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The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he learnt a lesson from life that he shall not love anybody or not let anybody come closer to him. He says Aaliya left him and now you are leaving me. Pragya says you are a nice person I have ever met. I am talking about Abhi and not the rockstar, who is very caring, understanding etc. He can’t see anyone’s pain. He says I can’t tell in words how good are you. You are a very good man. Abhi asks why it everything didn’t happen as I want. Pragya says you got a new relation with me. She asks will you be my friend? She says she is doing this for her and to make her feel his presence when he is not with her. She says you motivates me etc and asks him to be her friend. She forwards her hand. Saiyyara plays…………..Abhi hugs her and is emotional.

He makes her sit on the bed and apply ointment on her forehead.

Doctor asks Purab to bring some medicine and says she will continue treatment from home. Sarla asks when can we take her? Doctor says you can take tomorrow if she gains consciousness. Later Bulbul gets conscious. Doctor tells Bulbul to give statement to the Inspector. The Inspector asks her about the person attacking her. Bulbul takes Aaliya’s name. The Police leaves. Sarla asks Bulbul, why did you take Aaliya’s name. She reminds Bulbul that Aaliya is Pragya’s sister in law. Purab comes there. Sarla informs Purab that Bulbul took Aaliya’s name. Purab rushes to Mehra’s house and stops the Inspector. He makes an excuse and tells that Aaliya is innocent. The Inspector says he will do the investigation. Purab asks him not to go inside now, and asks to wait for 2-3 days. The Inspector agrees and goes. Purab thinks he did this to lower Abhi’s problem.

Aaliya is on road and thinks of the happenings. She says I hate you Bhai. I will never forgive you Mr. Abhishek Mehra. She breaks bottles and faints. Nikhil was going from there and sees Aaliya unconscious. He says he knows her and takes her.

Pragya asks Dadi, why you didn’t sleep. Dadi says she is worried about Aaliya and her phone is at home. Pragya says she will ask Abhi to bring Aaliya home. Nikhil brings Aaliya home. Dadi asks what happened to her. Nikhil says she might have a drink. He tells that he came to attend Purab’s wedding and says he might have got late. Pragya says Bulbul met with an accident. Abhi comes and says marriage has been postponed. Nikhil says he will leave. He thinks to find out what has happened exactly. Dadi cries and says someone’s bad eye has fallen on her happy family. She prays to her God.

Dadi calls Sarla and asks about Bulbul. Sarla says she is fine. Dadi thanks the God and apologizes to her on Aaliya’s behalf. Sarla says you didn’t do any mistake, but is apologizing. I know that you love Pragya and Bulbul very much. She says if you love some one, you should be ready to be betrayed. Beeji takes the call and tells her not to take Sarla’s words on heart. Pragya worries for Bulbul and thinks she didn’t call her till now. Abhi asks why you are standing here? Pragya says she will make coffee for him. Abhi asks her not to hide anything from him. Pragya says nothing. He says you must be missing Bulbul and says nothing can happen to her. I am upset thinking her marriage is postponed yet another time. Pragya starts crying again. Abhi asks her to give him 2 mins for changing his clothes and they will go to meet Bulbul.

The media questions Abhi about Aaliya’s hand in stopping Purab and Bulbul’s wedding. Pragya meets Bulbul. Bulbul says Aaliya gave me a special gift on my wedding. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think now nikhil and aliya will become friends and will harm abhi and family. And aliya will get tanu for nikhil…lets wait and watch…

  2. anaivarukum en anbana eniya kaalai vanakam

  3. Hey guys& girls!! I just cnt tolerate this aliya.

  4. good morning friendz

  5. Ekta’s serial were nvr this boring xcept 4 few…:(

  6. Kavin aap tamil ho?

    1. sanam ha mey tamil hu kyo?

      1. Kyunki main tamil n hu he…he…actually i hv seen u many a time comentng in other lang. so i guessed…i asked coz m new here.

  7. Kalai vanakam

  8. Guys i think nikil kandippa aliyaku help pannuvan…. bcos he want tanu ..
    And tanu abhiya mrg panna asa paduradu avanoda money kaga mattum dan.. eppa aliya revenge la property dividing vanda tanu kandipa romba yosippa.. tanu va endha edha stage ku kondu varanum ne nikil aliyaku help pannalam.

  9. I always said that this serial was crap see what I mean now Aliya tried to kill bul bul by hitting her with a blunt instrument on her head to the extent where was unconscious and she kept going in and out of consciousness now purab with his cat mouth instead of being glad that bul bul told the police it was Aliya you covered up for Aliya now this suppose to be your wife to be and that is what you did covered up for Aliya purab boy you really wrong side and blind side LOL

  10. But the property is earned by abhi as a rock star. So how can aliya ask for property…

    1. May be she can used any other wrong ways..

  11. i think bulbul will lose her memory now

  12. How Nikil help aliyah Becoz aliyah wants to Abhigya separation but Nikil wants tanu to separate from abhi. Surely aliyah thinking tat abhi loving pragya a lot so only he helping bulbul. Then how it ll happen. If Tanu’s pregnancy chapter comes to end and tanu Def say I won’t marry Nikil. That time may b aliyah and Nikil ll join against abhi. If these things doesn’t happens they won’t join against abhi I think so. Assumption only.

