Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab and Pragya bringing Bulbul downstairs to the marriage altar. Aaliya is shocked to see her alive and says she has to die so that I get married to Purab. Purab tells her that he would have taken her life if she was not Abhi’s sister. He says this marriage will happen at any cost and I will see how do you stop this marriage. Pandit ji says one hour is left for mahurat. Purab tries to wake her up. Abhi tells Purab to take her to Doctor first and he can marry later. Dadi apologizes to the guests and says this marriage will not happen.

Pragya comes out to go with Sarla. Sarla asks her to take care of Abhi. Purab also says the same asking her to take care of Abhi as he is alone. Aaliya argues with Abhi and says it is brother’s duty to give happiness to his sister,

but my brother snatched my happiness. It is all waste….Abhi says I took care of every needs, I was hungry but made you eat. Aaliya says I am missing my mom and dad. She says our parents will be pain to see their own son becoming daughter’s big enemy. Dadi slaps her and says I did your upbringing, but Abhi took care of our every wish and needs. She says I told Abhi not to over pamper Aaliya, and it will hurt him. Abhi would say that he will give his life if she asks for. Dadi says you have hurt everyone.

Aaliya says can’t you see my pain. Why he is not getting Purab for me? She says Abhi cares for Pragya and that’s why getting her sister married to my Purab. He just pretends to be caring for me, but he really cares Pragya and her family. Abhi asks her to stop it and says you said that I was just feigned to care you all this while. He says he won’t repeat his mistake twice. He says you don’t deserve my love and don’t care for anyone’s love or this family or house. He says that’s why I, Abhishek Mehra, the owner of this house asking you to get out of my house. He asks her not to show her face again to him. Pragya asks Abhi not to take any wrong decision in a hurry. Abhi reminds her not to forget whatever she has done with Bulbul. Pragya says relations can’t end just like that and it ends with death. She asks him to forgive her and says she forgave Aaliya.

Abhi tells Aaliya that Pragya has forgiven her, but I can’t forgive her. He says Aaliya might kill him and dadi if she stays here and asks her to get out else……He pushes her asking her to get out. Pragya pleads to him asking to stop. Dadi calls Abhi to stop. She tells don’t throw her out of house as she is a girl. She says she had promised their parents to take care of them. Abhi says I can’t forgive her and will definitely punish her. Dadi says I am always with your decision, but can’t support her any longer. I will support my family today and can’t see it breaking. She apologizes and requests him not to kick Aaliya out. Abhi asks her not to fold hands and melts down seeing dadi’s tears. He gets teary eyed and agrees to let Aaliya stay on her insistence. He says I will punish her surely and her punishment is that there will be no relation between us. She will be just stranger for me, and asks her not to come infront of him. Everyone looks on.

In the night, Pragya asks Abhi to sleep. Abhi says he is not getting sleep and he has forget to count the stars. Pragya says how can you forget it being a rockstar. Abhi asks her to leave him alone. Pragya says I won’t you leave you, else you will go in depression. Abhi asks why do you want to take care of me and cares me so much. Pragya says she is doing this for Dadi. Abhi says everyone just pretends to care me. He says if you are leaving me and going, then why you are caring me. Who am I to you? Pragya struggles for words. Abhi asks who am I? Pragya is silent. Abhi says I know that you don’t care for me. I married you, but didn’t give you wifey rights. He says I learnt an important thing in life that we shall not love anyone so much so that we get pain later when they leave.

Pragya asks Abhi to be her friend and forwards her hand. Abhi hugs her emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. reallly very nice episd frndzz but aaaliya must be sent out frm the house
    scene 3 s really nice waiting eagerly fr tmrw episode frndZz ?

  2. susi...

    Sema acting aliya and abhi….
    After a long time ….abhigya..ka pure love scene nd emotional huggy…waiting eargerly for tomorrow episode…..

  3. Dadi has cleared to abhi that she will not support abhi by going against her family union. Guys don’t u think this is a hint to abhi for future.

      • I mean to say dadi’s words r clear hint for abhi and also for us that if dafi will get to know about tabhi’s relationship and about her baby from abhi then she will not accept and allow for this relationship whether pragya lives in the house or not becoz dadi knows very well that tanu is a kind of girl who can never keep family united and take a good care of them becoz she is so selfish and far from family values. Dadi knows it also that if tanu will come as a daughter-in-law of the house, she will definetly ruin family’s union and love, and dadi can’t see her family divided as she said in yesterday’s episode.

