Kumkum Bhagya 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya calling Abhi. Abhi thinks insurance people have called and refuses to listen, says he is already troubled. Pragya says I am on the call. Abhi couldn’t hear her and disconnects the call. Goon comes and snatches phone from her hand. Pragya says she just wants to talk to her husband and inform him about something. Goon refuses and asks fellow goons not to inform Nikhil, else he will kill him. Abhi thinks it might be Pragya’s call and calls on that number. Goon picks the call and says he is a rope seller and insists him to buy. Abhi asks him hang himself, and if it is strong enough then only he will buy. Aaliya tells Tanu that their plan is successful because of her only. She says we have to careful and have to use your big weapon. Tanu asks what? Aaliya says your baby.

She says you have to take Abhi’s sign by using this baby as a weapon. She says Abhi is very emotionally disturbed as he thinks Pragya has sent those papers. She asks her to emotionally blackmail Abhi and make him sign on the papers. She says you have to make him realize that you and your baby are his family and Pragya is his enemy.

Purab tells Dadi that Pragya’s life is in danger and says why she will send the papers. Dadi says yes. Purab says whom to ask where is she? Dadi says I will talk to someone and if I comes to know then I will tell you. She goes. Purab thinks to keep an eye on Tanu until Dadi returns. Tanu thinks I have to stop this Laila and Majnu’s drama and have to start my drama. Purab tries to talk to Abhi, but he ignores him and goes to room. Tanu goes following Abhi. Abhi comes to his room and thinks what happened to you Pragya. When I asked for divorce, you didn’t give. You have promised to be with me forever and now left me. He recalls their marriage and says I remember all the moments which we have lived. He says I have remembered your good things, now I will keep these papers with me, so that I remember your betrayal also. This betrayal will keep me away from your black magic. Pragya thinks I am missing you. Abhi feels her just as wind is blown. He says you are not here, but your feel is still here. Tu Meri Jaan hai plays……………

Tanu thinks when Abhi will get out of his room and when I will talk to him. She starts acting as if she is getting pain. Abhi comes out hearing her screams. Tanu says baby has kicked me. Abhi says I will call doctor. Tanu asks him to go and care for Pragya. She emotionally blackmail him and asks why you are calling Doctor when you don’t want to give name to this baby. She says I should go and give birth to baby in orphanage. Abhi asks her to shut up. Tanu says when you will see Pragya’s truth. She called me characterless. She asks did you get answer from her. She says Pragya doesn’t respect you or the relation. She says you haven’t believed on Pragya and her Dadi. She says you must have known that it is her signature only. She asks her not to trouble her baby and her for Pragya who is not his. She takes the papers and asks him to sign on it. She asks him to sign and save his self respect.

Dadi comes to Sarla’s house and insists to talk to Pragya or Sarla. Beeji says Sarla is resting. Dadi says I want to see Sarla. Beeji refuses and asks her to make herself understand. She finally tells Dadi that Pragya is kidnapped and Nikhil asked her to get the papers signed on the papers else they will kill her. Dadi cries and asks God, why is he doing this. She asks Beeji, why didn’t you tell me this. Beeji says I was afraid, if I tell you anything then they will kill Pragya. She asks Dadi to save Pragya. Dadi prays to God to save Abhi. Tanu asks Abhi to show to Pragya that he can live without her, and says we will love you so much that you will forget her. Abhi says you are saying right. When she don’t bother to meet me and sent these divorce papers, then I will also send these divorce papers. He signs on the papers. Tanu gets happy and hugs him. She says everything will be fine now.

Dadi tells Tanu that she will tell Abhi whatever she has done to Pragya. Tanu shows the divorce papers and says Abhi has signed on it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. asmitha

    Y abhi will misunderstoods pragya always because of angry he kept sign really it is foolishness now what dadi will do what I am expecting is she will not say anything to abhi how stupid and illogically they r showing to us y abhi was not thinking in a positive way really I felt bad today I think may dadi inform purab really how much irritation will I feel when I watch tanu same irritation I am feeling when I see dadi by knowing also she will not do anything simply she will pray to gd

