb ke writer gone mad 2 sal se chal raha hai yeh melodrama kab khatam aur abhi toh apni fuggi ko tappad mar diya yar pata nahi kya hoga ab toh lagta hai burai ki jit hogi aur achhai ki har and i m not blody interested in kkb faltu serial hai serial ke nam pe dhaaba hai

  8. Blossom


    |Registered Member

    Wow abhi.. u shud b awarded fr “the most dumb fellow”. Tanu stole d money n yet hw cn u trust hr. Alws tanu is d 1 who raises questions n argues. All odr family members b quiet. Evn durng sarla’s episode tanu ws d oly 1 arguing. Hw cn dis go unoticed by u dumb abhi. Cnt u evn doubt tanu so as to y alws shez d oly 1 fghtng n arguing. Devil tanu u look real evil in tht outfit n tht hair of urs. Idiotic girl

  9. ar

    thx fr update…m hapy i dnt c this crap
    n party is going on from last wednesday….1 week party wht draging lik hell
    asusual heights of stupidity

  10. ravikiran

    awesome lecture of characterless women about good character ……tanu carrying a illegal baby ..but speaks with evil tone lectures of about sati savitri……..truelove is crying… i dont why every time true love has to be proved before the people…..is this is love…..if this is love …dont fall in love….guys….if u fall in love learn to believe in love dont …question or keep a doubt in you…..

  11. Sruthi


    |Registered Member

    dis hide nd seek track of tanu never ends. nd even 2mnth pregnant ladies will have stomach here tanu having pregnancy for last 1yr doesnt seem that..wt is going nw is draging storyline…pls end dis rubbish

  12. Gigi

    Abhi’s character is like a retard or special ed. He believes whatever tanu tells him. Pragya needs a man Not a puppet. Kick Abhi to the curb. Plus, I am tired of seeing Pragya cry – ALL the time.

  13. Ratna

    The worst crap serial ever award goes to KumKum Bhagya…..
    The worst and waste and dumb and brainless male lead award goes to Abhi….
    The over showcasing and un- intellectual award goes to Pragya…..
    The worst and waste and useless supporters award goes to dhadhi, akash, rachana, purab n gang…..
    According to this serial Lie should win over truth…. 364 days shows lie winning over truth and 1 day shows truth winning over lie… What a serial…..

  14. Anam

    Wow!! Abhi believes in the fake photographs….just with a glance, he believes that Pragya is having an affair…but all the other characters think that even if he is told by his Dadi he’d refuse to believe that Tanu is bearing Nikhil’s child…SUCH LOGIC…for weeks turned into months…and still the family members are struggling to tell the truth…thinking…just in case Abhi doesn’t believe…but Tanu and Nikhil succeed with such illogical so called proof!! Are the makers trying to potray that the protagonist is really stupid?? If that’s the case then they are absolutely nailing it!!

  15. Asmitha

    Today felt sad for pragya the way she was pleading abhi it was really painful I think this is the worst epi of abhigya I felt it y she said that she has affair with him instead of that she has to give a tight slap to stupid abhi when he knows that his fuggy is still in her how he says to her stupid abhi really the precap is worst dadi really didn’t had a brain how she give again a lecture to pragya it’s really disgusting I think from now onwards we have to see abhis hatred towards pragya and I think tanu will again gain sympathy from abhi and our abhi again ask pragya to give divorce same reapted crap
    Today epi reminds same mms track what difference is there suresh is good he said truth here champak not but our abhi believed it blindly at that time and even now too but difference is there at that time mms now here photographs one more sceen which I was expecting is our abhi will again drunk and I think there will be again a Same sceen like while the mms track that time he said that he is her husband and he has a right to touch her but now what they will add don’t know
    Really waiting for old kkb pls abhi become a gd husband again and find true colors of tanu Wake up pls it’s really sad to see u like this

  16. dharti

    rubbish this serial is seriously showing all nonsense no common sense & how abhi is shown such fool & everyone else is just not telling him the truth & why dadi thinks he wont trust her.

  17. Razzy

    blo*dy hell same things again those writers makes the actors looks stupid by acting in such s damn serial. I’m fed up of tanu and that nikil he makes my blood boil.

  18. yagitha

    I hate u abi, evrytime u trusting tat tanu, nt evn giving a chance to pragya to prove herself, tis s very bad.

