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The Episode starts with Purab taking Abhi’s pic and shows lipstick mark on his face. Everyone smile looking at him. Purab says they are shying. Mitali says this mark might be left by Tanu. Tanu says she is not shameless. Mitali asks her not to open her mouth. Tai ji says if she is not Tanu then who is she? Purab asks Abhi, what he is hearing and says you have gone to enemy side. Bulbul says it is not fair and asks him how can he let Pragya kiss him. Abhi says it was unintentional and she fell on me mistakenly. Bulbul says you have taken advantage of the situation. Abhi asks her to think what she wants to think. He says I will deal with Pragya first, because of whom this has happened. Tanu makes faces as if she is sad. He says no one shall come near the room. Bulbul and Dadi smiles.


thinks what to do as Abhi will never accept that it was not her mistake. Abhi enters the room. Pragya gets scared. Abhi asks her to look at him. Pragya asks him to say. Abhi says don’t you have any shame? You should have told me about the mark. Pragya says I didn’t do anything and says you should thank me. Abhi says I can prove you. He asks how can he get red lipstick on his face. He turns and sees orange lipstick on her lips. Pragya says my lipstick is not matching with that mark, and says you have to justified as you have blamed me. She asks him to let her kiss him. Abhi is shocked. Pragya says everyone will know that this color is not matching with red mark. Abhi refuses to let her kiss him. Pragya insists and tries to kiss him forcibly. Abhi runs from there. Pragya smiles.

Abhi comes to Dadi and says Pragya wants to create misunderstanding between him and Tanu. Bulbul says jiju couldn’t do anything and might have learnt a lesson. Abhi says she has tried to kiss me. Pragya gets shy. Abhi tells he loves her fuggi. Pragya smiles. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya wants to trap Abhi, and she shares room with him. Aaliya asks her to sit down and says you forget that Abhi is a rockstar, and says he is a loyal man. She says question is that why did Pragya do that? She wants to create misunderstanding between you both. Tanu says yes. Aaliya says she don’t want you to marry him. She is really after money and thinks Abhi’s value will get down after he gets married. He will have less female following and it will be her loss.

Purab comes to Sarla’s home. Sarla asks do you want to tell anything. Purab tells that Abhi is celebrating Dussera festival and is inviting you all. Sarla refuses to go. Bulbul says he will feel bad. Sarla says I will talk to him. Bulbul says I understood that you gets scared of Pragya. Sarla says I will go there and tell her that I am not afraid of her. Jhanki asks her to give a good lecture to Pragya. Bulbul asks them to take part in Ram Leela and come home. Sarla says I will do Mahabharath in her house.

Pragya talks to someone about organizing the event. Abhi comes and hears her. He thinks she wants to create misunderstanding and thinks to create misunderstanding for her. She comes to Tanu and says he wants to talk something. He says we have to act to be husband and wife, and says Pragya wants to create misunderstanding between us. Pragya hears them. Abhi says we have to behave like boyfriend and girl friend infront of her. He shares his plan. Pragya hears them. Abhi and Tanu come to room and start romancing. Pragya says it is my room and I will decide who will enter my room. Abhi says it is my room also. Pragya says this house and room is mine. Abhi says I don’t want to spoil my mood by arguing you. He says we will be together and asks her to go. Pragya says okay and asks him to do whatever he wants to do. Abhi asks Tanu to hug him. Tanu says yes baby and runs towards the wall. Pragya turns her face. Abhi and Tanu start acting to kiss each other.

Pragya sits down to look at their kiss. Abhi says I can’t concentrate. Tanu says if she is not ashamed then why shall we. He thinks why Pragya is not getting affected. Pragya smiles and eats popcorn. Abhi sits on bed and asks Tanu to come. Tanu jumps on bed and the nails injures her leg. Abhi takes her from there. Ronnie prays to God and says I am playing hanuman’s role. He rehearsals the scene. Abhi comes and asks if is having lighter. He asks if he wants to act with him. He asks him to stand on the fountain and tries to light his tail. Ronnie runs. Payal comes and he falls with her. They have an eye lock. Abhi scolds Payal for losing her concentration and asks Ronnie to run. Nikhil comes and holds Tanu’s hand. Tanu gets tensed.

