Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya crossing the road, and the truck driver hits her while acting to save her. Nikhil thinks this is the end of your story. Sarla shouts Pragya looking at her injured body. Tanu smiles and says your kumkum and husband couldn’t help you. It turns out to be Sarla’s dream. She says I will save you my daughter and tries to move her legs. She hears Dadi and everyone doing the puja and aarti. She asks God to give her strength and understand her motherly’s love. She stands on her feet with much difficulty and comes out of room. Purab is standing outside the room and sees Sarla crying. He asks what happened? Sarla shows Pragya’s photo in the frame. He says I will take you there.

Tanu asks driver to take her fast and break signal. Mitali asks driver to take her back

home as they missed Tanu at the signal. Pragya thinks why mum is tensed and thinks something is wrong. She thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Tanu lied to Abhi, and went when I came out. She thinks to check again if she is Tanu. Tanu says I have reached there, and asks are you coming there alone. Pragya gets doubtful and calls her Tanu. Tanu is shocked, and says she is not Tanu. Pragya asks her to answer face to face. She says when I can come there, you also show the strength. I want to know what you are playing against me. She says it is enough of rat and mouse game. Tanu cuts the call. She calls Nikhil and informs her that Pragya came to know everything. Nikhil scolds her and says it is your mistake. Tanu says I didn’t tell her anything.

Nikhil shouts at her. He says you don’t need to come now. Everything is over. Tanu says Pragya wants to talk to me face to face and confront me. She said fight will be infront of each other. Nikhil says Pragya is giving us a chance to kill her, and is accepting her death. He asks his goons to get ready as victim is coming in 5 mins. He says Pragya, you are most welcome. Pragya wonders what Tanu want to do? She thinks I have to take this risk, may be I can get some proofs against her.

Puja continues to happen at Mehra house. Mitali comes back home and thinks she would have blackmailed Tanu and made her dance on her tune. She falls down because of the water on the floor. Dasi comes. Mitali asks her to help her get up. Dasi refuses and goes. Tai ji comes and asks her to stay there itself. Mitali gets irked and thinks she will not think anything wrong about anyone.

Purab asks Sarla if you know where is Pragya? He says how can you speak? He gives her tissue paper and pen and asks her to write. Sarla writes the address. Purab calls Pragya and asks her to return home as her life is in danger. Pragya says she will come once she does the work. Dadi and Rachna come to room, and sees Sarla missing in the room. They wonder where is she? Akash comes and says I will call Purab. Mitali thinks it is a good chance to trap Tanu. Dadi says what to do now? Mitali says we shall inform Pragya that Sarla is missing from her room. Dadi says no, and says Pragya will get worried. She says we will not inform Abhi also. Sarla prays to God and says don’t do anything to my Pragya. Purab asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla asks God to keep Pragya away from Tanu. Pragya thinks to take risk if she will unite with Abhi. Pragya reaches there in her car. Nikhil thinks she will get down from her car searching Tanu and then………….Purab comes there in his car. Sarla comes of out car with much difficulty and falls down on the road.

Pragya gets down the car and looks for Tanu. Just then truck driver speeds up truck towards Sarla. Sarla shouts Pragya. Pragya looks on surprised. Nikhil gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. guys cvs are dragging too much yaatmr I think 600 episode complete then they r going to exposed takhil. & today they not even show any scene of abhi all family member show but they not show abhi & partiksha tell me if they come to know aliya is behind of pragya kidnaping. & purvi is innocent they should bring purvi back whay u think & guys

  2. Rakz

    Hey guys..the truck driver is going to hit sarla instead of pragya? Seriously first bulbul dies because of pragya’s secret mission and now if sarla dies as well, it’s like even if you follow the right path, evil wins because people are dying because of her mission when she could have just took the chance of telling abhi the truth from the beginning. I have only commented once before here and just had to now because there’s a limit to bullsh*t seriously!!

    • shobana

      Sarla ma wont die. Instead of Pragya Nikhil will get hit by the truck. The beauty in this is he is not hurt severely.

    • jen

      If Sarla is killed and Pragya doesn’t kick ass and tell all then she is too stupid. Bulbul would not have stood for all of this Pragya is weak and stupid.

