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The Episode starts with Abhi wondering where is Pragya? He asks manager if he saw his wife? Manager says she went towards the parking lot. He goes o his car and sees Pragya on the car. Abhi asks to get down and pulls her towards him. She adores him romantically. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays………….Abhi also gets moved in her love. He asks her to sit in car. Pragya says no, and insists to drive the car. Abhi says you can’t drive as you don’t have licence. Pragya says I have licence. Abhi thinks how to stop her and says she is behaving like children. He asks her to sign on the papers if she wants to drive car. Pragya takes the papers from his hand. Abhi thinks he is fooling Pragya. Pragya signs on the papers and asks to give her licence. She takes out his wallet and get his driving licence. She

asks for the keys. Abhi says you can’t drive car as you are drunk. Pragya asks what else I can do then? Abhi says you can do anything. Pragya sings accident hogaya hai rabba. Abhi says ok, drive the car. He asks her to sit in car. He says I will give you keys. He keeps the divorce papers at the back seat.

Tanu comes there and asks for papers. She says I know Pragya have signed on the papers. Abhi says I don’t have those papers. Tanu gets the papers from the back seat, and gets happy. She thanks him and apologizes. She says this is our marriage certificate. Abhi says this is my character certificate, I lied to Pragya to get my work done. He says Pragya never made me fall in my eyes, but I took advantage of her goodness. Tanu says what do you think that your fuggi/Pragya loves you. She says Pragya have taken your advantage and ruined you. She says don’t forget that we are in your life. She asks him to think about their baby. Pragya asks him to hurry up. Abhi sits in car. Pragya asks him to fasten his seat belt. Pragya sings song again loudly. Abhi asks her to concentrate on driving. Pragya makes innocent faces. He looks at her and thinks she is very innocent and thinks my fuggi have returned. He says Tanu was wrong, she is not mogambo, but my fuggi. She don’t know what I am doing with her, and apologizes in her heart. HE says you are my fuggi who loved me very much and always used to forgive me. She says I was helpless to betray you.

Tanu comes home and thinks she is flying high. She thinks to inform Aaliya and collides with Dadi. The papers fall down on the floor. Dadi asks her to pick her papers. Tanu tries to bend, but Dadi says she wil pick her papers. Tanu thanks and hugs Dadi. She says I am very happy today, good night. Dadi thinks what she was saying? She thinks Tanu is mad still. Pragya gets down the car and asks Abhi to come home. She acts to lock the car. Abhi says home is not here. Pragya says you are drunk and asks him to enter home. She says Dadi asked me to go on a date and not to come late. Abhi wonders why did Dadi say this? Nikhil comes home and asks Tanu why she is ignoring his calls. Tanu hides the papers. Nikhil asks her to show and sees the papers. He says divorce papers of Abhi and Pragya and asks how did you do this? Tanu says we have done this, and asks him not to meet or call her. Nikhil asks her not to ever try to over cross him, and says he is very cunning and have been supporting her due to her promise of a big job in Abhi’s company.

He reminds her that she is carrying his child and says your life is in me, and says I know everything about your baby. He threatens to give all proofs to Abhi and says Abhi will kick you out then. She says even I will not take you in my life. Tanu thinks to kill him after marrying Abhi.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and shows the divorce papers. Aaliya gets happy and says I am so happy. Dadi is going from there and stops to hear them. Aaliya says Pragya will be out now, and you will become Abhi’s wife now. Tanu says Nikhil threatened me. She says my challenge is completed before 24 hours and I will kick her out of house. Aaliya says she is feeling peace. Tanu says this divorce will happen and my marriage too. She smiles. Dadi gets tensed. Pragya walks on the road and searches for their house. She says how can house go without informing her and goes calling house.

