Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi taking care of Pragya. Purab tells Dadi and Dasi, that he is thinking not to tell anything to Sarla or Beeji else she will get tensed and angry. Dadi says we can’t hide as she is Pragya’s mum. Dadi says if she is informed then she will scold Purab first, then Pragya. Dadi says she will not leave us also. Dasi says once she gets fine, we will see.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she did wrong to scold Nikhil and says this plan failed because of Abhi. She says don’t know how Abhi came to know that she is in danger and went to rescue her. She says Abhi crossed all limits and gave her mouth to mouth respiration. She says she will ask Abhi why did he do this? Aaliya asks how you will ask him. She asks will you tell him that you was watching him on CCTV camera and was

waiting to see Pragya’s death. Purab comes there and asks what did you say? Aaliya says she was scolding Tanu as she was with Abhi. Purab asks if it was not your plan? Aaliya says no. Purab says how did you reach cold storage without knowing about his whereabouts. Aaliya tells that a waiter informed them that rockstar is locked in cold storage and that’s why they ran towards there. Purab says I don’t believe you. Aaliya says we are saying truth. Purab says if I came to know that you are lying then….

Pragya wakes up. Abhi asks how you are feeling now? He makes her sit? Allah Wariyan plays…………..They have an eye lock. Dasi brings soup for them and says Dadi sent it. Abhi thanks her and says I will make fuggi have soup first. Pragya says I will drink else your soup will get cold. Abhi says no, and makes her drink soup. Dasi teases Pragya and asks her to drink soup and be alright with his love. He blows on the soup and makes her have it. They have an eye lock again. Dasi thinks they are lost in each other’s eyes and gets happy. Abhi says it seems Dasi went. He asks how did you go to cold storage? Pragya says I went to search you. She says someone told me that you went there. I searched you at desert counter, and manager met me there and told that you are angry and went to cold storage to scold someone. Abhi says did you see his batch or Id card. Pragya says no. She says that manager convinced her that you was very angry and is beating the cold storage guys. Abhi asks what you would have done, if I was beaten? Pragya says I would have saved you. Abhi asks her to think about her family and tells that he cares for her. Pragya thanks him.

Abhi says I don’t understand why did that manager took you there and locked you. He says he knows that nobody can be alive for long in cold storage, someone wants to kill you. He says I will find out about the manager and goes. Pragya asks him to drink soup. He goes to Purab and asks him to come. Aaliya asks if everything is fine. Abhi says he has to solve the mystery and tells that someone tried to kill Pragya and locked her in cold storage. Purab is shocked. Aaliya and Tanu are tensed. Abhi says I have to find out about the sardar and why do he wants to kill Pragya. Aaliya says your health is unwell and asks him to take care of Pragya. She says I am so thankful to God that nothing happened to you both. She asks him to relax. Abhi tells them that they can know the person with CCTV camera help.

Sarla worries for Pragya. Beeji says she is with her husband. Dadi calls her and says party went till late and that’s why she brought her here. Sarla asks if she is hiding something. Dadi gets tensed. Abhi asks him to go to that hotel and bring CCTV footage. Tanu thinks they will get caught. She tells that hotel might have CCTV, but it might not work and they might not give CCTV footage. Abhi says CCTV is for security and says they will give footage. Purab says I will see how they don’t us CCTV footage.

Purab brings CCTV footage and tells Abhi that now they will reach the person who have attacked Pragya. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. as usal tanu and alia will escape..bored of this drama yar…

  2. they use cctv footage 1ly 4 abhigya kiss sce 2 know……..

    nothing going happen

    as kkb concept always evil win…………

  3. Zaiinu

    Same killing crap

  4. as usual the cctv will not show anything and the three nasty b*t*hes will be saved…

  5. And finally they fail to get cctv footage as usual…. Nothing new…. Aaliya, tanu and nikhil rocks again…

  6. stupid show once again they will show some nonsense and drag the show and irritate viewers, at last they will forget and show another nonsense never ending…………always fooling viewers, directorji app great ho……making the viewers fools.Dont know how they get trp’s absolute crap

  7. Ekta u know how do drag a serial

  8. indera sanichara

    Somebody please locked Ektaa in a cold storage room maybe get brain willl start to think the right way and end this holy ghost serial. Lol

    1. Hahahahahh you made my day lol!

  9. indera sanichara

    It her brain.

