Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya coming closer. Pragya and Abhi stops themselves. A song plays….They hug each other emotionally. Pragya asks Abhi to sleep and says it is late night. She gets tears in her eyes. Abhi thinks to take her signatures somehow, and thinks to take her finger prints instead. He touches her fingers to know if she feels anything. He sleeps on bed beside her and touches her fingers, but Pragya is still sleeping. He thinks to take her thumb impressions this way. Pragya wakes up and thinks Abhi is sleeping. Abhi feigns to be sleeping.

Pragya thinks to show him stars in the morning. She closes her eyes and asks where is my teddy bear…come closer. Abhi says since when I became teddy bear…Pragya touches his face and asks where is your soft cheeks and hairs, and asks teddy to come closer. Abhi wonders what she is going to do? Pragya asks teddy to caresses her hairs……She hits him with hairs. He pulls his closer and they hug almost. Aasman Tere Mera plays………………..Abhi kisses on her cheek. Saiyyara plays…………………Pragya gets up from bed…..holding her cheek……

Aaliya doubts Dadi is with Pragya. Tanu says Dadi can’t go against her grand son…and says Vijay might have said just like that to get money from us. Aaliya is still worried. Tanu says we have to be careful now. Aaliya asks her to be extra careful about Nikhil and asks her to take Abhi’s signatures. Tanu asks her to handle Nikhil and says she will do some drama to make Abhi get Pragya’s signatures today itself. Aaliya thinks the same thing. Pragya thinks whatever has happened today was not right. I couldn’t break my own limits.

Ronnie comes to her and says he sees decorator outside with Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya says I know. He says he has seen a man with them, but couldn’t see his face. He talks about his responsibility towards her as her brother. Pragya asks him to find out. Taya ji and Tai ji talk to each other. Abhi thinks he has to hold on his feelings. Tanu comes to Abhi. Abhi says I want to tell you something. Tanu says she has seen a dream and says she saw him getting Pragya’s sign. Then buying house, etc for her. He says she needs time to take her sign.

Abhi and Pragya have a cute conversation and argument thereafter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Rubbish rubbish total rubbish they r showing. It was completely clear from pragya’s expressions and response that she is fuggy but how did abhi not recognize it? R CVS making us fool or something wrong with abhi that he is unable to see her truth and recognize it? It was like abhi is taking her advantage by using fuggy’s name. Starting was gud and bad both. Starting was gud becoz of abhigya’s emotional scene and chemistry and bad becoz it has become waste. When I saw abhi’s response and thinking, It was completely like CVS r clearly fooling us. Anyways two things happened gud. Pragya did gud to give duty to ronnie of third person’s involvement with taaliya. Now atkeast someone will keep eyes on them and hopefully most of their plans will b in knowledge of pragya and team becoz of Ronnie’s investigation. And second thing is, pragya finally got to know abhi’s real intentions. Now she will b alert from him. And that wicked tanu, she is not able to being a mother. That wicked, she was using her baby first to trap pragya, then nikhil and now abhi. She deserves a very gud punishment.

    • Sahithi

      Nikki if u think from starting of this makeover track and Abhi’s behavior, if it was not Pragya, his response would have been different.

      Even if it is his sister or the killer, he wouldn’t think before slapping them. If not for Pragya, the day she showed property papers do u think he would have reacted like that? He went from MM but came back, he left the room but keeps coming back. He initially used to say I want to hate u, but saved her on Dussehra day. Even on the drunk date night, he pushes back Pragya on bed when she was falling off in drunk state. He tries to act with Pragya but ends up getting real n emotional.

      Why was he emotional hugging or kissing her, he could have justified its music contract. He was thinking what Pragya will think about me.

      He behaved same way after pragya proposed to him. He was confused whether to reject her, will she feel bad, does he really love Tanu, he thought for so many days.

