Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi pulls Pragya aside. What did you do? Which CD did you play? This isn’t some ordinary event. It is my concert. She fumbles in reply but he continues scolding her. Ordinary people spend their lives just like that. I have made a name for myself. I have earned it the hard way. She tries to make him understand it wasn’t her fault. He says it was my mistake. I called you my fan no. 1 and you thought we are friends. I respected you before everyone and you only were trying to take me down! I only made you my fan no. 1. I take it back from you. Don’t tell anyone this anymore. I will even throw that poster out from office so no one can see either my name or photo with you. She walks away sadly. Aaliya eyes them from far. Someone has said it right. You enjoy flying in air and you cry equally

when you are pulled down. Pragya got enough disrespected today. Bhai only shower her her place today. She wont come before him after today if she is a little ashamed of herself.

Abhi comes to where Pragya is. You make mistake and cry too. I will scold you if you are wrong. She replies that she dint make any mistake. He refuses to believe it. Every thief says so. I dint say that to you but in general. Please don’t cry. I don’t like it. She asks him why he makes her cry then. He explains that he can scold her if she makes a mistake which she certainly did her. She says I only played the CD which I got. I don’t have any mood to do things wrong or play wrong songs. He wonders where he got stuck. He tells her he dint know. It was my mistake. I am mad to scold you. I am sorry. Please wipe your tears. She complies. He jokes that she should be happy. I said sorry toy ou twice. She retorts that the one who makes mistake will apologize. You said I am not your fan no. 1. I dint even get that poster in your office. I dint come to talk to you. Leave it. You do things as you like. Some girls come to take his autograph so they go quiet. Once the girls leave, Pragya starts scolding him again. You are Khadus. I make you Khadus No. 1. I wont hear your song, neither in the car nor neighbourhood. I will close my ears instead. She returns him his handkerchief. He thinks my event got spoiled. She is still scolding me and I am evenly apologizing. She leaves finally. He mistakenly plays the CD again. He walks away feeling embarrassed as people look at him.

Pragya walks up to Abhi’s poster and scolds it. You don’t have to listen to anyone. You only know how to scold people. You are a great rock star after all! You said you wont talk to me? I will not talk to you. It will hurt your ego. Purab comes to her. Did you have a word with him? She disagrees. I don’t know anyone by that name. He is taken aback. She tells him not to take his name before her. He is a rock star. She tells him what Abhi said to her. Purab jokes and ends up sayin sorry to her. Pragya says you both say anything you want to and then say sorry. He apologizes again. You are acting like Abhi too. You aren’t even listening to me. Good thing is he dint fire you. He only scolded you. She tells him not to take his side. He disagrees. It was all Aaliya’s plan. I warned you she will come here and do something to make you look bad in Abhi’s eyes. He isn’t at fault. He only reacted to what he saw. She agrees not to scold Abhi. But I wont spare that Aaliya. He asks her what proof she has. What will you say to Abhi? It will only make things better for Aaliya. Pragya nods. Everything was going so well. He was speaking to me so nicely and now this. I cannot take it. He says I understand but forget about this for now. It will be fine. They leave together.

Aaliya thinks where Bhai is. He must be still angry. It is about his career after all. I have to do it with him because of that Pragya. I cannot risk his business because of her. I have to do something or my future will be in problem.

Tanu calls Aaliya. You dint tell me about Abhi’s event? Tanu and Aaliya bicker over the same. Tanu says I could have taken things with Abhi forward if I was there. Aaliya reminds her how she said she will listen to her. Or else, do things like you want to. Don’t come crying to me if everything gets messy. Tanu apologizes to her. I will not come even if you will ask me to. Don’t be upset. Come to my place. I have to show you something asap. Aaliya sounds uninterested but Tanu insists. You will like the surprise. Aaliya thinks to go to Tanu’s place. Bhai will go home only.