  10. How much longer do we have to deal with Tanu/ Aliya getting out of traps? Introduce something new please…Ahbi Praygya consumating their love for once…Dont you think audience/ fans or whatever have waited too much for that? I can’t imagine at this stage Pragya still shy of removing her jacket infront of Ahbi. CUT US SOME CRAB WRITERS. ROMANTIC SCENES ARE LONG OVERDUE.pragya should get knocked up and we go from there…introduce a new villain if you believe in them so much…WE ARE TIRED OF TANU/ ALIAYA AND NICKIL…SOLVE SOME OF THEIR ACCUMULATED OFFENCES. DONT GIVE THE YOUNG THE IMPRESSION THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH WRONG DOINGS ALL THE TIME…

  11. when will they caught for their doings.

  12. Omg !!! That one was good …. Lock her in the n the storage

  13. Nivu99

    I dnt knw hw mny times Hasan mam has written the same precap nd we poor readers hav given the same bashing comments……… yet there is no improvement in this crap serial.. Pure piece of shit airing everyday to kill veiwers by showing evil plans of tanu and aaliya ….. As usual the data in the CCTV footage wnt be displayed jst to give victory to Takil nd Taaliya…..
    well going ekta mam…… keep up the crap show

  14. I for one Like tgus show the wat it Is.what would a Great story ne without mamy conflits.the best happy ending Is the one where the characters endure many issues ,they bring them Closer to each other,every show Is like That the plots differ but the ending Is the same either the main characters die.or many of the conflicts night led to an extraordinaire ending

  15. प्रज्ञा नहीं है पास…लेकिन सांसों में है प्रज्ञा का एहसास, रॉकस्टार अभि को आ रही है प्रज्ञा की याद
    मोहब्बत के इजहार के लिए अभी ने खरीदी ‘मैग्नेटिक लव रिंग’…तो क्या अंगूठी अभि के प्यार की निशानी बन पाएगी ?
    क्या अभि, प्रज्ञा से अपना हाल-ए-दिल बयां कर पाएगा ? जानने के लिए देखिए सास बहू और सस्पेंस आज दोपहर 2:23 मिनट पर

  16. #SBAS Preview: Pragya is not near him but her feeling is in his breath. To express his love, Abhi has purchased a Magnetic Love Ring, so will the ring he Abhi’s sign of love? Will Abhi be able to express the condition of his heart to Pragya? More details soon! :



    Its Valentine celebrations all over.
    Couples in love are celebrating it. Abhi crosses from there in his car. He gets stop seeing all this and starts thinking. Just then a seller boy comes who was selling bouquets of roses. He asks abhi to buy it for his girlfriend. He tells to abhi that how girlfriends gets impressed with it. In next moment abhi comes out from his car and sees the couples and all the gifts related items cards etc all over there.
    News people’s shows some AbhiGya Flashbacks and says that abhi is thinking about Pragya becoz Pragya is all over in his heart and mind. Abhi gets stop on a card shop and start choosing a card. Then next he moves towards another gifts shop. Shopkeeper asks him that for whom he wants to buy gifts? Shopkeeper asks is someone special? Abhi says not just special but very very special. The shop keeper gets start showing him different gifts. First he shows a big teddy bear to abhi and says girls like it. But abhi doesn’t like that big teddy and says to show some small teddy bear. Shopkeeper shows him a cute pink color teddy bear. Abhi likes it very much and says to Shopkeeper to pack it. Then after this Shopkeeper suggests him to buy chocolates becoz girls like it very much and after eating it girls gets come into your embraces. Abhi gets excited and says to Shopkeeper to pack two boxes of chocolate then. After this Shopkeeper showed two magnetic rings to abhi and says that one to wear ownself and other to make it wear ur special one so that special person will never go far from you and this ring will always pulled ur special friend near u. Abhi gets impressed and says to Shopkeeper to pack it too. Shopkeeper packs all three gifts and hands it over to abhi. Abhi says thanks to Shopkeeper by shaking hands with him and happily leaves from there.

    1. Sowji

      Nothing new can happen…..infront of pragya…tanu steal everything like engagement shopping…most disgusting serial always KKB..same track and same scene..compare to this serial…I like to watch other serial…its better compare to this serial..they are never torturing ,never irritating… they will never make anger towards that serial…I feel very happy..I escaped from this serial…I cut off this channel…because of this irritating serial…this serial never shows true love,true relationship…they never know the value of true love…

  18. Hiranmaychellapat

    Today episode is nice .

  19. I am unable to enjoy Abhi and Pragya flirting with each other now. To Abhi, Pragya is Purab’s girlfriend. She is off limits. Pragya needn’t act romantic with Purab but she can at least stop acting lovelorn around Abhi. Purab makes plans and Pragya acts as though she will do nothing but shower love on Abhi and ignore everyone else.

  20. Hiranmaychellapat

    Poorani you are 100 % true . such useless girl that pragya .

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