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The Episode starts with Tanu asking Raj why he is sitting idle and not helping Aaliya come out of jail. Raj says what shall I do? Shall I tell Police that we are also with Aaliya and arrest us. Tanu asks him not to say anything like that, and says if she goes to jail then her baby will born in jail. Raj says he has decided about himself and warns her not to come behind him else he will give proofs to Pragya against her. Tanu gets tensed. Dadi tells Pragya that it is her first win. Purab says Tanu’s truth should also come out. Pragya says she is not alone and says third partner is with her. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to concentrate on her mission. She asks her to promise and asks her to inform them about her planning. Purab says the same. Pragya promises and says we have to keep an

eye on Tanu. Dadi says I think she will not meet her partner. Pragya says we have to keep her away from Abhi else he will come in her talks. Aaliya comes to talk to Tanu and says she has been waiting for them. She asks where is Raj? Tanu tells her that Raj refused to help her. Aaliya asks her to do something to free her. Tanu asks her to trust her and have patience. Tanu says I am tensed as Pragya is keeping an eye on me, and says Raj will not help us. Aaliya says she will do something to Pragya and will try to make her suicide. Tanu asks her not to talk that in police station else she will be hanged for Bulbul’s murder. Tanu says Pragya’s target might be me, and you got trapped. She says she might not know about Nikhil and me. Aaliya asks her to do something. Tanu says okay and leaves.

Pragya asks Abhi why he didn’t have coffee? Abhi says I was lost. Pragya says she will heat the coffee again. Abhi says I was thinking about you and says I have decided to walk on your way. He asks her to explain what she feels for him. Abhi says you said that few things can be explained in a simple manner and asks him to clear his confusion. Pragya says everything is simple. Abhi says everything is complicated and asks her to make him understand, and tell him what she feels for him. Pragya says what a girl, wife, boss feels for a rockstar. She goes to bring coffee. Abhi asks her to come back with an answer. Raj thinks Pragya is alerted and will check everything in detail. He thinks to keep an eye on her. He comes to her and thanks her for bringing out Aaliya’s truth. He says I can’t think that Aaliya would do such a thing. Tanu hears them. Raj asks her not to feel alone and says I am with you. Tanu says Raj has changed the party. Pragya says this fight is mine only and I can’t risked anyone’s life. She thanks him. Raj thinks to search a way to take Pragya in his words. Tanu thinks to inform Aaliya about Raj. Pragya says Abhi wants to share his feelings with her, but she is helpless. Abhi thinks he will not give her a chance to think and asks why she is hiding. Pragya says I wasn’t hiding. She shows the fuggi toy and asks who is she? Abhi says she is my fuggi. Pragya shows the rockstar toy, and asks him to get answer from his fuggi. Abhi talks to fuggi toy and says he will not ask Pragya now. Pragya sees him hidingly and thinks to tell him about her feelings for him.

Tanu comes to Raj and says so this was your plan. I couldn’t think that you will please Pragya. Raj says he is a practical man and asks her to think what to do. He asks her not to talk to him again. Tanu says you should help me, but you are betraying us. Mitali comes. Raj tells her that Tanu is troubling him. Mitali asks her to wait for her sin’s pot to break and go to jail, and till then stay away from her husband. Tanu wonders how will Pragya talk with her.

Pragya comes to meet Aaliya in jail, and acts to sympathize with her. She says I am really feeling bad for you. You can’t share your pain with anyone except these mosquitoes. Aaliya asks her to get inside and free her. Pragya says you are acting smart. She says she has brought a deal for her. Aaliya asks what? Pragya says I can get you out of jail, but needs a small info. She asks her to tell the name of the person who was helping her in ruining Abhi. Aaliya says that’s why you have done this and refuses to tell her anything. Pragya says she will make her life miserable inside, and asks Inspector to give her all the details of the persons who came to meet her?