  3. Sarla got back her voice. It is clear that cvs is not going to expose tanu and nikhil. So they will show sarla dead so that she dont tell the truth to abhi.

    • Megha

      Hi Nagma, sarla maa won’t die. Nikhil only going to get hit by the truck. If sarla maa tells abhi about the truth or not is the thing we have to wait and watch…

  4. Shaz

    They r moving the drama either endless chatter or many dreams. If they show a situation more than three or four days, I am sure that there will be no any twist or improvement in the drama (like abhi’s concept, tanu’s video, abhigya’s divorce, etc). Only they r trying to increase the episodes. We have seen many situations like this. But finally they have made us fools. They have cheated us several times by creating expectations in us. They will expose tanu after leena’s wedding. Idiots…

    • shobana

      No shaz it wont happen so soon. It will happen after leena’s children marriage. Then also doubt only. If they drag like this then definitely it will take yrs to expose Tanu.

  5. Shana

    Nothing new in today’s epi am so irritated… I thought that accident track ‘ll b come 2 an end this week. what’s this no end… dragging toooooo much.but I love watching kkb it has won my heart.. And guys is anybody has an idea, when will this drama end??? next whole month I won’t b able 2 watch my kkb… I’ll miss it. Bcoz v have fasting 4 the next month. Mom won’t leave me 2 watch tv… am so upset about it. Plzz anyone give an idea about my question

  6. shobana

    One of the best dragging episode.
    Oh my god sarla ma was able to write, then y the hell she didn’t write anything and show to abhi abt Tanu these many days. What CVs are upto ??? What they are trying to show us ???
    Happy that sarla ma has recovered she can now able to walk, she got her voice back, that’s good but for what?? After her recovery she must tell everything to abhi else its cent percent waste. But sarla ma acting was good it really showed the pain of a mother.
    Atlast as gowtham said only abhi himself going to found out Tanu’s truth. The current situation shows no one including sarla ma is going to expose Tanu. Just playing hide and. seek game.
    Pragya after knowing that Tanu is planning againt her then also she is desperate to meet her that too without informing purab, she is not even ready to hear his words.
    Purab must have taken sarla ma downstairs and then only to car, so everyone should have noticed it. But unfortunately MM people are suffering from eyesight problem. At this situation also dadi is telling not to inform abhi abt sarla ma missing.
    Don’t know for what they are dragging like this. I thought Nikhil accident will happen by today itself but our dragging expert team is taking it to the next week also. On the whole I feel that this episode is fully illogic.

    • Rainey

      If Sarla dies than Purab should step up and tell what she revealed to him. Plus dummy Pragy should be so mad that she tells everything right after she kickis tanu and nikhil’s ass…..

      • shobana

        Sarla ma wont die its Nikhil who will meet the accident instead of Pragya. And Nikhil too wont be hurted too much. This accident segment is mainly for the recovery of sarla ma. Exposure wont happen as of now. We need to be little more patience to see Tanu’s exposure

    • Well said shobana…though sarla aunty regained she cant able to expose.mehra house la ellathukum unmai therinchum ennamo abhi kitta unmaiya sonna namba poorathila mathiri pandraaga 1 week la mudika vendiya track 1 year illukuraanga…great job ekta mam

      • manusri

        hency i am a big fan of leena… in this grp all knws that… unaku matum than therila sis??

      • gowtham

        hency nethu un comment paathen… naan periya fan of leena… all knw that in this grp… unku than therila.. all the best fr the results ….

      • shobana

        Yesterday I saw ur comment. Don’t worry u will get good marks. I will pray for u

    • manusri

      shobana sis…. naan sola vantha points apadiye solitinga… super super ??? adding to it…. why mitali follows tanu frst of all… and returns wd nothing… these scenes and all shows the extreme level of dragging la…. and below to this i put one big coment…. juz reply whether my point is right or wrong…. i am waiting fr yr reply… eagerly sis

    • gowtham

      shobana sis… naan sola vanthatha apdiye neenga solitinga… great…. adding to it…. mitali y followd tanu??? comes wd nothing… these and all pure example of dragging la…. and shobana keela oru comment kuduthurukn paarunga…. tell me your view on that??

      • shobana

        Bro super name manusri??.
        By the way who is that???? ??

        Just kidding
        But I was laughing like anything aft seeing that.

