Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Tanu in the restaurant and excuses himself. He goes to her and takes her from there. Indu Dasi comes home from her Pind and calls Dadi. She gets happy seeing Dadi. Rachna greets her. Dasi asks about her baby. She asks Tai ji if everything is fine. Tai ji says okay. Mitali asks did you buy something for us. Dasi gives gifts to everyone and asks about Tanu. Mitali informs her that Aaliya have come back home. Abhi asks Tanu why did she come here? Tanu makes an excuse. Abhi asks if you are keeping an eye on me and doubting me. Tanu says yes, and says you haven’t started your work till now. Abhi says I can’t betray anyone, and will not divorce her. He says I can’t get her drink wine and take her signatures. He says I will take her signatures with my way, and returns

her divorce papers. Mitali tells Dasi that the suit is not of right size. Dasi says you have become fat. Mitali says I am doing extra work and even spying on everyone. She says Abhi went with Pragya to get her signatures. She then thinks that Aaliya will scold her for leaking the secret and says Abhi will sign the internation contract. Mrs. and Mr. Luthra asks Abhi to sign on the contract. Abhi signs on it.

Mr. Luthra says we will come to your goad bharayi function. They leave. Abhi is about to go, but Pragya stops him and says lets have a soft drink. We shall celebrate for your win. Aaliya calls Tanu and asks if the papers are signed. Tanu says no and tells that Abhi refused to betray Pragya. Aaliya asks her to make Abhi understand with emotional blackmailing. She says you can’t complete the challenge given to Pragya and says you will not marry even after 24 months. She says if you don’t get her signatures on the papers, then I will also not help you. Tanu thinks I have to do something else she will scold me. Aaliya thinks Tanu might fail her plan. Dasi comes there and asks Aaliya why she wants to ruin Abhi. Aaliya says you are thinking me wrong and says I have saved their bahu’s baby. Dasi says you have done all to enter home and asks her to leave. Aaliya says this is my house, and not yours. She says you are a guest, but returns here again and again. Dasi warns to expose her and says she will keep her eyes on her every move.

Pragya looks at the drink and says something is wrong. Abhi says it is cocktail and have strange taste. He asks her to drink fast and come home. Abhi drinks it and thinks it is wine. Waiter comes and says it is a hard drink. Abhi scolds him for serving wrong drink. Pragya gets drowsy because of wine effect. Abhi asks can you see me? He asks her to drink soft drink. Pragya refuses and drinks hard drink again. Abhi gets tensed. Pragya says Mrs. Luthra asked me to see your pic in pregnancy. She says I couldn’t tell her that this is not possible. Abhi asks can’t you get pregnant? Pragya says your pic is in my heart….She looks at him lovingly. Abhi looks at her. Sanam Re plays………………….He asks her to come home.

Pragya says we will celebrate more and calls waiter to get more drink. Pragya stares him innocently. Abhi gets moved in her love. Tanu comes there and asks Abhi what are you doing? She says you don’t want to betray her, but can romance with her. She says if you don’t get her signatures then I will give this baby to someone else. Pragya makes her sit on her lap and says she is third person between them. Abhi takes her to side, and asks what she is upto. Tanu asks him to take her signatures on the papers and gives it in his hand. She acts to get pain in her womb, and says baby kicked me. Abhi asks are you fine? Tanu asks him to stop showing fake concern and says you said you care for yourself only. She says this baby is your responsibility, and if you think that you have no responsibility towards him then don’t call him as your baby. Abhi looks on.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she has won her challenge, and Pragya will be out of the house within 24 hours and she will marry Abhi. Dadi hears her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Within 6months her delivery will happen don’t worry…. BABU becoz this writers thinks them as sooooo clever and do like this… They don’t know it backfires their trp

    • Chotu

      Even last week’s trp .. Kkb is on second top .. Actually general audience likes this tanu track itseems .. Only v ppl don like this it seems .. I don understand how still kkb tops the chart

  1. Pri

    CV is not happy whn fans are happy so thy decided to drag the.tanu track for more yrs…always bad wins over good in kkb.and thy spoiled abhi charc totally. Initially he use to find Wht is happening when small CHG is there

  2. shabana.(abhi is love of my life)

    todays episode was superb but one thing pragya should say the truth to abhi in drunken state tanu is an b***y nonsence abhi is also in love with his pragya but one irritating thing is that he is an emotional fool pls pls ekta kapoor we want our abhigya back..