    • Pratiksha

      Asmitha that’s the only thing which was bothered me a lot about yesterday’s episode. Still I don’t believe that abhi could do this? Before it, I was thinking that abhi intentionally signed the papers as he could b doubt on tanu but when I watch yesterday’s episode, I got totally disappointed that after listening from pragya’s dadi so much, abhi didn’t signed divorce papers and bring it back to home without signing it as he decide that he will not sign until he eill meet with pragya. Here comes back to home just after few hours. He didn’t wait for pragya atleast for a whole day or for two-three days even when he had doubt that pragya might b in trouble and if she is OK and with her family then anytime she will come back but abhi didn’t give more time to her nor to himself. When he came back to home, he didn’t signed on papers till that time and he was saying to himself that he will keep the papers with himself forever so he could remind it as pragya’s cheat. But another moment, he signed the divorce papers just effecting by tanu’s drama and her manipulation!!! And also he gave the papers to tanu after signing it!! Why he signed the papers just in few moments of tanu’s manipulation when he was not ready to sign on it before at any cost? Why he gave the papers to tanu after signing it, when he wanted to keep it safe with him as memory and if not then also instead of sending it to pragya’s home, he gave it to tanu!! Why?? He was angry with pragya as he thinks that pragya sent divorce papers without talking with him and now she doesn’t want to meet with him but before it, he was very much determined on it that if pragya wants his sign so firstly she have to meet with him and without talking with her, he will not sign but After meeting with tanu, he got influenced by tanu’s drama and manipulation!!! Even after, he himself knows it that tanu just uses her baby to manipulate him, even after getting this fact that tanu’s baby couldn’t b his, without find out this truth, he is still listening tanu!!! All this hard to digest. I still believe that may b abhi signed the papers intentionally but when I reminded that segment scene, where abhi reminds pragya and feels her presence in his room and hurts his hand from the broken glass of wedding photoframe, then my hope become less. If abhi signs on divorce papers by amy reason but not by tanu that could b fine but he signed the papers by getting influence with her, it is most annoying and wrong thing. How easy for tanu to break the bond of love of abhigya and how much weak abhigya’s love that he gets effected by a small shock or thing!! Pragya was forced, her family was helpless but abhi didn’t had any pressure or urgency that he sign on the papers just in a day and in same day when he got these papers. Pragya and family had not enough time to wait but abhi had enough time to wait for pragya, if according to pragya’s dadi, pragya doesn’t want to meet with abhi then also abhi could meet with her forcibly. But abhi took his decision very early. He always lists his senses in his anger. He was thinking that pragya could b in trouble but he didn’t thought that she might b forced also to sign on divorce papers. Everything was looking clearly fishy even when yesterday tanu did her drama and then in next moment after signing the divorce papers by abhi, she git fine and super happy, then also it was clearly seen that something is surely fishy but how abhi didn’t noticed anything!!! I m still not ready to believe becoz last time when pragya proved wrong in DNA matter and we saw in segment that abhi looses his temper on pragya then we also misunderstood him and later got to know that it was pragya’s dream, and infact abhi was thinking differently. So this time, I don’t want to say abhi as wrong before watching today’s episode, may b we will see something different today from abhi’s side like that time. Other thing is, I m noticing it since two days that pragya signed on divorce papers as pragya aroma but it should b pragya Mehra according to law. It means signatures r wrong so how it can valid?i m still wondering. Next I wants to say that bow abhi is feeling that pain which he gave to pragya at champak’s matter time. Abhi immediately broke his all relationship with pragya without listening her and without giving her chance to explain herself but now when he thinks pragya did wrong by taking divorce decision without talking with him so why pragya is wrong now for him? Although we knows that nothing is happening from pragya’s wish but according to the situation and abhi’s thinking all this is happening by pragya’s wish so if it is happening by pragya’s wish then how she is wrong, when he also dud something before it with her? Anyways, leave it also and now talk about purab. So he decides to keep his eye on tanu so where he was, when tanu took abhi’s signatures on divorce papers by manipulating him? And now dadi is ready to tell everything to abhi when it has been too late and tanu is so tricky. She broke dadi’s trust and hope after showing abhi’s signature on divorce papers and by telling it that abhi won’t believe on anything now if she will try to tell him so if dadi will want to tell everything to abhi then also she get unable to tell after getting weak. Nobody is doing nothing in favour of pragya only evils r active and rest of peoples r depending on pragya that she herself do something to save her and her relationship with abhi. This track we will never forget.

      • asmitha

        Pratiksha what I am thinking is more than tanu blackmailing he kept sign because of angry on her me to expecting same that we can get positive hope from today epi

      • Pratiksha

        Ya asmitha abhi’s anger is his biggest weakness and other’s biggest weapon. I noticed that abhi never stay determine on his words. He changes in every moment with the situations. That’s why he always seems confusing to understand exactly. Well let’s see but I have less hope.

      • Babs

        It is already forgotten. A lot of viewers will No Longer watch. They tricked viewers into thinking that it was going to be over soon BUT – it is JUST beginning. This memory loss thing is going to be the end of KKB. Watch what I say!

