Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya walking on the road and tells that she will not let anything happen to her Kumkum. She thinks about Aaliya’s words and thinks Purab will be framed. She thinks of Tanu’s words about the father of her child. Abhi feels that something wrong has happened. He says please Pragya come to me and I will not let you go. Pragya meets with an accident from Arjun and Purvi’s (of Pavitra Rishta) car. People gathers around her. Arjun takes her in his car to the hospital. Abhi thinks Pragya is fine and will come to him, just as she came to music concert. Abhi looks at a tea stall and stops his car. He gets down and asks the tea shop owner to make tea for him. Some guys come there and identifies Abhi as Rockstar. Purvi asks Arjun to drive fast. Arjun stops his car and asks Abhi

about the address of the hospital. Abhi tells him address. He stops the car and tells that the dupatta is out. He opens the door to move the dupatta, but didn’t see her face. The People standing on the accident spot identifies Pragya to be Abhi’s wife. Abhi comes home and calls Dadi. Dadi is not at home. Abhi thinks where is Pragya then. Tanu asks why you are tensed? Abhi says nothing.

Purvi tells Arjun that the woman is holding mangalsutra in her hand. She blames herself for doing the accident mistakely. Abhi goes to room, Tanu follows him. Abhi calls Robin. Tanu asks what do you want? Abhi asks her to do her work. Tanu asks did Pragya tell anything? Abhi tells her that he went to her house to give wedding card. Tanu thinks Pragya is behind his tension. He says Sarla told that she is proud of her daughter. Tanu is irked and not thankful. She says she is feeling bad for pragya. She says Pragya wants them to be together for baby, who is his. She offers to massage his head. Abhi refuses. He recalls Pragya massaging his head and a flashback is shown. Abhi teases her if she was a massager before becoming a teacher. Pragya gets angry. Abhi makes her sit and massages his head. Pragya also says the same. Abhi says he is a professional massager. Pragya says she will proof that her massage is good. They argue. Tanu is massaging his head and thinks he is happy.

Pragya is rushed to hospital by Purvi and Arjun. Tanu thinks very soon she will take Pragya’s place in his life. Mitali comes and informs him that his fan came home. He told that Pragya went with an accident. Abhi rushes downstairs and asks the fan. The fan tells him about Pragya’s accident. Tanu wishes for Pragya’s death (how selfish). Doctor informs Arjun and Purvi that Pragya has a huge blood loss and asks them to sign on the papers so that they can go ahead with the operation. Arjun says this is ridiculous, a patient can die if we don’t sign. Abhi sees the traffic on road and takes a fan’s bike to reach hospital. Arjun and Purvi think how to contact Pragya’s family member, and is tensed about the hospital rule. Abhi is shown on the way to hospital.

Purvi asks Arjun to sign on the consent form, and says if anything happens to the patient, then…..Abhi is seen coming to hospital, and is stop by his fans.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. now will they drag up to recovery of pragya?????????? nooooooooooo that shouldnt happen………..end track of tanu immediately…………….we are bored by pregnancy of tanu…..reunite abhigya and rabul……..tanu and aliya go to hell

  2. kums

    At last! The day came… bt wen this pregnancy drama ‘ll end… I’m waiting to c abigya scene… Each nd every day luv increases fr abhi… aana intha hospital drama evlo naal iluka porangalo

  3. Just want to say one thing for today’s episode. CVS plz vanished this nasty witch and evil, wicked vamp tanu.?? Now she has crossed all the limits and our patience is totally finished to tolerating her anymore in abhigya’s life.? Plz cvs keep her far from our abhigya at least till then pragya is in hospital and abhi is with her. Plz cvs leave our abhigya alone with us. We just want to see our abhigya. ?

  4. Lala

    Shouldn’t Arjun and purvi be older than abhi and pragya considering the fact they are coming from pavitra rishta and playing the same role. I hail India producers and writers.

  5. miya

    Tanu how selfish u r…. i will u…
    I think pragya give very big and great entry to abhi life… and she will give every thing back to aliya and tanu…..

  6. Sneha

    nice episode today… i think surely there will be some good news in the show of lead pair reuniting….. the doctor said to take family member’s sign– i guess abhi will do it….. the crowd blocked his way but certainly he will go to meet her….. also, the mention of O- blood, what do u say friends, will abhi donate or there will be late in her operation?? whatever it is, but surely with arjun-purvi’s entry, this has got my excitements high……………waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode… !!!

