Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi getting angry seeing Pragya with Champak and goes. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is secretly romancing with her boyfriend. Tanu thinks Abhi will doubt on Pragya now and is seeing what she shown him. She thinks she will be benefitted while Pragya will suffer. Abhi’s heart says that Pragya can’t do this and recalls their romantic proximity. Darmiyan song plays as he thinks about the romantic and emotional moments between them. Abhi thinks Pragya has moved on in life, just before I was about to make a first move towards her. Pragya comes to Abhi and smiles. Abhi goes upset. Pragya thinks Abhi wants her to come to him, and thinks she can cross even seven seas to go to her. She kisses on the bouquet thinking Abhi has given her. Abhi looks on shockingly. Agar Tum Saath ho plays…………Abhi

mistaken her.

Tanu comes to Nikhil and tells that their plan is a success. Abhi has started hating Pragya now. She says she wants to hear everything about their fight. Nikhil asks have you gone mad? He says Abhi will do everything right infront of us. Tanu says what is left now? Nikhil says you think very small and says he will trap Pragya in a conspiracy from which she can’t come out. Pragya thinks where did he go? She thinks may be Tanu filled his ears against me and made him upset. Rachna comes to Pragya and asks if Abhi proposed her. Pragya says so this is the surprise.

Rachna says Dadi made the plan, and says if he haven’t propose yet then it means he wants to propose to you infront of everyone. She asks her to get ready for the proposal and goes to tell Dadi. Pragya is happy and thinks Abhi tried but then Sarla called. She thinks Abhi is shying infront of her. Abhi sees Champak going towards Pragya. Pragya thinks this man is sticky, and thinks to ban him from party. Tanu and Nikhil smirks. Champak stares Pragya. Mitali thinks why everyone is staring each other, if this is a game?

Dadi asks Rachna to bring the cake. Tanu thinks Abhi is very much angry. Nikhil says this is a silence before storm comes, it shows Abhi will take out his anger on Pragya. Dadi asks Pragya to cut cake. Dadi asks what are you thinking? Pragya blows on the candles. Tanu asks why she is cutting cake? Pragya looks surprised. She asks what do you mean? Tanu says you made Abhi ashamed infront of everyone, you would have thought about the guests if ot family, and asks how did you get shame from. Pragya asks what nonsense? Tanu asks Abhi to question Pragya being her legal husband. She asks why did you do this? She asks Abhi to ask. Abhi makes faces as betrayed. Pragya asks what did I do? Tanu says how can you have a boyfriend although you are married to Abhi. She says you are shameless woman, who called your boyfriend here. Pragya asks Tanu not to dare tell anything. Tanu says you have to hear everything, you are wrong and shameless. Pragya says you are shameless and is a second woman between us. Tanu says Abhi loves me and you are a second woman. She says you couldn’t bear that Abhi loves me and acted to prove yourself adarsh bahu and wife. Then you brought me here to make yourself great in everyone’s eyes and then snatched everything. She says you have such a cheap interest.

Tanu says she is characterless. She says I gave baby to Abhi before marriage, but you didn’t give him even husband’s rights. She says you had affair with Suresh’s first and now Champak. She says I have always accepted my mistakes and asks why did you hide your boyfriend from Abhi, and calls her two timers. Pragya says you are taking revenge on me due to hatredness. Tanu says I will show the depth of your shamelessness and says you was going to become mum of Champak’s baby, but you had aborted the child. Pragya slaps her hard. All the guest leave. Tanu says you have slapped me. I will show the proofs to everyone then you will be slapped. She asks Champak to tell that Pragya is his girl friend and have invited him.