  19. Janki

    Tanu ne bola ki pragya ka boy friend ha to abhi immediately maan gya but JB pragya niklegi ki nikhil tanu ka boyfriend ha to vo nhi maanega…. what bulls

  20. Raksha

    Not watching anymore! Not even reading anymore. There’s a limit to dragging, sick of this now!

  21. Pearley hobaichan

    Bull shit with this show hate tanu and her friends luv you pragya writers are very stupid how much more you going to hurt pragya and abhi shame on you for believing b*t*h tanu end this crap soon

  22. Priya

    Abhi is puppet.no sense of his own.and tanu is heroine of kkb that’s why she always wins.stop allthis

  23. Naz

    I don’t believe this, you guys still venting frustration…..dont!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! That means you are still watching or reading. I know it’s human to react, for every action there is a reaction, Just leave the comments page empty, all I did was congratulate all of us, them now I read all these comments!!! For goodness sake……

  24. XXxX,0

    The most horrible serial I hv ever watched….the story line is dumb….writer pls grow up….this is a foolish story…!! No one takes this long to expose tanu…who’s being this dumb…n a very good combination for her dumbness Is abhi..ur serial is not even communicating any kind of a value….!! It’s disgusting to watch this stupid serial….Not anymore…!!

  25. Sherry

    Most annoying story lines ….can’t believe the writers are thinking this is entertainment ….there’s nothing entertaining ,and this show is so boring now ….liars seems to b more convincing than anybody else …what d heck ….Abhi u should marry Tanu d sl*t ….and Pragya plzzz marry Purab and Nikkil u can get marry to Mitali ….end of story ….

  26. Jenny

    kya bakwaas chalu hain????
    Can I share my phone number with someone, can you please call me and tell me when Tanu is actually exposed????

    I cannot see this nonsense show!!! writers… what the hell are they upto????
    The show had good TRPs,, they have made the show bakwaas now

    • rajat

      I think Tanu will not be exposed till the end of humanity…. Sry m laughing…. But this the truth I mean how anyone can believe that Chamu champak will be Pragya’s boyfriend….

  27. Yasmin Ahmed

    Please writers we are tired of non ending story of Nikhil nd Tanu plz do samthng .stop hurting Pragya more than this yaar!.Abhigya deserves to be happy come on . End de story of Tanu nd Nikhil for once let the love birds enjoy their lyf….#Abhigya all de way…

  28. Sara

    In whole world pragnancy is of 9 mths but in KKB Tanu is already pragnant for more than a yr and i dont think she will deliver baby before 2 yrs… And what a magic she is having 7mth but her stomach is still flat… There is a limit to drag a topic writers cut this crap now

  29. Abigail

    yI think the Director has a brain damage and his intelligence is wack he give the viewers more stress than Pragya

  30. Abraham Lawer

    Kumkum Bhagya is coming to hurt us again. Abhi did not know what is good and wrong. Pragya always try to prove Tanu to him. But Abhi did not have correct mind. Next episode will tell me. I will wait.

  31. Naveed,USA

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    I haven’t seen such a big foolish show beyond reality. BULL SHIT BULL SHIT BULL SHIT BULL SHIT.

  32. Sam

    Wow bullshit episode:::: campak Tanu and nikhil… Won once more.
    Last time Abhi suspected and blamed Slarla and now pragya.. Wel done duplicate rock star.
    I have not watch this serial for a month now and just thought of checking it out tonight and found out still Tanu and nikhil winning::: writers u guys better do some other job .
    Pragya alwys unsuccessful .. Knows only how to lacture but no action..
    Abhi is a paralysed creature who cannot make any right decision by his own…

  33. sandy

    Nonsense and stupid serial…………..I think out writers don’t have mind and they think people who watch it also don’t have mind………….I am fed up with it………….Abhi at least now use ur mind and think………..always playing on the nodes of Tanu………..

  34. Verlinda Rambhajan

    Again with this crap evil always win damn writer at least for once show that good could overcome evil plz plz plz I just stop watching the epi and only read the written sucks big time

  35. tanuja

    Oh come on writers, this is a new low, let good sense prevail, bring tanu and nikil story out or at least don’t make abhi so dotish!
    How much more must we endure?!

