Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Arjun and Purvi taking injured Pragya to the hospital. Arjun says he will not sign formality papers and will wait until lady’s family comes.

Abhi is seen driving bike and reminiscing his happier days with Pragya, their confession of love to each other, nok jhok, etc…

Purvi convinces Arjun to sign on hospital formality papers and he does.

Bulbul waits for Purab at his called place. Purab comes and tries to calm her down. He asks her to close her eyes while he gets gift from car and walks towards car.

Doctor comes and asks Arjun if he is Pragya’s husband. He gets nervous. Doc says he will not perform operation until husband signs it. Purvi says he is her husband. Nurse asks his name. he says Arjun Kirloskar. She asks his wife’s

name. He says Purvi Kirloskar.

Abhi reaches hospital and fans surround him and not let go. Pragya is taken towards operation theater by nurse and Arjun/Purvi. Pragya hears fans chanting Abhi’s name and shakes her hands. She tightly holds her mangalsutra in her hand all the way. Abhi pushes fans and runs towards operation theater, but Pragya is already taken into OT.

Purab brings cake, teddy, flower, etc. for Bulbul and wishes her happy birthay. Bubul gets emotional. Their romance starts….

Biji and Janaki watch TV serial very curiously and discuss that lady should get her husband back. Sarla sees that and thinks she is tensed that she is not getting back her daughters, but they are worried about other’s daughter. She switches off TV and tells Daadi she can watch repeat telecast tomorrow and asks if she knows where Bulbul went. Biji says Bulbul went to meet Purab. Sarla asks Janaki to serve food for 4 people as she will also call Purab. Once she leaves, Biji asks Janaki to switch on TV.

Abhi asks receptionist if a patient named Pragya Mehra or Arora is admitted. Receptionist says no. Purvi tells Arjun that lady’s husband and family must be worried for her. Arjun says he knows how it feels when dear ones are separated. Nurse comes and asks Purvi who is she. She says she is a family friend. Nurse gives hospital bill and asks Arjun to clear it. Purvi says she is proud to see him helping others and says they should not sit closer now, else doc will object. He says hospital has weird rules, he cannot sit even with his own house.

Purab gifts necklace to Bulbul, and she asks if he selected it. He jokes that he took sales girl’s help. She gets angry and says he should have gifted necklace to that girl instead of her. He says he was just joking and asks why is she looking so tensed. She says after didi’s marriage breakup, she is worried that even their relationship will break. He says they will not separate in this life. She continues that the events happened like abhi betraying Pragya and Aaliya hitting her head frightens her. He says he will not go away from her and will be always with her. They both hug each other emotionally. Sarla comes searching them and gets happy seeing their love. Bulbul separates seeing her. Sarla says she told her that her true love will not leave her alone. Bulbul hugs her also emotionally.

Junior doc sees Abhi and asks if he is rockstar Abhi. Abhi nods yes. Doc says there is a lady in ICU whose husband is waiting outside. Abhi asks him to take him to ICU. Doc asks him to follow him.

Raj reaches home. Mitali sees him and gets happy. She says they will have food and then go for a walk. He says he came back with a big motto and don’t have time for all this. She starts yelling that he has changed and she will inform bunty and bablu that their dad has changed. He starts working on laptop and says she can tell anyone, he does not care.

Sarla brings Bulbul and Purab back home. Biji asks we is Pragya. Bulbul says she does not know and calls Pragya, but her phone is switched off. Sarla gets tensed and asks her to call Abhi. Purab calls, but even his phone is switched off. Sarla asks him to call daadi. He says daadi must be sleeping now and should not be disturbed. Sarla gets more worried. Purab says he will go to Abhi’s house with bulbul and find out where Pragya is. Bulbul asks Sarla not to worry and leaves with Purab.

Doc takes Abhi to ICU. Peon says lady is taken to operation theater. Doc asks who signed her consent form. He says her husband. Abhi asks doc to take him to operation theater.

Purab and Bulbul reach Abhi’s house and don’t find anyone. They call Abhi, Pragya, Robin, etc… Mitali walks from kitchen holding cake bowl, but hides bowl seeing them. She tells them that Abhi’s fan called him and informed that Pragya met with an accident. Purab asks which hospital she is in. She informs that fan told somewhere near Abhi’s office and abhi rushed towards hospital. They both also rush out.

Abhi peeps into OT, does not see Pragya’s face, but thinks it must be her. He reminisces Pragya’s love for him and their promises, their marriage pheras, her oil massaging his head, etc. Hamari adhuri kahani….song…plays in the background. He tells sister that he is lady’s husband. sister says lady’s husband is standing that side. He walks towards Arjun who thanks him for helping get his wife bring into hospital early. Arjun asks nurse how is his wife. She says she is being operated. He walks towards OT while Abhi walks away crying.

Purab calls inspector and says he did not file any complaint, but does not know which hospital Pragya is in. He then consoles Bulbul that Pragya must be fine. Bulbul starts crying that she did not want to inform didi about jiju and Tanu’s marriage, but she heard it and panicked. He asks her to calm down. Sarla calls her, but Purab asks her not to pick call until they find Pragya.

Arjun and Purvi come to dargah and see Abhi sitting on a nearby roadside tea stall and crying. Arjun says him hi and says he knows how it is to separate from dear ones and suggests him to pray god. Abhi nods no. Arjun says he must be an atheist and says only god can unite him with his loved one. He gives him some moral gyaan and asks him to be courageous in his tough time. Abhi reminisces Pragya praying god and he trying to stop her. She suggesting him to pray god by closing his eyes and with true mind. He jokes that god has to wake up and starts playing bell. Sarla and family also pray god for Pragya’s return soon.

Abhi walks towards dargha.pushing people on the way. Aaya tere dar par deewana…song…plays in the background. Arjun and Purvi drape flower chadar over shrine and stand aside. Abhi kneels in front of shrine wearing kerchief on his head and starts praying for Pragya’s life. Pragya’s is seen given debfibrillator shocks.. She finally drops mangalsutra from her hand. Abhi sees lamp blowing off and even sarla sees lamp blowing off and gets worried. Pragya’s vital sign monitor goes blank. Purab and Bulbul are seen in car..

