Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with corporator requesting commissioner to let him meet Bulbul once. Commisioner says he will go to jail for kidnapping Abhi and Pragya and attempt to murder, asks constables to keep an eye on him and leaves.

Mitali gets laddoos to hospital and tells it is prasad and she prayed for Bulbul’s life. She serves them to everyone except sundari and mundari/Aaliya and Tanu and tells they will get diabetes if they eat it. Commissioner comes there and tells Bulbul made this accident purposefully to catch corporator and says she is a brave girl who risked her life to catch the culprit. People told Bulbul rammed corporator’s car by mistake and once she saw he is driving car, she rammed car again and injured him, but got injured also. He further says he has caught corporator

and has kept him in same hospital under observation. Doctor comes out and tells Bulbul is safe now, but has many fractures. Abhi and Purab hug each other happily.

Ugly vamps Aaliya and tanu go to corporator and Aaliya tells he will repent for harming her brother and if she wants, she will send him to jail for longer period. He says she should not forget that he can take her name out. She says if he takes her name, she will definitely send him to jail. He asks her to take him to Bulbul. She says she cannot as family members are around.

Corporator runs from police’s clutch and starts finding Bulbul’s room. Abhi and Purab see him and start beating him. Corporator continues shouting that he wants to meet Bulbul. Purab gets irked and strangulates him. Mitali asks Abhi to save him, else he will die. Abhi say she deserves it. Daadi requests and Abhi takes Purab away when corporator acts as choking. Police take him away. Sundar/mundari discuss that their fate is ill that corporator is caught and Bulbul is alive, hope Bulbul dies soon.

Mitali sees Pragya meeting commissioner and silently listens to their conversation. Pragya asks commissioner to ask corporator who helped him in kidnap as she wants to rescue innocent Purvi. Commissioner asks her not to worry, he will question corporator soon. Pragya thanks him and leaves. Abhi hears their conversation.

Mitali goes to ugly minded vamps sundari/mundari and tells Pragya requests commissioner to question corporator, and once corporator takes out their names, they will be in jail. Tanu panics and says she does not want to go to jail. Mitali says she will book 3 tickets for ashram.

Abhi speaks to commissioner and says he heard Pragya’s request and wants him not to arrest anybody directly and panic his family, so he wants him to take some time until he finds some way. Commissioner says okay and leaves in his car.

Purab comes to Bulbul’s room and starts crying vigorously. Sarla also with other family members and starts crying seeing her bandaged face. Biji asks her to stop crying and says Bulbul would not like her crying and says she should not make patient nervous and can go home and cry. She then thanks Daadi for her help and asks her to go home. Daadi asks her to call her when she needs her and she will reach in 15 min. Biji asks Prayga also to go with daadi and says she is there to take care of Bulbul. Pragya looks at Bulbul once, consoles Purab, Sarla and leaves.

Ugly minded Aaliya takes Tanu to nurses’s room and asks her to guard outside. She changes nurse’s get up and says what she could not do as Aaliya, she will do as nurse and now Bulbul cannot be spared at all.

Precap: Corporator points at Purvi and says she helped him in kidnapping.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh yaar don’t cal them as sundari/mundari then these names wil commit suicide if they are alive. Actualy tat grls are witches…

  2. Bulbul (thalaiva u r great) u hav done a vry gud job f4 ur sister but tats nt nice 2 c tat u hurt urslf in tis action! Any way happy tamil new year frnds!!

    1. Happy Tamil New year

    2. Same to u

  3. thnks for updating fastly
    i agree wth u priya

  4. Wat d hell r u all showing…first i liked ds show a lot bu nw…..plz catch those aliyaa nd tanu then show cute moments between abhi pragya

    1. Ya praghya I agree with u pls show some romance in between abhi nd praghya

  5. Actually bulbul should have been d lead of d show instead of dat dumb pragya coz her character is vry strong nd she can give back answers to everyone bt ds pragya is a.dumb nd can do nothing…its bulbul who told her to propose abhi otherwish abhi kokabhi pata nahi chalta….

    1. Totally agree with u…nd abhi toh super dumb

  6. no abhigya scene 2day πŸ™

  7. Again d kidnapping part story!!
    This show is worse than a chewing gum!

  8. Nxt in d track pragya is going to take a glamorous look…..

  9. Why would anyone in their right mind believe Purvi had anything to do with the kidnapping. She never had any kind of vendetta against Bulbul or anything to gain how come suddenly she is involved in the BS and have to prove herself innocent…they family should believe in her…that alone would put a slap in Aliya’s face. The 2 witches have husbands to gain if they got rid of the sisters but aren’t even suspects. I know Abhi has acted stupidly all along but he did heard Aliya’s voice when he was held captive and she visited the idiot corporator, so why doesn’t he piece it together. I think a kindergarten student can come up with a better story….writers, just to keep your show going don’t write crap…either let all culprits be found out and have happy ending or change the story to something more believable.