Pragya comes home. I will surely not talk to him. He scolded me for no reason. He should know how bad it feels when your loved one is not talking to you. She turns and finds her mother, her Dadi staring at her. Pragya is puzzled. She asks for water but they tell her to take it herself. Pragya says I could but I got tired. I had my hands full today. they nod. We know what it was and with whom you were busy. Pragya gets thinking about the event. I dint go on stage on my wish. He took me there. Dadi complains to Sarla ji and they have a cute nok-jhok. Pragya asks them what’s happening. They refuse to tell her. Pragya requests them to end the suspense. What did I do? Dadi suggests her to stand in front of the mirror and understand what you did wrong. What will you do if someone gives you respect and treats you well? Pragya replies that she would respect that person as well and treat him or her nicely. Pragya is confused and ends up saying I

Abhi says you all gave her this freedom. You had to scold her but she is scolding you all instead. Pragya asks him how he came here. Talk to me. He tells her to sit. I did so much for her. I sang for her. I introduced her to everyone. Pragya keeps on talking in between. He warns her to be quiet or he will throw chair on her head. Everyone gulps. Abhi continues talking. I was so nice to her. She scolded me for everything even when she played the wrong CD. I was the one who apologized twice yet she called me Khadus. Why? Pragya reasons that the fault was in the CD. I only played the CD I received. Dadi seconds her. He replies that he cannot scold the CD as she only played it. Dadi nods. Pragya adds that she will play the CD she will receive. He repeats at her to be quiet or he will hit a chair on her head. Abhi asks her as to why she called him Khadus even when he apologized to her. They argue. She asks him for how many things will he say sorry. You are even instigating my family against me. They even out what the other has done. Dadi tells them to be quiet. What do you want Abhi? Abhi asks for Thai massage. Right now, a sorry would do though. Ask her (Pragya) to say sorry to me. He goes to another room. Everyone looks on.

Pragya says I wont say sorry. I dint do any mistake. You all can li9sten to him. I don’t have this much patience to hear him all the time. Abhi says she has so much ego. Even I don’t have one. Tell her I wont come now. She can come to apologize me. Everyone ends up smiling.

Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi has a very pure heart. He does not think bad for anyone. Pragya agrees. Dadi asks her why she dint say sorry then. Pragya reasons that she was crying. It will go to ego if he is wrong. Dadi points out that she too have a big one. Pragya does not want to apologize as he will roam around her all the time for some or other excuse. Dadi understands her logic. You both are kids. Pragya says you have to be kids to be happy. I am sure he will try.

Precap: Aaliya tells Abhi I understand what happened. I am sure it is because of that receptionist. We should fire her. He tells her against it. She made a mistake. It is ok. Let’s not fire her for this. Aaliya is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Aaliya can try all she want but pragya would never stay away from abhi n neither is he

  2. Okie ? this episode seemed strange but interesting. It didn’t end the way i expected. Light hearted. Ok cvs in pragyas words…”khadus” to u. I always envisioned kkb writers style had a very tight pantie/underwear style. Always so uptight n congested that i want to burst. Women put women down. Typical, predictable & dated. In the early episodes Pragya was so dynamic.
    Hi Sahithi. ..Namasteh lady. Yap ive been MIA (missing in action). Really got tired & frustrated with the pregnancy track. Especially from the the champu epi. The
    script was becoming so iilogical & senless. And Pragya with a battalion of ppl helping her always ended up losing to TAKHIL… N it was becoming too predictable n silly.
    Well. ..hoping Ektas cvs team losen up..wear boxers/hipsters & write sensibly. ?.
    M Hoping to see a more sensible abhi. N Purab n Abhi partnering up & taking the limelight. The women were jus messing up too much stuff.

    1. Namaste, if only Ekta and her team ever read ur comments.. LOL

      Your last sentence is very true, I also liked this show because it is not like other kitchen politic soaps. And the actors and characters, Abhi and Purab are too loveable, if only writers gave them more footage than the ladies.

      Tanu was always screeching, Aaliya did recently. Somehow in yday episode, while sobbing Pragya also sounded like screeching or may be its my feeling 🙂

      Thank god, the men are not yet screeching so yeah need more screen time for them..

  3. Not too bad.. he felt guilty on his attitude..

  4. Dint watch the episode yet .. bt I’ll watch it fa sure today .. happy wid this abhi .. hope vl enjoy if the show goes this way ..

