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The Episode starts with Dadi and Rachna seeing Tanu going towards Abhi’s room. Rachna says she will stop her, but Dadi says she will stop her and asks Ronnie to stop her. Ronnie stops her. Dadi and Rachna smiles. Tanu says she is going to be Abhi’s wife. Ronnie says Abhi stays with Pragya more and they look good together. He says he is not interested to marry her. Tanu gets irked and goes. Pragya tells Purab that Aaliya has refused to tell the name of the third person. Purab says we shall target Tanu. Pragya says okay and thinks to find out from Tanu. Purab says he will go to office. Abhi asks Ronnie why you are standing outside room. Ronnie says he was waiting for Pragya. Abhi asks if Tanu came here, I heard her voice. Ronnie says no and says he was talking alone. Abhi asks him to tell truth.

Ronnie tells that Tanu went towards there. He apologizes and says he stopped Tanu on Pragya’s orders.

Abhi goes towards her. Tanu thinks Pragya might know her truth and planning to kick her out. She wonders what does she want. Abhi calls her. Tanu says this is a good chance. She acts and packs her stuff. Abhi comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Tanu says yes, and says she is leaving the house. Abhi asks why? Tanu says you don’t care about me and don’t need me also. She blackmails him emotionally and says she was not permitted to meet him. Abhi says he had slept in the morning and that’s why Pragya asked Ronnie to stop anyone to meet him. She says you are taking her side. She says I will go from here and will not tell anyone that the baby is yours, says it is all my mistake. Abhi says it is my mistake also. Tanu comes to the point and asks him to marry her. She sits and drinks water.

Abhi says I have always supported the truth and the truth is I don’t love you, but there is one more truth that you are having my baby. I am ready to marry you, but don’t want to marry you keeping someone’s love in my heart. He asks her to give time so that he kills his feeings for Pragya and become hers. Tanu says I can understand, but situation is getting worse. Abhi asks her to give 7 days to marry her. Tanu hugs him and says I will give you time. She apologizes for forcing him to marry and asks him to understand her helplessness. Abhi goes and thinks he is doing wrong. Pragya comes back home and looks at Abhi. She thinks why Abhi is looking at her this way. Abhi tells her that he doesn’t know what she feels for him, but asks her to keep far from him and end all her feelings for him.

Pragya wonders what did Tanu do? Tanu thinks Abhi will marry her after 7 days and then she will help him get the property, or will take him somewhere far. She says Abhi is rockstar and will earn money. He will give that money to me and is happy. Pragya comes to her and says she saw Abhi going from there. Tanu says she shouldn’t tell Pragya about Abhi promising her to marry in 7 days. Tanu tells that Abhi haven’t met me, all thanks to you. She says he might be missing me and couldn’t meet because of you. Pragya says he will be frustated if he had met you. She says I came here to talk something else, and asks about the person who was helping Aaliya. Tanu says I don’t know what you are saying? There is no one from within the family and nobody want to kill you. Pragya says I was talking about Paper fraud. Tanu is shocked. Pragya says I gave this offer to Aaliya also. She says I will not let you marry Abhi and asks her not to complain. Tanu asks if she is threatening her. Pragya promises that her name will not come in all this, and asks her to tell. She gives her a day’s time.

Abhi thinks about promising Tanu and wonders what to do as he can’t be away from Pragya. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………He recalls the moments with Pragya and gets sad.

Tanu thinks about Pragya’s words and thinks if Pragya was really offering her a deal or trapping her. She thinks to talk to Raj and get solution. She calls Raj. Mitali asks her to be away from her husband and accuses her for trapping her husband. Tanu says you should be ashamed to talk this. Mitali says he is not here and I won’t let him meet you. Tanu says you shouldn’t have told me before and goes. Pragya comes to Dadi and tells that Aaliya haven’t told anything, but I went to try. She says my strength is strong and says I have given the same deal to Tanu. She says Tanu is not clever like Aaliya and she will meet that person. Dadi says whoever is that person wants to kill you and asks her to be careful, as Bulbul was murdered by them. Pragya says I didn’t know about him last time, but now I won’t let them be in peace.

