Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi talking to his fans and asks him to prove that he stays in their heart. Purab tells Dadi that he will go and stop Abhi. Abhi tells his fans that he wants their support. Pragya comes inside the monitoring room and says Tanu and her boyfriend haven’t reached vanity van yet. Fans tells Abhi that they are with him. Abhi says today is your test, and says your decision will decide my future. He says I will sing a song with you. Purab comes on stage and tells Abhi where is Tanu? He says people will laugh on you as Tanu is not here. Abhi says yes you said right, you have saved me. Purab asks him to entertain the guest and says he will bring Tanu. Abhi says I will sing one more song before speaking my heart out. Fans get happy. Abhi sings Parvardigara…… Fitoor song. Pragya,

Sarla and Dadi see his performance. Fans get happy. Dadi asks Pragya to have strength and says everything will be fine.

Pragya says I am wondering what to do? Whether to keep an eye on him or to watch Tanu. She says if Abhi makes an announcement, then fans will support him and will want me to divorce him. She asks Dadi what to do? Purab tells Pragya that he has managed to handle Abhi, and told him that fans will laugh at him if he makes an announcement without Tanu. He says we have to stop Tanu from reaching the stage. Just then they see Tanu and her boyfriend going to check the vanity van. Pragya says may be they want to check if it is safe. Aaliya thinks how to enter, and collides with Mitali. Mitali shouts at her. Tai ji asks her to bring juice for her. Tai ji and Mitali start their usual fight. Taya ji asks him to control and says everyone knows about us. Aaliya tries to enter control room, but sees Akash there. She thinks how to enter there.

Dadi says why this man is not lifting the veil? Tanu and Nikhil gets inside the vanity van. Nikhil says we will keep camera here. Tanu asks him to lift the veil. Nikhil removes the burqa veil. Nikhil says you would have told me clearly that you want to see my face and lifts the veil, but Tanu puts his veil down his face and thinks she want to get rid of him. Purab scolds Ronnie for not installing camera at the other end. Abhi thinks Purab haven’t brought Tanu here, and says it is high time now, I want to get relieved of Pragya’s memories and decides to make an announcement. He calls Tanu and asks where are you? Tanu says she met a producer. Pragya says may be Tanu got Abhi’s call. Abhi asks Tanu to be there within 5 mins. Tanu promises. Purab asks Ronnie to do something. Tanu tells Nikhil that she is leaving. Nikhil asks her to go and says he is putting the camera.

Tanu thinks Pragya might get upset and thinks to ask her to call blackmailer first before she goes to Abhi. Ronnie tells Purab that they shall get inside the vanity van and see the man’s face. They knock on the door. Nikhil puts the camera and thinks Tanu might be knocking on the door. Purab knocks on the door and asks him to come out. Nikhil panics hearing Purab and Ronnie;’s voice. Purab asks security to break open the door. Nikhil thinks he is trapped and wonders what to do.

Abhi tells Pragya that he will announce in the concert that he is going to marry Tanu. Pragya looks on upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. shree

    I hate abhi yar… Y he always hurt pragya…. I am big fan of kkb but nowadays I hate to see this … I don’t no how many days want for end this track…

  2. Tripthi Arora

    pl unite abhigya . donot extend this track. Pls try to unite them by the end of this week itself

  3. anne

    what else u all waiting just let pragya ask sarla maa really very depressed and sick bcause of tis serial plssssssssssss dont depress us some more.tq

  4. Sahithi

    Gowtham, hope u got ur answer from precap why Abhi was so angry with Pragya after opening his eyes in the segment video.

    Abhi told Pragya the reason behind him doing this concert and when he sees that he mistakenly proposed to Pragya instead of Tanu, obviously he would be upset and angry with Pragya.
    Because he would think Pragya intentionally spoiled his plan to announce marriage with Tanu. He may have closed eyes but Pragya was aware of his plan so he would expect her to stop him and not give her hand in his.
    He would assume Pragya intentionally came in place of Tanu.

    What is real reason for Pragya to come onto stage exactly at that time, we will get to know in tomorrow/day after episode.

    But the writers intention, as always, is that, only Pragya has the right on Abhi’s love n life n kumkum. So how much ever Abhi himself may try, destiny will always bring Pragya near to him instead of Tanu. Same happened with court marriage n today with proposal.