  3. Abraham Lawer

    Waiting for what Dadi will do tomorrow.Tomorrow episode will tell us what will happen.Nice episode. Abhi and Pragya are soooo nice

  4. Similar

    I do not know what these writers want this is bull shit the drama was going on so fantastic ND then that prolonged kidnapping ND now this prooooolongeddddd pregnancy uhhhhh!!!!
    Oh God……..
    Eating for some change ND I think when a change will come I will have my grand grand grand children seriously……
    Are the writers blind can’t they see that how much the trp is going down
    No more hopes

  5. Lala

    The viewers are easily tricked! I don’t know why no one is yet to understand Ekta’s series or zee tv series in general. Love is difficult ! Marriage and divorce is a joke in these series.

    TANU will marry ABHI confirmed. In these series it pays to be evil then repent after getting away with most of your wrong deeds. The family will always welcome you and forget every mistake of yours even if you have murdered someone.. Simple as A B C

  6. Sameera

    This show is getting on my last nerve!!! Dragging after dragging!!! I want this to Tanu drama to end! And plus when will they reveal that Aliya, Tanu, and Mitali are behind the kidnapping not purv??!

  7. Zari

    How tanu could think that after divorce pragya will be out of MM…. Pragya will sign divorce papers not property papers….. Tanu was saying that baby kicked her but where the hell is baby in her flat tummy???!!!!??????

  8. Noura

    please could someone tell me who is the singer of “sanam re” in this episode.
    thank you

  9. shobana

    I really feel positive because in mms track also Pragya signed divorce paper after that only abhi comes to knw abt the truth and he himself arranged marriage between Pragya and Suresh then he bring out the truth.
    Likewise here also Pragya signed divorce paper now abhi while submitting in court he will come to knw that they are already divorced and then he will spy on Pragya eventually he will come to the truth. But simultaneously he himself will arrange marriage between him and Tanu. And in the last minute abhi might do something and stop the marriage like he done in mms track. Sarla ma might also join abhi to expose Tanu and Nikhil.
    So something positive is going to happen in this divorce.
    Dasi is going to keep an eye on alia that nice. And dadi comes to knw that Pragya has signed in divorce paper. Will she do something to get the papers?? But if Tanu submits the paper in court then Tanu will come to know they are already divorced. If so my assumption will go wrong.
    Will Pragya try to get the papers from Tanu like they have done in property papers???
    Pragya’s signature in property paper leads to alia’s exposure and now Pragya’s signature in divorce paper will lead to Tanu’s exposure

    • Fowziya

      I too feel the same Shob ? Lets see if our guess goes right..as u said even in MMS track same stuff hapenned so i hope this time also somethin’ good ll happen because of this divorce matter! Ya n one greath thing is that Dasi is goin to keep an eye on Aliya ?

    • Fowziya

      N one thing is crystal clear is that Tanu’s exposure is drawing near.. i mean this time we can expect somethin good will happen.

  10. naren

    The story was now little thing moved on. I really enjoyed the abhigya performance. i hope The writers are making some important twist in upcoming epi. I hope it will be a good news for abhigya fans. whatever it is abhi did not want to betray pragya by signing divorce papers. even after pragya signed divorce paper I don’t think it will be a victory for tanu. It will led to tanu’s exposure only. I really want to watch abhi reactions after knowing tanu’s truth. when will the hide and seek will come to an end