Tanu tells that Abhi was shocked when he read the chits on the bouquet and wondered who is Champak.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Thahira

    Hi Karthika and neenga. I’m sure that I saw naagin promo in sun tv. Even today also I saw. They said viraivil that’s it. And today was the worst episode I’ve never seen. That guy was twice as ugly as donkey and abhi didn’t even think how pragya fall for him. That characterless tanu is saying pragya characterless. And all pragya did was to slap her instead of exposing her about her child. And dumb abhi doesn’t he has an inch of cleverness in his brain?? Instead of asking about that bf to pragya he himself confirmed that they are having an affair. It’s very good to know that shika singh aka aliya is quitting this bull crap. Pragya motto even changed. She just made bulbul ‘s sacrifice to be useless. My only request to you all is we’ve to boycott the show. We must stop commenting here like it happened in ssk and it’s trp rate must be decreased. Only then the current track will chang.. Sorry for long comment

    • Gilly

      I Agree….the Fans Should BOYCOTT – by NOT watching. Show your dissatisfaction for such a POORLY written script.

    • Hency

      Yes thahira I too saw that promo.they r going to telecast naggin as naagini in sun TV from October.

  2. Sonam

    This is height of stupidity of the writers…instead of revealing the truth of tanu they started blaming pragya…they are showing all the hero’s of the zee tv serials are dumb and never listen to their inner feelings…

  3. pri

    It makes no sense looking at this series again… dragging for to long…. officially my last episode

  4. shaz

    After I got to know about pragya’s foolishness I have decided to take abhi’s side. In her birthday she has to spend the time with abhi. But what did she do? He spend the time with champak & gave a chance to tanu for manipulating abhi. So we have to think about abhi’s situation also. He loves pragya so much. Then how can he tolerate it? How can he control his anger after the washroom scene? All the husband & wife have this kind of problem. It is their natural feelings. But they will realize the truth after their mind get relax. Like that, hope abhi will try to find the truth and will get correct decision.

    • ar

      shaz….lov means belief n faith n trust…..abhi has shit in his brain
      cvs made him puppet of tanu or some toy
      no1 on earth can be this dumb!!

  5. Asmitha

    I agree with u guys but one thing I want to say is I think abhi doubt is right why because of pragya behaviour really I didn’t felt any wrong from abhi
    but one thing he must do is he should question her about what tanu said really tanu used her time nicely to settle her goal how much she is fighting fr her goal that much also pragya is not doing that tanu is doing her work very well but one thing is nice that she got a gd slap which she deserves it I think no one is ready to open their mouth fr now also
    today I felt very pity fr abhi his acting was marvelous he really did like when a wife betrayes husband how it will be when he loves her so much really he is great in acting
    kkb is losing its charm day by day it’s very sad to see sriti and shabir like this the main reason due to which I was addicted to kkb is abhigya because of their acting knok joks I feel that their jodi is different from others they r really something special I feel when I see them that I was watching a cute movie really I don’t feel I was watching a daily soap y really so sad fr me because I am a big fan fr both of them wt u feel guys

  6. Rishneee

    From where tanu is getting authority to talk this much every time.. anyway she is more courageous than pragya. What ever is.. true or lie… she talk upfront.. not like others . Thinking only nk action…

  7. anne

    so sad cried alot alrdy until having bad headache my sons r telling its just acting dont get so emotion what to do like Thahira said boycott is the best disgusting writer disgusting director but i wil never say anything abt abhi n pragya my favorites i hve stopped watching

    • ar

      hey anne…..all these shows r so addictive like ur sons playing vedio games….wht do u do if thy loose n cry….relax…
      try to overcome this addiction n stop watching this serial 2days it will b diffivult but trust me its not gud 2 get so addicted becz i kno …i was lik u

  8. deepa

    It is really gone beyond testing the patience of the audience. Why this proposal drama when they are married couples. Why in public. These are better done in privacy. Why pragna has waited to tell tanus pregency directly. What about tanus parents, they are not worried of their unmarried , pregnant daughter. In someone’s. House….this series. Has. Gone. 200% out of reality

  9. PAYAL

    Another male character like YUG/KT, with no backbone. Indian men should watch these shows, and make comments, they must be embarrassed

