Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tai ji welcoming the guests. Rachna tells Dadi that she will go and see Sarla. Tai ji sees Mitali going and asks her to welcome the guests. Mitali asks her to handle them. Tai ji asks her to bring snacks, tea etc. Mitali says she has some work and goes. Tai ji thinks Mitali will get punishment. Dasi comes and asks her to make arrangements for tea and snacks, else she will be cursed. Rachna comes to Sarla. Sarla is in tension and tries to say her something. Rachna asks if she is asking time? Sarla nods no, and thinks Pragya might reach there. Rachna asks if you want to ask about Pragya. Sarla says yes. Rachna says I can’t understand..and goes to call someone. Sarla prays to God to save Pragya. Rachna tells Purab that Sarla is tensed about Pragya. Purab says we have to call Pragya

home. He calls Pragya and asks her to return home as Sarla is very much worried.

Pragya says she met Sarla before leaving and asks them to be with her till she comes back. Purab says if Maa is scared because of Tanu and Nikhil. Pragya says may be and asks them to be with her. Purab says okay, and asks her to return home soon. Pragya wonders why Maa is worried. Purab thinks if Sarla is worried because of Tanu and Nikhil, if they are planning something. Goon tells Nikhil, that lady didn’t come till now. Nikhil says she will come, and explains his plan. Goon says I understood. Nikhil waits for her anxiously and thinks Tanu might be thinking she will gain from her death, but I will get a new lease of life. I can take advantage of Tanu’s pregnancy and will take over Abhi’s company. He says whatever Aaliya thought to do, I will do that and will fly high with those wings.

Tanu is about to sit in the car and sees someone keeping eye on her. She sees Mitali in the car’s mirror and thinks to kill her after Pragya, else she will trouble her. Mitali asks driver to follow Tanu’s car. Abhi wonders why Tanu is not picking the call and comes to her room hearing the phone ring. He thinks where did she go? He picks the call. Receptionist says this is a confirmation call for sonography and check up. Abhi says you have postponed the appointment to next week. Receptionist says there may be some confusion and says doctor wants to discuss last sonography report with you. Abhi asks what I will do without Tanu?

Receptionist asks him to come and meet doctor. Abhi says okay. He calls Tanu (may be on her other number) and thinks where did she go. Tanu calls Nikhil and says she has a double plan. She says Mitali is following her and asks him to kill Mitali also. Nikhil says committing murder is not a joke and asks her not to come there. Tanu says I want to see Pragya dying. Nikhil asks her to think at greener side once Pragya dies, and asks her not to come. Tanu cuts the call and thinks she can’t miss Pragya’s death live show.

Dasi asks Pandit ji to do the puja. Pandit ji starts doing the puja.
Everyone do the aarti. Rachna prays to God to clear Sarla’s tension and give success to Pragya. Dadi recalls inauspicious things happens at the house, and asks God not to let anything happen to Pragya.

Abhi comes to his room and thinks I have to go alone and meet doctor. He sees Pragya’s purse and thinks she forgot it. He recalls Pragya scolding him for not keeping the things at its place. A fb is shown. Pragya picks his diary and thinks how can he keep it on bed. Abhi comes and asks her to move. He searches for diary. Pragya scolds him for keeping it at wrong place. Abhi asks why you are scolding me. Pragya says I never keeps my stuff here and there. If anything like this happen, then you can call and scold me. Fb ends. Abhi thinks to scold her and calls her. Pragya thinks he is missing her and picks the call. Abhi tells her that she forgot her purse on the bed. Pragya says I forgot purse many times and asks what happened? Abhi says he is angry at Tanu and tells that she lied to me that appointment is cancelled. He says Tanu left somewhere after you left from the house.

Pragya gets doubtful. Abhi says I am missing you. Pragya smiles. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya says even I am missing my purse and you. Abhi says it is good, you keep forgetting things and we will talk like this. Pragya says it is not needed, as I will never leave you. Abhi is happy. Pragya smiles and recalls their romantic moments. Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai plays………….Abhi thinks from where the boring appointment came from, it is happening because of Tanu. Now I have to go. Pragya comes there and thinks where did Tanu go and lied to Abhi. Nikhil signs his goon that Pragya has arrived. Goon on the bike and truck driver get ready. Pragya wonders where is Nikhil’s wife. Nikhil thinks you came to meet your death and not my wife.

