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The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house and apologizes for not informing them before coming. He says you people are looking shocked. Abhi says we were talking something and you came. He asks him to help his friend and says he wants to sponsor personal function. Abhi asks him to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks him about his company’s poster. He says they need a model for an ad film. He says Tanu can act in his ad film. Nikhil says she can’t. I saw her in hospital. Abhi says yes. Pragya says she will check if his company deserves to sponsor our brand, and says they need 15 crores for this function. Abhi spits water and is shocked. He takes Pragya to a side. Aaliya is shocked too. Abhi asks Pragya, why she is greedy, and asks why she is quoting the rate. Pragya says she has to cover

the loss and asks him not to interfere. The sponsor says amount is big, but we have a condition. He says Abhi will be our model for our company. Abhi refuses to model for lady product. Abhi refuses. Pragya says decision is taken. Abhi asks Nikhil to take part in Dussera function. Nikhil agrees. Tanu and Aaliya are tensed.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they have to do something and find a solution. Aaliya asks her to stop thinking about Nikhil. Tanu says he was trying to get close to me. Aaliya says he cares for you. She asks her not to behave like that and says people will doubt seeing your behavior. She asks her to calm down.

Later in the room, Abhi comes to Pragya and asks why did she say yes to ad. He says I am not an actor nor a model. Pragya says I am your boss and you have to do everything I order you. Abhi takes her saree and wears it. He wears her necklace. Pragya smiles. He wears her specs too. Pragya says I will increase your pocket money. Abhi says to hell with your pocket money. He says people will think him wrong. Pragya says they shall not know about our fights, and must think that you loves your ex wife still. She says she don’t want popularity. Dasi comes and greets Abhi, thinking her to be woman. Dadi pretends to scold Abhi and says you have changed. You have become her servant. Dasi says you are dancing indisguise of a woman and that too infront of her. She says Pragya might have hypnotize you. Abhi tries to say, but Dadi and Dasi scold him and leave. Pragya asks him not to come near her else he will attack him with a pen. Abhi says okay, you want to pen fight with me, and says we shall make this game interesting. He says he will fight with his black pen. They fight.

Abhi puts dumb bells near the door and thinks Pragya will fall down. Pragya comes and thinks he wants to make me fall. They argue. Abhi asks her to move and takes his phone. He puts his feet on the dumb bells and is about to fall down, but Pragya holds him and kisses him mistakely leaving her lipstick mark on his cheek. They look angrily. Abhi thinks why hero always loses. Ronnie and Payal see lipstick mark on his face and sings song. Abhi asks if they want to become singer and asks to go. Tanu comes and is about to kiss Abhi. She sees lipstick mark on his face and calls him cheater etc. Abhi wonders what has happened to her. He thinks about Tanu’s words that she gets mood swings and hyper. Abhi thinks she needs personal space and I should let her alone.

Pragya tells everyone that she will decide about their roles in Ram Leela. She asks Dadi to be narrator. Tai ji says I can be narrator. Pragya asks if she knows Ramayan Chaupayya. She gives roles to Dasi and Dasharath’s role to Taya ji. Mitali says she will become Sita, and then thinks she will become Urmila to rule in Palace. She gives Taiji, role of Kaikiye. She gives role of mantra to Tai ji. She gives Suparnakha’s role to Aaliya. Aaliya says she is least interested. Pragya says her decision is final. Mitali asks about Tanu’s role. Pragya says there is no role for her. Abhi informs Bulbul and Tanu that lady mogambo is organizing Ram Leela. Purab asks if he was with someone before coming here? Abhi says he was with Pragya in his room. Abhi asks why you are asking? Purab tells Dadi that your grand son is enjoying. Aaliya says it seems he is spending time with enemies. Tanu gets irked. Abhi says I have to admit you again. He asks about their roles, and says lady mogambo will do Ravan’s role. She gets angry and looks at lipstick mark on his face. Abhi thinks she got afraid and went. Bulbul tells that she got shy and left. Purab takes the photo and shows him. Abhi is shocked.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s room and sees her wearing golden lipstick. Pragya shows her lips and Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz girls don’t dr ag. Fed up of waiting . Waiting for a bestepisode

  2. Plz don’t drag. Fed up of waiting . Waitingfor a good episode

  3. I want to see abhi model lady product n how he looks

  4. The writer is a lunatic. This serial is becoming worse with each passing day. Stop the crap show please. We have had enough of it. No hopes left. Same stupid story. No progress at all. To hell with KKB. I’ll stop reading the updates also. No point. Worst show ever.