      • shobana

        And when I read ur first comment I couldn’t understand I was thinking taru idhu new to this group ah?? Ava every one knws she is a big fan of Leena nu solli irrukurale then I thought only gowtham is a big fan of her. Ok will see to it later nu left it then aft reading second comment saying its gowtham started to laugh.

      • gowtham

        shobana neenga than grp leader tday…. ?? pratiksha um ila… all busy… so u must be in the position of clearing people’s doubt…. normally pratiksha does that… avanga ila so neenga than munadi irunthu kutti pasanga doubt lam clear pananum???

      • shobana

        Aiyyo gowtham no one can replace prathiksha’s place. I’m not that much good in posting comments like prathiksha sahithi reji and u
        And gowtham indha group ku leader lam vendam. Adu Ellam romba periya words ah teriyudu
        If I know something then I will share with you guys

  7. Priyanka

    Guys I have a doubt…. People here are u mad??? If u don’t like kkb better shut and leave why are u creating such an issue. It’s their serial.. U r not even contributing single paise. So better u guys go to school and complain to teacher. Really u people are senseless. I knw they’re dragging…. Many of u I’ve noticed(don’t wanna mention the names) tht they said tht this will be the last day I watch kkb 2 months before but the same persons were commenting some shits. Please stop it. There are true fans of kkb like me. If u don’t know how to encourage its fine but atleast don’t discourage !!!

    • manusri

      sry to say… if u were a true fan of kkb… u should have understood y people here said like that. human being will have that hatred tenancy … if mom says to his child to get out frm the house it means she really wants his son to go… of course not…. these are all the wrds of anger at an instant…. actually i never said i would quit watching or something… but u r projecting like u r the only fan of kkb…. so only now interfered… people lik us also here and we can understand why people r saying they r gonna quit.. since i am too a fan i can feel their anger of love on kkb so try to understand this frst.. . . and whn saying dragging, it doesn’t. mean that they stop watching, it means they are expressing their views… thats all…. todays episode also dragging… it doesn’t mean i ll quit… its the view simple…. thats y this comment page is us here…criticism is acceptable as long as its in a good way… and by the way m nt here to go against you like thay. but your comment was made me to comment like this…. all here are true kkb fans oly…

    • gowtham

      sry to say this… but u would have understood, why people are saying about quitting the show, if u were a true kkb fan… whn a son says to mother or mother says to his son get out the house… do they really mean that..?? of course not….
      i shuldnt have interfered if u werent project yourself as the only big fan of kkb… and i never said like quitting the show and all… why i interfered here is… u r projecting like u r the big fan and people who says about quiting are not fans…. its not lik that Ms….. actually it comes wd anger of love…. thats y they are saying like that… it doesn’t mean that they are less fan… and dnt have to say they are mad… and by the way whn saying dragging… it means we are sharing our views thats all…. after all thats y this comment page is meant for…. so it doesn’t mean we ll quit and all…. if u r a fan people here also are the fan of kkb…. ok so i dnt thnk your point is right and i thnk many ll agree to my point… i am not trying to be rude on u…. but juz dnt simply put a comment lik mad and all… its not a healthy sentence as it seems…. and sry fr this comment… and i feel sry fr your commentsl too behalf of u and others…

      • shobana

        Yes gowtham what u said is cent percent true. Each and every single person watching kkb has the right to share their views. Doesn’t matter its good or bad. All here are true fans of kkb. The last few episodes are dragging to the core. Since we are true fans we cant lie saying that the episode is good.
        Maybe people might have stopped watching kkb but they might not stopped reading updates. It shows that they r stick to kkb still which doesn’t mean that they are not true fans. After stopped watching also they are eager to know what happening in kkb that itself shows that they are true fans of kkb.
        By the way Priyanka encouraging a show is not saying episode is good super awesome etc etc. Its pointing out the mistakes and still sticking to it to get the show in the right track. Since we are pointing the mistakes it doesn’t mean that we are discouraging the show.
        We all are still here only for abhigya . And we will continue to point out the mistakes done by CVs and will be sticking to kkb forever either by watching the show or by reading updates until the show goes in the right track.
        And my dear Priyanka this page is to share each and every single viewers comment. It can be good or bad. If u cant able to see the comments which says kkb is dragging kkb is like this like that pls avoid such comments.
        I’m sorry if I have hurted you by this comment .