Precap: Abhi asks Tanu to take care of his child. Tanu says it is our child and says she will take care of their child, but he is hesitating. He says he will.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Chithu

    These people r irritating yaar…why they are having unnecessary scenes in the mid…. Till this time they haven’t shown Rabul scenes… Today these many scenes… I think they will end today with confusion whether Pragya will survive or not…

  2. chithu

    Nikki…they are showing Pragya as dead yaar…. and seems she is coming in like someother person during marriage day…

    • Ya chithu. I m also shocked to see this? but try to understand CVS chithu. They r doing same thing with difference. They have showed pragya dead but she will not. I m sure they will reveal it later and chithu in precap it was pragya but she came by different identity. So she could find out both vamps truth and then exposed them. We were predicted that she will pretend as memory loss but she has used it in other manner. She came with different identity. So no one will doubt on her. Both vamps will b relax by thinking that pragya is dead and their hurdle is finished. So pragya will still pretend as other girl but she knows she is pragya but for everybody she is dead. Now she could achieve her aim successively. And chithu,if she is not pragya then why she came in abhi’s house? It means she came with a purpose. And one more thing chithu may b cvs will not reveal it in front of us now,for creating suspense and keeping interest in the show. But as time will pass, we will get to know about this. Now tabhi’s wedding will definetly not happen. I m sure now but it will b interesting to see pragya in bold avatar. it’s gud that cvs has chosen different thing this time. But I just hate what abhi told to tanu in precap. Anyways enjoy the new journey of abhigya. Abhigya will only b abhigya. They will never changed becoz if anyone of them will change then no use of kumkumbhagya and abhi pragya’s love story.

      • Gigi

        I am NOT going on a New Journey with KKB!!! I agree with Racha. If Abhi and Pragya are not together and he is married to Tanu – I have LOST all interest in this show. I started watching because of their relationship and without them as a couple I have NO Further reason to keep watching it. So I am DONE. You guys ENJOY the New and STUPID Journey because I am OUT!

  3. Rahul

    OK EVERYBODY STOP WATCHING KKB coz pragya is reincarnated into someone new I held my breath till the last minute of the episode till this happened

  4. srimathi

    Gys anyone hav an idea about that precap is pragya died? I’m really can’t predict anything. .

  5. sruthika

    IN Precap they show a girl coming is tht is pragya..
    but she was coming with an paper in his hand i think it must be a proof against tanu..

  6. Hazel

    Wat a shitt bakwaas hai yaar…. wat kind of mahaepisode was dis?? I thought dat tanu will be exposed… but nthng went any good hopeless

    • PRIYA, chithu and all of u guys. I know u r all in big shock even I was also but relax guys. Our pragya is fine. She is not dead. But cvs r showing her as dead for us and for everybody in the show. In precap it was pragya, who was coming in mehra mension but she is coming with different identity to find out tanu and aaliya’s full truth and to expose them. So no one could identified her and couldn’t doubt in her. Both evils will b relax by this thing that pragya is dead so if she will come with different identity so then also they will b relax and she will achieve her aim successively. And other thing is guys, may b cvs won’t reveal pragya’s this secret to us for audience interest and suspense but slowly-slowly it will definetly reveal in front of us. And guys abhi was telling all this to tanu becoz for him pragya is dead now so now he doesn’t want to lose his baby from tanu. Now pragya has came with different identity so tabhi’s marriage will not happen. Guys just chill and get ready to see our pragya in different and bold avatar. And last thing guys our abhigya will b always abhigya. Cvs can never change them by different person or different identity. Pragya’s ddiffenent identity is temporary. And I m sure after sometimes we will get ous pragya back and as well as abhi too with evils exposure.

      • Kanchi

        Nikki, Chithu..

        I feel like Abhi and Pragya are acting… Pragya is not dead.. I feel this is both of their plan to reveal Tanu infront of everyone…

        I wont believe Abhi will spoke to Tanu in such a manner in precap and have you guys noticed Abhi’s reaction when Tanu is saying “Tumara Batcha” and “Hamara Batcha”…
        so I thought like “ABHIGYA” are acting and they will do some drama to expose her.. lets see!!!!!

      • chithu

        Hoping for the Good Kanchi πŸ™‚ but this CVS are always breaking our hope and coming up with shocking story lines πŸ™‚ one thing i would tell is,it is good if Pragya is acting dead and coming back as different person… either it can be with or without Abhi’s knowledge…both the ways it will be good only πŸ™‚ but in the mid..if they show Abhi and Tanu as married couple..then for God’s sake .. i will definitely stop watching this..becoz..again there will be lot of drama..for Tanu divorcing Abhi back everything…probably they ll show Bade Acche Laghte Hain..like if it comes to money or Abhi..Tanu will go for money and Pragya will get back Abhi….so this time no expectations πŸ™‚ lets go for it on monday… if Tanu is married with Abhi (i hope this will be the sequence mostly )..if yes..QUITTING without further Qs πŸ™‚

      • Kanchi

        No No Chithu… Tanu is not looking like a married woman in the precap.. so don’t worry… far sure he won’t get married to her.. so many scenes they have shown the importance of Kumkum Bhagya.. so Abhi’s destiny is only with Pragya..

        the day1 where their horoscopes got together infront of god and in recent episode also they show like accidentally Abhi’s head is filled with sindoor, when Pragya prayed to god for him, the episode during Rabul’s sangeet function… so their destiny will make them united and because of Pragya, Abhi will start believing God.. dont’ worry all will end well….

