Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beeji telling that Pragya needs freedom from all relations. She asks Abhi to sign on the papers and says if you don’t sign on it, then Pragya couldn’t live. Purab asks what do you mean and asks where is she? Beeji says she is at home. Abhi says you are saying this? He says he will divorce Pragya and sign on the papers only after talking to her. Beeji says she don’t want to meet you, and I won’t let you meet her. Abhi says I will meet her even if she don’t want to meet me. Beeji tries to stop her. Abhi says you can take Pragya’s decisions, but not mine. He walks off, although Tanu tries to stop him. Abhi is in car and thinks about Beeji’s words. He thinks Pragya wants to end all relations with me. He thinks about the time spent with her and their emotional, sad

and happy moments. He thinks she can’t do this, she can’t do this with our love. Tanu gets tensed and thinks what will happen now.

Aaliya and Nikhil are having drink and says cheers. Aaliya says she got peace seeing Pragya’s face in kidnapper’s place. Nikhil says Tanu will call us now. Tanu thinks to call them. She calls them and says I called to give bad news. She says Abhi refused to sign on the papers and insisted to meet Pragya. Nikhil asks how can you let him go? Tanu says I tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen and went. Nikhil gets angry. Aaliya asks what is wrong with you. You couldn’t do a little work.
She asks her to get her signatures anyhow. Tanu says Abhi went already. She cuts the call seeing Dadi coming there. Dadi says you were talking to Nikhil naa. Tanu is relieved. Dadi asks if you are behind the divorce papers. Tanu says no, and says divorce papers are brought by Pragya’s dadi. Tanu says Abhi and Pragya’s relation have no future and life, I don’t need to do anything. She says just a wind is enough to end their relation. Dadi goes.

Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and asks where is Pragya? Beeji also comes there. She thinks he will not sign until he meets Pragya. She worries for Pragya. Pragya cries. Pari asks why you are crying? Pragya says if our dear ones are separated then it hurts. Pari asks are you talking about Abhi. Pragya recalls signing on the papers, when Nikhil threatened to kill Pari and kept knife on her neck. A fb is shown. Nikhil asks Pragya to sign on the papers fast and do not forget that knife is on her neck. Fb ends. Pari says Abhi must also be crying there. Pragya thinks if he loves me then he will not sign on the papers. Tu Meri jaan hain plays…………….She is relieved and thinks Abhi will not sign as he is not helpless. She thanks Pari and says she will not cry now. Pari says you are looking like rockstar rocking wife. Pragya thinks Abhi will be sad though. She thinks to inform him somehow that she is kidnapped. She gets an idea.

Abhi asks them to call Pragya. Janki says Pragya went for shopping with Sarla. Abhi says you are lying and says Pragya might be crying somewhere sitting at a corner. He asks them to call Pragya and says he won’t go until she comes back. Abhi sees Pragya’s signature on Pragya and Bulbul’s pic. He says I thought this paper is not of Pragya, but it is hers only. He says if it was easy for her. She forgot love, and asks how can she forget that I love her so much. He cries. Pragya thinks God please show me way. Pari tells Pragya that she wants to go to washroom. Pragya calls goon and tells him that Pari wants to go to washroom. Goon refuses. Pragya says she can’t control and asks him to take her to washroom. Goon agrees. Pragya asks Pari not to get scared and go with goon.

Beeji tells Janki that she can’t see Abhi in this condition, and says she can’t let Pragya in danger. Abhi thinks this is Pragya’s sign, but why did she sign? He thinks she don’t care about my feelings…and went for shopping. Pragya calls Abhi from goon phone. Abhi sees unknown number and disconnects the call. Abhi thinks she has done wrong and don’t care about me. He says if she don’t care about me then I will also not care. If she wants my signs then she have to come to me.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi is emotionally disturbed and asks her to emotionally blackmail him taking baby and her name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Asmitha

    As we know he will sign those papers but after signing what will be next what I am thinking is may there will be arrangements fr tanu abhi wedding what r ur views guys

    • kkb

      even if they sign thy need 2 go 2 court and takes min of 6 months for devorce not lik in kkb 1 blackmail n 1 sign and divorce over
      no logic wht so ever in this crap
      making public fools

    • Pratiksha

      Asmitha even I was wondering that what was the urgency for abhi to signing on divorce papers in just a day? Also on tanu’s pressure!! When he was not ready to sign even after listening so much from pragya’s dadi and after forcing by her a lot!! Even he didn’t concernt about it with his dadi or purab about it. Abhi could wait for more days or time until he meets with . If she is actually with her mother and family so she will return back finally at anytime. But without waiting not anymore days and time, he signed on divorce papers even on that Tanu’s pressure of emotional blackmailing by her baby. Abhi knows it very well that tanu uses her baby everytime to convince him and when abhi also had this doubt that the baby can’t b his. So without getting sure about this fact and without waiting for pragya anymore to talk with her, how abhi got ready just in a day, to signing on the divorce papers? Isn’t it feels weird and strange?

