Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Doctor asking them to take care of Pragya and leaves. Aaliya and Tanu talk about Munni. The former plans to go inside and do something to stop Munni. Abhi is sitting at Munni’s side and thinks his faith have won. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga plays……He remembers all the moments spent with Pragya. Munni gains consciousness and coughs. Abhi runs to her and hugs her tightly. Munni is shocked. Abhi says thank God, you got consciousness. Munni asks where is she? Abhi says we are in our room and says he is very happy to see her back. He says I was yearning to see you, hear your voice. He asks why did you take bullet on your body and says he thought to take out his anger on her when they meet, but he can’t be angry with her as he loves her a lot. He says his morning and night

used to start and ended with her memories. He says thank god you are back and hugs her again.

Tanu tells Aaliya if Abhi sees us then what he will do. Aaliya asks her to sit silently and let her think how to get inside. She thinks she has house keys and it is easy for her to go inside. Tanu says it is not easy. Aaliya says if Munni tells Abhi about our plan then we will be in jail. Tanu says she will not go to jail. Munni tells Abhi that he is going on a wrong track and tells that she is not Pragya. Abhi asks her to rest. Sarla comes and hears her, asks Abhi why she is saying this. He calls doctor and tells that she is not remembering anything. Doctor says she is fine and asks them to wait till morning. Abhi asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla cries. Abhi says I will make her fine. He asks her to go and sleep. Sarla says she will go as Beeji is alone. Abhi says driver will drop you. Sarla says I will manage. Abhi says no, driver will drop you. Munni sleeps again. Sarla kisses on Munni’s hand. Aaliya and Tanu see Sarla leaving. Tanu says lets go inside. Aaliya says once lights are off, we will go. She throws coin infront of watchman. He thinks if it is his money and tries to check. Aaliya and Tanu gets down from the car.

Abhi sees sleepy Munni and thinks about the conversation between Pragya and him. A fb is shown, Abhi asks if she was not scared when goons aimed gun at them. Pragya says she is not afraid of death and nobody can separate them, and tells that she trusts her Kumkum and Bhagya. Abhi asks her to search, if they get separated. Main Phir Bhi Tumko plays…..Doctor calls Abhi and asks him to come and take the medicines. Abhi thinks he shall not leave Pragya alone and thinks to ask Dadi to be with her.

Abhi says good night to Munni thinking her to be Pragya and says we will meet in dreams now. Munni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope they don’t kill pragya role n bring her as someone else I think she lost her memory n think she is munni

    1. I also hope like that leila sisy
      But one thing is sure these directors spoiled a beautiful story into a garbage just by dragging and repeating the same craps

  2. what is the possibility of entry next year and kumkum bhagya hasn’t finish
    I thought abhi life lost of memory was the end but these writer always come up with stupid twist

  3. im really going crazy. this is crap. when will they end this story. i thought it will end on a good not for kundali bhagya to take off but still no sense and directions of the story. i just dont understand anything now. bulshit

  4. Agree with Mythili

  5. Hi Abhigya lovers,
    I truly believe that Muni is our lovely Pragya. There are so far 3 signs:
    1: Muni has prepared Kara for the little girl to treat her cold (as Pragya always does for Abhi).
    2: Muni wears the same ring that Pragya always wears (since the beginning of the series).
    3: Muni stood before Abhi without hesitating to protect him from terrorist (as pragya has always done) …
    And there will be other signs in future episodes …

    Why Pragya claims to be Muni:
    First, I dismiss the scenario of memory loss cause they have already used it for Abhi.
    I rather think Pragya fears for Abhi safety. Pragya was rescued by parents of the 2 kids. When she gained strength to come back, she found that the 2 witches are still free. If she returns, they will try to harm her, Abhi will rescue her and his life will be in danger again & again…

    She told her story to the people that they helped her. They asked her to stay living with them. After the accident and their death, she took care of the kids

    1. @ Only Abhigya
      I love your theory, if only it could be true!
      You should have been the author pf kkb 🙂

      1. Thanks 😉

    2. I don’t think so she is acting like munni in front of abhi. If she really wants abhi’s safe by staying away from him why would she come to the concert. so definitely she is not acting like munni. The upcoming epi will tell the clear picture so wait and watch. eagerly waiting for next written epi

      1. cause abhigya must meet to continue the story else “no kumkum bhagya”

    3. I agree with you i also think the same and i noticed another sign when abhi asks for pragya’s sign that she is alive munni is the one who will keep appearing also in future story

      1. exactly (Y)

    4. If ur thoughts are right, very happy.
      But, this serial going to most without logic.
      Bcoz, Aaliyah & tanu long time staying out of house. No one see their.
      They think, fool the security and go inside the home.
      Before the concert, they particularly see the munni on TV. OK if this one is possible, then why home members not see her or not watch concert.
      So, there r many more logic no more.
      So only, viewers irritating by KKB team now.