  10. Shwetu

    Still now many among us mentioned their opinions about abhi being dumb,but I hv never commented on his role if he believes this shit thn…I ask only one question did he really loved pragya anytime seriously whole heartedly whether she is fuggi or mogambo whatever he calls her…..thn I will admit lik many of our friends pragya deserves more than Abhishek Prem Mehra…better she leaves him to tanu…tanu is the perfect match for him coz he trusts in tanu he believes in tanu and these are what required in a relationship…so it will be a complete relation

  11. Abigail

    I dont watch now, I just check to see if anything has change but its the same old crap. The need to remember they are dealing with intelligent people

  12. Naveed,USA

    What nonsense is this? Do u think any person can be dumb like Abhi?Does he not know Tanu yet?wow!!!!!!!

  13. Shritha

    simply end this BS serial….no storyline watsover…….its just senseless idiocity….its madness at its peak….

  14. Hency

    Hi shobana sis…I am waiting for counselling. .so not yet joined in collegeand about today’s episode it’s so so so so so irritating. …ithuku pragya birthday celebrate pannamae irukalam.

    • shobana

      Okay hency. Its gud to go through counselling. And today I have no intentions to abt the show

  15. Naughty (fathima)

    Enough guys m quiting the shw I cant bear m vry sensitive aftr cing all tis really feeling bad thank god I jus red nt watchd m done wit tis cant read tanu wrds such hw cheal she s like bajariii if I was in Pragya place I hav slapd abi frm my sandal really nw I hate abi nd so cald tanu all bull shit idiots nd srry guys I noo u all lov abi bt I tooo aftr cing tis I cant bear so I said….mis u alll

  16. ex fan of kkb

    go to hell writters , channel and ekta maiyya
    during kidnapping track i start watching this show , when the preggy track start i think it end end by july , august(2015) …..but this carried on and still showing utter nonsense , but now i am not going to bear this nonsense not at all
    Tanu – abhi mujhse pyaar karta hai, mai uske bachhe ki maa banne wali hun (oh god )
    oh god stop this utter nonsense writters …it is a prime time show , all age people watch this ….
    pragya – mera kumkum ,mera pyaar
    oh god in todays time pls show me onlyyy one girl that is like pragya …mai aarti karungi uski …
    after all this she should have say to mahan dadi bye bye main nahi bachane waali apne pati ko uske dusmano se
    Abhi koi dudh pita baccha nahi joh fight nahi kar
    Daddi toh danya hai ……
    last but not least our rockstar , open ur eyes babu kab tak bandh rakhoge …..open your eyes stop this bullshit
    now i cant bear this so bye bye kkb……

  17. kaur

    aare yaar ye kya hai how can tanu speak like this and pragya kese sun rhi hai use sara sach pata hai fir bhi chup what it this aaj se ye darama dekhna baand stop know or bakwas dekhne ki himat nhi aab

  18. Sanu

    In ekta ‘s serials evil always wins. She has always shown triangle love stories. Nothing new.
    The fact is tanu is the main cast of the serial. Which is a negative role and has been winning all the time. Poor pragya has no option left. And if pragya leaves the show no one will watch this serial. Just think serial without pragya.

  19. Leila

    Why can’t abhi see true tanu frigging lies i hate her so much now n pragya juat tell him the damm truth

  20. Annie

    I also agree this is a stupid serial. DNA results with a blood test can show the paternity of a parent….so much hatred and evil…no not watching this show.

  21. Murtaza khalfan

    End the show… using wrong concept..
    Pulling the show for no reason… how can just anyone come n say hes the boyfriend n everyone accepts how come everytime evil wins …. worst episode ever

  22. Razzy

    That tanu age is blo*dy characterless women who got pregnant with someone else. Wen tanu said that to pragya she should have turned around and said that tanu is characteless not pRagya. I don’t watch it no more only read updates

  23. NSA

    Why is this Tanu Nikhil thing dragging the series…… can’t there be another adventure for Abhi and pragya……. I keep reading written episodes and watching because I get so upset to see those two devils still operating……. Anyway writers please help!!!