  5. Abhi shud soon realise how hid attitude changed I’m these years n shud know how n cuz of whom it hpnd ..

  6. Hey guys how r u all???n my bakrit wishes to reji n all muslim frns sorr y for d late wishes coming to epi i ve not yet watched d epi but after reading updates again i have started to feel that abhi is acting i m telling this not only for his apologize n y should he apologize a receptionist being a rockstar even he did got any proof for pragya innocence coz we all know that our abhi is lover of proofs na but y todat he didnt ask n y should a rs go to his fan house n behaving like he has some relation with him coz we were also fan for some heros or singers n if we got d title of fan no1 though no celebrity will not gave this much importance for a fan n plzzz anyone tell me d meaning of hawa hawaiii plzzz n clear my doubts prathiksha sahithi shobana reji gowtham anna hency vinodhini

    1. Aishu, hawa Hawaii means air or wind..

      But anyone knows the meaning of kadoos ???

      1. SURBHI

        hey shobu khadoos means rude and arrogant

      2. Thank you Surbhi ??

    2. Aishu, as shobana said, hawa Hawaii means wind..

    3. ImRagela

      Aishwarya hawaai means wind !..Khadoos means rude snobbish and arrogant !!..

    4. ImRagela

      And thank u so much for your wishes aishu !!???

  7. Can anyone say me what is meant by kadoos??

    1. U r absolutely right.I agree with u

    2. Kadoos means I think getting angry for small small things. Btw I don’t know Hindi but love to learn Hindi just to watch kumkum bhagya

      1. Thanks nisha..??

    3. Khados means being Stubborn

      1. Thank you nisha and swetha???

    4. Guys khadoos exact means is rude.

      1. Thank you prathiksha ??

      2. Thanks pratiksha and swetha.??

  8. Hey did anyone notice? In today’s epi daadi called pragya as PRAGYA in front of abhi but he didn’t mind that. pragya introduced herself as Niketa to abhi na. So friends this is another proof for fake memory loss.He can’t tolerate pragya’s anger and sadness so came to her home as he will be feeling guilty for making pragya angry and sad. So let’s see what will happen friends. Btw I love this track

    1. Yeah nisha.. I too notice it…you are absolutely right… he didn’t mind that…yeah, it’s creating confusions…I too love this memory loss track..?

      1. Yup nisha and vinodini, i too noticed dadi calling Pragya as Pragya…
        But, its still confusing whether he is acting or not…
        Yesterday’s epic was dam cute. I loved it..

  9. Shriti

    hey pratiksha di i too want to join with u as your friends i like your updates very very much nd can i be your friend ??????☺?? love u dear
    nd first rule of friends hip introduced ourself ., i am shriti from Gujarat age 13 years studying in 8th class

    1. y u not update ff dear??????????????

      miss it lot yaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Awww…that’s so sweet of u sweetheart. Thank u so much for ur appreciation and liking. Ur most Welcome as a friend as well as little sister too shriti. Love u cutie…

    3. ImRagela

      Hi shriti di how r u ??missed you a lot welcome to this comment section !!?

  10. I think it means stingy grumpy person selfish.

  11. wonderful episode after a long time ..love it
    wat vl be the surpise by thanu is it nikil bulbul or purvi

  12. Can’t they move forward?? Seriously the same story again.. where is bulbul? Bring her back ?? I really wonder how this show is in first place.. ?