      • asmitha

        Me to thought same when he had doubt about tanu baby then y he signed it pratiksha my main doubt is did pari reached safely r not and one more thing is if she call abhi he will listen her r not r he will be angry on her according to promo she said tanu cheated him and she wants to talk to him after talking only they shown us she is going to hit by car and one more is she escaped from hitting but how they will leave her and what I am thinking is after this drama tanu will manipulate abhi and say against pragya if he will be angry on her then he believe it if not we can hope and they have to show her exposure this week only

  2. Anum


    • Asmithaa


      |Registered Member

      Yes Anum I even read that… Then they would drag the drama.. I think we should create a poll and vote negatively so that he writers would change this stupid track…

    • Che'

      You are 100% Right…… It has gotten so monotonous now that may viewers don’t care if they get together or not. This show is an INSULT to one’s intelligence. It’s Not Entertainment and it needs to go completely OFF the airwaves.

  3. Riyah mehra

    This is getting way out of hand how many times does pragya need to be kidnapped firstly then abhi-pragya love is put to tests upon tests,I think if pragya doesn’t get to him in time then nikhil,aliyah and tanu plan will be a success however abhi should hold on to his words of meeting pragya before signing.the truth must coming out in front of him.I think if he does sign it then this maybe lead to when bulbul comes in at his would plan wedding and exposes everyone and pragya innocence will be proved but she needs to get out of nikhil trap.this is too much dragging and it’s getting boring I can’t wait for the truth but also wants this to go ahead forward into the depth of things

  4. anne

    if thy dont want to end Tanu’s track than viewers must do something so thy wil end the disgusting track dont the person doing tis track feel ashamed wen all the viewers just dont like it

  5. Payal

    Again, Tanu chatters away while everyone else stands idle, except Purab, he makes one comment and stops. Think the show should start revealing the bad, starting from Neal.

  6. Durga

    I have even stopped reading the written updates.. just reading the precaps alone.. I think I’m done with this serial..

  7. Razzy

    Guys it says that while saving pragya abhi will lose his memory and won’t remember his marriage with pragya, If this happens I can see tanu wil take over abhis condition. If this happens I don’t think I will want to see thus anymore. It does not look like tanu episode will end now I think it will take at least another 5 months,

  8. utopia

    Why dont you all stop giving this show even a thought, stop commenting so that the TRP can drop to zero. this is pathetic, how long can a woman suffer? hanging on to a looser like Abhi

  9. Mittenzz

    You call someone you know won’t answer unknown number, send a text instead and attach your name.
    A simple ” Abhi, Help! I’ve been kidnapped. Don’t sign papers…Pragya” could have worked. Then delete the message so goons won’t know you made contact. But no, keep calling despite knowing he won’t pick the call.
    These people are clueless when comes to technology.
    Totally ridiculous show.

    • Sahithi

      Thats expected as writers dont use their brains and hence their characters dont use brains by default. I think its not about technology but rather common sense. And dont even want to think when was the last time a character in this show used it.

  10. anu

    Hey guys anybody read new spoiler. In that spoiler abhi saves Pragya but he met an accident he lost his memory guys he forgot Pragya and his marriage with her. Tanu use this situation. She said to abhi she is his wife. Oh god this is so disgusting guys. Iam so sad about Pragya. She will never happy with abhi she always suffered but now abhi also Pragya what is this stupid twist

  11. Pratiksha

    New on location update- Pragya escapes with pari. She takes an auto an takes pari with her to sheela. Next moment, nikhil and tanu in car, sees pragya outside and they argues with each other. Tanu says to nikhil that this is our last chance so kill pragya. Nikhil gets ready and says something to tamu after which tanu start smirking and smiling. Pragya on the mid of the road, looking here and there, nikhil and tanu comes with their car to hit pragya to killing her. Pragya sees their car coming as hitting her, pragya gets worried and scared, she thinks about abhi’s words that pragya will u never leave me na? Pragya says in her thinking that yes I will never leave u and will live with u. Nikhil’s car about to hit pragya, just then pragya jumps otherside immediately and gets saved by hitting. Sriti’s dupe shooted for jump scene. In one shot, sriti shoots for jump shot of this hitting scene. She jumps very well so directors and crew claps for her. Sriti told to reporters that takhil r trying to kill her and she is trying to save herself as she have to reveal their truth in front of abhi. She says that she has been escaped from kidnappers and now try to reach home but after struggling with kidnappers and in all this mess, she got tired so much so let’s see if she get succeed in saving ownself or not? Reporter asks from sriti that when all this will end? Sriti says ask fr the writers as it is not in our (actors) hand. But they will try to maintain interest and entertain the audience until it’s end. Video link is given by madhu already so guys read it update from here and watch it from madhu’s given link.

