Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mitali thinking where to keep diya. Ronnie and Payal argue. Mitali collides with Taiji. They argue. She change her way and falls down. Mitali says I am a cat and will cut your way. Taiji asks her to pick her up. Mitali refuses. Ronnie and Payal comes to her help and fall down. Taya ji comes and helps her get up. Tai ji asks Mitali to clean the oil from the floor. Mitali refuses. Pragya thinks why Abhi is following her and thinks if he is doubting her. Abhi thinks why he is nervous and thinks she needs flirt type boy. He thinks he is a good flirt. Pragya asks Bulbul and Purab to enquire with Abhi and says she will hide. Bulbul says she will spy on him and asks her not to worry. Abhi hears them and says he was searching someone. Bulbul asks if he was searching someone special.

Purab asks if he is searching Tanu? Bulbul asks if he is searching Pragya? Abhi says yes. He says he is having some personal work. Bulbul asks if you have started loving her. Abhi says my relation with her is not on personal front, and asks her to inform Pragya that something is urgent. Pragya comes out and wonders what to do?

Tanu searches for Abhi and thinks to go on a long drive with him. Abhi thinks what to do. Pragya thinks to talk to Dadi. Abhi waves his hand. Pragya asks what? Abhi says…….Tanu sees them together and asks Abhi what he is doing with her. Pragya says he is signing her strangely and asks why she is unable to take care of her to be husband. She asks if he wants to talk to her, then come to her room. Abhi thinks it was my idea to flirt with her, but she is flirting with me. Tanu gets angry with Abhi. Abhi says I was following your idea, but rather than helping me but you are complicating things. He says I will not woo her. Tanu says I didn’t know that you are acting and says I will help you. Abhi acts her and behaves like being jealous. He asks her to get papers ready and says he will take her signatures. Abhi says he will get back his everything. Tanu asks him to catch her weakness. Abhi says he will see.

Tai ji and others feel that Diwali is boring. Bulbul says whose idea is this not to burn crackers. Sarla says it is a good idea not to burn crackers and talk about pollution. Dadi says Sarla is right and says happiness should be spread. Dasi also talks about Diwali. Mitali and Taiji argue again. Taya ji asks them to buy crackers from market and says Pragya did right. Mitali tells Taiji that they will celebrate Diwali by adding extra oil on the diyas. Pragya asks Ronnie to see the food arrangements and says we will eat together. Tai ji is happy. Mitali asks why she is happy and taunts her. Abhi asks Payal to help Ronnie and says we will eat with family.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she is happy as Abhi agreed to woo Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya is very smart. Tanu says Abhi is double smart and knows how to handle girls. Aaliya says yes as he is handling you. She goes to attend the call. Dadi asks Pragya why Abhi is behaving nicely with her. Pragya says don’t know and says he is behaving weird. She says he was signing her from behind the curtains. Dadi says I will do something and laughs. Nikhil comes to Tanu and holds her hand. Tanu says she has given him enough liberty and he sits on her head. Nikhil says whenever he comes there, he makes sure nobody doubts on them. Pragya hears him and comes towards there. She pulls the curtains and sees Aaliya standing with Nikhil. Aaliya panics. Pragya doubts them. Nikhil says he was requesting Aaliya to convince abhi to do concert. Pragya says they are celebrating Diwali today and no work. Tanu comes from behind and says he will get me caught. Aaliya warns him to leave.

Sarla tells Dadi that she will leave now. Dadi asks her to have food. Sarla says she is not feeling like eating and says she will come some other day. Abhi insists, but Sarla refuses. Bulbul tells him that she is on diet and will go with Sarla. They leave. Pragya looks on emotional. Abhi thins he has to work on his plan and worries if he shares his plan with Dadi then she might fail his plan. Pragya sees Tanu, Aaliya and Nikhil coming there, and thinks they might be hiding something.

Abhi says you want to forget. Pragya asks him to concentrate on his life and says she can take care of herself. Abhi says you have the strength to stay alone, but I don’t have.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sahithi

    Abhi knows it is fake from his side, but if he can realise Pragya is the same old person, because if she only needs money and property, then there is no reason for her to be nice to him. She can give some excuse and hurt him again. But she is being sweet to him, like shown in the segment.

    I am still confused if Abhi has some hint of the whole game plan or not.

  2. Razzy

    What the hell is abhi upto? Pragy trying to help him and he is blo*dy listening to those madams. The story looks like abhi will get pragys sign and take back his property by listening to those b———. All the hard work pragy done will go waste, usually that’s what happens to most ekta kappor ‘s seriel and back to scare one. Someone plz say my thinking is wrong and pragy won’t signs. I’m dreading watching this show. Someone plz

  3. guys so wrst episode….wth….just making us fool…writters no one wants to see nwadays…its irritating…so much truth still not yet revealed and still dragging….what abt suresh? never shown him….purvi? still frst kidnappd truth not yet revealed….and now this tanu pregnant matter and aaliya and raj…atleast once can make abhi and pragya together but whts pblm in tht? every serial having sm bitter moment but not always…atleast they showng some love between hero and heroine of their serial….but here abhi and pragya lovng each othr n livng n same room but abhi won’t undstd
    pragya? how can we agree? guys just watch ek tha raja ek thi rani really awesome….kkb is waste of time….thy will make viewers as fool always…..