    • Maggie

      I have not watched episode but it could b possible that Abhi told Pragya about his plan after he proposed her

    • Sahithi

      Maggie I felt so because Abhi said he is going to give Pragya biggest surprise of her. He is going to propose marriage to Tanu.

      After reading ur comment I was in dilemma for a min on order of events, but for now I want to still go with my guess, first precap scene n then proposal.

      One more reason is the jacket color in precap was yellow while on stage grey jacket, so if precap coming immediately after proposal, the color can’t change right.

      One more thing, in precap he seems to b telling her this is what I am gonna do, he was not angry or shouting on her.

      • Sahithi

        We dont know yet why Pragya went on stage, have to see in episode only. Dont know why Tanu is also missing then, she must be eager for the announcement but may be tied up with this Nikhil n blackmailer thing.

        So somehow Pragya is on stage instead of Tanu n assuming the person there to be Tanu Abhi proposed with his eyes shut!!

  5. Ashly

    Why writers are making the situations so complicated,Pragya didn’t even ask sarla about Nikhil… But the good thing in todays episode is Fitoor song n Abhi scolded Tanu over phone… Precap scene is after today segment right? Its high time now Pragya atleast open ur mouth n say the truth…

  6. gowtham

    sahithi…. as us said destiny is written… kumkum of pragya is defined already…. bt y the hell writers are trying bring down the chemistry between abhighya…. their charming chemistry s reducing bcoz of these actions…bcoz of abhis behaviour i have a thut whether he really loves her or not… maybe he thnks about the baby i knw…. frst time in ds concert track only i feel like abhigyas chemistry is reducing…. b4 tat watever maybe the problem their chemistry was always there.

    .. and about tdays episode… it sucks actually as i expect pragya proved once again that she s big dumb. atleast fr a reference she shuld ask her mom and the wrst part is she seen nikhil in burqa still she s nt saying anything really stupidity to d core… but ds concert is going really
    crazy… tomorrow episode i am not gonna see… i cant see abhi saying about the marriage to pargya…… again again saying if this continues evn if they reunite tat sparkle wont be thr… kkb can trag m ready to c… bt i dnt want their chemistry to be gone….

    • Sahithi

      Initially when Abhi Pragya were actually a married couple, then itself I hated this concept of acting infront of Daadi n Tanu always tagging around in MM n with Abhi. Atleast then they used to excuse themselves as Tanu being Aaliya’s friend.
      But Pragya bringing Tanu to MM is like the biggest joke ever, and Tanu stays there supposedly carrying Abhi’s baby but without marriage.

      Abhi n Pragya stay in same room, keep romancing unintentionally n everytime they feel this is wrong, Abhi says I have to forget her n marry Tanu for baby. Pragya says I have to find the actual baby father then I can be forever with Abhi.

      We must have seen the same sequence atleast 10 times in this makeover track. For me their chemistry lost charm long long back when the scenes r being repeated every other day.

      Pragya is anyhow not able to gather proofs by having ppl like Ronnie helping her. But still she can turn things around. Go back to Fuggy avatar because Abhi trusts her only like that, tell him she is giving back property on his name, and can say she cant let his marriage with Tanu happen, she cant divorce him, because she loves him, is his legal wife(as Abhi still believes so) and can ask him to find a solution to Tanu’s baby problem.

      He might argue that she herself gave consent for marriage, but she can counter argue that she loves him too much to go out of his life. How would Abhi react then, why dont the writers explore something like that instead of the crap they r showing us.

      • shobana

        Sahithi nt at least 10 times we r seeing that sequence in this track
        We r seeing it daily
        They are repeatedly showing the same thing
        Pragya will tell to abhi everything in fugi avatar bt this dadi won’t allow. Do u remember once pragya changed herself to fugi and tried to tell everything to abhi but this dadi came in between and spoiled
        And pragya has said if she fails she will leave mehra house with her ma right
        Definitely she is going to fail lets see what happens further

      • Sahithi

        If she will fail, now she will say I have doubt on Nikhil, so let us blackmail him. Isn’t that a cool idea?? Or if writers want to save us from further torture, Pragya will bring Nikhil’s name with Sarla. But Sarla can only confirm by gesture, she wont be able to give the required proof. So Pragya has to make one more plan with Purab n Ronnie, keep giving excuses to Abhi why she wont give divorce, romance Abhi a little, cry more buckets of tears. But no one will try to keep an eye on Tanu or Nikhil to see whom they are meeting.