Truck driver hits Pragya while she is crossing the road. Pragya falls down injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pragya should die

  2. AbhiGya,IshVeer,IshRa,Rivanya, SwaSan And RagLak fan

    Cute AbhiGya scenes today!!!! �����?�����

  3. Ayyp what is going on? still dragging but hope it to be good. I hate Tanu Idon,t want her behaviour and act Send her out

  4. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. …..I hope sarla maa tells abhi the truth…..btw the car drivers of mehras are privy to every conversation. …..??

    1. sarla wont tell abhi…again thy will drag saying no proof idiots hate yhis..

      yaar yeh accodent ko aur kitna drag kar3nge

  5. Dragging precap

  6. Pragya will safe and nikhil will accident in same place so tanu will be alone now https://youtu.be/dopfbwwzecw

  7. And now pragya will have memoryloss and the dragging continues asusual ufffffff

  8. SaralA maa Dream that’s and she come save the Pragya and truck hit by nikhil on that spot now tanu will truth will come out now in next week

  9. Abraham Lawer

    Today episode is sooo sad . I will wait for tomorrow and see what Abhi will do about Pragya accident.

  10. I hope nothing will happen to pragya. please god save her….

  11. Hello guys… now I walked 1round around thw park with the walking stick soon without stick also I will walk…and anu don’t feel sorry …I ignored that before itself so don’t feel sorry for it …let’s be friends and I am accepting u as my friend …and don’t feel for it ..I am ok …and guys today’s episode I think they was showing fully about sarla maa’s tension !!…and sarla maa’s recovery is a big plus point to pragya…but pratiksha sahithi gowtham shobana guys u have any idea that wat happens if does not believe sarla maa? ? If he asks for proofs means again they should for proofs…..so guys wat do u think about the next track!!!….

    1. hai reji take care of ur health….can u accept me as ur frnd I’m adithi I’m from chennai

      1. Hi adithi ….u should not ask for this ya…of course u r my frnd …anyways me too from chennai. ..

    2. That’s good that u walked a round but don’t strain too much take rest and walk slowly.

  12. This is the worst show. Apparently all ZEE shows are intolerable and a pain in the back. There is no reality. What are they trying show that you can get away anything in India.

  13. Hi reji how r you pls take of your health and pls be careful and dont worry about the useless comments you r always special to us pls dont worry. U r like my sweet sister so pls dont worry?

    1. Hi shivanya ..thank u for accepting me as ur sister….and ya that sort of comments I will not take it serious …and anu asked me sorry about that she was just frustated that’s it…now I didn’t take that as a issue!!…

      1. K reji always be happy

  14. Hi Guys, CVS not able to judge the punishment for Tanu. Once they get the idea, they will surely show us the exposure. Hope we can provide inputs to them. There is an other point.. Whatever we predict, CVS will prove us wrong. But still, we can suggest a good climax for this track. Guys, come up with ideas. Let us see if CVS thinks different than our thoughts. People, comment what you think.

    Pratiksha, Saahithi, Gowtham, Reji, Razia , I love to read your comments. Post your thoughts on Tanu’s punishment.
    Gowtham, great fan of Leena. I have a brotherly feeling for you yaar. Good luck for your career. Hope your hope of Abhi exposing Tanu to be true. I too wish the same. But also, as pratiksha said, there should be justice to Pragya’s make over. Fingers crossed till we see that on screen.

    This is the first time I am commenting a relatively big post. The forum has brought closeness among us. Would like to join the group. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. Hi Ani :):) no guess as of now .. CVS think diff .. Hu ever doesn knows the segment wil shell shocked to c nikhil getting in to the accident instead pragya .. Tat was a great twist hey na .. I’m jus waitn widout guess .. Wat Eva b guess tat neva happens .. Of it vl b abhi to expose tanu as gowtham said then it wud b great .. 🙂

      1. it would be wonderful razia…. i am sure it ll be abhi only….

      2. Well said Razia???

      3. Gowtham un vai muhurtham seekramae balikkattum 😉 kutty 🙂

    2. Thank u ani…I am so happy that u liked our comments. .and ya u asked wat punishment we should prefer for tanu …I think pragya should not send her to Australia and all that she did for aliya …I prefer killing her sending to jail is all waste. ..pragya should make her very poor without even a single paise…they both were greedy for money na…so only they did these things …I think they should be poor ….and I am feeling so sad for the baby growing inside tanu !!..