  13. Lovely episode.

  14. ? Hi guys, sorry so much for such a late comment.
    Reji and other Muslim friends, wishing u all a very happy Bakrid (now its belated…sorry).
    And shobana sis u will not know how eagerly i am waiting for Saturday. Yeah “a dream” was really wonderful and the ending was just awesome. Please post it regularly. I am waiting… 🙂 😀
    Reji, can I ask u something? I think in some distant past u were writing “magic of my love”. May be May or June, am i right? I read it during my Holidays. I really loved it but felt very sad when you dropped it yaar 🙁 actually i said this, just to say that i loved it alot.
    OK guys bye see u next time. And ya there is very little to comment on the show coz I am really fed up with these repeated craps AND the new promo…juz go to hell you writers ? . I am really pissed off with u, always giving repeated scenes in different ways. And Abhi, u are really great man. I must appreciate u. Showing all ur anger on the person who committed mistake(acc. To him) is OK, but telling that you shudn’t be my fan is really, out of mind. Then again pleading with the same person, that too within seconds you changed you mind. I never expected that yesterday’s episode will be this illogical. But OK as it was a little satisfactory than seeing Abhi scolding Pragya And Pragya shedding tears. I know, there is no use in bashing the actors coz they juz do their job, that too perfectly ?? else the show wud have aired off a year ago. Even i Am sticking on just for abhigya. It will be apt to say that I am Abhigya fan than KKB’s.
    Many of u here are having the thought that i am having right now…like Pratiksha, Kavi, Shobana sis, Reji, Iswarya_Santhosh and many.
    And since many of u here are Tamil, can we speak in our language?? coz i really love Tamil a lot though it is not my mother tongue. What say guys??
    Sorry…ivvalo periya blade pottadhukku. Kandippa sila per paadhilaye vittuttu iruppanga ? ?. And fulla padichchavangalukku periya thanks ? ? Enakku enna thonuchcho adha sonnen. Kandippa ivvalo perusaa comment panradha stop panna try panren . Ungla weekly once thaan meet panna mudiyuthu, athaan konjam overa pesitten. Marubadiyum Sorry.

    And kadaisiyaa gud morning friends…And kadoos means I have no idea guys, plz anyone tell me.

    1. Kadoos means similar to sidumunji

      1. Nandri sherin.

    2. Good morning ani, so you are a silent readers of A Dream… I am so happy that, you read it and loved it..
      Ya sure, I will update by Saturday, but unlike dream, I will be posting it only by Saturday and Sunday’s since, my fingers are paining by typing continuously..

      Naan unnoda full comment eh padichan ??

      1. Sorry I can comment only at this time coz i come Home from school only by 5:30 pm.
        Ya i was a silent reader…I read almost every ff in TU, and how did u think i will miss a wonderful one? 😀 . I loved it to the core ??❤️???
        And take care u no need to stress yourself in giving us the update. Write only if you can dear. and fulla Padichchathukku romba periya nanri 🙂 😀 ? . Really it means a lot to me.

    3. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi ani?… I too felt the same… Aracha mavaiyae araikuranuga… Cha.. Mudiala.. But for abhigaya Only we r wathching this crap… But comparing to baby drama ithu evalavo paravala….. Tanu… Ponna ava? Cha… Avalakuda sethukalam… Aaliya i cant tolerate her… But still the show is in 1st position, bcoz of abhigayas chemistry….

      Na unnoda comment ah✂cut pannama full ah padichen???☺☺☺☺…..

      1. Oh so many thnqs, ennoda commenta fulla padichchadhukku. I am really smiling seeing your comment. Nijamaave Arachcha maavaye thaan araikkuranga, aana dipperent dipperent sytlla. Enna koduma Saravanan idhu. But tanu trackka vida idhu evvalavo mel.
        Ava ovvoru vaati “I LOVE YOU ABHI, THINK OF OUR BABY” ???? appidinnu sollumbodhellam paththikittu varum. Better irukkuratha vechi santhoshappada vendiyathuthaan.

    4. ImRagela

      Hi ani !!..Thank u so much for your wishes !..Ya i wrote magic of my love during my holidays but i got busy with school works so got a break with telly updates so i dropped it and thought to write a new one !!..So ani now i am doing happy love !..Feeling really happy that you liked magic of my love ff !..Thank u so much !..I will be continuing happy love after my exam !.Thank u so for your support ..And i am half Hindi half Tamil !..But paadhi tamizhachi dhaan ippo muzhusaave maariten !..Enakkum Tamil pesuradhu romba pudikum ..and unga views share panndhuku ethuku sorry !!..Feel free to comment !..And inga paaratugalukku nandri !!??????

      1. Hey Reji, I am not so elder to you. I am juz 11th. So u can call me Ani itself. And actually my name is not Ani. I am Loshini, I like this name coz its my pet name. Sounds wierd right…actually i kept it myself as i love to be called so. So u can call me Losh or Ani itself. No neenga, vaanga and all. And marakkama unnoda ff exam mudinjadhukku apparam post pannu. best of luck for your other exams. BYe and Take care.

  15. nice episode……….