      • No PRIYA I m not sure for dadi will let pragya leave or not if the abortion promo will happen becoz abortion thing is very unforgivable. I m saying dadi won’t allow and accept tabhi’s relationship whether pragya leaves the house or not.becoz from the day first dadi don’t like tanu. She was tolerate her in the house only becoz she was aaliya’s best friend.

  4. kowsi

    Pls writters for god sake end the tanu charac….really super episode…precap really awsm…wait for tmrw episode….any new updates

  5. riya

    Wow super epi….
    Guys aliya panna prblm le abhi pragya evaloo mukkiyam nu terujukitan…
    Tanu truth comes out na.. abhi pragya va ennum love panna panniruvaan…. eppavum miss pannave kudadunu nanappan…

  6. shruti

    blo*dy….serial….is serial me koi v apna pyar nhi milega….frst of all aakash brother case hs nt yt solved.secnd purvi s case yet to b slvd.tanu case too r delayed..n bulbul ki shaadi do baar tut gyi…kya sab pagal he is serial ki producer director..faltu serial…bulbul ki shaadi nhi hogi ////////////…….

  7. MaxRoyal

    RUBBISH! Aaliya is not well! She certainly has had a break with reality and needs psychological care and counselling. This is not the time to send her out of the house without a strong support system. I have never seen any sane person try to reason with someone who is clearly not thinking and acting rationally. Which sane person would stand in front of a room of people and confess to murder. PLEASE! Watching this and yesterday’s episode just gives me cause for concern about how we treat persons who have lost touch with reality and what they are doing, more so in these serials that have the opportunity to deal with some serious issues but waters them down or dismiss them for the sake of DRAMA.

    Selfishness is one thing, but Aaliya did not even try to protect herself by ensuring her “evil” deeds were not found out or make quality excuses like a competent psychopath would. She always had a clear sense of consequences, but here she just went with the flow – from one bad decision and action to a worse set. Aaliya lost it a long time ago, but no one wanted to believe that could, would and had happened, so they just chose to believe she had changed for the better and not the worse. She needs help not rejection. Maybe now the worse has happened she will, but if thrown out she will get worse and do even more damage. That may be the writers’ plans. 🙂

    BTW!! What happen to Tanu and Nikhil?

    • santya

      WIll b back right after aaliya story….take turn…haahhaha…one devil gone,anither will come…just b patient mr/ms max royal….

      (SOrry,im not sure what gender are u with ur nick name)

  8. what is keeping abhi and pragya apart they are already married why cannot they make love to each other and consummate the marriage once and for all tanu is not pregnant for abhi so why abhi is going to get married to her this serial is just a lot of crap

    • rock

      i am also getting annoyed wid abigya not together..abigya scene in this episode was “CRYBABY MODE”…..they both love each other and neither of them knows the fact that another one too loves him/her…..come on No 2 grown adults will be unaware of their partner’s such true feeling..but way abhi and pragya are reacting after all this is total dumbness & highly unpractical even teenage lovers will understand this

  9. in all these serials is always the same old same old storylines there must be someone who is evil and mental and loves to work black magic come on writers we deserve better more true to life/realistic scripts something is definitely wrong with you writers you just writing the same storyline for all these serials and that is what making them monotonous and boring

  10. Hazel

    after dis all the aliya’s master plan should be exposed too like kidnapping and with dat dis also should be revealed out dat tanu was her partner in every crime in dat pragya’s fake mms also….. plzzz writer White exposing plzzz do expose their each n every negative move….

  11. sheetha

    Precap awesome.. Yesterday I told know guys sure we will have abigya moments.. Waiting for todays episode ??…

  12. I know u all r liking the aaliya:s exposure episode but did u guys assumed in yesterday’s episode that when pragya was trying to stop abhi not to let aaliya go out and she was requesting him to forgive aaliya. I thought that why this can’t happen with purvi also. I mean when aaliya could forgave for almost killing bulbul then why not purvi who even never think about it. I know purvi didn’t prove innocent but like aaliya she can also forgive by everyone. Dadi says to abhi that don’t let her go,she is a girl and u have blood relationship with her and this can’t b break until death, even pragya says this also. Purvi also is a girl and she had no one except her mother who lives with pragya’s family. So why everyone had let her go alone and what it means purvi was not forgivable becoz she was not related to their blood. This is so unlogical.

    • Chithu

      yeah …But when Purvi was sent out first time..Pragya was not there in home..when it was proved 2nd time..Purvi herself decided to go out…

      Also Nikki, i feel the sequence will be back to original track once Tanu returned… I think, Pragya is telling this abortion thing as she wants to protect Abhi..as Abhi is already in bad situation now..if the truth comes out, Dadi will also start hating him , which will leave him all alone..so to avoid that Pragya is taking the things on her…after this Aliya’s thing, i can relate why Pragya was deciding to go with abortion idea…

      what do you think??

