Kumkum Bhagya 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya praying to God to make Dussehra function cancelled tomorrow. Dadi tells Pragya that she was afraid about this thing and says that’s why they have threatened to kill Abhi. Pragya asks why you are blaming me? Dadi says everything was good before you entered here. It was all good when you was away. Pragya is shocked and says you means to say that I am responsible. Dadi says I didn’t go, but you are responsible. Pragya says you have convinced Abhi to cancel function naa. Dadi says she couldn’t stop Abhi and can’t tell him anything. She says he told me that he didn’t do anything wrong with anyone, and I have no enemy. She says he told that he can’t cancel his event and can’t sit idle thinking about the event. She says who can be the person?


tells her that she will leave the job and will go from here today. Dadi asks where you are going? She asks her to end all the troubles which came because of him. She asks her to promise and save Abhi from all the troubles. Pragya promises her that she will protect Abhi, even if she has to sacrifice herself, and will be with her always. Dadi says I want you both safe and happy. Pragya smiles. Aaliya thinks it is good that Abhi convinced Dadi and thinks it will be easy for her to get Pragya killed now. She thinks to send message to the sharp shooter, and thinks how, as he haven’t given his number. She thinks to send him message through the person who gave his number to her.

She calls someone. Pragya comes back home and brings clothes. Janki says we thought we will not buy new clothes. Pragya asks about Sarla. Beeji says she went to her brother’s house and will come tomorrow. Beeji asks did you get advance. Pragya recalls. A fb is shown, Abhi gives her money and asks her to buy sarees for her dadi and maa on Dussehra occasion. Pragya thanks him. Abhi then gives her money and asks her to buy dress for herself. A fb ends. Pragya tells Beeji that Abhi gave money to buy clothes for them. Beeji praises her son in laws. Pragya tells Beeji that Abhi gave her responsibility to handle the Dussehra function. Beeji says she will handle Sarla and asks Pragya to do arrangements good. Pragya thinks apologetic for hiding the threatening call truth, and hopes to celebrate Dussehra with them.

Abhi asks Mitali, where is Dadi? Mitali says she went to do get manicure and pedicure.. Taya ji asks why did you bring so many gifts. Abhi says I earn for my family. Mitali likes the dress. Aaliya comes and asks about her gift. Abhi giver her gift. Aaliya thanks her. Pragya comes there. Everyone looks at her surprisingly. Pragya thinks why they are staring me. Abhi comes near her, and moves her to see Tanu. Tanu comes wearing salwar kameez. Tanu says I thought to wear differently, and tells happy Dussehra. Dadi, Pragya, Abhi and everyone laugh. Abhi says you are looking jogan…and smiles.

Tanu gets angry on Aaliya for getting her dressed in Indian attire. Aaliya says I didn’t ask you to wear like this, and come here. She asks her to be patient. Tanu cries. Aaliya says I didn’t ask you to become completely behenji, you are looking like a villager. Aaliya takes out dress from her cupboard and asks Tanu to go and change her dress. Tanu throws the dress and says Abhi shouldn’t have laugh at me. Aaliya says I will talk to him and asks him to apologize. She asks her to go to Abhi’s room and change clothes. She says Bhai will come to his room, and you will be changing clothes.

Purab comes with Police and security and tells that he has brought them for his safety. Dadi appreciates him. Abhi says it was not needed and says he is not scared of threats. Raj asks why didn’t you tell me. Abhi says it was an usual threat, but Purab took it seriously. Purab asks Inspector to stay with abhi whenever he went out. He says he needs security even in the house. Aaliya wonders what to do? She thinks shooter will not come inside the house. She asks Abhi to go and meet Tanu, and tells you was laughing on her with everyone, she felt bad and refused to celebrate Dussehra. Abhi is coming to his room to talk to Tanu. Pragya is changing clothes in Aaliya’s room. Abhi enters Aaliya’s room thinking why would Tanu change clothes in his clothes.