Abhi tells Tanu that Pragya is trying to create misunderstanding between them. He says you are in my left side of heart. Pragya hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. His left side that means he has no feeling for tanu no more l

    1. If that is what it means then – this show is on the left side of my heart!!

    2. Arrey our heart in middle of the chest but slightly towards left

  2. What the crap they are showing? I guess makers have forgotton what exactly they had to do in the show. Why this is being dragged now? Really waiting for Tanu & Aliya going out of the house
    Please don make this serial so boring. Already TRP has started falling even.

  3. This show loose all her fans because of drag story line woh writers pls change the script otherwise no one give a comment

  4. I think, somehow the writers have screwed big time on penning the track….and they don’t know how to rectify it…and in their attempt to make it right, they turn out penning an even more absurd track. Kahkahkah……

  5. Do not drag this show!! I can make a bet the same story line is gonna continue for more than week!

    1. Yes. I hate tht tanu. Just wanna throw her out. She’s talking about shamelessness. Is she having shame she’s carrying nikhil’s baby says tht it’s abhi’s. Plz stop dragging ekta kapoor

  6. So guys according to abhi pragya is creating misunderstandings between him and tanu so he wants to show her by showing fake love with tanu that how much they r happy together and no one could not create misunderstanding between them. So what u think guys does he really want to ruin pragya’s plan of creating misunderstanding between him and tanu as he was saying or he wants to make pragya jealous to know that she loves him or not? As purab was saying to him that why she will create misunderstanding between him and tanu by kissing u when u don’t love her and she doesn’t love u.

    1. And one more thing guys did u noticed that tanu is pregnant and how highly she was jumping yesterday! And her outfits omg! too much tight and short for pregnancy condition! Too much nonsense things r happening during these days.

    2. nowdayz ronnie nd payal r more interesting than tis lead couples………………..
      better move track wit these couples………
      bcoz CVS wont reunion abhigya soon i suppose………..
      director ekta kapoor msd her original script tats y draggin tis much i suppose
      aftr she gets her original script she ll mov track normally…………

    3. I think to make jealous only doing all this. U noticed nikki they just acted like kissing hugging but his full concentration on pragya only to irritate her he did this.

    4. I think he knows everything
      From past 2 episodes Abhi body language has changed towards Pragya n meri lady mogambo n sweetheart all this is quite strange
      Don’t u think nikki
      In Coming week I think Abhi will figure out Nikhil is father of Tanu child before Pragya
      As u said Pragya may not take part in Ramleela n Abhi wil also not take part as he will b busy in ad thing Tanu n Nikhil also not taking part so lots of hide and seek wil b there

      1. Maggie I was discussing it to chithu that abhi’s reactions towards nikhil seems like he will b the one who will get to know about nikhil’s relationship with tanu, first and later he will discose it infront of everyone. But let’s see during the functions pragya will also get to know about nikhil or not? I think in upcoming episodes, it will get clear that who will disclose takhil’s relationship? Abhi? Or pragya? Or surprisingly someone else?

    5. Sorry nikki bt i don understand wt yua teln ..

      1. I m saying ramya that in yesterday’s episode abhi was telling to everyone that pragya is trying to create misunderstanding between him and tanu WO he decided with tanu to pretend as girlfriend- boyfriend infront of pragya to show her that they r happy with each other and no one could create misunderstanding between him and tanu. But purab was saying that why pragya will try to create misunderstanding between u and tanu by kissing, when he don’t love pragya and pragya don’t love u. What she will get through this. Purab was saying to abhi that tanu can kiss u becoz u both loves each other then abhi says I loves my fuggy so I can’t kiss tanu, so tanu also not. Ramya here purab’s means that a kiss will happen only then with abhi and pragya when abhi loves pragya or pragya loves abhi or they both loves each other. Abhi denies first by saying that he hates lady mogambo but later confesses in furiousness that he loves his fuggy. So abhi understood here that pragya kissed him intentionally or unintentionally becoz she loves him and denied later becoz she wants to hide her feelings from him. So according to me, he decided with tanu to pretend as boyfriend-girlfriend to make pragya jealous to know pragya’s love for him, not to make her understand that he is happy with tanu. And this is my question from all of u that do u guys feel same like me? What r urs opinions about abhi’s decision to pretending as boyfriend- girlfriend with tanu infront of pragya? Why he is doing this?