    • Pratiksha

      Although scenes r again not in random orders in the on location videos and things also puzzled as in one scene, pari is there with pragya but when takhil tries to hit her by car, pragya wa alone in mid of the road and she was looking here and there so it seems she was looking for convence and Sriti also saying that she was trying to get taxi or auto but it is not providing. But in another scene, pragya gets an auto and leave from there with pari. so we have to wait for today’s segments to get an idea that how the sequences will happen and how pragya will reach to abhi with sheela to expose tanu according to the new promo shoot. Hopefully we will get from there, what we didn’t got from these onlocation videos.

    • Sahithi

      One thing is clear, the last segment where Pragya was seen running from goons and stopping in front of a car seeing someone, that is for the promo currently airing. So the ppl she saw in car is now clarified as Tanu Nikhil from today OLV. So in actual episode accident won’t happen, as per next promo that is being shot Pragya brought Sheela n telling truth to Abhi. This promo ending with that car is the keep ppl guessing if Pragya will meet accident or escape. But in OLV it’s clear she is not hurt, mostly.

      Also like when someone auditioned for Champak, news came Nikhil is being replaced. Similarly m thinking memory loss would be apt for Bulbul than Abhi or Pragya. After her fall Bulbul has chances for that and may be that news is being interpreted as memory loss for leads. Also once Tanu track ends next thing to happen ideally is Bulbul comeback, n if she forgets her marriage to Purab, Purab himself n also Abhi n that her sis is married to Abhi, Aaliya n her enmity with Aaliya, that I feel will be interesting.

      But let us see..

  12. Jesithra

    Omg…I watched this serial since from the the 1st episod…till today..but now going to stop watching… really not worth watching this serial…such a stupid story..

  13. Pratiksha

    Guys in yesterday’s episode, did anyone noticed that when abhi was checking the signature of pragya on divorce papers from the signatories of that photoframe which was on the wall, then I saw that pragya signed on divorce papers as pragya arora but it should b pragya mehra na. Becoz as much I know, pragya is abhi’s wife until divorce proceessure gets finished so on the papers pragya’s sign should as pragya mehra but pragya signed on it as pragya arora. I mean writing is pragya’s but signatures r wrong. So how it can b valid even after signing the abhi? Ya it will b another thing if it will b another mistake of editing and later CVS will show us her signature later as pragya mehra on the divorce papers. Another thing is that pragya’s dadi gave an indirect hint in her nervousness, even purab caught it and tried to find the hidden thing betit but it also got waste. Another time when abji goes to meet with pragya at sarla maa’s home then also pragya’s dadi had a chance to tell about pragya’s kidnapping to abhi brcoz there was no body to listwn them except abhi, pragya’s dadi and janki ammaa but they lost this chance also. When pragya called abhi then abhi himself lost a chance to find out pragya. And what was abhi’s dadi was thinking that they went to tanu and asked from her about pragya? Really stupid it was. Now as we know that now thrpugh aaliya’s suggestion, tanu will get sucessfull in taking abhi’s sign on the papers and we know how? My baby, our baby, it’s future blah- blah- blah…. Accprding to today’s onlocation update, pragya will get saved from kidnappers and from takhil too and according to the new promo shoot, she will reach mehra house with sheela to expose tanu. Sriti was not ready to tell about it anything clearly as she is not allowed to tell about it’s end but we know that end of the next week or starting of next to next week hopefully we will see that new promo seen where pragya will bring sheela to expose tanu and sheela will reveal tanu’s truth to abhi. But before it, pragya have to struggle a lot to reach for the abhi. Well let’s see.

    • shobana

      Yup I noticed it prathiksha, one more thing when RS dadi initially showed papers to him the sign was Pragya Mehra . I don’t know how the sign has changed yesterday as Pragya Arora.

      Yesterday I feel that they have wasted one full episode they showed nothing the story stand in the same place where day before yesterday stands. I must really appreciate the writers since they are expert in dragging as well as has the talent to retain their viewers.
      As sahithi said one thing is cleared from today OLV/ updates that Pragya escaped from accident and Tanu and Nikhil was in the car. But still lot of confusions like how Pragya will reach abhi along with Sheela. I think for that we have to wait for sometime.