Abhi tells Pragya that time has come to do a reality check and take a decision. He says he will remove her from all the places where he has kept her (in his heart and life). Pragya looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. soo short yaar..need full update..each nd ever bit..anyways ty yaar..

  2. U had updated it very late . Plz tomorrow update immediately after the telecast as soon as possible . Thanks pri for updating

  3. Guys I have given full update of 15 th january’s episode’s in 14TH January’s update. U guys can read it from there.

  4. Guys new promo out. We have a mahasngam episode on this 18 the Jan with tashan-e-ishq and jamai raja. Full update of promo- Voiceover says that big heroes of television will solve their problems of their marriage life. Then shows tashan-e-ishq and jamai raja’s prom clip and after that they shows kkb’s promo in which abhi walks in his room worriedly and thinks where lady mogambo can go? Then they shows tanu and nikhil in the car going somewhere together, pragya hides in back of car and pragya says in her thinking that when it is about my kumkum and love then I can face any problem. Promo ends here.

    1. Guys stage has set the exit of tanu and hopefully we will see it soon. But it will b very risky for pragya,Looks like after watching the promo.

    2. I am guessing Pragya may be locked up in that car or may land up in some other trouble; thats what we may see in the Mahasangam.

    3. pratiksha now tanu is going to get exposed can u please share the link of that promo when this tanu exactly be exposed after that 7 days??????

      1. Reji I m just predicting becoz promo and last two episodes r giving this indication. She will surely exposed this time but it will take some more time becoz pragya needs more strong proofs against tanu. When she will collect it all then she will expose her with full proofs so this time tanu could not find a way to escape like aaliya didn’t find at the time of her own exposure but it will b not so easy for pragya becoz tanu is also making plan against pragya with the help of nikhil and after aaliya’s exposure, she has become more clever and alert. I mean to say that she will definetly expose this time but it will take some time and between all this pragya have to face problems and we have to face distances between abhigya before that.

  5. Need full update

  6. Ur update was verrryyyyy… Late and this is toooo short.try to give us full details about every day episode

  7. As I told mahasangam has come but I do not have much expectations with kumkum bhagya but with others they will definitely move forward. …..about tanu’s exit I think they are planning to celebrate lohri and new year after tanu’s exit………atleast by valentines day abhi and pragya should be together last time they celebrated it together …….this time also I expect the same

  8. H Hasan

    Sorry guys for late update. I had net issues so couldn’t post yesterday on site even though I was ready with all my updates. Thanks and enjoy the update.

  9. I am Sorry but you are taking too much time to expose pragya’s enemies
    I would like requested to you that, pleases finished it as soon as possible
    even many people saying that.

  10. tanu is pregnant since that kidnapping case of pragya but yet her stomach is not out only i mean it not shown only that she is pregnant …….. n for that kidnapping case so many months have passed even in reality and even in the show though tannu’s stomach is not shown

  11. i guesss from last year’s valentine’s day only tannu was pregnant…….

  12. god this year’s Valentine Day has come closer but yet tanu’s stomach is not shown

  13. Hi prathiksha can i have the link from where u got to know about the mahasangham

  14. Tm logo ko kha peke koi kam nhi kya Jo yeh sb bakeas dekte Ho.. Jago darsako jago

  15. After watching the episode and precap I had this going in my mind – Abhi keeps going back to Pragya n generally gets emotional n ends up hurting her, again n again. And still till yesterday was asking Pragya on what she feels for him.