Abhi sees Pragya changing clothes and hides. Sharp shooter comes to kill Pragya holding gun in his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y don’t CVS change tanu’s character from abhi’s girlfriend to like this comedy character it will fun to watch how cute abhi is really nice and I think Monday epi will be interesting I think this is the first time they shown that abhi seen pragya in this situation if they will keep any cute scene bwn them then it will cute I think they will not show anything but this is really funny to watch aaliya tanu expected something but it happend reverse and moreover this abhi when he knows that someone is changing their dress will he enter like that only don’t he ask them I didn’t liked it but I expected that purab will give any words to aaliya but he didn’t and when aaliya decided to kill pragya that some how ended with other problem once bulbul accident and next aabhi’s accident his memory loss but now who is going to be victim will abhi r pragya I don’t want abhi to be if pragya will be only then it will be nice to see to proceed their story and again dadi mingled with pragya then it will be big problem to her again she will give lectures to pragya so waiting for next segment to see who got hurt not all these simply it should be hit to tanu then a big problem will be out of kkb

    1. When Abhi gave that money to Pragya for her family, for a moment his expressions looked as if he genuinely cared for them as if like a family member. I rewatched just that bit so many times.

      And his expression when he saw Pragya changing, it looked not like he is amazed or stunned. It looked more like he had a panic attack, thinking if Pragya will also go to media with this reason 😀 😀

      1. His expressions are so funny when he seen her and I am not going to watch show from tomarrow as am going to my studies may be I will be back at deewali I am going to miss u all guys mainly sahithi shobana pratiksha reji but I think so many r not commenting

      2. Gonna miss u.. take care!

  2. I think abhi will see the shooter n push her n also fall on her

  3. Same old….same old….same old…oh boy oh boy!!!!!!….writer I give u right . I read comments sometimes….( I don’t look at this crap anymore. Neither do I comment).and I see the amount of comments you get….all whining and and bumping up their gumb ….day after day ,LOL…so, you keep writing …2+2=22……this show will always be #1….


  5. Here you go AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN….let’s kill Prague. Get a brain and THINK of sone NEW material……

  6. All d best abhi and pragya

  7. Shreya Shandilya

    Ya actually… Every dussehra aaliya and tanu try their best to kill pragya but alas..!!!she is always saved by abhi…I mean common yaar…give us a break… We have already seen this crap for n no. of times…

  8. Again this serial is just slagging day by day
    Many mistakes
    Where have u put nikhil and why no one is asking his whereabouts
    For the attempt to murder case he should be in jail
    Still the makers are just running away from storyline
    Not convinced
    Why does evil always win in this serial in all twists
    Why should not the problem be sorted
    Ans TRP

  9. i can t undrstand d precap…pls any1 explain

  10. Heey Pratiksha di? How yu doiin?
    Did you saw the pic posted by Shabir in IG ? He is on the way to NYC ?

  11. ua fowziya i too see but y he is going

  12. omg…who save us from ds stupid crap serial eve…kill abhi or pragya else kill stupid director…wat s ds…they married before 3 yrs back…still waiting for their unite…such a risiculous crap..go to hell…gods grace i never watched ds serial…saved

  13. hi everyone….. how are you…. why comments are very less my dear gang? eagerly came to read all yr comments but no comments…… whr r u? pratiksha, Reji, shobana??

    1. B_Ani

      hi gowtham anna…long time no see.
      hope u remember me. yaa, many of our friends are missing. shobana sis for almost a month…reji dear is a little busy with classes it seems, and i am seriously missing pratiksha sis. even i stopped commenting but now i came to reply you.
      the show has lost all its charm due to the writers…hope your gang comes back soon.
      bye anna.