  24. Nadia

    You guys are really stupid you took a show that i loved to watch an turn it into a big fat joking bust great job great job kumkum bhagya is now officially the dumest show ever

  25. Asmitha

    now I was waiting for dadi and abhi conservation now what she will say to him she is the one said him to propose pragya now what she will tell him and the most confusion part after this much stupid drama pragya is in mm and even abhigya r in same room how it will be when abhi thought that she has affair then how they r in one room what will be the reason behind this what u all r thinking guys

  26. Jess

    Imagine the makers of this serial made a decent woman dance the way Pragya danced with Champak, I can’t even say the ugly word. If a husband really loves his wife he can always excuse himself and take over the dance but poor Abhi was made to look on stupidly.

  27. Faraz khan

    Such a stupid story every time evils win please ekta kapoor stop this nonsense serial you are just wasting time of abigya fans I suggest you of u don’t have story please end this Tannu pregnancy drama and wind up serial

  28. Reeta kurishingal

    Worst episode ever… I am gonna quit watching the show… ithokke kanathe irikunnatha bedham… throw that stupid tanu n nikhil from the show.. their characters are very much irritating..shameless creatures.

  29. bilalsharmi

    Hello writer ji pls try to make both abi and pragya moved on their life together very happly. Also knock out tanu nikil after exposing the original truth to abhi . Pls dont always seperate pragya and abhi , bcz they are very cute couple . Pls make them happy .
    Insted of making this sticky bla bla bla collapse tanu can die when she fall from stairs . And finally abhi bragya will start their life . Also purab is alone so bulbul can give comback in final episode as his pair . Once again pls dont kill original affection between abhi and pragya by introducing char like a stupid champak (abhi house maker are better than champak). How cute pragya can be insulted by giving boyfriend like sures and champak . Pls pls pls dont play in emotions of viewers pls end up the serial in heart feeling manner

  30. Fay Hosein


    • Crystall

      I second that, it’s too much and has been going on for too long. Tanu has been pregnant for over a year (is she having an elephant?) i got my baby since October she has been pregnant since last may or June. Come on man it’s time to get a move on

      • Fathima

        Is she a elephant by reading this comment i cant stop laughing …..sachi mey yaar yeh serial toh hadh hogaya

      • Anonymous

        Tanu has actually been pregnant since Valentine’s Day 2015. So she is now 16 months pregnant.

  31. PAYAL

    This episode was so stupid and so sad, it made me laugh and cry at the same time. No backbone abhi listens to tanu and follows her like a puppy dog. Why is tanu, the thief still living there. Nobody said anything when she was yelling at pragya calling her all kinds of name etc. Why did’nt abhi or daadi or anyone say anything.
    Why did pragya take that man to her bedroom, don’t they have any other bathrooms in that house. Why did’nt she call robin to help that man… why why why? goes on and on and on…….

  32. Priya tikkah

    Come on writer how can tanu get it as how she want n pragya don’t HV anything in her way gosh

  33. Kate

    This show is rapidly becoming stupid and boring…. Tank has been pregnant for almost a year and a half I think. Really, it can’t be THAT difficult to have a new story line…

  34. salia ali

    I hate dis show now what are they doing .they are only making it longer I am never watching dis show again because tanu always win

  35. Kate

    Yes, boycott is on for me. I will check back in a few weeks and see if the show is still on.

    Long live the forever pregnant Tanu.