        I feel like Abhi’s expression is somehow changing to hard when Tanu said “Tumara Batcha”… fingers crossed don’t worry.. I am having doubt with Rabul marriage but with Abhigya they will never separate.. because that is the MAIN storyline of Kumkum Bhagya.. πŸ™‚

    • Kanchi

      have you all noticed..

      whether the accident happened because of Purvi.. I guess nooooo..

      because the car which hits Pragya has the number plate: MH 43 A 6642 and it seems only one person is there in the car, it is a girl/boy I cant predict..

      the car where Purvi and Arjun came together is having the number plate as MH0 1A E 3069, where they saved Pragya from the road…

      why they have to show two different cars!!!! πŸ™

      • chithu

        yeah..am also confused Kanchi..actually i didn’t see the number plate..but the scene seemed to be bit confusing… Pragya was hit already by a car..and another car came in which Arjun and Purvi were there .. and by that time Pragya was already laying in the road being hit by a car..so not sure whether it was a editing mistake or something else…

  7. kowsy

    What u guys think abhi and tanu will get married ah , not able to think anything , my brain not working at all

  8. rock

    Total NOnsense …IS this MAHA EPISODE??? THIS IS MAHAshit..this is the worst KKB episode i ve watched…seriously kkb without pragya sucks

  9. narendran

    Pragya will come in new attire in precap.if she get memory loss all the viewers will stop watching this serial.pls bring back pragya in abhi life.crap writters

  10. chithu

    Yes.. they are showing Pragya as dead..and Abhi seems to move on with his promise to Pragya for marrying Tanu … and at the time of marriage, i think Pragya is back ..but not as Pragya..but some other person..

  11. kkkimsa

    hate this episode…..stupid drma hate now from core of my heart…yr prgya ko ku maraaaa…..:(
    yh kia jhoot hmesha jeet jta yh dikhaaaya ha

  12. tasnim

    i can’t understand nothing much happend xpectation was much more bt d dragging is going on n on plz safe us 4rm this turn out d stry n i think evry 1 is agree with me

  13. Lala

    Ekta Kapoor! Lol! So much noise maha episode ,maha episode yet no head or tail! She knows how to keep viewers glued!

    How do they all get away with making all these shows and topping charts!

  14. o m g….what nonsense is dis I can’t believe it…how can abhi talk to tanu like did its disgusting….I m very very upset…so ridiculous

  15. Lala

    Please dear ALL do not stress yourself here. Why don’t we all express ourselves on her Facebook page. It’s obvious they don’t reach out to fan. Even if pragya is alive . Can anyone make any sense out of this maha episode?

    By now we should all know the Ekta Kapoor factor. For now I say goodbye to the show . Happy viewing to you all.

    • Monica

      I am with you dear. I am Done with KKB. The Ratings WILL drop because you and I are not the only ones that are sick of this dragging and the sorry story line. This has turned into a FLOP like Pavitra Ristha did. I for one – have had enough.

  16. Ya after promo only we can say. I thought with today precap we can know the story but it is still confusing. Nothing cant predict in this serial which will turn beyond the expectations

    • Basta

      Its good if she is. Pronounced dead for her personal safety, but she should go directly to the police. Is the law in India so unjust?

  17. chithu

    But Nikkiii…am so much confused yaarr.. did Abhi – Tanu marriage already happened ?? in precap, they are showing like osme function is going on in Mehra Mansion..but Abhi doesn’t seem to wear marriage suit..so did the marriage already happen? and is it some Bagy shower function of Tanu or something like that…. soooooooooo much confusionsssssssssss yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….but if they show like Tanu-Abhi marriage had happened…..then it is tooooooooooo badddddddddddddddddd yarr.

    • No chithu. You r thinking g too much. Don’t worry we already have discussed it that if tabhi’s marriage will happen then what’s use of kumkumbhagya. There is a function in abhi’s house. I m not sure why. But I saw purbul’s pics on the same location and function from abhi’s house in green dress on Facebook. If tabhi’s marriage has been happen then what bulbul is doing in abhi’s house. So I still believe tabhi’s marriage will not happen?

      • chithu

        hmm..if it is not happened..then good πŸ™‚ but like all other shock..they show this also, then i ll quit the show for sure…but since Pragya is dead, who knows as Abhi has convinced for marriage..Bulbul may also think it as her sister’s decision and started respecting that Nikki πŸ™‚

        This CVS will do anything yaar… am totally shocked to see the precap of Abhi talking to Tanu… God atleast the marriage shouldn’t have happened…

      • Chithu

        I totally have lost the hope Nikki..I feel like they may show like Tanu-Abhi marriage has happened already…. Do you still have hope that it might not?

      • chithu

        but one thing am sure is Nikki..this CVS definitely knows that they can not hold the TRP without Abhi-Pragya…so only they are very much clear on having Abhi-Pragya scenes on every episode…even when Abhi-Pragya is not together they are including some scenes in the name of flashback…so hopefully..we will see Abhi-Pragya together again…

    • Priya $

      Chithu if their marriage over means why tanu is in marriage attair in twitter. And one more thing tat they showed abhi na tat dress he wore in aliyah function I think u remember it. I think they didn’t shoot the Monday episode Becoz of abhi. They shooted pragya alone. And they took abhi scene from the old one. I think so my assumption only.

      • chithu

        Tanu in marriage attire is old pic no Priya…that was during that Pragya’s acident promo…but i saw some recent pic from Leena’s instagram with Aakash.. she still seems to be looking like now.. i mean no kumkum in head..and hodpefully no mangalsutra also.. (it is not clear in the pic)… so we will see…

  18. Its absolutely bullshit. Mahaepisode or mahanonsense. Ekta u shd consult a psychiatrist n plz admit ur crap writers in a mental asylum. Bt dnt try 2 mk d viewers lose their mind. Frm whr did this arjun & purvi enter the show!!!???? Isn’t it stupid? Guys i think you shd stop watching the show for a while. Myt b then our soul less producer Ekta Kapoor gets some sense.

  19. yaaa….ekta should go to the sychatrist…all the writers are idiot they are making fool of us, why ekta can’t show happyyy couple in any show….we thought today tanu will expose or something good will happen bt this is really mahabakwas!!! why this ekta thinks that all the fans are stupid…..bhad me jae

  20. I m stop watching this show…..gud bye kkb, I lyk it till yesterday bt after today I hate this…..I m very serious about it that I m stop watching it……lv u abhigya bt seriously gudbye

  21. new and determined pragya

    now i am satisfy and happy that finally we see a powerful , strong , determined pragya not that typical dumb pragya with makeover .
    but today episode was so badddd , pakau ,waste of time . in 1 hr episode i only like the precap in which pragya enter…
    i waste my 1 hr for that but because of precap i am happy.( pragya entry not that abhi bakwaas about the baby and his darling pregnent girlfriend who bear the baby of nikhil not of abhi )

  22. nikki i hope what u said will happen tabhi’s marraige should never happen..if tabhi gets married no one is going to watch kumkum bhagya