      2. u r ryt tats y he s pretending nikki……….
        he hates pragya for name sake ly bt still he luvs nd he s dng al tis purposefully if he sreally hatin pragya means he would hv shifted his room or he may go to hall nd slps there na bt he s not dng tat………………..
        even wen pen fyt was gng on pragya gav him a clue tat none of ur fans known abt our fyts nd they ll thik still ur luvin ur x wife, @ tat time he was surprised
        tis s clue which was pragya gvn to abhi tat she doesnt wanna declare her fyts wit abhi in front of media……….
        if he s intelligent he can understand her behavior………….
        also he din kiss tanu note d point he could kiss nd hug her many times b4 getting luv wit pragya bt he s nt dng lyk tis nw…..
        even wen tanu cum to kiss also he was escaped ly
        hope so he cant stay away 4m pragya

  7. This show is dragging a lot…how long we have to wait for revealing aaliya and tanu’s secret boring to the top most level…never gonna to watch again

  8. Nowadays nobody lik to comment also c comments became less. Really fed up with serial just they dragging.

  9. Dragging Dragging Dragging soooooooooooooo much Dragging
    I think Tanu n Alia will be exposed next year 2016 Lols ? ? ?

  10. Guys I have a news for all of u. Guys this festive seasons our kkb’s stars r going to make their fan’s festivals more special by giving own selfie with fans in a festive programmes but at different places. Bulbul aka mrunal is going to Canada for dandiya function, shabbir and shikha r going to San Francisco for diwali function on 4th november, even shabbir is going to Malaysia, kualalumpur too for this dushehra function on 24th October.

    1. Nikki..

      Shabir alone is coming to San Francisco on Oct 24th..

      and the next week Shikha and Shabir going to Malaysia on oct 31st.

      The same is posted in Zee Americas and Zee Variasai..

      1. Oops!? Sorry kanchi I have written wrong by mistake in hurry. Thanks for correcting me.?

  11. Its really waste of time watching this serial now. Simply dragggiiinnnnggggg.

    1. Still Very Boring

      I agree with you!

  12. y is this so dragging ..

  13. God this fake romancing between abhi n tanu is really irritating. This is going in circles….plz take it fwd yaar. Waiting for tanu n aliya to be chucked out of the house….

  14. They r going out of track .whatever v expected that abhi will take care of pragya as she took.as her wonderful kumkum bhagya. But this all happening in other serials n these acting total childish.I can give them good track like this tanus n aliya exposure, abhigya union,pragya don’t get child ,taiji grumbles ,abhi stands always with pragya. Finally she conceive then tanu plays prank ,tanu dies,nikhil turns villain.abhigya solve problem together.love each other ,bulbul gets married ,aliya in mental hospital.

  15. Guys new dhamekedaar segment update- first I will start from normal scene. Abhi and pragya r in main hall of the house. Pragya is talking to Ronnie and instructing him for something. Abhi comes with payal (chanchan). Payal holding a contract file in her hand. Abhi calls pragya through whistle but pragya ignores then he shouts then pragya scolding him to shouting. Pragya asks him what happened? Abhi says u r my boss so I will work for u on contract bases. Pragya asks what contract? Abhi says payal to handover contract papers to pragya and he says to pragya sign it. Then he says I want 5 lakhs rupees for his pocket money in every month and u will gain profit through my singing so profit’s half shares will b mine. Pragya refuses to sign it. Then abhi says if u will not sign and agree for this then I will file case upon u for exploitation and torchers of me. Pragya says OK I will first check these papers from my lawyers then I will sign on it. Abhi says u can check it through judges also but I want ur sign on these papers. They were cutely fights with each other in this whole scene. Now next the serious news is that raaj and aaliya has hired a sharp shooter to murder of pragya. Raaj was showing pragya to that sharp shooter for identifying her for murder. Raaj and that sharp shooter both were standing on upstairs. Pragya was going from the upstairs corridor. SBS people showed a scene where raaj was talking with sharpshooter along with aaliya in aaliya’s room. SBS people were saying that this sharp shooter came to shoot pragya on ramleela but later he will fall in love with pragya madly. Sbs people were suggesting abhi to stop fights with pragya and save her becoz raavan has come to snatch his sits aka pragya. Then they showed a funny interview of sriti and shabbir. They were joking about sequence like always.