        And dont worry, Pragya wont leave MM or Abhi’s room. If she didnt do it till now, it wont happen till end of this track.

      • gowtham

        sahithi…. it feels gd whn u say pragya wont leave abhis room…. atleast they ll come to knw about nikhil konjam sandhosam…. aftr coming home lets c wat pragya ll do…

        and it ll be good if th stryline is like…… pragya tries to make abhi fall in love wd her again… and abhi wonders why it’s happening… and at that point he ll do somethng…. i knw pragya wont let abhi go tat much easily….. so lets see

      • shobana

        Sahithi wat u said was right pragya will neither leave mehra house nor abhi’s room
        Only we have to bear the upcoming tortures

      • shobana

        Gowtham the storyline won’t come like that
        And if the storyline comes like that it will take another one more yr to expose tanu and appo kuda she would’ve not delivered the baby

  7. sandeep

    There are lot of episodes have been waste to find out the real father of Tannu”s baby.This is to much boring in this technology period.Rassi khichte-khichte itni lambi ho gayi ki aab dekhne ko mann nahi karta.

    To fill the joy in serial it is to much require that Tannu’s actuality should come to the Abhi.And some happy moments to be come in married life of Abhi and Pragya.Indian people can;t see the negativity for this long time in .

  8. razia

    Y can’t pragya jus tel tat she saw nikhil in burqa wit tanu wen dadi sarla purab n Ronnie wer looking at the van thru CCTV while nikhil is installing the cameras? Y can’t she do tat ? Do the CVS mean tat pragya forgot saw nikhil in burqa wit tanu or pragya doesn takes nikhil in burqa so simple tat she can’t guess him as tanus baby father .. Then y the hell she remind al the incidents of tanu n nikhil wen she saw nikhil in burqa? I jus can’t understand .. I agree she is so tensed on abhis announcement .. Bt she is so determined in.exposing tanu na y can’t she link up things ? Does the CVS thinks the viewers fool?

  9. razia

    N I don lyk abhi irritating pragya .. It really irritates let him b more responsible father .. Bt y can’t he understand pragyas feelings? She is the one hu wanted to unite tanu n abhi .. Oh god .. He thinks she s changed fa money ? Bt he knows na she stil has feelings fa him nu .. Y he tortures her this much .. I jus can’t take this

  10. pakistani shows and turkish shows are much more better than indian crap..i those shows they reveal every twist maximum after 3-5 days.and the t.r.p’s are much more high..but in this stupid indian dramas only brainless people are there..watched this show after 2 months but its still on same way i.e.irritating views.

  11. Chandu

    Plz bring somethng new yar… Whr is suresh, purvi, corporater?
    Now a days story revols around only abhi family members.

  12. stepphyrao

    The cvs have really turned KKB into a JOKE. The loop holes in the story line is just so unbelievable. How can Purab n Ronnie be absolutely silly here. Wouldn’t it hav been better if they just waited outside the van until Nikhil was done n ready to come out. N Ronnie forgetting to install the camera on both ends. That seems absurd. Its a clear indication from the CVS that they want to delay Tanus exposure. Even the chimpanzees will tell u that. I have to say that Dadi is the BIGGEST CULPRIT of Pragyas pain. Lady Mogambo was her idea.
    Giving Abhi the idea to propose to Tanu on stage to get the divorce was Dadis idea too.
    The CVs trying to enhance the romance of Abhigya with fake & unrealistic scenes & script. Such a lack of taste & substance. Totally a weak display of wanting to show Pragyas strength of her kumkum to the audience.
    I am just wondering how on earth is the chemistry n charm of this couple going to be resurected when there is so much pain shown btwin Abhigya. Its just so frustrating n tiring.
    Even Prabul are not there to give the
    audience some joy. Hopefully the CVS can inject some genuine joyful scenes soon. Waiting for Bulbuls re-entry. At least she lit up the scenes whenever Purab n her were around. Sigh…..wat a let down to the anticipated climax. Such a lack of finesse.