      1. yeah i miss my gang alot…… u r ryt pa……kkb lost its whole charm

  14. How come the media or any other person is not even accidentally mentioning abhigya’s marriage??

  15. ‘Am not okay with your comment Sahiti
    Your way of thinking is not good like Pratiksha’s ☺
    And am sry to say this, that was my POV

  16. They have created such a big hype in media that Abhi misbehaved with tanu and all media asking questions. But everyone knew that sometime back tanu was pregnant with Abhi kid. What a crab

  17. Y planning evil all the tym……can we watch some goodness…..y shld the devil always prevail n get away freely….anyways I blame d actors doing one n the Same ova n ova again……chaii pls show us how prayers r answer by God ……by saving pragya……the series is dame boring

  18. Hi guys ? how r u all? Gowtham, Ani, fowzia sorry for late reply as I was busy yesterday. Guys I know becoz of the disinterest in the show, my comments has less but it won’t affect our friendship ever. I will b always there for u guys. Although I m not watching kkb since three weeks but I m still connected with the show through updates. Becoz it is not that much easy for me to leave my favorite show just in a day, that’s why I m still waiting for the best. But for now I can’t accept any nonsense disgusting same crap again. The show has become complete nonsense. Nothing is proper and systematic. Almost characters has become useless and illogical in their behavior. They haven’t any proper story in their hands. Just running in the race of trp by neglecting all the things who makes the story sensible,intresting and logical. Looks like, cvs just wants to hook up the audience anyhow with the show as long as they can, that’s it, whether it keeps some sense or not? And I m unable to comment on this nonsense. Cvs knows it very well that audience just wants to watch abhigya together always becoz of their chemistry , that’s what they r doing, they r trying to show only abhigya’s chemistry through their scenes so they could hook up the audience with the show but rest of the things and on story, they r not focusing properly. In short, kkb is nothing now and it is running only becoz of sriti and shabbir. Until they will b in the show, it will b difficult for audience to leave it. I love sriti and shabbir as abhigya but I m upset and disappointed with the story and it’s cvs. I can’t burn my blood everyday by watching this crap. That’s why I have decided that now I will watch kkb only then when I will feel that it is time to watch it but till then I will keep connected with it through updates only for all of u my friends. Love u guys.??

    1. thanq so much sissy for replying. i literally was missing you. its true that the crap never ends in kkb. but im still hanging only for abhigya. waiting for some gud turn in the story. i hope sth gud happens in the dussera event at least. but, hopes and expectations always prove to be disappointing in case of kkb. i dont know how long i will be patient. i still watch the show at a day or two in a week but my craze is almost lost for kkb but not for abhigya.
      lets see if the spoilers come true, like pragya gets shot or abhi regains memory by some god made MIRACLE. i will be happy atleast if the screen space for taaliya esp for tanu gets reduced. they are just sucking blood out. uh…go to hell you gals.
      bye sissy. tc and do stay in touch.

  19. writer can show cute relationship of a husband and wife.now there is no need to show that abhigya r always together inspite of evil plans.the story should move further.there can be a good reincarnation plot of abhigya.

  20. I agree with u prathiksha…I’m also not watching kkb nowadays…It’s a kind of a nonsense…only dragging without a story..
    I’m fed up now…can’t tolerate any more..

  21. Guys hope u checked pics on IG from And TV Diwali event happened yday in NYC. This time Sriti also was there along with Shabir. I wish some day I too can meet them, I wish I had some work related travel to Mumbai soon. I keep getting work in blr not in mumbai.. sighhh…

    1. Ya sahithi I checked. Sriti was looking so pretty and shabbir was looking so handsome. They both spread their magic of abhigya at there too. Shabbir have huge fan following and i saw it at many events through updates but today i saw fans were more crazy about sriti as pragya there and they were hooting for her a lot and some of male fans were trying to propose her. Sriti was looking amazed seeing all this. Sriti and shabbir both r such a sweet and kind personalities for their fans. I too just wish that I could meet with them someday.

  22. kumkum bhagya

    last dassera se aliya pragya ko marneki koshish kar rahi hai same story repeating try to somethig new na abhigya ke fans getting bored

  23. Kb ay gi abhi ki memory wps any idea???

  24. in the precap, it looked like the shooter was headed for Abhi’s room where Tanus is changing. Hopefully he will shoot Tanu and kill her and Aaliya’s plan will backfire – once again. but if he does shoot Tanu , and she is saved, she will get Abhi’s sympathy.

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