    We know Pragya is trying hard to expose Tanu but what if Pragya does not tell truth about Tanu’s baby but says I will give back your property n will be back as Fuggy. What if Pragya says I want to live as ur wife n Fuggy, what will he do about Tanu’s n baby. He asks Pragya about her love n feelings, but if she reciprocates what will he do with Tanu, without having a solution as to what he can do with Pragya n that baby, I wonder why he keeps asking Pragya only.

    He should rather ask himself what he wants to do. When ultimately he says today that he wants to be realistic n sort this out, means marry Tanu why even bother about Pragya.

    And one more thing sorted in this episode – when Aaliya didn’t get property, n there is no chance immediately for getting property, Tanu thinks she can take Abhi somewhere and he can be a rockstar. But doesnt Pragya keep saying this that she is his boss n owns his music n money as a brand. And added to that Tanu only wants Abhi, she was not even remembering about Daadi n other family members who are with Abhi always.

    I hope this is sorted quickly as Tanu’s track is getting tedious now.

  16. Its take too much time to expose tanus truth .pls move forward The episode..because its very late..and make some new moments with abi and pragya..

  17. guys.. last year pragya and Abhi was together celebrated valentine’s day when she was kidnapped and Abhi found her, they feed the cake also together..actually tanu told that they United during Mms track when Abhi was drunk and went to Tanu’s home and just slept there..but she made a story by taking an advantage of that night..that’s why Abhi was very confused when he has done this..and tanu revealed this fake story exactly the day Abhi realized his love on Pragya and thrown Tanu out of his room and life…so the story says actual pregnancy track started in very initial days of the serial and as per the story it happened only just before 3 or 4 months back or these days in many serials they are not showing tummy big during their pregnancy and gone to delivery directly (don’t know why, I have seen in some other language serial aswell) this might be the same case in kkb also..

  18. Guys! Women’s r like elephant in this show.they will carry the baby for long time.first rachana and now tanu. That is the speciality in this show….and another speciality is stomach will not bump out…..

  19. Guys highlights of today’s episode’s- Abhi packs all the things of fuggy which is related to her sadly. Pragya comes and asks what he is doing? He says I m trying to out ur memories from me becoz i m getting rid of this. He says her not to try bring out his emotions otherwise he will go. Dadi and dasi sees tanu tensed. Dasi asked to dadi that why she is not worried for her future daughter- in- law and her baby. Dadi makes excuse. They both asks tanu why she is tensed. Tanu makes excuses and says nothing. Ronnie spying on tanu. Tanu calls nikhil and says him to meet her and says rest she will send through text. Pragya in her room cries with the photoframe of abhi. She sees abhi’s photo and reminses flashback. Ronnie comes and informs her about tanu’s phonecall and meeting with someone. Pragya comes to tanu’s room and sees the text in her phone. She gets to know that tanu is going to meet with someone at 7 pm. Tanu was in washroom. She comes outside. Pragya says that she us searching for abhi. Abhi goes to a restaurant. He sits and starts thinking about pragya. Some fans comes and requests to take selfie with him. Abhi refuses. But fans tries to take selfue with him forcely. Abhi gets angry. Purab comes and makes abhi calm. Abhi says to purab that he wants to forget fuggy becoz he is doing wrong with the baby like this. He says take me somewhere where I do not remind her. Purab says look at me. At least ur love is alive in front of u but I have alone without my love even after this I m living. That’s how u should learn. Pragya calls purab and says how to take care of abhi becoz she have to chase tanu for now. Purab says he will take care of abhi and she can chase tanu without worry of abhi. Pragya chases tanu. Tanu meets with nikhil. Tanu asks him why he has chosen this creepy place. Nikhilvhugs her and says to hug u. Pragya sees them but couldn’t recognize nikhil. Some stick falls from pragya mistakenly. They both gets alert. Pragya runs to the car. Tanu says let’s talk in my car. Episode ends on pragya’s worried face.

  20. Frnds in tamil they show bulbul accident part .. after one week .. tanu pregnancy episode will start in tamil but still tanu track not be end..