    • karan

      you’re absolutely right stepphyrao..seriously this thannu track is goin outta control..absurd worst level of stupidity revealed..donno what the writers are upto?

  13. Pooja

    Yaar Jo bhi ho par abhi he toh pragya ko proper kar diya,soon everything will be fine # love abhigya /prabhi?

  14. this shud be the last trial…..prragya shud say the truth even if she is not able to prove …by this night, tanu-nikhil-pragya drama shud be over.

  15. madhu

    Same issues no change from a long time……. borng to the core…. i think this concert will surely will begin aghigya’ s romantic life…..the writers shld do this because they r loosng kkb fans….

  16. Neha

    Plz end this tanu pregnency trak soon we want to see abhigya reunite bohut hogaya i hate this trak aur kitne years chalayenge this is too much

  17. Sam

    When will the truth reveal?? Irritating writers. Dragging too much. Evry episode is stupid. Too much of argument and tears. Bye to this serial.

  18. sonia

    Maha bakwaass….serial band hi kr do…kyu dimag khraab kiya huaa hai logon ka? Writers . Do u have lost ur senses or what??

  19. JR

    It has been a week since i read these updates nothing has progressed.Should i just stop reading the written updates. For a heroine , Pragya is very dumb anc cannot make the connection between Tanu& Nikhil. There were several tell tale signs, even as actors in the drama to have picked up, let alone us as viewers. ???

  20. JR

    Forgot to add, haven’t watched the serial for over 7 weeks only reading the written updates. Getting tired…..of that too. Hasan is doing a great job but the serial gives Hasan not much else to write about. Thank you Hasan.

  21. rajvi

    Pragya, take abhi infrnt of ur mom and ask about tanu . Tell bharathnatyam dancer sarla devi to blink her eyes with nazakat. Then abhi wil ask tanu abt real father of baby. Darke maare tanu wil tel real father if baby. Simple. Baat katam. Serial katam.

  22. Lorena

    I dont understand Pragya has seen Nikhil in precedent episode or she doesnt know about him even now?Because i saw she seen Nikhil but now she says she acts like she doesnt know.

  23. shobana

    Pragya has seen Nikhil bt yesterday she didn’t even think of him
    She should have told abt Nikhil to all
    Y the cvs r dragging like this
    Cha I expected a lot today
    And this dadi I hate her , tanu and alia is nt the villian of the show only dadi is the villian because of her only everything is happening
    And in vanity van can’t purab wait for sometimes y called security to open the door and im sure today Nikhil will escape and this pragya and team will say we will see in our next plan
    And I really don’t know what the twist and turns in it cuz the actors keeps on tellin that there is lot of twists and turns
    Is tanu and nikhil escaping each and everytime is the twist???

    • sham

      When pragya saw Nikhil she can go and ask her mother about Nikil as her mother only cannot talk but she can sign by her eyes as she was doing before. Just dragging

      • Megha

        Yes they use unwanted things repeatedly but not the useful things. They won’t do anything we want. They simply show the useless or stupid things which is not expected by us.

      • shobana

        Ya they are simply dragging day by day already the trp fallen down from 4.3 to 3.2
        If it goes like this definitely they have to shut the program and go only

      • Yeah dadi only main culprit of this show… Pragya is her partner.. Both are playing with emotions of innocent abhi

  24. Megha

    Really getting angry day by day. What the writers need from us. We want to get irritated by watching their show. Everything is stupid. They are not concentrate in their plan. They won’t tell abhi. Always puts plan and got failure on this with illogical things. Y always separatings husband and wife in the show and they want to get hurt on their own feelings. Why should they unite and face the problem. This will not happen in Indian people’s own life. They just start living together. That is the real thing. Also no one is dumb like this…just stop the show…betraying the viewers with Abhigya’s charm. If it continues we don’t like it either…:@

  25. Guys CVS r just going with dragging. They r trying to stop us by using our curiosity through some small twist and turns. That’s it. May b some revelation happen but exposure will definetly not happen. I can say it after watching promo and updates. Becoz exposure is biggest and most awaited sequence of the show, for it, we should get an official promo, which they didn’t give yet. So I think they will stretch the story like this until holi and after it also. When will b final exposure take place, it only CVS knows. I don’t want to spoil my mood asii m in gud mood and feeling not well becoz of tiredness of trip so I m not watching the show. I just read updates. But I will give every possible details for all of u.