      1. Don’t use logic when watching tv series

    5. I am happy that you also thought like us sisy
      And you told correctly in serials we cant expect logics and that also in kkb because they stopped thinking logically from the time of tanu’s pregnancy because when pragya got to know that tanu is pregnant she was the one who concluded herself and to abhi that it is his child but she didn’t think about dna test that time because if she would have thought of that everything will be solved during that time itself and abhigya would have lived together, then when she came to know tanu is not carrying abhi’s child and also about aliya she could have just told abhi but instead she changed into arrogant and she was trying to get proofs but at the end of that track when pragya confessed all the truth abhi only said that if she could have said all these before itself he would have trusted her so ultimately here also no logic and then in abhi’s memory loss when abhi got flashes of his marriage he didn’t even think y he is getting flashes about it he should have thought that if he is married only he can get flashes like that he cant get flashes just like that but no they left that tpoic just like that when abhi revealed y he agreed to marry tanu to pragya she was the one who told logically about tanu’s mother cancer drama but that was the only place where they used logic even during when that gunda recorded and showed abhigya marriage and when abhi caught him he should have got the phone from him and should have seen to whom he is showing the video but no he was only asking him and beating and during pragya’s gun shoot also no person will leave his wife when she is shot and go behind the goons that is the
      basic logic but here they showed abhi going behind those goons leaving pragya there
      Now also many said this munni is not our pragya as she walked on ropes since a gun shoted person cant walk on that and that is the logic i agree but did u guys ever
      questionedd like that when abhi was shot not once but twice
      So what i am telling is this serial is completely turning into a recycling show and these directors know very well that we audience will definitely will watch this show
      Not for story but for abhigya so there is no question about pragya being dead she is alive and i am just having 80% trust that this munni our pragya who either should have lost memory or acting for some hidden reason andalso i am telling all our abhigya fans that abhi is only for pragya and pragya is only for abhi so no look alike can snatch them
      So my dear abhigya fans have trust like abhigya sisy and now i am also having trust that abhigya will not for sure this time and there won’t be separation hereafter hopefully

      1. I totally agree with you.

  6. When is this drama ending? This twist is annoying. They should just give ahbi & pragya the happiness they deserved or kill them off and let us rest. Am tired of this memory loss, trying to kill, kidnapping etc repeating itself all over again.

  7. @only Abhibgya I feel relief by reading your theory. Thumbup

    1. I try to stay optimistic

  8. blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah will pragya never get frikkin fed up of doing the same shit over and over gimme a break i am sure even ekta is getting frikkin fed up with herself for once change the damn storyline na give us some comic scene it will be like a breath of fresh air man shucks jeez you na realize ekta that too much of one thing is good for nothing your story has become like a loaf of mildew bread and soon if you do not end this shit soon persons will get diarrhea good luck every day and you do not know what that ass can do to a person so puhleasee stop trying to make more money and end this serial on a good not and worst she is bringing us kundili bhagya if kumkum bhagya was not enough she is going to kill us all for sure lol

  9. This munni drama will take another whole year for them to reveal pragya’s whereabouts cause they bring new twists on same month and end them same month the following year like tanus pregnancy drama,pragyas avatar,abhis memory loss and pragyas death every year new drama and am sure when pragya comes back another twist will be brought up next year july? wait and watch…

  10. @only abhigya r u a regular commentor. first time I am seeing your comments. The perception towards this story was super. keep going

    1. Thanks @naren. I regularly read comments here but I comment for the first time.

  11. i hope that munni is our lovely pragya

  12. i hope that munni is our lovely pragya

  13. Have to agree with many of the comments to this serial. I have never come across such retardation in any serial in all my years. Even Days of our Lives after 25 years was still worth watching but the writers seems to have no vision or logic, they never close off any serial the correct way, remember EKM no one know what ever happen to the mother and the rest of the characters, it just ended bam. You know I used to get upset when the people here in the island laughs at the BW serials but one can understand why. Nothing ever makes sense and if they in this serial killed off Pragya and allow the evil two Tanu and Aliyah to get away with the shit characters they play it tells me that they have absolutely no common sense or vistion.

    1. I don’t know which serial you are talking about sarifa sisy but one thing is sure
      If they don’t bring pragya back then that day these directors can guaranteely close the show and also if they try the look alike of pragya into abhi’s life as pragya nothing is going to change as they have already spoiled a good story into useless crap
      So i think these directors won’t take risk like that hopefully
      Let’s see what is going to happen
      But i am sure this munni is our pragya who should have either memory loss or acting for some hidden reason
      These are the two things that not only me but most of the abhigya fans are guessing
      But lets see what are they going to do

  14. Hi prathiksha sisy
    How are you? Hope your health is good
    What is your thought on kkb regarding friday episode?

    1. Dear mythili I m not taking interest for now in kkb becoz I can’t watch kkb without Pragya’s character. I tried to watch it last week but there was an emptiness in the show becoz of absence of Pragya’s character. Story was looking something else’s. That’s why I m just reading updates, following latest ones and reading viewers views. I m really no more interested in guessing MUNNI is Pragya or not or where is pragya or nowhere? Most of peoples r believing that CVS r playing tricks and MUNNI is Pragya only. I wish their guess will b right so their patience gets succeed. Except it, I can’t say anything about it.

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