    • Mittenzz

      Why Abhi always misunderstood Pragya? It’s because he’s never taken the time to get to know Pragya. Tanu is always in the way of that. Despite Pragya bringing Aalyia and Raji’s truth in front of him, he fails to realize her heart.
      He claims he feels secure when Pragya’s around him, yet he’s blind to see she’s never done anything to hurt him.
      He claims to be a man who believes in evidence. Yet he tries or does nothing to get the real answers. He sees and knows the animosity between Pragya and Tanu yet he sits like a lagger head before trying to seek the truth behind the feud. I guess he likes the idea of two women fighting over him. The ego of some men….
      Forgive me for saying this, but i feel like this writer is trying to play out his/ her life story in this. Maybe he/ she is trying to come between a man and his wife and is trying to find ways to execute their plans by writing this grovel under the guise of entertainment.
      Nowhere in reality will an entire family knows the truth and evils of a person who is set on hurting a member of their family and keeps their mouths shut…nowhere.
      It’s best they speak up about it and if he fails to believe them, though I wonder why if all have the same thing to tell him or warn him, would he not believe them. But if he fails to believe then whatever happens would be all on him.
      Logic is a word to which these writers has no definition. I think we need to get them a dictionary. This story is baseless and full of holes like a sieve.
      Fiction or Non fiction, logic is needed to make the story flow.
      Writers it’s time to engage the left side of your brain and get a better story out.

  2. Babs

    Anyone that is still watching this BORING Crap….I really feel sorry for You. Get a life. This is the exact same story line that happened last year. Pragya gets hit by a car. Pragya get kidnapped…etc, etc. How in the world can you bear this??? Seriously, read a good book get a life and leave this rubbish ALONE!!!

    • Amu

      And yet you are here commenting instead of reading a book!!! ha ha lol …just kidding ..no hard feelings

      • Babs

        I am reading BOOKsssss and the constant complaints and comments that are written here about something that you all say you don’t like but KEEP watching like puppets…. I am NOT Watching – at all……LOL…whose laughing now???

  3. zuleekhah

    Oh my God……he signed the papers…..its true that abhi loves pragya alot but something important is missing which is TRUST….i hope he learns to trust her soon

  4. isha

    Total rubbish…I have stopped watching now….writers have screwed up the story…I used to love thi serial…now I hate the most….why are writers not understanding….they have shaken up all basics…..I now feel it’s waste of time rather here good music…there is stop for everything but in this case they crossed all limits…today’s epi was total crap

  5. PAYAL

    Hey Babs, my sentiments exactly. However, the show is is so stupid and boring, it has become a comedy, don’t you think? I see the stupidity and LOL.
    Get ready for another speech from Tanu while everyone listens and no one has the guts to interject. If Purab or someone else say something, Tanu will shut the down.

  6. JR

    Thank you everybody, especially Hasan. I stopped watching the serial nut was reading the updates. After reading the bews hiw the makers are planning to drag this serial, that made me realise I’m wasting my time. Bye and Namaste?

  7. Ana

    Hey guys why is everyone panicking. Save it for after the accident will will get and he will lose his memory. YES GUYS EKTA JI AND KKB TEAM NEW SPOILERS SAVE ABHI WILL LOSE HIS MEMORY!!! GREAT SO MORE MISUNDERSTANDIGS:/

  8. Hetal

    Even 5 years old boy will be proved more intelligent then abhi the Rockstar .God knows how he became Rockstar.why trp is high.plz stop watching.try ishqbaaz it’s wonderful

    • Sreemathi

      Shut up… Don’t Try to brainwash us. We love abhigya. Now it’s not going well. So throw away ur stupid crap shit serial ishqbaaz in trash….. Stupid

      • Rachel

        Don’t tell anyone to “shutup” because you like to be lead around by your nose and lied to by the cvs. Everyone can voice his/her thoughts and opinions. Grow up.

  9. prem

    Actually guys our abhi is not change …. i don’t know y that one day (nikil b’day) he support pragya?

    I have many questions.

    Where is abhi’s dout on nikil?
    Why he tell i have strong belive on pragya words(nikil b’day)?
    Then y today he belive in tanu words?
    And why abhi gave the divorce paper to tanu actually that paper given by rsdadi na he only gave that paper to her na?.
    He is a rockstar pragya is his wife .. his wife pragya is mussing from yesterday night but he only gave complaint and belive pragya in her home… y he not using mobile track any advance technology to find pragya?