Abhi asks Pragya to stay away from him. Pragya looks tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. There is a new segment where Tanu is planning something big so she is taking Nikhil’s help. Tanu comes to meet Nikhil and Pragya follows her to see who is the father of Tanu’s baby. Pragya sees Tanu and Nikhil come so she hides in the trunk. I think she will get locked in the car.

  2. y did abhi spoke like tht in precap…???

  3. superb meetin in jail yaar
    wats in precap? cant understand
    y s he tellin lyk tat????

  4. Average episode.. bt precap cant believe. . Abhi saying pragya to stay away from him.. still he is in very confused mind about pragya .. poor abhi dont be to emotional. . Enough of abhigya’s emotional aspects. . Soon bring some romance btwn them. .

  5. After watching today’s episode, I assumed that CVS r keeping balance maintain between everything in the show from now, specially between team pragya and team aaliya. Everything is going logically except abhigya’s relationship’s and scenes. Abhi’s confusion and madness is making me mad with him. What wesaw himyestwrday and what we saw him today? Totally different atitude and behavior but one thing is same and that is his confusion regarding pragya,which has not cleared yet. Precap was another face of his confused behavior. Now what pragya will do for making his mood fine. May b it is his another trick to know pragya’s feelings from tedha way like he was saying to pragya that now he will opt that tedha way means indirect way. Or whatever he did in precap but still confusing. Anyways now looks like war is going to b breathtaking and it will give us final conclusion.

  6. Where is tanu baby bump what is she making an elephant so long she’s been pregnant not sure even a baby bump we don’t even she her going for doctor check ups or nun

    1. VEEZ Devnarain


  7. Anyone plz explain me the precap guys

  8. I think aliya will meet purbi in jail and they will be unite to revenge pragya family

    1. Anisha purvi mite not unite wid alia coz she was labelled as a thief by alia herself….she mite try to get n pass info to prays maybe,….

  9. interesting episode

  10. Abhi pragya kà phir she jhagada ho gaya.

  11. I think Aliya will meet purvi and they might be together.in kumkumbhagya all the characters will easily believe aaliya.bcoz we had already seen a lot here like these only

  12. Tanu will meet nikhil in upcoming episodes and pargya will follow her but she cant really see nikhils face but she will jump at the back of the car..so i think she will be locked in the car

    1. How Stupid of Her….

  13. I hope she follow tanu where ever she goes

  14. Non sense

  15. Raj also is trying to plot against pragya and abhi.
    Raj is way smarter than aliya and tanu.
    He is trying to get along with pragya in order to know her plans and to backfire them.

  16. Happy pongal guys 🙂

  17. y abhi said lik tat..? I dnt watch the episode.. any guess..? pratiksha.? sahiti.? nivi .? bt cvs ll drag to bring tanu’s truth.. fr sure tis ll happn.. I thnk abhi tot bad abt pragya I mean he s in confusion.. he s in a dilemma of mogambo n fuggi

    1. As I said he is totally confusing guy. From the day one of the show, he is the only one whose agendas and feelings never cleared. May b this time, his behavior means towards pragya in precap becoz of his frustration of not getting exact reply from her or may b he is using an indirect way like he said to pragya tedha rasta to know about her feelings for him becoz she is not confessing her feelings for him through direct questioning so may b he is thinking that if she feels for him so she can’t live without him and far from him and she will come to him to make his mood fine or may b she will confess her feelings for him becoz of fear and pain of losing him and his love. I have only these two reasons of his behavior towards pragya in precap and only two these reasons I feels or if something else so I don’t know? Let’s see.

    2. I don’t think there is any confusion from Abhi’s side, though he portrays it that way. With everyone else it is different but with Pragya he behaves differently. He wants to hear it from her mouth. And as he was saying yesterday, he knows she has to come back to the same room, and he knows that the more he keeps asking her repeatedly, at some point she says something. She generally cant hide her feelings for long. One of them will come back to hug n end of their fight n friction. In fact as he told Purab, he likes fighting with Pragya, again n again.