    • nivi

      nikki i think CVS wanna throw buscuits for pets lyk they r showin these romantic scenes to us…..
      i agreed tat there was a sizzlin chemistry between them
      bt wat d hell yaar abhi lied on her bed?????
      infact she was d saviour 4 him from police na
      bt he wanted to tk her sign ah
      wooooowww wat a fabulous lover????
      im fed up of it
      if he doesnt knw abt d truth of tanu also he shldnt react wit pragya lyk tiz
      d writer shld hv sm masala on their headz to move d story in a serious track plz
      y tis much confusin

    • razia

      Sahithi I think yua right .. No use f thinkn bad abt abhis character .. His character is designed on such a way tat he alwz does wat his sister or gal frnd says .. No use f hating him .. They vl def give a reason fa abhis behaviour I hope

  2. abinaya

    ughh..almst te day went osm?but still praghya dint succeed in findn even a singl truth..but,y abi is trying to get the sign..instead he can make her speak out the truth..omg..wat s happening.day by day..blood is pumping faster..pls..writers atleast expose tanus truth..some how!!!

  3. Ayesha

    Yes right Nikki 1 I agree with you .. But thanks to CVS for showing us abhi intentions that he wants property back and he doesn’t wants fuggy back ..

    Thanks to CVS for clearing confusion regarding abhi ..

    But tell me onething why is he taking time to take pragya sign on property Papers ..

    But after watching todays episode I am 100% sure or maybe wrong that she will not keep property papers in locker and she will keep something else in locker ..

  4. Sahithi

    On this Thursday we will get to see Dilwale team with KKB team. And tomorrow drunk scene and then Abhi trying to steal some keys.

    Purab Bulbul marriage or may be they faking it to see Aaliya’s response. Someone putting their room on fire, Bulbul being saved and then all ending up in Abhi’s room.

    But in between all this, I don’t think Pragya will sign those papers, as everything else seems normal in these sequences so what will Tanu do or threaten after all this has to be seen.

  5. abinaya

    ohh myy god..If abi’s plan succeed(trapping praghya and getting the papers signed) then it means praghya is gona fail and for sure even after tat if she tells the truth to abi..he hesitates to believe her..and what is dat dadi doing?? she can give a clue to abi so,that he can understand something..abi is being so foolish..omg pls pls pls stop the drama of tanu..cant see abighya suffering and fakng up their emotions..pls end the tanu track..can digest her fake drama????anymore..recently i read in times of india that rabul is getting married and in between the same bulbul is gonna die..what is the use of uniting rabul? whn bulbul’s track is gonna end..writers are making us go mad..hope so something good happens..waitin for further episodes

  6. Lorena

    I loved today scenes between Abhy and Pragya? but i dont understand why Abhi wants again to get her signatures on papers instead of fuggi.After their emotionally hug ,how cant he think that something is fishy and try to find the truth of Pragya.And if he wants the property back why is he slowing the process of getting the signatures .It doesnt make sense.?

  7. josphine muthoni

    Abhi has got fuggie but still he is in more need of property than fuggie…Pragyia today played her role pleasantly on the show….But writters please remember we confused when will Tanu n Nikhil be exposed

  8. thumse mathlab??

    Ab yeh kya naya drama hain?? yeh serial joh meri fav thi aaj yeh meri sabse non fav hogayi…. kab tanu ko exspose kiya jaa eyga?? Kab abhi aur pragya ek hogi???

  9. kaur

    aare yaar agar aage story nhi hai to band kardo drama kyo gol gol guma rhe ho es kise ko khatam karo fir kush naya bi shuru kar sakre hai ek hi baat ho 4 month ho ge hai^

  10. Priya $

    Always they are making fool of us… Ohhhnooo.. If tanu aliyah r raaj came to know abt this surly they ll conform it is old pragya but CVS showing tat much dumb abhi.. I don’t think so they won’t stop this track soon.. It will take some more months till tat they want their trp rating in top for tat they r showing this Abhigya scenes.. Nikki any spl thing in kkb on Thursday if so pls let us know..

  11. Sushma

    I’m not able to understand wen they r going
    Show tanu an aliya an raj simply daily u ppl r showing romance of abhi an pragya stop showing their romance….give some twist to story r else all ll stop watching this serial

  12. srimathi

    Ya Priya dilwale special on KumkumBhagya I read in spoliers that srk-kajol gonna bring AbhiGya together!!