  23. Deepika

    Dis is really really disgusting. And I can’t control my anger towards ekta for this maha irritating episode. We had hope that whatever the twists you make, you will not disappointment the crazy fans of abhigya by separating them like this. If pragya is gonna act like different person and take revenge on Tanu and aaliya, she also became like a villain. And it’s not the pragya we loved. Where the cute things shown in d beginnings between abhigya gone??? It’s no use of watching this show now. And am gonna quit watching for a while till they get back together. And I request d fans to post more comments to show d writers how we are disappointed with d twist. And I hate d way abhi talks to tanu in d precap with care. Rubbish ever…

  24. vidhu

    It’s totally nonsense, no value for the hardship and sincerity of Pragya, why the hell they always try to make fool of our feeling. What a senseless episode, why they did this to the relation of husband and wife such a horrible ending. Is Ekta Kapoor trying to show there is no value for love and trust what Pragya had for Abhi. We never thought that she can be sooooooo insane to promote such an episode v

  25. Sneha

    i could not see the episode today bcoz of electricity issues but after reading the updates, i feel it is better i didnt see it…. i had thought this episode should have brought a mega change towards all the negativity which is going on since so many days but its utter nonsense!!!!!!!! ridiculous!!!!! idiotic!!!! foolish!!!!!!!!!!!!! total stupidity!!!!!!! i guess in the last segment they showed signals of pragya dying….. so bad… the worst part was the caring attitude of abhi towards tanu…. is his love so weak????????? why only the female leads have to fight and struggle?? why can the main lead not take charge for a change??
    i dont know whether tabhi are together one or not but if yes, there is no use of re-entry of pragya in any avatar…. its simply like finish her and free us from this bakwaas…!!!!

  26. Jasbir

    Is this a Maha episode? Doesn’t seems like. Nothing special for which zee tv created such hype. Why do writers have to shown unnecessary scenes in between. If pragya dies, the charm of the show would die down even if she is shown in new avatar.

  27. Niharika

    this maha- episode was the most irritating episode ever of KKB,,,,,, if they cant make abhigya together, simply give it a finish……… no use of such serials where we make joke of husband-wife relationship, of trust, faith and understanding………. if pragya loses her identity as that cute and sweet wife, i m not interested for her bold avatar… just stop watching this serial!!@@#$

  28. ramya

    Abhi so cares tanu is jus because pragya wanted abhi to accept the child … Only for pragya’s wish he’s talking so to tanu … Nothing wrong in that … But I don understand how could abhi stay so normal even after pragya dies? What ever … Days may run what ever it is ….

  29. ramya

    But I don think that the new avatar of pragya wil make cute love relationship wit abhi … Hope … For some more episodes we can never see any abhigya scenes … So the purpose f watchn this show itself ruined … Only for the cute innocent pragya’s love towards abhi I do watch this show …. If that’s no more been shown then what’s the purpose of watchn this …? This s jus crap

  30. Twinkle

    Hello friends
    I watch updates regularly..but seldom comment here..unfortunately i cant watch kkb..after cng ur comments i understood that there was a woman standing there suddenly during some fuction at mehra mansion..in precap
    Im very eager to know whether shes lookin like pragya???please reply
    Btw episode is not even worth of reading update..pragya cant die…
    How come her vitals sign stop???

  31. TINA

    Who ask them to give a meha episode???? It is mehaepisode???

    Who ask rabul jodi to celebrate there romantic time in mehaepisode…
    Iam really disappointment with this meha episode and precap is not related to this mehaepisode.. so much of confussion … when will tanu truth expose??? After tanu’s baby birth??? Or that baby celebrate his/her 10th bday celebration in that day they expose ranu truth??? What is the purpose of nikil intro??? So many questions in my mind??? Iam really very upset…

    Plz think different ekta mam.. plz go and admit ur writter in hsplt..

  32. Kirthy

    Thx for the update.
    I better shouldn’t have read this. It’s a horrible episode. Everytime when Abhi was looking in the OP Theater the doctor covers pragyas face. I totallyyy hate the ending. It is terrible.
    I hope abhi didn’t marry tanu. If yes then….i hope kanchi& nikki you are right, but i hate the seperating part of abhiga

    On the one hand i think if pragya will act bold it would be interesting. But i want her at least in some scene our cute pragya. What will the new pragya do? In the promo she didn’t wear her kungumam. How will she stay at the mehra house to reveal the truth? How will abhi accept the new pragya?

  33. chithu

    Actually, we haven’t moved a bit from Tanu’s pregnancy drama through this so called Maha Episode… we didn’t come out of Pragya’s accident thing.. i mean till the end of the episode.. only Bulbul and Abhi came to know about Pragya’s accident..they too also were not aware of whereabouts of Pragya…. Not sure about the purpose of this episode actually ….

    • Chithu

      Nikki..I have one more doubt…In the precap, Abhi actually doesn’t seem to be shocked to see Pragya na?

      • Priya $

        Ya chithu but while he hesitates to speak. That’s the only gud thing in tat. Y they r dragging this much yaar really fed up pa. C writers are thinking beyond ur predictions. I think after this hospital scene I mean yesterday one they won’t show anything related to pragya’s accident. I think so

      • Kanchi

        Exactly Chithu…

        you are right.. I too noticed.. I hope it will be a mere drama by them…

        Wish Kumkum Bhagya won’t change its identity…

      • A i also agree with u guys. Even I have noticed too when abhi was talking to tanu, we were also shocked like tanu after listening what abhi said to her from that how could he showed so much concern soon towards tanu and baby even after recent death og pragya!I felt something fishy in his behaviour.

