Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu telling Aliya that she will not help her in her fool plans. Aaliya says her plans are always foolproof and she will definitely kill Bulbul wearing nurse’s attire.

Purab consoles Biji and Sarla and asks them to go home and rest. Biji asks him also to go and rest. He says until Bulbul wakes up, he will not go from there and goes to speak on phone. Sarla sees an ugly nurse, Aaliya, wearing masking trying to enter Bulbul’s room and asks why is she going in. She with changed ugly voice says doc asked to change Bulbul’s dressing. Sarla says she will come with her. Aaliya in her ugly voice says she will not tolerate seeing Bulbul’s wounds and there is a risk of infection, so she should wait outside.

She goes in and tells unconscious

Bulbul that she will have to die. She tries to strangulate her, but thinks they will know it is a murder in postmortem report, so she should stop her blood supply. She stops blood supply. Purab comes back and asks why are they sitting out instead of going home. Sarla says nurse has gone in to change dressing, once she comes out, they will go. Purab suspects why nurse will check up at this time and goes in. He asks if everything is okay. Aaliya in her ugly voice says yes. He says Bulbul soon she will be fine, sees stopped blood supply and shows it to her. She starts it back and says there was an air bubble. Purab thinks he heard this voice somewhere.

Abhi asks Pragya to sit in car and takes her home. Pragya thinks soon Neil corporator will reveal who helped him. Abhi calls all his family members and asks if he ever troubled or did not take care of them well. Tauji says he is proud of him instead. Abhi asks then why he is being back stabbed each moment and says one of his family member helped Neil kidnap Pragya and once he knows who he/she is, he will not spare them. Sarla and Biji also come home. Purab asks why did they come instead of being with Bulbul. Sarla says Bulbul is unconscious, so there is no use being there. Abhi asks whoever is the culprit should come out now, else he will not spare them once Neil points them. He asks Robin to call police and Neil in.

Neil enters with police and says he realized his mistake after seeing Bulbul in hospital and realized how mad he was to get Bulbul and wants to apologize them and request to forgive him. Abhi says just one day in jail, he realize his mistake and asks him to stop drama and tell who helped him. Neil says he will correct his mistake by pointing who helped him. Tanu and Aaliya get afraid. Neil walks towards Mitali, Aaliya, Tanu, Purvi and is about to point Aaliya and Tanu when Aaliya drops her mobile and signals him. He picks mobile, stares at her and says Purvi helped him in kidnapping (such a nasty loafer). He says Purvi gave him all the info and her boyfriend told a dance troupe is coming in Bulbul’s engagement and Purvi told about the game in it and backdoor very near to store room, rest everyone knows. Pragya reminisces whole incident. Purvi says he is telling lie. Pragya drags her from there.

Precap: Pragya tells Purvi that she always took her side and fought with mom for her, but she betrayed her. Purvi says she did it for money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i am first

    1. so f**king WHAT

  2. Abhi shud know the truth.. He shud see the mobile and save poor purvi

  3. gud story line…..

  4. Why purvi is telling lie..

  5. Too bore this is the right time to catch aliya,else abI take aliya mobile and find out the truth

  6. What the hell ,? Why is purvi taking the blame upon her. Abhigya should know the deeds of tanu ,aliya and neil

    1. I think Pragya would have asked her to tell lie so that they can catch actual thief

    2. This is dirty episode he is dragging the story

  7. Evils are winning.. I don’t understand y writers are doing like this

    1. ….because they are a bunch of NO talante a*sh*les

      1. Hahahaha Diablo I love your statement…they just a bunch of twats that’s what

  8. How rude

  9. Wat rude anusha

  10. what d hell Iz gng on??? those witches does many mistakes and are never been spotted…nd now doing nthng, innocent purvi iz blamd….how come writers are soo dumb???

  11. Unless Pragya is pretending to believe the lie against Purvi as part of her acting so that those jackasses will let their guard down and she catches them red handed in their evil act, Purvi should never forgive those family for the insults they have accused her of…so sick of these shows with prolonged villians getting away with their evil deeds.

    1. I agree purvi should never forgive them for this and let them know how betrayed she feels. Then the story will get interesting.

  12. These writers are dragging stories and doing shit

  13. Maybe corporator and Aaliyah blackmailed Purvi that they will kill BulBul….

  14. Cannot stand Aliyah’s character. Now we have to wait months before everything is out I the open as of the kidnapping wasn’t enough

  15. Priya shankar

    Such a idiotic purvi! Why is she saying like tat! Omg! That corporator is such a big dramatist! And thn again this aaliya’s plans hav dumpd tq god! Oh! Tis story is extnding the kidnp prob f4 many days!

