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Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking Pragya might woo him back and will make him her servant for life. He thinks to take her sign anyhow and thinks to make her drink to get sign. Pragya thinks Abhi asking her to hug and agree to him. He says what shall I do to make you believe on my love. Pragya thinks how can you do this? You can’t choose this way, and says I won’t let you change. Abhi thinks this is not your character. He thinks to come in power, and make her realize his love. He says he will change Pragya back to fuggi, and then he can spend his life happily with her. He thinks this is the only way to come in power. Ronnie comes to Mitali, Tai ji and Taya ji, and asks if they went out. Taya ji says I went to meet my friend.

Ronnie thinks he was with Aaliya and Tanu. He comes to

Abhi and asks why your father always stay at home. Raj says when his son is working, what is the need for him to earn. Ronnie says I saw Tanu and Aaliya talking to decorator, and there was a man with them. Raj is shocked. Ronnie says that third person is your dad. He asks Raj to make his dad understand to do puja and not to support wrong people. Raj says you are saying right. Ronnie says if he does any mistake again then I will take him to Pragya, and he will be punish there. Raj thinks to be careful from Ronnie.

Pragya thinks where is Dadi and thinks to get some idea from her. Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya asks if everything is fine at home, and asks about Sarla. Bulbul says Sarla is hating her very much and says limit was crossed yesterday. Pragya asks what did she say? Bulbul asks her to concentrate on her work. Pragya says everything is complicated. Dadi comes and asks what did he do? Pragya says how did you know? Dadi says I understood. Pragya says Abhi has started walking on wrong path and tells everything. Pragya comes to room. Abhi thinks how to make her drink wine. Pragya thinks he is doing wrong and is not ashamed. Abhi tells her that whatever he did was unintentional (kiss on cheek).

Pragya thinks she can’t trust him. Abhi apologizes. Pragya asks him not to make her remember it. He says he want to go out. Pragya asks him to drink and freshen up his mind. Abhi says no. Pragya thinks something is wrong as he is not making me drink. Pragya sprinkle wine on her clothes and starts acting like a drunkard. Abhi comes back to room and asks how can you drink? Pragya says my mood was off and that’s why I drank to keep my sadness out. Abhi says I can give company to you and watch cartoon with you. Pragya asks are you sure that you don’t want to drink. Abhi refuses. Pragya asks him to drink water. Abhi drinks water to give her company. They laugh comically. Abhi thinks she forgot the taste of wine and water.

Pragya tries to make drink. Abhi changes the drink. Pragya drinks it mistakenly and gets tensed. Abhi brings the papers asking her to sign. Pragya signs on the papers. Abhi gets successful and says superb. He says you have signed on the blank cheque and your money is mine now. Pragya asks him not to go and goes. Abhi thinks I have done it, baby. I am not her servant anymore. He says you will rule again. Pragya returns and takes the papers from him. Pragya says she will keep the papers and keeps it in the almari. Abhi asks where is the keys. Pragya falls down and says you are very cute. I miss you very much. I can do anything for you. Abhi asks her to give keys. Pragya says no and says good night. She keeps in her nighty. Abhi thinks she is still sleeping and thinsk to take papers easily. He tries to open the almari and thinks this key will change my destiny.

Pragya and Abhi argue over keys. Pragya asks him not to bore her. Abhi asks her to tell where are the keys.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. writers are twisting the story line too much and once again abi has proved he is mad..his thinking is at the peak of stupidity..wat ah brain yaar…oh god..fed up wid the story line..

  2. Abhi finally clarified everyone’s doubt on why he needs property. Not to marry Tanu or for Tanu’s sake but to get his fuggy back.

    Pragya also became smarter than before in Mogambo avatar, courtesy Dadi n Bulbul. That’s why this Pragya is really OMG than old Pragya.

    And as always, though promo is shown for Thursday for Dilwale team, I doubt if it will come on Thursday only. We may just get a glimpse towards end of show on Thursday.

    We will get the locker keys stealing scene n the precap scene tomorrow. Then Purab Bulbul marriage should also happen before that argument between Abhi n Pragya about this marriage.

    Also, Ronnie being detective flopped in a day. So as usual villain party has the upper hand.

    1. So he thinks tat jus by owning back his property he thinks he can get back his fuggy too na .. Us he planning in tat way ? I din watch the episode yet ..

      1. Don’t worry, I think the documents may not fall in Tanu’s hands so quickly. Chances are Pragya forgot what she did when she was drunk – signing papers or keeping them in locker. That’s how it sounds from precap that Pragya forgot about the keys.