  36. amanda

    Flicking shit I hope the writers let pragya insult tanu wrose than what they do today if ever her truth is out

  37. Raja

    I don’t get this show no more. Y can’t anyone see that tanu was the one that start asking questions and it plainly show that tanu did something. N for god sake y can’t someone bring tanu truth out yet. This is just dragging nonstop

  38. Kanchan

    Dadi could have revealed the trurh about Tanu. Because Abhi trust Dadi than anybody. But now it too late….
    Why Abhi is soooo selfish like this? Seriously? Abhi knws pragya loves him and whenevr someone frames Abhi tend to beliv….I hate this now… samething goes around around….Tanu is being humilated and then pragya…then once again tanu then pragya… and abhi is acting like a puppet. Belivng everything. He doesn’t have eyes..

  39. sarifa

    ekta kapur pagal ho gayi hai. kya kar rahi hai khudko nhi pata hai shayed. tanu hi bar bar kyu jit jati hai. or abhi ke dimag mai kuch nhi hai kya. kyu wo tano kutti k bat sunta hai. usko to pata hai na tanu pragya ka khas dusman hai. pagal bana k rakh diya yar sabko is tanu k drama ne.

  40. Lips

    Wow what a great story.Dear Tanushree u so luckey.kyunki whole world main tum pehli lady ho jo ek saal v jya da prgnant ho.mujhe to lagti hai tumhe Nobel prize milni hi chahiye.kya yaar this z too much.i cant wait any more.plz stop this drama………

  41. Lips

    Phir se ek new drama. Dear Nikhil main abhi ko kehke Co post dedungi.plz tumhre is Tanu ko leke abhi nd pragya ki jindegise chale jao yaar.i jst hate tis Tanu.and this champak will increase my headache.

  42. Blossom


    |Registered Member

    Go to hell blo*dy ekta kapoor.. u hv left us wit no option… u oly sit n caste ur shw fr ur own self.. thr is a limit of drgng.. almost a yr nw.. jus go to hell… u hv made kkb fans bored n fed up upto d core. Go get som life ekta… tanu wil nvr get exposd so soon.. ekta is using hr rusted brain… blo*dy hell.. so pisd off!!!!!!

  43. Blossom


    |Registered Member

    N tanu.. i guess u luv kkb vry mch thts y u r nt getng lost frm dis shw… plz y cnt u undrstnd v dnt wan u wit abhi alws manipulatng him… v wan abhiya.. n hw cn abhi believe tanu as regard to champak n pragya.. he did nt evn thnk of investigatng d truth??? Pragya nvr went out, talkd on phone etc etc.. thn hw cn he believe tht champak is hr bf… poor pragya.. 1 yr nw stil cnt expose tanu… hahah.. dis is ridiculous man… pragya -mera kumkum mera pati n tanu- mera bachha mera abhi.. go to hell… idiots

  44. dolly gundi

    writer use your brain every family will be watching the serial kkb do’nt write rubbish other wise people lose the interest watching the serial

  45. minna

    Hi read the update after a month nothing has changed the reason I did nt keep tabs on the show…. I had forgotten kumkum bhagiya really truly while surfing hindi channels I suddenly saw it
    What more can I say it has become forgettable

  46. anu

    Disgusting yar.
    Tanu can create fake boyfriend fake abortion papers of pragya. Which everyone will believe.
    But our lead pragya the most dumbest person on earth cannot prove Tanu’s true boyfriend .
    It’s just takes 10 mins to say it to abhi to do DNA test n he will do it for sure .

  47. Naz

    I told you viewers so many months ago, to stop commenting on this stupid serial but no one listened. Writers get orgasms by reading our comments, when we vent our frustration. I’ve stopped watching kkb and only read what you all say. If you all want to watch a good serial, watch ek tha Raja. It’s refreshing and not a modern day story.