      These days it has become routine for the writers to bring some conflict between Pragya n Abhi where he will say I will not speak to u, will move away from u. But for some other reason, will come again close. Last time, after the show down in hospital for Bulbul bills, he again started speaking n moving around with her to catch Vijay.

      If this time, he says I will move away from u, he might help Pragya again while she was following Tanu or going after Nikhil.

      I find these fights also very sweet where they keep coming back to each other and cant stay away for long.

    3. navi i think so it ll b asusual fyt
      y im sayi s abhi wnt b normal without talkin to pragya
      they hav an invisible connection between them bt im highly worried bcoz of abhi’s behaviour
      he s still in confused state hz cum our pragya can tolerate him til d end?????
      tats y she s not revealin anythin abt her
      better she ll reveal everythin abt tanu without abhi’s help
      bcoz pragya ly knws him wel
      she ll bring out tanu’s truth bt there ll b super draggin waitin 4 us
      so lets ready 4 tat too

  18. Happy pongal my dr kkb fans n AbhiGya lovers!!

    1. Wish u same srimathi..

    2. wish u the same……☺

  19. Pratiksha now pongal any special episode for kumkum bhagya and as u said abhi is a confused guy and don’t know how to express his feelings for pragya and no words to say about today’s episode did you noticed the last part of episode that pragya will be asking the name list who all came to meet aliya will she find tanu in that way and follow her??? Or she get any clue or as u said will nikhil will release aliya from jail so confusing

    1. I think in north they wont celebrate pongal they celebrate sangaranthi…

      1. Ya sheetha we r from north and northern peoples celebrates makar sankranti festival.

      2. The last celebration I saw it is karvachauth and purbul reception

    2. Reji they r not celebrating any festival during these days, in the show becoz of, I think Bulbul’s death or absence. And it does not help pragya to know about meeting peoples with aaliya becoz raaj will definetly not come and tanu can meet aaliya, pragya knows it very well. Pragya will chase tanu to know her truth as she was saying to dadi and purab that now she have to keep her eye on tanu from now. But what I understood that she was saying that she have to keep her eyes on tanu to know about her third mate. So it means she is not trying to find tanu’s baby’s father in fact she is trying to find out that third person who was involved with her and aaliya in their plans. So in this process, I think pragya will end up find about tanu’s baby’s father nikhil becoz tanu is meeting with him and raaj has made distance from her and aaliya from now and he is not ready to support them so tanu have only one choice which is nikhil. She will meet nikhil to take his help and pragya will understand him as third person who is helping taaliya. Like this lragya may identify nihkil as third mate of taaliya and raaj gets escape. And in this process may b she will get to know that he is the baby daddy of tanu’s also. He will bail out aaliya, can’t say but I think firstly tany will use him to take pragya’s sign on property papers of abhi’s name by using excuse of business deal or contract and when property will b transfers on abhi’s name like this then tanu will say nikhil to bail out aaliya. I think this is tanu’s plan which she is thinking to execute with nikhil’s help. Now who will win first pragya or tanu? It will b left to see and I think this will give final conclusion for this track.

      1. Wow very thoughtful observation! This is the first time I have been ever watching Indian tv series, I must say the sole reason is for Abhigya. They have amazing reel chemistry which is a treat to the eyes 🙂

        Thanks to you and many other like you who make the series even more interesting by sharing with us your insight !

      2. Again signs n papers – I don’t think it will be repeated, i don’t want that also to happen.
        And coming to Nikhil, he can’t do anything directly n fool Pragya, she has her own doubts about the link between the three – Nikhil, Tanu n Aaliya. Even after seeing POA papers, because it was Abhi, Pragya entertained him. She was the one who wanted to have drink with Abhi that night.
        But with Nikhil or anyone else, she will throw them back just after seeing them. If someone even tries to snatch property from Pragya n throw her out, this time Abhi will not allow that.

        Pragya will definitely mistake Nikhil as the third person, but what after that is still not clear.

