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The Episode starts with Pragya crossing the road, and the truck driver hits her while acting to save her. Nikhil thinks this is the end of your story. Sarla shouts Pragya looking at her injured body. Tanu smiles and says your kumkum and husband couldn’t help you. It turns out to be Sarla’s dream. She says I will save you my daughter and tries to move her legs. She hears Dadi and everyone doing the puja and aarti. She asks God to give her strength and understand her motherly’s love. She stands on her feet with much difficulty and comes out of room. Purab is standing outside the room and sees Sarla crying. He asks what happened? Sarla shows Pragya’s photo in the frame. He says I will take you there.

Tanu asks driver to take her fast and break signal. Mitali asks driver to take her back

home as they missed Tanu at the signal. Pragya thinks why mum is tensed and thinks something is wrong. She thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Tanu lied to Abhi, and went when I came out. She thinks to check again if she is Tanu. Tanu says I have reached there, and asks are you coming there alone. Pragya gets doubtful and calls her Tanu. Tanu is shocked, and says she is not Tanu. Pragya asks her to answer face to face. She says when I can come there, you also show the strength. I want to know what you are playing against me. She says it is enough of rat and mouse game. Tanu cuts the call. She calls Nikhil and informs her that Pragya came to know everything. Nikhil scolds her and says it is your mistake. Tanu says I didn’t tell her anything.

Nikhil shouts at her. He says you don’t need to come now. Everything is over. Tanu says Pragya wants to talk to me face to face and confront me. She said fight will be infront of each other. Nikhil says Pragya is giving us a chance to kill her, and is accepting her death. He asks his goons to get ready as victim is coming in 5 mins. He says Pragya, you are most welcome. Pragya wonders what Tanu want to do? She thinks I have to take this risk, may be I can get some proofs against her.

Puja continues to happen at Mehra house. Mitali comes back home and thinks she would have blackmailed Tanu and made her dance on her tune. She falls down because of the water on the floor. Dasi comes. Mitali asks her to help her get up. Dasi refuses and goes. Tai ji comes and asks her to stay there itself. Mitali gets irked and thinks she will not think anything wrong about anyone.

Purab asks Sarla if you know where is Pragya? He says how can you speak? He gives her tissue paper and pen and asks her to write. Sarla writes the address. Purab calls Pragya and asks her to return home as her life is in danger. Pragya says she will come once she does the work. Dadi and Rachna come to room, and sees Sarla missing in the room. They wonder where is she? Akash comes and says I will call Purab. Mitali thinks it is a good chance to trap Tanu. Dadi says what to do now? Mitali says we shall inform Pragya that Sarla is missing from her room. Dadi says no, and says Pragya will get worried. She says we will not inform Abhi also. Sarla prays to God and says don’t do anything to my Pragya. Purab asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla asks God to keep Pragya away from Tanu. Pragya thinks to take risk if she will unite with Abhi. Pragya reaches there in her car. Nikhil thinks she will get down from her car searching Tanu and then………….Purab comes there in his car. Sarla comes of out car with much difficulty and falls down on the road.

Pragya gets down the car and looks for Tanu. Just then truck driver speeds up truck towards Sarla. Sarla shouts Pragya. Pragya looks on surprised. Nikhil gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. o cut the crap yar throw ths tanu out yar

  2. I want the information Abhi got at the hospital to be something that would begin his doubt on Tanu. I want when he’s leaving the hospital Tanu comes running in asking after her husband. I want Abhi to hear this and by the time he’s to call out to her to hear her ask for Nikhil by name. This would give him pause, surely. Then she would say something, like “tell me if my baby’s father is going to be alright, tell me he won’t die?’ I want him to leave from there without saying anything or letting her know that he was there. He would go home and start to remember bits and pieces of incidents where he keeps seeing Tanu and Nikhil together, the post cards, at the police station, at the house, thousands of times and they would always have some explanation about his presence. This would definitely boost his doubts. I want when she gets home from the hospital , he asked her where she was and how is it that she’s just coming back. If she lies…I mean when she lies is suspicions will be confirmed. Abhi will start investigating and hopefully put two and two together. He will also come to find out that Pragya’s been trying to expose Tanu’s truth as well
    One things for sure, Tanu’s truth is not far from coming out.
    Ahh well, me and my wishful thinking, CVs will not send the track that way.
    Who would want for the track to go this way?

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