  11. shobana

    I really feel positive because in mms track also Pragya signed divorce paper aft that only abhi comes to knw about the truth but he himself arranged marriage between Suresh and Pragya at the last minute abhi done something and brings the truth out.
    Likewise here also Pragya has signed divorce paper. If abhi submits the paper in court he will come to knw that they are already divorced. And abhi will spy on Pragya and simultaneously he himself will arrange marriage between him and Tanu which will lead to Tanu’s exposure.
    But till now the papers are with Tanu. What will happen if she submit the paper in court? Tanu will come to knw al truth and al my assumption will go wrong.
    Dadi comes to knw that Pragya has signed divorce paper. Will they try to get the papers like they have done in property paper.
    Pragya signed in divorce paper in mms track which leads to alia exposure. And again Pragya signed in property paper which leads to alia exposure. Now again she is going to sign in divorce paper which will lead to Tanu exposure.
    Tanu is trapped in her own plan.
    And sarla ma is my only hope. Lets see how CVs r going to end this track

    • shobana

      Whenever Pragya is in drunken stage she is behaving well with Tanu. On drunken stage she should be angry on Tanu right because they both fight eachother.
      Tanu comes to abhi, infront of Pragya she is asking him to get sign from Pragya. This really shows stupidity and Pragya to on hearing this, she dint react

  12. nirmala

    Happy birthday kkb…. in this 2nd yr we really want a new path and soonly we want abhigya reunion or atleast releave tanu truth…

    And i heartly congrats to every cast and crew of kkb bcos they are wrking for us.. congrats once again and njoy ur 2nd bday.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      This won’t happen in any of ekta shows… 10000years come also this won’t happen

  13. navi

    I thnk pragya wnt blurt out anythn to abhi… instead dadi ll steal those divorce papers from tanu.. aftr tis their 12hr challenge ll b done I thnk.. bt I’m sure tat abhi s upto smethn.. he has an strong doubt on tanu.. bt pragya should plant the doubt on nikhil in abhi’s mind.. thn he ll expose tat tanu vamp lik mms track.. bt they should do tis soon lse tis serial ll Lose the viewers.. at tyms I feel ekta mam s dng til wantedly to end the show.. dnt end tis serial bt change the track soon

  14. rockstar abhi

    Really ekta kapoor aur writer ne mil k serial ki watt laga di h. Trp itni giri hui hai ki jaldi cvr karna mushkil h.aur drag drag drag… abe writer ko pyar ho gya h kya tanu se. Jo expose ni kar rha. Are kuch nya track lao yr.. purvi bulbul ki entry karao.. bc writer .

  15. Nivetha

    Whatever my wish is when tanu gets exposed she should get a tighttttttttt slap from abhi and pragya ufffo testing our patience..

    • shobana

      No Nivetha
      Tight slap is not enough
      I just don’t want this slapping sences .
      Something new which the CVs not done before.
      Severe punishment should be given to Tanu because she not ly irritating abhi and Pragya but also the viewers for more than a year
      Whenever she emotionally blackmail abhi with the unborn baby just one thing comes to my mind what will happen to tanu if her truth is revealed??
      Because she is giving mental torcher to abhi so the punishment should also be severe

  16. gowtham

    after seeing the precap, i am happy that my guess was right… if prgaya signs the papers only truth ll come out… coz that ia edge of tge limit…. and aftr this definitely definitely definitely abhi ll come to knw the truth… hereaftr prgya cant do anything other than accepts her defeat… so now its all upto abhi and sarla ma… now very soon our own kkb is gonna back… till now m afraid to put faith…. but i thnk this time our expectations wont go wrng…
    and tell me guys why aaliya is that much eager and was angry whn tanu told paper was not signed…. i thnk using tanu, aaliya is planning something big… tanu thut aaliya is helping… but aaliya is upto something…. its a divorce paper… then hw… is it related wd property papers?? why aaliya seems happy…. she wants to revenge prgya i knw… but maybe she is upto something more….. dadi hears about divorce papers… she ll tell it to prgya…. kkb is reaching the point that truth has to come out… so lets c and hope fr the best…..

  17. gowtham

    shobana aftr putting my comments i have read yours….. same comments we both mentioned.. hope our thought will come true this time…..