  20. Again dragging….
    Anyway.. Happy pongal guys

  21. This time no lohri celebration in kumkum bhagya I guess……all serials are celebrating lohri expect kumkum bhagya forget about lohri they didn’t even celebrate new year this year. ……last time due to dadi’s compulsion lohri abhi followed all rituals and pragya was happy but this time because of same dadi both of them are not happy. ……..last time lohri abhi and pragya did rounds this time abhi and tanu might take rounds anyways tanu’s wish of lohri has come true……she has abhi but pragya’s never came true anyway tanu’s exposure will take minimum 200 episode since aaliya exposure took 110 episodes this will take even more I am very sure about this

    1. You are absolutely right billu what you said is I really with that first because of dadi lohri celebration happened but because of same dadi they are sitting without happiness but mistake is on tanu and aliya too

      1. Remember abhi asked in the previous episode why did she cheat him eventhough pragya was his wife …….but remember it was the same abhi who left pragya and went to tanu immediately after the marriage ……so whatever tanu is doing with abhi he is the sole responsible and partly pragya is also responsible if at all pragya had told about this to dadi about tabhi’s relationship it would have been a fullstop to it……but never happened ….pragya always tried to protect abhi …..till the end now again she is doing the same. ……but again after aaliya’s exposure again abhi has not yet realised pragya’s actual truth. …..so I think it is not fully tanu and aaliya’s mistake from the beginning abhi has been behaving like a puppet ……first dadi, then aaliya , now tanu…..but never pragya…..he never listened to her till date……

  22. Guys highlights of today’s episode’s- Tanu walks to abhi’s room with thinking that how to convince him for marriage? Rachna and dafi sees her and tries to stop her. Dadi says to ravha that she won’t listen u, I know who can stop her. Dadi calls Ronnie and says pragya wants that u keep tanu away from abhi. Ronnie goes to tanu and stops her for meeting abhi and says for it u should have an appointment. Tanu gets irked and leaves and says she will see him. Ronnie says I m not interested. Pragya meets with purab and tells him about her meeting and deal with aaliya. Purab says aaliya is too smart she will go behind tanu as she is alone. Abhi comes outside his room. Ronnie bumps into him. He kicks him on his butt and asks who was outside my room? Ronnie says nobody. Abi says I have listened tanu’s voice and asks him on which direction she has gone? Abhi goes to meet tanu in her room. Tanu pretends as packing her bags and fakes as crying. Abhi asks her what she is doing? Tanu tries to blackmail him emotionally and says u will not marry with her becoz u loves pragya. She says u will not fulfill my baby’s responsibility so I have to go for it. She says I don’t want a grand wedding but let’s just do court marriage at least. Abhi says that I will not tell lie to u. I don’t love u and I can’t marry with u with keeping someone else in my heart. He says give me 7 days, I will forget her and after that will marry with u. Ahi tries to leave from her room. Tanu comes behind him and hugs him from behind and says I understand ur problems but we have to do it now becoz after some days it will get hard to do it. Abhi leaves her hands and goes. Abhi comes into his room and sees pragya with sad face. Pragya thinks why he is watching me like this? Abhi says that I started it so I finish it. He says I don’t want to know ur feelings, if u have any feelings for me then finish it in ur inside. Pragya goes to tanu’s room and asks her what happened with abhi?

    1. As expected from precap, Tanu is reason for Abhi’s behaviour towards Pragya. His dilemma n paom continues – He can’t stop loving Pragya, can’t marry Tanu.

      Feels very bad for Abhi, everyone plays with his feelings n emotions. Agreed he was the one who continued relation with Tanu post marriage, but whatever he is going thru right now is a lesson on what will come along by being with ppl like Tanu.

      And what it means to be emotional n promising Fuggy about taking responsibility for Tanu’s baby.