  36. Vahalya

    Only drama which shows d hero stupid to d core.. After all ts the hero don’t hv thinking skill.. not sure how be become a rockstar…

  37. Payal

    I can’t believe this. One whole episode with Tanu talking and insulting pragya and everyone just stand around, not saying anything including Abhi. What’s wrong with abhi? he is listening and believing a thief/Tanu. Why did’nt Abhi take Pragya aside and talk to her. Too much talk, not enough action.
    I sincerely hope and pray that no one is in a relationship like this .

  38. Jada

    All Pragya had to do is tell the truth about Tanu, let Abhi feel how cruel he has been in not trusting her while she has been suffering, and then she needs to LEAVE him. I was starting to like Abhi and feel bad for him because he’s never told the truth (100% Pragya AND Dadi’s fault), but some of this crap is so obvious that he’s just stupid on his own.

  39. Jada

    This is why Bulbul and Aliya left this show cuz it’s dumb. Dumbest characters that don’t know right from wrong. Pragya is always acting so high and mighty and I agree with Tanu to a degree that Pragya is always preaching. Preaching won’t get you your man back, Pragya, cut the crap and tell the TRUTH

  40. Pratiksha

    New onlocation video update- This update is another part of abhigya’s emotional conversation at night after party. Update-
    Abhi was probably outside in the balcony and it started raining. Abhi gets wet in the rain. Pragya pulls him inside and she’s trying to tell him he’ll catch a cold. Abhi asks her to stop worrying about him, its not like he was going to die. When she protests again, he shouts at her to not touch him as if he needs help then also he will not take it from her. Pragya yells back to listen to her and take a seat on the bed, to which he complies. She starts wiping him with a towel and then brings a bucket full of hot water and asks him to submerge his feet in there. They get stuck in an eyelock. *Cue Humari Adhuri Kahani* (Cute TiSha smiles in between) and then Abhi breaks the eyelock and starts leaving the room. Pragya tells him not to go outside, as he’ll catch a cold and Abhi says “Whatever bad was going to happen with me has already happened. What else can happen?” He barges out of the room and closes the Abhigya bedroom door shut. Pragya tries to open the door, but can’t (He seems to be holding the door on the other side or he locks the door from outside so pragya couldn’t follow him.) Pragya beggs from him to open the door but he doesn’t open and leaves from there. Pragya gets break completely and starts crying so much as she falls to the floor. Guys b ready for more torcherous events. I m enjoying my break and only reading updates. Thank god, becoz of the onlocation updates of the upcoming scenes it is getting more easier for me to avoid the show to watch as much I should.

      • Asmitha

        I had a dream to see a scene bwn abhgya like in aashiqi song tum hi o but I think it will remain as dream only so sad

    • Sahithi

      Asmitha there is a short rain sequence in this OLV where first Abhi gets wet and when pulling him inside Pragya also gets wet for a while. Of course the ccurrent context is a wrong and sad one but let us keep hope that before this year monsoon ends, we will get a scene like u mentioned.

      • Asmitha

        Ya sahithi me to expecting same somewhat i am feeling that may in this monsoon tanu will expose let wait fr best

    • sham

      These dumb pragya, dadi, Akash, Purab, Rachana thinks Abhi needs proof for every thing and the stupid abhi believes in proof then why the above dumbs cannot provide some of the proof which is stolen every time.

  41. Elisha

    I can’t understand when will the shit between nikli an tanu exposed?plz writer give a twist bk an let them exposed

  42. shaz

    I think takhil’s truth is going to come out in front of abhi. Then abhigya’s separate going to happen. But the reason of their separate will be ‘ trust ‘.

  43. naren

    Still I could not able to believe abhi’s reactions towards her. After he knowing she is his fuggy then how come he suddenly thinks she has an affairs. yes we can accept pragya cheated his property but is this a reason to believe she is character less. abhi always she loves his fuggy then why he didn’t trust her. really very heat breaking. He wants to move his life with tanu then y can’t pragya. even though pragya has not yet moved. He is very angry with her. Then what about him. He is having a child with second women then also he don’t want to pragya get to move on life. It is not a jealousy. The way he is showing towards her is only domination. I really don’t want abhi’s character spoil like this. We want our old rock star back

  44. Balaji

    I think the story writer was dead…..the producer doesn’t know how to end it that’s y producer is writing story of his own……