    • Shaz

      Aaliya is not helping tanu. Bcoz she will not help others without any benefit. I think may be the person who is against tanu is aaliya. I don’t know y I am thinking like that but I have a doubt on aaliya’s reentry

    • shobana

      Ya gowtham im also having the same doubt y alia is reacting like this
      It cant be property paper because we clearly saw it . In that paper its written as divorce and her name is also mentioned as Pragya Mehra.
      And alia told mithali abt signing paper . Is it abt divorce paper?? And the best thing is dasi going to keep an eye on alia. But we cant believe the writers because earlier when alia returned from jail raj said the same thing to alia that he will keep an eye on her, he will destroy al her plans and will be a saviour for abhi but nothing happened as like that.
      Now we have to wait for dadi’s reaction and what she is upto

    • Anjhana

      But gowtham Sarla ma is paralysed and cannot speak now…
      The writers have done this to Sarla ma for the reason because abhi believes Sarla ma blindly
      What do u think of my opinion gowtham,shobana,reji???
      And guys???
      I think the truth will come out of Sarla mouth and that’s why the writers have put sarla ma in this condition

      • Anjhana

        Then der is no use of Sarla ma in this condition
        And of course it became the writers hobby for prolonging tanu’s truth

      • gowtham

        yes anjana… she is paralysed now… but now she doesnt need to talk knw…. once abhi has doubt on tanu and prgya.. thn he can somehw ask sarla ma about his doubt.. thn she can able to mention the truth by her movements…. so anythng is possible…. but writers will not do like that… coz fr making the storyline intersting they ll make sarla ma speak the truth in front of all… but hw much time she ll take to recover that is big question now….?? and about aaliya m having very big doubt on aaliya… what she is up to??? can anyone guess aaliyas intention?? or simply she is helping tanu….. but on seeing her actions she is aiming for something big…. i cant able to sync the situations of aaliya… but my guess is she is upto something big using mitali as a pawn…..

      • shobana

        Anjhana now sarla ma was not able to speak but when the moment marriage arrangements happens and at the last moment may be while taking the 7th pheras sarla ma will open her mouth and tell all the truth.
        The moment she was paralysed I was thinking like this only lets see how CVs have planned

      • shobana

        Anjhana frankly speaking im just completed my degree now
        All r calling me akka
        Y this kolaveri???? Guys
        Maybe I will be a few months or a yr elder aduku akka Ellam tooooooooooo much

      • shobana

        Sry anjhana I don’t know that u r studying 9th std
        To be honest if someone calls akka and I feel u r differentiating me from others that’s why said like that.

  18. Rehaan

    f**k off writers.. a big mid finger to this shitty script.. Wtf are the writers thinking???? We are not 5 year old kid to watch this shit
    Every tym the great so called “changed” Pragya tries to bring the truth out and fails every f’in tym.. I stopped watching this crap before bulbul died.. If u guys remember when decorator kidnapped. Pragya. And after that long when I watchd d epi what do I see?? Same old f**ked up drama.. Grow up retarded writers.. I tell u what buy a car get a map and just go to hell
    End the show Ekta and whoever it is

  19. Sahithi

    Before also the writers let us down by leaving loose ends like the video footage during Pragya watchman getup was never looked into. That actually had Nikhil n Tanu confessing themselves. But this was never used.

    Similarly I saw there r some clues left yday also, but may be it is writers way of keeping audience engaged to keep us guessing.

    Daadi heard from Mithali that Pragya n Abhi went out, so I thought Daadi will warn Pragya if not a call, atleast a msg. Not sure if Pragya indeed got hint from Daadi and if the drink exchange is also her plan. Like she was the one who started drinks topic while signing the property papers for Abhi also.

    As per precap, will Daadi be able to get the papers? Like with property papers will there be drama around who will get hands on the divorce papers also. Because once the papers r filed, depending on who will do it, they may know the truth that divorce already happened, so truth of Pragya drama will also come out.

    Given that Abhi is very upset n shocked on Pragya signing the papers, I see less chance for him to file those papers. If not Abhi, Aaliya n Tanu may do that and if they know of divorce truth it will be bigger mess.

    It was never clear who actually holds the property still, how did Daadi get the property transferred on Pragya’s name when the makeover track started.

