Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with coporator and his goons seeing Abhi on road. Abhi runs with Pragya again into jungle. Goons catch the man who helped Abhi and Pragya elope and shoot him. Corporator while searching feels severe pain in hand, sits under a tree and asks his men to continue searching. While running, Pragya falls into a ditch. Abhi notices it late and starts searching her calling fuggi. Pragya gets up from ditch and calls him. He does not listen to her. She takes tree stick branch and signals him. She sees branch and walks towards her.

Pragya’s daadi and Janaki meet Daadi and her cousins and tell Sarla is missing since morning. Daasi asks them not to worry and they all start searching Sarla.

Abhi sees Pragya in ditch and starts his usual jokergiri. He asks why did

she reach her home. She asks him to stop joking and to ull her up. He asks to give hand. She tries to catch his hand but in vain (can take tree bark’s help tough). Abhi sees corporator’s goons coming and jumps into ditch. She asks if he is hurt. He asks her to stop her sound. Corporator’s goon come near ditch but walk back. Abhi and Pragya get trapped under net intimately. Kitne paas paas….song… plays in the background. Goons hear sound and come near ditch. Abhi senses them and hides under a wall (surprise goons don’t see them). Goons see snake instead and walk back. Pragya tries to speak but Abhi is holding her mouth. She points at her feet as Abhi has kept his feet on it. He removes his feet and then throws rope to escape. Pragya asks if he needs her help. He jokes again and asks her to climb alone. She tries and he laughs. She finally succeeds and asks him to come up with her help. Abhi’s jokergiri stops.

Purab and Bulbul are also busy searching Pragya and Abhi and ask people around, but nobody helps them. Tanu on the other side tells Aaliya that she wants to see Abhi right now. Aaliya says she will go and see if he is safe. Tanu says she herself wants to see.

Pragya injures her feet while walking. Abhi checks her wound and brings leaves to apply. She says it is not jadi boti but junglee leave. He asks her to stop, else he will stuff it in her mouth. He then applies leaves on her wound and bandages it with her veil. Mai tenu samjhava ki…..song plays in the background. She smiles and continues staring him. He says world’s problems solve by keeping mouth shut. She stops smiling. They both start walking again. Goons see Pragya’s dress cloth and head towards the route.

Aaliya brings Tanu to the underconstruction building. Tanu asks if she is sure Abhi is kept here. Aaliya says it is and they both starts searching the place. Tanu sees a construction worker staring at her and gets into card. She calls Aaliya and they both leave in their car.

Abhi sees a junglee fruit on floor and tree and starts his jokergiri again. He asks Pragya to climb tree and get fruit. She climbs but slips and falls on him. He says she is useless, climbs tree himself and plucks fruit (surprise..green apple on junglee tree).. She starts eating. He asks her to wait for hm. She says she is hungry. He starts his taunts again but enjoys fruit on tree. He throws last fruit and asks her to keep it for him. She says she will eat it. He slips from tree and fall on her. They both look at each other again.

Precap: Aaliya tells Tanu that all her plan went in vain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. shivi

    Lol last epi abhi’s white shirt was all dirty nd black now its all white again….jaadooo…washing powder nirma…blink ur eye nd dy r clean again …welcome to 22nd century

    • Majesty

      After so much of running and even playing holi, Pragya is still having a wavy freshly brushed hairstyle- her red tika is still on her face as well as her sindoor!!! Hmmmm! I wonder how much stupid the writers think we are!!!!

  2. sharmi

    Pragya and Abhi needs a good shower. I don’t think they have bath for over a month now…this show is like Charlie Chaplin brainless comedy…funny at times but totally stupid. They should renamed the show, “Kidnapped – The Great Escape of Abhi & Pragya” After all, it seems like an entire series with their attempts in escaping lol

    • Majesty

      Despite running all over the place and even playing holi, Pragya is having a wavy brushed hairstyle and somehow her red tika is still on her forehead …..how stupid can the writers think we are!!!!

  3. dutch

    fffffuuuucccckkkk this nonsense, dumbassholes writer, director and whoever, completely f**king minded people

  4. sangeeta

    Some ppl madly watch this serial but truly this writer is disappointing them.hope some good to happen in coming days with abhigya.

  5. Ab bas adivasi drama aur dobara kidnap hona… I m mean 4th time kidnap hona baki hai…… I think ki actors are not getting time to shoot something new so they r showing the same thing again and again….. What a crapp…. This is d biggest shit of my life

  6. Hai friends u are bore the kidnapping sequence.i also bored .but i think why the kidnapping is draged abhi realise his for pragya not tanu.this realise he saw one episode but that is common na so directer thinking different way .but soon end the kidnapping scene .and start pragya get shot abhi realise his love .tanu love is over but she commonly lie the pregent for abhi.pragya discover the truth. Abhi and pragya happy life .purab and bulbul life started. Neel and alaiya arrested abhi angry for his own sister because of pragya

  7. Saleha Jabeen

    Its been a month by today abt that idiotic kidnapping scene. HEIGHTS OF IDIOCITY. When getting no story then windup the serial. At least don’t bore the viewers. Pls

  8. Trini Angel

    Dis is realy frickinh pure shit man…….!!!! It dragging like so dam much get d dam show going…….!!!!

  9. rosey

    Abhi in this character cannot add therefore Pragya subtracted herself from the equation and the sum of all this they do not have a common denominator so minus their beliefs and you will see that this guy was not a product of a good education.Why is Abhi not learning something from each kidnap ,.He is only joking and not trying to get home .Is this called a jungle love affair.I think he loves it there.Abhi and Pragya this is the hardest arithmatic that you both has ever mastered and this is why it enables you all to stay in the jungle for so long counting your blessings.The writers will not move away from this track until they feel like so needless for me to get aggravated -Therefore ,I watch when i have time or read when I have time.

  10. Anon

    Amazing how all of you say that we gonna stop reading and still carry on and on about that on every episode update..

    • You never read I said I will stop watching or reading.There is a difference when you do it when you have time or read when you have time.This means you do not make it a ritual to have to see it at the . time set.

      • Anon

        Umm excuse me but i did not mention any names so i didnt say that i was specifically referring to you.. Mind your own business

      • Same Old Tired S*#%

        Actually, you started it… if you had not made the comment and Minded YOUR own Business…. this conversation would never had taken place. People can express their satisfaction if they choose to do so!!!

  11. shayon

    Couldn’t they put it in the script that they steal clothes r someone gave them clothes instead of changing into similar outfits am tired of seeing them in the same clothes

  12. Anamika

    i am watching this serial in tamil ( POLIMER TV) but by reading all its written update it looks like a elastic in this kindnapping sequence… na adhu varaikum wait pannnni indha scene lam paakanuma :O

  13. Guys guys calm downn… I think u oll forgot that this is a ‘K’ series…. This is the same series which lasted for years than how can we expect them to finish this soon…….. Loll……

  14. moon

    bledy hell wid d shw…
    it realy doesnt have even .1% intrstng thng 4 vch one can watch it/read d w.u

    vexed up wid same kidnaping drama 4 ages………..
    didnt they get nyother thing 2 drag??????????
    cant they drag d shw by shwng hapines for the people.?????????????????????????????????

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