      • I think same as u said even I wants to share this before but anyways yes I too feel that pragya will take this step due to dadi’s words in yesterday’s episode where she was telling to abhi that she has always supported him but not then when it will about my family’s union.

      • Chithu

        One more thing..what i felt..let me know if you guys felt the same 🙂 when Abhi was telling that he has learnt that we shouldn’t show more love towards one person or be more close to a person, that we will get affected when they reject the love or they left us… I felt, that dialogue is only for Pragya and not Aaliya though the situation was becoz of Aaliya..

    • shruthi

      Nikki u r crt… purvi is not stoped by anyone..
      Yesterday aliya truth came out future tanu truth come out( one day ) but i want mitali truth also be come out.. she is only responsible of her husband in jail.. and also she a culprit of pragya fake mms and kidnap.. she already tried bulbul muder plan for aliya.. . Nowadays y metali was meltali was good .. if she good now means her past to be forgotable… abhi give punishment to aliya means metali also get pushnrnt know…

      • rock

        writers write according to actor’s schedule…may be purvi character (charu mehra) wanted long time off..so they did like that..otehrwise no reason for purvi to be scapegoat…same may be case with RAJ mehra aka Anurag sharma

    • rock

      thats for sure..unless how will they drag this serial..i wont be surprised if aliya marries corporator and plots against abhigya

    • rock

      ya they will make nice evil couple..i hope avi and pragya reunites and these 2 will plot against them like in old fashion movies

  13. Chithu

    Also, i feel if they decide to bring Aaliya against Abhi… then she may try to get all his properties …. as Abhi’s dialogue “Mey Abhishek Mehra the owner of this house” would have affected her more 🙂

    • Ya chithu. Sriti told in past interview that in future there will b property division track and I think only aaliya can ask for property, no one else becoz she is abhi’s own sister and all property belongs to abhi, no one else. So no one can demand for it.

    • No yaar not yet. I m scared for upcoming episodes becoz Leena have started her shooting, so tanu’s blackmailing abhi for marriage drama will start again and abortion promo is also on the way. So I m worried what will happen with pragya.

      • Priya $

        I too very scared nikki c no new videos updates nothing it only making me more scary. C v don’t know wat s going to happen next. Even a single hint v r not getting. I think writer planning sumthing big. Don’t know it’s gud r bad.

      • They r planning big or not I can’t say but one thing is sure they doesn’t want to reveal anything about upcoming sequences or may b they haven’ t shooting for the big, yet becoz shabbir’s trip, may b they will about to shoot or now busy in shoot for this. Before it have done their shoot with other cast for some scenes. Becoz if anything big is about to happen in the show then SBS,SBB peoples definetly informs us in their shows like always but they didn’t yet so I hope nothing big is happen yet.

  14. Priya $

    So many confusions so many twists. How many times they stopped this bulbul track. I think lena was not there so only they dragg this marriage episode more again they r going to arrange marriage for bulbul. Oh noo tat time only promo scene ll come I think so. Don’t know wat this tanu devil going to do. Where did tat Nikil gone. Still tat DNA report didn’t came. On abortion scene if it come means it ll b awesome. But writers won’t do tat

  15. Hazel

    Yaa guyz u r saying right dat property diversion track will be shown in future but it will nt be created by aliya it will be done by nikhil as tanu wants to marry abhi due to dis all reason n as shown in the promo nikhil’s big competition is abhi….. so nw lets see who will bring dis track aliya or nikhil??

      • Hazel

        No what i mean to say is dat tanu always keep on saying dat she will marry Only abhi n wen nikhil ask her dat y she want to marry abhi wat he’s having Which he dsnt have den tanu told dat he will give her secure future…. so i thnk dat nikhil will ruin abhi by talking his name n fame as he is a producer he can do dat…. n wen abhi will become jobless (nt getting any work ) den abhi will nt hav any option accept to sell out his property

      • Ya this could b happen and u r saying abhi could b sold out his property becoz of no work but property division is another thing.