  45. Pratiksha

    From the starting of abhigya’s love till now, what I got that abhigya r still not in love with it’s true sense. Offcousre they have deep feelings and soft corner for each other in their heart. But their feelings doesn’t complete their love I’m complete sense. Becoz love’s most important root is trust. It is a base of love. Without it, we can’t justify love, even we can’t run any relationship without it. But between two lovers, trust is soul of their love who makes bond of love strongest between them. But here, in abhigya’s relationship, they have lack of trust on each other. They needs each other more than their love. Abhi needs pragya as she has become a habit for him and he has addicted for her, without whom he can’t think to live not for a single moment. And for pragya, abhi is her kumkum more than her lover. Pragya needs abhi’s kumkum more than him. They doesn’t think that true lover loves each other unconditionally and needs each other love and company forever. Love grows from trust, who makes love true and makes lovers feel that they r in truly love with each other, in which, third person, or any doubt doesn’t exist. Abhigya have just started to understand the means of love and I’m the way of getting it’s true mean.They still needs to understand it more. They knows how to love but they doesn’t know how to make it stronger. They needs to understand that trust is most important thing for a true love, I’m which no body can interfere, not others nor own peoples. And I think after that champu matter, abhi will finally learn the importance of trust in love and after tanu’s exposure, abhi and pragya both will understand that what was lack in their love and after which they will become true lovers and their bond will get more strong.
    But till then, it can’t say that they r in true love. Their feelings r true but they r still far from it’s exact means. For a true love and to make it strongest, three things r most needed, firstly, trust should b there, love should b there but third person should not b there. Love is there between abhigya but trust is not there between them and there is third person’s involvement always there between them, which makes their love incomplete and weak. It will become complete when these they will follow these three needed things in their relationship and it’s need for their love. But till then these types of problems will always remained between them. Overall I mean to say, abhigya r in love but not completely. They still needs to understand it more to fall truely and completely in love with each other. I just reached in this conclusion on the bases of what cvs r showing us. Whatever they r showing it suggests only this. I can’t say abhigya’s love is love until they will not complete it in it’s complete sense.

    • Sahithi

      That contrast was clearly shown till Bulbul was alive, when we can compare Purab-bulbul couple with Abhi-pragya.

      Purab is the Mr. Perfect when it comes to his love for Bulbul and on multiple occasions he gave back to Aaliya n never trusted her once he knew what she was up to. He was the mature guy when compared to Abhi. He knew how to keep Bulbul happy and even when her face was spoiled he was by her side.

      But Tanu is always successful in creating diff, one her true face is not completely known to Abhi, second he somewhere still connects to her baby his, above all he is confused about Pragya being Fuggy or Mogambo.

      Purab-bulbul didn’t have anyone guiding or advising them, they made their own decisions, whereas both Abhi Pragya turn to someone else like Purab, Daadi, Bulbul, Sarla whenever they have some trouble. Right now in addition to Tanu, Daadi is also a third person in their relation.

      Abhi deep in his mind has this impression that Pragya cheated him on property, which came out yday when he was angry. Daadi convinced abt samething when he duped Pragya for divorce paper sign, that Pragya lost her sis trying to expose his enemies, which is a loss no one can ever compensate. But for Abhi mogambo is one who cheated him.

      Same with Pragya who was angry that Abhi is always coming into Tanu’s words. But more than trust it looks like Abhi’s insecurity of losing his Fuggy forever is making him rude towards her.

      • shobana

        One thing is very crystal clear that pragya’s mogambo avatar is total waste.
        Pragya has been broken completely. How she is going to prove her innocence???
        There is no difference between MMS track and fake boyfriend track. In MMS track tanu and alia produced fake video and here fake photos. In both of these tracks pragya is pleading abhi to believe her.
        I thought next segment will give some improvement but its very emotional scenes.

      • Sahithi

        Shobana, Pragya and her team are not yet realizing that this mogambo getup flopped or rather back fired badly.
        After Pragya stopped Tanu marriage, she should have got back to her Fuggy avatar, just to poke at Tanu. Anyhow when Pragya and Tanu knew each other’s truth there was no point in being Mogambo. Atleast Abhi wouldnt have misunderstood Pragya.

        Last time when Tanu blamed Sarla for theft, it was proved back that Tanu was the thief. Similarly now since she blamed Pragya for an affair, her affair with Nikhil should be out. What started as a one-night stand for Tanu now converted to partners-in-crime literally with Nikhil.

  46. Aqua

    Stupid plot! That being said, I hope abhi feels the way pragya did on her wedding night when she found him drunk in tanu’s apt. Pragya broke down and cried on the street. Now again poor pragya breaking down and crying on the floor.