  7. Chithu

    Nikki..i think Aaliya may come to donate blood… and yes, i think Abhi will be the one who will sign for operation 🙂 but i am still confused about how it is going to go … either Pragya should tell the truth as such to Abhi and he should believe it without any proof or Nikhil may help for Tanu’s matter …or Pragya should act like lost her memory and enters Mehra mansion as Abhi’s wife and start playing 🙂

    HOPE , we will come to know the result in tomorrow’s Maha episode 🙂
    We will see what writers have for us 🙂

    • Chithu

      Geeta..tomorrow we have a special episode for 1 hr na…. per news, we will come to know about what is going to happen..either Abhi-Pragya’s reunion or separation … and they are telling it us MAHA EPISODE…

  8. Britney

    Omg. Hope Tanu gets exposed soon. The writers better don’t decide to stage memory loss in the drama now.

  9. ramya

    Oh so sad abhi … Want scenes f abhi to care pragya so much … Abhi do reveal how much u love pragya actually by yua care

  10. Priya $

    V need some Abhigya scenes don’t want to c this tanu. Getting irritated while cing her. Pls end this Tanu chapter.

  11. It was a nyc episode but the same thing s gng in every serial..just do smething new to attract mre people.dont cpy..grinding the same grain always..

  12. Ooohhh realy ,I’m very exited and looking forward to the next episode tomorrow if abhy and pragya will get back together.I hope so.what time will the episode come.same time just like everyday .thank u chithu

  13. Kirthy

    Hazan thanks for all updates ♡ thanks to you and nikki i know what is happening in kkb, because i don’t understand hindi. After reading i watch the serial.

    Poor Pragya…. 🙁 .I hope she recovers soon. But did you see guys, even after the accident she holds her mangelsutre….so she will rescue her kumkum bhagya with abhi.
    Pragya revived abhi and took care of him, so the same thing will abhi do.

    I know it is too much if I ask this. I’m sorry but please will someone summarize the tomorrow episode. You don’t have to be exactly. Thank you

  14. I only hope that this is not going to be another memory loss script again because this seems to be the norm with these writers let pragya be able to tell abhi of Aliya intention to destroy him and tanus deception that the child she is carrying is not his but nahils

  15. Leila

    I hope pragya will be alrite n abhi reach her n tanu should loose her baby with all the stupid thing she is creating for herself

  16. Chithu did u noticed in yesterday’s episode when pragya was talking with god before the accident. First she was talking to herself that if she should tell about tanu’s and aaliya’s truth to abhi or not becoz she hasn’t any proof against them so may b abhi will not believe her. Then she was telling to god that I forgot my kumkum for those people and for their gud , now I will show the power of this kumkum. I will never let anybody harm him, till then I m alive. Now every problem has to go through me first before reaching near him. So chithu as a whole I want to say this is the hint that pragya will definetly recover from this accident to save abhi from tanu and aaliya and she will fight with them for abhi. As I told u before that to find tanu and aaliya’s whole truth, pragya needs to enter in mehra mension and before it she needs to stop tabhi’s wedding first. For this she have to pretend as she has lost her memory in accident so she could achieve her aim without any doubt. For this I think, she should pretend as half memory loss becoz with full memory loss , she could not do this and tanu and aaliya will get more benefit from this. And if she will behave normally and fully fine after this accident then also it will impossible for her to find whole truth in only few days becoz she have no hint for tanu’s baby’s father as well as aaliya’s supporter. And for find about this, she needs sometimes, which she could get only from half memory loss drama. So i think track should move like this after accident. Aaliya will give blood to pragya or not. I’m not sure. Rest of things r only CVS hands. Let’s see how they will unfold this sequence. Chithu one more thing, in yesterday’s SBS segment, abhi was telling to reporters that arjun and purvi has entered in the show on very gud turn of story. So chithu, I hope now next we will see only gud from here.

    • Priya $

      Ya nikki if everything goes gud then it ll b fine. But if they dragg this sequences it ll b irritating. And one more thing surely arjun and purvi will make them closer. But wat ll happen next to this sequence. I m puzzled pa. Wat do u think nikki surely they ll finish this Tanu’s pregnancy track within 2 weeks????

      • They should priya but now aaliya’s plan is involved in this track too so I think it will take more than two weeks becoz I know tanu’s pregnancy’s track has been taken long time but aaliya has came with her plan only before few days so I don’t think so CVS will end this aaliya’s track along with tanu’s pregnancy track. If they r planning to soon end this tanu’s pregnancy track now then I think they will postpone aaliya’s truth revelation by doing some changes and turns in situations.