    • Shivanya

      Priyanka we are also real fans of kkb pls don’t think that you are the savier of kkb serial you may be a real fan but you don’t have any rights to talk about us. I am really sry to talk like this. If my words hurted u i am sorry .

    • Tonia

      my dear, everybody have the right to expression. I suggest you should not insult them. Just air you view and let them air theirs. Even if you’re angry, it is a good way to learn how to tolerate

    • Brintha

      hello priyanka who are u ti advice us? here every one have their right to share there views.. whn they show brulliant, comedy, centiment episode we praise that.. we enjoy it.. at dame time whn something nonsense and dragging we hv all the rights to scold them… because of us only kkb… we are not living because of kkb… its publuc show we hv all rights to criticise but u dont hv right to talk us like thid.. hope u understand . if not sgut up and get lost..

      • gowtham

        hi brin… cool cool… neenga romba busy…. epovathu vaaringa… antha time la y kovam vidunga… all of us told her not to repeat… and how is going… really missing out your comedy comments ??? atleast comment once brin… daily… we miss you actually…

      • shobana

        Hiiiiiii brindha
        Guest Ellam left home ah ??? Sry for asking like this. Appa dha neenga free aaguvinga and unga comments Ellam padikalam. So eagerly waiting for ur comments ☺

    • Fowziya

      But sorry to say, you’re not the only fan of KKB ok.. everyone has their own way of expressing n own point of view, you don’t have rights to criticise it.. they are dragging this stupid track since last year, but we are tolerating it nd still watching it for Abhigya.. we want them get back together, that’s why everyone wants that this dragging stops, thats it ! If you were a true fan of kkb, you would not talk like that.

    • jen

      Are you mad? Who do you think you are? People have the right to voice their opinions. and we can agree or disagree BUT where do YOU get off telling people Not to comment if they don’t like what they see or read. You sound like some kind of CONTROL Freak!!!! Get a Grip on yourself. If you don’t like what you Read then STOP Reading!!!

  8. Hey guys. Rakz sarla will not die but. Nikhil will die instead and tanu will be shoked yes pragya will get injured abhi will get to know nikhil and tanu’s plan And will punish them i think sarla and pragya will not die

  9. Megha

    Actually I came here to comment about sarla maa’s acting. It’s really very good today when she try to speak and walk. Today’s episode is only for sarla maa….well done sarla ji…..

      • Megha

        Yes shobana, I didn’t comment but I read all ur comments. Yours Pratiksha, gowtham, reji, swetha, kiruthika, razia, brintha…and sorry if I missed anyone. All ur comments are good. My life is going good. Enjoy kkb guys all. I want to praise sarla maa as she acts very well today…sema acting. I’m happy seeing more tamil people commenting here. Keep commenting and keep rocking guys….

      • shobana

        That’s so nice of u. Even if u didn’t find time comment also u r reading all the comment. Thank you megha
        And ya megha sarla ma acting was good yesterday

  10. Hi Shobana you can watch it in de evening. Yes me toi i wont able watch this it is ramadhan june so i think you can watch in desi serial. I dont see zee tv but i watch it in desi serial do watch then

    • shobana

      I couldn’t get u
      Are u trying to tell this to me or have u wrongly posted or is this comment is for someother one.
      Sorry if u have posted it for someone else

  11. Pri

    Frds chill Sarala will save pragya and truck will hit nikil..and pragya will confront tanu…Sarala ma and pragya are safe..

  12. Pri

    Ya..its known na any one will enter mm and leave ..no one will know abt it…abhi may be in hospital..he at get some clue ..if this time also pragya didnot open her mouth ..its waste

  13. Naveen

    I think abhi get clue in hospital it’s better now and tanu will expose fast now and Pragya and abhi each other every time now

    • observer

      This is a highly immoral tv series. The subject matter depicts wrong moral values. An unmarried pregna.t woman and a mam with two women in his life.This is not entertaing by any means.