    I miss the earlier charm of the show. I have no hope for this show anymore. The writers has successfully ruined the show for us.

  47. ar

    m flushing kumkum bhagya by not reading updates also…wht a waste of time n energy
    when i take sucess for granted ull suffer 1 day….
    kumkum bhagya writers n producers will face the same 1 day
    bye forever kkb!

  48. Musthaq

    Hey is there any end on Tanu character. This is something playing with others personal life.
    Request to close this dramatic scences at the earliest…….

    Getting bored to watch this serial..

  49. Muz

    Ha ha ha….abhi thu ne tho hadd kar di yaar …trust ni tho pyar kyun karta hy …
    Dadi akash n purb sarla knws tannu n nikl truth …But still they quite….
    Sirf tannu hi hamsha bolthi rehti hy …itz too muchh ..
    N guys ..plz stop watching ths kkb..itz bakwass …watch othr serls ..

  50. Musthaq

    Thats true. Request the KKB viewers to watch serials in Zindagi.

    The serials are short with all the masalas mixed and gets over in a month or two

  51. arzu

    what a……… show… it is…. stop watching this show r. then only director change the story line

  52. adamu alhaji adamu

    I don’t know how many people u have killed with these your childish story, that does not have a meaning or end. God will surely punish u.

  53. Nirmala

    This serial is like a coaching special class for youngerters who can easily cheat their family, have extra martial affair, blackmail, do theft, etc etc.,…,,,

    so we should certainly congratulate the entire team of KKB that they are standing strong to educate our future generation how to lead a dirty, filthy life.

  54. anne

    boycott tis show bulbul is out alya is out wen is tis women TANU leaving when i saw the news she was quiting the show i was sooooooooooo happy i think fans must go to the OL shoot n boooooooooo her she is the most shameless women i cant stand tht NIKHIL he thinks he is super villan the way he talks can vomit Akash should hve punched his nose n mouth i know its a drama but i cannot see ABHI N PRAGYA CRYING n pragya is pleading to him just cannot stop my tears yes any women if u suspect wil just say like tht in tht in self he must know his wife.PLS THROW TANU N NIKHIL OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS THROW TANU N NIKHIL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRM KKB MY HUMBLE REQUEST I KNOW IT CANNOT HAPPEN BUT BUT AFTER TIS KIND OF SAYING ABT THT TANU IF SHE STIL CONTINUE I DONO WHAT TO SAY. i m a very humble person who never like to comment like tis but i cannot take it anymore tis story can make me comment like tis better dont see but never watch since monday just watched for a few minutes the ending part no more until abhi n pragya back together

  55. JJ

    Abhi can believe the lie for which he himself not sure of (sleeping with tanu), but cannot believe pragya who is confessing and trying to defend in all possible way. What husband character it is. How can he even keep quite even after listening false abortion news Which was told by tanu against pragya.

  56. anne

    if i were pragya i wil cut my wrist or do something else than to live with unwanted blames y writers cannot think tis kind of things

  57. Nikita

    The episodes are getting on the nerves , a so called rock star has no stand of his own and gets carried away by game plans played by others ….What stupid proof other than a DNA test can prove tbat the baby tanu is carrying is not Abhis ….The serial should take one step ahead now it’s high time ..evn.my maid at home has started dislikng the serial …Please show something positive .

  58. fuggy

    aduiance kkb sirf abhigya ke liye hi dekhte ab un dono nahi mile toh hum kiske liye ye show dekhe ab ye jho pragya ka fake boy freind wala drama jo hai wo aduiance mein kisi ko pasand nahi aara then hum ye show kyun dekhe ye writters kyun senceles story likhre sub waste hai only kkb serial poora team dekhlo koy bhi nahi dekhenge aduiance ko pagal samajkar rakha hai kya serial mein koy bhi trak dekhne

  59. fuggy

    aduiance kkb sirf abhigya ke liye hi dekhte ab un dono nahi mile toh hum kiske liye ye show dekhe ab ye jho pragya ka fake boy freind wala drama jo hai wo aduiance mein kisi ko pasand nahi aara then hum ye show kyun dekhe ye writters kyun senceles story likhre sub waste hai only kkb serial poora team dekhlo koy bhi nahi dekhenge aduiance ko pagal samajkar rakha hai kya serial mein koy bhi trak dekhne plz kuch naya criete karo

  60. madhuri

    It is waste show. It’s been one year but Tanu’s truth is not revealed yet. It’s like a drama.
    Abhi has no self thinking. I don’t understand whether he is in leading role or puppet.
    every body started disliking this serial. There is not end to bring Tanu’s truth. Only planning chalta rahtaaa….

