Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab and Pragya bringing Bulbul downstairs to the marriage altar. Aaliya is shocked to see her alive and says she has to die so that I get married to Purab. Purab tells her that he would have taken her life if she was not Abhi’s sister. He says this marriage will happen at any cost and I will see how do you stop this marriage. Pandit ji says one hour is left for mahurat. Purab tries to wake her up. Abhi tells Purab to take her to Doctor first and he can marry later. Dadi apologizes to the guests and says this marriage will not happen.

Pragya comes out to go with Sarla. Sarla asks her to take care of Abhi. Purab also says the same asking her to take care of Abhi as he is alone. Aaliya argues with Abhi and says it is brother’s duty to give happiness to his sister,

but my brother snatched my happiness. It is all waste….Abhi says I took care of every needs, I was hungry but made you eat. Aaliya says I am missing my mom and dad. She says our parents will be pain to see their own son becoming daughter’s big enemy. Dadi slaps her and says I did your upbringing, but Abhi took care of our every wish and needs. She says I told Abhi not to over pamper Aaliya, and it will hurt him. Abhi would say that he will give his life if she asks for. Dadi says you have hurt everyone.

Aaliya says can’t you see my pain. Why he is not getting Purab for me? She says Abhi cares for Pragya and that’s why getting her sister married to my Purab. He just pretends to be caring for me, but he really cares Pragya and her family. Abhi asks her to stop it and says you said that I was just feigned to care you all this while. He says he won’t repeat his mistake twice. He says you don’t deserve my love and don’t care for anyone’s love or this family or house. He says that’s why I, Abhishek Mehra, the owner of this house asking you to get out of my house. He asks her not to show her face again to him. Pragya asks Abhi not to take any wrong decision in a hurry. Abhi reminds her not to forget whatever she has done with Bulbul. Pragya says relations can’t end just like that and it ends with death. She asks him to forgive her and says she forgave Aaliya.

Abhi tells Aaliya that Pragya has forgiven her, but I can’t forgive her. He says Aaliya might kill him and dadi if she stays here and asks her to get out else……He pushes her asking her to get out. Pragya pleads to him asking to stop. Dadi calls Abhi to stop. She tells don’t throw her out of house as she is a girl. She says she had promised their parents to take care of them. Abhi says I can’t forgive her and will definitely punish her. Dadi says I am always with your decision, but can’t support her any longer. I will support my family today and can’t see it breaking. She apologizes and requests him not to kick Aaliya out. Abhi asks her not to fold hands and melts down seeing dadi’s tears. He gets teary eyed and agrees to let Aaliya stay on her insistence. He says I will punish her surely and her punishment is that there will be no relation between us. She will be just stranger for me, and asks her not to come infront of him. Everyone looks on.

In the night, Pragya asks Abhi to sleep. Abhi says he is not getting sleep and he has forget to count the stars. Pragya says how can you forget it being a rockstar. Abhi asks her to leave him alone. Pragya says I won’t you leave you, else you will go in depression. Abhi asks why do you want to take care of me and cares me so much. Pragya says she is doing this for Dadi. Abhi says everyone just pretends to care me. He says if you are leaving me and going, then why you are caring me. Who am I to you? Pragya struggles for words. Abhi asks who am I? Pragya is silent. Abhi says I know that you don’t care for me. I married you, but didn’t give you wifey rights. He says I learnt an important thing in life that we shall not love anyone so much so that we get pain later when they leave.

Pragya asks Abhi to be her friend and forwards her hand. Abhi hugs her emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think Purbi will come back for revenge out of Pragya nd her family. I m waiting for next episodes…………

  2. I like d jodi of shabbir(abhi) n sriti(pragya) !!

  3. Hate the promo…

  4. luv d precap!!!

  5. chup chap serial dekho na.is it important to throw so many comments here???don’t have u people work??

    1. if you want see the comments you have no rights about the people commenting in this site mind it tanisha you are not suppose to tell us shut up first you shut up and see the serial its our wish to comment or not to comment again shut up tanisha shut up

  6. johny johny go to hell

  7. may be u r one who don’t have work that s why it has hit directly u..haha….bye losers…

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