    3. ani…. it will happen fr sure… ? bcoz i dnt believe prgaya nowadays…. she is not aware of wat shes doing… juz wandering lik a lost child

  15. I don’t think pragya will die think nikhil will die

  16. She should go back the moment Abhi told her that Tanu lied about her sonography appointment. This is truly sad to the bone ??????

  17. Pls can dey take dis show off air, dey are just wasting our time nd pragya is going to die or hv memory loss, we viewers are feed up with dis nonsense stroyline will it take a lifetime b/f tanu nd nikhil truth comes out, cnt just understand dis writers

  18. I dont understand what Pragya trying to do, she has soo many of proof in her hand but still searching for proof .. she can either ask Sarla ma to say the truth because Abhi will surely believe her because he always think her as his mom. secondly she can do DNA test, even that is not happening. now Abhi started believing her as his Fuggi, so he will surely believe her even if its a lie because he always want to be with her.. what they trying to say in this serial i seriously doubt ?? …..I think Pragya lost her mind , she became physco by searching for proof though she has soo many ways in her hand, why Ek kapoor showing a talented collage Lecturer character soo dump in this serial??

  19. Ok so 1 minut i’m reading Pragya got hit and the other Nikhil dies. Somebody plz clear my misunderstanding.

    1. Pragya hetn hit was a dream of sarla ma .. Sarla MA reaches the place soon to save pragya wid purab n she pushes nikhil while the truck crosses .. So nikhil gets injured bt not much ..

  20. I wonder if there is something else to Tanu’s pregnancy? We all know she lied to Abhi about that but what too if she lied about the time it conceive. If Abhi should go to the doctor for the sonagraph result he might find out that the timeline does not match up. He might just find out that the child is /could not be his.
    I’m probably reaching here, but could this be another way of finding out Tanu’s lies? Will this be reason enough for Abhi to start looking at Tanu in a different light and investigate himself to find out what other lies she might have told?
    Not gonna comment on Nikhil and what ever gonna happen to him. Well deserve. In the end their punish still will not be enough for what they put others through.
    Who wants to give thoughts or ideas as to what would be a befitting punishment for these two miscreants?

  21. again i thnk it ll be good to comment on tomorrows episode… bcoz today also i dnt feel anythng gr8… and i didnt see the episode.. juz read the written update…. abhi is going to hospital fr tanus report?? since i didnt c the episode i dnt get clear view… is he going to get report….. ?? will he get to knw something?? and reji good take care…. its nice that you and ani become frds again…. pratiksha yesterday i commented and asked your opinion u didn reply….for that…. i was expecting your reply actually….

