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The episode starts with Abhi seeing Pragya falling from sofa while asleep and stops her. Pragya wakes up and sees him near her, thinks he must have not slept whole night. Daasi calls Pragya to come down for breakfast. She does down. Daadi asks her to have breakfast. She says she will get sandwich for daadi and goes into kitchen. Abhi comes down and gets irked seeing Pragya. He sits for breakfast and asks Daadi if she wants, she can go on vacation. She says she will go only with him and Pragya. Pragya gets sandwich and milk for Daadi. Daadi says she is habituated to Pragya now and cannot live without her. Abhi gets irked hearing that. Tanu comes and wishes good morning, but nobody replies. She gets irked and thinks she should send Pragya’s video to daadi to kick Pragya out and

enter this house. She sends it and says sorry Abhi.

Abhi thinks why Pragya has not gone out yet. Pragya thinks what to tell Sarla if she goes to her room. She goes to kitchen and thinks if she should take Suresh’s help to rent a room. Abhi comes there and angrily asks why is she showing fake concern to Daadi to stay back in house. He sees her hand burning on gas and rescues it.

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Tanu hides behind daadi to check if she will check video or not. Daadi is shocked to see it and starts panicking. Abhi gets tensed seeing daadi panicking. Daadi says it cannot be, my house, my dignity, my belief, then falls unconscious on floor. Aaliya tries to wake daadi. Abhi also tries to wake her up, sees her not berating and panics. Aaliya checks and says she is breathing and we should take her to room. He takes her to her room. Akash calls doctor. Daasi asks Abhi not to panic as Daadi will be alright soon. Aaliya drags Tanu out to her room and asks who sent that video to Daadi. She says she does not know. Aaliya says only you and me have this video, and if she has not sent, then she should have sent it. Tanu accepts that she has sent it. Aaliya slaps her and asks how can she do this, daadi is unconscious and Abhi is very much worried about her. They both see Pragya listen to their conversation and stop. Aaliya asks what is she doing. Pragya says she thought daadi is in this room and leaves from there. Aaliya shuts door and says Tanu if anything happens to Daadi, she not spare her. Tanu thinks she thought daadi will kick out Pragya, but she herself panicked.

Pragya comes to Daadi’s room. Abhi takes her out and asks if she came to check if daadi is still alive and says she should go and enjoy with her lover now, says he made a mistake by letting her in house for 1 day, says she wanted see him worried and shuts door after pushing her out. Daasi comes and asks Abhi to relax. Abhi asks who sent that video. Cousin daadi says some shubchintak/well wisher sent. Pragya thinks she cannot go now seeing daadi in this condition.

Doc comes and checks daadi. Daasi says Abhi that we should find a person who sent this video. He says Daadi felt unconscious after seeing Pragya’s affair video, now he will not spare Pragya and will kick her out. Daasi says he cannot do that as Daadi told before stumbling that her Pragya cannot do this and what if she wakes up and wants to meet Pragya. He says whatever it is, he will not let Pragya stay in his house now and walks out angrily.

Precap: Pragya requests Abhi to let her see daadi once, but he does not allow her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 1 slap seh kya hoga!
    Tanu ko 10-12 slaps marneh chahey!

    1. Natasha u r right tanu must b whipped hard

      1. sahi hai 1 slap se kuch nahi hoga tanu ko

  2. Tanu deserves 1000 slaps and so does Aliya and Mithali

  3. arey tanu ko kya even abhi and aliya deserve a slap.really going worse.abhi dont u have brain.atleast one time use a fresh brain and find out the truth naa.

  4. Abhi….he doest deseves to play lead in ths serial…….atlest fr one time he cant thk of his own….. he is just dncing fr A and T musics…

  5. This show has become so predictable that most people I know have stopped watching. Was Pragya hired to act as a punching bag? Abhi is a dumb fool. He can have relations with another woman and in his mind that’s ok yet Pragya is falsely framed and he never had any relations with her yet and he is angry? Give me a break!!!

    1. Well said Kt. I thing Abhi is more than mentally handicapped. And Pragya = best punching ball ever!!

  6. Getting boaring same stuff repeating for long time and portraying other characters dum. No moral of story and not a good theme story line.

  7. hi i am new here, Kum Kum bhagya is one of the best soap on zee tv, Understand what is happening, Why do you think Abhi is so angry, hurt,and even cried in the episode? he cannot bear the sight of another man touching her. HE IS DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HER and does not know it. The minute he throws her out of the house, then he will understand what he has lost.

  8. Abhi please remove pragya from that house. atleast we will have a different story , else it is the same drag. please please throw pragya out.

  9. I have stopped watching it for a while now bcause of this crap that keeps repeating itself, if only theproducers of this show will incorporate what viewer are saying into the show, it will be interesting to watch instead the lead actor is a spineless brat who refused to grow up, with a selfish and egoistic sister that refuses to see other peoples point of view . Pragya that is supposed to be the lead actress cannot stand up for her right with all her education and wears nothing nice to show that she is the wife of a rock star. Frankly everybody should stop watchingh cause it is childish.

    1. fan of the show

      I think the dense husband/pumpkin wife is true-to-life. I have a hard time with Abhi’s sister and girlfriend being so nasty all the time. s anybody that mean all the time?

  10. Crap show

  11. Abhi moralises how dare u have affair but he himself is doing the same . Tracks r very boring pragya only cries aaliya is terrible which sister will do what she is doing and tanu takes tha cake. In all its very boring the whole week its the same aaliya tanu plotting abhi screwing his face pragya crying .

  12. Trini desi girl

    So stupid of Abhi, he is more worried about the contents of the video and not the person who sent it. What happen he is so stupid to understand the kind of technology we have now. Common Sense will tell you that someone in the house did the video. It will not be an outsider. It is a reality most people think that money can buy everything but it cannot buy happiness. Happiness comes from the love you generate and not from the material things you accumulate. Words for thought Abhi you fool. Daadi will not allow Pragya to leave she will keep asking for her. Lets see what happens. Idiotic storyline.

  13. No tv dramas hero and heroine has taken this much time to unite..why abhi was nvr caught in his wrong things but pragya being truthful always been tortured.as i know many had stopped watching this.please make some mahaepisode and improve the serial so that ppl who lost interest will start watching again..

  14. its enough yaar kitana sahegi pragya had hoti h ab abhi ko jakar tanu or aliya ka sach janna chahiye…

  15. whoever watch that video feels same like abhi .Abhi also doing the same thing but Pragya why she is not opening her mouth why the bulbul and purab are not doing any thing for pragya about the video .Use technology yar and find when and from where the video came

  16. Kuchh v kaho
    I like dis serial….

  17. All the stories in kumkum bhagya is bull sit

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