      1. Ya sahithi he knows that he have to marry with tanu becoz of taking her and her child’s responsibility so he should not b in thus dilemma that he wants fuggy or tanu. Becoz according yo society a man cannot keep two women with her or cannot keep another woman in his life when he have a wife of his own. So why he kept this in his mind that he wants fuggy back I’m his life and with this he have to marry with tanu. It doesn’t put much effect on abhi becoz he is a celeb and everybody knows that how’s a celebs life and abhi also doesn’t care of it as he has been said to pragya before her accident. But it really can put effect on pragya’s life to live with a man who have a wife of his own. Society will never respect that woman. Pragya has been said it to abhi at that time. So abhi should not b in this confusion and whatever decision he has taken now, he should took this very before. Tanu is cause of his problems and she is cheating him, he doesn’t know but he is paying for his old deeds and that is his punishment. Now comes to his decision of forgetting pragya in 7 days and after that marry with tanu so it’s not easy to forget pragya just in 7 days when she is present in front of him alive all the time even in his own room and even after this he makes ownself ready for marriage with tanu then what will b the climax of marriage, we knows very well. Abhi and pragya bith have seven days time and for pragya it is her deadline to save her love, her husband from a cheater greedy women. If this seven days deadline will lead us to tabhi’s marriagw then it means tanu’s exit is near and hopefully we will see her exposure soon as we have been seen in segment that pragya have already started chasing her. But before this, we have to go through abhigya’s distances and pains amd lots of ups and downs in upcoming episodes. As i said it looks like now war is going to b breathtaking and will give us final conclusion of this track.

      2. sahithi well said yaar..abi s always n confusion..he just say by words but he ll neva tak a decsn of leavng praghya..hop so tanu’s track s gonna end..dis track vl nva end wid tabhi’s marg coz praghya would nva allow abi to maary tanu..infrnt of her ownslf.even abi wont do so..think so abi will share his feelins wid dadi asusual so tat praghya cums to knoe abt abi’s behvr..but praghya s sooo poor..she s fighting fa her husband lyk anything..she is sacrifcng herself her entire lyf fa sak of him and her luv on him..now its tym to see abighyas emotions.its gonna ache fa us..lyk anything den atlast tanu vl b exposed..abi had kept his time limit fa 7 days.so hopefully tanu vl get exposed tanu..but no expectations..but staying tuned..By the way were is tat guy reji..who gvs valuabl cmmnts hez missing fa soo lng

    2. But interesting thing is Tanu blackmailing Abhi for marriage, what is her confidence about his property. She must have thought about that also now, or already made some plan for that. As we know when she doesn’t have any hopes for property she will out right leave MM.

    3. Oh.. tanu’s only way to blackmail abhi is her baby.. bt y abhi doing like this.. these writers first bring a bitter happenings with abhigya’s relationship and then give a sweet surprise.. bt if abhi do like this then pragya will rush to take a serious way to find d father of tanu’s baby.. y these writers forget abt DNA test to solve this problem. .if he marry tanu as register marriage also it is waste as pragya can claim that she is legal wife of abhi as she doesn’t sign divorce papers.. bt tanu and abhi should not come closer it wont be nice to see.. romance or fight or comedy or anger all things are suitable and perfect for abhigya only..

      1. Ya shavi tabhi’s marriage have no value becoz abhi is still and already married with pragya but at least this 7 days deadline will force pragya to find out tanu’s truth and expose her soon. Tanu is still in this misunderstanding that pragya does not know anything about her and nikhil and about her pregnancy’s truth and this is her weakest point becoz until she will remain in this misunderstanding, it will help pragya in her favour. Aaliya’s come back from jail is not so easy for now for some days and raaj also is not there for her. So I think pragya will definetly find about nikhil and tanu’s link, this I can say surely even she could understand nikhil as taaliya’s third mate also beciz tanu is making a plan with help of him after aaliya’s going into jail and pragya is searching that person by chasing tanu but in this process she will meet with takhil’s truth too without any plan but how she will expose them and will proof nikhil the father of tanu’s baby in just a week, it will b interesting to see.