        Abhi cant reveal to Pragya what was stored in locker, so cant ask in straight way. And if Tanu questions him, he will be forced to tell that he got sign but papers are in locker.

        Now Abhi, Tanu, Aaliya have to try breaking the locker or again get Pragya drunk.
        If Pragya really forgot about what was locked inside, then she can tear the papers, only if she gets clue from one of these three people trying to do something to break the locker or get the keys.
        There are so many chances 🙂 and now the attention shifted from getting sign to getting papers.

  3. Indha show enga pogudhu. God. Can’t take this bakwas any more. This story is going round and round as if a dog is chasing its own tail. Just stopped watching it. Reading only updates but I guess if I read after one week then also everything will be same. Foolish Ronnie.

  4. Cool but don’t u have any spoilers

  5. Ronnie .. Yua mad …

  6. So finally abhi’s plan has revealed. OK, now he wants first his property back from her and then he wants change pragya into fuggy after that. If this is his future plans then what about tanu and her baby? Where abhi will fix them? Did he thought about it? What a spineless plan he made. He thinks after getting property, tanu will leave him with pragya for his happiness!! Then he is making fool himself. Poor guy didn’t know that once he will get his property back from pragya then he will lose pragya forever. And what is this year? I was thinking Ronnie very smart but he has proved himself biggest fool? He is a foolish detective. Now raaj will get alert more. But one thing I think that as raaj is escaping successfully all the time, he will not get easily caught till the end of this track. And pragya also has become fooled in being over smart. What’s the need of doing drink drama. God she has signed the papers. Just hope, abhi or taaliya couldn’t get that papers before pragya. Hope pragya will see that papers on the time and torn it before it gets come in abhi’s or taaliya’s hands. But I think, everybody’s attentions will get divert becoz of purbul’s sudden marriage and for sometimes, papers matter gets delay.

    1. LOL
      bt nikki pragya really signed r acted???
      i hv tat doubt
      abhi’s plans r lyk cat on d wall ly
      who knws aftr gets property back abhi may himself throw pragya out na
      fuggy fuggy fuggy alwayz he s using tis one word to make himself to convince himself, dn knw wat 2 say????? hz many times she gav hint to him bt he din yet identify means wat s d prob with him???
      i think dadi’s decision s ryt ly bcoz of tis abhi’s confusing behaviour she has chosen tis way to mold pragya bt abhi’s dumpness making us irritate day by day, bt according to me d main villain of tis serila our fabulous CVS ly
      bt wat happened to ronnie?????? is he indirectly warning raj?????
      my gudness hz can they make tis record break dragging nd confusing without changing anythin??????
      dussera, diwali, karvachath everythin has gone bt d track s still d same.
      congrats to CVS bcoz of tis confusing track

      1. Nivi firstly I also felt that did pragya really signed papers but when abhi checked those papers, then he was happy after seeing her sign on papers. But one thing is not clear yet that did pragya signed the papers properly or like that way when she was signed the music contract papers? And nivi if pragya has really signed the papers properly then it is very necessary for hrler to know about these papers soon before someone finds it, specially abhi or taaliya. And nivi abhi will definetly tell to tanu about the signing property papers becoz she was blackmailing him by her unborn child. So making sure tanu and stopping her for harm that baby or taking any wrong step, abhi will tell him about the papers and this also that it is in lockers so he just needs to take those papers from that lockers, for which now he needs keys of lockers from pragya somehow. Ya it could happen that may b pragya listen their talk or somehow gets to know about this or it could also possible that it may against her but I think becoz of purbul’s marriage, this matter will postponed or drag for sometimes. Till then no abhi and taaliya or not pragya will find those papers. Well let’s see what CVS will show? And about dragging of the track! Then nivi as I said before that now after bringing purbul’s wedding in between the present track, the end of this track has become unpredictable so now I have already stopped about guessing it’s end. Now I m going with only those things, which CVS r showing. That’s it.

    2. nikki watever it s they wnt expose anythin, then y r u showing tis maha episodes, maha sangam, film stars promos????
      jus to increased trp’s ly na
      bt as a viewer v cant accept tis nd al
      wat they actually want????? wat s in writer’s mind actually????
      wat they wanna show in tis serial ?????
      no improvement nthng @ al
      jus for abhigya romance s there bt hz long tat too can keep d trp high?????
      very bad nd abhi’s character s becoming very dumb lyk in patient dead condition
      hz cum they can allow a male lead to dump tis much yaar
      seriously im watching 250+ episodes still bcoz they r really beautiful to understand their luv
      bt i couldnt even watch again tis 350+episodes bcoz of tis story track, anyway CVS u r losing ur viewers
      best of luck

  7. That scene of pragya signing on check After drinking, I can’t understand properly from update … Can anyone please explain????