    1. Sbs hot news segment- Sbs peoples were telling that kkb’s production house have demanded from the channel for 14 lakhs rupees to making a big set for ramleela’s shoot. But channel is not OK with it’s budget money so they have told to production house of kkb to shoot ramleela sequence and make it’s set on their own set.

    2. Guys sbs people showed in their segment raaj was talking with sharpshooter with taaliya in aaliya’s room. In one scene, when tanu calls him a kid then that sharp shooter strangle her neck. Then they showed an interview of raaj with that sharpshooter. Reporters asks from raaj about him then he yes he has come for doing a big kand but aaliya has hired him. Then reporter asks from raaj that we heard that sharp shooter will fall in love with pragya as an obsessed lover. Then raaj says it could happen becoz this sharp shooter is very handsome. Then reporter suggests abhi in background to stop this childish acts and fights with pragya becoz raavan has come to snatch his sits aka pragya.

      1. Guys Actor Rohit Dugga is going to play this sharp shooter’s role.

      2. Guys sorry it’s actor mohit dagga who will play sharp shooter’s role in kkb.

  16. It means abhi has no feeling for tanu. Anyway it ok epi. But screenplay is not well. It very slow. So it bcom so boring

  17. Hi, All,This is Arul,

    I think abhi not know truth,he is doubting pragyas activities,Because he bears a lot 1.Money is not more important to pragya(last dicorce episode abhi clarified).First Abhi clarify pragyas love…
    yesterday he said left heart,Heart is not in left..that means…day before episode tanu hug abhi…but abhi not sclolds the hand to hug…just hug taht it..Still he loves pragya and he is so briliant,Ekta use these charchter to be different in that climax scenes..I hope…You all knows…I think abhi knows everything…
    because. dadi first see hospital with pragya..First askes i calll abhi,number to be dailed,but pragya says dont call.but dadi in busy she dont cut the call.Please you see the previous episodes.

  18. Now I m bit disappointed with this becoz it seems like more delaying in tanu’s truth revealation becoz of this murder planning of pragya but I m sure nothing will happen with her. Even if pragya will get shot or get injured by shot then this incidence will bring abhi closer to pragya and if we will believe on sbs peoples then it means one more obseesed lover is going to enter in kkb! Everyone have an obsessed lover in kkb except pragya but now pragya will have also! We were demanding for perfect match for pragya to make abhi jealous, not an obsessed lover becoz we knows very well that how much dangerous r kkb’s obsessed lovers. God knows CVS r taking kkb’s story where to where instead of showing needed things.

    1. Guys what u think? Will this sharp shooter really fall for pragya?as spoilers r saying that he will come to kill pragya but he will drop this idea later becoz he will fall in love with pragya madly! Well I don’t think so guys becoz the guy is not that much happening who could give abhi a tough competition and whom CVS could bring as pragya’s obsessed lover. And shabbir was also saying in his inyerview that attack will happen by that sharpshooter but shot will get missed. And if he will really drop his idea to kill pragya that also only becoz may b he will realize pragya’s gudness and later he will help pragya against taaliya and raaj. Who is right shabbir or spoiler it will we get to know in episodes. One more thing guys if attack will happen then pragya and dadi’s doubt will b go on aaliya directly becoz in last segment they showed pragya was telling to dadi that aaliya tried to kill her by knife. So if attack will happen then aaliya will b trapped. Whatever will happen guys, I was hoping for something gudon this dushehra but CVS have given it another turn. One hope is still remain that all this will happen during ramleela so I wish till then dushehra’s celebration, we will get some gud news for sure.