    4. Pratiksha I have no hope in cvs they can make 7days to 7months like they have made a 11 months pregnant woman to have a 3month pregnant look so no expectations. …….we have to wait and watch

    5. Pratiksha as per the segment pragya will definitely fall in the trap set by taakhil same way tanu had done during dusshera. ……..as like wat leena said it is something really big and can’t reveal it so about dragging yes they can drag even more obviously if pragya is in a problem abhi will definitely interfere ……..and about taabhi’s relationship……seriously irritating like the precap like wat abhi said he wants to be away from things that remind him of her yes now abhi is doing something good now pragya is on a situation she can’t tell anything to him even if she tells him he is not going to listen as he wants to stay away from her….even if she tries to tell him dadi is highly selfish nowadays she will tell tum tumahare maksat se itna kareeb hain and abhi hamesha tumahara hain and all that. …but I think she should tell abhi about this before it is too late I expected once aaliya’s exposure is over abhi pragya relation would become strong and they would be happy with each other but again nothing happened

  23. I can’t even guess wat cvs is upto see as he told 7 days he will forget pragya ok I get it now pragya has now exactly two ways either find the father of tanu’s child or tell abhi everything about tanu’s and her baby…..but it is hard to tell whether abhi will beleive it or not haan dadi will definitely interfere and stop pragya…..this time also as now pragya has brought aaliya’s truth out she has become even more selfish so yeah…..I am expecting a maha episode by next week by telling tanu ka kulasa or something like that like a promo don’t have much expectations because since it is cvs of kumkum bhagya u can’t expect anything. …I mean anything can happen I never expected aaliya’s exposure this way……so I don’t have any guesses



  25. Stil no update ?

    1. Razia I have given short update above as highlights of today’s episode. Today’s episode is an indication that tanu’s exit is near. Finally no confusion for dragging. Tanu has decided to marry abhi without property with this thinking that abhi is a rockstar who could earn his wealth name and fame again from anywhere. Abhi also has decided that he will forget pragya and marry with tanu for baby after 7 days. And pragya also decided to chase tanu to find about that third person who is involved with taaliya. So in this process she will assume nikhil as that third person who is involved with taaliya and hopefully between all this pragya will get to know that nikhil is tanu’s baby daddy too so razia tanu’s end and exit is near becoz CVS does not look like in the mood of any dragging and they have set the stage of tanu’s exit. So now I think we have to wait for it’s climax. I know it will b hurtful for us to see distances between abhigya in all this but after tanu’s exit I hope we will see lots of abhigya romance.

      1. Pratiksha still wat for this tanu is manuplating and being with abhi for money or ego love within these 7 days wat pragya is going to do I think that chasing scene will happen in these days still I can’t guess wat this important suspsense secret and alerted plan of tanu any guesses

    2. Thank u so much pratiksha

  26. any update todays part fully..no update yet

  27. pls update today episode friends we are waiting

  28. this was a amazing scene , I just loved it

  29. Would really love to see just a glimpse of Abhishek Mehras intelligence.
    Pragya n team are wrkg hard to show hard evidence that the baby tanu is carrying isn’t his. N evidence that the attempted murder on pragya n bulbuls accident is definitely connected to Taliya n a 3rd party unknown to Pragya n team.
    The dots r all over the place n so incoherent created by the cvs.
    The 2 episodes exposing Alia was superbly intelligent. It kept the audience thinking wondering n anticipating.
    It would be a blast if Abhi himself found out abt Tanus actual pregnancy by accident or by his sudden suspicion n investigates silently.
    The audience is expecting hoping n
    anticipating that Prags n team will pull this off.
    It was simply sensational to see Prof Pragya articulately exposing Alia..
    Simply Delicious.
    Now pls cvs do give Abhi his brains back pls….or for once at least let abhigya wrk together.

    1. I agree with you. Abhi is the main character of the show, he needs to have more brains and be smarter. Also Pragya has taken so long to expose Tanu – she should change her strategy – instead of finding the father of the baby- prove that the baby is NOT Abhi’s, by a DNA test. Aur phir, baby kissi ka bhi ho, what does it matter? Tanu will be out of their lives!
      Team Pragya keeps agreeing with each other instead of coming up with new and different ideas.