    Also, suddenly Indu daasi is brought, yeah Ronnie is missing, so as usual, one character disappears, another one comes in. She warned Aaliya but Purab was also supposed to keep an eye on Aaliya which he never did. Same with Raj also, he also vanished without warning Abhi about Aaliya’s intentions. Donno if Indu daasi will play a part or just same as Purab n Raj.

  20. Gowtham and shobhna guys I also commented same after watching yesterday’s segment that surely something positive will happen before or later. And this will b the last victory of tanu getting pragya’s signed divorce papers. I think this new promo of challenge between tanu and pragya is going to prove correct now. Half challenged has completed by tanu but now it’s half part will b in pragya’s favour for sure. And it’s end should b the climax of this record breaking track. If CVS will not stretch this divorce papers matter like last time’s property papers sequence. Becoz dadi heard taaliya’s talk in precap. So may b they will try to steal the papers or may b will plan another thing. But if not, then after listening taaliya’s conversation it seems that divorce processor is left to proceed for being completely divorced. So if taaliya or abhi will reach the court with papers then they could get to know that abhigya r already divorced and pragya was lying about it and hiding this from them. Then it will b up to on abhi that how he will take it as? Negatively means against pragya or positively, in favour of pragya, to find complete truth? But for now wevhave to wait for pragya come in senses so we could guess what will b next exactly. But this is sure that whatever will happen from now, it will b in favour of pragya becoz after thus divorce step only one step is left which is tabhi’s wedding and for stopping it someone needs sometimes whether it will b abhi or sarla maa whoever will end all this. So if we r not wrong then according to promo and pragya, tanu’s bad time will b start after this last victory of divorce papers. So let’s see how it will unfolds. Anyways, I want to give special mention to dasi for yesterday’s episode. Dasi rocked yesterday. ?Dadi should share whole truth to dasi. She could prove as strong supporter and helper for them better tham dadi, whose work is only giving lectures to pragya instead of helping her.

  21. sri

    Really. Kitna wait karna padega really feed up with tanya drama pleaz expose herbakwas ho graham hai

  22. Gowtham and shobhna guys I also commented same after watching yesterday’s segment that something positive will definetly happen. Before or after. In fact what I feels that this will b the last victory of tanu getting pragya’s signed divorce papers. I think the promo of challenge between tanu and pragya is going to prove correct as it’s half part has completed by tanu and now it’s pragya’s turn. And it’s end should the climax of this record breaking track. If CVS will not stretch this divorce papers matter like last time’s property papers matter. Becoz dadi heard taaliya’s talk in precap. So may b they will try to steal the papers or try to make another plan for it. But if not then according to taaliya’s conversation divorce processor is left to proceed for being completely divorced. And if this will lead to the court then this truth could get revealed that abhigya r already divorced and pragya was lying about it and hiding this from them. It will b up to on abhi that how he will take it as? Negatively or positively? Means against pragya by misunderstood her or in favour of pragya by start finding her complete truth? But whatever will b happen niw , I feels it will b positive for pragya from now. Becoz after this divorce step, tabhi’s wedding will b the last step of this track and for stopping it, someone needs sometimes to execute full proof plan, whoever will b stop it whether it will b abhi or sarla maa. So I think according to the promo and pragya, tanu’s bad time will get started after this last victory of divorce and other will b her defeat. It should b coz it will b the time of chapter’s ending and abhigya’s new journey’s beginning. So let’s see what happens? But for anything getting exactly, we have to wait for pragya’s consciousness to know what happens next. Anyways I want to give special mention to dasi who stole the show yesterday. She rocked yesterday.? Dadi should share the whole truth with her as dasi could prove a strong supporter and helper for them better than dadi whose work is only to give lectures to pragya all the time instead of helping her.

    • Guys my comment has posted two times with different profile art. Both r my comments not other’s. But guys follow my last one which profile art is of purple colour.