  5. Still Very Boring

    Do they really think that viewers care about or want to see the Dussera function. NO we Don’t. AND those little fights between Pragya and Abhi are NOT enough to bring viewers back.
    You need to get them remarried and get rid of Tanu. Then viewers will return!!! Everyone is LOSING interest. KKB is BORING!

    1. Thank u exactly my point

  6. This is the worst serial i have ever read because i dont watch this show anymore seriously i dont kno what the writers of this show does be thinking when they write these scripts do they think these little stupid fights between abhi an pragya will keep us entertained this serial started off so good nw its just ridiculous they should end this show jus wastein a half hr on zee

  7. Okay first of all this pragya acting like she wants the money is taking way too long and the writers are dragging it away too much I mean their trps are gonna go down so much and second of all I understand why pragya is doing this but she also needs to know that later when everyone is exposed there is no guarantee that abhi will be like to pragya that he’s sorry for everything and he was very rude to her and all it could also happen that abhi hates pragya even more after he knows she was acting and yes I know all of y’all are like it’s abhis fault because he doesn’t wanna believe pragya and all but u all should also know that it’s mostly pragyas fault because if she told abhi that she’s doing this to expose them then he would’ve came on her side and if he didn’t believe her she should’ve taken tanus dna test and matched it with nikhils it would’ve definitely matched but pragya is foolish on her side and te writers are just pure stupid they don’t even know how to keep romance between the leads I’m so frustrated at the writers they have no freaking brain!!!!

  8. Rubbish and more rubbish.please advice ekta kapoor to watch BB and she will learn about relationships. I read only updates. Maybe I also will stop reading updates

  9. Really boooooooooring KKB

  10. Seriously gyz tooo much dragging borred of dis show want to see aaliyah and tanu exposed dnt know why pragya is sch fool she ddnt came to know about tanus babys father after all this why cant she jst tell abhi the whole truth I dont know bt the writrs are thnking dat we are fool huh!!!!!!

  11. Episode was quite cool with abhigya’s cute fight but showing same foolish, childish fights and typical eyelocks romance, again and again for refreshment of audience’s mind is not a solution of making the dragging justify so it is not enough now. Audience has bored and fed up now from this track totally so now we want a new track with the finishing of present track but with abhigya’s reunion. Becoz still seperation of lead couple seems like story is losing it’s way and the title of the show is losing it’s mean. They have two couples for lead for their show’s story so it’s time to end up with one couple union and move with next couple’s story. There r a lots of stuff still which they could show in abhigya’s storyline even after their reunion. So it’s better if they change the tracks in limited time periods instead of dragging or stretching a particular track unnecessarily and unlimitedly. Then it will b a right and gud refreshment of audience.

    1. nikki even nowadayz there s no feel cum if v c their romance nd eye locks
      bcoz all have shown many more times
      bcoz of abhi’s weird behavior v couldn’t interact tis serial…….
      feel lyk wat to comment abt tis serial nowadayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..
      really they r struggling hz to move nxt track i suppose

    2. Nikki..u noted Abhi’s reaction sterday? When Nikhil told tat Tanu can’t act… It was quite suspicious….

      1. Ya chithu I noticed. Even I want to share that from the day if nikhil’s coming back, it is only abhi who is suspecting on nikhil. First, outside the hospital and now yesterday. Even he doesn’t know the truth. He invited nikhil for dushehra functions. And chithu one more thing when nikhil refused for tanu to do modeling, tanu was also panic then abhi was saying to sit and relax. That time also I felt something. I m not saying abhi knows the truth but all these reactions from abhi’s side seems like may b he will b the one who will reveal nikhil’s relationship with tanu, not pragya. It seems like yet but let’s see if pragya will also get a clue about nikhil’s relationship with tanu or not. But I really wish that on this dushehra function, something gud should b happen.

      2. Yeah…we will see what CVS have…but one good thing is tat Abhi is still doing tat cute fights and arguments with Pragya only..he is just being serious type in front of Tanu…

      3. but chithu nd nikki is abhi still luv d same pragya lyk b4?????
        but 1 thing i can understand, during tat ganesh mahotsav also the theft happened na tat was also sponsors money, nw also will it be gng to happen????? anybody tanu nd aliya caught fully in front of abhi???
        if 60-70% chance ll b there also v can wait eagerly na………

  12. i m waiting wen wil Abhi know tht the baby isnt his baby why so dragee i m just waiting for that day plsssssssssssssss make it fast.tq

  13. stop dragging please

  14. Tooooò boring…………

  15. i think many of them has stopped watching shows and reading written updates.. Kumkum bhaya team losing their die-hard fans for this stupid dragging.