  13. riya

    Rabul married…!!!
    Due to some carelessness their room catches fire..And so bulbul starts crying..dadi,sarla ma and purab console her…abhi and pragya shown fighting over as to whose mistake it was to put candles near the curtain…
    Abhi-pragya share their room with Purab-bulbul.. They four end up in ABHIGYA’s room….!
    purab is shown putting bulbul to sleep on abhigya’s bed…so pragya has to take the floor for sleeping….
    here is the link-

  14. Whatever abhi is doing and whatever his purpose is but one thing is clear that he have no believe on his love. He loves his fuggy so much but even after this his love is weak. That’s why he is unable to believe on pragya and unable to see her truth. Instead of believing on his love, he is busy in making plans against her for taking his property back. Everyday he gets some hints about pragya’s truth but every time he ignores them all. Even after seeing that she could b fake herself for someone’s well as she did for bringing tanu in his house, he is not using his mind. Of he loves his fuggy so much then he should believe on her l, atleast on his love that his love cannot cheat him and it will b back to him one day. But instead of believing this, he is playing mindless and cheap games with pragya, which is so incorrect. Anyways, priya I told na that CVS will not end this track until they will get high trps from it and will b in top 5 continuously. Andpriya, as srimathi told that on this thursday , dilwale’s cast will b come to the promotion for their movie in the show.

    • Sahithi

      But that’s what he was telling her, that he can’t identify people and needs Pragya’s help to understand ppl. He himself confessed that’s why Dadi chose her.

      And then after that Vijay episode, when Pragya said he saved her only for his money, Abhi was very hurt n said he will never share his feelings.

      I still believe he is not so keen about property. Remember first day when Pragya came back, he said all this property is urs, anything which mine is urs.

      Similarly when Pragya said she will go on world tour, buy cars with this money, he said she could have done being with him also.

      I am somehow not able to hate Abhi’s character or think he is only after property. Hope writers have something in their mind.

      • Sahithi I have no issues with abhi but I have issues with his behavior which gets manipulated by others easily most and becoz of which tensions gets create in his relationship with pragya from the beginning and still. And this thing can b changed by himself only.

  15. Hello I like your drama abhi and pragya I like here and seen your drama and watching kumkum bhagya and I know she’s fake I’d account people says Abhi and pragya very bad girl and boy

  16. Guys purab and bulbul actually got married. Pragya arranged their marriage in a durga maa’s temple. They become married with complete rituals, which have done by panditji of temple. I saw it’s pic on instagram where purab and bulbul r taking vows on the guidance of panditi ji and pragya was also there. She was showering flowers on them. Guys it’s a segment pic, which will b shown in today’s segment of SBS. Full update, I will give u all after watching it.

    • Priya $

      Ya I too saw tat bulbul in normal attair Purab too… Pragya and panditji was thr.. Really they got married Atlast big relief yaar.. This week they ll maintain their trp with this..

  17. srimathi

    And nikki-1 I saw the image of rabul wedding very very simple wedding in temple bulbul in casuals red top and black Jean purab in blue shirt only pragya is there along with pundit ji!!The wedding resembles aakash rachana’s wedding and rabul wedding too takes place in same temple

  18. OK guys I have got it’s bts and I have seen. Full update- Pragya calls to puran and bulbul to meet with her outside. They meets somewhere near a temple. Pragya waits for them. Purbul comes and asks her what’s the matter? Why u called us? Purbul asks to her if she got to know something about taaliya or about the third person who is helping them? Pragya says it’s not about them or me, it’s about u both. Bulbul asks what? Pragya says that I saw a scary bad dream about u both so I got scared for both of u. Pragya says aaliya still loves purab and she still can do anything to get purab. Bulbul says that aaliya herself said to in front of everyone that she has been forgot purab. Pragya says that she was lying. Pragya says that I have listened aaliya during her talk with tanu. She was saying that when she saw bulbul with purab, she was wishing to do murder if bulbul. Bulbul says ok now we knew so we will b alert from her. Pragya says very tensely that aaliya is very clever and dangerous. Pragya says that I don’t want that both of urs name comes in her mind. Purbul says then what can we do. Pragya starts thinking. Then she sees a temple and thinks something and says to purbul that she have a way. Purbul asks what? Pragya says that u both should get married right now. Purbul asks how? Everybody will get angry from their sudden marriage without any arrangements and permission. Purab says what I will tell to abhi? Why I did marriage like this? Pragya makes them understands that yes firstly, everybody wull b lityle upset, disappoint or could b little angry but only for sometimes but later everybody will agree becoz their marriage was already fixed but it had postponed becoz of aaliya’s vicious plans. Once they got married then aaliya’s madness will also finished. Purbul gets agree for marriage. Pragya takes them to the temple and says to panditji to make them married. Purbul performes all the rituals of marriage under the guidance of panditji. Purbul takes vows and purab makes mangalsutra wear in bulbul’s neck and fills her maang with kumkum which pragya gives him and finally purbul gets married.