Dadi goes to Rachna and tells about Tanu and Aaliya’s conversation. Rachna asks her to call Abhi. Dadi says okay. Abhi asks Pragya to stop. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks where are you and pragya? Abhi says Pragya is fine..we are near house and will reach there in sometime. Dadi tells Rachna that Tanu’s mind might be shaken because of Ronnie’s ghost. Rachna says yes. Abhi sees Pragya sitting on road and asks what happened? Pragya says she is hurt. Abhi says we have to get your operation. Pragya starts crying and says you believe on Tanu and not me. She says I don’t do anything for my advantage as I…..Allah wAriyan plays…………………They have an eye lock.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It is very sad to know being a Rockstar is such an idiot has no control over family as well as his profession. He being the Rockstar has no sense to find out why Pragya is doing like this, how Tanu conceived without his knowledge. Being a hero of the show, Rockstar cannot appoint an detective, can’t he keep a camera in Sarala’s Room, Aliaya’s room and Tanu’s room to be alert. Stupid serial and we are biggest stupid to watch an Idiotic Hero with an stupid heroine.

  2. guys can u all guess wat ll be the scenario next….
    1)prgya in druken stage ll blurt the truth to abhi… abhi ll expose tanu by using sarla mas help
    2) in 12 hr challenge, tanu ask prgya to get out at that abhi takes prgya side… but it does not mean that he knws the truth.. he juz cant see prgya suffer…
    3)prgya alredy knws that she signed the papers and having back up plan… so only she seems confident during the challenge scene
    4)marriage function of tabhi is taking place so at the last minute…. sarla ma comes and says the truth….
    5) anythng other than this can happen?? is there any other stryline ll come??
    i could these ll be the options….. if any other things let me knw guys….

    1. Fingers crossed gowtham
      Anything can happen we cant guess what’s going on in CVs mind . And if we guess the straight opposite will happen.

      Now I really feel that the story is like “Idiyappam” confusing to the core

  3. cute cute cute pragya. acting so cute..

  4. After a long now again falling for abhigya .. They seemed to b so soo perfect .. Loving .. N. Saw a glimpse of the upcoming segment it’s so worth to wait n watch .. Happie seeing abhi realising his fuggy n her love .. Hereafter wat ever happens I don worry n don mind if tanu irritates .. Abhi realised his fuggy n no more worries now the track become fastened n vl b too gud to see them together :*:*:*:*:*

  5. Sriti she was so cute n adorable ..

  6. Waitn a lot fa the segment .. The best segment ever ..

  7. After a long got to c abhis this expressions .. He feels so gud tat made my day ..

  8. Guys just found today’s a new segment update of news e24:
    Abhi and Pragya in the balcony.
    Pragya is still drunk.

    Abhi looks at Pragya and thinks when she wasn’t there I missed her and all those days are the bad days of my life. I used to keep asking myself why she left me and now I left her myself and everyday I will keep asking myself why I let her go away from me.

    Pragya sees tears in his eyes and asks “are you crying” cutely, he gets emotional and hugs her. He has tears and kisses her hair.He then makes her sleep on his shoulder/ chest.

    Abhi’s emotions are going high when he sees drunk Pragya and remembers Fuggy.He sees Fuggy in drunk Pragya.
    Waiting for more segments and update.

    1. Prathiksha.from where u saw this plzz share the video link i m so eager to watch it becoz my spl class were started in my skl so i can only read updates but i dont want to miss this scene plzzz share d video plzzzz

  9. Haiiiiii…….guys am soooooooooo…… haaaaaapppppppyyyyyyjust now therrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiii movie pathutu vanthen gowtham u ask me na movie yepdi iruku it’s supeeeerrrrrbbbbbb therrrrriiiiiii baby:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

    1. That’s great swetha
      Atlee has once again done a fabulous job

    2. aama swetha….. naanum paathuten juz awesome… vijay means mass…. semaa

    3. swetha next saturday i am going to theatre to watch theri …..story is great or mokka…….??shobana gowtham pls tell me…….