  30. Hasan, your updates are very much appreciated. However, if you are not available on Fridays to do the update, please transfer the responsability to someone who is willing and available. thanks. (No hard feelings)

  31. See I am pretty sure pragya will fall into the trap of taakil…but yeah will abhi be able to save pragya this time or will he fight for his love since he has finally came into a conclusion that to forget pragya and her love for tanu……I hope he atleast for a moment think about what pragya did for him and what she is doing for him…..in the present …..and dadi has become extremely selfish after aaliya exposure so she won’t let her tell her feelings or emotions for abhi as always but she wouldn’t let abhi move away from pragya……but I think now again dadi can’t influence him because he has taken a strong decision. ……I am just waiting for the next segments to come and expecting a promo for a maha episode or mahamilan or mahasangam. …….probably a mahasangam of jamai raja and kumkum bhagya as now both are going in almost in a very similar track. …..will the mahawhatever be useful is yet to watch as always maha watever ends up being a disappointment for all of us. …..title will be something tanu ka chal or tanu ka kulasa or wat so ever it may be ……moreover waiting for Bulbul’s entry which I hope will be after tanu’s exposure or they will do the introduction now so that they can drag the exposure. ….let’s see

  32. 15 January writte update-
    Tanu walks towards abhi’s room. Dadi and rachna sees her. Dadi says to rachna why tanu is going towards abui’s room? Rachna says she is going to manipulate jiju emotionally for sure so she could involve him in her side. Dadi says we have to stop her. Rachna says I do something. Dadi stops her and says u don’t go becoz she will not listen u and intact she will taunt u. Dadi says I have an idea to stop her. Dadi calls Ronnie and says to stop tanu becoz pragya said to her that nobody will disturb abhi beciz he is taking rest. Ronnie says OK I will not let go anyone in the room. Ronnie stops tanu to entering in abhi’s room. He says u can’t meet with him becoz pragya di gives me order to not let anyone disturb abhi sir becoz he is doing rehersal for his concert in the room. Tanu says don’t u know who I m? Ronnie says that I know u r abhi sir’s would b wife but I don’t think so ur marriage with happen with him becoz pragya di spends a lot of time with him and they both looks nice with each other. Tanu scolds him to comment on her personal life. She says I will throw u out from the job by complaining about u from abhi. Ronnie says u will do complain when u will meet with him. He says I had given this advice to aaliya mam and now I m giving this to u that leave these bad works, u will get a gud sasuraal better than jail. Tanu gets irked and angery and says I will see u. Ronnie says I m not interested. Tanu leaves.
    Pragya meets with purab outside somewhere and tells to him about her meeting with aaliya in jail and about dealing of to tell about that third person. She says aaliya is not ready to tell that person’s name. Purab says if we will wait then they will get more alert. Oragya says I know, I think I should give this deal’s offer to tanu also becoz she is alone now so may b she will tell that person’s name to saving herself. Purab says OK, u talk with tanu and I m going to abhi’s office. May b I will get some proof from there. Pragya says OK and they both leaves.
    Abhi comes out from the room. He opens his door. Ronnie falls on him becoz he was standing outside near the door. Abhi hits on him from his legs. He asks him why he is standing outside like this outside from the room? Ronnie say I m waiting for pragya DI. Abhi asks why r u waiting for her outside. Ronnie says that I m waiting here so if diwill come out from room then I meet with her or if she comes from outside then also I meet with her. Abhi asks that he listened tanu’s voice, if she came? Ronnie says no. Abhi says so then with whom u were talking. Ronnie makes an excuse and says I was talking with my loneliness. Abhi says tell me the truth otherwise I will take u in alone. He asks where is tanu. Ronnie blurts she has gone at that side. Abhi goes to meet her. Tanu thinks in her room that how she talk with abhi. Now pragya has stop her from meeting with abhi. She thinks if she knew about my truth from before. Then she thinks that no if she knows then she tells it to abhi and abhi didn’t say anything yet. Abhi comes towards her room