Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi decides to cancel his music deal

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The Episode starts with Pragya and Abhi colliding in the school and striking RK pose romantically. Naina song plays…. Abhi holds her baby finger and stops her from going. Pragya asks him to leave her hand and gets teary eyes. Abhi says I have no interest to hold your hand. Pragya says yesterday you had said that you have married someone else. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to you knowing you are married to someone else. Pragya says I thought you remember you, as I missed you. Abhi says I am married and is very happy. Pragya says I am very happy with my family. Abhi says King family and says your choice was not right. He says you have replaced me with bad choice. Pragya says you don’t know what he has done for me and says I am so glad that I found him. Abhi asks are you happy? He says you must

be happy to become queen of king. He says even I am very happy. Pragya says you said that you were missing me. Abhi says I was drunk, I didn’t remember you and nobody missed you at home. He says I didn’t have time and never knew if you were in my life or not. Pragya says when you have no time, then I have no time to tell you the reason. Abhi says I hate that king and now you. He asks her to go and says I don’t want to see your face. Pragya thinks when he has moved on in his life, then why I am….Abhi thinks don’t know what I want? Song plays….Kabhi Alvida…

Abhi sits in his car and sees her going. He thinks to change his way and thinks if I see her with King then will die with every moment. He thinks I can’t bear to hear her praising him and thinks I hate him. He thinks to get some solution. Aaliya calls him and thinks everything will be sorted if bhai meets Mr. Wick. Abhi calls Mr. Wick. Aaliya calls Purab. Taya ji asks her to tell what happened? Aaliya misbehaves with him. She calls Purab and says Sunny is your son and you should drop him to school. She tells that Abhi didn’t reach the meeting yet. Purab says I told him that I will drop him, but Abhi insisted to drop him and says he needs a change. Aaliya asks what change? Purab says I didn’t ask. Aaliya says you need a change to stay in this house. Purab says you have problem with my stay here and asks her to handle her frustration. Aaliya says you would have gone to school. Purab says you couldn’t bear Disha and my kitchen romance. Aaliya says what do you think that I am waiting for you and dying to get you, you think that I haven’t moved on. Purab says I was telling something else. Disha comes.

Aaliya says we shall complete this drama and tells everyone that whatever I asked Purab is truth. She says he is my obsession and I have feelings for him even now, and I still love him. She tells that she will say today and tells that she can’t bear to see his love for Disha and will get mad. She says if you stay here then my madness will increase and that’s why there is one solution. She says if you want to save this patient, then Disha and you shall leave from here so that I can stay peacefully. She says I will not have any other option than. Dasi asks what are you saying? Aaliya says your heart is heart and my heart is stone..Dasi says you started it again. Aaliya says until my marriage happens, I will stay here. She says I don’t think that I will marry soon and that’s why it is better if you moved out. Dasi asks what are you saying? Aaliya says I am talking about my right and says today I will not be silent. She asks him to search a place for their stay and says I will stay here in this house. Purab and Disha get tensed. Disha cries. Purab tells her that he will talk to Abhi first and then her.

King asks if this is reality or dream. Mr. Wick says it is really happening and asks Abhi to rethink. Abhi says I don’t want to do this album. King says you would have thought about it before signing the contract. He says it was your words that you had signed from your heart. Abhi says what to do, she was coming infront of me again and again. Mr. Wick says if you break the contract then you will have to pay 200 crores penalty and 3 years ban from music industry, it will end your career. Abhi says I have taken my decision. King says he is afraid of me and leaving this album because of me. He asks him to say truly. Abhi says if I tell you truth then you couldn’t bear. King says I am not weak like you. Abhi says I don’t want to do this album because of your wife. King is shocked. Abhi says I had said that you can’t bear. King says you are afraid of me and making excuses. He says what could be her connection with you. Abhi says since I met her, my life is changed and this is the reaction of that meeting. He says I don’t want to see you and your wife. King says if you involve my wife again then..? Abhi says you wouldn’t have involved Pragya in your life. King is shocked.

King asks Abhi to bear the truth. Abhi says I have problem with her wrong doings. Pragya tells King that there may be some other reason for his refusal. King tells her that Abhi himself said that he is backing out because of you. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ha Ha!! Ekta’s done it again! Two nothing episodes before the New Moon as usual, and of course her ‘new’ plot ideas put out today (same plot, same arguments never finished, simply repeated) on New Moon where they can catch as many fish (viewers) as possible riding the waves of normal earth/moon emotional energy. She is utilising this emotional energy to suck in as many viewers/victims as possible.
    I have not watched this show for the show for months. I watch it to understand how deeply Ekta Kapoor uses and dehumanizes other people in order to make her money. Ekta is too predictable to be taken seriously. Yet, she continues to laugh her way to the bank because so many viewers appear to be happy in their victimized situations that they cannot imagine a life without lies, thefts and dehumanisation. She is laughing at YOU! What this says about India is truly frightening in it’s treatment of women and men. Of course there are good people in India who keep attempting to change the situation and attitude. The series Krishnadasi is just one example. But not Ekta. It is more enriching for Ektas bank account to help keep Indian women enthralled in their victimized state. You go Ekta! You know you’ll receive more awards from your elite system which insures that India will never change. How else could you make your wealth? You do not have any creative talent but you are excellent at finding and identifiying others who are very talented and using them for your personal benefit. It’s too easy to make your wealth through taking advantage of a subjugated and hurting population even though it is possible to earn wealth by giving the audience entertainment that grows a society rather than keeping it running around in circles. This series truly exposes the heart of India’s elite and one of their favourite social engineering pets….Ekta.