      1. its good reji… atlee stryline ll be simple bt screenplay nala irukum… u go and watch u ll have a gd time and it ll be nice to njoy aftr wrking hard fr yr exams…

      2. I don’t know reji
        Since I dint see
        I had an assumption that Atlee film will be nice
        Generally I don’t see flims in theater and I used to watch only when they put in tv

  10. Omg ….. I just want this tanu part to end … N guyz theri supera irukuda ? Yenda na indiaku night theatre la poi pakaporan

  11. Omg omg .. Cant wait fa the segment ..

  12. Reji story is superb great amazing no words to explain how much am happy am a die hearted fan of vijay anna ticket kedacha evening show polamnu irunthom but my appa said no evening kovil poganum engayum poga kudadhunu solitaru;-(

  13. Another new segment update of SBS:-
    Pragya and tanu stands in front of temple of mehra mansion in it’s main hall. Tanu shows divorce papers to pragya. Pragya gets heartbroken and gets emotional with teary eyes. Tanu taunts pragya and says that her dream of getting abhi can’t happen in this birth as she has no relationship with abhi now. She says that it’s better for u as ur maa is in helpless condition and could die anytime. Pragya says how dare u and about to slap her but tanu holds her hands. Sriti and Leena told to reporters that everything happened coincidently that she signed on divorce papers. It’s not done by tanu, abhi or pragya. They shows a clip, in which pragya smiles on something. Reporter says it seems something is behind pragya’s this smile. Reporter asks pragya about any further planning. Sriti says that pragya is in shock. When she will come out from shock then she will think what to do next. She says that now she can’t stay in this house as she was living here for abhi but now she has no relationship with abhi. Reporter asks from Leena what now? Tabhi’s wedding? Leena laughs and says not wedding but seems like baby shower. Sriti and keena both laughs. Reporter says that now it is left to see that if tabhi’s wedding takes place or tanu will get exposed on wedding day?

    1. New segment update of SBB:-
      It is same as e24 but with more dialogues. Abhi and pragya in balcony sits on the sofa. Pragya is in still drunk and busy in counting stars innocently. Abhi looks her emotionally and starts crying and says I have left a right person for a wrong person. What is right or what is wrong?, i don’t know. But I did so wrong by leave a girl who was wishing to live with me. Pragya looks abhi and asks innocently is he crying? She says don’t cry and help me in counting stars. Abhi constantly crying. Pragya sees it and gets little upset and says that don’t cry, I will say to stars to fulfill ur wishes. She says plz don’t cry, otherwise I will also start crying. Abhi gets so emotional. He pulls pragya and hugs her. He kisses her hair. Pragya falls asleep on his shoulder. He makes her comfirt on his shoulder and careses her hairs. He kissed on her forhead and constantly cries. Then he carries pragya in his arms and goes towards their room.

    2. Guys it seems from SBB segment that abhi got something definetly from pragya which made him so much emotional and forced him for regretting on his step. It seems that abhi got something from which he got to know that tanu is wrong and pragya is right. But what it is, it will we get to know in episode. May b he said all this becoz of he is seeing fuggy in pragya and feeling guilty for her. But I want take it positive from it and that’s why I hope he got something which will force him to take action against tanu as we r expecting and finally we get our old abhi back with old pragya.

    3. Prathiksha, I was also thinking Pragya will say something when drunk.

      But one more option could be she didn’t say anything, but was just being herself when drunk n forgot abt being Mogambo. Already Abhi was guilty for the sign n seeing her speak in such living tone n innocently like old Pragya, that also could be reason for Abhi to get emotional.

      But leaving aside what Abhi will do, from the segment looks like Pragya has some plan in mind already, that’s clear from her last smile. Whether she made the plan after getting the papers from Tanu or this whole signing sequence is also part of plan, we have to wait n see.
      Don’t think Pragya is also giving up so easily, may b she is misleading Tanu by acting upset n sad n crying. Like she did with Aaliya, she packed bags n all that.

      1. Plzz share the video link i cant get it plzzz

      2. Sahithi that’s what I m saying too that the scene could b possible in two ways becoz as usual segments r not so much clear to tell anything exactly. So we have to wait for it till the episode’s telecast.

    4. pratiksha and sahithi juz nw i seen in e24…. wat u both said exactly true…. abhi definitely got something from prgya… she told something in drunkn state… bcoz i could see the reaction of abhi… something got out… definitely….