  34. Shelly

    I did not even dare to read it. I knew it “Mahaepisode” will land up no where. Just read few comments and its clear it is a waste of time. Sooooo like Ekta. Dammn I feel like blasting this whole industry. All this happens only under Balaji Telefilms…

  35. heidi

    OMG I think its all an act of abhi and pragya to expose Tanu. (Hope so) and where is Nikkhil. Stupid man Why he just call Abhi and tell the truth!!! I also stop watching if serial goes this way plz stop tanu s drama !!!!!!!! Its d….mned irritating

  36. my gosh writers another one bites the dust without even reuniting with the love of her life abhi the so called rock star you mean to say writers you really killing off pragya my my my what is really going on with all these serials is it that they are all cursed or something nah man this is unbelievable so is every one who in love in these serial that you writers killing off well you lovers out there stop falling in love and start doing wrong and work some witchcraft and just maybe just maybe the writers might let you live to finish the serial LOL

  37. nandhini

    Cause seeing abhi’s talk wit tanu we can’t believe after death of pragya he can move on easily

  38. ria

    when arjun and purvi were in pavitra rishta they already had a daughter and even a grand daughter but in today’s kkb episode they were shown young
    every thing is possible in ekta’s serial

  39. get where I am coming from tanu bad she lives Aliyah even worse she lives and pragya the good one gets hit by a car and dies why the reason she fell in love big mistake that is the curse and if you check all the serials all the good ones who fell in love died so like I said be bad and fall in love you live but be good and fall in love your ass is grass who will be killed off wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL

  40. dann

    horrible epi ….expected more out of d mahaepisode …bt m nt losing hope ….m gonna watch d nxt epi as well …if dey confirm dat pragya is dead …or else if dey r gonna bring different actress in place of current pragya ..thn for sure m gonna quit watching it …

    bt i don’t think d makers will b doing such a foolish thing by shwing pragya dead …nd abhi suddenly starts caring for tanu or if dey r gonna get married …d makers clearly knw dat thn its d end of d show …its for d love of abhigya dat evryone is watching kkb ….it wld b gd if sriti jha continues as d bold pragya …nd in epi in which pragya gets to knw abt alia nd tanu ‘s truth she is shown as saying dat she will nt let tanu or aliya to win n she will prtct her kumkum …so i don’t think pragya is dying …so guyz ..dnt lose hope ..watch d mondays epi …i guess v will get a clearer vision abt d shows track …nd if dey r gonna mk pragya die or shw tabhi as married thn even i will quit watching d show ….

  41. violina

    Frnds…if they show that pragya is dead den they must show avi or pragya family member performing the last ritual..den how cn b it possible dat after performing lst ritual pragya is alive…dnt u think guys?

  42. Hari priya

    Today’s episode was a total bakwass in 1 hr there was 15 mins break again that arjun purvi drama rabul chemistry pragyas house drama that mithali fed up guys where were abhigya today and seriously there is no use of mahaepisode.atleast you should have made abhi know that pragya was in OT and in which hospital they do the operation only from the approval of husband and arjun should have said that she is not married she carried the mangalsutra in her hand not on neck he should have told that he was is brother or something.and we are done to death with memory loss drama in every serial. can’t you show something better and once you start losing trps then it will never ever regain trps like madhubala and ipkknd don’t take viewΓ©rs for granted plzzzz.

  43. Guys I know all of u very disappointed from this crap of mahaepisode even I was too.I was also thinking g that now i will not watch this show with this much crap. Cvs have ruined our expectations completely by showing an unwanted and unexpected twist. I was thinking that cvs should finished atleast tanu’s track but they postponed it by showing pragya’s death.But guys then i thought i should give cvs this one more upcoming week’s chance to show how much better they could show us than our predictions through this shocking twist.I think cvs don’t want to repeat same thing of pretending memory loss like other shows. They wants to do some different thing. That’s why they r going to twist the track with pragya’s different identity and totally different avatar. Many of u have doubt that if it is pragya or not in precap but I m sure she is pragya but she will tell own self some other. When she will succeed in her plan to expose the evil witches then she will come back with her real name pragya in front if everyone. Cvs will b not reveal pragya’s this secret soon in front of us but later we will definetly get to know about this. At least for us. And dome of u and chithu u r having a doubt if abhi is also involved with pragya in her plan. So may b it could also possible. Becoz today when I was watching the precap again. I have found something fisy in abhi’s behaviour and expressions when he was talking to tanu with so concern and calmly. Anyways let’s see what is stored for us in future track and episodes. We will get our all answers in upcoming episodes. I hope we get new promo also today. But I m sure pragya is not dead, she could never die. If she will then abhigya’s character will b finished on which the show’s story is based and then no means of kumkumbhagya. Pragya said before the accident that now she will show the power if her kumkum to the evils for saving her husband. So guys pragya has came to save her kumkum from the evils. And definetly tabhi’s wedding will not happen? If this will happen then what will the use of pragya’s plan to expose the evils to save her kumkumbhagya.

    • Even I was thinking one more thing guys that abhi didn’t found pragya even after reaching to the hospital. And no one found her including purab and bulbul also. So I think they will understand pragya missing or may b they will think that she will b dead after accident so that’s why she didn’t came back and no news came about her. So they will not found her body to performing last rituals. They will understand only that she is dead now.

    • Chithu

      and Nikki… i seriously can;t control my curiosity on this Tanu-Abhi marriage yaar.. to be frank, i haven’t been addicted to any other shows any other track till now πŸ™‚ Guys.. please let us know if u come across any update πŸ™‚

  44. abhi and pragya….i had never ever seen such a great acting before in any other serials or in movies…really guys what a great job.. u guys are best just best best best…

  45. Chithu

    In all the sites.. i can see lot of disappointment and negative comments from lot of fans after this Maha Episode… This is the first time I have ever seen this much negative feed back for KKB from Day 1… definitely CVS will know that they will lose TRP if it goes this way… So, we will see what is happening on Monday… the only thing I expect is Tanu-Abhi marriage should not happen..if it happens, then no meaning for the title “KUMKUM BHAGYA” and no reason for watching this show as well πŸ™‚ We can simply quit it… πŸ™‚ Letz wait for Monday’s Episode…

  46. OMG! Pragya to die in Kumkum Bhagya
    In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, viewers will
    witness some interesting twists and turns in the storyline.
    Pragya will be shown dead in the show, but the truth is that
    Pragya survived the accident and now will be back in a new
    look to take revenge from Tanu and Aaliya. Pragya will be
    back with a new identity while Tanu will still be fooling Abhi.

  47. dann

    guyzz …do u think dat pragya can die …hws d show gonna mv on thn … btw …d new girl who was shwn in d precap ..her eyes were shwn …was dat d eyes of pragya …i felt it wasn’t ….