  10. kkB-fanornot

    LOL!!! Reading above i see that Abhi will lose memory! heh! heh! Looks like Ekta Kapoor and Balaji are just going to drag this for another 4-5 years. Kid will be born and will grow up. And some trash like that. Reading it is enough – have stopped watching – waste of time!

    • Rachel

      Right you are and the dumbest part is that his WHOLE family will know the truth and None will tell him- the truth. It is too stupid to continue to support.

  11. obbie

    Yes all viewer need to stop watching or search for how to complain to z TV because all the episode are copy each other and nonsense and very low caractor so sick of it.

    • Rachel

      Yes, you are right ….this story is exactly like a show that went off and if so Pragya and Abhi are NOT going back together any time soon. Go back and look up the serial Pavitra Rishta…it was just like this and the main characters never got together until a week or two before the show went off the air.

  12. Ramla

    I love abhi an pragya alot but am dissapointed by the writer..by wasting their talents! The episode are annoying, dragging an bull shit nikhil and should have been the hero and herion

  13. Anitha singh

    Guys will u plz stop complaining. I can understand ur love for abhigya but you’re going to much. I’m a gr8 fan of kumkum bhagya even now I’m watching because I knw that they’ll drag but only actor and actress is gonna win atlast. Aap log overreact kyun kar rahe ho??? If u r a true fan stop complaining right now. If you can’t watch this better don’t watch. Kkb tops the trp this week. So shut up and mind ur own business…

    • Faith

      You need help….if comments are making you tell others to shut up and mind their business…. you are taking this way too seriously. Go to God and pray for a kinder, loving attitude!!!

  14. Two year pregnancy = series cancellation!

    Abhi does not love Pragya. This is the sad truth. He does not trust her, believe her, support her, understand her.

    I will stop watching this Series now. In diya aur bharti, the girl had the baby after being pregnant for about three weeks. Done with that plot, then move onwards. Here we have elephant tanu….

    I used to read the updates (thanks for that, always punctual and well written), but alas even reading about this show annoys me now.

    I may even switch to watching santoshi maa series instead. At least they have no woman pregnant for almost two years!

    • Sreemathi

      Hahah yup yrrr it’s really irritating. That stupid b***h tanu donkey … You’re right even I think that she’s an elephant keeping baby in tummy for three years. Such a crap.

  15. sujatha

    Wat a bhakwas serial, even after happening so much,abhi does not doubt tanu,moreover nobody attempts to tells anything to abhi….just to drag the serial much bhi dikhata hai

  16. Mittenzz

    If this memory track is to be believed, these writers really likes evil.
    If anyone is to lose their memory, it should be Pragya, not Abhi. Pragya has been through a lot at the hand of these three…. I don’t know what to call them. Put the spin on. Pragya has been trying to save Abhi, now it should be Abhi trying, and fighting to get Pragya to remember him and his “so-called love” Burn Tanu with this new track.
    End Tanu’s track and show us how Abhi will try to win Pragya back to him after losing her memory. This would be a calming change from this sadistic track u have going on.

  17. Vishnupriya

    This is the wort serial in this whole world….story writer is the most stupid person…I hate this serial

  18. Sri

    Ohhhh my god……eventhough it is a story atleast onetime also truth will win but in this story always devil wins on the truth…when will pragya wins???does it has an end or not????this time also tanu will win on pragya….soooooooo boring…its better to watch jaana naa dilse door…

  19. Muffin

    Better than this is to watch any cartoons more fun . In this show only torturing d viewers … D members who r watching d show really sorry for them . D story based on sense & sensibility but thr no sense at all …???

  20. Ashthad

    Hi All – What I really think is that the creators and writers of this show and few others are BRAIN DEAD and they think that the viewers are brain dead too. recently I have noticed that at the end of the show the precap for next day is completely different. Its like dangling a carrot to viewers to force them to see the next day. if you notice that P escapes n calls A is being viewed for the past few days.
    Similarly the same trend is in ALL the shows, few weeks of KIDNAPPED theme trend in all shows, then the wedding, Puja, death, accident…… I feel even if i dont watch this show for the next 4 months Tanu would be still pregnant.

    would love to hear back from all – thanks

  21. RJT

    this is totally crap and bullshit drama and seriously we all should stop watching this crap then only the writer will come to know that how to move story line. actually writer is not dumb we all dumb that we are watching this crap. i already stop watching this serial just sometime read the updates to know the different point of view about this crap. its totally undigestable bull shit story line.

  22. tarun parashar

    koi fyda ni h comments ka ….writter ni sunne vala jb tk k sb is serial ko dhkna bnd ni krte kyuk iss serial m.kbi bhi positive kuch ni ho skta ..ye serial buri trh fans ki emotions ko hurt krta h …soo d only solution is ..stop watching dis ….