    1. Priya aaliya won’t separate abhigya but only want purab at any cost. For her, abhi doesn’t matter now after all this. She wants purab at any cost. I think she will use tanu’s secret in getting purab back. If nikhil will try to take help from her then he will b reveal it to her that tanu is pregnant with his child but she is trapping abhi for making her future and carrier bright and secure by telling him that her baby belongs to him. Then aaliya could use this in blackmailing bulbul emotionally. She could tell her to help bulbul in revealing tanu’s truth for saving abhigya’s marriage but for this bulbul have to sacrifice her love by giving her. But when purab will not ready for this so bulbul will end up by marrying with suresh so purab will think that she cheated him and in anger he could marry with aaliya. And we knows from the day one pragya is always being first priority for bulbul than purab. By this plan tanu will get out from abhigya’s life butwill not go back to nikhil becoz she thinks that her future will b destroyed with him becoz he is not so much richer than abhi. So may be she will abort her baby. And becoz of her this step, nikhil could get angry and could blame abhi for all this. Then he could decide to spoil abhi’s carrier for taking revenge. It’s just all my prediction. But all r in CVS hands only.

      1. Super nikki very logical prediction.

      2. Thanks PRIYA.☺my prediction is logical but CVS always do unlogical things which is far from our thoughts.??

      3. Rit Nikki. 🙂

  13. Guys I just read a spoiler on Bollywood life. They r saying that tanu will decide to reveal her pregnancy to abhi’s dadi becoz she will b disturbed to seeing abhi-pragya’s closeness and worried for delaying her marriage with abhi becoz of Bulbul’s marriage postponing. But soon her truth will reveal before telling about her pregnancy to dadi. Nikhil will come forward and tell it about pragya and will join her to reveal tanu’s truth. Will abhi-pragya able to save dadi from another shock? Will dadi forgive them for hiding pregnancy truth?

    1. yeah..i also saw it in Bollywood Life Nikki… we will see 🙂

      1. I don’t understand chithu if this will happen then what about abortion promo? During these days without any new on location videos, these spoilers r creating so much confusion.

      2. Nikki..i think Tanu may blackmail Pragya to make steps to gain Dadi’s hate and to move out of Abhi’s house instead of her(Tanu or her Parents) opening the truth to Dadi..so that she can marry him.. Pragya may think if they do so, Abhi will lose Dadi also…so she will proceed with this abortion drama.. but i think Abhi will do something over thr to stop Pragya moving out… then tis Tanu;s truth might be revealed in one or other way 🙂 in the mid, not sure what Aaliya will do to revenge Abhi…if she hears this abortion, she will be able to think all the background truth (as she is already doubting Pragya/Tanu’s pregnancy)… she may use it for her own purpose of Purabh marriage or to revenge Abhi…

      3. So many spoilers and so many predictions.? Let’s see whose will correct.

      4. abortion promo is nothing like old promo which pragya hears tanu and nikkil talking.

      5. Sheetha..i feel it might be true..as that is the only way this Tanu’s thing might be atleast moving…

  14. praneetha sruthi

    i think aliya vazashi abhi and prgya beeh sabkuch trek hoga that means aliya doesn’t know that abhi loves prgya she only knowns that he loves thanu adhi aliya purabki nahi honanahi dhai hence aliya think that she will hurt abhi by separate abhi and thanu with nikkl

  15. Guys today is Leena jumani’s (tanu) birthday. A very happy birthday to her and may god bless her with bright future and long life happyness. Guys tanu is wicked but Leena is sweet. So wish her.

    1. happy birthday Leena

    2. Happy birthday Leena

  16. Happy birthday Leena.

  17. Yep same 2 same nikki… so happy bday girl…may u liv long nd a happy life…

  18. oh i am so very curious to know wat will happen in the future episodes of kkb . so many twists , so much of confusions , so much of predictions…… don’t know wat to do …. friends if any one knows any new updates abt this kkb thayavu seiju share panunga … innum evalavu naal thaan wait pananumo…. 🙁

    1. U r right divya

  19. Happy birthday leena….

  20. many more happy returns of the day leena ….. 🙂

  21. happy birthday Leena

  22. happy birthday leena…many more…

  23. Happy birthday leeeeena ?

  24. Kkb trp rating 3.7 …kkb got second place..bcoz of alaiya truth xposed…tats only kkb got second place…credits goes to alaiya..

    1. Now cvs should know that their show’s trp will increase only by “vamp’s band bajao” trick. This time aaliya and soon should b tanu.

  25. well said nikki……?

  26. how purab could say he love bul bul and yet covering up for Aliya friend or no friend she needs to be punished for what she did to bul bul Aliyah does not really love purab it is obsession she is obsessed with him and she is crazy just like misha in jamai raja all the crazy ones needs to be institutionalized ie put in an asylum for the crazies anyway it is about time this serial hit the floor ie come to an end because it really is not going anywhere same old same old storylines just copy cat from all the other serials

  27. where are all the other comments

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