  14. Milky

    Hello guys…all wat doing ??busy ah??today Sunday. ..and tomorrow election. ..I can’t vote this time….as I am one or two years younger ….and my leg pain is better …now I stepped 5 feets without stick. ..may be soon i will get recovered …and today’s episode sarla acting is superbb…the pain of a mother she portrayed exactly …and i think nikhil’s accident will be telecasted today …but cha! ! Next week only…guys one funny question I want to ask ..if someone dreams means it will not be clear ….for example ..now sarla dreamed as pragya got accident !!…it means pragya only should be clear in her dream …how she can dream evrythng clearly?? …anywaysI know this is a serial. ..but just for fun I said this? ?!!!…

      • gowtham

        ?? and i thnk ur heart is white as milk… so only they give a name as milky??…. juz kidding by the way me too face the same problem of change in name sis…. ??

      • shobana

        That’s great reji but don’t strain urself take rest.
        One more funny thing is also there. Pragya took 3 episodes to reach the place where Tanu called her but sarla ma and purab reached within 15 mins that too sarla ma can’t walk properly in that situation itself they reached within 15 mins.

      • reji

        Gowtham bro overah kalaikkadhinga…this is the second time my name profile colour changed! !….first time colour change aana po pratiksha vum ippadi thaan kalaichaanga ..!!..

      • gowtham

        ha ha apadiya… aiyoo atha naan pakla … anyways name suits you as your nature sis??…. better keep that as a nick name…

    • Sharada

      Haha enna pa ellarukkum names change aagutha……? anyway I enjoyed yest track although it dragged as usual……boring without abhigya scenes illa?

  15. Aishwarya

    Today epi was boring but sarala maa stole today epi her acting was amazing she proved d motherhood that mother can tolerate anything but ahw can’t tolerate a small thing against her child hats off sarala maa n guyz this is just my guues if abhi see all this from a distance then it will be super just a assumption he went to hospital na when he return from there he saw all this means it will be a mindblowing twist what u guys thinking prathikaha,gowtham,reji,shobana,sahithi and all others

      • Brintha

        hi gowtham and shobana.. sorry yar.. sister and niece were at home for 10 days…wit gr8 difficulties i watched the kkb.. because they won’t giv t remote to my hands.. means they will hide it and watch my madness of kkb and enjoy… and i was bit busy in office too.. maa tv broadcasting office interior presentation this week.. so full busy.. in that true fan false fans nu kadupethranga..

      • shobana

        Brinda don’t b sorry and all. Leave that comment.
        It would have been so nice to see ur reaction when ur niece hide remote. Whenever you find time u comment. We will be waiting till that.

      • gowtham

        ha ha… true fans and false fans na enanu enakum purila…. ??… athum neenga varum pothu correct ah nadakuthu… ??u must be terrified aftr reading that comment… coz unga comment la irunthu nala therinjathu…

      • Brintha

        sarla got pen and tissue paper to write but she drawing the circle.. and purab asking quiz questions to sarla for name of the circle. omg.. ennada nadukuthu inga.. my most longing wait murnal entry is going to bring monsoon in kkb… ppl lost intrest abhigya reunion… atleast let them show bulrab reunion… but onething without alia bulbul entry won’t be that much majja… i want her entry to be as a pregnant lady of purab wife to tease abhigya are wasting there time for takhil baby.. God knows tanu baby will b like abhimanyu knowing takhil crime and going to expose after 20years..sarla ma acts for 500 rs whb they are paying just 5rs…talent overloaded..

      • Brintha

        actually like reji oneday i was chsnging the channel i saw jodha akbar in zee tamil.. thr is chess game between two leads i cud nit cobtrol to see who is winning.. i chked in telugu same serial.. that was going one year before.. so simultaneously i started watching hindi Jodha akbar, and in youtube telugu jodha akbar… its amazing cast, story, direction till 300 episodes.. i was mad right coming from iffuce daily i used watch 10 episodes in telugu.. then matched with current episodes with hindi.. i used ti skeep at 2.clock..reji,gowtham,shobana..u all must try jodha akbar.. that serial made me to dig our India history.. i read 6 generation of muhal history.. the most sweetest part of 6 jeneration is jodha akbar… paridhi and rajat lived as jodha and akbar.. olz guys watch it for me.. others plz don’t mistake me here i am writing about jodha akbar.. i luv kkb.. why i am writing this like reji even i started watching hindi serials.. and that period zee rishtey award shabbir and sriti won famus face award.. the performance of sriti and shabbir is so hoooooooooot…. plz watch it they are in orange color costume… awwwwww… what a performance.. it was in 2014..