  4. Ali

    Guyzz abhi is flirting with pragya to get property back … And he is doing on tanu saying …. Let’s see if abhi share his plan with someone or not .

    and I don’t think so pragya will handover property to abhi ..

    Waiting for next segment to come …

  5. K.praveena

    I feel the same angel. So many truth not comes out till now. Abhi really loves pragya. But he can’t trust her. Whatever pragya did it’s all bcoz of abhi. She is saviour of abhi. But one day he regonice her but he take 1 year i thought. How many (days not months) she takes pragya times to expose tanu aliya raj truth in front of everyone. But this not happen. Plz creater Atleast expose one by one. I know this is possible.

    • Pooja

      Yet another waste episode.
      How many times will they show the same thing- Tanu and Nikhil about to get caught by Pragya.
      Pragya going and telling her problems to daadi, Its all like repeated scenes
      Ohh Gosh I’m so bored of it.
      Now they have started the new drama. Seems like its never going to end. Too slow paced soap.

  6. JR

    Pragya was suppose to expose Tanu by Kwarchauk day. That has come and gone, she hasn’t figure out who is Tanu’s baby’s father is. Maybe next year’s Kwarchauk ????

  7. Razzy

    I think pragya will sign the papers as abhi will try any tricks on her to get his property back. I really want to know why tannu does not look like she’s pregnant. I doubt this tannu and alliya plan will b exposed. To b honest I’m getting tired of this serial taking long time to expose taalliya.

  8. Leila

    Guys guess what!!!

    Just found a spoiler!!!!!

    That new dude who raj & aliya hired to kill Pragya will fall in love with her instead. & he will bring new twists as he will want to get Pragya as hes a psycho 😛

  9. Ali

    What are you trying to say Leila ?? Please explain Where you read the spoiler … Give me the link ??

    What kind of twist he will bring ?? Again kidnapping part or something else ??

  10. misha

    This serial is going in all directions.!!!! It seems that the writers have completely lost focus. I wonder why people are still watching this shit… And why people are still commenting… including me. Really insulting to viewers!!! Maybe we have completely lost it too !!!!!!

  11. ishita

    I think,Abhi was knwing something about pragya’s plan,and wnt to help her…try to close with her and wnts to listen on her side…abhi really loves pragya verymuch & all truth r know him…..

  12. Guys, wat if pragya gets angry on abhi saying that u said u’ll love only fuggi in ur life but ur flirting me, and she says that she hates him

  13. Razzy

    The only reason I watch this is all bcoz of shabbir aluwalliya. I think he has wicked scense of humour, really good actor and I love his sleepy eyes. I am a big fun of him since his first show. His sleepy eyes speaks more than him.

  14. Ayesha

    I don’t agree with you DC … He is doing drama … Whatever he is doing tanu asked him to do … He is playing with pragya emotions to take property and money … Razzy I don’t agree with you .. Pragya won’t sign the papers . if she sign the paper so how will she expose tanu , Aliya and raj ..

    I waiting for next segment ..

  15. Razzy

    I really hope your right Ayesha. I don’t like the game abhi playing with pragya and in return I hope pragya dosen’t hurt him. This tanu is too much trying to hurt abhi by asking to play with pragys emotion in return he will get hurt. I think this will expose next year the way it’s going, dragging so long. Before solving one problm another problm comes.

  16. Ali

    Razzy I agree with you .. But can you tell me one thing … Will they show any other festival after diwali finished ??

  17. ishani

    Guys, I told that I’m a sriLankan
    One of our national television is going to telecast kkb with sinhala dubbing. They changed the name as ” Adarei man Adarei” its meaning similar to “I love u”. I think sri Lankans will love kkb as u all, including me.

  18. Priya$

    Nice precap waiting to c tat…. I don’t think so abhi was acting. I feel like tat. Don’t know why… But y these writers are dragging like this . Tanu truth want to b exposed soon. I think soon tanu ll delivery the baby. She don’t have any symptoms of pregnancy. She danced like anything in dussera bt still she is pregnant how sad….

  19. Razzy

    Ali I have no idea if they will show any othr festivals after dewali. There is bai dooj left but no idea if they will show.