  16. Have you all seen in the Internet the Complaint Board ZeeTV and the serial that has the most comments on the most illogical and insane serial. Despite the comments the plots remain the same and they are unable to move forward to make changes. See if you all agree with the comments there which are well written??

  17. Shaza

    Whatever is going on I this serial ..it’s anyway better than the pregnancy track…?

  18. Yesterday I liked abhigya’s fight so much. Specially Pragya’s given back to abhi. The way she scolds abhi and the way she has taken class of abhi, it was sopurb. I really enjoyed it. Whole episode was enjoyable except taaliya’s part. Guys did u noticed that when abhi and pragya was fighting Infront of pragya’s family and abhi complains about pragya from pragya’s dadi, pragya’s dadi calls her pragya Infront of abhi. But nobody noticed, not abhi, nor pragya and her family. Anyways let’s talk about new promo so it is such a disgusting sequence and matter, which I can’t watch Infront of my family. I will watch it online but not on television. Present circumstances and logics says that abhi will believe on pragya and he will take pragya’s side but on a surprising note let’s see, what happens becoz actual sequences and scenes usually happens different from the promo so let’s see.

    1. Prathiksha there r some new onse pics released in which mrunal visited kkb sets n cliked pic with aliya sarala maa purab by y she visited is she is gng to re enter in d show??????plzz clear me

    2. Prathiksha, ya cant watch it with family.. I cant understand one thing, why the CVs are always getting cheap ideas like this, first MMS track, then champu and this promo… I don’t know what they are trying to say by this…
      And reg, yesterday epic, it was superb. I really enjoyed..my mom too. She said the fight between abhigya is like two children are fighting…?

    3. Pratiksha, I sense that Abhi will believe Pragya. He’s been around her and know that she s cotish and shy, plus the argument they had about probing a problem before laying blame, he will not forget that anytime soon…fingers cross.
      What that man and Aalyia expect to happen to Pragya will become his fate. Aalyias plan will fail big time… Let’s see how the plays out. CVS has a tendency to warp an outcome.

      1. Ya mittenzz infact the big fact is, pragya is spending her most of time around a big rock star,even abhi is giving her importance every time. Abhi likes her and her company a lot. So pragya have a strong favour of abhi with her. If she wants any favour for her carrier and future,Abhi will always help her. So she don’t need to do all this cheap and disgusting things for anything, specially for promotion as in promo, that guy says. If pragya wants, she can easily use abhi as abhi is so much impressed with her and spending lots of time with her but she never did this. Even abhi is following her everywhere, he is not leaving her at any situation. But pragya never tried to being close to him. She tries to ignore him a lot but abhi didn’t left her to notice. Yesterday’s episode was gud example of it that abhi himself comes to do patch up with pragya but pragya doesn’t gets ready to do patch up with him. She doesn’t care that she can lose chance to live in a comoany of a big rockstar. These r some of best hints and examples for abhi for believing on pragya’s innocence in this disgusting act planned by aliya. Becoz whatever could b that guy but definetly he will have no comparison with abhi in name, fame, power and wealth, whom support pragya have so why she will do such a cheap thing? Although abhi haven’t remember anything of past but whatever time he spent with pragya since sometimes, i think it should b enough for him to believe on pragya’s innocence but this is also true that abhi’s record of believing on pragya is very bad and cvs can do anything on surprising note so let’s see what happens.

  19. Wow there is a record number of critical comments on the Complaints Board Zee TV. Most of them are very very strong but accurate. They are far more direct and to the point of saying why it is the worst serial todate. But it is a MIRACLE that despite all the strong negative feedback, they get the TRP results – incredible crap!!!

  20. Aishwarya mrunal visited on kkb’s set, just to meet with her x-co- actors of the show to revive old memories. She is not coming back in the show as bulbul. She cleared it in her snapchat video.
    Link for her snapchat video with kkb’s actors-
    PART 1

    PART 2

    1. Oops sorry guys, link couldn’t posted but u can see it on instagram and mrunal’s snapchat.

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi prathiksha, shobhana sis, reji,vinodhini, asmitha, sahithi….. And everyone in this team….till now, No one had gave any intro about yourself…. Prathiksha dear i asked about u one day but u didnt reply me.. Guys we became frnds just a few months back only… i dont know anything about yourself… So tell me about yourself… if u r accepting me as a frnd means tell me about yourself…
      And myself iswarya… Im from bangalore, biotechnician….