    • I don’t care what is happening and why and what will happen next becoz now I really don’t have any interest left for the show. The proposal part which will b mistakenly happen between abhigya on stage, that will b worst part of the show becoz it will b so much insulted for abhigya fans that abhi propose pragya on his knees, mistakenly asssuming her as tanu in front of whole world and public and then after it show his anger on her. And other side pragya and team’s fail efforts against takhil. This is all just so annoying. I was expecting that when I will come back, I will see at least nikhil’s exposure in front of pragya but nothing happened. Story is same where I left. That’s why seriously my interest got over and if this will continue like this more then may b I will left the show forever. Becoz I m so much fed up from this nonsense.

      • Aarti

        hi prateeksha. iam a silent reader here…..but didnt comment yet……..hope u will get well soon…..why all are desp with the track…….from the starting itself tanu scores always and abhi hurts her.even after she confess her love he just ignored her…….after everything gone out of his hand only he started to love pragya.that also for 1 or 2 episodes……then y all people now getting this much boring……..i knw u are a big fan,thats y im telling this……..sorry if i hurt u………i want to know one thing.in episode 89 of kkb,they give bg of two lines ……which song is that…could u plsss tell me that……..i cant identify that song…….

    • shobana

      Prathiksha u just take care of your health
      If u see after a month also the story will be at same point only
      So take rest

  26. Soha

    yes even i have stopped watching this serial as now its really high time. The writers should think over that what crap are they showing.

  27. Now they are going to celebrate holi seriously when they are proving there script is illogical and shabbir told it is the turning point of the show looks like the turn hasn’t come yet they are again back to square 1……when atleast consider the fact she is pregnant they are not suppose to celebrate festivals …..crap

  28. gowtham

    one thing i m sure… tday nikhil will escape frm ronnie and purab…. coz if he get caught there is no use of sarla ma…. i thnk it ll be like sarla ma recovers frm d paralysis and tell the truth to abhi… fr this to happen it will surely take two months… so until tat nikhil won’t get caught and dumbest pragya and team will knw about nikhil bt no proof…. so they ll shut there brainless brain…. meanwhile abhi ll do the preparations fr marriage with tanu…. and at the last minute…. sarla will recover suddenly and stops the marriage….. this is wat gonna happen…. frm abhis action its very clear till nw he doesn’t knw anythng… he maintains his stupid character…. except rocking performance in d stage… and dumbest team of pragya never gonna find proofs…. all lies on sarla ma…. and i dnt knw y m saying ds… bt m surly saying dadi s d main reason tat pragya still in ds stage… its better to put dadi in coma lik in mms track…. if dadi didnt ask abhi to propose tanu on stage none of this irritating storyline would have happened….
    how rude…. unintentionally proposing pragya…. i wont see that episode at all…. if the proposal is in the dream of abhi or prgaya i would have been happy…. bt the wrd unintentionally proposing irritates me to d core… he may marry tanu and do watever he wants to do bt this concert storyline sucks totally…. and dadi is the biggest villain fr pragya…. go to hell writers

    • sham

      In this serial Abhi always adhere Dadi’s word. Why not now if she tell him that Tanu is not carrying his baby do you think he will ask for proof.

      • gowtham

        lik u said…. for so many days i am too telling the same thing…. writers juz want to drag it in a single storyline… they dnt want to waste their brain…. at all…. there are so many better ways to drag the serial… bt though kkb cross 500 episodes we can juz say it ten lines wat and all happen…. the reasn y m still stick wd ths is abhigya…. bt they also nowadays behave wdout sense….

      • shobana

        Gowtham ur idea is gud
        If they put dadi in coma pragya would’ve become abhi’s fuggy before itself and told him everything abt his enemies. This unnecessary dragging would’ve not happened

  29. Guiny

    Abhi nd pragya could act in other serials which r gud instead of wasting their acting skills in this bakwass serial! I seriously pity them…good actors but bad story!

    • Aqua

      Exactly! what waste of good actor and actress.