    1. Ekta is Illuminati confirmed, keeping Indian house wives dumb for 2 decades.

      1. I always suspected, this. any source? Indian housewives are not dumb. They are lost in a horrible ‘obedience’ training from birth. It takes true effort, courage and single-minded focus to release that training… even after you have intellectually understood the game you were trapped into, with birth.
        Ekta takes full advantage of this fact.

  2. Very annoying plot. Still making pragya suffer and the murderer Ahlia spreading her wings. I read the updates because I can’t bear to watch.

  3. Did not watch it for over 2 years and read two episodes and understand everything.

  4. Sick sick sick…. This is what the serial has been reduced to.. Thought atari the leap things would change and abhi would relaxed his mistake.. But no nothing has changed except 3more characters added king, Kiara and kings chachi and Tarun. Pragya still is crying and being degraded first before the leap by Aliya and tanu and now ABHI… abhi character has lost everything. He has now become the villain and he is abusing pragya left right and Centre.. Guess now it’s high time pragya tells him the truth abt her and Kiara and then should question him abt him moving on in his life by getting married with tanu.. blo*dy hell what compromise is his he talking about marriage is a marriage you can’t be playing around with such a sensitive issue. And if abhi can have a marriage of convenience why can’t pragya have… Big attitude this abhi has… Did not have the balls to stand up for pragya earlier when his sister and his blo*dy girlfriend tanu used to harass her everyday days… Not once when she pragya was in mehra house did he buy her gifts or spend any money on her.. She used to look like a drab in those sarees but tanu and Aliya were always decked and enjoying.. Now with king pragya is looking so. Beautiful and happy and at peace, king is looking after her and Kiara like his own family without any selfish interest. Tell me as a woman if I had chose between abhi and king I would chose king simply because he respect women and not like Abhi who is not level headed and things he can do whatever he wants and expect people to bear him… Useless guy… He is good with that evil tanu… Both deserve each other….. Ekta change the story line.. Let abhi Come to know the reality and then he should be guilty because I’d his marriage with tanu and also know how Aliya is treating purab and disha.. He should first punish them. Before he goes to pragya because if he really ever loved pragya he should destroy tanu and Aliya the main two culprits in the last 4 years of his marriage who made life hell for pragya and I’d he cannot do that he should not blame pragya.

  5. Abhi ka intzaar karne ka tarika samajh mein nahin aaya….shaadi karke ( chudail tanu se ), intzaar ( pragya ka )…jis tanu ko sazaa deni chahiye, use abhi ne respectable life di hai…waah abhi…abhi ke liye taaliyaan…

  6. I completely agree with you Alka 100% he should suffer just like Pragya did for the last 4 years and still now. I have been watching Bollywood series for the last 10 years and I love it BUT what I don,t understand in every series is I believe the Mother In Law plays a big part in every role and the daughter in law has to become the slave of the family….before they really accept her. Thank Goodness for Dadi who saw Pragya for her true self. Back stabbing is also playing a big part in every series amongst the families does this really happen in India, for instance Alia she can say what she wants to and dictate to everybody I thought you have to respect your elders that was the way I was taught….Well I hope Ekta Kapoor brings whole new twist to this series otherwise I will not get a very good impression how the Indian people care for each family member. How much more must Tanu and Alia get away with it they have manipulated the series for the last 4 years and they are not even the main actors, when will it be the main actors turn to teach these 2 ladies their place in society. Remember how Abhi said to Tanu that Pragya is the symbol of a perfect woman. Well I hope that statement he made is going to have an effect in this series for Pragya to become better in all aspects in the Mehra house….

    1. Yes, unfortunately the back stabbing is pretty common. The demand to be higher up on whichever hierarchy … family money, favourite child. Yes, mother or mother-in-law has accomplices (or members of the family are too frightened themselves of being abused so they will assist in the abuse of the family scapegoat) . Brothers regularly try to prevent their sister from receiving her inheritance. And obedience to elders even when those elders are behaving criminally is necessary to keep your physical body safe. Excepting the murdering, I had two family members who were exactly like Tanu and Aliyah. I thought that my life was an exceptionally bizarre and abusive anomaly. As an NRI my visits to India proved that this attitude, the expected obedience, the expected silence when your creativity/production was stolen or removed because ‘someone’ else in family should have it. .. were all rather normal behaviour. Daily abuse is considered normal behaviour. Yes, the favoured child (generally male) is given better food, care and opportunities. Of course some women try to fight back and become the outsized crazies like Tanu and Aliyah. Some others fight back by trying to bring change to attitudes…very very few. Everything in India is set up to continue the belief that women are sub-human and disposable.
      They deserve it. It’s their karma. Well, women are cursed anyway so they don’t matter.
      the words “so sweet” really mean so obedient. Like Pragya. That’s one of the reasons that so many identify with Pragya. Many mother-in-laws like the highly educated girls. They make good obedient servants to the family. A producer like Ekta Kapoor is simply normalising abuse. She became one of those manipulative crazy types who was gifted the opportunity to make money because she was born into the right Bollywood family.
      I am speaking to or about elite society. The educated, westernized and moneyed part of India. My connections in India constantly assure me that it is far worse for middle-class and rural women.

  7. V V B Subhadra

    I also agree with Alka ji and Maureenn Louw Ji It was earlier promised by Ektha that the serual woukd air off on 28th of May,2018.We are nearing 28th June also.But it doestb appearblike that..As observed in 2 days backnepusidesbthere might be unitebof Abhi,Pragya. Niw again yesterday’s updates the issue appears to be in a more dragging stage As I suggested earlier show respect and keep title fit i.e kumkumbhagya ..Alia sd be paied with King Hooe an early happy ending as ealy as possible,earliest

  8. V V B Subhadra

    correction of spell:–As observed 2 days written episode it appeared like there might be unite if Abhi,Pragna but .as perbyesterday’s written updates it appears the serial is dragging again in a wring route why

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