      1. Hi ? ishu, I have told many times about me here, since you asked I am repeating it once again..
        I am Shobana from Chennai, I have completed, engineering. I used to work in my mom office, when I am free, I will be playing games in mobile, used to draw something or scribble something in the name of short stories.. I am very friendly but, wont mingle easily with others.. I love to be alone most of time….,
        That’s it, there is nothing more than this to say about me…

      2. Hi ishwarya… I am vishvaja.. vinodhini is one of my favorite name… I am a CA student from Chennai.. at present, I am immersed in studying for my ipcc exam which will be held on Nov..I love to love others and to be loved by others i.e. my parents,my friends, sister,brother,etc..but I don’t have a brother or a sister.. few days back , I got a sis.??

      3. Iswarya I have been introduced myself before u joined this group. Even all our group members introduced ownself together in same day but u were not at that time, that’s why u don’t know about us. I have’nt remember that when u asked me about myself but today when i saw that u want to know about me. So i m introducing myself here once again-
        My real name is Richa, pratiksha and ritu is my nick name. I belongs to North, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. I have cometed my studies with English Literature. Along with this, I have done post graduate diploma in cosmetology from VLCC-INDIA. I m a beautician as well as a teacher, an editor also. I m a sociable and fun loving person. I hate liers, cheaters and show off personalities. I love changes. I love reading novels, travelling and listening music. Cooking is my favourite hobby. I love to learn different- different dishes to cook. I m helpful from nature. It is in my blood becoz my parents and their parents all loves to help needy persons as much as possibly can. I love honest peoples becoz honesty is a mirror of a person’s reality and truth. Manu more things could b explain about myself but for now this much is enough for main intro, I think.

      4. HI iswarya. this is Loshini here. U can call me Ani, coz I loved to be called so. I am a class 11 student doing my CS along with Phy6, Che, Math and Eng. My hobby is reading Books And listening music. I am a reserved person who will not mingle easily, but when i really get committed I am so casual And friendly and will love to be among friends. This is a formal introduction of myself.

    3. ImRagela

      Ya Pratiksha i also saw her photos in IG !!..She visited kkb set not for shooting just to visit here ex co actors !!..

    4. ImRagela

      Hi Aishwarya like shobana i also already introduced abt me !..OK once again i am giving intro !.My name is Ragela .My short and pet name is Reji . But in school and in home everybody will call me Reji . Then i born in Mumbai but now my parents and settled and living in chennai !..In short i am Hindi mixed Tamil ..Don’t get shocked by my age i am 13 ..?School’s cultural and choir (singing) incharge and sports captain ..I love painting and singing . I got school’s best artist .trophy..And i completed Cambridge English’s YLE and communicative english course (CEC) And i am doing Karate senior green belt .Then i am a naughty but a cutiee girl !..Ungala pathi sollunga !!

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Hi reji! I was really shocked toknow that u r just 13……. Oh my god cutieee u r my little sister… Very talented little sister…. happy about that….

        My real name is iswarya nagappan… Everyone call me as aishu… Im a pure tamil girl… Born in coimbatore but my dad works as a chief manager in construction field, so we always used shift our place every year…. I did my schoolings in many places…. Karaikudi, chidambaram, chennai, thanjavur, bangalore…. Now im in bangalore…. i love to make frnds… I too hate, liars and cheaters….. I did my graduation in biotechnology….

  21. Guys it was a surprise episode n more surprising was Pragya’s reaction. When Aaliya was thinking where did Abhi go n was searching, for a min I thot did he go to Arora house. When they showed in first break Abhi at Arora house, I was telling mom that these writers show exactly what we r guessing. I was smiling all thru. Abhi has become such a sweetheart now?

    Btw it’s my birthday today, so taking off from work for some family time. See you guys later..

