Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi telling that it is not safe to talk in the room. Rachna asks her to talk in her room. Purab worries for Abhi and Pragya. Dadi says they are together and asks him to call Abhi. Nikhil thinks Sarla has eloped and what goons might be doing? He gets angry. Abhi gives directions to Nikhil to reach the place. He gets Purab’s call and informs him about Sarla’s kidnapping. Purab says he will reach there with Police and informs Dadi. The goons come to Sarla and hold her. Sarla says my son is coming and will not leave you. The goons laugh and tell each other that they have to take Sarla from there fast. Abhi and Pragya reach there along with Nikhil. Pragya finds Sarla’s chain and shows it to Abhi. Nikhil thinks to divert their mind and get separated from them. He gets a

call. He says he will attend the call and goes. He talks to Tanu and tells that Sarla had eloped, but the goons managed to kidnapped her again. Tanu asks him to kill her and says I am finished. Nikhil thinks if Sarla is found then everything will be ruined. He calls goon and scolds him. The goon tells that they are taking Sarla from a secret place and will shift her to other place.

Purab and Ronnie are in the car. Purab tells Ronnie that Sarla was kidnapped, but later called Abhi and Pragya. Ronnie asks him to call Abhi. Purab calls Abhi. Abhi tells him that the goons took Sarla again. Purab says they are professional criminals and asks him to take care. Abhi asks Pragya to come as it is the other way. Nikhil sees the goons taking kidnappers, and diverts Pragya and Abhi to stop them from seeing Sarla. Dadi and Rachna talk about Sarla. Tanu is tensed and thinks she has to do something. Dadi and Rachna come to her room. Dadi asks why she is looking tensed. Tanu says no. Rachna says it is showing on your face. Tanu says she is tensed as Abhi is with Pragya since night. Dadi says just this thing. Tanu says what if I spent night with someone. Dadi says then I will not allow you to enter home. Tanu asks why she is differentiating between them. Dadi says Abhi went for a good cause and that’s why she is supporting him. She says Abhi is near his destination. Tanu asks what? Rachna says abhi got Sarla aunty. Tanu acts as shocked, but then covers up and says she is happy as her marriage will happen. Rachna and Dadi think Tanu is not involved in kidnapping.

The goons open Nikhil’s car. Sarla thinks she can’t die knowing the truth and hits the goons with a rod. Nikhil comes and scolds the goons again. He thinks he didn’t want to do this, but have to do before his career can spoil. Abhi tells Pragya that they will go home with Sarla. Pragya says she is here only. Nikhil sits in his car while covering his face. Sarla sees Pragya on road and calls her aloud. Pragya and Abhi look at her. Sarla proceeds towards them, Nikhil comes in his car and hits her and elopes. Abhi and Pragya are shocked. Purab comes there. Abhi tells him about the accident. They get her inside the car.

Tanu thinks what might be happening there, and gets tensed. She thinks to call Nikhil and check. She sees Nikhil’s 5 missed calls and thinks there shall not be any missed calls. She calls him. Nikhil asks her to come to meet him. Tanu says why, and says she will be trapped also. Nikhil asks her not to call him if she gets in any problem. Tanu comes to meet Nikhil and asks if he killed Sarla. Nikhil says he had hit Sarla with his car, but Abhi and Pragya was there. He says they didn’t see him, but took Sarla to hospital as there might be changes of survival for her. Tanu gets shocked and cries. She threatens to abort his child and says she will leave the city. She says I will never marry you and don’t trust you anymore. Nikhil promises to make everything fine?

Pragya cries and hugs Abhi. Tanu sees them together and is angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Abhi, pragya, pirab, Ronnie, they all takes sarla maa to the hospital. Pragya asks doctor if her mother will get fine. Dr says operation is needed.
    Pragya reminds her days with sarla maa and gets stressed and breakdown. Abhi comes to her and tries to make her stressed out and says to speak up. Pragya doesn’t say anything then abhi starts walk out then pragya hugs him and says why peoples whom she loves, r leaving her?Abhi consoles her.
    Rachna, dadi reaches at the hospital. Ronnie sees them and says them to go home as dadi feeling not well.
    Nikhil and tanu comes to the hospital. Tanu says to nikhil to talk with abhi normally as he doesn’t know anything.
    Tanu asks pragya about sarla maa. Abhi explains her everything that his they found her.
    Dr comes outside and tells that sarla is fine but she needs rest beciz she us still unconscious. Dr suggests them to take her at home to better care after sometimes.
    Pragya asks to the doctor if she can see her mother from far. Dr says no and walks out from there. Pragya tries to go behind him but abhi stops her and then the precap scene happens.
    Tanu gets angry after seeing them hugging and walks away from there. She sees ronnie and then they have some arguments.
    Raaj comes at home and searches for a file in his room. Mitali comes and hugs him. Raaj scolds her and says he will never forgive her.
    Abhi sits besides sarla maa and thinks why sarla maa put his hand together with pragya when she herself gave permission to him to marry with tanu.
    Pragya enters in room and sees him stressed and thinks that she cannot console him.
    Pragya says to abhi to don’t take stress of anything. Abhi asks do u know what stressed is going in my mind right now? Pragya thinks that he is thinking about the hugs which she does with him and says when person feels stressed and lonenly then the hugs happens.
    Abhi says I m not thinking about hug. Pragya says so u r thinking about ur marriage with tanu. Abhi says no, I m thinking why sarla aunty gives ur hand in my hand when she herself gave permission to him to marry with tanu.
    He says that he feels that something she knows defunetly which I doesn’t know or everybody hiding it from me. He says when sarla aunty will wake up, he will ask her about it first.
    Purab thinks about pragya and talks with dafi and says we cannot let pragya di weak. Dr comes and takes purab with him.
    Dadi talks with pragya and cries her heart a lot. Dadi consoles her and says to stay strong and feel happy as her mum defeat death. Dadi pacifies her and pragya gets calm. Episode ends.