  61. Raya

    Is abhis love for pragya is so weak that he has to doubt her.when there is true love,there is trust.

  62. Asmitha

    I saw a segment in IBN7 it really some sad but they shown that how abhi is trying to jelous pragya it was really funny to jelous her he ate Sandwich which is made by tanu which he doesn’t like her cooking poor abhi so sad

  63. sunita pai

    I am wondered if tanu can lie about pragya, then why can’t Pragya, Dadi, Rachana, Akash and Purab tell the truth about tanu ‘s baby. Its too horribiel show

  64. Pratiksha

    New segment update- segment same as today’s onlocation video but little bit added wiith more scene of next morning between tabhi and pragya. Abhi is standing in balcony. It was raining heavily ouside. Abhi who is lost in pragya’s thought, gets wet. He wets intentinally. Pragya comes and tries to pull abhi inside. They gets slip and holds each other to save from fall. They gets lost in each other and shares a painful eyelock. Abhi starts sneezing. Becoz of which their eyelocks gets break. Pragya pulls abhi and takes him in the room. Abhi tries to neglect her and says to pragya that he won’t take her help. Prgya yells on him and makes him sit. She wipes him from towel and takes a tub of warm water to warm his feets. She applies vicks on his neck. They again shares an eyelock. Abhi again start sneezing becoz of which their eyelock again gets break. Pragya tries to make him calm but abhi gets ready to leave from there in anger. Becoz he reminds pragya’s dance with champak in party. Pragya tries to stop him and says not to go outside as he could have cold. Abhi says whatever bad was going to happen with me, already happened. Now whatelse bad can happen. He leaves from there. Pragya tries to follow him but abhi closes the door from outside. Pragya beggs from him to listen her and open the door but he locks the door from outside and doesn’t open it. Pragya breakingly falls on the floor and start crying so much after sitting at the door. Reporter says abhi and pragya is going through so much pain becoz of tanu’s evil setup. Abhi is in dilemma as he can’t leave pragya becoz somewhere in his heart he can’t believe on it completely that pragya can cheat with him and can do it. But otherside he can’t avoid the proofs too which tanu showed to him and whatever he saw in the party. In next scene, they shows that in morning, tanu and abhi in corridor. Tanu brings breakfast for abhi. Pragya loks all this from a distance. Abhi notices it and tries to make pragya jealous by eating a sandwitch from tanu’s hand and by admiring her. Pragya gets angry with jealousy. Abhi notices it and smiles. Tanu leaves and abhi look pragy’s expressions. Reporter says that abhi is trying to find out that what is exactly in pragya’s heart.

    • Sahithi

      Someone tell Abhi no point in trying to find what is there in Pragya’s mind. He should get used to eating food made by Tanu. If that upsets his body literally, then borrow some money from Purab and go on a vacation without informing anyone including Purab.

      • Pratiksha

        Exactly sahithi there is no use to make pragya jealous by using tanu for getting to know pragya’s heart’s truth becoz tanu will always b there in next moment to make abhi confuse by manipulating him through champak. It is also for glued audience with their seats. Otherwise what exactly should happen that abhi needs to know champak’s truth becoz he is making pragya wrong in his eyes, not what is in pragya’s heart becoz it clearly shows on her face that only abhi i in her heart and she feels love and it’s feelings only for him. And if abhi have little bit trust on pragya in somewhere in his heart so he should find out champak’s truth that why he is claiming on pragya as his girlfriend and from where he came? Pragya also needs to prove her innocence rather than roaming worriedly here and there and sharing it to dadi and others. But cvs have need to show all this na for stretching. So how they can go to exact way. It will b ruined their all hard work on stretching na. See, now we can see their purpose behind this crap very clearly. That they r showing all this crap only for stretching the story. That’s why i had decided that now whatever they will show to glued us with their show, i will not accept anything and will not watch it until the story takes it’s right turn finally.It seems like they r slowly going for the down fall of their show. Let’s see where they will stop with this crap?