      • gowtham

        pratiksha…. dnt u get any doubt on aaliyas intention??? bcoz by seeing her reaction yesterday, something is not good…. she is planning fr something else…. can u able to relate it wd anythng?? bcoz whn tanu said she didn’t get sign… did u notice aaliyas reaction?? and connecting it wd mitalis fear, i have a strng doubt on aaliya…. i am nt sure may be she is juz helping tanu.. bt i am having this doubt… can u relate wd this?? anythng aaliya is planning??

      • Aaliya told tanu that she wants her position back in this house for getting purab back, which could happen only after going pragya out from the house. We knows that it could not happen just by tabhi’s wedding until pragya is the owner. Her priority has changed after the interaction with purab. Now she is desperate for getting her position and purab back in his life, for now and for this she has dropped the idea of ruining abhi, for now. O think after finishing tanu’s track CVS wants to show purbul track with aaliya by bring bulbul back in the show. That’s why they have changed aaliya’s priority. So they can relate it to bulbul. Becoz after tanu’s exposure with nikhil, CVS have only one option of aaliya to use as a villain and we have been already seen so much villains in abhigya’s life, whom pragya was handling since long time and Bulbul’s re- entry also is on wait. So I think aaliya’s change priority will relate purbul after tanu’s exposure. Tanu will b get out from abhifya’s life and house after exposure but aaliya is still in behind curtains and until her another one more guilt or fault will not b disclose, till then she is safe in the house. So I don’t think so that she is up to something secretly for now as we have been seen that the papers pragya have signed, it was divorce papers. It was clearly shown in episode. Aaliya is super happy becoz she wants to throw pragya out from abhi’s life and house for completion her changed priority. May b after getting divorce papers, she is thinking to plan to take pragya’s sign on property papers too somehow. This is only fact I m getting yet.

      • Sahithi

        Aaliya wants to get Purab n also get back her place in MM for now. For that, as long as Pragya is her supposed Bhabhi, she knows her games wont work. With Tanu she can manipulate her, as she knows Tanu can be fooled n she knows Tanu’s secrets also. So Aaliya is thinking if Tanu is married to Abhi, she can have her way. For Tanu n baby’s sake Abhi has to nod his head, Tanu is making sure of that even before marriage so post marriage Aaliya thinks it will be much easy. Remember when Aaliya got property on her name, she made Tanu her servant. Aaliya n Mithali these ppl change their intentions n side like every moment based on their convenience.

        I am still doubtful if Pragya got drunk accidently n signed those papers or was that also intentional.

      • shobana

        Actually now at this point of time im thinking only Pragya to come normal from drunken stage .
        Alia is upto something but we have to still wait some more time to knw what is going on in her mind.

      • Mahi

        Sahithi you are right may be pragya intentionally or accidentally signed it is Benifit for her because how Alya react when she got property papers same way Thanu going to react same when she got divorce papers .

  23. hi guys sorry for the late comment …..i went to get my exam results…..a good news for u all ……..with all ur prayers and support i got 1st rank in my class ……..and general proficiency …..thank u so much……my mam said all the subjects i have done very well ….so thank u so much for ur prayers my telly updates friends especially pratiksha sahithi …shobana gowtham fowziya ..razia……swetha evryne thank u guys…….and guys i saw yesterday’s episodes …….i have only one doubt…..abt aliya…alia’s character is she will help for some one if she she has some benefit and she needs only money …..so if pragya give money to her and ask her to help her means ….will she help pragya??

    • gowtham

      super congratulations reji…… treat for getting frst mark…… juz kidding anyways congratulations…. i too have the same doubt and i too mention this in above comments….. i have a strong doubt on aaliya… by seeing her reaction yesterday… lets c wat ll happen but i knw she is up to something… may be helping prgya… but its my guess.. lets see that….

      • gowtham

        oh anjana is going to 10th…. nala padi little sister…. 10th and 12th are important… all the best…. ok

    • Aishwarya

      Reji congrats i wish u should acheive more n more congrats once again.regarding kkb i dont want to tell anything i m just watching for abhigya sake thats it nothing more than that

  24. Guys today kkb’s anniversary.?Today kkb is completing two years of telesating of the show on television. 15 the April 2014 is the day when the show was started. Congrats to all the cast and crew of kkb for their hard works and efforts.? Whatever issues with us for this track, I hope CVS will soon finish it with best result and they will keep maintain the charm of the show and it’s stars.