  20. Madhu

    I have seen an update that Abhi tries to get romantic with Pragya and get softer with her.. even she tries to avoid him he manages her to sit near to him and ask her to find the time to talk him even if she refuses. Pragya gets emotional on seeing Abhi’s love and that closer.Abhi keeps his head on Pragya’s lap and see Pragya getting emotional. Pragya cares Abhi and keep her fingers in his hair and showers her love towards him. But soon she thinks this might be Abhi’ s plan which against her..Pragya makes Abhi to sleep and leaves him alone in the room.
    So guys at least some romance love will be there which is much better than the daily boring drama..even though Abhi is acting, but there is a chance to realize himself that his better half is still in love with him by seeing her very near instead of avoiding and hating her..

  21. dc

    I agree with you Ayesha. Iam also feeling so sad for Pragya. In an interview Sriti said as…..how much ever Abhi tries to get his properties back..she will never sign in the papers….

    • swathi

      Its not abt shabbir.. He does what the writers and directors say.. Shabbir and sriti make a good onscreen pair.. We really dont agree with you.. Nobody will suite for kkb instead of shabbir… So dn blame him for these silly scripts and comment on his looks..

  22. Hello everyone.
    I heard pragya will sign the papers and abhi will throw her out but at the same time she will reveal everything about tanu.
    Will abhi believe pray a and except her???
    No info… As of now.

  23. Nida

    Saniya from where you heard ???

    Tell me one thing if she sign the papers so how will she expose tanu , Aliya and raj .. One more thing abhi told reporter about the funny big twist ??
    If abhi throws pragya out … What will Dadi do ?? Dadi also knows the whole truth and whatever she is doing dadi asked her …

    I don’t believe in writing .. I am waiting for new new segment , promo and spoiler ..

  24. farida

    ABHI is an absolute idiot – Cannot think logical evenonce as he always doubes Pragya. He thinks because he is a rockstar he it untouchable. He needs to wake up and start being real and see the true colour of TANU the B…….ch

  25. Sahithi

    I am still hopeful that this track will end with a good bang and not as being speculated that Pragya will sign the papers. I still want to believe Pragya will bring Aaliya’s marriage proposal with Nikhil. Or may be a better twist.

    How much ever the story was dragged before, the twists and ends were always good and never disappointed viewers, including the recent Dussehra and Karva chawth episodes, where Pragya was saved or she broke fast.

  26. New segment update- Abhi calls pragya on a date. Pragya refuses him firstly but when he says to her that he will go to date with many girls then pragya gets ready to come in jealousy. Abhi waits for pragya in a restaurant. Pragya comes and tries to talk with him rudely. But abhi doesn’t affect. Instead of feeling bad, abhi behaves with pragya nicely. He makes pragya sit on the chair and tries to being romantic with her. He holds her hand through pulling her fingers in his side. Pragya gets annoyed with his behavior and angrily asks to him that what’s his problem, why he is reacting like this and smiling? But abhi doesn’t care of her talks. He continue with his romance and nice behavior with her. Sometimes pragya also melts in his love but she controls on her emotions again and again. Reporter says abhi is trying to bring out his fuggy and her love from this new mogambo pragya. Reporter talks about the sequence to sriti and shabbir but they were not giving direct answers like always and were cracking jokes.

    • Maggie

      Hi nikki
      C I told in third week there is big twist
      They r going to end this track soon
      If Abhi is doing all for property or fuggie
      It’s win win situation for all?

      • nivi

        maggie im waiting
        u hv told in 3rd week there wil b mega twist
        maggie tanu’s track gng to be end soon i suppose
        bcoz v dn hv patience hereafter to c such dharmapathini tanu ya

    • Just hope nivi and Maggie that what reporter said in today’s segment it comes true. Abhi do all this for finding pragya’s truth and for bringing his fuggy back. I hope abhi follow salman’s words not tanu and dasi’s. If u guys remember that I said in my some of previous comments that if abhi wins pragya back by his love than only it will call a true passionate love story.

  27. nivi

    new segment update:
    pragya nd abhi are sitting in a restaurant
    abhi used to flirt her nd try to behave her in a romantic manner
    there was a finegr romance between them
    pragya pulled her finegrs nd sstarted to shouts at him
    as usual fyting starting between them bt abhi wanna to flirt her bt she s nt ready to believe
    tis s gng on……………..

  28. Truecaller

    I just want to say… this serial is being good for nothing serial…… even viewers watch after one month , the story line will be the same…. It has been so long pragyas make over.. but still there is no improvement in the story line… i am only reading the updates now after one month.. nut still the story line is same… we r totally disappointed ekta… the story was so good before tanus pregnancy…. now no more interest in watching this or reading any updates….

  29. Nida

    Maggie let’s see what happens ??

    Anything can happen in upcoming episodes … Maybe abhi will suceed in taking property from pragya or he will find pragya truth ..

    And whatever he is doing tanu and dasi asked him .. That’s why he is showing fake love to pragy …

  30. Sahithi

    They justified by showing Prem(Salman) also suggested same thing in that Diwali special episode. Of course, Tanu’s plan is to use for manipulation and Salman’s advise is to have love and clear misunderstandings.

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