  16. i think pragya saw aaliya signaling neil so..and then says purvi act like acceptng lie in front of family so that pragya can get some time and proofs against aaliya

  17. Priya shankar

    Directr sab pls mudiala! Kadupathranga my lord! Ithku mudivae ila ya! Aiyo rama!

  18. what this dumb a*sh*le, pragya can do? she will be as dumb as f**kk

  19. Baaaaaaaaaad worst episode

  20. I live in south Africa and its such a privilege to read yourl comments.. the show in our country is one day behind therefore its such a relief to read urls update n dnt hv to bother watching it.. it is getting a bit frustrating with the same lines being dragged ..

  21. I m not watching d show again……I mean those b*t*hes tanu n aliya always get away with their crimes….its heights now……I leave the show……actually name of the show shouldn’t be kumkum bhagya its should have been EVIL DRAGGED……which never comes to an end….n if it comes it takes months….ugh

  22. When will this story end of kidnap

  23. I think rajan u somehow have a point and agree with u

  24. I hope everyone here realizes that Indian soap writers believe that evil should always win. That is the only way they will gain TRPs, which I don’t understand by the common viewers cares about. Until the very last episode of the serial, evil wins. So if this serial lasts, you will need to have a sh*tload of patience for Aaliyah and Tanu to be caught. It’s a common theme unfortunately.

  25. Kadavale ipdi oru managketa serial yengavuthu irukuma….chee….. villi kala teriyapadutha yethana chace vanthalum avalukala escape akiranga…mulaketavanuka…….pongada neengalum unga serialum…..

    1. wat a tamil..

    2. good comment… pongada neengalum unga serialum….

      1. Ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 🙂 ena oru Tamil dialogue enga tha Kutti poringa kadhai ya mudiyala eppatha tha da antha three monkeys pidipinga pongada …….. Neengalum unga serial lum

  26. Love this show, started watching because I thought Abhigyas love/hate relationship was cute and eventually they’ll fall for each other but now the storyline is now unbelievable, Abhi is a singer of love ballads and can’t guess what his own heart is telling him, Pragya is supposedly a professor and can’t get up the nerve to tell it like it is, Aliya and Tanu are downright pathetic. Come on writers get off the whole kidnapping saga and let Purab and Bulbul get married already, maybe if Abhigya see how happy they are they will start looking at each other for real.

  27. Writer make sure d next episode will reveal

    The three monsters!!!!!

  28. I see that human life has no value in virtually all of the Indian series I watch the wicked characters always come to kill, it’s weird.
    I hope bulbul will not be removed 🙁

  29. Pragya reaches the set in a beautiful gown
    and gets ready for the shoot, where Abhi
    can’t bear to see her rehearsing with her co-
    actor.He keeps trying to come in between
    and stop the shoot, to have a moment to
    talk to Pragya. Pragya gets shy to act in
    Abhi’s presence, as the scene is romantic
    and she has to act well with the other guy.
    Abhi gets strong to express his love for
    Pragya for the first time and confesses
    feelings to her infront of everyone on the
    shooting set. He tells her I love you and the
    director claps saying it was best shot.
    Though Abhi was giving moral support to
    Pragya and talking to her in the scene,
    Pragya feels it was from his heart. The
    music video shoot had another guy, who
    was paired opposite Pragya. She is unable
    to emote and Abhi helps her. Abhi get angry
    and scolds the actor and director, defending
    Pragya and comes in the frame to act. He
    says this is not the way to act and
    rehearses with Pragya. He flows in the lines
    and starts speaking his heart out, which
    Pragya realizes. The scene turns romantic
    for the couple, which will be worth
    watching for KB fans.

    1. when is that gonna happen arora,i am eagerly waiting for it 2 come.

  30. wat is this yaar….u writer always show
    that evil win..feeling bad 4 purvi….

  31. Really this story line just going round in circles. The villains always win. Its frustrating. I feel like not watching anymore …..

  32. Arey yeh writers yeh story kheech kheech ke kahan le ja rahe hai?

  33. but all Indian serials r the same in regards to the villain, for some reason the writers feel its more fun to let them get away with stuff,its great to see them plotting,but it makes the show more interesting when the bad guys are caught and thwarted in their evil scheming.good always wins over evil.

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