  25. saliu

    this dragging never stops and tanu overaction will nt stop abhi and tanu marriage arrangments starts and everyone will be calm and even pragya also becoz for abhi and last step of there marriage sarla ma comes and stop the marriage upto that this dragging and that aliya and tanu will be doing over action and plans as usual pragya will be challeging the tanu and failure rotuine vexed with kkb same dragging and no change for fans sake they create some attracte seens between abhi and pragya and song will be sanme re or allah warryiam song then fans will be cool for 2days then same dragging plz stop the dragging end the tanu part make abhigya unite plsssss

  26. Sahithi

    And today marks the completion of 2 years of the show. Thats a wonderful milestone because it had been at the top position as far as ratings are concerned for most of this period.

    Due to this current dragging track fans are losing patience but hoping that for all us loyal audience who have been watching it all through, for the sheer love for the show and the leads, there are better sequences in store ahead.

    Atleast for the past one year or so, I wont hesitate to give credit to ONLY n ONLY both the leads for holding together such a patchy script and carrying the burden on their shoulders.

    Hopefully in the next one year ahead, the writers buck up n get their act together to bring the show back to its previous rocking form. And hopefully, the writers will distribute their love for all characters equally unlike what is seen currently with only few characters hogging all the limelight.

  27. Jayakumarisuresh

    Shobana from ur comments I came to know that they already got divorced. Can u pls tell me when? Which episode it is?

    • shobana

      When Pragya left the home before makeover she got signed from abhi in divorce paper
      But when she returned home in new avatar she claimed that she got signed in property papers while leaving. Actually its divorce paper and i think while exposing Tanu they will tell clearly how properties had been transferred to Pragya’s name

      • shobana

        Check 7 August 2015 written episode
        In that episode only abhi signed in divorce paper. later Pragya claimed it as property papers.
        But it was divorce paper only

    • Sahithi

      I have same doubt. after challenging Tanu n knowing that Abhi is after her for divorce, Pragya must be having some plan.

      Also we didn’t see any plan from team Pragya after that missed video.

      But let us see..

  28. moala

    Fedup with the same old drama.when we r in excitement to watch tanu n nikhil’s truth to b exposed same old thing happens.y is d director taking so long with ds one.n tanu’s belly is d same..huh!fm las year.d cast r wonderful.i luv pragya,bt d story s becoming a shit.dts y nowadays i dont watch regularly.i hate tanu n nikhil.please bring back bulbul.

  29. gowtham

    ha ha shobana epdi irunthalum neenga elder la.. athan akka nu solranga….. naanum ungala athan ji sonen….. ha ha nice statement of saying kolaveri…naanum akka nu kupduren…. coz enku elder sis ila… and romba pidikum??

    juz kidding i ll say juz shobana….

  30. soniya

    bhot hi jyada bekar serial banta jaa raha hai jald hi band ho jayega issue bariya toh YKAGH ,GAANGA, YHM,TMKOC dekhiye sabse jyada irritating and worst serial hai??

  31. Hii guys Congrts reji… all your bst fr ur future….. m happy fr uuu bt here most of guys frm scool nd collg right……all ur comments r good guys jus waiting fr tanus explosure…….sure she ill expose guys hav hope don’t wrry hai gowtham ur comments also I red really gud…..pls reply me guys…. pratiksha shobnaa hw r u alll……actually I dont think tis much to comment bt som hw I usd to chk….

    • Reji

      Hi fathima …after a long time I am seeing ur comment ….thanks for ur wishes …and u an fine…how r u? ??

    • gowtham

      hi fathima thanks…. and yes abhis gonna back in track… we gonna get our kkb back in action….

  32. Guys voh kehte na agar vakt kam ho toh insan kya kuch nhi karta vaise pragya jaldi hi tanu ka sach sammne layegi kyunki tanu ko exposed karne ke liye ab bohot vakt kam hai pragya ke paas

    & reji congratulations i wish u wiill always successful in your life

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.