      • chithu

        I think Pragya will act as memory loss till Tanu’s truth is revealed…later she will become normal and anyway Aaliya does not that Pragya knows her intentions..so Pragya will be herself and will play against Aaliya…now the important problem is Tanu’s pregnancy..she has no time also ..so she should act like memory loss andprove…if Abhi is out of it..then this Aaliya’s thing Pragya can take help from many people(Purabh, Akash, Bulbul) and she will have sometime also (atleast not as much urgent as Tanu’s thing)…

    • chithu

      yes Nikki..hoping for the good 🙂 yes.. to enter Mehra Mansion again either Pragya should act like half memory loss or she needs to prove everything to all now itself…. second thing is least possible.. so hoping for the first one.. FINGERS CROSSED 🙂

      But Nikki.. do we have same memory loss game running in any other show? because in many comments, i read like if it is memory loss , then it ll be same as other story lines running currently like tat…

      • chithu

        also Nikki..in the process.. if Pragya proves to be wrong by Aaliya and Tanu and it came to know all that Pragya was acting as memory has lost..then she ll definitely be affected… i mean even Abhi will feel disappointed.. they ll think like she has acted and tried to prove Tanu wrong only to come in Abhi’s life…

      • Yes chithu, In meri aashiqui tumse hi, they r showing ishaani the main female lead, is pretending as half memory loss to throw out her sautan ritika from her husband’s life but ishaani is doing all this becoz ritika is not only her sautan but she is a murderer of her mother too and she has been also attempt to murder of ishaani so ishaani is trying her best to force ritika to confess her bad sins and crime by ownself in front of everyone but ishaani is doing all this by telling about her plan to ritika directly so she is familiar with this fact that ishaani is pretending memory loss but she is not. So ritika is also trying to reveal ishaani’s drama in front of everyone. And chithu, in kkb almost same story is going on but with some differences and changes. So here I m telling this that pragya needs to b pretend half memory loss becoz if she will lost her memory in actually then no use of truth revelation in front of her before this accident and it means tabhi’s wedding, then no means of kumkumbhagya and it means, aaliya’s success in her plan, it means long time separation of abhigya and it means more dragging of this track with more success for evils. So I think, CVS have to show pragya pretending as half memory loss for finding talliya’s truth.And other thing is chithu, pragya could b caught only when, then she will tell anybody about her plan and drama but if she will move with her plan without telling it to anybody then no one could doubt on her and she could move with her plan successively. And chithu, if abhi will get to know about pragya’s plan then also I m sure she will b support her becoz he loves her a lot and trust her a lot and he and everybody has been seen her sacrifices so they will not misunderstood, at least abhi will not. Becoz he also wants to pragya with him forever in his life. Now it doesn’nt matter for her, from how? And chithu, everybody has lots of reason to doubt on aaliya and tanu but they haven’t any reason to doubt on pragya’s intentions. Becoz they all has been seen her sacrifice a d they also knows that pragya couldn’t hurt anybody and couldn’t take any step without any solid reason.

      • chithu

        But Nikki..in sterday’s episode , did they show like Pragya’s mangalsutra was not in her neck and she is holding it in her hand???

      • Yes chithu. Her mangulsutra was stucked in his purse and when car hits her then it remains in her hand. She doesn’t loose her mangalsutra even once or separate from her even after a huge fall on the street by hit of car.

  17. sanchu

    Hi guys.. I also really home they don drag.. I think Pragya pretending to have memory loss is one way to expose Tanu n Aaliya… But, I was just thinking may be she will tell Arjun and Purvi she did a big mistake by sacrificing her love and she got fooled and now she is helpless as she has no proof.. So may be they help her.. I haven’t seen all episodes in pavitra rishta..but dint Purvi do the same.she sacrificed her love and later unites with Arjun…so may they help Pragya…

    • Sanchu, Arjun and purvi has entered in the show only for three days shooting. They won’t continue. So they will not involve as helper of pragya but ya they could give suggestions or love lessons to abhi and pragya in their appearance episodes.

  18. rock

    Only good thing in this episode was Abhi riding Pulsar 220F my bike..:D Feeeling proud…and didn’t know today was mahaepisode…wowwwwww KKB in saturday

  19. Arbya

    Plzzzz expose tanu’s pregnancy.and take it too long .we r fade off.dont take too long time to recover pragyan .we want abhi n pragyan together…..

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