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The episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to get out of his house. She says she will obey his every order as she loves him a lot and walks out sadly. Tanu and Aaliya see her walking out and smirk. Pragya gets Sarla’s call who asks how is she. She says she is fine. Sarla asks why did she hide about Abhi’s concert. Pragya says she is busy now with Abhi’s media meeting and will call her later. Sarla asks her to be with Abhi and call her once she reaches home. Pragya says okay and cuts call. Daadi asks Sarla what did Pragya say. Sarla says she is with Abhi in concert and she is happy that Pragya is happy now.

Pragya is about walk out of main door when Abhi holds her hand and says he cannot become like her, so he is letting her stay in his house for her family’s

sake as they think him as their son. He says she can stay here tonight and cook up a story to tell to her family and Daadi. He says for the last time, we will stay under same room but separately, takes her bag and walks in.

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Aaliya congratulates Mitali that with her proof, Pragya is kicked out of house. Mitali says she is happy as her husband went to jail because of Pragya. Aaliya then asks Tanu to lure Abhi now and convince him to marry her. She says walks out saying she will meet Abhi. She comes out and sees Abhi walking in with Pragya and her bag. Abhi sees her and gets into his room with Pragya. Tanu gets annoyed seeing this and goes to inform Aaliya. Abhi throws Pragya bag on floor and walks out closing room door. Pragya sadly sits on sofa and cries holding pillow. She reminisces her marriage with him and then Aaliya proving Abhi to kick her out, etc.

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Tanu asks Abhi how can he get back Pragya back in. He says he is doing it for Daadi and Pragya’s mom. She says why is he thinking about Pragya’s mom. He says she thinks me as a son and he cannot see her in trouble. She says she is using his weakness and trying to get back in. He says she will stay here just tonight and says Tanu he can drop her home if she wants. She hugs him and says she is afraid that they will separate again and asks him to not take her words seriously. He also apologizes her.

Purab sees Bulbul walking on road without noticing upcoming vehicles and saves her from accident. She asks if he was following her. He says he is not and would have saved if it was any other person and asks her to just remember that a stranger saved her life and left.

Daadis wait for Pragya to get a tea. Tanu comes there with tea. Cousin Daadis drink it and say it is very bad. Daadi asks her to send Pragya. Cousins ask her to learn preparing tea from Pragya before going to her home. They then laugh at her after she leaves. Daadi says she is very stubborn. Tanu comes out irked and tells Aaliya that Daadis are still under Pragya’s effect and says she will video to Daadi so that she herself can kick Pragya out. Aaliya warns her not to do that and says Abhi will get her out now.

Bulbul says Purab that she is worried about Pragya and shows him Pragya and Suresh’s video. Purab watches it and says it is not Pragya. Bulbul says she knows and says someone sent this video to me and if he/she sends it to Sarla, there will be a big problem.

Abhi reminisces Pragya trying to add bedsheet under his bed and asks what is she doing, starts alleging that she wants to come closer to her. She says he saw at the bed edge, so kept bed sheet to protect him when he falls. He says she is just acting and would add dumbells to hurt him. She says he gave a good idea and will keep hot water instead. He says she wants to burn his face and asks him to touch it. She tries to touch, but he pushes her. He comes out of his imagination and then angrily looks at Pragya, who is soundly sleeping.

Precap: Aaliya slaps Tanu for sending Pragya’s affair video to Daadi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Evil fight!
    Tanu u r gone!
    Hope abhi gets pragya back!

  2. OMG……at last……evilzz r gonna get a slap……i wish pragya nd abhi cum soon 2gethr…….plzzzzzz….writers…..
    guyzz does any1 knw y zz d likeng optn removd fr d comments…..

  3. woowh can’t believe Tanu got slapped, and that too from Aliya how sad she should get it from Abhi

  4. Wow wow wow my purab&bulbul back…plz shortout the plm of purap n bulbul i want they r together yaar..plz sarla accept rapul love plz plz

  5. So that fool start loving his wife it seems…still haven’t watched it in awhile i just read the updates

  6. Blood boiling because Abhi refuses to listen to the truth ( *@#?ing idiot). Cant wait for Aaliya and Tanu to be sent to hell for what they do. they deserve heavy punishment. Plss plsss plsss bring Abhi and Pragya together.

  7. How Abhi be angry with Pragya when he went to sleep with Tanu o his wedding night. Abhi i such a jackass, always behaving as if he is above repoach when he married Pragya to destroy and make her life a living hell. What does he know about the honour of marriage, when he marry just for revenge. I am just so tired of all these serial being one track, is it that no one can be happy i their married life in India? These serials are really thetrue reflectionof how wives are treated in that country or are these serials really huting a sacred culure. I would really wat someone to tell me, if these srials are a true reflection of indian marriges.

    1. fan of the show

      it’s not all black or white. There are all kinds of marriages, everywhere in the world. .. but think about it, if soaps didn’t have tension brewing who would want to watch it the next day and find out what happened?

  8. yay purab is back

  9. oh god… do smthng tht aliya aur taanu expose ho saage… plz plz

    1. fan of the show

      I hope Abhi overhears the sinister sister and sl*t discussing what they have done – each and every plot they made -and finally understands they are enemies and Pragya is innocent and his well-wisher

      1. how will it be a story if he hears it ? they have to end the serial today if that happens 🙂

  10. U r correct charmin. This is the sily story.tanu aliya abhi all a retards.they dont have brains cos they r sitting on it.no point we scold the actors the author direcor r to blame.it shows their poor mentality

  11. Yawn a f**king bullshit serial

  12. Abhi is a jack ass,pathetic characterless android tAnu and aaliyA.nothjng better to do.
    Hate the show.zee please get us something better

  13. Plz bring abhi and pragya together plz

  14. The story like is not that good and the characters are portrayed as week.
    But still the silver lining in that is that the emotions in the story is nice. Abhi not letting pragya go , Pragya saying she respects Abhi and Tanu getting mad at abhi is nice in the story line.

  15. wonder when abhi realises again ………..hope both r reunited…….miss allah wariyan……

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