  8. The writer should save us this has been going on for months now we are tired of this we want something new we deserve something new

  9. Kya bakwaas hai? Nikhil n tanu ka relation lab sabko pta chlegaa…aliyaa n raaj ka sach to bhool hi jao..i dont undrstand ki dadi purbul kya krte hai…where r they helping pragya..pragya is also busy in other stupid tasks instead of finding tanu ‘s reality…ghosh…so boringgg serial…ye dadi kab sach btayegi pragya ka jab abhi sari property vapis apne naam kr lega….

  10. Before I read the updates for this show, I NEVER keep my hopes up! I used too haha! This show is just too boring. By the time Tanu and co will be exposed, my grandchildren will get married!! I wonder what the writers are thinking! “Haan yaar, let’s bore the audience for many months!”

  11. Is there no other way than going forward with this show. Gosh 6mths & its still stuck in mud. If KKB has to drag this way…can it at least drag with intelligence & logic. If not of the 2 main cast Sriti n Shabir, this show wld have been swallowed up like the quick sand & ended long ago. Even Abhigya romantic scenes are getting tiring. It’s losing its essence & anticipation.
    None of the issues have been resolved or show any hope of resolution because of the script.
    Really pity the cast.

  12. What really writers want to show in this serial, couldn’t understand only..because always routine things were happening in mehra’s family..no twist at all..if they show any twist..then final conclusion has escaped story from victims( raj, devils tanu and aaliya)..what rubbish is this really bored..before I love this serial v.much..thats y I never missed one episode also..bt now a days i am not getting any interest to watch this serial because of no story improvisation from writers..everything is same routine…writers please don’t show that abhi is so dumb…pragyas action is good..atleast abhi has to think why she is doing like this after shared their feelings by hugging..a person who loves really by hug itself determines their character..so please don’t make us fool..improvise the story with good masalas like tit for tat from pragya team to those villians..

  13. I wish aaliya n tanu get caught n abhi realize wat pragya is doing is for his sake

  14. josphine muthoni

    this should not be happening. what the fate of pragyia dadi and the plan if property papers are already signed?OMG give a way out please

  15. I agree with all the dragging I mean my GOD really??!!! I think the writers need to learn from the writers of Jamai Raja. Their storylines are always moving and they are never stuck with dragging and boring drama! That is the reason Jamai Raja won the most awards at ZRA!

  16. Nikki 1 I was saying it again and again abhi can take pragya sign in drunken state and it happened today ..

    He is so smart and he used the same trick when he takes pragya sign on love contract ..

    But I wants to share something I read if somewhere plz check if its correct or wrong
    First spoiler is bulbul and purab secret marriage and second one is According to spoiler, diwale team shahrukh Khan and kajol will make abhi realise his love for pragya and bring the couple closer ..

    Waiting for your reply ..

    1. yes ayesha purab and bulbul will get married in upcoming episodes becoz of pragya’s insistence and sharukh, kajol, varun and kriti will also come on 17th December in the show for promoting their movie and their appearance will how much bring abhigya closer or how they will help abhigya, it we will see in episode. But in promo, they r giving abhigya suggestion of arranging a grand reception for purab and bulbul.

  17. Is raj dad also involved with raj or is it my stupid thinking?

  18. They keep changing the story line and the truth will never come out

  19. omg bas karo pakana yaar roj soch ke written karte hai aaj kudh new mile ga or mila kya fool roni raj ko hi raj ke bare me bol raha hai omg ????

  20. Boring as usual ..and writers u r all stupid ..steupppppps

  21. What the?????after 3months m going to see this show I guess it will be same …..Abhi n pragya looks so stupid n I think by now they must be bored themselve

  22. One more episode and I will be Bored to Death!!!
    Ufffffff cant withstand this serial anymore..
    Worst than anything.. Showing the boring repeated things daily.
    I almost saw this serial after 2 weeks.. And still it is in the same page..
    No entertainment.. no creativity completely waste of time

  23. Hi guys, I feel pragya would have given fake signature s as she signed in music contract, what do you feel nikki1 , your comments, becoz earlier signature of music contract and this signature might be same , its just assumption ,

  24. Eppa da intha track ah mudipinga.. abhi & pragya ku age aanathuku appuram ah.. total waste serial… more & more dragging….. & meaningless ideas.. all protagonist are dump & all antagonist are more clever… BORING. 🙁 🙁 :(… unga kitta starting la nalla than irruku but finishing sari illayea pa…