  10. that coopreator should be beaten more

  11. Ena koduma sir ithu! Pudinga boss antha tanu, aaliya, corporator ah pudichu jail ah podunga boss!

  12. happy tamil new year pa naanum tamil taan

    1. Tq kowsi, vidhya hapy nw yr!

  13. yanna koduma sir ethu!! bulbul intha mathiri paduka vachutengala!!! ada yov director nee yan evalavu kanjana erukka yappa pathalum bulbul purab ku scene kamiyava kudukkara??? we need more n more rabul scene!!!! i love u rabul πŸ˜‰

  14. Plz stop this Aliya cruel mind scene. Am watching this drama only for bulbul and purab scene and Abigya scene. I don’t want to get re send by seeing Aliya anymore

  15. Yen ma ippadi pandrigale ma?that dumb abhi.but I like u abhi ur attitude,way of talking,sense of humour all make me fall in love with u.i hope ennaku Vera pora purushaan abhi madhiri dumb ah ellama abhi madhiri erraknum.

  16. aliya n tanu stupid gls…distract olwys btwn abhigya…..bulbul did the ryt thngz bt gt accdnt…so sad fo bulbul…hope u might get wel soon as we r hurry to see u happy..

  17. Why is Alliay gettin away wit all the shit tat is happenin???? When is she gonna get caught , what rubbish???? They realy need to end this crap????? They ar implicatin Purvi. For what???? How can they possibly think tat she wud gain in this, why art they findin excuse to keep alliaya frm not gettin caught absolute BUll if u ask me!!!!

  18. I think abhi knows about evil aliya but he is hiding……

    1. i think ur right pearl and how can they make abhis bran so dumm he is not able to understand his own sister and his asuming girl friend .

  19. I pity purvi I hp pragiya proves that purvi is not the culprit

  20. β™₯β™”SaRaβ™”β™₯

    wat d hell purvi is innocent

  21. β™₯β™”SaRaβ™”β™₯

    I think pearl is ryt

  22. they beast

  23. The evils always succeed in Indian series. What a shame

  24. Hey.u guys don’t you have any works . Every time you discuss stuff like this. Very worst. .. . Its an scripted Tele drama .thats it. .. But u guys act like a real story. .. You guys look soo funny.

    1. i so agree with u josh…the show is just a fiction…

    2. We are smart enough to know it’s a drama but we are even smarter to want some Intelligent entertainment, hence the reason for these comments!!!

  25. Ahhhh again d two idiot’s escape! W** is the writer trying to proof??????

  26. I ll kill u corporater. Pragya plzz believe innocent purvi. Bulbul wake up n hit that sundri wd knife. Abhi stop being foolish what pragya tld Police that was only rite. Purab dear purab before bulbul dies open ur eyes n stop being foolish realise sun/mun intentions.
    Btw sundari mundari wow kya name hai πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ :p

  27. Agat sundry mundry jail nahi ja rahi toh Plz show band kar do…
    Chattiyal serial h….

  28. Agar sundry mundry jail nahi ja rahi toh Plz show band kar do…
    Chattiyal serial h….

  29. arey…..y do people keep asking abhigya scenes…pragya falling on abhi or vice versa,both looking at each other with a back ground song.so boring.

  30. Here’s one drama, where people have to tell police what to do. They can’t catch a kidnapper, they can’t keep a watchful eye on him, they have to take instructions from others on what to do. Investigations are not in full force ion their own accord! Are the writers insulting the police dept or is that how it works in reality?

  31. I agree with rachana

  32. Ayo…ipadi arukiringalae ma…intha jenmathula purab n bulbul ku mrge aga porathu ila…abhi n pragya sera porathu ila…aliya tanu n mitali maataporathu ila….rachanaku baby porakaporathu ila….mitali dnt care her husb in jail….wat a logic n dtupid dumb serial………….tamil serial ahae paravala pa……….che che…

  33. oh got the corporator points out at purvi poor purvi and that aaliya iz now about kill bulbul or what its so suspense

  34. I hve stopped watching tis serial..it use to be my fav serial n now its all crap..doesnt make sense at all..waste of time

  35. Hey guyzzzz u knew DAT mrunal is not gonna leave
    It is not sure DAT she will cum in nache ba…7 or not

  36. guys ,i think they re good episodes at front . I am liking abhi nowadays .actually i liked him before too.

    1. me too…every show will have ups and downs but abhi is getting to realise his feelings ….

  37. how dare u aaliyau & tanu u r once again trying to kill bul bul . then plz show abhi and pragya in more scenes. tanaya plz update faster

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