Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with The Inspector coming to Abhi and telling that he is under arrest. Abhi is shocked and tells him that he steals people’s heart and not money because he is a rockstar. The Inspector says he has a proof and Pragya complained against him. Abhi is surprised and tells that the money is his. The Inspector says money belongs to Pragya now and asks him to sit in the jeep. Abhi sits. Purab tells Bulbul that Pragya called the police to arrest the family member who has stolen the money.

Abhi is brought to the police station and sees Pragya standing. He remarks on her actions. Pragya comes to the Inspector and tells him that it was Abhi’s money. She says she has misunderstood that the money was hers and the money came from a charity function. She says her own money will

come in a few days time. She takes back her case. Abhi thinks Pragya might be telling the Inspector to increase my term. The Inspector asks Abhi to go as he is free of charges. Abhi says I will not go as you people might shoot me. The Inspector says Pragya has taken back the case. Pragya asks Abhi not to thank her. Abhi looks for Rickshaw.

Dadi thinks what to do to save Abhi. Aaliya says if Pragya frees Abhi, then she loves him. Dasi gets angry on Pragya. Tanu says we have to take her class. Dadi says first think how to save Abhi from Police. Pragya comes home and looks at them. Dadi thinks she came alone, means she sent Abhi to Police. Aaliya thinks to use Abhi against her. Abhi comes there walking past her. Aaliya is surprised and says it means she loves Bhai even now. Tanu says thank god you are here. Dadi hugs him and asks what happened. Abhi tells they couldn’t arrest me as someone saved me. He tells that he is saved by Pragya Arora. Tanu says she threatened to send me to Jail and proved that I have stolen. Abhi is surprised. Aaliya asks why she didn’t think about money and freed you. She says may be……..Abhi says I am her walking ATM and non ending bank account. She uses people for her advantage. If I would have get arrested, then people would not buy my albums and She will not get money. He says you can sell even a dead for your advantage. He says you thought that you will control me, but don’t forget that your remote control is in my hand. He says your weakness is me, rockstar Abhi……brand Abhi. You can’t do anything to brand Abhi. Pragya asks him to think whatever he wants to. Abhi rues to torture her from now and tells everyone not to worry.

Dadi thinks Pragya couldn’t keep hold on her emotions and freed Abhi ruining her plan. Just then Pragya comes there. Dadi applauds for her tauntly and says you freed him like Savitri. She asks why did you do this without asking me. Pragya apologizes to her. Dadi says My trust on you have been gone. You have raised a doubt on Aaliya and Tanu’s mind. They will think that you still loves Abhi and acted for a make over. They have known about your weakness now, and will plan against you. I thought you will be successful to expose them and I can unite you both, but now I think I have to see you both separated. Pragya says she couldn’t see him going to Jail, and says her win is useless if Abhi is not with her. She says she can’t see him in trouble. Dadi says I would have brought him home and reminds of her promise. Pragya says she didn’t forget the promise made to her, but also remember the promises made to Abhi during their marriage. Dadi says this step was wrong and you told about your weakness to your enemies. She says now you both will be in trouble, why I can’t see you both happy.

Dadi says you will be responsible for your separation and for your failure, and if this happens then I will not forgive you. Pragya asks her not to tell that and says she will never be separated from Abhi. Pragya says if my love is my weakness then it will become my strength too, my love will help me win in this fight. Just then they hear someone clapping and looks on shockingly.

Pragya and Abhi have an eye lock while they end together on bed. Allah Wariyan song plays……………

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Deepika

      Narendran.. They havn’t shown sarla ma in today’s episode. Only shown bulbul. Purab was saying to bulbul about pragyas doings in mehra mansion.

  1. priyaa

    2day it was some Wat nice….but tat stupid abhi y can’t he understand pragya….hmm Wat a love is dis???without faith

  2. Reji

    this kumkum bhagya is not revealing the truth that it is bulbul …………
    so i am angry on this serial today also they are not revealing the truth …………………….

    but pragya still loves abhi

  3. madhu

    nyc episode….waiting for tmrw’s episode…love u both abhigya waiting fr u to unite…..
    hey ppl is kkb is gng to end by this weekend???

  4. Chrissy

    This is how they continue to sucker people in. and DRAG the storyline on forever….this was the precap that they showed Friday. It should have been revealed today.

  5. Maggie

    I think abhi feels that pragya is his old fuggy so to cover her he smartly interrupt aaliya n tells he is pragya’s ATM….. N so on

  6. Grace

    We are Sick of Eye Locks. We have seen a thousand of them. Show them together, kissing and getting ready to making love. This is absurd. No man is going to wait for over a year to have s*x…..

  7. Deepika

    Guys I believe and hope it’s bulbul for 99% but who knows? Kkb is bringing so many shocks to us daily. By our badness it may be alia also. If it is bulbul some good things will happen. But if it is alia then as usual negative characters will dominate and rule the show. Let’s hope for the good things happen like the precap:-)

  8. navi

    its bulbul.. pls writers make this truth to b revealed soon.. viewers r waiting to c abhi pragya union.. thn nw bulbul s also pragya’s side.. so thn purab also.. bt she has losin abhi’s love day by day.. wen abhi doesn’t belive pragya thn thr s no use in showin tat passionate love btwn thm few episodes back.. the love wen left the house ws js mind blowing.. wer tat love gone nw.! abhi should plan smethn to knw pragya’s love.. stil purab bulbul mrge s nt yt held.. wen al these gonna happn!! nw vamps n raj gt an clue.. they ll also plan in their side.. btw wer s nikhil..?! slow execution.. bt still the cure fi8s n romance r superb <3 n lovely.. ll b keep watchin ..! lovely story dnt spoil it writers.. mak it soon

    • Betty

      Yes, they will drag this boring storyline for a year or more – if fans don’t complain. You guys don’t “really” think that this is superb do you?? Really??