      • Asmitha

        I didn’t understand that y abhi is trying to jealous pragya because he had accepted that she has affair with champak then y he is doing like this really abhi’s character is confusing

      • Sahithi

        No Asmitha both Abhi n Pragya spoke yday about Pragya having affair, out of too much anger and being upset. I dont think either of them really meant what they said. We will mostly see Abhi saying to himself in coming episodes, his confusion on whether to go with his conscience about Pragya and not believe all that happened or how to take her dance with Champu and Pragya taking him to clean his suit.

        Abhi gets emotional and loses his temper quickly, and later sits and regrets things. Added to that Pragya was running after him asking him to believe her and also trying to comfort him after he got drenched in rain. And it is Abhi’s usual trick to test Pragya after every fallout.

    • Sahithi

      4th position is only urban rating, with rural and urban added, it is still in 3rd place, but huge drop in no. of audience watching it, from previous week.

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi. This is last week’s trp and ya a huge fall happened in it but it got atleast 3rd position just becoz of abhigya’s romance. But now i m waiting for this week’s trp. Damn sure and hoping, it will b more down.

      • Sahithi

        On second thought Shobana, Naagin wont be there for next week rating. So one competition gone. You never know it may be seen in better position than this week and may gain one place.

        Btw any guess anyone why Zee stopped their promos in recent times. After that promo for Pragya accident and Sarla saving her, I dont remember seeing anything. Didnt they feel this bday and Champak thing is worth a promo or did I miss it?

      • shobana

        Sahithi, Kkb directors producers CVs and the writers are very lucky. Because one of their competitors(naagin) is not in this weeks slot. So definitely kkb wont go below 5 th position ☹
        I too didn’t see any promos and for the past one week I didn’t watch zee TV properly.
        Maybe the CVs itself would’ve known that if they show like this our abhigya fans won’t watch it because of that they would have not shown the promo of pragya’s bday and champak’s entry

  65. Fowziya

    Ufff Thank Goodness i took a break from this crap, as Pratiksha said am only reading the WU and the comments, and in addition the OLV, coz atleast Shabir n Srithi are having fun offscreen ? glad to see it, i can’t tolerate those painful moments anymore !

  66. serial

    Really, Purab and bulbul had really true love, purab never doubt on her character.
    Such stupid abhi.
    He himself doesn’t have character and he is doubting pragya,
    After marriage also he had an affair with Tanu

    Director forgot 24 hr challenge between pragya and tanu
    i think director left conclusion in middle itself since he doesn’t know wt to continue

    Really Kaala teeka and ektha raja Ektha rani are much better,
    in those serial, new generation started even though those are started after kumkumbhagya begaun
    but here romance itself didn’t start between main lead..

  67. ammu

    This is a worst serial please stop this show .please dont show pragya as characterless please tell truth for abhi about tanu.if you dont say this serial will also be like meri aashiqui tum se hi it will also fly in air. Dont hurt fans of abhi pragya please

  68. Reji

    Guys my birthday is coming on 19th June !!..I know i said on May 1st …actually i have 2birthdays !!..my parents mistakenly gave wrong date of birth in certificate !!..but real one is on June 19 !!..usually i will say may 1 to all !!..but now I am not hiding anything from my telly friends !!..my parents will celebrate both the birthdays but June 19 is little bit special !!..just to share with u all !!..waiting for ur wishes ..

  69. Kkb sucks

    Letz just kill these makers and writers.
    What the f is happenin in this f’ing serial !!!
    Drag drag drag n drag
    Idk why always d evil one has to win ??
    And if Abhi actually loves Pragya then why is he not trusting her??
    He is like a dommy.. anyone can play wid him n he ll believe them like a fool… Well I dnt think the serial is gonna end now. It has already bcome outdated.. Yuck!!
    Enough is enough
    Getting out of this crap

  70. Reneeka

    This show is rubbish. Why can’t it just finish with a happy ending like all of the other Hindi serials where the story line comes to a natural end. How many years will we have to wait? Please do not recreate Abhi and Pragya in a rebirth.

    Very boring writers. Abhi is a very weak character with no integrity or trust.

  71. magi

    Ippothaiku intha serial mudiyatha. Yen ipdia pottu kollringa director. Pls stop this nonsenc irritating serial

  72. magi

    Innum evlo varusham ipdia pogum bour adikala writter kadupa iruku intha serial pathala. Thanu nikil real face innum 10yrs la therichudum. Athuvarai tanu ipdia pregnanta irupanga ill a director s

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.