  48. ShinyGeorge


    |Registered Member

    Stupid. Director
    What nonsense going on
    Always tanu nikhil win
    Abhi not believing his own wife
    But trusting those dogs
    I will u kill u nutcase director
    End this drama immediately nonsense

  49. Shubham

    इस् सो तो जल्दी ही वन्द हुने वाला हे ।

  50. fuggy

    tanu ko pragya ke kilaf sare fake proofes miljate hai par pragya ko 1 year se tanu ka pregnency ka kilaf ek bhi proof nahi milta what nonsence iss mein logic hi nahi hai we are stop wath this serial until tanu expose nahi hojathi

  51. siva

    i really really hate this……….

    once up on a time if anyone comment like” end kkb” means i really get angry but today i also admit to that plz end kkb…

    y director show abhi and pragya as super dum ….
    abhi belive every word of tanu..
    and pragya y she is not slapping champak(upcoming cn). she slap tanu y not champak.. if she slap means the cns will change..

    and for abhi charter i really upset.. who is not beliving pragya but he loves pragya what is the logic ya??…

    on pragya y she still try to get proof of nikik and tanu… they only 2 but in pragya side dadi purab rachana akash… everyone is useless.

    in montage pic abhi give umberla to pragya to save in sun rays this cns abhi always be in pragya side but in story side abhi always opp to pragya..

    and dadiiii she is the only one to change the pragya to hell…..

    i really hateee dadiii..

  52. Elsa

    Every one please stop commenting on this show and don’t watch this show by commenting you all just increase ranking please don’t do that one’s the show ranking decrease …The writer change the story.

  53. Sahithi

    Nothing much to say, just sad to see whats going on in name of drama. The person who deserves all the hate is Daadi. Instead of Aaliya they should have sent Daadi on a vacation. She is the actual villain of the show now.

    Because from the time this mogambo track started, writers are torturing audience as well as Abhi n Pragya in the name of Daadi. I read that in coming episodes when Pragya is crying, Daadi will tell Pragya to win Abhi’s trust back before Tanu gets close to him.

    The last time Pragya and Abhi realized love for each other because of Bulbul and Purab. The day Pragya started listening to Daadi in hospital, her bad days actually started, thats my feeling. Because in the initial days of the show, Tanu, Aaliya, sometimes Mithali, and sometimes Abhi included, would plot against Pragya but it would turn into her favor only.

    From the moment she started taking this selfish Daadi advise, Pragya never seems to have happiness in her life. If Daadi wanted a bahu for her grandson who can keep his so called enemies away from him, she should have chosen a person more cunning than Tanu n Aaliya, not a dumb and foolish person like Pragya.

  54. Nithi

    I just stopped watching this bakwass frm monday onwards…but I just read d comments alone…

    Frm d beginning thr is no trust, love, happiness in dis serial ….

    totall waste

  55. Halima Wahed


  56. qwerty

    Ekta kapoor mile to sali ko maar dale
    khud jindagi me ye sab kar rahi hai jaise tanu kar rahi hai

  57. shobana

    Yesterday was one of the worst episode and purab was missing yesterday. I think again he went invisible.

    • Sahithi

      Yes Shobana dont know why Purab is not seen often these days. May be because one new character Champak added. I never understand this count of ppl, if one comes, another vanishes.

      • shobana

        Sahithi, kkb has never given equal importance to all the cast. Purab is a parallel lead who doesn’t have pair and not getting enough screen space too.
        I think if CVs continue like this one day like bulbul and alia quit the show, purab will also quite.

      • Sahithi

        I too feel so, that Arjit may also be disappointed soon. I am in two minds about these actors who are not getting enough screen space and role in the show. Without the original cast, like after Mrunal left, there is a huge vacuum. so I would want Shikha and Arjit to stay back.

        But if you think from their POV when they dont have much do on a daily basis, being a part of show as main characters but having to sit at home idle on most days can be very frustating. You would rather want to look out for better opportunities. I just hope the production team and channel wake up before its too late and lose out on good talent. Donno who gave them wrong info that audience like Tanu n Nikhil, there is limit to show samething again n again on a repeat mode. Because with these 2 evils, everything is recycled.

        And I tried watching other shows in meantime, but couldnt get to like most of them.
        In my opinion, they all seemed dull, as the actors in this show kind of light up the screen with their presence. Anyways I am waiting to see what will happen in next segment, because till the OLV and segments we saw till yesterday, there was nothing exciting.