    Actuvally in end of kkb mms track they start irumalargal in tamil now u know how many days they drag tanu track and also in kkb they start tanu pregnancy epi as be in march last and tanu was relationship with nikil in feb 14 ( ididn’t belive this track) they are draging draging draging too much of dragging.. but i love kkb… that y only iam still watching kkb

  21. Ya I agree sahithi and pratiksha but my real doubt is will abhi marry tanu in these 7 days or not now he is trying hard to forget his fuggi in this situation what will purab do in this situation will abhi drink hard to forget pragya now what strong evidence she is going to collect will she find nikhil then too if she find nikhil means she think that he is the third person who is helping taaliya how she will recognise he is the father of tanu baby and the last thing now too dasi is kind with tanu I can’t understand her character

    1. Reji who says tabhi’s marriage will happen? If this will organize then also it will never happen and abhi can’t forget his fuggy, his pragya ever. Even the much he will try then more it will take him close to pragya. Becoz they r destined to b together and we r watching it from the day one that yes circumstances took them far from each other but their destiny brought them together every time. As much situations tried to separate them, as more they came close to each other. That is called as kumkumbhagya. So this is 100% sure that tabhi’s marriage will not haapen. Becoz only pragya have right on abhi’s name’s kumkum. And if we talk about takhil so pragya is searching for that third person but I believe she will eventually end up finding him as tanu’s baby’s father too. Abhigya’s destiny will open all the ways which brings them again together. And as events r going on, it looks like this time CVS will end this tanu’s matter becoz abhi has made him determine and ready for the marriage with tanu and other side tanu is also ready. So only tanu’s exposure can stop this wedding, which can only do pragya, no one else. Becoz abhi said to tanu that no one will come between their marriage. And we know when abhi decided something then he completes it at any cost. So I think the time has came of tanu’s exit.

    2. I think there will be more clarity after seeing today’s episode, but for first time today, after reading today’s spoilers, I am very disappointed with the way writers are changing abhi’s characterization. Though 99% ppl complained about his behavior during the makeover track, I was mostly convinced as there was some linearity, he would hate Mogambo, wait for Fuggy n still love Fuggy. And still amidst the hatred he would still be there for Pragya whenever she landed in any problem.

      After Aaliya exposure most of us expected Abhi’s behavior to change for Pragya, in fact, she herself told, she will give the property back once her mission to expose other ppl, especially ppl behind Bulbul’s death are out. But he seems to have forgotten all that happened in last week and is back to where the track started, like the Mehendi ceremony that was happening when Pragya was back. He knows there is still danger for Pragya’s life, they couldn’t bring out the murderers n he wants to forget Fuggy, rather than putting together all the happenings.

      Agreed he may not suspect Tanu’s truth by thinking about all that is happening around, as that is no where related to what happened with Bulbul n Pragya, but atleast for the sake of Purab, in these 7 days instead of sitting and crying, if he can teamup with Purab n take charge of things, atleast partially, I would have been much glad seeing Abhi like that.
      Why doesnt Abhi think of something beyond ‘I have to hate Pragya’ thing.
      Pragya is saying these days this is my work, my mission about my sister, so if he cant go along with her, he should be like the real hero n do something along with Purab.

  22. Thank you pratiksha for today’s episode

  23. Wat ever v guess thr vl sumtng els I mean different uh sumtng vl b waitn fa us.. Let’s wait bt my inner heart says wit this tanu vl b exposed soon .. Let Raj b exposed late I mean wen kkb ends bt Ket tanu exposed n abhi b clear tat he is pragyas n no need to b responsible fa tat child .. I wish diz to happen CVS

  24. The new segment vl b on Sunday or Monday pratiksha ?
    Every Sunday new segment huh ?

    1. No idea razia. I m also waiting for new segment. May b they will show or may b they will show after mahasangam episode but I m hoping for new segment on yesterday or Monday. Let’s see.

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