  2. oh please stop this crab of nikhil and tanu….its really toooooooooooo much now

  3. Episode was okkkkayyyyy

  4. prathiksha highlights of today’s episode?????

  5. Today’s episode
    * they bring Sarla to the hospital… P crie and Cries.. P sits on a bench and has FB’s of Sarla.. A see’s all this and sits near her and consoles her.. he tries to leave wen she dosent utter a word and P holds his hand and hugs him (sanam Re plays in the bg) P says Y every1 is leaving her n cries hugging A.. Comes to her senses and breaks the hug.. …

    * Daadi and Rachu come to the hospital..

    *Takhil come to the hospital.. T goes to Abhigya and Purab and tries to say some good words to P.. P gets angry.. T asks A u went to search naa.. A tells he the whole story..

    *Doc comes out n tells operation is success.. Tells them to have to w8 till Sarla gains hosh.. A asks Doc weather they can take her home.. Doc says ok but they’ll need some medical equipment and a nurse.. A sasy ok.. P asks Doc weather she cn see her Maa.. Doc says no n leaves.. P hugs A and T looks on angrily..

    *Night time.. T is looking for A and T and Ronnie have argument..

    *Raj in his room looking for a file and M see’s him n hugs him from behind.. M asks for forgiveness .. Raj shouts at her saying coz of her mistake hez gt the punishment.. an innocent lost her life coz of him. and asks her nt to show her face..

    *A is sitting on a bench n has FB of Sarla’s accident and they show Sarla putting P’s hand in A’s .. A thinks y did aunty do this.. She gave me permission to marry T n nw y did she do this.. P looks at him and thinks tat even hez worried for maa…

    * she comes to him n tries placing her hand on him .. bt dosent.. P tells him she knws wat hez thinking and everything will be fine.. A asks her to tell Waht hez thinking.. P thinks hez thinking of the hud and tries to clarify.. A says hez nt thinking abt tat.. P tells i guess hez thinking abt his and Tanu’s wedding.

    *A tells shez wrond.. Hez thinking y did Sarla aunty put his hand in P’s?? She knows what u did and there is no relation b/w us.. then y did she do that.. Dose she knw something which i dont? Are you all trying to hide something from me?? I’ll get my answers once aunty gets hosh..

    *Daadi, Purab and Rachu discuess abt Sarla n Pragya..

    *P see’s daadi .. comes running to her and hugs.. Daadi consoles her.. P says y dose she have to pay such a heavy prise?? Kyu Ek ko pane ke liye saab se alag hone pad raha hai?? Daadi sasy no one will get seperated from her.. See her maa betrayed Death n came back to her…


    1. jaydeep now sarla maa is safe will again nikhil will try to kill sarla maa or she will be survived pls tell me ???? happy to see abhigya together and tanu’s fuming !!……….

    2. I saw on Instagram a photo of shikha Singh telling that she is back there is major twist gonna happen it seems like that what do you think guys

      1. Sikha is out of jail…..so the question is that is she out for helping the tanu & Nikhil or to expose tanu or to take revenge on pragya &abhi???

      2. This is getting so tedious, will Pragya be ever happy. Aaliya is back n that will obviously increase problems for Pragya.

        At times it feels like either she tells the whole thing to Abhi n ask him to decide on what to do next or just move away from Abhi n MM.
        The fun n happiness is long gone from the show, now its always tensed n tears.

        But even if someone bails out Aaliya what will the writers do to bring her back to MM. Only next segment can explain.

  6. Tnkx jaydeep for ur update.. nd Wr r u prathiksha

  7. S jaydeep I too saw that puck in fb that she s back.. now wt she s going to do..already tanu track s not come to an end before that once again aliya.. so horrible .. aliya never help pragya so his arrival s realtor not goods for abigya.. they planned to drag this..

  8. Sorry puck not pic.. typing mistake

  9. Is alia back.means again increase in number of villains.means again dragging.means again abhigya union is postponed.can’t tolerate

  10. Crap they are going to drag again guys let me tell u one thing if someone comes back in kkb someone should exit whose turn is now tanu or sarala maaa…..I think its sarala maa if cvs wants to drag again crap I hate twists in kkb……..the moment aaliya enters if planning of aaliya is going on then ……I sware I am going to quit kkb

  11. pratiksha now again aliya is back but who freed her from jail????? now more problems for pragya but guys and pratiksha do u have any hope that aliya will help pragya !!!???????

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