Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Tanu in the restaurant and excuses himself. He goes to her and takes her from there. Indu Dasi comes home from her Pind and calls Dadi. She gets happy seeing Dadi. Rachna greets her. Dasi asks about her baby. She asks Tai ji if everything is fine. Tai ji says okay. Mitali asks did you buy something for us. Dasi gives gifts to everyone and asks about Tanu. Mitali informs her that Aaliya have come back home. Abhi asks Tanu why did she come here? Tanu makes an excuse. Abhi asks if you are keeping an eye on me and doubting me. Tanu says yes, and says you haven’t started your work till now. Abhi says I can’t betray anyone, and will not divorce her. He says I can’t get her drink wine and take her signatures. He says I will take her signatures with my way, and returns

her divorce papers. Mitali tells Dasi that the suit is not of right size. Dasi says you have become fat. Mitali says I am doing extra work and even spying on everyone. She says Abhi went with Pragya to get her signatures. She then thinks that Aaliya will scold her for leaking the secret and says Abhi will sign the internation contract. Mrs. and Mr. Luthra asks Abhi to sign on the contract. Abhi signs on it.

Mr. Luthra says we will come to your goad bharayi function. They leave. Abhi is about to go, but Pragya stops him and says lets have a soft drink. We shall celebrate for your win. Aaliya calls Tanu and asks if the papers are signed. Tanu says no and tells that Abhi refused to betray Pragya. Aaliya asks her to make Abhi understand with emotional blackmailing. She says you can’t complete the challenge given to Pragya and says you will not marry even after 24 months. She says if you don’t get her signatures on the papers, then I will also not help you. Tanu thinks I have to do something else she will scold me. Aaliya thinks Tanu might fail her plan. Dasi comes there and asks Aaliya why she wants to ruin Abhi. Aaliya says you are thinking me wrong and says I have saved their bahu’s baby. Dasi says you have done all to enter home and asks her to leave. Aaliya says this is my house, and not yours. She says you are a guest, but returns here again and again. Dasi warns to expose her and says she will keep her eyes on her every move.

Pragya looks at the drink and says something is wrong. Abhi says it is cocktail and have strange taste. He asks her to drink fast and come home. Abhi drinks it and thinks it is wine. Waiter comes and says it is a hard drink. Abhi scolds him for serving wrong drink. Pragya gets drowsy because of wine effect. Abhi asks can you see me? He asks her to drink soft drink. Pragya refuses and drinks hard drink again. Abhi gets tensed. Pragya says Mrs. Luthra asked me to see your pic in pregnancy. She says I couldn’t tell her that this is not possible. Abhi asks can’t you get pregnant? Pragya says your pic is in my heart….She looks at him lovingly. Abhi looks at her. Sanam Re plays………………….He asks her to come home.

Pragya says we will celebrate more and calls waiter to get more drink. Pragya stares him innocently. Abhi gets moved in her love. Tanu comes there and asks Abhi what are you doing? She says you don’t want to betray her, but can romance with her. She says if you don’t get her signatures then I will give this baby to someone else. Pragya makes her sit on her lap and says she is third person between them. Abhi takes her to side, and asks what she is upto. Tanu asks him to take her signatures on the papers and gives it in his hand. She acts to get pain in her womb, and says baby kicked me. Abhi asks are you fine? Tanu asks him to stop showing fake concern and says you said you care for yourself only. She says this baby is your responsibility, and if you think that you have no responsibility towards him then don’t call him as your baby. Abhi looks on.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she has won her challenge, and Pragya will be out of the house within 24 hours and she will marry Abhi. Dadi hears her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys today kkb’s anniversary.?Today kkb is completing two years of telesating of the show on television. 15 the April 2014 is the day when the show was started. Congrats to all the cast and crew of kkb for their hard works and efforts.? Whatever issues with us for this track, I hope CVS will soon finish it with best result and they will keep maintain the charm of the show and it’s stars.

  2. this dragging never stops and tanu overaction will nt stop abhi and tanu marriage arrangments starts and everyone will be calm and even pragya also becoz for abhi and last step of there marriage sarla ma comes and stop the marriage upto that this dragging and that aliya and tanu will be doing over action and plans as usual pragya will be challeging the tanu and failure rotuine vexed with kkb same dragging and no change for fans sake they create some attracte seens between abhi and pragya and song will be sanme re or allah warryiam song then fans will be cool for 2days then same dragging plz stop the dragging end the tanu part make abhigya unite plsssss

  3. And today marks the completion of 2 years of the show. Thats a wonderful milestone because it had been at the top position as far as ratings are concerned for most of this period.