    • shobana

      as gowtham said CVs will never do like. Because they wont let us happy by knowing him abt Tanu.
      I think in hospital abhi will come to know that Tanu’s baby is not premature. For that only cvs might have brought this hospital scene in between. And from there abhi will start to doubt on Tanu. Already Tanu said appointment is cancelled but abhi got to knw that Tanu lied to him. So in hospital if doctor says Tanu’s baby is not premature then abhi will start to doubt on Tanu that y she is telling lie repeatedly. I don’t know whether Tanu baby is premature or not but I think in hospital only this can happen
      Or else to keep abhi away from knowing abt sarla ma recovery also CVs might have planned for this hospital scene.

      • Aishwarya

        Tq shobana n gowtham Anna for clearing my doubt n tq shobana for calling me Aishu I like if anybody call me like that tq so much n according to kkb let’s hope for d best

      • gowtham

        naan ipadi yosikave ila…. aama abhi may come to knw this premature baby…. sis… ithu yosika vendiya point than….

  16. vadhu

    how are you all guys and reji sis how is your leg?
    is it alright?
    and two days back my friend sara also joined in this group..
    pls welcome her as how you all accepted me in your group…
    thank you..

    • reji

      Ya fine vadhu..I am alright…but I should be still in bed rest …!! ! And where is your friend sara ?? I didn’t see her comment yet. …? Sorry sara pls comment again…!!

      • sara

        hi guys.
        i am a silent reader. i will read all comments and i like the way how all of you are bonded like a family.
        i wish to join in your family guys.. can i?
        how are you reji sis?
        vadhu told me about you..
        no need of sorry between friends yaar..
        i commented very late. so many could not see it . its ok..
        thank you…

      • shobana

        Welcome sara
        Actually sara no need to ask us whether u can join us or not. All are most welcome at any time. U can post ur comments here and share ur views abt kkb with us.

      • reji

        Hi sara…sorry ya I didn’t see ur comment…and I am fine. .still bed rest only..!! Welcome to our group..!! Sorry family..!!

      • sara

        thank u shobana sis..
        i don’t know about our age difference..
        so shall i call u as shobana sis?
        i am entering into 12th std and you?

  17. Abraham Lawer

    I believe it will be 1 year before telling Abhi the truth about Tanu in kumkum bhagya . Pragya is making me boring now a days . She have to understand a mother Sarla situation. Always trying to tell Abhi the truth . Abhi is also not wise to put his mind in love and know what is good and bad in his life. The writter have to make this story end well ..

  18. Sahithi

    I missed yday epi, somehow these days every Sat night there is power cut from 8:30 till mid night or so. But when I read update, I felt I didnt miss anything major. And there was no Abhi scene so no worries 🙂 🙂

    We are guessing Abhi visit to hospital will bring some twist, but let us see, as these days all such open ends r just left like that, without bringing to conclusion. If he comes to know that the baby is not premature as lied by Tanu n Aaliya, then hope he knows that Tanu manipulated those medical reports.

    Other possibility is while Abhi is at hospital, if Tanu brings Nikhil there for his treatment. But this time I hope instead of asking them both on their face what the matter is, he should rather find it himself in the background. As he doubts that Purab n Daadi r hiding something from him these days, he should have same feeling for Tanu n Nikhil n should find himself rather than be convinced by any random answer.

  19. Gowtham anna i know that u like tanu but i dont know that u r a big fan of her.i and my bro also a big fan of leena but not tanu…My mother went for election duty so my sis allowed me to comment and anna ungalluku mansuri perum nallathaan iruku…and nallaiku election are going to vote???and reji vote panna mudiyaathathuki ivaloo feel pannatha eppadiyum innum 5 years wait pannanum…

    • gowtham

      enaku epdi manusri name nala irukum?? and yeah hency definitely i will vote… we ought to do that… so those who are about 18 plzz do vote guys…. unless emergency, u all can vote… its my request…. and results ku all the best.. enaku marakama solu…. result ainaki enaku joining date… wat a coincidence paaru??