    1. Many more happy returns to u sahithi and all the best fr ur future may god bless u with happiness although u r life and about epi I felt very happy for pragya reaction it is really fun to watch I enjoyed totally

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Many more happy returns of the day sahithi…. May all the happiness will come to you throughout this year… Enjoy…

    3. Iswarya_santhosh

      ????????????????????????????????????This is for u sahithi…. Enjoy

    4. Hey bday babyyy .. happiee bday love .. stay blessed n I’m wishing u al gud Ness in yua life . . And I’m truly saying the ones comment which I’m always looking for to is yuas .. I’ll jus scroll n vl read yuas .. I jus loved the way u observe things in kkb as well as other things .. happie bday dear .. enjoy yua day have a blast ????

    5. Sahithi, many- many happy returns of the day. Wish u a very happy birthday and a great day. May ur all wishes and dreams comes true and u get all the prosperity, love and success in all over ur life. Have a wonderful birthday and a great day with lots of fun and enjoyment.

    6. Happy birthday sahithi ?.???????????
      Wishing you a happy and a successful year ahead….

    7. Happy birthday Sahithi.

    8. Happy birthday sahithi….
      after long time toay only commenting here only for sahithi.
      But read all ur comments pratiksha, shobana, sahithi, reji, Gowtham and all.

      Last 2 weeks b4 only i saw u guys are commenting like earlier. specially pratiksha also not commented. Miss her updates. Based on ur updates only i decide to watch that day episode or not. But all are fed up with that track.

      Now all are came back. Happy to see. Pls dont stop to comment here even if the story track irritate.

    9. Many more happy returns of the day sahiti.. May all your dreams come true…????????????

    10. ImRagela

      Hi Sahithi !! Many more Happy returns of the day wish you a very very happy birthday dear !! ..???????..May your wishes comes true !..And i think we would not speak much but i like to talk with you very much !!..Once again Happy birthday and where is my chocolate and i need a treat !?????

    11. Oh Sahithi, many more happy returns of the day. Have a wonderful day and year ahead.
      Let you get all success and accomplish All ur goals. once again a very happy birthday??? ?? ?????????? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  22. Happy birthday sahithi .wish u all success in life.. enjoy ur day..!!! many many happy returns of the day..

  23. hello am from mauritius can i join ur group pls

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi sabera! U r most welcome… Feel free to comment…..

    2. You are most welcome sabera…

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Shobhana sis thats so sweet of u… Thanks for giving intro about yourself…..
        So u r saying u r reserved type… But in my sight u r too friendly… U r speaking to people very friendly here….. If somebody asks something means without hesitation u used to replied…. Personally i feel that u r very friendly….and i loved it sis….

      2. Yeah I too have same feeling about Shobana, one of the most friendly and sweet persons in this forum. May be Shobana u think u r reserved, but we never got that feeling about u..

    3. ImRagela

      Hi sabera !! Here you are most welcome to join here !!How r u ??

    4. Ofcouse…Glad to have you here with us. Feel free to join us

  24. Plz unite abhi and pragya.

  25. can any body send the promo link please

  26. Jayakumarisuresh

    Happy birthday sahithi

  27. Happy Birthday sahithi.the blessing of the Lord is upon you let the devil know that you are a winner.God bless you

  28. i am fine thanks

  29. Ya pratiksha di i notice pragya dadi was say pragya but she said like no one know tat she say pragya nd cvs are very clever to keep suspense

  30. I wait for next episode

  31. Asmitha, Iswarya, Razia, Pratiksha, Shobana, Vaishu, Riddhi, Vinodhini, Reji, Ani, Trupti, Jayakumari, Geeta – Thanks a lot to all of you.
    Sorry if I missed anyone by mistake.
    It was so very overwhelming to see all you guys wish me.
    We havent met even once but the way all of you made my day extra special. Thank you so much.
    This year b’day will always be memorable.
    I am really short of words, to express how exactly I feel right now.
    I am so glad this place gave so many frens. Truly feeling blessed.

    And Reji, u and Pratiksha are one of the first people who interacted with me on this forum, when I used to just put down my comments.
    And you are saying we dont talk much… Yeah may be on some days I am in hurry and busy with my work, but I read each and every comment
    here. I will try to reply more for your comments in future 🙂

    1. Sry for d late wish sahithi wish u a many more happy returns of d day god bless u

  32. Wake Up Moderator

    You happy people wishing happy birthday, good luck for exams, can I join your group, etc – how is this topic related???

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