      • Hazel

        Nw lets see ekta can do anything…. may be abhi will left with non of his property to sell …. like shwn in shivaji the boss… he will be shatered by any terms

    • sheetha

      good quest @ rock… i got answer from wiki .. Daljeet Mehra… and her real name Daljeet Soundh …

      • rock

        thank u so much..this question was bothering me for so long..but i have never heard this name in shows as i watched each and every episode but never heard this name..i also saw in wiki i thought this name is of that tauji

  16. Guys does anyone see thapki pyaar ki show? I was changing channel and then I saw this serial on colors. Hero of this show was proposing to heroine of the show and guys the way he was proposing to her and their romantic scenes omggg…wowww..I m really impressed. Such a romantic proposal and confession, full of love and passion. After see this I thought and i wish ,kaashh… We could see this type of confession of love and romance between abhigya soon.

    • Very nice scene nikki. Seeing that serial too in that thapki will be stammering but her brave things each and each thing they wil show. Ya yesterday only he proposed very nice. Yesterday abhigya scene too nice. Nice question abhi asked to pragya. Waiting for tdy epi and no new updates regarding kumkum bhagya alone.

      • Now after pragya’s acceptance of friendship, I think abhi got a hope that he could convince her also for staying in the house like this. He is so smart, he knows very well that pragya is so emotional and if she cares for him then she will definetly say something like which will give him peace and comfort. So he was blackmailing her emotionally by saying those words by which pragya felt restless and for consoling alone abhi, she offered him for friendship.

      • Chithu

        ha ha..yeah Nikki..in this critical moment also, he managed to do his duty of convincing Pragya towards him :):)

    • TP

      Hi Nikki!

      I watch that show too! Love it! I hope Thapki eventually realizes how much shes worth and accepts Dhuruvs proposal. They make an awesome couple!

  17. maya

    hi frends, this is me maya!!! plz anyone help—- how is this all related??? tanu’s truth revealed, abhigya’s romance, property division track, abortion drama, purvi coming back (dont know whether as positive or negative) and is there anything else i m missing……i have started this show from the tym of tanu’s pregnancy drama……i cant understand much…..can anyone help???

    • sheetha

      tanus truth, property division are upcoming and purvi is our guess… i think u got confused seeing comments..

      • maya

        i have often seen even for a short twist, they take longer than usual for eg–mms drama, kidnapping, alia’s plan…..so how long will they take with tanu’s pregnancy??? i m dying to see abhigya’ romance…. once i see them together, maybe i will get some peace……all these characters just eat my head!!!

  18. vj

    Is purvi coming bk???negative or positive? on Whom will she take revenge?will alia be thrashed again if abhi comes to know the truth about the kidnap incident?this is breaking my head.plz Come to a conclusion.

      • maya

        that corporator is more important than purvi i think…..just kick off that nikhil if he cant speed up with revealing tanu’s pregnancy…..i liked old tanu better than this…

  19. sheetha

    Aaliya Takes Revenge From Abhi revealing Abhi-Pragya’s Truth
    Abhi breaks his relationship with
    Aaliya in Kumkum Bhagya
    Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya is gearing up for high voltage drama which brought a big difference between Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) and Aliya (Shikha Singh).
    Abhi knows about his sister Aaliya’s obsessive love for Purab (Arjit Taneja) and slaps her for harming Bulbul(Mrunal Thakur).
    Abhi breaks his relation with Aaliya on thinking that Aaliya might realize her mistake.
    But he gets surprised not see guiltiness in Aaliya’s eyes. Aaliya becomes enemy of her own brother Purab Aaliya is not ready to forget Purab and thinks that Abhi is responsible of all this,Aaliya makes a plan to take revenge on Abhi by revealing the truth of Abhi and
    Pragya (Sriti Jha) marriage before everyone.
    how will Dadi and Sarla maa (Supriya Shukla) react to know Abhi and Pragya’s relationship

  20. oh pls writers,take that abortion promo and property division track,both of them will decrease ur trps pls dont make ths serial unfit for watching.pls dont make us feel that we have wasted our time watching this serial for so long.precap is awesome. and i wish praya doesnt behave rude to anyone.that doesnt suit her at all.i luv abhi.abi ,ur the best.what say guys????

  21. /nanga vandita inda serial eh amma appa kitaa kenita ,pakkarum.engolode request eh koduma pannadhinge.naa tv pakkrade aramanneram,adhala kude ivlo problems,abba mudiyala.

  22. Soma Roy

    I think Purbi will come back for revenge out of Pragya nd her family. I m waiting for next episodes…………

  23. tanisha

    chup chap serial dekho na.is it important to throw so many comments here???don’t have u people work??

    • john

      if you want see the comments you have no rights about the people commenting in this site mind it tanisha you are not suppose to tell us shut up first you shut up and see the serial its our wish to comment or not to comment again shut up tanisha shut up

  24. tanisha

    may be u r one who don’t have work that s why it has hit directly u..haha….bye losers…

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