      I used to watch this show for them, but it got to a point where its just unbearable.
      Its like my nerve cells will burst out from seeing their stupidity. hehe

  30. stepphyrao


  31. gowtham

    hi… my dear tamil friends….. do anyone has interest in vijay tvs airtel super singer….. i am very excited to c the final….. this is the frst time tat m gonna c the final live in chennai….. who would u guys think will win…. i knw super singer winners mostly not win ny their talent… people’s vote also taken into account …. bt my fav is siyadh bt i knw he is not going to win…..

  32. razia

    In today’s episode pragya holding her n hand n crying talking to abhi .. Dadi really yua the most annoying character in kkb .. U made things worse .. Cha

    • Sahithi

      Thats because Pragya n Abhi have a heated argument about divorce n marriage announcement.

      If u think in one way, Abhi still tells everything to Pragya, whether it is right or wrong. But Pragya is still hiding truth in search of so called proofs.

      Probably its high time she stops listening to Daadi n others n think from Abhi’s side also for once, his state of mind n what he is going through.

      • razia

        I don blame abhi .. I’m getn irritated wid dadi .. Wateva happens .. Al credit goes to dadi she only ruined everything .. Also these CVS ruined our abhigyas charm ..

  33. Swetha

    Hi gowtham am also tamil and my hole family will watch super singer we love vijay tv and my fav is arvind and siyad am also waiting for finals

  34. Kalai

    * Episode starts with Tanu searching for Pragya and tries calling her but call dosent get through.Tanu thinks of going and telling Abhi to make the announcement at the end n before tat she’ll take care of the blackmailer. Tanu see’s 2 security guards talking that a theif is in the vanity. Tanu thinks that i knw none of Nikhil’s plans go smooth. If he gets caught them my plan will be a flop.

    *Abhi gets ready in his vanity and gets ready to go and Pragya comes in. Pragya asks him to rest as he would be tired. Abhi taunts saying its good for u naa as u’ll get more money if i make this show a hit.. Pragya says i wont earn all of it in 1 concert as we have to do a lott more.. Abhi says i’ll b doing a lot more bt dnt knw weather u’ll organise them or not. Pragya asks means and says i’ll send something cool to drink for u. Abhi says so tat my throat gets spoiled? Abhi tells Pragya tat he very well understands her game plan and gets angry on her. PRECAP SCENE..

    * Abhi says to Pragya tat he wants to tell all his fans , media and every1 how much he loves Tanu and want to marry her but coz of Pragya he is not able to do that. Ur not letting his wedding take place and i’ll tell today wat ur doing to stop this wedding. Pragya gets teary eyed. Abhi says i warned u to give me divorce. Abhi says hez not alone and he has his fans.. Now she’ll see the power of the Rockstar. they’ll do everything u cant imagine and then u’ll realize how much big mistake u have committed.

    *Abhi tries to leave and Pragya stops him. Pragya requests him not to make any announcement. she folds her hands and begs him. Abhi says ok i’ll listen to u.. But u have to give me divorce now itself. Pragya gets stunned and dosent say anything. Abhi again tries to leave and Pragya stops him and says u cant do this. Pragya tries to tell him that his image will get spoiled.. Abhi says u think like this coz u only have money on ur mind. and u dont understand any1’s feelings. My fans love me. n wen we love some1 they we’ll forgive their mistake. today my fans will see mu honesty. I’ll go infront of them and accept my mistake(Regarding Tanu’s Pregnancy) and ask for their support. They’ll understand me and support me.

    Before today i was their hero .. but after today i’ll become their Idol. I got love only frm my fans and rest just gave me Dhoka so u dont say a word. and I’ll do wat i want. for my unborn son, Tanu and me. Pragya gets sad.. Both Abhi and Pragya stare at each other. kuch pal toh tehar jao na song plays in BG. Abhi says Tanu must be comming and i have to take her to the stage and make the announcement for which u have made me Majboor. and Abhi leaves.