by call out her name. Tanu listens abhi’s voice and thinks that abhi is coming alone , now this is the right time to talk with him. She picks her suitcase and pretends asas packing. Abhi comes in the room and asks to her what she is doing? Tanu says she is going becoz he doesn’t any care of her and her baby. She says now I can’t meet with u even. Abhi says I was taking rest becoz I didn’t sleep whole night well so that’s why pragya stopped anyone to disturb me. Tanu says that u r still taking side of pragya. She starts crying for taking abhi’s stmapathy from her crocodile tears. She says it’s fine I will leave from here and I will take care of mbaby, our sign of love alone and what if peoples will asks about his father, I will not take ur name, I will not ruin ur image. Abhi says u r misunderstanding me. Tanu says OK then at least tell me if u will marry with me or not. Abhi gets silence and tensed. Tanu sits and drinks water. Abhi sits in front of her and says I don’t want to keep u in darkness. I don’t love u. He says I want to accept u as a wife and want to give u all respect if a wife but I can’t do it with keeping someone else’s love in my heart. He say give me sometimes to forget all. Tanu says time gets passes and u r going far from me. Abhi says give me just seven days, I will forget that love and accept u. Now nonoe will come between our marriage, I promise u. Abhi stands to leave. Tanu stops him and hugs him from back. She says I understand ur problem and I m feeling bad to force u for marriage but I m forced too. Abhi leaves her ands and leaves from there. He walks towards his room and thinking that he is doing wrong with baby for which that can’t b happen. He sees pragya and thinks that he have to do something to stop this drama. Pragya thinks why he is watching me like this. Pragya walks towards stairs. Abhi hold her hands and stops her and says l had started all this so I will finish all this. He says to pragya that I don’t want to know about ur feelings from now and if u have feeling for me then finish it in ur inside. Pragya looks him surprisingly. Abhi leaves. Pragya thinks what happened with him. She thinks may b tanu said to him something. she goes to meet tanu. Abhi comes in his room and thinks about his promise to tanu to forget pragya in 7 days. He thinks how to forget pragya when she is in everything of him. He reminses pragya’s past memories with him and gets sad and emotional. He sees pragya’s spects and put it. He reminces all the past events with pragya and starts crying. He thinks he have to do it now.
    Pragya goes to tanu and asks her what happened to abhi? Why he is looking upset? What she said to him? Tanu thinks if she will tell about her conversation with abhi then she may do something to stop him. Tanu says that may b he is upset becoz he reminds me. Pragya says I have a deal for u. Pragya asks her to tall about that person who involved with aaliya in all planning. Beco, zhe is aaliya’s best friend and kniws her very well.Tanu says I don’t know and if u have something like this in ur mind then leave it becoz no one from the family involved with aaliya and no one wants to kill u. Pragya says I m not taking my name. Tanu gets nervous and makes an excuse that she is just saying. Pragya says take ur time to think. U have a whole day to think. Take ur time and then decide. Pragya leaves. Tanu thinks what she is upto ? If she is playing any game with her? She thinks to talk about this with raaj. Tanu goest to meet raaj but mitali stops her and says raaj is not here. Mitali scold her to meeting with raaj. Mitali taunts her and says to keep far from raaj. Tanu gets irked and leave.
    Pragya comes to meet dadi in her room. She tells to dadi about meeting with aaliya and says aaliya has refused to tell that person’s name. Pragya says that now I gave it this offer to tanu. Dadu says after aaliya’s exposure she has alert. Pragya says don’t worry, after exposing aaliya my strength has increased more. Pragya says that from now I have to jeep eye on tanu becoz she will try to that person for meeting to telling about this deal. Dadi says she is worried for get. Pragya says don’t worry at that time I didn’t knew that who wants to kill me but now I knows that person is from this house so I will take care of this. Episodes ends here.
    Precap- Abhi says to pragya that he wants to forget her. He wants to forget and finish all her memories. Pragya looks him with surprise.

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