  9. chithu

    Nikki…now am bit more confident that Abhi has some clue about Pragya… it seems he himself provided some reason for Pragya saving him…but not sure , how much believe Aaliya/Raj are having on this…actually Tanu is not that much criminal to think about this..if they found it, it should be thro either Aaliya or Raj… but hope by that time, we will have Abhi or Bulbul to support Pragya…but why Dadi is telling, as if very soon Abhi and Pragya are going to be separated ….

    and also Nikki, do we have any confirmed news about Mrunal leaving KKB??

    • Ya chithu, I too felt that but I m still confused about abhi’s behavior. And one more thing chithu, why abhi said that he is pragya’s weakness, in front of everyone. I m worried now what if they will harm abhi for making pragya weak as abhi was saying that he is a rock star and through him, she could b strong for long. Dadi was also saying that becoz of pragya’s this step, now her both childs ( abhigya) r in trouble. I think her means is same like me.

      • And don’t know chithu how much this news is true but India TV news peoples were saying today that mrunal is deciding to leave the show becoz she has offered main lead in upcoming show siya k raam. Chithu I heard only this much but I think mrunal will soon clear it herself if she will leave the show so we should wait for her interview and tweets.

    • sana

      Right Chithu…i feel abhi’s behaviour fishy in the last episode…i guess hez got some hint abt pragya’s behaviour…abhi’s behaviour and facial expressions wer difrnt when he saying that he is pragya’s ATM and her weakness too 🙂

  10. What is going in abhi’s mind? I m still not understand that what he is up to? Is he really against pragya or he is just pretending? Infront of pragya, he behaves childish, like he was behaving with pragya before, and sometimes he shows his aggression too with her and behind her he thinks against about her. Whatever, but I just don’t like his way of talking with pragya. It just hurts abhigya’s fans, like me. Pragya just gives him orders but he uses such harsh words in talking with her. Dadi blurts out on pragya for becoming weak, why she doesn’t stop abhi for using such harsh words for pragya when she knows that pragya is faking. I know she can’t stop him directly but she can stop him by other way. Abhi’s harsh words, torchers and trials could make pragya weak. So dadi should too fulfill her promise of taking care of abhi for saving abhigya’s love and relationship. Sometimes I feels that dafi is totally depending on pragya. I know she can’t help her directly but at least she could give her moral support by taking care of abhi’s actions for pragya and keeping her eyes on other family members like taaliya so she could inform pragya about it and so pragya could save herself from evil’s plans and could execute a strong plan according to that.

  11. Ellen

    Definitely it cannot be alia.. If alia really comes to know the plan then she will not clap and reveal that she has found the plan, she might secretly start ruining pragya’s plan.. So it can be bulbul who used to wear that white watch at right hand….

  12. ramya

    Since purab informed bulbul its confirmed that the one who came to know about pragya dadi’s plan is bulbul … Also in the precap its shown that pragya s normal wit abhi … It means the one who clapped is not aliya/tanu its bulbul …

  13. "Revelation"

    Nikki u r absolutely right. N your feelings are valid. The cvs in kkb have successfully created these irritation & frustration in the viewers. There seems to be no logic & the dotts dont seem to match. The cvs are in control of this dialog. But something is lurking up the cvs sleeves. There’s definitely suspense at the moment although the script seems incoherent sometimes. A little messy i must say. Hence the dragging i guess.
    The cast is great i must say which seems to keep the audience interested. Especially Sriti Jha. Shes slid into this new avatar very well & cutting the vamps like a crunchy
    Abhi appears to be in the way of prags goal. His expressions & dialogues sometimes appear to support or go against prags. The person clapping & eavesdropping was supposed to be revealed today. But it didn’t happen. So its another confusion & suspense. The suspense is great but it lacks coherency which puts the audience off. Its like an Agatha Christy story gone wrong.
    I guess for now….only the cvs know wats goin on….not even God.

  14. Jana

    Dragging. ……… n boring. …..
    Bt love 2 watch KKB.. I eagerly wil wait 4 read tz telly updates cz KKB delay 1 day here. ……

  15. Priya Singh

    I love watching KKB, however this drag is going on for too long that it tends to gt boring and predictive .. Things must speed up now… otherwise its going to lose viewers

  16. Jes

    Hope bulbul help them n mk tis mission sucessfull…..they realy need 2 revealed tis tanu n alia truth im bored 2 c pragya failed all the plan…

  17. Priya $

    To stabilize the trp they r showing some Abhigya scenes. Or else viewers ll stop watching it. How clever they are they won’t reveal the truth but they want their trp in 1st position. Always they used to cheat us. Dragging let c wen they ll reveal I don’t think so they won’t stop this track soon.

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