  19. Ayesha

    Nikki 1 pragya will not give property back to abhi ..

    Pragya is aware of abhi intentions ..

    Plz reply waiting

  20. Guys I think CVS have some big purpose of bringing ourbul’s marriage between this track. I think CVS r going to bring purbul’s marriage track to replace mrunal in the show as we heard or they wants to give priority to purbul also in the show from now, to making them and their fans satisfied or may b they wants to drag the track more by purbul’s marriage. But both reasons will make audience upset. Only one thing will give happiness which is purbul’s marriage. Means we have to tolerate tensions in both couple’s (abhigya and purbul) life in future episodes. So no relaxation for fans yet. CVS will keep us happy by only showing abhigya’s situational romance between plannings and plottings and sometimes by purbul’s sweet romantic scenes and through this they can stretch the track, until they will want.

    • Priya $

      In this whole thing nothing new going to happen rit nikki … Just they r going to dragg… But I m having doubt after their marriage only dilwale team going to come ah??? U know anything about that…

  21. Sahithi

    In the new segment, more updates were shown. Purab and Bulbul go for a dinner date after marriage and Aaliya reaches there and hits Purab on head from back. She also has a big knife in hand and tries to hurt Purab. I saw a pic on Mrunal (Bulbul) IG in the dress she goes out with Purab, same dress and location was shown in the segment.

    And in episode with Dilwale team, they were giving advise to Abhi to throw a grand party for newly married Purab and Bulbul.

    Pragya was also saying that our marriage is old now, and our story n fights will keep going, now some story space for Purab and Bulbul also.

    Hoping that this means more importance for Purab and Bulbul so Mrunal wont quit the show, but will this help in exposing Tanu truth or now with 2 love stories, the actual track is sidelined, we have to wait n see.

    • Maggie

      Pragya had dream about Purab being attack by aaliya so she plans their marriage
      May b cozy of her dream she will bring them to mm n later share room with them

    • Ya sahithi as I said that CVS have big reason or purpose to show purbul’s wedding in between the present track like this SBS peoples were also saying that to stop mrunal from quiting from the show, makers decided to give priority to second lead couple too in the show through their marriage. At least some relief for purbul’s fans but it means this also that more dangers r waiting for both the couples in future. Means already abhigya was in problems yet but from now purbul will join them too and evils will become more evils. Now I m not waiting for ending this track bscoz now it has become unpredictable. So from now I will b go and see, with what CVS will show.

  22. Guys we have two promos for kumkumbhagya. First is about of dilwake’s cast guest appearance in the show on 17 th december , in which sharukh, kajol and varun, kriti will meet with abhigya in restaurant where abhi fights with pragya to arranging purbul’s wedding without in his and both the family’s knowledge. Dilwale’s star cast comes and solves their fight by giving them advice of giving a grand reception for purbul. And another promo is about an official announcement of kumkumbhagya’s telecast in 6 days in a week. Abhigya r promoting their show’s 6 days schedule of it’s telecast.



  24. razia

    Getn mad .. Daily sumtng different happens opposite to wat v expect .. Abhi get out of yua confusions yaar

  25. Guys one more news. Indian telly awards will b telecast on 27th December on &TV channel at 7 pm. In which sriti, arijit, mahurima and charu mehra will attend it and in which sriti has won the award of best actress and abhigya as best onscreen couple. Those who wants to see it, catch it on the time.

    • ya nikki1 i also saw it in that sriti is wearing modern dress black frock and our abhigya won the best couple and raman and ishita from yeh hai mohabbatein too won the best couple and in best actress in lead role category sriti from kumkum bhagya and devoleena bhattacharjee from saath nibhana saathiya won it so i am waiting to watch it

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