    1. yes nandhu i have stopped seeing the serial only reading the updates but definitely soon i will stop reading the updates also


  16. Yes too long which make it boring.100% right with u all

  17. U noted,yesterday nikhil say tanu not act in that add,because i saw a hospital,This hint is very important to pragya, Because pragya dont know the nikhils seen in hospital,only knows abhi,so pragya think and act in future.un known person had missed for pragya nad Bul Bul thiking,now it is clear.becuase nikhil tell everyone ,I saw the hospital…
    Wait and see.

    1. brilliant point bt pragya din notice nd all hv turned abt their lip mark on abhi’s face so if bulbul r purab ll cum to knw abt tis ly major doubt ll cum…….
      bt tis s really fantastic aspect……….

    2. Itz a super catch Arul… But not sure whether CVS have something behind Nikhil’s entry in Dasara celebration….

      1. Ya guys gud point to catch but pragya have missed it and now she is busy in function’s preparation.

  18. Yes ekta kapoor should consider or else she would have to shut down the serial after iknmp’s fate

  19. Dragggiiinng dragging and dragging

  20. Guys I have a question for all of u. As we knows that ramleela is going to happen in kkb and mehras and aroras r going to portray all important characters of Ramayana. So what u think guys who will b play the role of ram-sita? According to spoilers it will b abhigya but I don’t think. I believe that purbul will b play the role of ram- sita becoz present situation is not able for abhigya to play ram-sita’s characters. They have some differences in their relationship which will not make them comfortable with each other as true lovers and life partners ram-sita and if pragya will do it somehow then her truth will get disclose infront of abhi that she is his same old fuggy. Second reason is that pragya is organizing the functions so she will not have the time to perform onstage, leaving all her responsibility becoz the function is going to organize on big level and pragya knows that taaliya could ruin it to harm her and ruin her. Third reason is that do u guys remember in last dushehra function when abhi was going to burn ravan’s statue then he was remembering there purab to burn ravan’s statue in past and he was saying that on every dushehra it is purab who burns ravan’s statue. But abhi was burn it becoz then he have differences and fight with purab due to aaliya’s matter but now when everything came back on it’s position and they become friends like before so It means this time purab will burn ravan’s statue then it means he will b the ram and most important reason is that shurpnakha’s role will b played by aaliya which was ravan’s sister so if abhi will b play ram then it will awkward to perform aaliya an obsessed lover in opposite if abhi who is his actually his brother. She can fit and performed in opposite of purab only. So when in yesterday’s episode when pragya said to aaliya to play shurpnakha’s role then I understood that purbul will b play ram-sita’s role. Guys jokes apart if aaliya is going to play shurpnakha’s role then it means abhi will play ravan’s role!? I m thinking how abhi will look in ravan’s get up.??

    1. Nikki ,new update is out .During the Ramleela act abhi gives nikkil a role to do and Tanu gets tensed seeing nikkil in the same house and aaliya warns her not to get tensed else everyone will doubt on her and Pragya uses the Ramleela act to expose Tanu in front of abhi

      1. I also read it akshara but I don’t believe it. Becoz situations r totally different from the spoilers. Abhi has invited nikhil only as a guest to attend function and pragya will use nikhil to expose tanu, it will depend on her information about nikhil’s truth which is not revealed yet infront of pragya, even she is not suspecting on nikhil. So this spoiler is not right at all according to present episodes. Ya only one thing is right that aaliya warns tanu to not behave weird which we have been already seen in yesterday’s episode.

      2. Ya even I thought about it but Nikki I think abhi knows the truth about Tanu completely and he has invited nikkil purposely because on the other day when nikkil came to abhi’s house abhi’s expressions were like he knows everything something wierd and fishy.

      3. nikki u said na actually comedy thinki came into my mind…
        if ronnie nd payal wil play ram leela role na hz it ll b????
        sure all ll b laugh..
        im jus kidding ly……
        dn tk it serious guys………………

    2. @ nikki if pragya is playing any role in the play… then when will aliya try killing her… I am sure she will have some role in the play..

      1. If pragya is not playing any role

  21. Ronnie was so cute when he sat between slow Nikhil and stupid Tanu. And the pen duel scene was funny too…

  22. Waiting to c the abhigya part…..kkb plz hurry up

  23. Why written updates on 14 Oct is not out yet?

    1. Yeah they are late even the episode is uploaded

  24. Can you tel me serial timing

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