    • sana

      that is pragya fr sure πŸ™‚ but not sure if its pragya with a difrnt identity or a difrnt person who looks like pragya

  48. kkb ke fan

    friends it is really boring and disappointed episode.i never watched a maha episode like this .truly its worst of worst maha episode which has shown many unnecessary things.in promo they showed that it will be disclose that abhi and pragya are together are not but they showed other things which are not necessary and rubbish in mahaaaa episode.
    i think so after watching precap and some other promos that pragya will actually not die but lose her memory then it may be her family that they tell abhi that pragya does not watch to see him or she died in accident so that they cannot remember her bitter past and she can lead a new life or pragya will goes missing after accident and she lose her memory then also she lead a new life.in her new life she may be wedding planner or other professional who may be associated with abhi and tanu’s wedding or his new office employee.then she will reenter her husband life without knowig that her husband will never live without her.and upcoming episodes reveal how pragya without knowing anything stops tanu’s wedding with her husband and save her hubby from evil plans of his enemies.

  49. Guys I just read tellywood forum spoiler. They r saying that pragya will b showing as dead in the show but actually she is not. Pragya has survived the accident and she is still alive but for everyone she is dead becoz she will come with different identity to expose tanu and aaliya. Other side tanu is still making abhi fool. Now let’s see how will pragya get success in her this new plan to expose tanu and aaliya.

    • Chithu

      and Nikki..watever they showed after Maha Episode..is it precap for tomorrow or promo ??
      becoz..in instagram, i saw some update like it is promo..so we may not see it tomorrow like that…

  50. Chithu

    Nikki..i was thinking that what if we all have misunderstood that they are going to show like Pragya as virtually dead … still they haven’t shown it clearly…i mean, it might be like what we thought only… like she might have lost her memory..and as mangalsutra was also not in her neck , Sarla Maa would have asked Abhi to not remind her about the marriage and stay away from her..and she might have told Abhi to keep the promise he gave to Pragya by marrying Tanu…

    Why becoz, in the precap, Abhi is not shocked to see Pragya in different avatar.. i mean he is bit casually looking at her..so either he should be aware of Pragya is there and living(but with memory loss) or as we thought it should be plan of Abhi and Pragya (acting as death)…and this new avatar Pragya might be due to she is acting as she has forgotten her marriage with Abhi..the celeb might be for Mehndi function of Tanu-Abhi marirage.. and that day Pragya might have come to Mehra Mansion with some proof of her marriage with Abhi…Later from there she will act as we discussed earlier..like acting and in the backend trying to collect proof against Tanu and Aaliya…

    • Chithu I have one more doubt for function which was happening in abhi’s house in precap. Many peoples r thinking that it could b tabhi’s mehndi function but when I saw purbul’s pics from same location on facebook, then I thought what will bulbul doing in tabhi’s marriage function? I mean I know according to u may b bulbul have also accepted tabhi’s marriage for pragya’s sake. It may b but chithu accepting tabhi’s marriage and attending it both r different things. Pragya is her sister and for her wish she could accept this fact of tabhi’s marriage but she could attend tabhi’s marriage functions also! It seems weird and illogical thing. If it is actually tabhi’s mehndi’s function and bulbul is attending it also then it will b OK if bulbul will to familiar with pragya’s plan otherwise it will b totally shit that bulbul is attending tabhi’s marriage function.

      • chithu

        but Nikki..one more thing i feel is if they actually show Pragya as dead and Abhi is also not involved in her plan..then it is too bad of Abhi to talk to Tanu like that so immediately after Pragya’s death… i mean, yes he may talk like that to keep the promise he gave to Pragya…but though , it is him because of whom Pragya is in this state now.. i mean, marrying her for divorcing and taking revenge of her, torturing her, being with her girl friend when Pragya is nearby, insulting her before his girl friend… finally proposing her and by the time his girl friend is pregnant…finally she is sacrificing and leaving ..and he is behind to get back her in his life…now she is going to be dead..by the time he is talking to Tanu so nicely for keeping his promise πŸ™‚ he should atleast feel guilty …yes..he can take care of Tanu..but this much nice talk immediately after Pragya’s disappearance is not acceptable…

  51. I think you’re Nikki.I hope that all this will happens just like you said.I’m very disappointed right now.let see what they have tomorrow for us.

  52. Chithu, Geeta and guys I can understand ur curiosity. I m also curious to know if that will happen which I have predicted or we have predicted or what will happen except this. Chithu and geeta I can understand ur doubts. Even I was also doubting on abhi’s expressions when he was staring pragya. It may b possible that abhi is familiar with pragya’s plan and he will b also involved with her but it could b also possible that may b cvs r misleaded us by showing confusing expressions in precap. I mean cvs r tricking on us so we cannot guess what is exactly going to happen like always. Chithu many times cvs confused us by misleading promos and precaps. Mostly or I would say always they shows us these promos and precaps in totally different manner in the actual episode of the show.And chithu I was also thinking what if cvs will show pragya not with different identity but only in a different avatar. But then I was thing at the same time too that Chithu why pragya will come in abhi’s house if she has lost her memory and if she has lost memory then why she has changed her get up? What’s the needs of it? Becoz if pragya is with sarla maa then where she will get to know everything about herself, that who was she,how was she and how was she live? So she will never change her get up and removes her spects too. And sarla maa can never let her go to the abhi’s house. So she could remind anything about abhi as she was telling to abhi that she will not send pragya to attend his wedding with tanu. And at last chithu in precap, voiceover was saying that somebody give an entry in abhi’s life, what is it’s purpose? So chithu if they r going to show pragya as pragya then why voiceover was telling her somebody. Many more questions r roaming in our mind but we will get our answers only on Monday or in upcoming episodes or through updates or segments. And chithu I have also read many comments on every possible sites for mahaepisode and for this really unexpected shocking twist. I have also seen lots of negative comments about this. Each and every person is very disappointed with mahaepisoe and precap. And many peoples have decided to quit with kkb from now. If cvs will b fail to impress the audience by their this shocking twist and if they will show anything more which will b unwanted like tabhi’s wedding then they will definetly lose their audience and trps of their show.

    • Priya $

      Nikki they didn’t shoot Monday episode to now so only they didn’t shoot promo too. If u have check aliyah function with Purab they took the abhi scene from tat. They shooted only pragya entering scene. So tomo Def abhi won’t b in tat dress. I think so. So only abhi’s expression was not tat much.