      1. HI reji I’m going to watch theri tomorrow??
        Is the movie good??

  14. Guys u all know 1thing theri climax la vijay anna daughter ra vara girl she is vijay anna’s real daughter

  15. This is too draging and tanu that stupid tanu i cant bare her

  16. And there was a big flaw in yday episode, when Pragya signed papers she signed as Pragya Arora, but when Nikhil took them from Tanu’s hand it was Pragya Mehra 😀 😀 😀

    1. Yes sahithi
      U r right Pragya signed as Pragya Arora
      And while Nikhil seeing it was Pragya Mehra
      Just now I checked it

    2. Very correct sahithi, I too noticed it but didn’t mention as CVS have been shown so many illogical things like this in previous also. So we can’t expect any logic from them. That’s why I thought to ignore it but now when u mentioned it so then I shared here my thoughts too with u.

      1. At this point of time one thing comes to my mind
        That Pragya has signed 2 papers but CVs show us only one thing
        In one paper she signed as Pragya Arora and in other as Pragya Mehra
        One more thing while Pragya signing the paper they dint show the content of the paper so I think the writers shown us Pragya signing property papers.
        Since she signed in property papers Tanu might have asked Pragya to leave MM .
        I also think that CVs will show us in detail while Tanu asked Pragya to leave MM

    3. Sahithi .. Yua seriously incredible .. CVS shud ve u next to them .. Then kkb vl be no more illogic ;););) u noticed this .. Great 😉

  17. Guys here us the lins of all today’s segments:
    U ME AUR TV – E24

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/QbUbinX8EYw


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/7VDYF4-ymac


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZTRNNF0bUwc

  18. Ya anjhana movie sema

  19. I saw all the segments again and what I got that abhi have no idea about tanu’s truth yet but it seems that through pragya’s behaviour and her confessions in this drunken situation, forced abhi to rethink on his decision. That’s why he is feeling guilty and regretting for his step. He is feeling it for pragya or fuggy, it’s not clear. He wants to b live with her forever but tanu’s hidden truth is stopping him like always. So he is looking in helpless condition. And in SBS segment, the way they showed pragya smirks in a moment and how they were saying that she is up to something, it seems they r right. But from many past segments, we have been seen it that they r not giving us exact info, in fact the puzzle of their segment’s scenes creates more confusion. That’s why we r constantly failing in predicting and guessing exact thing. They shows scenes by joint clpinings after and before so it’s hard to guess what is exactly going to happen. So we have to wait for episode’s telecast for getting exact picture and story.

  20. I think there is a part in the drunken scene that will not be shown, but will be revealed when the truth finally comes out. I think Pragya says something to Abhi about Tanu’s baby not being his and how each time she tries to show him proof, something always happen to evidence. She might even tell him Tanu is behind Sarla Ma’s kidnapping with help to hide this truth.
    Abhi will not be sure of what she’s saying as she is drunk but things in past will start to fall in place. I think Abhi will want to find out if there is any truth to Pragya’s ramblings. He will probably start to do his own investigations.
    His defense to Pragya when Tanu tries to throw her out of the house is the beginning of his suspicions. I think he will continue to pretend with Tanu to see how far she will go while gathering evidence for himself. Pragya may already told him she’s fail in bringing her Tanu’s truth to him, so it will be up to him to find out himself.
    Finally we might see Abhi using his brain again. That dream that Tanu keeps having about Abhi slapping her is not far from coming. Only it will not be because Pragya expose her, but because her greed and selfish ways shows Abhi what Pragya couldn’t all along.
    Tanu’s behaviour with the divorce paper will be the trigger for Abhi to finally understand something Pragya might have said while drunk.
    Tanu’s fall is not far and it will be at Abhi’s hand not Pragya’s.

  21. I think abhi is stupid…. How come he doesn’t have one little doubt on tanu… How come he can’t trust pragya


  23. abhi and all the characters in this drama is totally fool………
    abhi ko kuch pata he nahi chalta uska apna mind hai bhi keh nahi tanu jo kuch kehti hai karta jata hai please chang the track and end this serial

  24. so sad abhi is not recognising pragya’s innocence

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