      1. i think ronnie r bulbul may save pragya in tat event bcoz they both r d perfect bodyguards nd well wishers 4 pragya………….
        i hv a doubt all these r gng to be happen on dhesra function?????
        ans plz nikki

      2. Who will save pragya or not or that sharp shooter will drop the idea himself on last minute, can’t say surely but all this is going to happen during ramleela according to segments and spoilers. They didn’t say that it will happen on the time of burning ravan’s statue that’s why I m hoping that something else could happen on that time which will b gud for pragya. Well let’s see what will happen on which time? Before it if we have any new update then we could know about exact thing, if not then we have to watch each upcoming episode.

      3. Ya if attack will happen then 100% it will b abhi who will save her. Why? We knows the answer very well.

    2. Know what Nikki, for these past 2-3 days I was actually pondering, why can’t they create a character who will fall in love with Pragya…..? She’s so worth it. Why is it always people falling for Abhi…fighting for him, when actually he is not all that. Then, came this supposedly upcoming track from sbs. Hmmmm…. fingers crossed! wink, wink….

  19. nikki…yes u r right..
    KKB is good story line,real love between each others.
    now adays story line is very irked,Tanu have a nikhil baby but tanu irked for pargyas kiss mark in abhis cheek.This is over action.First tanu matter is exposed…pls do anything..

  20. After marriage still abhi and pragya not unite.First abhi and pragya both hates..
    pragya loves abhi,

  21. abhi loves pragya…
    tanus enter…Still trapping..trapping..
    not end..
    aalyia nad tanu out of house.firts
    ahbi and pragya unite,and get two childs….
    all are expected….pls change your story line..
    iam live in chennai,Iam speak tamil languague..i do know hindi..but only i undertand actions..so pls do….

  22. story la ennavenalum senju evolo drag panna mudiuma avolo pannuvanga ana truth’ a mattum reveal panna matanga kadaisi varaikum.. enna koduma sir ethu.. marupadium 1st’la eruntha.. aliya, raaj and tanu kadaisi varaikum thirunthava matangala.. raj ku villan character s suthama set agala ethula avara kaamikum pothu overa buildup vera kudukararu real villan matri.. kumkum bhagyala negative role mattum thaan importance kupanga pola .. athum aracha maava araikara matri.. kadupa eruku written updates padikum pothu..

  23. nikki .. what you saying is correct.. may be that shooter will fall in love when see pragya..then he will start to love pragya madly.. i think pragya too will start to speak with that shooter to make Abi jealous..

    1. Nandu I m telling about what I saw in segment. I m not saying that I think that they r right. That sharpshooter will fall for pragya. I don’t think so it could happen even it should not happen. Pragya deserves an unconditional, devoted and passionate lover not obsessed lover who trouble pragya like other obsessed lover of kkb which is aaliya, Neil, nikhil etc. Obsessed lover only deserves evils. And nandu first I don’t think that shooter will drop the idea of murdering pragya becoz of having love feelings for her but if he will really do it then it will b only becoz may b he will realize pragya’s gudness. He could help her also against taaliya and raaj and his presence could make abhi jealous on a positive note. He could like her but love her! I don’t think so and if he will really fall for a girl like pragya then her gudness will change that shooter into a gud person as he changed abhi like her who could do anything for gud of own love. CVS have hired an actor for this shooter role so definetly he will play this role with important purpose for sometimes but I wish and I hope his purpose prove gud for pragya as I think.

  24. Sriti is so gorgeous in yellow saree.. dats the only review I can insist now from side 🙂 I just wished some person should come in pragyas life and to make abhi jealous… But the shooter should not have a passionate love for pragya… noooo plzzz… need abhi and pragya back… 🙁 it will be a gud twist.. But guys I can’t stand anymore in abhigyas separation..

  25. fu.. you maker from behid, worst story…

  26. Hey guys did u ppl miss any episode?

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