      • Priya $

        I think u remember tat scene when drunken pragya ll tell to dadi I won’t go with abhi like tat. They took from tat scene.

      • Priya $

        I m confused guys just now I watched the precap again it’s seems different don’t know nikki it’s my assumption only.

      • chithu

        no Priya..it is not old scnene i feel.. in that Abhi’s hair style will be bit different than now…

    • chithu

      yeah..that is correct Nikki..if Pragya is with Sarla Maa..then she may not change her style of living… we will see in today’s episode…

      • chithu

        Hope they won’t show some sad Rona-vona drama today also… Expecting to see Pragya in new bold look today πŸ™‚

    • sanchu

      Nikki u r right.. CVS have mislead us b4 also with their promos and precaps.. But this is really confusing yaar..main doubt here is if it is a promo or a precap.. Last scene from sat was pragya’s vitals goin blank for us to assume she is dead.. But then today’s epi should be about abhi and others lookin for Pragya n if they think she is dead den it shud be about them cryin over it or something na.. But they showed abhi accepting tanu’s baby while all this time he never spoke like tat.. Der could 2 reasons like all predicted one he wants to do it as last wish of Pragya or he is involved in her plan.. I hope its d second reason.. That is pragya tells abhi bulbul n purab abt tanu n dey all plan to expose her.. But then I have a doubt that is y shud dey plan abhi van jus slap her n scold her n get d truth out.. Cos of this reason I doubt if abhi is involved in Pragya’s plan.. Second biggest doubt with that promo/precap is y change in look?? Though Pragya looks fab in her new look.. Y is it required?? R dey showin a leap of few weeks or a month ? How did she recover so soon from sucha biggg accident..? If dey r showin a small leap of few weeks n or a month then may b to push tabhi’s marriage abhi is pretending to be nice… Gosh soooo many things runnin in my mind.. Totally confused.. I hope after a lot of negative comments n disappointed fans d writers include some nice twists n sweet abhigya moments.. Like chithu said I have also not been addicted to any show as I have been to dis show… N it wud be really sad to stop watching..
      waiting for todays episode..

      • chithu

        yes Sanchu..same confusion here… i think it should be a promo… but onething i feel is Sanchu.. why if Pragya just directly tell the truth to Abhi and Abhi can kick Tanu out his life simply is… Pragya has heard Aaliya where she was telling she has every proof to tell that the baby is Abhi’s… and now Pragya doesn’t know the real father also..so if Abhi and Pragya do like that, then if Aaliya provides the proof to everyone..then Abhi’s reputation will definitely be affected..so now Pragya has to think by being in Aaliya/Tanu’s place to fail them….lets see atleast after today’s episode whether we are able to judge something about upcoming story line… from the beginning of this Tanu’s pregancy drama , this CVS are not letting us to guess anything..but they are making sure to keep our confusion on the peak at the end of each week so that TRP will remain good πŸ™‚

        Nikki..but per previous promo..Pragya came to know about Raj also rite??? but in the show, they showed only Tanu’s and Aaliya’s true color infront of Pragya… am afraid that later Raj may come as a huge and shocking villain for Pragya’s mission πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      • sanchu

        True Chithu.. May be Pragya might not include Abhi in her plan because like u said if abhi comes to knw the truth he can just kick out Tanu and Aaliya might use all her fake reports and defame Abhi’ reputation.. Too much suspense yaar…

        I just checked that precap that was shown on Sat is not uploaded on zee tv official website.. If it was a preview of today’s episode then they would have uploaded as a preview but I think its a promo and usually they dont upload promos in the episode list..

        Like you said hope they dont just make today’s episode about rona-vona.. but some exciting plotting and planning against Tanu and aaliya.. πŸ™‚

  53. dhanu

    v shld wait for d nxt few episodes …only thn we will get to knw d real storyline …ryt guys ???
    bt m almost sure dat dey won’t end abhigya love so fast …i mean …its jst d strting ….pragya will b back ….
    nw wat i fear abt is dat unlike in other shows …dey won’t change sriti jha wid sm other actress for d role of pragya …
    bt thrs been no news abt sriti jha quitting kkb ….
    guys …keep faith …pragya and abhi will b back …i guess its just a trick by d makers to keep us excited and thrilled ….so guys plzzz…those who hv decided 2 stp watch kkb …keep watching for dis 1 week …m sure d makers r nt dat dumb to kill pragya …

  54. sana

    my take on this…i think it should be abhi and pragya’s plan as even i found abhi’s expressions a bit fishy in the precap…abhi is seen talking abt regular doctor check ups etc…as aliya has made every arrangement to get fake DNA reports etc, this will put abhi’s reputation at stake if they succeed in getting such reports..so pragya and abhi might use this bahana of doctor check ups to get the right evidence before exposing tanu…

  55. Awino

    This is getting stupid why do these writers glorify evil for so long what message are they sending to the audience?

    • Betty

      Everyone’s guessing is useless and a WASTE of time. The Bottom line is – what is meant by Pragya coming back as a new avatar???? An “avatar” is a diety??? So what are they talking about??? Will she be an angel or a different Actress – WHAT??? What does that mean? and in the meantime since Pragya is OUT of the picture Abhi would be marrying Tanu . If that happens than ALL Plans to help Abhi are also USELESS and would be to LATE Here is a simple question – “where is the REAL father and why hasn’t he stepped up to stop this travesty?”

      I will NOT watch for one second more if Abhi Marries Tanu. I will discontinue my subscription. That is a promise.

  56. sana

    I think that new girl is same pragya without specs wear lens and give new look.that’s shock abhi is it our pragya still alive???

  57. can anyone tell me what is going on because I was pragya in update pragya will die and coming back with a new identity is that mean pragya face will change or what can anybody explain to me please guys

  58. Frankie

    Do you guys realize how crazy it sounds to say that Pragya and Abhi planned this? SO you are saying that Pragya planned to get hit by a car, die and return to expose Tanu and Aalyia?? Does that NOT sound Nutty to you???

  59. Chaithu

    Dear Writers please unite Abhi and Pragya. Yaar we can slove any problem in life if we have our true love. Create a situation where they both together can face it but don’t separate them. You people are getting high TRP’s because every viewer want them to be together and they love them . If you separate them sure you may lost the real viewers of Kumkum Bhagya.