    Due to this current dragging track fans are losing patience but hoping that for all us loyal audience who have been watching it all through, for the sheer love for the show and the leads, there are better sequences in store ahead.

    Atleast for the past one year or so, I wont hesitate to give credit to ONLY n ONLY both the leads for holding together such a patchy script and carrying the burden on their shoulders.

    Hopefully in the next one year ahead, the writers buck up n get their act together to bring the show back to its previous rocking form. And hopefully, the writers will distribute their love for all characters equally unlike what is seen currently with only few characters hogging all the limelight.

  4. Finaly abhi will expose that disgusting tanu like mms track

  5. Jayakumarisuresh

    Shobana from ur comments I came to know that they already got divorced. Can u pls tell me when? Which episode it is?

    1. When Pragya left the home before makeover she got signed from abhi in divorce paper
      But when she returned home in new avatar she claimed that she got signed in property papers while leaving. Actually its divorce paper and i think while exposing Tanu they will tell clearly how properties had been transferred to Pragya’s name

      1. Check 7 August 2015 written episode
        In that episode only abhi signed in divorce paper. later Pragya claimed it as property papers.
        But it was divorce paper only

  6. Jayakumarisuresh

    Congrats reji.

  7. How many of you think it’s all pragya plan ??

    1. I have same doubt. after challenging Tanu n knowing that Abhi is after her for divorce, Pragya must be having some plan.

      Also we didn’t see any plan from team Pragya after that missed video.

      But let us see..

  8. Fedup with the same old drama.when we r in excitement to watch tanu n nikhil’s truth to b exposed same old thing happens.y is d director taking so long with ds one.n tanu’s belly is d same..huh!fm las year.d cast r wonderful.i luv pragya,bt d story s becoming a shit.dts y nowadays i dont watch regularly.i hate tanu n nikhil.please bring back bulbul.

  9. ha ha shobana epdi irunthalum neenga elder la.. athan akka nu solranga….. naanum ungala athan ji sonen….. ha ha nice statement of saying kolaveri…naanum akka nu kupduren…. coz enku elder sis ila… and romba pidikum??

    juz kidding i ll say juz shobana….

    1. Ya gowtham is right… ennaiya vidavum neenga elder thaan aana adukku ungala akka nu kuppida matten on va shobana??

      1. Double ok reji

      2. Actually I am feeling happy that I have lots of sister and one bro due to this kkb

      3. Congrats reji…

    2. ????? its ok gowtham

  10. Thank god I do not watch this as diligently as I used to

  11. bhot hi jyada bekar serial banta jaa raha hai jald hi band ho jayega issue bariya toh YKAGH ,GAANGA, YHM,TMKOC dekhiye sabse jyada irritating and worst serial hai??

  12. Now days am feeling very boring with abhigya eye looks and pragya drunken status..

  13. Hii guys Congrts reji… all your bst fr ur future….. m happy fr uuu bt here most of guys frm scool nd collg right……all ur comments r good guys jus waiting fr tanus explosure…….sure she ill expose guys hav hope don’t wrry hai gowtham ur comments also I red really gud…..pls reply me guys…. pratiksha shobnaa hw r u alll……actually I dont think tis much to comment bt som hw I usd to chk….

    1. Hi fathima …after a long time I am seeing ur comment ….thanks for ur wishes …and u an fine…how r u? ??

    2. Hi fathima im gud
      Wat abt u???
      Ya we are having faith that soon Tanu will be exposed

    3. hi fathima thanks…. and yes abhis gonna back in track… we gonna get our kkb back in action….

  14. Guys voh kehte na agar vakt kam ho toh insan kya kuch nhi karta vaise pragya jaldi hi tanu ka sach sammne layegi kyunki tanu ko exposed karne ke liye ab bohot vakt kam hai pragya ke paas

    & reji congratulations i wish u wiill always successful in your life

  15. Sorry typing mistake I am fine how r u?

  16. What happened today?? Anybody saw??

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