      • shobana

        Yes sahithi, im also waiting for the next segments. I hope something good should happen in the upcoming segments.
        Even I was trying to watch some new shows but not able to connect with it. From last week I started to watch kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi in Sony TV. I even told my mom about it. She immediately said I will see how many days u will stick to that show. Y she said like that is I have never stick to a show more than a month. Kkb is the only show im sticking quite long time.
        Lets see still how much cheap drama like this is left in CVs mind.

      • Asmitha

        ya sahithi me to thought same I think arjit also not interested to do this show that’s y he was not seen
        but one thing I didn’t understand is y abhigya r doing this stupid crap mainly abhi they r showing him has so much dumb so many fans r going to meet them is they r not asking about their characters y they r not feeling anything I really felt very bad for abhigya esp ystday it’s really disgusting epi don’t know when they r going to unite
        I think today epi will also be worst

      • Sahithi

        I didnt watch yday epi, I skipped intentionally as it will be all Tanu crap. But today I am planning to watch, however not sure if they will show the final argument between Abhi and Pragya and then Abhi raising hand, because I wanted to see their exact conversation.

        From the segments, looks like Pragya said something getting emotional which Abhi understood in different way. Their misunderstanding is different and in between Tanu trying to take advantage of situation and showing Pragya’s character in wrong way.

        I still feel Abhi is more upset about losing Pragya forever, than jealous or angry believing in Tanu’s words. Cant blame him completely as Pragya is not revealing her feelings or truth, neither letting him marry Tanu. And all these days many people wanted a new man for Pragya to make Abhi jealous. See Tanu made it look so dirty, she did same when Pragya let the decorator stay in MM for treatment.

        Writers are not showing like a teenage love with both of them being impulsive, sametime they are not showing it as a mature story where they will sit and discuss things.

      • Sahithi

        Shobana I am also trying to watch same show on Sony but didnt like much as of now. Not sure if I will continue as I will get busy from next month. I had some break time from my work in last few months so commenting here for this show, but mostly from July will be busy again. So following multiple shows will be difficult.

        If KKB continues to drag then I may have to catch up only once a week online over weekends. I am hoping there will be some improvement in coming weeks.

      • shobana

        Lets see sahithi, how kkb pursues further.
        And yes if we have work its difficult to watch multiple shows.
        I think if you become busy ur presence here will be less.
        Already gowtham left the show as well as comment section. Prathiksha was busy with her work. Don’t know what happened to brindha. Karthika too started to go to school and now u r going become busy with ur work. I agree that all will be having their personal work but still missing u all.

  58. Bujji

    Chi…hating this blo*dy story….if that ekta kapoor will comes in front of me definitely I will kill u….iam so frustrated because of ur worst story….mental abhi don’t have brain at all to think who will be good…then why he need love…love in the sense jst she always with him then its love I hope..if he saw his wife with anyone and someone will prove that she is wrong then definitely he will believe that words..then where is his love…he is jst like a robot…he doesn’t deserve anyone…stupid abhi….and that blo*dy witch tanu…she is no.1 fraud women who already cheated her boyfrnd and have an affair with blo*dy dengue mosquito like Nikhil.and she is blaming pragya..wow..what an irritating story yaar..and all the house members are watching comedy show..no one will stop that blo*dy mouth of tanu…she will say whatever she will get in her mind..all are dumb characters simply watching what she will do…such a big theft drama finished also no one will say one word to her..bt she will millions of words nd hurts everyone even though their family will not open their mouths…no one will deserve anything in this serial…they are making us very big fools…still to watch this serial….blo*dy idiotic frustrated stupidity and still iam not getting any words to scream u….

  59. Naz

    Elsa, that’s what I’ve been saying all along but no one listened. Over a month ago, I made the comment to boycott the serial and it went unnoticed.

