Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya decides to convince Abhi to do world album

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The Episode starts with King warning Abhi not to involve his wife. Abhi says you did a mistake by involving Pragya. King says may be you are still drunk. Abhi leaves. Mr. Wick says what has happened that Abhi wants to risk his career. He says if this world album don’t have then everything will be finished, his career and our album. King assures him that he will do the world album alone, and tells Mr. wick that it was his own mistake to hire a crazy man. Mr. Wick asks his assistant to call Purab.

Disha asks Purab, why didn’t you tell me before that Aaliya…Purab says I want to hide this fact from you as you are only important for me, but I thought I shall tell you. Disha says there is a difference? Purab gets Wick’s call and is shocked.

King asks Abhi to drink cold water and accept

that he is afraid of him and that’s why want to leave the world album. He asks him not to take his wife’s name and says think that you never met her. Abhi says I wish I couldn’t have met you. King says my wife is honest, straight forward and may be she told something to you. He asks him to accept the truth. Abhi says he has problem with her wrong doing. King thinks if he is mad and thinks he is saying as if he knows her since years. Pragya thinks about Abhi and his words. King comes and says he has back out. He says I have good news for you and says Abhi is not doing album and I will do it alone. Pragya is shocked and asks why? King says he must be afraid of me and must have realized that his career will be ruined after doing album with me. He says he will have bad publicity and have to pay penalty of 200 crores to wick and 3 years ban from the music industry. He says his career will be finished. Pragya says may be there is some other reason. King says I thought reason is me, but he himself said that he is backing out because of you. He says how he will make songs and music and says that man is mad. Pragya recalls Abhi telling that he can’t bear if any third person comes inbetween them. Kiara comes home and greets King. Pragya thinks he is ruining his career because of me.

Aaliya tells family members that world album is very important and Abhi refused to do it. Abhi comes home. Aaliya asks him why did he refuse and says if you terminate the contract then we have to pay penalty in crores etc. Purab asks to rethink. Aaliya says that rapper will think that you are afraid of him and says because of Pragya, you already went to depression and I had worked out for you and got you back. She says Pragya is a gold digger and ruined you, and I have handled you. Abhi says so you are a star maker and asks her to go and make someone as star. Abhi says he don’t want to see someone and goes. Aaliya asks Purab, Abhi is talking about whom? Purab says I have no idea. Dadi asks everyone to go ready to go to marriage function. Abhi is in the room and thinks of Pragya’s words. Song plays…..He looks at Pragya’s pic and says I lied to you that I don’t love you, miss you etc and thinks I am yearning for you, but you snatched the right to remember you. He says you are just mine, how can you give your hand in someone else hand. Pragya looks at Abhi’s pic and thinks you haven’t changed even in these 7 years. She says you are angry with me and want to ruin your career. She thinks to convince him to do the contract and says we will meet again.

Aaliya knocks on Abhi’s door and says sorry. She says whatever I told is much. Dasi asks her to leave him alone and asks her to come to the marriage. Aaliya says I don’t want to go leaving Bhai, but Dasi insists her to go and asks her to call Tanu. Aaliya goes. Dasi thinks I understand your pain.

Tanu gets ready and thinks to teach a lesson to Kiara. Aaliya asks Tanu to convince Abhi, and asks him not to back out from music album. Tanu asks with what relation you have said this? Aaliya says as a friend. Tanu taunts her and says our relation broke because of personal issues. Pragya is in the car and calls Abhi.

Abhi tells Pragya that he will do the album to prove who is better between King and him. He asks her to go and tell King that he is not afraid of him. He says you can’t praise your husband infront of me or infront of the world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t know whether the makers of this serial are looking at our feedback or not. If the are watching, kindly stop this. Fed up of this nonsense.

  2. It’s not needed to stop the serial because the serial can be good. What we need is to stop the evil mind of the writer. She is so evil that none of her serials are good because she suffered so much in her life . She is taking revenge in her serials. How come that a woman can write such thing about a marriage woman.. All the marriage women are suffering. None of them are happy. The only thing they know is crying, crying, crying. You ought to be shame of your self ekta kapoor

    1. My anger with this show is the utter and complete waste of the acting talents of Abhi and Pragyas characters…there is serious chemistry that gets bogged down in stupid story lines and even more ridiculous Plots, getting caught in fires but find the time to have a conversation and flirt…REALLY? countless kidnappings, plots to steal property papers, obsessive one sided love, although i really liked Sangram Singh he’s character made me laugh, but you get my point. if who ever writes for the character Pragya would just give that woman a backbone and let Abhi have it for the 4 years that she wiped his nose and his ass for him, it would also move this story in a strong and positive way, why they insist in not letting Pragya have her say and give her some dignity i’ll never know.

    2. very true my dear

  3. Geeta and zeeba you both are very right.. The writer seems to be a sadist… No respect for women.. In KKB don’t know what was the reason for the leap. Nothing has changed. Pragya was a doormat then and is a doormat now.. Earlier Aliya and tanu used to verbally abuse her and now ABHI… Abhi is an egoistic bastard. In Today’s episode what the hell is Aliya talking about she being obsessed with purab and the right she has on this house… Purab is married and has a kid what are we trying to show to the young generation that it is OK to be after a married man and if you can’t get him the harass him and his family. Aliya is sick in the mind and need to be sent to an asylum and regarding her right on the house bull shit as per law she has right only on her ancestral property left by her parents, which they have not. The entire property is Abhi since he has earned it over a period of time. A. Sister cannot claim right on his property.. Guess now there is nothing more to show last 4 years only evil. The blessed aliya and tanu after all the murders and kidnapping are still having a ball in MM and pragya who has always been. the good is suffering. Abhi should now know the truth abt king and pragya and Kiara abt how king helped pragya and is looking after them without expecting anything in return… And then he should suffer in guilt and then pragya should question him on his marriage with tanu.. How can he blame. Pragya for his marriage to tanu is he a small kid that can be forced… And how is he going to get out of this marriage since tanu will not leave him since she has his name and fame and money. Even then before the leap she did everything thing to keep them. Away so do u think she will now allow abhigya to unite. AND PLEASE DON’T MAKE KING TURN NEGATIVE. Let there be one positive person in pragya life who she can trust and will be there for here.

  4. please stop the serial

  5. Aakhir abhi ne evil tanu se shaadi ki kyun? Shayad abhi ko laga ho ki tanu hi sahi hai pragya se…shaadi ke baad tanu ne lift nahin diya hoga abhi ko ( evil ko sirf abhi ki property aur abhi’name se matlab hai )…tab abhi ko pragya ki yaad aayi hogi…kya yeh true love hai ( pragya ke liye abhi ka ) , no..never ya phir abhi ne evil tanu ki zimmedaari uthaane ka theka liya hua hai….

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