    *More security guards come to the Vanity. Nikhil thins if i get caught then it would be a bigg problem. and calls Tanu bt dosent get the network. Purab asks the guards to break the door. Tau see’s all this from a far and gets tensed. Tanu comes ther and asks wat is every1 doing. Purab says Tanu some theif is in the vanity and we r trying to get him out. Tanu assk them to stop and says my frind is inside. she wanted to use the washroom so i bought her here.. Nikhil comes out in the burkha and goes and stands behind Tanu acting all shy. Purab asks Tanu who is this friend whom we neevr saw. Ronnie tries to open the veil and Tanu stops him and shouts at him and tells them that shez her childhood frnd and a big fan of Abhi and wants to see the concert. Tanu tries to say some bahanas n says if any1 wants to see her face then call Abhi. only Abhi will see her face. Ronnie says ok and says we’ll call Abhi sir. Purab says let it be.. and a bigg scene will be created and even our pla.. and purab stops before saying anything. Tanu looks at purab. Purab says wat ever we ar doing is for the security of the event.

    * Purab says if we knw shez ur friend then we would give a VIP treatment for her. Tanu says no need of that and we have some work . Purab says u came for the concert and even she too.. then wat other work do u have. and assk the guards to take her. Tanu says she’ll go with her. Ronnie says ok.. if she(Nikhil) see’s Abhi from near the stage she can even get an autograph and even a selfie by lifting her veil. Tanu shouts saying Nahi chahiye koyi autograph . Purab orders the security to take the Burkha lady to the vip section and make her sit near the stage. Tanu also goes with them.

    *Nikhil says thanks sweetheart to Tanu and tells her that she saved him. and tells her that he fitted the cam n he dosent think any1 saw him. and tells Tanu to tell Pragya to call the blackmailer there.Tanu says have u gone Mad.. now the security must be tight there.. and Purab and Ronnie doubt u. Nikhil says ur right. call the blackmailer to the parking lot. Nikhil says i knw he to escape the guards. Tanu tells the guards tat she has to go and asks them to take care of her friend.

    *Purab and Ronniie telll Pragya the whole thing. Pragya says Tanu is soo smart tat she saved him again. Purab says now we have to think of someting or else Tanu will definitely go to Abhi. Pragya says if Tanu goes to him then he would definitely do the announcement. Pragya see’s Tanu comming .. and all the 3 act normal.

    *Tanu see’s them and thinks they must have told Pragya everything. and slowly goes to Pragya and tells her that she needs to talk to her. they go aside. Pragya ask Tanu whoz this Friend. u called the BM there thats y i kept less security. now u took ur friend there.. Purab and Ronnie now have become alert. wat will i tell them. Tanu tries to say sorry and Pragya brushes her off. and says BM knws everything. and called me. and asked me weather i called him to make a deal or trap him. Pragy says i dont want to do any deal. Tanu says m sorry and tries to explain. Pragya asks Tanu wat Tanu wants to do as she is hating this and wants to cancel the deal. Tanu asks her not to do this and asks for 1 last chance. and tells pragya to call the BM and ask him to come to the parking lot or i’ll meet wer ever he says.

    *Pragya says ok.. be ready and she’ll call the BM. Tanu asks Pragya weather she can do this after some time and tells her that Abhi called her. Prgya says ok. go and meet him.. leave this deal. Tanu tries to say something and Pragya cuts her off. saying wat is imp to u.. meeting him or the BM? and shez no more intrested in the deal. Tanu saysok call the BM i’ll meet him now. Pragya says ok i’ll go n call.. u stay here till i come n dnt go anywer. and leaves.

    *Pragya and Purab see Gurkha lady sit calmly.. Pragya explains a plan to Purab. Pragya says i have just seen a glimps of him and m not sure weather its Nikhil… So we have to do this to knw it for sure.. Purab says ok Di. and goes to the stage..

    * Abhi catches Purab and asks abt Tanu. Purab says she’ll be there in sometime and asks Abhi to w8 ther and he has to go to the stage to make an announcement. Abhi assk wat announcement. purab say’s he’ll knw soon.

    *Purab comes on stage and greets the fans. Purab says he is here to make an IMP announcement. and says he want them to meet some1 b4 Abhi’s last performance. and says he want to thank a person who is responsible for this concert to take place n gave soo much sponsorship to this concert. and Purab says i knw this person for a longg time and even Abhi knows him. and praises that person. and Purab asks the fans to applause and welcome Nikhil on stage Purab asks Nikhil to come on the stage. Prgya see’s the burka person sitting and thinks now i’ll see u Nikhil how u can escape.

    Episode Ends..