  23. Aisha

    Tht idiotic type of people like this foolish abhi doesnt deserve any lovable relationship.well these writers should go to hell with such kind of idiotic story lines..really they r spoiling the reality of a relation,of a family,of a real society manner…its not for entertainment but only for spoiling the reality…hw daring they they r with this bullshit…they should banned for their nonsense stories…

  24. Asmitha

    Pratiksha sahithi shobana and others did anyone saw pic of sriti and neel from Divankyas reception it was so cute and sriti looking beautiful in her attire and sahithi sriti has dimples

    • Sahithi

      Yeah saw that, n her dimples also ?

      I think it’s same dress she wore for some award function in Dubai, incidentally she received award along with DT there..

  25. Shaz

    I think abhi has short time memory loss like ‘Gajini Surya’. Bcoz he has many questions without answers. But he is not trying to get answers.
    Why pragya reacting like fuggy?
    If she is his fuggy why did she act like mogambo earlier?
    Y did pragya expose raj & aaliya?
    Y do dadi, purab, sarla maa, akash & everyone support her?
    Who had kidnapped sarla maa?
    How did sarla maa get cure suddenly?
    Y pragya said that tanu’s baby is not his?
    Y Dr. Sheela didn’t speak with him?
    Y nikhil is always in his home?
    Y he is always with tanu?
    Y he brought chambak?
    Wt is the connection between tanu & nikhil?
    Wt r u doing abhi?? Without finding the answers u r always crying in your room….

  26. prem

    Frnds i read a os in some other page …. …..

    In that os pragya said some line its touch me too much i really feel sad

    “I miss teaching. I miss my books. I miss my students. I miss my college. I miss my colleagues. I miss being a professor. I almost miss..”

    Finally she miss everything in her life only bcos of abhi …

  27. Aishwarya

    Hiiiii guys how r u all prathiksha sis shobana sis sahithi reji everyone in this how r u all????miss u guys so badly first of all wish u a many more happy retuns leena aka tanu all d best n god bless u for ur future career and according to kkb i dont want to say anything let it be go in its way but u guys plzzz share ur thoughts with me

    • Pratiksha

      Hi Aishwarya. Feels nice to see u back again after an enough time. I m fine and how r u? Where were u since many days? Is everything all right? And if I talk about the show so we all r just waiting for exposure of tanu and nikhil since long time and according to past updates it’s going to happen finally. So that’s why we r tolerating all the things with each passing episode, only for this hope that we r very close to exposure. Well our waiting is going on since such a very long time and still it is going on. We can only wait but rest things r only in CVS hands. So let’s see. And ya today is leena’s birthday. Wish her a very happy birthday but poor girl, today she will get much abuses and scoldings from the audience becoz of present storyline and becoz of her character. Becoz those who will watch today’s episode, that person can’t control anger. We know it very well that Leena and tanu both r different, one is real and other is reel. But peoples mostly gets forget it. After all they r addicted and so much attached with the show. But by keeping tanu aside, I just want to wish Leena that have a wonderful and great years ahead in her life. I think Leena got much big popularity from tanu’s character more than any of her past roles. Although peoples used to hate becoz of her character but she is identified as actress Leena jumani only becoz of her Tanu’s character in kkb. That’s why she is not ready to leave the show ever and didn’t bored from it. Hope she get more gud works, by which she will get more popularity and success and we will also get a chance to get rid from Tanu’s character. Jokes apart i want to request from leena plz tell to the CVS that they go and get a life for us by showing evilness and gudness both in balance.

      • Babs

        Actually, we DON’T care any longer to talk about this. Are you serious? This is EXACTLY what happened in Pavitra Rishta…. the guy lost his memory married another girl and the viewers STOPPED watching until finally the show went OFF the air. You must be kidding to still be watching and waiting for the end of this… BORING, Boring, boring,

  28. lakshmi

    Abhi have a memory loss.what a joke? Now too abhi behave like memory loss only.he is not in one state.recently also first he thing pragya is right i need a answer from pragya.now he thing pragya is wrong.he already have a short time memory loss.

  29. Elisha

    Writers you no what I’m sick watching this series.how long more will it takes to put an end to nickel .tanu ..alya behavior they ripening up th show.an it a bad influence for ppl plz do something good about this.

  30. Lucky

    I liked show , bt n0wadays its is getting bore, bore and bore. Oh what happen to makers. Why pragya fail every time? Why abhi don0t turst his love and why he turst tanu always. I really hate the show kkb.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.