    1. divya innum start pannave illa ma adhukulla finishing pathi kavalapada kudathu
      v shld wait for sm more yrs
      writer script tholachutaanga, search panura varaikum ilupanaga ilaina ellarayum saaga adichuduvanga
      useless track bt wat s d purpose of they shwoing these romantic scenes ?????
      to maintain their trp’s ly they r dragging
      nthng wil change, aftr tanu’s child gets marry ly they ll end tis track i suppose
      tamil la indha track start panniduvanga apo naama ellarayum warn pannidanum plz dn watch nu

    2. apram enna mayirukku idha paakanum..moodittu channel mathittu poga vediyadhu dhaana.

      1. wat rubbish u r talking??????

      2. what rubbish in this… i just said if not liking we can change to other programme…. unakennadi problem idhula

  25. If abhi got sign is too bad yaar.. But onething if tanu torture abhi he may say about the papers if so then for them it’s easy to take the papers out… V cant believe this CVS team sumtimes they ll make abhi to give the papers to tanu..

    1. Off course priya this is what I m also saying that abhi will surely tell about signed property papers to tanu to stopping her for taking any wrong step which could harm her unborn baby. Becoz she is blackmailing abhi through her unborn baby and she gave him ultimatum too to abort that baby if he will not take pragya’s sign on property papers. So giving her satisfaction and assurance, abhi will definetly tell about the papers to tanu. And ya priya it’s up to on CVS that how they will use it? In favour of abhi or in favour of pragya? But as we have been seen in segment that purbul’s wedding on the way next so I think this matter gets postponed for sometimes. Well let’s see what CVS have decided to show?

    2. Ya nikki to dragg tat only they started Purabul marriage sequences… I think next week there is chance for this property papers ll come… Let’s c..

  26. too slow! thats why I opt for Pakistani dramas; much shorter episodes and realistic! Less negativity.. Try to watch Humsafar and you will understand why.. I have been reading KKB written updates for months and still there there is any progress at all..what a gross! luckily i am not watching it anymore and just reading the updates when I am bored.

  27. All are gone crazy…. i guess they have nothing to else so dragging the the show.

  28. epa than mudium entha track very bore pa

    1. really you are 100 percent correct i am getting bored with this track

  29. I think Abhi won’t tell about papers to tanu till he get his fuggi!!and nikki-1 I don’t know but some thoughts are wandering in my mind if the track ll endup like bade acche lagte hain coz in that ram ll give all the properties to anusha and he ll leave the house with Priya will Abhi too repeat the same giving all properties to taaliya and will he leave the home with his fuggi!!Don’t know what is gonna happen!!

  30. Guys new segment aired.

    1. New segment update- Aaliya ruines purbul’s decorated room for their first night. Aaliya gets to know about purbul’s wedding, she gets mad in anger. She comes in purbul’s room and ruins everything ,which was decorated for purbul’s first night by abhigya. First she erases bulbul’s name which was written on the bed by flowers with purab’s name and then she writes own name and gets start laughing, aggression all these madness. Then after it she slowly ruined everything in that room and lastly as we know that purbul’s room catches fire, it happens becoz of aaliya. Becoz she puts fire in their room through candles. Then they shows that pragya somehow gets to know that aaliya has done it. Pragya goes to aaliya to confront her. Pragya holds aaliya’s hand and says that now she will expose her in front of everyone. Aaliya warns her that what if before exposing me, u will not b alive. Shikha says in interview that aaliya has become mad becoz of purbul’s wedding so now she can cross any limit and can do anything in her madness. She says aaliya doesn’t have any care of anyone. Pragya somehow gets to know that aaliya burnt purbul’s room but let’s see if everybody in the house will get to know or not or if they will get to know then also nothing will happen with her. She will live here and will not go anywhere.Reporter says aaliya have started threatening pragya and she will do lots of dangerous dramas in her madness. Let’s see if pragya will expose her on the time or not?

      1. nice nikki 1 but bulbul is not injured know???????? i think surely aliya in madness will slip out from her plan and i am really exited that purbul got married and soon i am waiting abhigya should get remarried but my fear is bulbul should not be killed by aliya

  31. devishivakumar

    Junoon serialaye parthutom nanga.ithai parkamatoma? Tamilla 5 varusama pogira serial yellam irukupa.

  32. I didn’t understand what u said devishivkuma

  33. Plz someone in contact with the writer of this serikal tell him that the trips r falling write something logical?

  34. devishivakumar

    We used to watch a serial above 5 years in Tamil language. Junoon is a Hindi serial pooja

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