Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya manages to stay at Mehra house

Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling NGO Women that she knows everyone and shows Sarla and her family pics. She tells that even she knows the pandit’s name who has performed their marriage and tells his name. Dadi says she is right. Pragya tells that when they got married, their pic was published in the newspaper and shows the newspaper cutting. Aaliya and Tanu get convinced that she is Munni and trying to enter home by telling this info. Abhi refuses to believe that she is pragya and says whatever she is showing is Pragya and his memories. Dasi says she is fooling you people. Aaliya tells that anybody can tell this and must have gathered this info. NGO woman says they are with Pragya. Aaliya says she is Munni and says she has proofs. She asks NGO woman to let her talk to Munni. She threatens

her. NGO woman tells that you can’t do this. Aaliya tells that she is exploiting my brother and says such woman is a curse and badmouths about Pragya. Woman says it is clear that you are playing this entire game to kick bhabhi out so that she can get brother’s property and rule in his house.

Aaliya says you have no right to say this. NGO Woman goes on telling Aaliya’s plan which is right actually, and says she looks like TV shows vamp. Aaliya asks her to mind her tongue. Mitali asks Tai ji to see her face and says she is thinking to join NGO. Tai ji asks her to be silent. NGO woman says such girls don’t get marry as they don’t want to leave lavish life. Aaliya scolds them and asks can’t you see that this woman is fraud and these documents is of Abhi and Pragya. They ask her to show the proofs that she is not Pragya. NGO Woman asks her not to say a word else they will not leave her.

Aaliya asks them to understand and says this girl is a fake. She says my brother had married Pragya and not Munni. Woman says her face resembles exactly with that of Pragya. Other woman asks her to proof that she is not Pragya and until then you have to keep her in your house. Abhi says enough and says this is not my Pragya, she is a fake and all these proofs too. Pragya gets sad and says she has shown all proofs. NGO Woman says you are doing bad with her and says he shall have some humanity. She asks Pragya to leave them. Pragya says how can I leave this house as this is my house. She tells that she has Dadi here, and also Abhi whom she got married too. Abhi says I will call Police now. Raj asks him to call Police. NGO Woman says we have already called Police and they might be reaching. She says we had called Police before hand. Mitali says they were clever and called Police.

Woman asks Pragya to leave such family and says they will not love you. Pragya says where I will go, as this is my house and family. Woman says he is shameless to have your sautan at home. Pragya says I will live and die with him. Abhi asks her to get out. Woman asks him to stop his drama and says even she has right to stay here and asks him to divorce her if he don’t like her, and says if you harm her then we will not leave you. Abhi says I will kick her out surely. Woman says you can’t behave this way. Abhi says I don’t care, but I will not let her stay here. Lady Police Inspector comes there. Pragya tells Inspector that they are trying to kick her out of house. Lady Police Inspector she will stay here until your divorce happens with her. She says if you touch her then I will arrest you all and this girl have police protection, and she will stay here until her divorce happens. She asks him to leave Pragya’s hand.

Dadi tells Pragya that she will not believe her. Pragya tells Aaliya and Tanu that she knows their truth and warns them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rubbish drama …

  2. Ada pongada

  3. Best part was Aaliya getting insulted.

  4. Candiva007

    OMG how come Dadi is not believing that this is Pragya and why is Disha not saying anything???

  5. PPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEassssssssssssse spare us this torture. Pragya is shameless who can take such insults. Just walk out and stop this crap.

    1. Seriously. I wonder when the drama will end because I’m tired already

  6. Moronic.

  7. The only saving grace to this show is if all this is an act to outwit Aliya and Tanu. Maybe they will show flashback that Pragya took all the family members in confidence to act like they hate her so that Aliya and Tanu let their guard down and get caught in their shenanigans. Though I don’t see the point in going that far as everyone knows that those two are witches who would sell their family member for money. Anyways, I am thinking that it’s a set up on Pragya’s part. Those NGO and police woman are all probably actors hired by Pragya…we will have to wait and see.

  8. Kazimiera Schopenhauerz Imran

    Wandering when will abhi wake up and realize that this is pragya…….when he losses everything and aliya and tunu throw him out!!