  22. First of all hi guys?and reji how r u dear? All well? Take care of urself.?
    Gowtham I read ur last comment but couldn’t reply as I was busy. Gowtham I m not pragya’s lover. Ya I liked her character in starting when she was practical and responsible becoz somewhere I was seeing some glimpse of me in her. But after getting married with abhi, I got disappointed from her character. Although she is lovable becoz she is the heroine of the show and she is positive with gud intentions and qualities but the way, she handles the situations I don’t like those ways. But ya I likes sriti and shabbir so much and in the show I m attached with abhigya. These r the main reasons of my love to the show. And ya I agree with u whatever prediction u have given. Even the circumstances r giving indications only on that side but anything could happen surprisingly so let’s see. Now let’s discuss about yesterday’s episode, so two-three major things happened yesterday in the show, who r giving indications to future story. Firstly we r on the way of sarla maa’s recovery and second is abhi’s visit to the hospital for tanu’s reports. What conclusion could come out from this if abhi went to the hospital? There r some posibilties there who can put doubt in abhi’s mind regarding tanu’s pregnancy. That’s why CVS put this hospital visit matter in mid or may b abhi will find takhil together as nikhil is injured and tanu will take him to the hospital. Or may b it could use again to divert abhi’s mind from pragya to baby. Whatever will happen, abhi’s visit to the hospital could give some material to the further story. If he will go to the hospital. Third is, nikhil’s true intentions. He is ready to double cross tanu. Tanu really deserves it. Tanu’s poor baby, it’s mother already haven’t any care for him/her and now it’s father too no more bother for him/her. Ani u want to know tanu’s punishment na. So it will b her best punishment when she will lost everything in her life, from which her future could secure becoz she is doing all this to secure her future but when nikhil will ditch her, abhi will leave her and even her parents too leave her and she will get defame and her life will get spoiled like this then it will b her worst punishment. Tanu only deserves cheats and hatred for her sins. She is facing everything which she desreves. Even abhi also is not showing any care for her and only thinking and caring about pragya so she deserves it becoz finally it is happening which she did with pragya when abhi was interested in her and for her, he avoided pragya a lot. Tanu is getting cheating from every person like aaliya was using her and nikhil too have decided to cheat and double cross her. Nikhil was not like this but it was tanu’s greed who made nikhil like this. Tanu always cursed nikhil for not being powerful like abhi which forced nikhil to become a villain. So tanu deserves all this and she is facing all this. Only onething is left that her exit from abhi’s life and house to give complition of her punishments. Only thing which is not gud that her baby who is innocent is going to become target of tanu’s bad deeds. Anyways, nikhil’s intentions r giving indications that if time will demand then he will ditch tanu for saving ownself. It eill b not surprising if he will take his step back against tanu by saying it that he was forced to do all this as tanu was blackmailing him to abort and killing his baby. So he was forced to help tanu for his bany’s sake. Through which, he could not only escape even he could get that wealth which he wants. Accident sequence’s result we knows. Now let’s see what will happen after pragya’s come back to the home with sarla maa and purab and what will b the result of abhi’s visit to the hospital, if he will go there?

    1. pratiksha i take your point… but u r saying all r ditching tanu…. take nikhil fr example… tanu is a master of doing unimaginable things…. u r saying nikhip will say that he was blackmailed by tanu by saying babys name….. juz thnk in a reverse way….. tanu also can do the same thing right.. bcoz tanu is cleverer than nikhil as we all know…. and she would say she was being blackmailed by nikhil in the name of greed . this is tge reasn why she couldn’t reveal the truth fr the sake of her unborn baby…. so even though she ia alone, after this accident fr her brainy activities she s alone enough fr her plottings… so i dnt thnk she ll be left alone.. maybe as u said fr execution she may need everyone.. but i dnt thnk she ll get caught juz fr the reasn of aaliya and nikhil left…. and cvs also won’t put tanu in the position of being alone… maybe nikhil ll be recovered next day itself…. coz as u see kkb’s history, people wd good intentions will be out or will be in bed fr so many months but its juz opposite fr the antagonists…. they ll back in couple of days…. but i dnt thnk tanu ll be left alone even aftr the exposure whn revenge drama happens, she nay get new partner that time…. and even if she left alone she knws how to manipulate things… so i thnk except fr the exposure no problem would happen fr her….

      1. U r right gowtham.. The antagonist will cure easily
        And the protagonist will remain on bed(patients for long time)???

      2. Gowtham I think u understood me wrong. I m saying that tanu will b all alone after her exposure but not before it. Until nikhil will see his benefit with tanu, he will support her at any cost. And It was me who told that nikhil is injured physically but his mind is working well becoz he is in full consciousness and nikhil also told it in his interview that until he is in the show, his plottings will not stop. Tanu and nikhil both told to reporter that they will continue with their plottings so tanu will not b all alone. But one day when tanu will become useless and dangerous for nikhil then he will not hesitate to double cross her. And if tanu is smart in manipulation then nikhil too is not less evil. Once it will reveal that tanu’s baby belongs to nikhil not abhi and she was doing all this drama to secure her future through abhi’s wealth then no excuse or manipulation could save her. And about nikhil so he is much clever than tanu. Surely he will b prepare for that day if it will come. So don’t take him lightly gowtham. Tanu was never strong, she has become weak when she become pregnant with nikhil’s baby. Her big strength is her baby and mostly it’s father nikhil’s support. She is only flying firstly becoz of aaliya’s support and now becoz of nikhil’s support who is the father of her baby. Until he will not go against her and until pragya or abhi anybody will not expose her by finding her truth by ownself, till then she will b safe. Best part is both nikhil and tanu r thinking to double cross each other for abhi’s wealth so it’s chances r more that their intentions of cheat with each other will become the reason of their down fall and spoilation.