  35. gowtham

    i thnk except abhigyas conversation…episode is good.. ending of the episode seems good….. bt tomorrow again whn purab calls on stage nikhil he will come fr sure… bcoz they ll end up with noticing wrong person… (may be aaliya) … during this gap nikhil escapes and come to the stage silently….. our expectations again ends there…. who say twist and turns…. nt a even a straight line i can see….. ithula twist than korachal…. getlost….. writers

  36. Megha

    Really mokka plan. If anyone make nikhil fall, His veil will open automatically. Then they will confirm. Else they can use Pragya to open the veil to confirm as she is also a women. Also, if Purab make this announcement Nikhil will have doubt on Purab. Did Nikhil really sponsor the show???? Because he not ready to give 10lakhs for Tanu.

    • razia

      Well said .. Heights of stupidity .. He’s not ready to give 10 lakhs then how cud he sponsor fa abhis concerts oh god ..

  37. Ashly

    Nikhil ll come to stage n Person who in veil turn to be Aliya… Again Pragya ll not ask her Mom about Nikhil… Ufffffff

  38. gowtham

    exactly shobana… one year ila two year aanalum tanu wont deliver the baby and they would say nw only 6 mnths…. ha ha ha…. hope u remember about rachana…… …. kkb nala matum than ithalam mudium…..

  39. Jaydeep

    After seeing nikhil’s face and knowing that sarla knows about baby daddy then also not confirming it and still going from here and there…..I think after this much stupidity shown by pragya there is not much remains to be discussed ….so bye bye kkb and u all guys …see u after the exposure if it happens……???

    • Sahithi

      Like Pragya opened mouth today n said she doubts it is Nikhil in burqa to Purab, after missing to catch him in concert, the next thing she will do after reaching home is tell this to her mom. But it would be too late to catch him red handed. I think calling Nikhil on to stage and have Aaliya also in burqa is also for continuing this thread, as the deal or the blackmailer wont happen in concert amidst all this mess, so Pragya can again blackmail Tanu after the concert.

      I think to fail this concert plan also, writers brought in marriage announcement to this concert, to deviate Pragya’s attention. The moment Abhi taunts her, she generally stops using her brain.

  40. reji

    guys sorry for the late comment …… becoz of exams i can;’t comment regularly …. i am losing interest to watch kkb as we all thought . that this time nikhil will be exposed but not y ??so i thing all r in the same level no improvement ….. but guys i felt really sad that Abhi proposed Pragya mistakenly…. if Abhi proposed her with his full wish i will be in cloud nine… …. but accidently he proposed means Pragya means how will we feel happy ???….. Pratiksha when is holi special episode guys pls tell me ??… when they are going to telecast it ???………. if anyone knows pls reply me …….!!!!!.

  41. @

    Kalai as u knew the next days episode I want to ask u juzt one thing will the truth be revealed or not by now if not we could stop watching it….??the viewers r fedup

  42. anne

    what to comment whatever v say the writers not going to accept n change the story v cannot get angry with Abhighya what can thy do thy r acting but its very sadddddddddddd n i dont hve the heart to comment bad abt Abhighya thy r my favorite couple but fans dont get me wrong tht i m telling abt anybody what ever all of u comment its really very nice sometimes its very funny wen u all comment abt tanu i will laugh anyway keep it up fans than reading the update i like to read your comment.tq

  43. Abhigya

    In this concert everybody had their own plans n they failed to complete them… Like abhi failed to announce his marriage… Pragya failed to expose tanu… Aliya failed to spoil abhi’s concert…takil failed to catch the blackmailer…. So this concert was bad luck for everyone… But by this I am sure that pragya n her dump team will not expose tanu… According to me we will surely see tabhi’s marriage n at the nick of time bulbul with come with solid proofs against tanu n will expose her or sarla may become well n expose tanu… There r very less chances for abhi to know the truth n expose tanu cuz he has become very dump in this track… I wonder if he is the same abhi who exposed aliya in the mms track…if he ever loved pragya he would hv figured out that she is acting… Don’t know wht type of love is this…I guess we will hv to wait two months more for the exposure of tanu… Till then we hv to suffer

  44. sana

    Go to hell whole kkb team.it’s grinding same thing again and again. Everything is limit.stop it.I am fed up by this serial.. Javvu mittai

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.