  60. Elsa

    Hi guys,

    I have been out of town and was unable to post my views here. How are you guys? Shobana, prathiksha, gowtham, reji.. And, I am happy to see another Elsa here…

    By the way, after reading all your comments I guess that the show has become a real shit. Even after reading this update I feel like don’t want to see this crap again.

    • shobana

      Hi elsa
      I thought u only commented above.
      By reading your comments I came to know that it was a different person.
      And im gud and I hope that u r also doing good.

  61. sharvari

    hey guys. I am sharvari. I have been watching the show from the start but its been 2 to 3 months I quit this show. therefore I just read updates everyday and read your comments too.

    while reading yesterday’s update I just got confused that tanu was asking abhi to question being a legal husband. how is it possible. i mean she is the one who always say that they r divorced.

    isn’t it funny guys? i would like to say the writers that wake up guys. viewers are not mad use some common sense and edit your episode before air the same.

    Hope you guys agree with me. I am new here so expecting your frndship.

    • shobana

      Hi ? Sharvari
      Welcome to comment section.

      We shouldn’t expect logical scenes in kkb. Kkb is a program which is filled with illogical storyline. So we should not use our brain while watching kkb.

    • shobana

      Maheswari, if you see today’s episode u will say that yesterday’s episode was better than today.

  62. Meenakshi Pasnur

    Where the storyline is ending …….. I should say not ending but where it is dragging…. I think Abhi should first clear his mind whether to accept pragya or accept his baby and Tanu….. I think the writers are unnecessarily extending the from than one year…. I think this this serial should go off air instead of dragging…..

  63. maneendra

    I didn’t understand why cant just play a reverse game on tanu by bringing some person in claiming that he is the father of the baby that tanu is carrying and watch both Nikhil and tanu dancing… Damn the writers

  64. AG

    the show is showing some crap…… u have to end it….. i dont know how the trp is still high…. never seen such stupid thing before….. i read the updates…. stopped viewing the show long ago….. i cannot even tolerate the updates now….. too much of bull shit…. and ekta kapoor, do u actually direct it or have someone else to do ur job under ur name….. STOP IT

  65. Daud Hassan

    As we expect something good to start between Abhi and Pragya again, new drama begins, I wish these cheats(Nikil and Tanu) to be ashamed as soon as possible.
    I can’t see anyone who is following them closely,
    they are making the show so much boring.

  66. Samrat

    I wanna punch these writerz and makerz for this shitty storyline…
    What the fcuk???
    What d hell do these makers want us to see??
    WE have been watching this load of bullshit before also!! These guys are just dragging n dragging
    They make such a load of crap I m confusd whether to offer thm toilet paper or paper mint
    Grow up writerz.. We definately are not watching Dora d explorer dat one simple thing has 2 b repeatd 200 tymes
    Its getting worse n worse
    A big middle finger to all d writerz makers and creative team who r sleeping since long tym!!
    U have put all the talentd actors acting in drain -_-

  67. Nikki 1

    Guys.. why nowadays updates is not as usual? Any good reasons behind the actions? I guess it is because of the terrible story line… right? Sigh sigh sigh…

  68. Mubbz

    Making bakwas then what make anybothr prblm what is this tane prgnt of nikil bby then she sayng abi itz from vry long very bored this story

  69. serial

    Looks like Director like illegal affair much , dats’y director is creating this type of story every one lifes

  70. andrea williams

    They are wasting too much damn time on pragya when tanu is pregnant since the birth of Jesus .. Get tanu out the blasted show now. How could the baby father stoop so low to get money when he should be claiming it his child.. Hey u script people fix this shit cause youre loosing rating and fans .. Youre repeating one thing for decades cant we move on to something else .. Exxpose tanu and nikhil please .. Im tired of the one shit over and over get them out the show now please .. its frustrating and irritating. Cause it seems like you guys need help writing a proper script .. So lame and unprofessional. Have talented, great awseome actors and actressses doing shit on the show. wasting their talents shame

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.