      3. Gowtham that cent percent true that Nikhil get alright in the next day itself. In segment itself we saw that he able to speak so nothing will happen to him.
        One thing is proved repeatedly that Tanu and Nikhil is the one helping sarla ma to recover. They are thinking that they torchering her but the truth is because of Tanu and Nikhil only sarla ma recovered. For sarla ma recovery only this much drama is happening. But her recovery also Tanu truth is exposed means its really a worst thing.

    2. Hai pratiksha..???hw r u?
      Cmng to the episode.. The writers dragging this show to the core.. I can’t tolarate anymore..
      Only bcz of lead pair I’m still watching this with much patience.. Seriously its irritating a lot when tanu comes on the screen.. (Not Leena???)
      I don’t have any hopes about revelation of truth by sarla maa.. Bcz pragya vl definitely stops her.. I don’t know wt proofs she wants.. Darla ma only biggest proof to tell all the truth to Abhi..
      But the CV’s vl think in their different ways
      So I can’t expect anything

      1. Hi Kutty?i m gud. How r u? And ya dragging will continue. Reporters and actors also have been given this indication. So we couldn’t expect anything for now. We have to watch it whatever CVS will show.? And me too sees the show just becoz of abhigya. ?That’s it.

      2. I’m also good yaar…
        Have a nice time with ur family
        Missing u& ur comments dear..tc

    3. Ya pratiksha. ..I am fine…but still leg is paining. ..1 week I have to wait for the recovery!!!….

      1. Oh! So sad. ?Don’t give much pressure to urself, just take some gud rest and do some small exercises if u can do and get well soon. Just take care of urself dear.?

    4. Prathiksha that’s really a good punishment. Tanu has to be alone only. Already she lost her career now aft exposure if Nikhil also ditched Tanu then her future also will not be secured. Then alia and corporator also should not join with Tanu.

  23. in all serial’s hero’s are dumb and heroine’s fight’s with the villain in front of hero and he don’t use his brain all the time he blames only heroine …why this and apart from this he support the bad hurting heroine and makes her work more horrible… finally he says u have to inform me about this I will believe you the most in the world…..

  24. Reji when you got injury. I am not reading comment for past two days.anyways take care of yourself. Hope soon you will recover.and a girl commenting as nisha.so I am also confused whether I commented or not

    1. Nisha 2 days before I got slipped from the stairs so a small fracture in my leg …but doctor told me to take bed rest for 1 week…so 1week I have to walk with walking stick only !!….

      1. ok take care get well soon

  25. Hai Friends..??? How r u all??
    I hv read all the previous 2 episode comments now itself..
    I have one doubt.. Is Abhi knw the truth abt tanu???
    Bcz from last few episodes he is not bothering about tanu.. His behavior changed a lot..
    But in yesterday’s episode he has concern towards tanu but not much as before
    In MMS track also Abhi pretends to be angry on pragya when he came to knw abt truth
    I don’t knw weather its true r not.. Abhi’s behavior made me to think in this way?
    Plz share ur views abt it..

    1. Kutty afta tabhis marriage stopped by pragya .. Abhi again started believing tat pragya stil loves him n hides her love tat is y past 10 days ah there wer lovely abhigya scenes .. So abhi decided to get back his fuggy n he din think or conclude anytng fa tanu .. Like in 345th episode while abhi confessing his love to pragya he said na v vl see some way fa tanu let us b together nu .. Like tat he may b thinking .. As of now I guess this is wat in abhis mind .. Bt I think only now xcs had decided to create doubt on tanu from abhis side .. Let’s c .. I don think he knows tanus truth. He doesn cares abt tanu at al .. Now he s only concentrated on his n pragyas relationship … N I love tat abhis behaviour 🙂

      1. Hii razia how are u ??? Hope u r doing good and I think u dint comment for days. Sorry if I am wrong. I’m seeing ur comment aft a long time.