  60. chithu

    Guys.. Pragya’s new look is shared in instagram.. She is looking AWESOME.. based on the look i hope the character will be shown with more guts and attitude πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ meanwhile the photo was shared by @kumkumbhagyax account…

  61. chithu

    Guys and Sanchu for ur confusion the answer is πŸ™‚ ..Per latest update from Zee TV official twitter account..today, we will see the new person who will unfold the track …

    and the update is :

    Aaj hoga khulasa woh anjaan shaqs ka jisne di hain Abhi ki zindagi mein dastak. #KumkumBhagya tonight at 9 PM.

    • Priya $

      Ya xplain me too yaar. I told u na chithu they didn’t shoot in abp news they didn’t show abhi. Surely abhi was out of town. He didn’t came for shoot.

  62. kowsi

    guys u r prediction will be crct….abhi feels that pragya has left him forever and comeback to tanu just complete pragya’s promise. Abhi promised to pragya that he will take care of tanu and her unborn baby. Tanu keeps fooling on abhi over her pregnancy.Tanu is happy seeing pragya out of abhi life forever.keeps fool on abhi ..Aaliya will also destroy abhi’s reputation with help of raj…Pragya returns in very different and bold avatar. And one more thing news guys..pragya ‘s new avatar will be very storng who does not bend down in front of anyone. pragya will now start to make both tanu and aaliya’s life miserable for hurting abhi…

  63. Guys just saw SBS kkb segment. Pragya has changed her look but not identity. She has come to expose aaliya and tanu and for taking revenge from them and save her kumkum and get it’s bhagya back. Pragya have claim her rights on the abhi’s property and now she is the owner of abhi’s property. By this she has failed taaliya’s plan now. Pragya has entered with her new plan and new get up in mehra mension. All were shocked to see her. Sriti was saying that abhi likes pragya’s new look very much but if he will also like her behaviour or not? It will come to know in the show. Pragya was declaring herself owner of abhi’s property and aaliya was arguing with her, while dadi, dasi, tanu and all family members were looks on surprisingly. Reporter said that pragya has survived the accident and now she has came to take revenge from all the evils and to save her kumkumbhagya. Sriti was also saying to reporter that now pragya has come to know everybody’s truth, she has done a lot for everybody but they took disadvantage if her. So she has been decided to think only about herself from now.

  64. Priya $

    Guys I saw some scenes in abp news. Pragya in green saree speaking with aliyah tanu near her. Some occasions is going on. Tanu and aliyah not normal wear.

  65. Guys pragya was looking stunning in her new look. Green saree with glamorous blouse, long straight hair, diamond bracelet in right hand and branded watch in her left hand. High heels sandles with flat sole. She was looking glamorous.?Guys cvs didn’t change pragya’s identity. They have changed her in bold, smart and glamorous look. It is her temporary look until she succeeds in her plan. Sriti says she is missing old pragya and her spects too. I want yo say even I m too but I m happy with this new attitude of pragya also. At least dumb pragya has gone and now smart and intelligent pragya is back. We had been so much bothered and irritated by seeing her typical stupid mahan and dumb character. Now this change will b giving us relaxation from all these. Reporter said that with this new dhamakedaar look of pragya, we will see many more dhamaka’s in upcoming episodes of kkb. But I have only one fear, what will b the effect of pragya’s new attitude and behaviour on this? I hope, he is also involved with pragya in her plan or he could understand pragya. And I hope pragya will bother only taaliya. She will not hurt dadi and other gud family members this time. Becoz now her war is with only taaliya so she should not hurt dadi and other family members.

    • sanchu

      good news Nikki thanks.. I too hope Abhi, daadi and dasi realize something is behind her new behavior and support her like how they do.. πŸ™‚

  66. Chithu

    Wow… That’s a super news Nikki…hope Abhi will understand there is something positive behind this change and will support her πŸ™‚

    • He should understand chithu. Becoz he has been done lots of mistakes in past by misunderstood her and for this he have been repent for all this very much. So I hope he will not repeat his mistake again if he truely loves pragya.

  67. Chithu

    In interview, Sriti is stressing on to know Abhi’s reaction on her changed behavior is positive or negative v need to watch the show ….

  68. Sorry guys I forgot to tell u that kkb has taken one month leap for pragya’s new look and attitude. Pragya has came back after a month in her new look and attitude in mehra mention.And tabhi’s marriage has not happened still.

      • And PRIYA most shocking thing is her tummy is still normal.? I didn’t see carefully her in segment becoz my all focus was only on pragya. But tanu was looking normal. It looks like cvs forgot to do changes in tanu also, with pragya. I think may b becoz of pragya’s death news, abhi has postponed his marriage with tanu or may b abhi is familiar with pragya’s plan so he managed to postpone his wedding with tanu by making tanu fool and pragya was also dead for everyone and for tanu so she has relaxed and has agreed for it.

      • Priya $

        Hahaha I too saw tat nikki I think u forgot she had some powers yaar so only. Still 9th month she ll b normal only. One more thing nikki Saturday episode they showed precap rit it’s precap r promo????

  69. sanchu

    Hahaha… For Rachna they made look soo big so soon and Tanu is still the same… I hope Abhi is in the plan.. Most of these updates are saying Abhi likes Pragya’s new look but not her behavior.. Hope they keep it light and it would be nice to watch Abhi-Pragya’s nok-jhok… πŸ™‚

  70. sanam

    what is d need of pragya’s new identity…….she can xpose tanu nd aliya by being herself…… this serial shows unnecessary faltuu things which r not at all needed….

  71. sharmi

    All these shows are just copyrights of each other stories. Mismatch of of everything thrown into one to make a soap. No real flow. You get lost somewhere along the line. Like Qubool Hai, this one now has decided to take the long road to get to the point of the story…oh well, guess we keep reading up the updates until something worthwhile is written to entice me to watch.

  72. Amy

    No she is not gonna die i saw in the 17 august spolier that there is going to be a 1 month leap and then pragya is gonna come back with a new make over she will be wearing heels a sari big earing and more and she is coming to take revenge on aliyah and tanu and also she is gonna protet abhi

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.