      • Just kidding anna… Ungaluku gowtham endra perae nalla iruku and kandipa na result vanthona solraen and namma rendu perukum 17 th may important day.i have no doubt that you will surely succeed.all the best anna…nanum kkb mattum than pakuraen.just for abhigya…

  20. reji

    Guys star parivaar awards…!! Is coming soon…on 28th may 8:00 pm…on star plus..!! So I am eagerly waiting for it. .I am going to watch it…r u guys??

    • gowtham

      actually reji… tell me about star parivar… is it fr only star group?? or other franchises too… and if star grp only, thn i dnt thnk i can see that.. coz except fr kkb i dnt watch other serials.. and i am glad that m being part of a top rated drama and not on others…. but coming to star parivars may be i can see fr siya ke ram…. coz my mom is a big fan of siya ke ram tamil version… so i can see… but since i dnt watch serials, except fr zee ristey awards i dnt have interest on the rest of the telly awrds…. naan pakra ore serial is kkb….

      • reji

        Gowtham actually metoo the only serial watching is kumkum bhagya…actually at first I saw iru malargal and got impressed by it and started to watch kumkum bhagya …and star parivaar awards is only for star group …so I don’t think sriti shabbir will attend it …but I am going to watch star parivaar awards …how grand they r giving awards ….??

      • gowtham

        ok thn… tell me too whn that s aired… coz maybe my mom ll see that… fr siya ke ram… me too especially fr ram…. and lakshmana…

  21. qwerty user

    Tanu will be exposed when her child will be a teen or will be getting married.
    Do not keep much expectation from this show. It is just a waste of time. It took 100 episode for praghya and abhi falling in love but they have extended drama for 200 more episodes to expose. Tanu. She has even eposed Raj and Aliya 2 times but she can not expose Tanu. How stupid.

    most flop Tv show ever

  22. rose

    guys I saw in fb that murnal had committed n a film, Wr she s playing a village girl role .. I forget the film name frnds .. so it s not conformed that murnal ll play bulbul character again

  23. Mittenzz

    I don’t know why out of the blue they throw in a clinic and too, that it requires Abhi’s presence. I hope it is something that will alert Abhi of Tanu’s lies. I hope whatever it is he found out before Tanu gets there with Nihkil. Sure enough if they should meet up there, no doubt another lie will come out of her mouth. Sarla was amazing with her acting. Sad that they wait this long to make her use pen and paper. If she can’t form letters yet but can only draw, then let her use the phone and type it out. Wouldn’t that be easier for her?
    I forgot these people are not technology savvy. Everything they use their phone for gets messed up so why would they think to let Sarla use phone to relay a message? Just saying.
    Pragya and Tanu takes two scene and a dream to reach that square. Purab and Sarla took 20 minutes and a scream… I mean, really?!
    One minutes a speed, the next is a drag. These highs and lows sure gives motion sickness. Find a pace and stick with it will ya.
    I want what happen to Sarla, happen to Nikhil, but these people just won’t give evil a rest. He’s still gonna be left with the ability to continue his evil plans. Smh.
    I beg, let Abhi find out something about Tanu so his suspucions on her will start to grow. It’s high time he starts to figure out what is going on around him.
    I really want to see how he will handle it when things finally come to light.

  24. Frustated viewer

    Tanu is pregnant frm one year exactly from last may to dis may. wow wat a story line
    Btw congrats on your one year pregnancy tanu.

    • NJoy

      I cast my vote just now. All friends who belongs to tamil nadu kerala and pudhucherry please cast your vote it is one of our responsibilities.

    • Brintha

      oh gud.. all are voting today.. congrats to all.. hope tge result will make shibe tamilnadu more for ever… my hearty wishes who allviting and selecting ur leader … i am unlucky.. 21 i got married and shifted to blr nit got a chance fir once also to vote in Tamilnadu..

      • gowtham

        its ok.. so u can vote in karnataka…. enga iruntha ena.. vote pana pothum… brin…so feel panathinga. . and m shocked that u got married in 21 itself…. i feel like it was too young… bangalore nala irukuma?? not even once i been there…

      • Brintha

        bangalore is very nice… it used to be only one month summer before.. nw its became 2months..otherwise ok.. here auto ppl folliw the rules.. they folliw meter.. and won’t ask extra.. i am telling befire ola service.. and govt offices ppl will respect gud.. particularly ladies hv more power… police never stop ladies two wheelers.. many gud things gowtham.. most of the areas will b neat.. only.. now because of more ppl its becoming worse.. whn i married 2 in 10 ppl used to speak tamil.. nw 8 in 10 ppl are talk tamil.. i don’t know tamil is growing in Tamilnadu but here its very much..