      2. Yua right shobana ..I dint comment al these days .. I was lill busy yaar .. Orey shopping wid this chennai veyil mudila .. How ru dear 🙂 hope yua enjoying kkb now .. I’m teln only abhigya part shobi 😉

      3. Ya gud razia. Oh god its very very hot here not able to tolerate?
        And yes enjoying only abhigya part. But its dragging anyhow I will watch untill I’m not getting bored with abhigya scenes

      4. Ooh k dear.. If he come to knw the truth abt tanu.. Then it vl b happy news for us…
        But not yet?

    2. Hiiiii ? kutty

      Only time has tell the answer whether abhi knows abt Tanu’s truth or not. Really loosing patience each and every day but still hoping for Tanu’s exposure.

      1. Hai shobana..????
        V vl talk daily?
        But here its something special?
        V hv to bare this crap of never ending tanu’s track only for our ABHIGYA…?

  26. Ok guys let’s give a summary from first….now instead of pragya nikhil is gonna have the accident. ..and he will got injured. ..or maybe like sarla he also may get paralysed…but practically it’s not a big injury. ..but for sarla also it is not a big injury. ..but CVS made her paralysed can’t speak can’t walk…so CVS can do anythng!!..and after nikhil is getting the accident pragya will be saved …so pragya confidently went before takhil. ..and challenged them bravely. ..so now sarla maa is recovered … wat will be pragya’s next move…?? And abhi is having a doubt on tanu…so he will question her more….so tanu will stammer ..but wat she will answer?? And mitali ….sorry detective mitali is following tanu…I think tanu wants to kill everyone. .so she asked to kill mitali too…and chances are there that police may also come there and investigate about the accident. …like that also they can get proofs…now finally for the fall of trp they r using some positive moves. ..and guys…pls tell me about your guesses …wat will be pragya’s next move! ??..and let’s see ….we have to wait and watch….!!

  27. wat song(movie name also) was played when abi and pragya talking through phone

    1. There are only 2 songs being played these days on the show. Both songs from movie Azhar – Bol do na zaraa and Itni si baat hain

  28. Guys from now till tomorrow, I will b busy in outing with my relatives. May b I couldn’t comment or post any update until tomorrow’s evening. Till then bye guys and have a happy weekend. ?

    1. Bye prathiksha have a nice time with ur family and relatives.
      We will be missing you ur valuable updates and ur commens ??

    2. ya pratiksha even me too planned for vacation trip to Kerala and alapuzha ….but becoz of this fracture our trip cancelled ….so next week only i will be recovered….again we have to decide which place we have to go for vacation !!??….,,….!!…but i will miss u pratiksha ….anyways enjoy with ur family and share ur experience …!!….which place r u going outing with ur family ….!!??….

    3. OMG…. will miss you.. ok take care pratiksha….

  29. hi… all

  30. Dragging episode…

  31. Why do all the sequences look like forced these days? like Pragya abruptly deciding to go meet Nikhil’s wife without informing anyone from her team, not stopping after seeing the bad things happening. Just for getting Sarla back her voice.. Overall atleast as many as 7-10 episodes are spent on once accident sequence, pre-planning, execution, failure, post incidents.

    Same way, Abhi was not at all bothered for Tanu or THEIR baby from last 2-3 weeks. Suddenly he gets ready to take her for doctor appointment. When he wants Pragya to confess her feelings, from where did this doctor visit crop up suddenly. So Abhi has to know Tanu’s lie and may be if he decides to visit the hospital today, something else also.

    The only thing I liked in last episode is Abhi in the white kurta. And mentioning to Pragya that he was missing her. Shabir’s expressions after mentioning that. Guess he should repeat this kurta more often.
    Nothing else was even worth mentioning, what with crazy MM ppl like Mithali chasing Tanu.

    1. Well said sahithi..
      Totally agree with u
      N yup Abhi looks more handsome in white kurtha???

  32. hai kutty really missed your comment and gowtham anna nethu neenga sonna mathiri tanu antha dress la cute iruthaanga naan leena jumani big fan i think u also right?

  33. sorry swetha i didnt see yesterday comment i am fine how about u dear….

  34. my mom told me to not use mobile till my board exam results which is on 17th may .so i cant able to comment from now…..so bye…….my friends….and pray for me… miss u all…and gowtham anna 17th may unga work joining date la….best of luck..ennala annaiku wish panna mudiyathula athan…and pratiksha have a good time..reji take care…i am happy that u are getting well…

    1. Till 17th????
      I’m gng to miss ur comments
      All the best dear..???

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