  9. Nobody in this serial has brains. It is really surprising that a husband is not able to recognise the woman with whom he lived with. Pragya has even more evidences which she can unveil. Actually the aim of the directors is just to torture the audience.

  10. Well Abhi has brought trouble on himself for tossing his wife out to pkease his sister and mistress. Let’s hope that he sort out Aaliya and Tanu and throw them out before those three rob him. He will deserve getting tossed out on his ear because he was wearing his dunce cap instead of his thinking cap.

  11. Frustrated Fan

    Aab comments bhi Kya kare… No use… The writer of this shit serial I wonder if they are making these serials for the viewers or to express and satisfy their cheap thinking.Only somebody with a sick mind can write such cheap stuff for the last 4 years. Only Evil winning. Guess now the serial is coming to a fag end and will end very soon. So what pragya could not do in the last 3-4 years of exposing alia and tanu will happen in the next few days and the every one will be happy happy exception to the viewers since they wanted to see more of abhigya being together and their cute romance and their kids. But all that the viewers got for being loyal to KKB was alia and tanu and the cheap dialouges degrading women. What we taught the world that Indian culture mein daughter in law is being harassed and degraded every day and husbands are spineless creatures who do nothing the whole day except wanting romance and in situation like the current track in KKB cannot recognize their wife.. HA HA.. TKS to Ekta.. Being a woman portrays woman as a weak and suffering Nari.. Husbands having affairs and Pati bechari crying and waiting for him. Such kaha ha… Ek aurat is dosare aurat ki dushman hoti hai…. MOVE OVER EKTA.. LOOK AROUND YOU.. TIMES HAVE CHANGED AND THE MODERN WOMAN IS NO LONGER A BECHARI.

  12. Susan i like you from reading your comments both on piay albela and kum kum, you remind me of myself that is the exact comment that i would have said, love them and i am sure that my friend Naz love your comments too, way to go girl, tell me what the heck is wrong with these writers i am sure they have some screw loose because the shit/crap that they giving us on a daily basis depicts just that. I have nothing personal against Indian People is just that i find it difficult to believe that this is their way of living, my gosh the women get married and never get a chance to experience the pleasure of having a man really put down some good loving on her shiiiiiiiiiiiit could someone pinch me and wake me up it is so unbelievable the poor men in these serials just walking around with blue balls all the time and that is because they have all this pent up orgasms, you know what it is to live like that and then the women well they could not care less like they are afraid to make love it is always a playing around imagine today in santoshi maa Dhariya ask his wife santoshi for a kiss before he leaves for the office and you know that girl refused to give it to him poor Dhariya i feel so sorry for him santoshi is so cold i can count the amount of time she gave her husband a piece of the action and it is only twice now tell me what kind of marriage is this she sure sending a message for him to go and look for it elsewhere, poulomika mother was hot too bad she wanted to give Dhariya it all the time but it was not to be as she was an evil bwitch; i really hope that this is not true in life for them.

  13. As for kum kum bhagya, it is time for it to come off air my gosh it is one shit after the next, just repeating all the storylines over and over again, i never see a Rock Star who not even giving concerts since the serial began abhi played once and that was it well he got lucky once and got a taste of the box from tanu but pragya it is always something or the other with her i just dont understand their way of living because unless i am really exhausted for me i would want to jump the rod all the time to tell the truth something aint clicking at all, i really do hope that this is not their way of living, Indian girls suppose to be really hot with all the seductive dances they do and the gyrating of the waist yet the writing are making them out to be so innocent and niaive; you writers it is high time and long over due for you to spice up the storylines with some hard core romancing/love making.

  14. Dadi- Pragya ko me dil se janthi hu
    Abhi – Pragya mere dil me rehethi hain
    and no they do not recognize their own pragya and first time i saw their wedding photo come in paper and public does not know that Abhi is married and tried two time to get married with tanu

  15. Pta nahi ye serial trp me top me kaise h. I dont know kab tak ye serial chalega. Jaha se shuru hua ab b wahi h. Hey bhagwan ye ekta kapoor serial banana kab band karegi. I think ekta kapoor trp me kuchh gadbad karwati h warna how is it possible ki log abhi bhi ye serial dekh rahe h. I m so frustrated with this serial.

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