      • Brintha

        u shud work in blr for sometime gowtham. since ur in IT feild.. ur pay will be more than chennai.. right age u shud experience all.. means working in different places, mingling with different state people.. its always fun.. we wont feel bored.. atleast for 10 years.. thn we sgud settle in one place..

  25. reji

    Hello guys…I think all tamil people went to vote…pls do vote…I can’t vote this time. ..as I am below 18…next election only I can vote…but u guys pls vote if u are above 18…my mom and dad went to vote at morning 7 o clock and they returned at 8 o clock..so guys go earlier and cast vote..!!

    • gowtham

      i finished my voting…. ? feel happy and proud….. ha ha ne inum three years wait pananum ??

  26. Hi guys? i m back after enjoying my outing and weekend. How r u guys? Missed me? I missed u guys. Luckily no new update came in last two days. So not me and not u guys missed anything. But with the starting of new week, I m prepare for giving new updates as I will get it.

    • shobana

      Hai ? prathiksha
      Offcourse we missed u. Hope u enjoyed ur outing with ur family. Since u said u will be back by yesterday evening I waiting for ur comment from yest evening

    • Swetha

      Hi Pratiksha, I’m swetha a silent reader from chennai. I don’t know Hindi but like this serial vm so I always read the updates and then watch in ozee video. Actually I’m working in night shift so I cannot watch live telecast so I always check your’s and your friends update and can able to understand how the story goes.. I would really appreciate that guys .. I would say your guys making me to watch this serial, thank you … but for past two days I really missed
      you updates vm often visited to check you name ..lol .. good you came back from outing .. hope you had nice time.

    • reji

      Hi pratiksha…I missed u so so much…I think u had a great time with ur family. ..and luckily no updates yet…we have to wait for updates…how r u ?? Discuss about the places u went with ur family…!!..

    • Ya guys I enjoyed so much as it was outing for some famous temples and religious places. Relatives were with me so it became like a picnic. And glad to see that all u missed me. Swetha thank u so much to read my comments and updates. Guys still no new update came except some fresh off screen pics of abhigya from the kkb’s set. Abhi with his fan and pragya is giving pose for promoting ek label saree’s. That’s it. We have to wait more for new updates.

    • reji

      Ya fine swetha soon doctors will remove my plasters and can walk without walking stick…!!…and this time I can’t vote…next time only…becoz I am 3 years younger to 18 .!! Ha ha…unlucky for me …!!

      • gowtham

        no reji u r lucky actually….. i will tell how u r lucky…..
        bcoz u r getting the chance to vote exactly at 18…. at that time parliament election will come… so at 18 itself u can vote… but in my case i was able to vote at 19 or 20 only…. so aftr getting voting age, u can vote on many election whch means starting frm 18 itself u r voting…. hope u get wat i mean??

  27. Mittenzz

    I want the information Abhi got at the hospital to be something that would begin his doubt on Tanu. I want when he’s leaving the hospital Tanu comes running in asking after her husband. I want Abhi to hear this and by the time he’s to call out to her to hear her ask for Nikhil by name. This would give him pause, surely. Then she would say something, like “tell me if my baby’s father is going to be alright, tell me he won’t die?’ I want him to leave from there without saying anything or letting her know that he was there. He would go home and start to remember bits and pieces of incidents where he keeps seeing Tanu and Nikhil together, the post cards, at the police station, at the house, thousands of times and they would always have some explanation about his presence. This would definitely boost his doubts. I want when she gets home from the hospital , he asked her where she was and how is it that she’s just coming back. If she lies…I mean when she lies is suspicions will be confirmed. Abhi will start investigating and hopefully put two and two together. He will also come to find out that Pragya’s been trying to expose Tanu’s truth as well
    One things for sure, Tanu’s truth is not far from coming out.
    Ahh well, me and my wishful thinking, CVs will not send the track that way.
    Who would want for the track to go this way?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.