    • Pavithra

      Pratiksha.. Pragya will prove Abhi about takhil.But the latest spoiler is that Abhi will lose his memory after knowing the truth as he meets with an accident. He will forget Pragya and his marriage and remember only Tanu.

  14. shit

    Abe aur kitna khichega be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lilly

    f**k every one who writes the f**ken story I bet that soon abhi will lose his memory and not rember his fuggi u know why because this show is f**ken shit

  16. hema

    If abi..got memory loss the serial..will be worst…if pragya got memory loss then it will be.some what interesting because abhi will care..about pragya.. Why the writers don’t have brain?

  17. hammad

    I was a big fan of KKB but now i dont know that why the directors of this drama are making this too long i just hope that as soon abhigya will meet and live 4ever and the disgusting tanu will get out from their live

  18. tanvi

    i donnt know why m feeling that abhi’s memory loss spoiler is true..m feeling scared…and i m not happy with the way tanu is going to exposed…it doesn’t sound good…i would have been nice if her every crime get exposed like alia’s…

  19. Pratiksha

    Today’s segments update with it’s links-
    Pragya manages to escape from the kidnappers along with Pari. They are trying to find a rickshaw or taxi so Pragya go meet Abhi and tell him the truth. Nikhil & Tanu spot Pragya on the road and attempt to run her over. Pragya tries to dodge the car about to hit her and ends up falling on the ground.

    Pragya will survive the accident & Nikhil Tanu will speed off to escape getting caught.

    One scene shows Pragya and Pari finally stopping a rickshaw & getting in it.

    Sriti & her body double are applauded and praised for their stunt display. The director is shown coming to Sriti & shaking hands with her.

    NEW TWIST: SBB video has the reporter mention that another twist in the tale will be Tanu Nikhil meeting an accident & Pragya being Pragya takes them to the hospital. ( God knows how much this is true becoz leena says that they speed off from there after getting fail in hitting pragya)

    Offscreen INT, Sriti: Sriti shares about escaping the kidnappers how somebody wanting to kill her & it’s pretty guessable who it is and how Pragya doesn’t want to die but reach Abhi & tell him the truth. Sriti is asked when all this will end & she laughs & again points towards the writers. In SBS interview Sriti mentions how she enjoys shooting at Film City in rainy weather & relishes the tea & snacks they get to eat while shooting. When asked about being applauded for the stunt she says it’s fun shooting such scenes & jumping around & it’s more fun when harnesses are involved. Sriti also mentions that they usually shoot inside the house so outdoor shoots & enjoyable and fun. Sriti says actors have the easiest life on sets & it’s behind the scene crew that faces more difficult.

    Offscreen INT, Nikhil Leena: Leena just mentions about their attempt to kill Pragya and how they fail and speed off after that. Nikhil is joking around a bit.

    SBB: http://youtu.be/zHMOELYk9BU

    SBS: http://youtu.be/_TD16bqrozs

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/9BCcLy9ICds

    BTDD: http://youtu.be/g5NJckHTVho

    • asmitha

      Pratiksha will they expose tanu r not it and one thing I didn’t understand is if they both escaped from kidnappers then only y pragya is seen by nikhil tanu and if pragya handovers pari to sheela then what is the need to see a vehicle fr reach abhi by alone she can simply go with sheela directly r from sheela she can inform to abhi r purab

      • Pratiksha

        Asmitha that’s the same question which is roaming in my mind also that in one scene, pari was there with pragya but in accident scene, pragya was alone. What happened between all this or how the sequences will b happen, it is not clear in any in location video and not in any segment. And this is all the trick to keep maintain the suspense of the story until it’s end. So we have to wait and watch it in episode. I can’t say still surely that how pragya will reach to abhi but according to new promo shoot, she will finally reach with sheela to expose tanu in front of abhi and it should b happen at the end of this upcoming week or starting of next to next week, becoz that accident promo is yet to b aired. But becoz of new promo shoot, we got to know at least thisuch that pragya will finally get successful in reaching to abhi. So let’s see.

  20. Ruby

    Please end tanu nikil chapter when will abhi know tanu’s truth, in the begning the serial was so interesting but now it become boaring if anybody tell the truth to abhi and make abhi and pragya together and start their life happy again please please please ……………..

  21. fawez

    I think the writer is taking the audiences for fools r he has no more ideas if its so thus ask for.

  22. prem

    Frnds there are lots of rumours going on….. memoryloss is most hightlight one…

    What u think guys.. r u like or intrested the track memerylose(abhi or pragya)

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