Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that Dadi will not let him leave her. Pragya thinks to set everything fine. Saiyyara Re Saiyyara Re plays……………They have an eye lock. Tanu comes and asks what you both are doing? Planning for a second baby! She asks did you talk to Dadi. Pragya says Dadi isn’t well. Tanu says Dadi is always unwell, so you will not talk to her. Abhi holds Tanu angrily and calls her heartless woman. He says you loves me, but don’t care about my dadi. He says Pragya is everything for dadi and loves her very much. He says you are going to be a mum, but is not a woman. He asks her to be like Pragya atleast and says she is a perfect example of a woman. He asks her to learn something from Pragya, if not learn then atleast try to copy her. He says Pragya would

not do the same thing like you. Tanu says she is a stupid, fool and etc.

Abhi says I know, but you are blo*dy selfish woman. I cares for others, but you don’t care. You have to become bahu of my family also, before becoming my wife, and have to give good values and upbringing to my child. Pragya loves my family as she knows that I loves them. She became my wife mistakenly, but she never did any mistake while becoming bahu of this house. Tanu says I also loves your family and respect them. Abhi asks her to proof and enjoy the celebration of Pragya’s baby. He asks can you do this? Tanu says okay, I will do for your happiness. He asks her not to tell anyone about the pregnancy truth and takes promise from her. Abhi says if you break this promise then I will break all my promises given to you.

Bulbul tells that she can’t believe and is flying high, and calls everyone. Beeji asks why you are shouting. Bulbul says she has a surprise for them and asks to make many dishes. Beeji asks her to give them clue. She says someone is going to come. Beeji says she will make food. Bulbul says he will not eat food. Bulbul says he will drink milk and says he is very small. Sarla asks did you meet Pragya? Bulbul says yes. Sarla says I knew that she was pregnant. Beeji gets angry and tells you didn’t tell me. They get angry. Sarla and Bulbul hug each other. Bulbul tells she is happy to become Maasi. She asks why you didn’t tell us and pretends to get angry. Sarla thinks she has to agree everyone.

Bulbul comes to Pragya’s house and thinks jiju is sleeping separately from Pragya. She opines that they might have a fight and slept separately. Abhi wakes up and sees baby toy with Pragya. He asks if the baby is born and gets up surprised. Bulbul says Pragya will look cute with the baby. She asks him not to fight with Pragya. Pragya wakes up and asks who kept this baby toy. Bulbul says jiju must have kept it and was imagining baby. Abhi says he didn’t keep it and is waiting for real baby. He runs out of the room.

Abhi comes to Dadi’s room and asks how is she? Dadi says she is absolutely fine. Dasi tells her that Bulbul told that he will leave the room in 5 mins. Abhi says she tease me purposefully. Dadi asks him to get Bulbul married as it is his responsibility. Abhi says he will get her married.

Bulbul and Pragya talk about baby. Bulbul says jiju wanted to see baby with you. Pragya smiles and gets shy thinking Abhi wants to have baby with her. Bulbul asks when did it happen? Pragya says she don’t want to tell. Bulbul says you are showing footage, so I will ask jiju. Pragya asks what you will ask? Bulbul tells that she will ask about the baby. Pragya says I didn’t know and runs from there. Bulbul thinks why she said that she didn’t remember. She wears the dupatta and thinks they might have got romantic at that time. Tanu comes there and sees her sitting with dupatta, mistakes her to be Pragya. She asks her to tell the truth to everyone.

Tanu gets shocked seeing Pragya coming and sees Bulbul. She asks how come you are here and how did you get well? She says it is good that you are fine now. Bulbul asks Tanu about the promise made to jiju and asks what did Pragya know. Pragya asks Tanu to go and says she will do her work. Bulbul asks her to stop.

Bulbul tells Abhi that she will spy. Abhi says you mean you knew the truth. Bulbul says I am happy that Tanu got a guy, whom she likes. Abhi is surprised and confused.

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  1. KumKum Bhagya :Pragya Shocked When Tanu is In Nikhil Arms

    The approaching episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Abhi arranges a party for Rachana and Aakash.

    Purab invites Nikhil at Abhi’s house introducing him to Abhi.

    Meanwhile, Tanu loses her balance on stairs and shouts Abhi for facilitate..

    Nikhil holds Tanu on time and saves her from falling.

    Nikhil saves Tanu’s life

    Tanu is shocked to envision Nikhil’s there.

    Both  Nikhil & Tanu share eye lock moments and interrupt by Pragya.

    Pragya is dismayed to envision Tanu in Nikhil’s arms.

    Abhi thanked Nikhil for saving Tanu however Pragya feels one thing fishy between Tanu and Nikhil.

    Let’s see however Nikhil’s entry brings change in  Pragya & Abhi’s  lives.

  2. I think so nikhil entry will be today or tomorrow. Because I saw one video in that tanu weared that dress only violet colour. So it may happen today or tomorrow too. But do no bcs last week abhi and pragya wear same dress for one week. To day I saw video in aaj tak they telecasted same video what u kavin gave the link. In that thy are arranging mehendi party. In that no girls will do works only boys will work it was abhi idea so all boys are doing work there.

  3. Gayathri

    Divya ECE nalla course thaa…entha course eduka poranrathu important ila nee nalla college ah select pannu…apathaa nalla company la place aaga mudium?

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